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Bazaar Combo

Let me know of any other great gift ideas you might find!
Note, this is a non-commercial site, and this is just cool consumer shit. I am in no way affiliated with any of these sellers, so none of them have been vetted. Nor do I receive any commissions. I am not responsible for any failed transactions! You have been warned! Please let me know if any of these vendors are scams, or if you have found better prices/ quality/ reputable vendors!

Note: a prominent artist is being scammed and counterfeited on Facebook! Be sure to support them! His Facebook page is at

Archie McPhees
Archie McPhees – Seattle store

Boardless Skateboard

Chai Tea Large

Chai Tea

Moroccan Cloak
Moroccan Cloak

CMY Cubes

Cyber Shades New
Cyber Shades – Alluxur
I ordered these. They are great. They don’t fold, though so will be bulky to pack.
Dr. Bronners Peppermint Hemp Soap
Dr. Bronners Peppermint Hemp Soap – psychedelic benefactor written about here

Essential Oils Sampler
Essential Oils Sampler – I ordered this. Great starter kit.
Essential Oil Case
Essential Oil Case – every alchemist and neuronaut’s dream accessory
Critical Thinking Cards

URWizards DD Engraved Dichroic Prism Glass D20 Dice
URWizards D&D Engraved Dichroic Prism Glass D20 Dice

Dream Cloak
Dream Cloak


Garden Creatures
Garden Creatures
“These little guys are examples of items that are sold on Fb for a ridiculous price. They’re advertised as garden statues. 😳 I bought these on aliexpress for a fraction of the price. If you, have to have, something that you see on Fb, try finding it on aliexpress first. It’s all coming from China, make no mistake. I just love these! But they would get lost in my garden.
Edit: The one thing you will get on aliexpress that you won’t receive from some FB sellers, is a way to dispute the sale. If there is a problem, Aliexpress is good about giving your money back.”
Glowy Zoey

Honda Generator 5K 1
Honda Generator 5,000 watts (need to also get a Voltage Regulator Transformer to protect electronics from power spikes) A rule of thumb is you need 100 watts for every person attending a sound system.
Hooded Cape Atomic Alien
Hooded Cape Atomic Alien – this company was founded by the late Ollie Wisdom

Long Hoodie

Infinite Dodecahedron
Kali Finger Puppet
Kali Finger Puppet (currently unavailable)

Logitech Mouse
Logitech G600 Mouse – programmable macro buttons make this SO much more than a mere gaming mouse; it can be used for deep level creative work

Magnetic Ferroliquid Display

Massage Chair
Massage Chair – music responsive. Yes. It’s $7,000. One can dream.

MC Escher Silk Tie Salamanders Gecko Lizards

Medical Face Shield
Medical Face Shield – ultracheap in bulk

Microverse Younique Hooded Onesie
Microverse Younique Hooded Onesie
Mind Machines – for my favorite models click here. These guys were my original retailer back in the 1990s. The lgihts blink to the music, in different colors:

2005 1 1 Jeff Brainmachines 1
The glasses. Make sure the polarity matches your base unit.
Mindplace Kasina DeepVision Bundle 1
Mindoplace also offers a great system Make sure you get one that can be sound sensitive.
Mirror 3
I had just asked for a mirror but then realized this is so much more. Best holiday gift ever for $26.99, a simple thing that we would have never thought of having needed five years ago. It makes your face much better on Zoom and on selfies… especially for someone like me who has genetic dark circles under their eyes (I only realized this after I stopped drinking and lived a healthy lifestyle) You actually look better through a camera then you do in real life LOL. One side is convex so you can see how horrible your skin is up close. Has a built in retractable stand. Comes in a carrying case. Uses for AA batteries but also has an AC slot, which I thought I would need ( having to get a universal adapter and all that as there was no cord included) but the portability with the batteries is amazing. This is definitely going in my permanent business travel bag. A no-brainer for important business meetings. Also fantastic for assuring insecure narcissists

Nano brush
Portable Green Screen Background Attachment 

The Psy Spark
The Psy Spark
I know Joanne. She is great. Order from her.
Rainbow Metallic Festival Dance Rave Wear Gear EDM Unisex Fanny Pack Waist Bag 1
Rainbow Metallic Festival Dance Rave Wear Gear EDM Unisex Fanny Pack Waist Bag


Rohto Cooling Eye Drops
Rohto Cooling Eye Drops This has been popular in Japan for rollers. It is minty and refreshing.
Rose Water
Lebanese Rose Water – Rose water is commonly used in atahuasca ceremonies to counteract the strong armoa, and also as a sanitant for nausea. Commonly anointed on the forehead. Like a carrier wave, as the ayahuasca is digested, it melds with the rose aroma. The combination is calming.
Also great for teas and coffees. More on ayahuasca ceremonies.

Smart Light

Sound Shield 1
Sound SMarantz Sound Shield
Square Wave
Stargate Bookend
Stargate Bookend
Sykadelic Dreams – Yes, those are Luminokaya designs
Transfigurations by Alex Grey
Transfigurations by Alex Grey – this goes great with the chromatic glasses (see above)

Trip Tapestry
Trip Tapestry

Wave Live Wallpaper

Yeti 30 oz
Yeti 30 oz – so metal

Napster 2023 40x40 Indigo Ico Bigger