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Trump appeals $364 million decision in N.Y. civil fraud case

Former President Trump is challenging the $364 million fine a New York judge handed down for his company's fraudulent business practices, multiple outlets reported.Why it matters: The former president formally signaled in a legal filing Monday his intent to appeal New York Judge Arthur Engoron's ruling, which will trigger a review that may delay its enforcement.Catch up quick: In addition to the $364 million in penalties, Engoron barred Trump from running a business as an officer or director in New York for three years.The amount Trump could end up paying in the case is higher than the base sum of [...]

FTC sues to block Kroger-Albertsons merger

The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit Monday to block Kroger's proposed $24.6 billion acquisition of supermarket rival Albertsons. Why it matters: Employees and customers have expressed fears that a merger could raise food prices and put jobs at risk.What to expect: Neither side has a slam dunk argument.Government case: The FTC claims that the merger would reduce choices, raise prices, and lead to lower quality products and services.It also alleges that the companies' proposed divestitures are a "hodgepodge of unconnected stores, banners, brands and other assets," and fall "far short of mitigating the lost competition."The other side: Kroger will [...]

Top IDF official told Egypt that Israeli Rafah operation won't push Palestinians into Sinai

Israel Defense Forces chief of staff Herzi Halevi and Shin Bet security agency director Ronen Bar visited Cairo last week to try to reassure their Egyptian counterparts that Israel will take steps to ensure an operation in Rafah will not create an influx of Palestinian refugees into Egypt, two U.S. officials briefed on the issue told Axios.Why it matters: The high-level visit by the most senior officer in the Israeli military signals the importance the Israeli government is giving to its security relationship with Egypt, which has already warned that the displacement of Palestinians to the Sinai Peninsula would lead [...]

Biden and Trump unveil dueling border visits

President Biden and former President Trump are both set to descend on the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday, in an unusual split screen as immigration emerges as a key 2024 issue.Why it matters: Biden's visit comes as his handling of the southern border has become a political vulnerability as he ramps up his re-election bid.Driving the news: Biden will travel to Brownsville, Texas, to meet with U.S. Border Patrol agents, law enforcement, and local leaders, per a White House official. "He will discuss the urgent need to pass the Senate bipartisan border security agreement, the toughest and fairest set of reforms [...]

Hungary approves Sweden's NATO membership after delay

Hungary's parliament on Monday approved Sweden's accession to NATO, clearing one of the final hurdles for the country to join the military alliance.Why it matters: NATO has been key to the U.S.-led effort to counter Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, and the defensive alliance has long been central to maintaining security and U.S. interests in Europe.Sweden's accession as the 32nd member country of NATO is a blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has said Russia's invasion of Ukraine was at least in part motivated by the Kremlin's desire to halt NATO's eastward expansion.Joining NATO ends Sweden's more than 200-year [...]

India's most valuable startup is now its highest-profile mess

Byju's last year was India's most valuable startup, worth $22 billion. And the ed-tech company was prized beyond its price, offering remote tutoring in a country where over half the population lives in rural areas.Fast forward: Byju's is now the dumpster fire that other dumpster fires look at with pity.Driving the news: Venture capital shareholders, who've invested over $5 billion into the company, late last week held an emergency general meeting to remove founding CEO Byju Raveendran, who they've accused of mismanaging everything from compliance to finances to governance.Raveendran didn't attend the EGM, but responded by calling it invalid.A court [...]

Trump closes in on Biden with young voters: Poll

Former President Trump appears to be closing in on President Biden's lead among young voters.Why it matters: Gen Z and millennial voters were key to Biden's 2020 victory, turning out in huge numbers and favoring him by 20 points in 2020, per a Pew Research Center analysis.But polls show Biden's staunch support for Israel hurting him with younger voters.By the numbers: Biden got 52% to Trump's 48% in a new Axios-Generation Lab survey of voters between the ages of 18 and 34.49% of 18- to 29-year-olds supported Trump, compared with 43% for Biden in a December New York Times/Siena College [...]

Palestinian prime minister resigns amid calls to reform Palestinian Authority

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh resigned on Monday amid growing pressure by the U.S. and Arab countries on President Mahmoud Abbas to conduct wide-ranging reforms, including injecting "new blood" into the Palestinian Authority's leadership. Why it matters: Shtayyeh's resignation had been expected for weeks. U.S. and Arab countries want to see a "revitalized" Palestinian Authority that can stabilize itself in the occupied West Bank and play a role in the management of post-war Gaza.What they're saying: "I submitted the government's resignation to President Mahmoud Abbas on February 20, 2024, and today I submitted it in writing," Shtayyeh said on Monday [...]

There's a power struggle brewing over crypto and AI — literally

One new lawsuit and one new essay signal intensifying battles over energy demand from artificial intelligence and crypto-currency mining.Why it matters: Both technologies demand electricity-thirsty computing at a time when the world is already failing to steeply cut emissions.State of play: A federal judge on Friday granted crypto industry plaintiffs a temporary order blocking new Energy Department collection of the sector's power usage data.Meanwhile, AI ethicist Kate Crawford writes in Nature that "we need pragmatic actions to limit AI's ecological impacts now" — in terms of both power and water usage.She says a good start — but only a start [...]

U.S. airman dies after setting himself on fire outside Israeli Embassy in D.C.

A U.S. service member has died after setting himself on fire Sunday outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., authorities confirmed Monday.The big picture: A video posted online showed the man shouting "Free Palestine" as he burned during the incident, which lasted about a minute before law enforcement officers extinguished the flames at about 1pm.The man appeared to be in military uniform and identified himself as "an active duty member of the U.S. Air Force." Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek confirmed via email Sunday evening that "an active duty Airman was involved in today's incident."The Israeli Embassy said in a [...]

RNC chair Ronna McDaniel stepping aside for Trump loyalists

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is resigning on March 8, she said in a statement on Monday after former President Trump easily won the South Carolina primary on Saturday. Why it matters: McDaniel's resignation came after a pressure campaign from Trump, who has endorsed a triumvirate of loyalists to take over the RNC.Michael Whatley, chair of the North Carolina GOP, to become leader.Trump campaign senior adviser Chris LaCivita to effectively serve as COO.His daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, to serve as co-chair.Zoom in: McDaniel's resignation is another sign of the former president's status as the party's de factor leader."The RNC has [...]

Why Walmart spent $2.3 billion to buy Vizio

Walmart spent $2.3 billion last week to buy Vizio, a manufacturer of televisions. Not because it wants to manufacture televisions, but because it wants to sell advertising. Why it matters: Vizio is at heart a media company masquerading as a manufacturer. By owning Vizio, Walmart can continue to monetize the TVs it sells long after they've left its Supercenters. On Wall Street, an income stream stretching far into the future is always preferable to a single profit on a single sale. The big picture: The world of advertising has changed out of all recognition since the days when TVs were [...]

NABE: US economy poised to outperform in 2024

An influential group of economists has "sharply revised upwards" America's 2024 growth expectations, in what could be another year that stuns forecasters.Driving the news: As the U.S. economy continues to outperform, the National Association for Business Economics — which has conducted semi-regular survey of professional forecasters since 1965 — is the latest to say the economy won't see a sluggish year. The NABE survey released on Monday expects stronger growth, low joblessness and cooling inflation — the components of an economic "soft landing."The median forecast for GDP is nearly a full percentage point higher than that expected just two months [...]

Kara Swisher takes on the "boy-kings" of big tech in "Burn Book"

This photo shows Kara Swisher in 1997 in Bluemont, Virginia, which used to be called Snickersville, out in the exurbs of Loudoun County. "I rented a place as it was easier to get to AOL, which was past Dulles," she told Axios.Why it matters: "Burn Book," out Tuesday, recounts Swisher's digital odyssey from those early days through her growing fame — The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, All Things D, The New York Times, New York magazine, Code Conference and now celebrity podcaster.Zoom in: "Even if it was never the intention," Swisher writes, "tech companies became key players in [...]

Generative AI's next act: Autonomous agents

AI's key brain trusts are already looking beyond today's popular chatbots to a world in which AI agents act on your behalf.Why it matters: As AI races from just saying things to doing things for us, its potential benefits and harms will multiply fast.Driving the news: ChatGPT maker OpenAI is deep into development of AI agent systems, as the Information recently reported.Former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor and former Google executive Clay Bavor have launched Sierra, a company that aims to fully automate a huge range of online customer interactions using AI agents. Between the lines: Such "set and forget" systems [...]

Exclusive: Hunter Biden sees his staying sober as key to his father's re-election this year

President Biden privately has expressed worry that Republicans' daily attacks and the criminal prosecution of his son Hunter are taking a toll on his family — and could even lead Hunter to relapse, given the family's history of struggling with addiction.Why it matters: Hunter Biden knows this. He told Axios in a rare interview that he sees his continued sobriety as crucial not only to his life — but also to ensuring Donald Trump doesn't return to the Oval Office."Most importantly, you have to believe that you're worth the work, or you'll never be able to get sober. But I [...]

Measles cases continue growing in Florida

More children have come down with measles in Florida after the state's surgeon general defied federal guidelines by not urging parents to vaccinate their children against the highly contagious virus or to keep unvaccinated students at home. Why it matters: Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo's stand is an escalation of how conservative officials are flouting public health norms as measles cases surge worldwide, with 15 states reporting cases this year. Driving the news: Two newly reported infections in Broward County, of a child younger than 5 and another between ages 5 and 9, brought the reported number of cases to [...]

The doctor will fee you now

Need a sick note from the doctor? Or have them OK a refill? It might cost you. Why it matters: From signing patient documents to emailing responses to patient questions, doctors are increasingly charging fees for administrative tasks.Fees ranging from a few bucks to a few hundred dollars for paperwork requests risk annoying patients who are used to getting such services for free. But experts say it's a natural response to growing demands on physicians' time and shrinking reimbursement."Basically physicians are saying, 'The things that I used to do for free, I can't afford to do it now,'" Robert Pearl, [...]

Chuch Schumer and Mike Johnson brawl over federal spending as deadline nears

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) exchanged harsh public comments on Sunday over negotiations on government spending.Why it matters: Multiple federal agencies are set to shut down on Friday unless the two leaders reach a deal this week to keep them funded.Driving the news: In a "dear colleague" letter on Sunday evening, Schumer said "intense discussions" with Johnson's team on spending are ongoing.Schumer said he hoped to have bill text for a spending deal this weekend, but that House Republicans "need more time to sort themselves out.""Unfortunately, extreme House Republicans have shown they're more [...]

Ex-consultant for 2024 longshot Democrat Dean Phillips says he's behind fake Biden robocall

A former political consultant for President Biden's long shot Democratic primary challenger Rep. Dean Phillips said Sunday he commissioned an AI-generated robocall impersonating the president.The big picture: NBC News noted that Steve Kramer's statement first shared with the outlet showed no signs of remorse about the deepfake that discouraged voting in last month's New Hampshire primary — which triggered law enforcement investigations and which was widely condemned by lawmakers including Phillips.Driving the news: New Orleans magician Paul Carpenter told NBC News on Friday he "created the audio used in the robocall" of Biden after Kramer hired him, but he "did [...]

