Dimitris Pantelides/Uriel – Δημήτριος Παντελίδης – (Wizzy Noise)

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d. February 2023
Greek psytrance producer, active 1998-2008
Dimitris is to the left in the picture above

‘Dimitris aka Uriel is no longer with us. Thank you for all the great moments we had, and the great journey Wizzy Noise was.
I will always remember you. Rest in Peace and my condolences to your family.”

-Michael Gkekas aka Micky Noise

With Dimitris gone, now is the time to reminisce some of his best tracks, and as it happens yet again, wish he were alive to tell him how wonderful this music is.

I love this art, the Atlas statue from Rockefeller Center in NYC. See the original Greek folk song below:
Original Greek folk song by Dionysis Savvopoulos 

“Dimitris Pantelides and Mickey Noise met in a party in Athens in 1994 and they started producing together whilst Mickey Noise was serving his military service in Thessaloniki. They were subsequently enchanted by Goa Trance the following year.  After a number of years working on ideas together they finally started producing as Wizzy Noise in 1999 with their first track to be licensed to a compilation: ‘Twisted Love’.

The debut Wizzy Noise studio album quickly followed ‘Cybermancy’ (Zillion Mental Anarchie Records 2000).  The album showcased Wizzy Noise’s often subtle and sophisticated take on the progressive end of Psy-Trance.

Wizzy Noise went onto release a studio album every year until 2008.  As their profile as producers rose they found themselves increasingly in demand as DJs also, performing at major events across the globe, including the Arvika festival in Sweden, XXXperience special edition in Brazil, the Sonica Festival in Italy and the SOS Festival in Japan.

Wizzy Noise’s most successful release was ‘Punk City’ (Harmonia Records 2005):

“Wizzy Noise is a project of Micky and Uriel that hail from Greece. Both being ardent and meticulous collectors and listeners of Trance music since 1994 they immediately have fallen in love with the first waves of Goa Trance washing away by the Greek shores by the summer of 1995. A magic time for parties back then since all it was new and fresh and all music had the glittering colour of euphoric outdoor parties and revelry in the woods. After the first 2 magic years of partying, a thought and a plan of action started to formulate in our minds as our primitive cerebrum tried to so desperately to awaken with the sheer power of music that onslaught our brains in the years of 1995-98.

The duo having met in a party in Athens in the past also aided by the fact that Micky stationed in Thessaloniki during his military service (Oh yes it is also compulsory in Greece)decided to make some noise together by making a track and experimenting a bit with two synths a mixer and a couple of monitors and a DAT machine. Little they knew of the forthcoming success that was about to hit their door in short time’s notice.

After one year of mediocrity and a fact that they did not receive any kind of help by no one little by little the group became a recognised and distinguished band in the psychedelic trance scene worldwide. Always with a strictly psychedelic and full electronic sound the duo deviated a lot as years went by a fact that caused much controversy and flame in all arrays of electronic music fans. All Wizzy noise albums follow the endless cycle of evolution and rebirth of ideas, from the techno winterlands of German psy sound to the beaches of southeastern Europe the variety and depth of Wizzy Noise is a spectacle to behold as our sixth consecutive album show..

In all these years of travelling around the globe the group made many friends and met a lot of people in the psychedelic scene worldwide. Needless to say the experiences, energy and people that we meet in parties push us to continue what we do.

The band has played all around the world alot in all kinds of parties and festival’s worldwide like Arvika festival in Sweden, XXXperience special edition in Brasil, FUJI ROCK festival in Japan, VOOV experience in Germany, Sonica Festival in Italy and SOS Festival in Japan for two consecutive years,Time and Space Festival in Mexico and in places like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Eugene Oregon, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Vitoria Florianopolis in Brasil, Belgrade, Montreal and Toronto in Canada (Canadian West Coast soon to be), Paris and Orleans in France, London, Israel (Oww Yeah!!!), Portugal, Moscow Russia.

Wizzy Noise 3 Enhanced Color Restored

One time in the 2004 Wizzy Noise played at an Alladin Project party in Club Hard in Brooklyn. I picked him up in the DMT van, and I played this song on the Kaboombox. He laughed. You have to admit, it’s rather catchy!

My old email list in NYC was called Brainmachines. I had always wondered if there was a connection to his track “Brain Machine.”

While on the ride through Brooklyn, I asked him, and he said it must have been a coincidence. I could tell from the brief time I spoke with him that he was a warm soul.

Rest in peace Dimitris.

Discogs – Wizzy NoiseDimitris
Website (archived from 2008)

Dimitris Wizzy Noise
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