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The Evolutionary Tree of Religion
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What do I believe? 

Simply put, I like to think big. I believe the universe is a quadrillion times cooler and more vast than we can possibly imagine, and any religions developed by man are about as vapid and flat as an ant’s ideas about the world outside its colony. The best we can do is to have a good life and be happy, and to strive to learn more.

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Youtube Channels

Crecganford – Academic videos discussing mythology, history, and culture across humanities history. From the Vikings to the Vedas, from Zeus to Zoroastrianism, and from Sacrifices to Spirituality. The channel is named after a town mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, a place where I grew up.
Let’s Talk Religion – Educates on the subject of religion from an academic perspective and to open up for informed discussions.
Survive the Jive – I make history videos, mostly about ancient pagan religions. I’m a qualified historian and documentary film maker. I focus mainly on Indo-European cultures and most specifically on Germanic/Norse paganism, because I am a pagan, but I also make videos on other subjects too.
Cuck Philosophy – Philosophy
Telltale – Examining cults and oppressive religions
Genetically Modified Skeptic – Ex-Christian Skeptic
Rationality Rules – Skeptic
Godless Cranium – Ancient myths, legends and beliefs
Paulogia – Ex Christian
Holy Koolaid – Skeptic
Cosmic Skeptic – Skeptic and Philosophy

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The Daily Stoic
The Daily Stoic Podcast is a daily podcast hosted by #1 New York Times bestselling author Ryan Holiday. Each weekday the podcast features the audio version of our popular Daily Stoic email meditations. A short 2-3 minute Stoic inspired meditation designed to help you live your best life.

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Belief Lit

The Works of Aristotle, the Famous Philosopher, is a sex manual and a midwifery book that was popular in England from the early modern period through to the – 19th century. It was first published in – 1684 and written by an unknown author who falsely claimed to be Aristotle
As a consequence the author is now described as a Pseudo-Aristotle, the collective name for unidentified authors who masqueraded as Aristotle. It is claimed that the book was banned in Britain until the – 1960s, although there was no provision in the UK for “banning” books as such. However reputable publishers and booksellers might have been cautious about vending Aristotle’s Masterpiece, at least in the wake of the 1857 Obscene Publications Act.
This is the funniest shit I’ve read all day.

A Grief Observed – C. S. Lewis – 1961
A Treatise Of Human Nature – David Hume – 1739
After Hate – Arno Michaelis, and Pardeep Singh Kaleka – 2018
Against Interpretation & Other Essays (Fsg, 1966) Sontag, Susan
Ariel – Sylvia Plath 1965
Berkeley – a Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge – 1710
Birthday Letters – Ted Hughes – 1998
Confessions Of An English Opium-Eater And Other Writings – 1822
Confucius – Sayings – 530-479 BC
Critique of Pure Reason – Immanuel Kant – 1781
Culture And Anarchy – Matthew Arnold – 1869
De Profundis – Oscar Wilde – 1905
Domestic Manners of the America – Fanny Trollope – 1832
Edward Lear – Nonsense Songs-Dodo Press 1871
Essays and Poems by Ralph Waldo – Ralph Waldo Emerson – 1841
Future Shock – Alvin Toffler 1970
Mythology – Edith Hamilton – 1942
Orientalism – Edward W. Said – 1978
The Affluent Society – John Kenneth Galbraith – 1958
The Chrysanthemum and the Sword-Mariner Books Ruth Benedict – 1946
The Dionysian Body Esotericism in the Philosophy of Norman O. Brown Melinda A Weinstein – 2006
The Female Eunuch – Germaine Greer – 1970
The Feminine Mystique – Betty Friedan – 1963
The Great Tradition – F.R. Leavis- 1948
The Hero With a Thousand Faces – Joseph Campbell – 1949
The Perennial Philosophy – Aldous Huxley – 1945
The Right Use of Will – Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body – Ceanne DeRohan – 1984
The Gift of Our Wounds–A Sikh and a Former White Supremacist Find Forgiveness 2018
The Satanic Bible – Anton Szandor Lavey – 1969
The World Is Flat – Friedman Thomas L – 2005

Beyond Good and Evil – 1886
The Antichrist – 1895
Thus Spake Zarathustra – 1883

Wilhelm Reich
Character Analysis – 1933
The Sexual Revolution – Toward a Self-Regulating Character Structure – 1963

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Self-Help Books

Anthony Robbins
Personal Power – 1996
Notes from a Friend – 1995
The Power to Influence – 1994
Unlimited Power – 1986
Awaken the Giant Within – 1991
Money – Master the Game 2014

How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie – 1936
Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyoski and Sharon Lechter – 1997
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey – 1989
The Little Book of Hygge – Danish Secrets to Happy Living – Meik Wiking – 2016
The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas J. Stanley – 2010
The New Psycho-Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz – 1960
The ONE Thing – The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results – Gary Keller & Jay Papasan – 2013
The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace D. Wattles – 1910
Thinking, Fast And Slow – Daniel Kahneman – 2011
Your Erroneous Zones – Wayne Dyer – 1976

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