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Pro-business Supreme Court could hobble labor movement's momentum

The campaign to organize Starbucks workers helped galvanize a labor resurgence in the U.S., but those efforts hit a roadblock Thursday: the Supreme Court.Why it matters: There's a lot of momentum in labor's favor these days — positive public sentiment, an energized grassroots, a supportive White House — but the most pro-business court ever threatens to hobble it.Driving the news: The high court voted 8-1 in favor of Starbucks in a case the company filed against the National Labor Relations Board involving the so-called Memphis 7, a group of unionizing workers who said they were unlawfully fired after they appeared [...]

Democratic committee's billboards hitting Trump over Milwaukee comments

The Democratic National Committee is launching billboards in 10 locations across Milwaukee on Friday featuring former President Trump's reported diss of the city that's the site of the Republican National Convention next month.Why it matters: Trump reportedly used "horrible" to describe the city in the key swing state during his closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill on Thursday with House Republicans, though his campaign and Republican lawmakers dispute this account.They say that Trump was referring to the crime in the city, not the city itself.Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung wrote that the former president was referring to "how terrible crime and voter [...]

Biden's senior momentum: Why he's courting older voters

Data: New York Times, 2024 New York Times/Siena Poll; Chart: Axios VisualsPresident Biden appears to be making serious inroads with America's oldest voters — and could become the first Democrat to win the demographic in over two decades.Why it matters: If current polling pans out, November's election between two historically old candidates would upend long-held assumptions about how Americans vote.The big picture: The Biden campaign is attempting to seal the support of a group that consistently votes at higher rates than any other demographic.Former President Trump, as Axios reported yesterday, appears to be making stunning gains of his own among [...]

"Multisensory branding" lets you sniff, taste, hear, see and touch a company

Mastercard is opening restaurants, selling perfume and cocktails in its flagship colors, and playing a signature tune at the cash register — all to engage customers' five senses with representations of its brand.Why it matters: Multisensory marketing is a hot concept in corporate branding, as companies seek to go beyond traditional advertising and PR stunts.Driving the news: Mastercard has been at the forefront of the multisensory branding push, rolling out initiatives aimed at conveying the scent, sound and flavor of its name and "Priceless" tagline.Sight: The Mastercard logo was refashioned to become more symbolic, with the company name removed and [...]

Why more people are being diagnosed with melanoma

Data:; Map: Axios VisualsDoctors are diagnosing more people with melanoma.Why it matters: Although melanoma accounts for only about 1% of skin cancers, it's responsible for the large majority of skin cancer deaths, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS).By the numbers: Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the U.S.​New cases of melanoma rose 2% to 3% annually between 2015 and 2019, Axios' Tina Reed reports.In particular, there's been an increase in the number of people diagnosed with skin cancer over the age of 50, says Shanthi Sivendran, ACS senior vice president of cancer care support.ACS estimates that [...]

Biden, Trump teams tout contrasting plans to juice economy

Former President Trump and White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients offered America's top CEOs competing visions Thursday on how to use corporate tax policy and multilateral institutions for stable economic growth.Why it matters: Individual CEOs don't control the economy. But collectively they help set the business tone for the country, and both Trump and President Biden want CEOs to help them carry out their economic plans.The 2024 election comes as corporate America is bracing for a battle royale over taxes in 2025, when many of Trump's 2017 tax cuts for individuals expire.Driving the news: In separate appearances before the [...]

Scoop: McConnell eyes his next move in the Senate

In January, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will go from the longest-serving Senate party leader to a regular senator from Kentucky — and some of his colleagues already are speculating about how he might continue to wield his long-held power.Why it matters: Several sources close to GOP leadership tell Axios that assuming Republicans win the Senate majority in November, McConnell is eyeing chair of the Appropriations Committee.McConnell, 82, is both a student and a practitioner of power. While no final decision has been made, such a post would let him remain a force with real juice, wielding enviable say over funding for [...]