Arab Dems threaten to not vote for Biden in primary

Michigan activists want to shock and shame the Biden campaign in the state's Tuesday primary to take seriously the risk of losing the support of Muslim and Arab Americans. Why it matters: The war in Gaza has hurt President Biden's support among the same voters who were crucial to him flipping the state from Trump in 2020.Activists want voters to back "uncommitted" instead of Biden.Biden has lost the community "at a fundamental level," says Abbas Alawieh, a spokesperson for the Listen to Michigan campaign, during Israel's military strikes — described as the most destructive in recent history. "[T]his is a [...]

Trump's next test: 5 swing states in 37 days

Former President Trump faces a five-week slog through states where he'll need to pivot hard to win in November, even as there's major work to do in unifying his own party.Why it matters: The primary's all but over. But unless former UN ambassador Nikki Haley drops out soon, Trump will roll through contested primaries in five states that could easily swing in November.Michigan (Tuesday): Trump won by 10,700 votes in 2016, lost by 154,000 in 2020.North Carolina (March 5): Trump won by 173,000 votes in 2016, won by 74,000 in 2020.Georgia (March 12): Trump won by 211,000 votes in 2016, [...]

Zelensky: 31,000 Ukrainian troops killed since start of Russia's invasion

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Sunday that 31,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed since Russia began its invasion. The big picture: It's the first time Zelensky has publicly confirmed the number of Ukrainian military deaths since Russia started its full-scale invasion two years ago. What he's saying: "31,000 Ukrainian military personnel have been killed in this war, not 300,000, not 150,000, not whatever [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and his deceitful circle have been lying about," Zelensky said Sunday in Kyiv. "But nevertheless, each of these losses is a great sacrifice for us," he said. Zelensky would not disclose the number [...]

Newsom defends Biden, says "he's doing everything he needs to do"

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said he thinks President Biden is "doing everything he needs to do" to publicly demonstrate his command and ability to serve a second term.Why it matters: Newsom's remarks come as voters have expressed concerns over Biden's ability to beat former President Trump in the general election — and as the 81-year-old president's mental fitness has been called into question in recent weeks.What he's saying: "I mean, [Biden's] got an extraordinary record," Newsom said on NBC's "Meet the Press" in an interview that aired Sunday. "He's doing everything he needs to do to reconcile and wrestle [...]

Duckworth skeptical Republicans will back her bill protecting IVF access

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) said she's skeptical Republicans will back a bill she introduced to safeguard IVF treatment nationwide, saying "it's been crickets since the Alabama ruling." Why it matters: The Alabama Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that frozen embryos created via IVF are children under state law. Some of the state's IVF clinics have already halted operations as a result.In January, Duckworth, Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Susan Wild (D-Pa.) introduced the Access to Family Building Act to protect the right to access IVF nationally.What she's saying: "Let's make it clear — Republicans will say whatever they [...]

Netanyahu says hostage deal will delay Rafah operation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday that a hostage deal between Israel and Hamas will delay an IDF operation in Rafah, but stressed Israel will still conduct the operation later.Why it matters: The Biden administration is working to reach a hostage deal that would lead to at least six weeks of cease-fire in Gaza. "We really need this deal because we really need this pause," a U.S. official told Axios on Saturday.The Biden administration is highly concerned about a possible Israeli military operation in Rafah, where over a million Palestinians are living. The U.S. [...]

Trump's MAGA base isn't enough to win the 2024 election

If America were dominated by old, white, election-denying Christians who didn't go to college, former President Trump would win the general election in as big of a landslide as his sweep of the first four GOP contests.Why it matters: It's not. That's why some top Republicans are worried about the general election in November, despite Trump's back-to-back-to-back-to-back wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.Trump was declared the winner of Saturday's South Carolina's Republican Party the second that polls closed, trouncing Nikki Haley by 20 points (60% to 40%) in the state where she was governor. The Trump campaign [...]

CEOs cash in on record-high market

When the market is at record highs, that's a great time to convert paper wealth to cash dollars. Just ask JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon, Meta's Mark Zuckerberg, or Amazon's Jeff Bezos — all of whom have been selling a lot of stock of late. Why it matters: It makes sense even for billionaires to diversify out of having the overwhelming majority of their wealth in a single stock. Now's a great time to do just that. By the numbers: Between them, the three moguls have sold $9.3 billion of stock in less than a month, per Jonathan Moreland of Insider Insights. [...]

Why major cities are slashing city budgets amid immigrant crisis

The crisis resulting from a record-high number of people entering the U.S. through the southern border is increasingly straining budgets in some of the largest cities. Why it matters: Mounting pressure on city coffers only exacerbates the demand on the federal government to support the municipalities that have largely been fronting the costs themselves.The big picture: A recent analysis from S&P Global Ratings shows that of the 100,000 immigrants Texas has transported since 2022, 84% were sent to Denver, Chicago and New York.People from all over the world are risking their lives to flee violence, persecution, poverty, a lack of [...]

Trump winning streak extends to South Carolina, Haley "not giving up"

Donald Trump won South Carolina's Republican primary on Saturday, AP projects, in an embarrassing double-digit blow to former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley in her home state.Why it matters: Haley has vowed to stay in the primary beyond South Carolina, but her path forward looks increasingly far-fetched.Trump, who clinched all 29 of the state's at-large delegates, has cruised to victory in every GOP primary contest, and he already holds a strong delegate advantage. He spoke at CPAC outside Washington earlier Saturday and didn't mention Haley directly in his victory speech.Haley, who served as governor of South Carolina for six years, had trailed Trump by [...]

Three Theories for Why Trump Primary Results Are Not Matching Expectations...

Three Theories for Why Trump Primary Results Are Not Matching Expectations... (Top headline, 1st story, link) Related stories:DEMOGRAPHIC WARNING SIGNS... Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]


DEMOGRAPHIC WARNING SIGNS... (Top headline, 2nd story, link) Related stories:Three Theories for Why Trump Primary Results Are Not Matching Expectations [...]


HE FORGETS HER NAME! (Main headline, 1st story, link) Related stories:DON BRAIN SCRAMBLE [...]


DON BRAIN SCRAMBLE (Main headline, 2nd story, link) Related stories:HE FORGETS HER NAME! Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

FTC sues to block KROGER-ALBERTSONS massive grocery store merger...

FTC sues to block KROGER-ALBERTSONS massive grocery store merger... (First column, 1st story, link) [...]

Haley wind-down in sight...

Haley wind-down in sight... (First column, 2nd story, link) Related stories:Koch halts funding [...]

Koch halts funding...

Koch halts funding... (First column, 3rd story, link) Related stories:Haley wind-down in sight... Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Trump appeals $454 million judgment in civil fraud case...

Trump appeals $454 million judgment in civil fraud case... (First column, 4th story, link) Related stories:RNC resolution would block paying legal bills...McDaniel to step down as chair March 8...Russia looms over yet another presidential campaign [...]

RNC resolution would block paying legal bills...

RNC resolution would block paying legal bills... (First column, 5th story, link) Related stories:Trump appeals $454 million judgment in civil fraud case...McDaniel to step down as chair March 8...Russia looms over yet another presidential campaign [...]

McDaniel to step down as chair March 8...

McDaniel to step down as chair March 8... (First column, 6th story, link) Related stories:Trump appeals $454 million judgment in civil fraud case...RNC resolution would block paying legal bills...Russia looms over yet another presidential campaign... Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Russia looms over yet another presidential campaign...

Russia looms over yet another presidential campaign... (First column, 7th story, link) Related stories:Trump appeals $454 million judgment in civil fraud case...RNC resolution would block paying legal bills...McDaniel to step down as chair March 8 [...]

Bolsonaro Rallies Supporters as Police Probes Close In...

Bolsonaro Rallies Supporters as Police Probes Close In... (First column, 8th story, link) [...]

Argentina's New President Loves His Dogs. People, Not So Much...

Argentina's New President Loves His Dogs. People, Not So Much... (First column, 9th story, link) Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Prosecutors seek gag order on Trump in New York hush money trial...

Prosecutors seek gag order on Trump in New York hush money trial... (First column, 10th story, link) Related stories:Hunter sees his sobriety as key to keeping him from winning...Michigan uncommitted protest vote poised to be warning sign for president [...]

Hunter sees his sobriety as key to keeping him from winning...

Hunter sees his sobriety as key to keeping him from winning... (First column, 11th story, link) Related stories:Prosecutors seek gag order on Trump in New York hush money trial...Michigan uncommitted protest vote poised to be warning sign for president [...]

Michigan uncommitted protest vote poised to be warning sign for president...

Michigan uncommitted protest vote poised to be warning sign for president... (First column, 12th story, link) Related stories:Prosecutors seek gag order on Trump in New York hush money trial...Hunter sees his sobriety as key to keeping him from winning... Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Gen Z's big gamble...

Gen Z's big gamble... (First column, 13th story, link) [...]

Freddie Mercury lined up for stage return as hologram...

Freddie Mercury lined up for stage return as hologram... (First column, 14th story, link) [...]

Naked? With Strangers? In Europe, It's How You Relax at the Spa...

Naked? With Strangers? In Europe, It's How You Relax at the Spa... (First column, 15th story, link) Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Stately home used in 'SALTBURN' plagued by trespassers and influencers...

Stately home used in 'SALTBURN' plagued by trespassers and influencers... (First column, 16th story, link) Related stories:TIKTOKers show the way [...]

TIKTOKers show the way...

TIKTOKers show the way... (First column, 17th story, link) Related stories:Stately home used in 'SALTBURN' plagued by trespassers and influencers [...]

STUDY: Ketamine Reverses Antisocial Effects Of Loneliness, Isolation...

STUDY: Ketamine Reverses Antisocial Effects Of Loneliness, Isolation... (First column, 18th story, link) Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

BERKSHIRE nears $1 trillion valuation after record profit...

BERKSHIRE nears $1 trillion valuation after record profit... (First column, 19th story, link) [...]

Former senior BOEING employee on why he still won't fly on MAX...

Former senior BOEING employee on why he still won't fly on MAX... (First column, 20th story, link) [...]

Clarence Thomas hires clerk accused of racist conduct...

Clarence Thomas hires clerk accused of racist conduct... (Second column, 1st story, link) Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Supreme Court to Hear Cases That Could Reshape Social Media...

Supreme Court to Hear Cases That Could Reshape Social Media... (Second column, 2nd story, link) [...]

Netanyahu: Hostage deal will delay Rafah attack...

Netanyahu: Hostage deal will delay Rafah attack... (Second column, 3rd story, link) Related stories:Germany probes Berlin film festival in anti-Semitism row [...]

Germany probes Berlin film festival in anti-Semitism row...

Germany probes Berlin film festival in anti-Semitism row... (Second column, 4th story, link) Related stories:Netanyahu: Hostage deal will delay Rafah attack... Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

TESLA rival BYD launches electric supercar that could take on FERRARI...

TESLA rival BYD launches electric supercar that could take on FERRARI... (Second column, 5th story, link) Related stories:$233,000...SPACEX Withholding Internet in Taiwan? [...]


$233,000... (Second column, 6th story, link) Related stories:TESLA rival BYD launches electric supercar that could take on FERRARI...SPACEX Withholding Internet in Taiwan? [...]

Rents Are Falling. So Why Isn’t That Showing Up in Inflation Data?

Pandemic disruptions may have muddled the measurement of home prices in government data. That could complicate the Fed’s course on interest rates. [...]

Biden Targets a New Economic Villain: Shrinkflation

Liberals prodded the president for years to blame big corporations for price increases. He is finally doing so, in the grocery aisle. [...]

A Conservative Judge’s Critique of the Supreme Court’s Reliance on Tradition

In remarks at Harvard, Judge Kevin C. Newsom said the justices had strayed from originalism in parts of their blockbuster opinions on abortion and guns. [...]

As the Election Comes Into Focus, Pressure Builds in the West Wing

The presidency has always been a pressure cooker, but some in the Biden administration see wars, age, family stress and another race against Donald J. Trump combining with unusual force. [...]

The War in Gaza Turned This Longtime Michigan Democrat Against Biden

She knows the stakes. She loathes Donald Trump. But Terry Ahwal says she won’t back President Biden in November. [...]

Ronna McDaniel, the R.N.C.’s Top Official, Plans to Step Down on March 8

Donald Trump has publicly backed a new leader, Michael Whatley, to replace her, as the former president continues to tighten his grip on the Republican Party. [...]

The Back Channel Talks to Secure McConnell’s Endorsement of Trump

The conversations between the Trump and McConnell camps have been happening between key advisers to both men. [...]

Senate Aide Investigated Over Unofficial Ukraine Actions

Kyle Parker says he delivered sniper gear as part of his unabashed support for Ukraine. Investigators say there may be “counterintelligence issues.” [...]

European Leaders Meet in Paris to Boost Ukraine at ‘Critical Moment’

The meeting is intended to show that Europe remains committed to supporting Kyiv despite recent setbacks on the battlefield. [...]

Navalny Allies Say He Was About to Be Freed in a Prisoner Exchange

A top aide to the Russian opposition leader who died this month said he could have been among several inmates swapped. The claim could not be independently confirmed. [...]

Should You Consider Buying Your Childhood Home?

It might be a sensitive subject to bring up, but a path to homeownership for adult children could also make financial sense for their parents. [...]

Palestinian Authority’s Government to Resign as U.S. Calls for Change

It was not clear whether the appointment of a new prime minister and cabinet would be enough to revamp the authority or persuade Israel to let it govern Gaza after the war there ends. [...]

ICJ Holds Last Day of Hearings on Israel’s Occupation of Palestinian Territories

The hearings on the legality of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories have put more pressure on Israel during the war in Gaza. [...]

Man Dies After Setting Himself On Fire Outside Israeli Embassy in Washington, Police Say

The man, who filmed and livestreamed his protest of Israeli military action in Gaza, had been taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. The U.S. Air Force confirmed he was an active-duty airman. [...]

Why a $25 Million Plan to Relocate N.Y.C. Migrant Families Is Struggling

A program designed to resettle 1,250 families across New York State has moved only about 170 households, barely easing the burden on the city’s shelter system. [...]

‘Cop City’ Prosecutions Hinge on a New Definition of Domestic Terrorism

Are the protesters against a new police training center part of a violent “extremist organization,” or are the serious charges they face a means of stifling free speech? [...]

$1 Billion Donation Will Provide Free Tuition at a Bronx Medical School

Dr. Ruth Gottesman, a longtime professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is making free tuition available to all students going forward. [...]

Trump Is in His Element

What can Joe Biden do about it? [...]

We Owe It to Nex Benedict to Do Better by Bullied Teens

A grieving grandmother in Oklahoma shows us the way. [...]

Brad Wilcox Thinks American Culture Is Undervaluing Marriage

Conservative-leaning intellectuals want more people to get married. But how does that actually happen? Jane Coaston interviews Brad Wilcox. [...]

The Alabama Ruling That Could Stop Families From Having Kids

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled this month that frozen embryos are children. [...]

Republican Opposition to Birth Control Bill Could Alienate Voters, Poll Finds

A survey conducted by Americans for Contraception shows the overwhelming popularity of birth control, and suggests voters are primed to punish Republicans for opposing a measure to protect access to it. [...]

Why Democrats May Kill a Bipartisan House Map in New York

Democratic leaders in the State Legislature face a key choice on Monday: Accept a bipartisan proposal or try to redraw the congressional map in their party’s favor. [...]

Flaco’s Death Calls Attention to Bird Strikes and How to Prevent Them

The Eurasian eagle-owl was one of an estimated billion birds that will die in the United States this year after crashing into buildings. [...]

Odysseus Moon Lander Sends Photos Home Before Spacecraft Likely Dies

The privately built American spacecraft’s ability to send home images and other data has been limited by its sideways landing. On another part of the moon, a Japanese spacecraft woke up. [...]

At Dance Theater of Harlem, a New Lease on History and Ballet

Robert Garland, Dance Theater’s new artistic director and longtime resident choreographer, presides over his first season at New York City Center. [...]

I Was a Heretic at The New York Times

I did what I was hired to do, and I paid for it. [...]

Why the U.S. and Saudis Want a Two-State Solution, and Israel Doesn’t

How hard is the White House willing to push a resolution of the Palestinian issue? [...]

Dear Therapist: I Miss Having Sex

I’m a 70-year-old widow, and I don’t know how to get my needs met. [...]

Shark Teeth Aren’t Just ‘Triangular Pointy Things’

Scientists are studying ancient teeth for clues about the ocean’s past. [...]

An Insightful and Truly Fun Cooking Show

Culture and entertainment musts from Matteo Wong [...]

The Myth of Codependency

Relationships can be inconvenient—but we all depend on others. [...]

How Donald Trump Became Unbeatable

How did we get here again? [...]

Jesus of the Small Screen

I didn’t expect to find a television series drawn from the Bible so compelling. [...]

In South Carolina, Nikki Haley’s Bill Comes Due

The state’s GOP primary showed that Donald Trump is dominant yet still vulnerable. [...]

Can Ukraine Win This War?

Watch the full episode of Washington Week With The Atlantic, February 23, 2024 [...]

The Politics of Noise and Silence

“Silence was more than the absence of noise; it was an aesthetic to be revered,” Xochitl Gonzalez wrote in 2022. [...]

How First Contact With Whale Civilization Could Unfold

If we can learn to speak their language, what should we say? [...]

What Makes Russia’s Economy So Sanctions-Resistant?

Actually, they have had some effect—just not one that Vladimir Putin cares about. [...]

The Irony of the Sephora Tweens

Products glorifying youth are being sold to actual youth. [...]

Apollo’s Sequel Will Be a Gold Rush

The moon hasn’t seen this many missions since the Apollo era. This time, humanity might be there to stay. [...]

Go Ahead, Get a Pet Rat

Let them burrow into your sweatshirt and into your heart. [...]

The Strangest Job in the World

Edith Wilson may have been closer to running the country than being a kindly helpmate. [...]

The Return of the John Birch Society

The organization, once relegated to the outermost edges of the conservative movement, now fits neatly into its mainstream. [...]

The Heartbreaking Insight of The Boy and the Heron

Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar-nominated film illustrates how war can destroy that most precious of things—the innocence of a child’s soul. [...]

How Democrats Could Disqualify Trump If the Supreme Court Doesn’t

Without clear guidance from the Court, House Democrats suggest that they might not certify a Trump win on January 6. [...]

They Rode the Rails, Made Friends, and Fell Out of Love With America

Hurray for the Riff Raff has made the next great American road album. [...]

The Pro-life Movement’s Not-So-Secret Plan for Trump

The Republican candidate wants to seem moderate on abortion. His would-be advisers have other ideas. [...]

The Americans Who Need Chaos

They’re embracing nihilism and upending politics. [...]

Hundreds of Photos from the early 2000s NYC trance scene unearthed

Witness the birth of the underground NYC trance scene in the early 2000s through a collection of photos showcasing various events and parties, capturing unique moments in time. [...]

Chad Jonosky

Meet Chad, a legend in the psytrance scene with a diverse background. From chasing solar eclipses to skydiving, his life was full of adventure and love. [...]

Ukraine is the real Russia.

Updated 4 weeks ago The ghost of the Mongol spirit refuses to die. Now it all makes sense. [...]

The Rave That Brought Down The Soviet Union

Updated 1 month ago This seminal event in 1991 predated Tsunami’s first goa event in Liberty Science Center near NYC by five years, and nine years later was a template for Russian organizers and collectives in NYC, such as Alphatrance, Omnitribe, and Yogibogiebox. [...]

ISIS/Al Qaeda, and Hamas, objectively compared

Discover the similarities and differences between ISIS and Hamas, two organizations formed in response to Western imperialism. Both have grievances, but also notable distinctions. [...]

2023 Psytrance Playlist

Updated 3 months ago [...]

2024 NYC Psytrance

Updated 2 weeks ago [...]

Why Arab states will never take in Palestinian refugees

Discover why Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, are reluctant to accept refugees from Palestine due to power struggles, religious views, and lack of resources. Learn more about this multi-factored issue and the factors that influence their stance. [...]

Watch The Three Body Problem: Cixin Liu’s Sci-Fi Trilogy of Alien Contact

Discover the captivating world of Cixin Liu's "The Three Body Problem," a thought-provoking sci-fi trilogy about alien contact and chaos theory. [...]

Remembering the Good Old Days: Halloween, Candy, and the Loss of a Shared Holiday Experience

Experience a nostalgic Halloween throwback with a glimpse into the past, where traditions were different, candy was plentiful, and mischief was expected. [...]

Goa Gil: A Tribute to a Psychedelic Trance Pioneer and Icon

Introducing the sad passing of Goa Gil, a pioneer in psychedelic trance. His influence and dedication to the music and scene are unparalleled. [...]

Are you man enough to build the Ultimate Gen X Alex Grey Action Figure?

Discover different options for learning about the human body! From building a Visible Man model to exploring a Squishy Human Body or an Interactive Human Body. [...]

Magic Mushroom Edibles: Everything to Know, from Chocolates to Drops

Whether you’re nibbling in the club or full on astral projecting in the woods. [...]

Police Officers Are Doing Ayahuasca Now

PTSD and depression are rife in the police force. We spoke to the former and serving officers that are experimenting with shrooms and ayahuasca. [...]

The Very Illegal Cafe Where You Can Take Shrooms and Chew Coca

“We are here to fight for the legalisation of all psychedelics and to end the war on drugs,” says its owner Dana Larsen. [...]

The 17 Best Drug Stories We Published in 2023

Does ketamine therapy work? Why are people taking psychedelic toad venom? Answers to all these questions and more. [...]

Psychedelic Toad Hunters Are Under Attack by Mexican Cartels

Those making a living off harvesting the potent venom of the Sonoran desert toad are getting caught in the crossfire of narco traffickers. [...]

New Study Reveals How Exactly Ketamine Changes the Brain

A Columbia University scientist explains what the findings could mean for your average recreational ket user. [...]

The Israelis and Palestinians Doing Ayahuasca Together

Some peace activists and researchers believe the powerful psychedelic can help build mutual reconciliation between the two communities. [...]