Apple's cartoony AI images expose a style void

Apple's move deeper into the world of generative AI will test the public's willingness to embrace the company's sanitized style.The big picture: Microsoft has "no taste," Steve Jobs famously said in 1996 of the company that — back then — had eclipsed Apple in every other way. "They don't bring much culture into their products... Their products have no spirit to them... they are very pedestrian."In 1997 Jobs returned to the company he'd co-founded and kicked off Apple's historic comeback.The iPhone outflanked Microsoft and made Apple the world's most successful provider of digital technology.Yes, but: Today, Apple's aesthetic universe — [...]

Drenched South Florida faces fresh flood threats from more heavy rains

Heavy to excessive rainfall may bring "considerable to locally catastrophic urban flooding" across South Florida through Friday, the National Weather Service warns.The big picture: The intense downpours that flooded streets in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and prompted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to declare an emergency in affected counties and severely disrupted travel on Wednesday eased on Thursday evening, but South Florida remains under a flood watch through 8pm Friday.The severe weather that began on Tuesday resulted in temporary ground stops at key airports on Wednesday, closed roads and prompted numerous flash flood warnings, including in the Miami metro area through [...]

Comer cites "appearances of bias" concerns in launching investigation into news-rating group

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) launched an investigation into misinformation tracking company NewsGuard on Thursday, citing concerns about "protected First Amendment speech" and "censorship campaigns."The big picture: NewsGuard is a web extension that uses trained journalists to monitor and rate news and information sites' trustworthiness and it has highlighted issues with both conservative- and progressive-leaning websites.Sites are assessed for basic practices of credibility and transparency, rating publishers with a score of 0-100 for each of the nine criterion, per a statement on NewsGuard's website.Driving the news: "Questions now surround the influence of NewsGuard's business relationships and other influences [...]

Trump, McConnell finally meet again, with a fist bump

After going years without speaking to Donald Trump, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) joined fellow Republicans in meeting with the ex-president Thursday— and the two shared a fist bump. Why it matters: The two GOP leaders hadn't spoken since December 2020 — just before a mob of Trump supporters crashed into the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, to try to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election.In the aftermath of that riot, McConnell said on the Senate floor that Trump was "practically and morally responsible for provoking the events" of Jan. 6.Thursday, Trump was back [...]

Trump endorses Larry Hogan in tight Maryland Senate race

Former President Trump is endorsing former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's Senate campaign run. Why it matters: Trump's comments to Fox News mark a surprising turn in Trump's posture toward the moderate Republican particularly after Hogan told voters to respect the jury's verdict in the New York hush money case. What we're watching: "I'd like to see him win. I think he has a good chance to win… I know other people made some strong statements, but I can just say from my standpoint, I'm about the party and I'm about the country. And I would like to see him win," [...]

Biden rules out commuting Hunter Biden's sentence

President Biden said Thursday that he will not commute Hunter Biden's eventual sentence in his federal gun trial and reaffirmed that he would not pardon his son.Why it matters: Biden's remarks during a news conference at the G7 conference come after the White House on Wednesday appeared to not rule out a possible commutation for Hunter's sentence.A commutation could reduce any sentence that the president's son faces while allowing his conviction to stand.Driving the news: "I'm extremely proud of my son Hunter. He has overcome an addiction, he's one of the brightest, most decent men I know," Biden said Thursday, [...]

World losers gather at G7 summit

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is the odd one out among the leaders at this year's G7 — not because of her hard-right politics, but because her approval rating is above 40%.Why it matters: Meloni's brand of politics is on the rise in Europe, as Sunday's EU elections proved, and she's hosting a who's who of humbled PMs and presidents.Driving the news: President Biden flew to Italy while trailing former President Trump in most polls — and a day after his son Hunter was convicted on felony gun charges.Biden's 37% approval rating positively sparkles next to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau [...]