The VICE Guide to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

The definitive VICE guide to microdosing mushrooms, including how to prep yourself for the process and where you can legally source shrooms. [...]

What It's Like to Trip on DMT

Everything to know about the hallucinogenic “spirit molecule”—common side effects include seeing aliens and finally connecting with the universe. [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Magic Mushrooms

The definitive VICE guide to what magic mushrooms are, where they came from, and how best to prepare for a psychedelic experience. [...]

PT489 – Alyssa Gursky, LPC – Psychedelics, Art Therapy, and the Creative Process

In this episode, Joe interviews Alyssa Gursky, LPC: artist, research associate and study therapist at the Social Neuroscience and Psychotherapy (SNaP) lab, and founder of Psychedelic Art Therapy LLC, which pioneers ketamine-assisted art therapy. She talks about her first mushroom experience and how her art and creative process instantly felt different – how the judgment and concern about where the art was going disappeared and was replaced by a freedom; a return to a more childlike way of being, where all that mattered was the fun of the creative process, and expressing her inner world in art. They realized how [...]

PT488 – Matthew 'Whiz' Buckley – The Cost of War: Veterans' Mental Health and Government Responsibility

In this episode, Joe interviews Matthew ‘Whiz’ Buckley: former decorated US Navy F/A-18 Hornet fighter pilot and now, founder and CEO of No Fallen Heroes Foundation, a non-profit focused on healing veterans and first responders with psychedelic-assisted therapy. Buckley met Joe in D.C. while they were both campaigning for psychedelic therapy to any lawmaker they could speak with. He talks about how the government is spending a fortune on the military, but not paying the total cost, since so much of that is externalized onto the soldiers themselves. He points out how many of them care more about making money [...]

PT487 – Saga Briggs – Interoception, Healing Through Connection, and Learning to Trust Our Bodies

In this episode, David interviews Saga Briggs: freelance journalist and author of "How to Change Your Body: The Science of Interoception and Healing Through Connection to Yourself and Others." A collection of interviews, peer-reviewed research, and personal story; the book dives deep into the mind-body connection, how to become more embodied, and our need for social connection – which factors into mental and physical health far more than most of us realize. The nod to Michael Pollan’s book is also a challenge: Have we been focusing too much on our minds and now it’s time to pay more attention to [...]

PT486 – Steve Rio – 5-MeO-DMT, Somatic Release, and Creating Context for Spirituality

In this episode, Joe interviews Steve Rio: psychedelic guide, performance and transformation coach, musician, and co-founder of Enfold, a retreat center in BC, Canada. While Enfold caters each experience to each client, they largely work with 5-MeO-DMT (which is unregulated in Canada); partly because of its power, and partly because Rio realized how much was missing in terms of safety and process when using the substance. They are trying to fill in the gaps, working with the University Health Network Centre for Mental Health to analyze measurements of mindfulness, DAS tests, the Brief Inventory of Thriving survey, and language used [...]

PT485 – Ayize Jama-Everett, M.Div, M.A., M.F.A. – Meeting People Where They Are: Why the Underground Will Always Thrive

In this episode, Joe interviews Ayize Jama-Everett: author, educator, filmmaker, and therapist with a long history of work in substance use and mental health services. When Jama-Everett was last on the show, “A Table of Our Own” – a film focusing on healing, psychedelics, and bonds within the Black community – was still in its infancy. It’s now complete, and he and others behind the film are touring with it, with showings coming up in Detroit, LA, and Boston. A free follow-up discussion hosted by CIIS’ Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research is happening Feb. 15, and, from February 15-16 [...]

PT484 – Dr. Peter Grinspoon – Seeing Through the Smoke: The Importance of Telling the Truth About Cannabis

In this episode, Joe interviews Dr. Peter Grinspoon: primary care physician and cannabis specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital, TedX speaker, certified physician life coach, and author of the new book, Seeing Through the Smoke: A Cannabis Expert Untangles the Truth about Marijuana. He tells his story of growing up in a house where academics like John Mack and Carl Sagan regularly smoked cannabis, and being inspired by the groundbreaking books of his father, Lester Grinspoon. An outspoken advocate for drug policy reform and embracing different, non-AA paths to recovery, he talks about how he got there: his opiate addiction, fall [...]

PT483 – Dr. Kate Pate – Traumatic Brain Injuries, the Gut Microbiome, and the Potential of Psychedelics as Anti-Inflammatory Agents

In this episode, Joe interviews Dr. Kate Pate: Ph.D. neurophysiologist; Founder and CEO of Coruna Medical; founding board member of the Psychedelic Medicine Association; and Founder of The Way Back, a company that will provide education and coaching services related to military, veteran, and first responder health – often in wilderness settings. She talks about her introduction to psychedelics through the Heroic Hearts Project, where she later served as an integration coach and director of research, looking at psilocybin for traumatic brain injury symptoms, and how the gut microbiome changes after ingesting ayahuasca. She points out that gut health hasn’t [...]

PT482 – Paul F. Austin – Behind the Scenes: A Conversation on Psychedelic Business, Media, and Education

In this episode, Joe speaks with Paul F. Austin: Founder & CEO of Third Wave, Founder of Psychedelic Coaching Institute, and host of Third Wave's The Psychedelic Podcast. Recorded in-person at this year's reMind conference, this episode – a shared release with Third Wave – is a rare glimpse into the inner workings of both Psychedelics Today and Third Wave, with Joe and Paul reconnecting after early podcast appearances and interviewing each other about where they've come from and where they're going now that they're so many years into this. Paul breaks down Third Wave's history and new coaching training [...]

PT481 – Ryan Latreille – Kanna: The History, Science, and Potential of an Emerging Legal Alternative

In this episode, Joe interviews Ryan Latreille: Founder of Hearthstone Collective, which sells functional mushrooms and low-dose kanna designed for microdosing; and Kanna Extract Co., which is focused on offering high-potency kanna extracts more for ceremonial and recreational use. He talks about how he found his way to kanna; his first psychedelic experience (kanna mixed with MDMA); how he worked with a Koi tribal leader to find high-alkaloid kanna; how they created the strain they use; and why so many people are interested in kanna and more people should try it, as he believes it’s not only a natural alternative [...]

PT480 – Emma Knighton – Psychedelics and Consent: Power Dynamics, Boundaries, and the Concept of 'Safe Enough'

In this episode, Kyle interviews Emma Knighton: Somatic trauma therapist, Vital instructor, and psychedelic integration therapist focusing on consciousness exploration, complex PTSD from childhood abuse, and queer identity development. This episode is a bit of a masterclass on consent and boundaries within the client/practitioner relationship. She discusses power dynamics: how conflicts arise due to the breaking of established boundaries; safety, and embracing the idea of creating a container that is ‘safe enough’ to go into places that feel unsafe; and the importance of maintaining agreed-upon boundaries no matter how much the client may want to break them. They discuss ways [...]

PT479 – Erik Vaughan – Psilocybin in the Midwest and the Need for Potency Testing

In this episode, Joe interviews Erik Vaughan: Co-Founder and Manager of Epiphany mushrooms, a mushroom and mental health company based in Akron, Ohio. Epiphany mushrooms will initially be selling Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps, and they plan to expand into more functional mushrooms while also pursuing a license to operate healing centers in Colorado. Vaughan was involved in changing Colorado's psilocybin legislation after lobbying to add a section that allows product testing labs to register and charge for their services – while voluntary and complementary to required testing, it allows growers to have an unlimited amount of product for testing [...]

PT478 – Christine Calvert, LCDC – Holotropic Breathwork as a Stepping Stone, Complementary Therapy, and Teacher

In this episode, Joe interviews Christine Calvert: Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and certified Holotropic Breathwork® facilitator. She talks about how addiction led her to breathwork, how breathwork has helped her over the years, how breathwork can be a compliment to other self-work, and how becoming comfortable with breathwork first could be a very important stepping stone towards better understanding the psychedelic experience. She talks about how years of breathwork helped her navigate complicated states of consciousness, and the incredible benefit of learning to trust our body's capacity to heal itself.  She discusses using bodywork in sessions and the importance of [...]

PT477 – Kaci Hohmann & Dave Kopilak – Oregon Measure 109: The Possibilities of Service Centers & What Businesses Should Consider

In this episode, recorded in-person at the recent reMind conference, Joe interviews Kaci Hohmann and Dave Kopilak: business attorneys at Emerge Law Group and co-chairs of Emerge’s psychedelics practice group. Hohmann also serves as Chair of the Oregon State Bar’s Cannabis and Psychedelics Law Section. They were both drafters of Oregon Measure 109 (with Kopilak as the primary drafter), so this episode goes deep into the details, legalities, and possibilities behind Measure 109. What licenses are involved? What does a business heading to Oregon need to prepare for? What do they think the feds will do and how does that [...]

PT476 – Mike Margolies – Reinventing Organizations, Lessons From Burning Man, and Batman & The Joker

In this episode, Joe interviews Mike Margolies: community catalyst; conversation creator; Founder of Psychedelic Seminars; and Co-Founder and Co-Steward of the Global Psychedelic Society. The Global Psychedelic Society was created for all of the different psychedelic societies that have sprung up over the world to connect, share resources and information with each other, and be housed in a central hub so people can find them more easily. He talks about Frederic Laloux’s book, "Reinventing Organizations," and modeling the GPS around the “Teal” concept of organization, where employees are encouraged to show up as their true, honest, and most powerful selves; [...]

PT475 – Christine Caldwell & Mary Telliano – End-of-Life Care and Psychedelics: The Role of a Death Doula

In this episode of Vital Psychedelic Conversations, David interviews Christine Caldwell: graduate of the first cohort of Vital and Founder of End of Life Psychedelic Care (EOLPC); and Mary Telliano: end-of-life coach, psychedelic facilitator, and Founder of The Anam Cara Academy, which trains people in the art of end-of-life coaching. Whether we’re comfortable with it or not, we’re all going to die. And research shows that psychedelic experiences can help tremendously with the anxiety and depression that surround that inevitable transition between realms. Caldwell and Telliano discuss the role of a death doula; how they found their way into end-of-life [...]

PT474 – Joe Moore & Kyle Buller – The Origin of Psychedelics Today and the Growth of Vital

In this episode, we toast to the beginning of an exciting and hopefully groundbreaking 2024 by switching things up a bit. Christopher Koddermann, Co-Founder and Chair of Board of the International Therapeutic Psilocybin Rescheduling Initiative (ITPRI) will be conducting some interviews for PT, and in this episode, he does his first – with our Co-Founders, Joe Moore and Kyle Buller. Kyle tells the story of his fateful New Years Eve snowboarding trip that resulted in a near death experience and a complete change in his life’s trajectory, and Joe discusses his more academic roots and how he and Kyle were [...]

PT473 – Kayse Gehret – Microdosing for Healing: The Importance of Journaling and Group Process

In this episode, Kyle interviews Kayse Gehret, the Founder of Microdosing for Healing, an international virtual community and coaching program supporting microdosing practice. She tells the story of embracing microdosing and her grand mal seizure disorder going away, and how the inability to touch people during the pandemic led to the creation of Microdosing for Healing. She breaks down the details of the program, challenges she's seen, and the importance of using every effective modality possible to align with each person's individual experience. The next 6-Week Immersion Group course begins January 26. She talks about how accessing the body is usually [...]

PT472 – Mike Finoia – Psychedelics and Comedy: Finding the Humor in Personal Growth

In this episode, Joe interviews Mike Finoia: standup comedian, Producer for the hit show, “Impractical Jokers,” and co-host of the Comes a Time Podcast with Dead & Company bassist, Oteil Burbridge. His new Special, “Don’t Let Me Down,” is out now. He talks about his early days of recreational drug use at jam band shows; a powerful psilocybin experience; passing out before his first ketamine experience and how his commitment has made subsequent experiences much smoother; and how his continued work has allowed him to focus on what’s truly important. He’s seen positive results from talking about his ketamine-assisted psychotherapy [...]

PT471 – Stanislav and Brigitte Grof – The Evolution of LSD Psychotherapy, the Power of Breathwork, and Why We Should be Taking Archetypal Astrology More Seriously

In this episode, Joe and Kyle are honored to welcome back Stanislav and Brigitte Grof: Stan being the person who kickstarted their interest in non-ordinary states of consciousness, breathwork, and this podcast; and Brigitte: his other half, co-creator of Grof® Legacy Training, and support system (and often, voice) since his stroke a few years back. They discuss the recently released Stanislav Grof, LSD Pioneer: From Pharmacology to Archetypes, which Brigitte assembled in honor of Stan’s 90th birthday. It celebrates his life’s work in pioneering research into non-ordinary states of consciousness and transpersonal psychology, and features an extended interview with Stan; [...]

PT470 – Angie Leek, LMFT/LPC-S, SEP & Justin LaPree – Wounded Healers and the Power of Community in the Veteran Space

In this episode of Vital Psychedelic Conversations, Johanna interviews Angie Leek, LMFT/LPC-S, SEP: Vital instructor, Founder of the Holos Foundation for Transpersonal Healing, and psychotherapist offering KAP through her private practice, Holos Counseling; and Justin LaPree: Vital graduate, decorated Marine, former firefighter, and Founder and President of Heroic Path to Light; a retreat center in Austin, Texas offering psychedelic-assisted therapy and community to veterans, first responders, and Gold/White Star families. LaPree shares his personal journey of struggling to reintegrate into life after war and the daily traumas he lived as a firefighter leading to an eventual suicide attempt, and the [...]

PT469 – Mason Marks, MD, JD – Drug Policy in 2023: The FDA's Guidance for Clinical Trials, The Natural Medicine Act, and SB-303

In this episode, Joe interviews Mason Marks, MD, JD: drug policy analyst, writer, Professor at the Florida State University College of Law, and senior fellow and project lead of the Project on Psychedelics Law and Regulation (POPLAR) at the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics. As somewhat of an expert on drug policy and FDA regulation, Marks discusses much of the current legal landscape: What was controversial and most interesting about the FDA’s recent guidance for researchers running clinical trials; how an amendment changed Colorado’s Natural Medicine Act and the odd vibe coming from the rule-making process [...]

PT468 – Flor Bollini – Personalized Medicine, Biohacking, and Reconnecting to the Source

In this episode, Joe interviews Flor Bollini. Named “The Corporate Shaman” by Forbes Magazine, she is an entrepreneur, medicine woman, and the Founder and CEO of NANA Health. NANA Health is a platform that provides best practices, educational content, and peer to peer support around a framework that is fully personalized, using what they call “psychedelic-initiated transformative medicine.” Inspired by feminine energy, African tradition, and Ayurveda, their concept is that if you can’t afford a luxurious retreat, what can you do at home? What are the lifetime practices and biohacking techniques that can enable your self-healing capabilities to take over, [...]

PT467 – Daan Keiman, MA, Rabbi Aura Ahuvia, & Josh Harper – The Role of Religion, Psychedelic Chaplaincy, and Spiritual Care

In this episode of Vital Psychedelic Conversations, Johanna interviews Daan Keiman, MA: Buddhist, Psychedelic Chaplain, and Co-Founder of the psychedelic think-and-practice tank, Communitas Collective Foundation; Aura Ahuvia: Rabbi who served five years as President of the ALEPH (Alliance for Jewish Renewal) Board and is now the Founder of Psychedelic Rabbi; and Josh Harper: Consciousness Medicine Guide who works with Ligare, a Christian Psychedelic Society. They dig deep into the intersection of psychedelics and spirituality, focusing largely on the concept of psychedelic chaplaincy: how they each define it and how spiritual caregivers are uniquely positioned to be of service to those [...]

PT466 – John H. Buchanan, Ph.D. – The Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead: Understanding Reality and the Psychedelic Experience

In this episode, Kyle interviews John H. Buchanan, Ph.D.: certified Holotropic Breathwork practitioner; contributing co-editor for Rethinking Consciousness: Extraordinary Challenges for Contemporary Science; and author of the new book, Processing Reality: Finding Meaning in Death, Psychedelics, and Sobriety. Recorded shortly after a week-long philosophy and breathwork conference which they both attended, they mostly dig into the challenging philosophical concepts of Alfred North Whitehead: how everything is made up of a feeling; how everything is relational and we all feel each other’s experiences; how Whitehead defined occasions and how moments of experience are accessing the totality of the past; and how neurology and [...]

PT465 – Shauheen Etminan, Ph.D. & Jonathan Lu – Beta-carbolines, Haoma, and Syrian Rue: Rediscovering Ancestral Knowledge

In this episode, David interviews Shauheen Etminan, Ph.D. and Jonathan Lu: Co-Founders of Magi Ancestral Supplements. Through studying ancient Zoroastrian writings and 2,000 year-old Chinese texts in search of compounds and formulations forgotten by history, Etminan and Lu co-founded drug discovery company VCENNA in 2019 to use extraction technology to isolate these compounds. This led to an understanding of the health properties behind beta-carbolines, which led to their nootropic company, Magi Ancestral Supplements. They talk about the early days and experimenting on themselves, how beta-carbolines create dream-like states, and how their research sent each of them further into their own [...]

PT464 – Bessel van der Kolk, MD – Bodywork, Somatic Literacy, and Understanding Trauma: The Mind and Body Connection

In this episode, Kyle interviews Bessel van der Kolk, MD: pioneer clinician, researcher, and educator on traumatic stress; Founder of the Trauma Research Foundation; Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University Medical School; Principal Investigator of the Boston site of MAPS’ MDMA-assisted psychotherapy study; and author of the #1 New York Times Science best seller, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Treatment of Trauma. As of this recording, van der Kolk was publishing his last paper and closing down his laboratory, so he looks back on his past: being part of the group who put together [...]

PT463 – Dana Lerman, MD – Bringing Intention, Ceremony, and Inner Healing Intelligence to Modern Medicine

In this episode, Joe interviews Dana Lerman, MD: a decade-long infectious disease consultant who has since been trained in psychedelic-assisted therapy, ecotherapy, and Internal Family Systems, and is the Co-Founder of Skylight Psychedelics, where she prescribes IM ketamine and trains therapists who work with it. Lerman tells her story: how working with kids with cancer made her want to learn medicine, what it was like working as an infectious disease expert during COVID, and how fascinating it has been to start with modern medicine and then fully embrace the traditional frameworks of ayahuasca ceremonies. She has realized that part of [...]

PT462 – Dr. Dave Rabin, MD, Ph.D. – Touch Therapy, Wearable Technology, and Treating Trauma with Safety

In this episode, Joe interviews neuroscientist, board-certified psychiatrist, health tech entrepreneur, inventor, and Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer at Apollo Neuro: Dr. David Rabin, MD, Ph.D. He talks about his path to psychiatry; his realization that trauma and chronic stress were primary themes at the root of most mental illness; and the creation, research and implementation of the Apollo wearable: the first scientifically-validated wearable technology designed to improve energy, focus, and relaxation based on touch therapy. The idea was born from Rabin asking himself: If we're all starved for touch and constantly feeling unsafe, our bodies prefer a calm, soothed [...]

PT461 – Vinitha Watson, CHT & Judson Frost – Holding Space, Hypnotherapy and Psychedelics, and the Importance of Courage

In this episode of Vital Psychedelic Conversations, David speaks with two current Vital students: Certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and Founder and Executive Director of Zoo Labs, Vinitha Watson, CHT; and artist and outdoorsman with decades of experience in bodywork, structural integration, and Vipassana meditation: Judson Frost. They talk about their personal paths: Watson’s work educating musicians about the music business and their value with Zoo Labs and Frost’s work as an artist; as well as how their experience as parents has grounded them, and how they found Vital. They discuss the importance of integration, having a process, and recognizing how [...]

PT460 – Reggie Watts – Psychedelics in Film, Drugs as Bases and Modifiers, and Ketamine With Friends

In this episode, Joe interviews internationally renowned musician, comedian, writer, and actor, Reggie Watts. Watts starred on “Comedy Bang! Bang!,” most recently was the bandleader on CBS’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden” for the last 8 seasons, and just released his memoir, "Great Falls, MT." Watts discusses his early days of LSD use and how he felt psychedelics and cannabis were useful (in contrast to alcohol); how movies and TV rarely get the psychedelic experience right (and is that because writers haven’t experienced it?); and how the Situationist Movement inspired his concept of being a “disinformationist,” which he [...]

Flashbacks of Joy

Hello everyone, I was curious if I am the only one who regularly has this kind of flashbacks. Whenever I hear a song that really hit me on the dancefloor I get in a totally good mood and sometime I cry a little because I remember this collective energy sharing moment. Hope someone responds 🙂 submitted by /u/batzille [link] [comments] [...]

Brujo's Bowl - Suggestism

submitted by /u/Otherwise_Basis_6328 [link] [comments] [...]

Modem festival

Hi, This will be my first modem and I would have a few questions. No, not about the music, there are enough questions and answers about that more like about logistics. Is it a cash only festival? I read, that the reception is terrible so I would assume paying with card (at least at the food and drink stalls) is probably not really possible. Although I think it's not even worth asking but is there an ATM there? What about the weather? Is it like Ozora with 50:50 if you are leveling up your desert hippie skills or your swamp [...]

Rewired - Test Chamber 4

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MOP 24 from India

Hey guys, Who all are planning to attend master of puppets this year in czechia. Since this is my first time out of India and that too to a festival would u like to tag along or include me in ur tribe as well 🙂 submitted by /u/sleepy_ninja07 [link] [comments] [...]

Psyrtrance parties in koh pangan?

Will be in koh pangan from 27.2-1.3. submitted by /u/LeastUnderstanding88 [link] [comments] [...]

Opinion on my set

Hello, noobie bedroom DJ here,I recorded my second set yesterday and would love to have feedbacks from you ! I'm wondering if the transitions are smooth enough and if this could be some dancing material. It is a 142-148BPM psytrance/full on set and I added the tracklist with transition timestamps on mixcloud so you can jump quickly if you don't feel like enduring a full hour Thank you folks ! submitted by /u/Timo_photography [link] [comments] [...]