Clarence Thomas took more undisclosed trips paid for by Harlan Crow, Senate committee finds

The Senate Judiciary Committee said Thursday it found at least three trips that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas did not list on financial disclosure forms.Why it matters: It comes amid a growing drumbeat of scrutiny by Democrats in Congress towards Thomas and fellow conservative Justice Samuel Alito.Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) called for Thomas and Alito to be impeached in a House floor speech on Thursday, saying the Supreme Court has a "corruption crisis."Driving the news: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the Judiciary Committee Chair, said the trips were listed in information turned over by billionaire GOP donor Harlan Crow.The trips include [...]

Trump warns Republicans to talk about abortion “correctly” ahead of 2024 election

Former President Trump urged House Republicans on Thursday to adopt a measured tone on abortion on the 2024 campaign trail and to embrace exceptions to restrictions on the procedure, Axios has learned.Why it matters: Abortion has emerged as Democrats' most potent political weapon in the two years since Roe v. Wade was overturned, a reality the former president acknowledged during a closed-door Capitol Hill meeting.What we're hearing: In addition to asserting that GOP lawmakers and candidates need to talk about abortion "correctly," Trump argued the issue should be left to the states and stressed support for exceptions, according to multiple [...]

Democrats heap scorn on Trump's "insulting" first post-Jan. 6 Capitol visit

Former President Trump's first visit to Capitol Hill since the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was met with fierce disdain from Democratic lawmakers.Why it matters: For members of Congress in both parties, memories of the violence of Jan. 6 are still fresh. While Republicans have largely absolved the former president, most Democrats aren't so quick to forgive.Driving the news: Trump huddled with House Republicans on Thursday morning at the Capitol Hill Club, just blocks away from the Capitol.In wide-ranging remarks, Trump praised his loyalists and slammed Republican detractors, especially those who voted to impeach him over Jan. 6.The former president is [...]

Blinken pressed Netanyahu to release frozen Palestinian funds

Secretary of State Antony Blinken pressed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to release Palestinian tax revenues Israel's ultranationalist minister of finance Bezalel Smotrich froze in early May, three U.S. and Israeli officials told Axios.Why it matters: The Biden administration is extremely concerned the Palestinian Authority could collapse if the tax revenues are not transferred soon, U.S. officials say.An economic crash could in turn lead to an escalation in the West Bank in addition to the war in Gaza and rising tensions between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon.Catch up quick: Tax revenues Israel collects for the Palestinian Authority under an agreement [...]

Supreme Court preserves abortion pill access after tossing challenge

The U.S. Supreme Court threw out its biggest abortion-related case since overturning Roe v. Wade two years ago, saying Thursday that doctors opposed to a commonly used abortion pill lacked legal standing.Why it matters: Rejecting the highly anticipated case preserves access to mifepristone but allowed the court to skirt making a ruling on the merits of the case.The Supreme Court held that the plaintiffs — a group of doctors who oppose abortion but don't take or prescribe mifepristone — couldn't show they were directly injured, as the Biden administration asserted during oral arguments.Zoom in: The plaintiffs' argument would lead courts [...]

Scoop: Conservative group's ad targets 10 Dems on immigration

A conservative group with close ties to the House GOP leadership is launching a $9.5 million ad campaign targeting 10 vulnerable Democrats on immigration, Axios has learned.Why it matters: The big buy by the American Action Network is a clear indication that Republicans believe that concerns about immigration and border security can help them win up-for-grabs congressional seats in November. Republican leaders, aligned with former President Trump, want to spread the blame for the record number of illegal crossings in recent years not just on President Biden, but on Democratic policies in general.The goal is to ink vulnerable Democrats with [...]

Trump pumps himself up in session with House GOP

Former President Donald Trump boasted about his polling in blue states and showered praise on House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) during his first visit to Capitol Hill since his supporters stormed the halls of Congress to protest his election defeat 3½ years ago. Why it matters: Trump's visit was officially to discuss election and policy strategy, but it also symbolized his official return to Washington as the Republican Party's leader.Zoom in: During his wide-ranging, rambling remarks to House Republicans, he spoke of personal and political grievances and laid out some policy goals.Those included a call for Republicans to talk about [...]