SMASHED the dancefloor with my new single “Smashing” 👊💥

“Smashing” indeed SMASHED the dancefloor at my recent gig! Always a great feeling to see a positive reaction on the dancefloor dancing to your own music! submitted by /u/wolfboy1692 [link] [comments] [...]

Psy scene in Thailand

How is the psy scene in Thailand. Are there any underground or mainstream parties happening there ??? submitted by /u/sleepy_ninja07 [link] [comments] [...]

Marshmalien - The Great Cornholio

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FRACTAL FiLL - The UnderGround Club Zone Radio Show EP07 -2024 ​ FRACTAL FiLL - The UnderGround Club Zone Radio Show ( ) The UnderGround Club Zone EP07 - 2024 2 hours of Live Cutting Edge Psytrance - Broadcasting Live on DMT-FM Listen On DMT-FM - Eu Server - USA Server - #psytrance #trance #psychedelic #psy #music #rave #dj #trancefamily #psytranceworld #psytrancefamily #psytrancefestival #party #trancemusic #dance #psychedelictrance #psychedelicart #psytrancemusic #musicproducer #forestpsytrance #dmtfm submitted by /u/Reeffm247 [link] [comments] [...]

PSY - TRANCE ◉ Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz - Miss You (Crazy Groove x Breezy & Acmon)

I just mixed the remix from Breezy & Acmon with the one from Crazy Groove to make a PsyTrance/Full On track. PSY - TRANCE ◉ Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz - Miss You (Crazy Groove x Breezy & Acmon) submitted by /u/maximojo3 [link] [comments] [...]

The Tribe (feat. Digital Alien)

Hey yo, our new single is out and we hope you listen and like it☺️ submitted by /u/Important_Inside7111 [link] [comments] [...]

Ultima Thule feat. Antonymous: This track is just marvelous

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Which are your top 3 Zenon artists?

Mine are: Elberg Sumiruna Pspiralife Also I have a warm spot in my heart for “Adama”, but he fees more suited to “Merkaba music” although he’s in zenon. Looking for some new music to listen to 👂🏼doesn’t have to be from zenon records, but in this genre 🙏🏽 submitted by /u/RegisterMinimum8327 [link] [comments] [...]

lioa - Scandi Gunk

submitted by /u/Stam- [link] [comments] [...]

Aussie bush doof in July

Any bush doofs in nsw in July? submitted by /u/Pando2626 [link] [comments] [...]

Blissed ~ Psybient mix. Track list in first comment, enjoy!

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Throwing my first party, somewhat nervous

It’s been planned out for the past few months, I already did all the work to promote it. We even have an after party at a bar up the street. I’m really hoping it’s a good turnout, but most importantly I just want people to have fun. Somebody please tell me that people are going to have fun. I’m bringing lasers, we have a great headliner, a good sound system, and great deco. I just don’t know what all to expect because I’ve never been in charge of organizing anything like this before. I have two sets of pretty groovy [...]

Mevis Yolwa Maet - 145 bpm Psytrance Mix

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Arjuna - Whispering Angels

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Drip Drop - Time

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My first Psytrance album; Connecting Non Existent Dots OUT NOW! 😊

I wanted to share few words about the album and proccess... 10 years ago, I had a fascinating experience at the festival called Tree of Life. This experience, which emerged with the harmony of science, spirituality, art and psychedelics, deeply affected me. Since then, I have been constantly experimenting on music to create and share a similar collective experience. I'm so happy to say that: I finally did it. 😙 This 7 track album, which took me more than 2 years to complete, invites you to a journey that shaped by frequencies. 💜 All links in here: And full [...]

Even 'Twilight Zone' Coral Reefs Aren't Safe from Bleaching

Coral reefs hundreds of feet below the ocean surface aren’t as safe as scientists thought [...]

The Life and Gruesome Death of a Bog Man Revealed after 5,000 Years

Vittrup Man, who was bludgeoned to death in a Danish bog, was a Scandinavian wanderer, according to new research [...]

Stunning Comet Could Photobomb This April's Total Solar Eclipse

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks will make its closest approach to the sun this April—right after North America is treated to a total solar eclipse [...]

The Industrial Designer behind the N95 Mask

Sara Little Turnbull used materials science to invent and design products for the modern world [...]

An Evolutionary 'Big Bang' Explains Why Snakes Come in So Many Strange Varieties

Snakes saw a burst of adaptation about 128 million years ago that led to them exploding in diversity and evolving up to three times faster than lizards [...]

Asexuality Research Has Reached New Heights. What Are We Learning?

A grassroots online movement has helped shift the way scientists think about asexuality. But much is still unknown. [...]

Russia's War on Ukraine Chills Arctic Climate Science

In the two years since Russia invaded Ukraine, a chasm has grown between Russian scientists who are studying the Arctic and their counterparts around the world [...]

JWST Is Tracking Down the Cosmic Origins of Earth's Water

New observations from the James Webb Space Telescope are exposing the pathways that water takes to reach terrestrial planets [...]

Flimsy Antiabortion Studies Cited in Case to Ban Mifepristone Are Retracted

Outside experts found that two studies cited in a federal case on medication abortion had serious design problems and that their authors had undisclosed conflicts of interest [...]

This Treasured Fossil Turns Out to Be a Forgery

Paleontology is rife with fake fossils that are made to cash in on illegal trade but end up interfering with science [...]

First Commercial Moon Landing Returns U.S. to Lunar Surface

Intuitive Machines’ IM-1 mission is the first U.S. soft landing on the moon since Apollo 17. It’s also a sign of private industry’s growing role in space [...]

JWST Solves Decades-Old Mystery of Nearby Supernova

Scientists have finally found the compact object at the heart of the famous supernova of 1987, and it’s not a black hole [...]

Why Do We Have a Leap Year Anyway?

Without adding an extra day to February every four years, our calendar would get increasingly out of sync with the cosmos [...]

Could Neanderthals Make Art?

Scientists are finding ever-earlier examples of artistic expression in the archaeological record that reshape what we know about the abilities of Neanderthals and other archaic humans [...]

Political Ads Can Target Your Personality. Here's What Could Go Wrong

This banner year for elections worldwide may witness the arrival of advertising tailored to your personality [...]

Why Writing by Hand Is Better for Memory and Learning

Engaging the fine motor system to produce letters by hand has positive effects on learning and memory [...]

Shifting to EVs Could Prevent Millions of Childhood Asthma Attacks

For children living near U.S. highways, a transition to zero-emission electric vehicles will mean reduced exposure to dangerous exhaust [...]

People with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Have an "Exhausted" Immune System

A long-awaited study of people with ME/CFS revealed differences in their immune and nervous system. The findings may offer clues about long COVID [...]

How to Close the 'Orgasm Gap' for Heterosexual Couples

Researchers once faced death threats for asking women what gives them pleasure. Now they’re helping individuals and couples figure it out themselves. [...]

Sculptures about to Land on the Moon Join a Long History of Lunar Art

A lunar lander nicknamed Odie carries 125 small moon sculptures by artist Jeff Koons that could become the first authorized artwork on the moon [...]

Chicago Becomes the Latest City to Sue the Oil Industry over Climate Change

Chicago has joined several other cities and states in suing oil companies. The effort seeks to hold fossil fuel producers financially accountable for the effects of climate change [...]

A New Type of Cancer Drug Shrinks Hard-to-Treat Tumors

New drugs called antibody-drug conjugates help patients with cancers that used to be beyond treatment [...]

Virtual Bar Scenes Are a New Tool to Study Why People Commit Crimes in the Heat of the Moment

Virtual-reality could assist researchers in decoding how emotions spur a decision to commit a crime [...]

Scientists Are Putting ChatGPT Brains Inside Robot Bodies. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The effort to give robots AI brains is revealing big practical challenges—and bigger ethical concerns [...]

Anger Can Help You Meet Your Goals

This emotion can push people to overcome obstacles, though results are best when people keep their long-term aims in mind [...]

The Power of Regret

A simple game shows how fear of regret shapes decisions. The post The Power of Regret appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

Science Is the New Nuclear Deterrent

Sarah Scoles on her 3 greatest revelations while writing Countdown: The Blinding Future of Nuclear Weapons. The post Science Is the New Nuclear Deterrent appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

When Calamity Comes at a Crawl

Climate change may exacerbate the quiet catastrophe of slow-moving landslides. The post When Calamity Comes at a Crawl appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

Inside an Exploded Star

Cassiopeia A gets a close-up. The post Inside an Exploded Star appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

What Your Brain Is Doing When You’re Not Doing Anything

On autopilot, the mind reveals new connections. The post What Your Brain Is Doing When You’re Not Doing Anything appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

Why Women Wake Up More During Surgery

New findings could influence anesthesia dosing for women. The post Why Women Wake Up More During Surgery appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

ChatGPT Is Funnier Than You

AI humor in theory and practice. The post ChatGPT Is Funnier Than You appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

People Who Can’t Picture Sound in Their Minds

For some, the brain is a quiet place. The post People Who Can’t Picture Sound in Their Minds appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

What Are the Chances?

There are no such things as coincidences. The post What Are the Chances? appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

Attorney for the Animals, Your Honor

In memory of Steve Wise, a tireless defender of animal rights. The post Attorney for the Animals, Your Honor appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

Beyond economic metrics: The Gini index in the big data age

Inequality among people has become an increasingly salient issue globally, with data indicating a rise in inequality levels across many countries in recent years. This, in turn, has generated concerns both from the perspective of the sustainability of economic growth, as well as from the perspective of social cohesion and well-being. [...]

New analysis shows anti-vaccination conspiracy theories gain political weight due to social media

Heightened use of social media during the coronavirus pandemic brought with it an unprecedented surge in the spread of misinformation. Of particular significance were conspiracy theories surrounding the virus and vaccines made to combat it. Though conspiracy theories about vaccines are not a new phenomenon, this was the first time they were observed becoming elevated to the level of national political discourse. [...]

Image: Hubble views IC 3476, an active star-forming galaxy

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image features IC 3476, a dwarf galaxy that lies about 54 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Coma Berenices. While this image does not look very dramatic—we might say it looks almost serene—the actual physical events taking place in IC 3476 are highly energetic. In fact, the little galaxy is undergoing a process called ram pressure stripping that is driving unusually high levels of star formation in regions of the galaxy. [...]

New measurement captures clearer picture of our galaxy and beyond

With unique capabilities to track microwave energy fluctuations, a small observatory in the Andes mountains of northern Chile produced maps of 75% of the sky as part of an effort to measure the universe's origin and evolution more accurately. [...]

Laser-focused look at spinning electrons shatters world record for precision

Scientists are getting a more detailed look than ever before at the electrons they use in precision experiments. [...]

Cosmic dust could have helped get life going on Earth

Life on our planet appeared early in Earth's history. Surprisingly early, since in its early youth our planet didn't have much of the chemical ingredients necessary for life to evolve. Since prebiotic chemicals such as sugars and amino acids are known to appear in asteroids and comets, one idea is that Earth was seeded with the building blocks of life by early cometary and asteroid impacts. While this likely played a role, a new study published in Nature Astronomy shows that cosmic dust also seeded young Earth, and it may have made all the difference. [...]

Good things don't come in threes for Antarctic sea ice

As this month marks the third consecutive summer with extremely low sea-ice cover around Antarctica, new statistical research points to fundamental changes taking place in the polar Southern Ocean. [...]

Scientists develop biocompatible fluorescent spray that detects fingerprints in ten seconds

Scientists have developed a water-soluble, non-toxic fluorescent spray that makes fingerprints visible in just a few seconds, making forensic investigations safer, easier and quicker. [...]

Rural communities face greater risks of radon exposure compared to urban areas: Study

University of Calgary researchers have found a link between radon exposure in rural homes based on how close they are to drilled groundwater wells. The transdisciplinary team was investigating why homes in rural communities often have a much higher concentration of radon compared with homes in urban areas. [...]

'Artificial tongue' detects and inactivates common mouth bacteria

From the fuzzy feeling on your teeth to the unfortunate condition of halitosis, bacteria shape mouth health. When dental illnesses take hold, diagnosis and treatment are necessary, but identifying the microorganisms behind an infection can be a lengthy and expensive process. [...]

Metal in glitter impairs aquatic plant growth, study shows

Glitter is used in a wide array of colors and shapes in apparel, footwear, cosmetics, makeup, handbags, festive decorations, arts and crafts, and jewelry, among many other applications. During the Carnival holidays, hundreds of thousands of Brazilians cover parts of their bodies with it while dancing in the streets. [...]

Prosocial preferences can provide better risk management for smallholder farming communities amid rising climate risks

Research conducted by scientists from IIASA and Princeton University suggests that a combination of insurance subsidies and policies that promote "prosocial preferences"―decision-making preferences that account for community well-being―can help facilitate optimal climate risk management and reduce economic losses. [...]

Study shows news organizations still lead in sharing difficult information on social media

As media organizations across the country fold and news deserts grow, it remains to be seen who will tell the tough stories and ask difficult questions traditionally posed by journalists. [...]

Steward Observatory balloon mission breaks NASA record 22 miles above Antarctica

Fifty-eight days ago, on a nearly windless morning on the Ross Ice Shelf, a stadium-size balloon took flight above Antarctica, carrying with it far infrared technology from the University of Arizona's Steward Observatory in search of clues about the stellar life cycle in our galaxy and beyond. [...]

The nature of mantle flow may depend on the type of slab subducting

At subduction zones, slabs of lithosphere sink into Earth's mantle. Understanding how these slabs fit into mantle convection cells is important because of the role these movements play in plate tectonics. It's also difficult, because processes deep beneath Earth's surface cannot be directly measured. [...]

New study uses AI and machine learning to improve seasonal weather predictions

A team of researchers at the Universities of Lincoln, Sheffield, and Reading have developed a new method to improve the prediction of seasonal weather conditions in the U.K. and Northwest Europe. [...]

A new dynamic duo? AI and people skills are changing business

Worried AI is coming for your job? Not so fast … It's more nuanced than that, indicates new research from Nan Jia, the Dean's Associate Professor in Business Administration and an associate professor of strategic management. [...]

Research team designs a cutting-edge protein 'lawnmower'

An SFU-led collaboration has designed the first synthetic protein-based motor that harnesses biological reactions to fuel and propel itself. [...]

Scientists assemble a richer picture of the plight and resilience of the foothill yellow-legged frog

Up to only a few inches in length, with a lemon-hued belly, the foothill yellow-legged frog may seem unassuming. But its range once stretched from central Oregon to Baja California. In 2023, it was listed under the federal Endangered Species Act. Its rapidly decreasing range is due in part to a fungal pathogen called Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, or Bd, that has devastated amphibians around the world. [...]

Researchers using pulsar measurements to probe dark matter find Milky Way galaxy is highly dynamic

Dark matter comprises more than 80% of all matter in the cosmos but is invisible to conventional observation, because it seemingly does not interact with light or electromagnetic fields. Now Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti, the Pei-Ling Chan Endowed Chair in the College of Science at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), along with lead author Dr. Tom Donlon, a UAH postdoctoral associate, have written a paper to help illuminate just how much dark matter there is in our galaxy and where it resides by studying the gravitational acceleration of binary pulsars. [...]

Resurrecting niobium for quantum science

For years, niobium was considered an underperformer when it came to superconducting qubits. Now, scientists supported by Q-NEXT have found a way to engineer a high-performing niobium-based qubit and take advantage of niobium's superior qualities. [...]

Q&A: How misinformation and disinformation spread, the role of AI, and how we can guard against them

We are swimming in a sea of information, built on a 24/7 cycle of content produced for our endless consumption. Average Americans stare at their smartphones for three and a half hours a day—and soak it all up. [...]

Solving the 120-year maritime mystery of the SS Nemesis

A CSIRO team aboard research vessel (RV) Investigator has helped Heritage NSW solve a 120-year mystery with the discovery of the SS Nemesis, a 73-meter iron-hulled steamship that was lost at sea in 1904. [...]

Study provides rare glimpse of the ringtail, an important but poorly understood predator

Secretive species can pose special conservation challenges simply because they are so skilled at staying under the radar that researchers have uncovered comparatively little about their basic needs. [...]

Unlocking the secrets of the universe: New discoveries in gravitational waves

A groundbreaking body of work led by Monash University physicists has opened a new pathway for understanding the universe's fundamental physics. [...]

Animated maps reveal true level of devastation in Ukraine

Two years of war in Ukraine have caused widespread devastation to the country's citizenry, infrastructure and environment, and new research utilizing publicly accessible satellite imagery lays bare the scope of destruction. [...]

New research highlights long-term mental health benefits of school belonging

A new study has shed light on the crucial role school belonging plays in shaping mental well-being in adolescents. School belonging—characterized by a positive affect towards school, strong relationships with teachers, and feeling socially valued—has long been associated with immediate benefits for students' mental health. [...]

English rivers in 'desperate' state: report

English rivers are in a "desperate condition", campaigners warned on Monday in a report highlighting the growing impact of pollution on nation's waterways. [...]

Sideways moon landing cuts mission short, private US lunar lander will stop working Tuesday

A private U.S. lunar lander is expected to stop working Tuesday, its mission cut short after landing sideways near the south pole of the moon. [...]

Rare megamouth shark found in east Africa for the first time—why so little is known about it

A rarely seen megamouth shark (Megachasma pelagios) was recently spotted in east Africa for the very first time. It was recorded in a market in Zanzibar, where it was being sold after being captured and killed. The recent sighting was only the sixth time a megamouth had ever been found off the coast of Africa. Marine biologist Rhett H. Bennett of the Wildlife Conservation Society explains the implications of the find. [...]

Final images of Ingenuity reveal an entire blade broke off the helicopter

This new data should help us understand Ingenuity's final moments on Mars. [...]

Daily Telescope: Finally, we’ve found the core of a famous supernova

In the astronomy community, SN 1987A has somewhat legendary status. [...]

RTO doesn’t improve company value, but does make employees miserable: Study

Data is consistent with bosses using RTO to reassert control and scapegoat workers. [...]

A giant meteorite has been lost in the desert since 1916—here’s how we might find it

A tale of "sand dunes, a guy named Gaston, secret aeromagnetic surveys, and camel drivers." [...]

Can we drill for hydrogen? New find suggests additional geological source.

Problems at a chromium mine in Albania traced to nearly pure hydrogen in a fault. [...]

Rocket Report: Starliner launch preps; Indian rocket engine human-rated

The Bahamian government and SpaceX signed an agreement for Falcon 9 booster landings. [...]

Jeff Bezos’ New Glenn rocket finally makes an appearance on the launch pad

Blue Origin plans a tanking test at Cape Canaveral, then a hot fire on the launch pad. [...]

Can any English word be turned into a synonym for “drunk”? Not all, but many can.

"Drunkonyms fit in well with English linguistic and humorous traditions.” [...]

SpaceX seeks a waiver to launch Starship “at least” nine times this year

"They're looking at a pretty aggressive launch schedule this year." [...]

Test flights on tap for Space Perspective’s luxury high-altitude balloon

This Florida-based startup wants to fly thousands of customers up to 100,000 feet. [...]

Unvaccinated Florida kids exposed to measles can skip quarantine, officials say

On Tuesday, nearly 20 percent of the school's 1,067 students were reportedly absent. [...]

Ala. hospital halts IVF after state’s high court ruled embryos are “children”

Anger and uncertainty spread in wake of Friday's ruling by the state's Supreme Court. [...]

Blue Origin has emerged as the likely buyer for United Launch Alliance

Pairing of two launch companies could provide more robust competition to SpaceX. [...]

NASA faces a quandary with its audacious lunar cargo program

Failure is now an option at the US space agency. [...]

Frozen embryos are “children,” according to Alabama’s Supreme Court

IVF often produces more embryos than are needed or used. [...]

Newly spotted black hole has mass of 17 billion Suns, adding another daily

An accretion disk 7 light-years across powers an exceptionally bright galaxy. [...]

Darwin Online has virtually reassembled the naturalist’s personal library

Previous catalogs only listed about 15 percent of the naturalist's extensive collection. [...]

Before snagging a chunk of space junk, Astroscale must first catch up to one

ADRAS-J is a precursor to future missions servicing satellites and clearing space junk. [...]

Roscosmos seeks to obscure bidding process to evade US sanctions

Historically closed bidding processes have been linked to corruption. [...]

Avast ordered to stop selling browsing data from its browsing privacy apps

Identifiable data included job searches, map directions, "cosplay erotica." [...]

Tyler Perry puts $800 million studio expansion on hold because of OpenAI’s Sora

Perry: Mind-blowing AI video-generation tools "will touch every corner of our industry." [...]

Ransomware associated with LockBit still spreading 2 days after server takedown

LockBit's extensive reach is making complete erasure hard. [...]

Stability announces Stable Diffusion 3, a next-gen AI image generator

SD3 may bring DALL-E-like prompt fidelity to an open-weights image-synthesis model. [...]

Google’s hidden AI diversity prompts lead to outcry over historically inaccurate images

Inserting depictions of diversity into AI images creates revisionist history, critics say. [...]

70,000 AT&T customers were without service this morning across the US

Cause of outage is unknown, but some suspect it's network-to-network "peering." [...]

iMessage gets a major makeover that puts it on equal footing with Signal

How Kybers and ratcheting are boosting the resiliency of Apple's messaging app. [...]

Google goes “open AI” with Gemma, a free, open-weights chatbot family

Gemma chatbots can run locally, and they reportedly outperform Meta's Llama 2. [...]

ChatGPT goes temporarily “insane” with unexpected outputs, spooking users

Reddit user: "It's not just you, ChatGPT is having a stroke." [...]

After years of losing, it’s finally feds’ turn to troll ransomware group

Authorities who took down the ransomware group brag about their epic hack. [...]

Will Smith parodies viral AI-generated video by actually eating spaghetti

Actor pokes fun at 2023 AI video by eating spaghetti messily and claiming it's AI-generated. [...]

LockBit ransomware group taken down in multinational operation

Thousands of domains and servers seized from group responsible for thousands of attacks. [...]

Reddit sells training data to unnamed AI company ahead of IPO

If you've posted on Reddit, you're likely feeding the future of AI. [...]

New app always points to the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy

iPhone compass app made with AI assistance locates the heart of the Milky Way. [...]

OpenAI collapses media reality with Sora, a photorealistic AI video generator

Hello, cultural singularity—soon, every video you see online could be completely fake. [...]

DOJ quietly removed Russian malware from routers in US homes and businesses

Feds once again fix up compromised retail routers under court order. [...]

Doing DNS and DHCP for your LAN the old way—the way that works

Are you a sysadmin with control issues who needs a weekend project? Look no further! [...]

VMware admits sweeping Broadcom changes are worrying customers

Broadcom has cut VMware products, perpetual licenses, and its partner program. [...]

Google upstages itself with Gemini 1.5 AI launch, one week after Ultra 1.0

Google confusingly overshadows its own pro product a week after its last major AI launch. [...]

Nginx core developer quits project in security dispute, starts “freenginx” fork

Disagreement over security disclosures and bug-fixing priorities led to split. [...]

Nvidia’s new app doesn’t require you to log in to update your GPU driver

Removing little-used features also improved responsiveness and shrank the size. [...]

I tried to jump back into JRPGs with FFVII Rebirth, and that was a big mistake

In search of lost basement time, in a semi-review of Square's semi-remake. [...]

Microsoft confirms which Xbox games are going to Switch, PlayStation

Hi-Fi Rush, Grounded, Pentiment, and Sea of Thieves are going multiplatform. [...]

Star Wars Battlefront collection revives a multiplayer classic

Remaster of both shooters is headed to PC, Steam Deck, and consoles this spring. [...]

C-Infinity is a bulky, quixotic solution to VR’s nausea problem

Massive "platform" is an effective but overengineered solution to an old issue. [...]

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree trailer offers deep lore, giant flaming bosses

New abilities, new bosses, and a release date are finally revealed. [...]

Reports: Switch successor is now set for early 2025

Nintendo's publishing partners were reportedly told of new plans last week. [...]

Microsoft sure seems to be thinking about some sort of portable Xbox

Spencer talks up "different form factors that allow people to play in different places." [...]

Our unbiased take on Mark Zuckerberg’s biased Apple Vision Pro review

CEO's Quest 3 comparison offers an interesting look at mixed-reality design trade-offs. [...]

After weeks of rumors, Microsoft says four games are going to “other consoles”

But Starfield and Indiana Jones are staying exclusive to Xbox and PC. [...]

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a fine entry point into the auto-shooting depths

This fleshed-out Early Access version could convert first-timers to the genre. [...]

Steam Next Fest: Eight game demos that stood out from the crowd

From trucks in space to backpack management sims, and everything in between. [...]

F-Zero courses from a dead Nintendo satellite service restored using VHS and AI

There's still a $5,000 prize for the original Japanese Satellaview broadcasts. [...]

Diablo II streamer finds 1-in-3-million item drop, instantly sells it for laughs

Many players have never even seen a Zod rune drop over decades of play. [...]

What would an Xbox without console exclusives even look like?

Rumors of more Microsoft games on PS5 could feel like a bait-and-switch to Xbox owners. [...]

Disney invests $1.5B in Epic Games, plans new “games and entertainment universe”

Major move continues Disney's decadeslong up-and-down relationship with gaming. [...]

Elden Ring is Tencent’s next target for mobile loot boxes and microtransactions

Following Nier and Apex Legends failures, Tencent turns to the Lands Between. [...]

New 6GB version of the RTX 3050 may be Nvidia’s first sub-$200 GPU in over 4 years

Exciting? No. New technology? Also no. But it ought to be better than a 1650. [...]

Fans preserve and emulate Sega’s extremely rare ‘80s “AI computer”

Prolog-based Japanese education hardware sported an early touch-panel, speech synthesizer. [...]

Convicted console hacker says he paid Nintendo $25 a month from prison

As Gary Bowser rebuilds his life, fellow Team Xecuter indictees have yet to face trial. [...]

Norway To Start Hiding Its Standard Of Living To Make Other Countries Feel Better About Themselves

OSLO, NORWAY—Not wanting reports of the happy, healthy lives of its citizens to demoralize people living outside the Scandinavian nation, Norway announced Monday that it would start hiding its standard of living to make other countries feel better about themselves. “In an effort to not lord it over the rest of the…Read more [...]

Real American History That The ‘Woke’ Left Doesn’t Want You To Know

It’s no secret that school textbooks don’t cover the whole of American history, and that important facts about this great nation are often omitted to serve a narrative. In the name of keeping truth alive, The Onion presents these real accounts from American history that the “woke” left doesn’t want you to know.Read more [...]

IRS Announces Starting Taxes Good Enough

WASHINGTON—Stating that “something is always better than nothing,” the Internal Revenue Service announced Monday that starting your taxes was good enough. “Just get your name on there, maybe your birth date, that’s all we really care about,” said IRS commissioner Daniel Werfel, who shrugged his shoulders and admitted…Read more [...]

Clarence Thomas Announces 50% Discount On All Favorable Rulings

WASHINGTON—Telling Americans that they must act now to avoid losing out on the chance of a lifetime, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas announced at a press conference Monday a 50% discount on all favorable rulings. “Today and today only, I’m offering half off on tilting any jurisprudence in your favor—all…Read more [...]

NASA Seeks Volunteers For Simulated Mars Mission

NASA put out an open call for applications to take part in a simulated Mars mission in which a four-person crew will live and work for a full year inside the 1,700-square-foot Mars Dune Alpha habitat at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. What do you think?Read more [...]

Poll Finds Only 19% Of Americans Believe Country Ready For Competent President

WASHINGTON—Providing a striking insight into the beliefs of likely voters in the lead-up to the 2024 election, a poll released Monday by the Pew Research Center found that only 19% of Americans believed the country was ready for a competent president. “Our nation has come a long way, but if you put someone with…Read more [...]

Netanyahu’s Plans For The Future Of Gaza

Amid mounting international pressure for the Israel-Hamas war to end, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today detailed his vision for postwar Gaza, though the plans have sparked more controversy than concord. The Onion breaks down each point proposed in the plan and how it will affect Gaza.Read more [...]

Yale To Begin Requiring Standardized Test Scores Again

After switching to a test-optional policy during the Covid pandemic four years ago, Yale recently reversed its decision to not require standardized testing for admission, stating that test scores can “highlight an applicant’s areas of academic strength.” What do you think?Read more [...]

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Invokes ‘VeggieTales’ In Ruling

MONTGOMERY, AL—Sparking a national debate about the separation of church and state, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Parker came under fire this week for blatantly invoking VeggieTales in an official ruling. “Somebody up there is really upset with somebody down here,” the decision read in part, attributing the…Read more [...]

Nikki Haley Vows To Remain In Race Until Campaign Bus Runs Out Of Gas

COLUMBIA, SC—Claiming she still had a quarter tank and was ready to fight, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley vowed Friday to remain in the race until her campaign bus ran out of gas. “To the critics who say I should drop out, let me be clear: I am in this race for as long as it takes for my campaign bus’s…Read more [...]

Victor Wembanyama’s Head Lodged Between Rim And Backboard Again

SAN ANTONIO—As they took turns trying to jump up and tap it out, the San Antonio Spurs confirmed Friday that Victor Wembanyama’s head had gotten lodged between the rim and backboard again. “It’s really wedged in there good—hey, can I borrow that?” Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich said to a nearby custodian, before…Read more [...]

Christians Explain How Jesus Would Handle The Border Crisis

The number of migrants seeking to cross the U.S.-Mexico border has divided Congress and communities alike, leaving no clear path forward on immigration. But as a largely Christian nation, it’s reasonable that Americans should turn to the ultimate moral authority to solve this issue: Jesus Christ. Here’s how Jesus…Read more [...]

Man Trying To Make Meal From Stolen Bag Of Groceries Just Like Real-Life ‘Chopped’

MESA, AZ—Noting how fun it was to push his creativity to the next level, local man James Shafley told reporters Friday that trying to make a meal from a bag of groceries he had recently stolen was like a real-life version of the television show Chopped. “It’s amazing—I’ve got all these completely random ingredients I…Read more [...]

Lancôme Introduces New Full-Body Moisturizing Chrysalis

NEW YORK—Touting the new product as a “transformative approach to skincare,” luxury cosmetics manufacturer Lancôme announced Friday the release of a full-body moisturizing chrysalis, now available at select retailers. “This beautiful chitin structure is filled with 80 gallons of our patented moisturizing enzymes,…Read more [...]

Removed Notre Dame Scaffolding Reveals Construction Crew Accidentally Built Mosque

PARIS—With a minaret protruding from atop the former Catholic cathedral as the repairs that followed a 2019 fire neared an end, the removal of scaffolding around Notre Dame revealed Friday that it had accidentally been rebuilt as a mosque. “Well, shit,” contractor Mathieu Renaud told reporters, explaining that he had…Read more [...]

Study: More Americans Opting To Have Decapitated Heads Placed Under Silver Cloche After Death

BROOKFIELD, WI—In its annual study of consumer preferences for mortuary arrangements, the National Funeral Directors Association reported Friday that more Americans were opting to have their decapitated heads placed under a silver cloche after death. “While still not as popular as cremation or casket burials, the…Read more [...]

Beyoncé’s ‘Texas Hold ’Em’ Hits No. 1 On Country Charts

Beyoncé’s debut country song ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, making her only the second woman to do so as a solo artist and the first Black female artist to hold the top spot. What do you think?Read more [...]

New Law Requires SNAP Recipients To Balance Food On Nose Until Receiving Command To Eat It

WASHINGTON—As part of an effort to ensure the benefits were only allocated to those in “true need,” a new federal law went into effect Thursday requiring all Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients to balance food on their nose until they receive the command to eat it. “There’s no reason why working-age,…Read more [...]

Alabama Supreme Court Rules Frozen Embryos Are Babies

The Supreme Court of Alabama, a state which already does not allow for abortion under any circumstances, recently ruled that frozen embryos in test tubes are considered children, a decision that has made the process of in vitro fertilization possibly illegal in the state and has caused some practices to stop offering…Read more [...]

Do We Live In A Simulation?

Debate among scientists has risen in recent years about whether we live in a simulation, but what does that even mean, and what would be the consequences if we did? The Onion answers common questions about whether we live in a simulation.Read more [...]

What You Need To Know About Microplastics

Microplastics were recently found in human blood for the first time, leading to questions about what they are and how they could affect people’s health. The Onion answers common questions about microplastics.Read more [...]

Emerging Filmmaker Malia Obama Changes Surname To Scorsese

PARK CITY, UT—Noting that she did not want her parents’ fame to distract from her Sundance premiere, industry sources confirmed Thursday that emerging filmmaker Malia Obama had changed her surname to ‘Scorsese.’ “Although her legal name is still Obama, Malia is officially promoting her short film The Heart under the…Read more [...]

America’s Border Crisis: A Country Divided On How Much Cruelty Migrants Deserve

Despite both the Supreme Court and the Biden administration ordering the removal of razor wire along the U.S.-Mexico border, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has pledged to continue installing it. The Onion asked Texans why they support the controversial deterrent, and this is what they said.Read more [...]

How to Circumvent the MSM Paywall

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