Companies push back against inflation narrative

Inflation, while gradually easing its peak, is still infuriating American consumers — and corporate reputations are taking a hit because of it.Why it matters: In preparation for potential political backlash, companies are attempting to manage their messages — and in some cases, set the record straight — when it comes to rising prices.The big picture: Americans on both sides of the aisle are concerned about high prices, making it a popular talking point on the presidential campaign trail.President Biden's campaign is trying to convince voters that inflation would be worse under former President Trump, while the Trump camp regularly points [...]

Most consumers boycott brands based on where products are made

Data: Edelman; Note: Indonesia had no change between 2023 and 2024 Chart: Tory Lysik/Axios VisualsTry as they might, big brands cannot escape global politics.Why it matters: Consumers are increasingly linking corporate decisions and geopolitical matters with brand reputation.Driving the news: Edelman surveyed 15,000 people across 15 countries between April 13 and 24, and found that nearly 80% of consumers will boycott a brand based on its country of origin. Those in South Korea, Japan, China and France are most likely to boycott, however consumers in Saudi Arabia saw the biggest increase in favoritism toward local brands — jumping 20% in [...]

Record share of U.S. voters back abortion rights and will vote on it: Gallup

Data: Gallup; Chart: Axios VisualsA record 32% of voters say they would only vote for candidates for major offices if they share their views on abortion, according to a new Gallup poll out Thursday.Why it matters: The surge in single-issue voters who are "pro-choice" could spell trouble for vulnerable Republicans. Some have already distanced themselves from hardline views on abortion over fears of an Election Day rout in November.More "pro-choice" voters now say they will prioritize the issue when voting for candidates. That finding reinforces previous polling showing that abortion rights voters remain galvanized by the Supreme Court's decision to [...]

WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich to stand trial in Russia on espionage charges

Wall Street Journal journalist Evan Gershkovich will stand trial for espionage charges, Russian prosecutors said in a statement Thursday.Why it matters: A trial would likely resemble other sham proceedings against Americans detained in Russia and political opponents of the Kremlin. Moscow may use it to ratchet up pressure on the U.S. in ongoing prisoner swap talks for Gershkovich.Context: Gershkovich, the first journalist to be arrested and held on spying charges in Russia since the Cold War, has been in jail for over a year without formal charges or a trial.The U.S. Department of State designated him as wrongfully detained, and [...]

El Niño declared over as La Niña waits in the wings

Data: NOAA; Chart: Axios VisualsSo long, El Niño, we hardly knew you. According to NOAA, ocean temperatures have cooled enough in the equatorial tropical Pacific Ocean to declare the once-strong event over.Why it matters: What comes next has forecasters and coastal residents particularly worried, since a La Niña event is projected to develop this fall. It could potentially juice the Atlantic hurricane season. Zoom in: According to Michelle L'Heureux, head of the El Niño forecasting unit at the Climate Prediction Center, neither El Niño nor La Niña conditions (known as "ENSO-neutral conditions") are likely to be present through August, when [...]

Apple market value spikes thanks to AI

Data: YCharts; Chart: Axios VisualsThe astonishing melt-up in Apple shares over the past two days marks the beginning of the second phase of the AI hype cycle — where companies are rewarded not simply for building AI technology but more for incorporating it into their existing product suite. Driving the news: Apple's market value has spiked by $312 billion over the past two trading sessions, causing it to reclaim its place as the most valuable company in the world. Between the lines: That increase, in dollar terms, dwarfs the value of OpenAI ($80 billion), xAI ($24 billion), Anthropic ($18 billion), [...]

"Life-threatening" flooding sweeps South Florida

Editor's Note: The most updated information on South Florida flood coverage can be found here.   Torrential downpours in South Florida over the past 24 hours have flooded roads throughout the region, creating life-threatening conditions — and forecasters warned heavy to excessive rainfall was expected to last through Friday.The big picture: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared an emergency in Broward, Collier, Lee, Miami-Dade and Sarasota counties "due to major flooding" soon after the mayors of Miami and Fort Lauderdale both declared local states of emergency on Wednesday evening.Numerous flash flood emergencies were issued Wednesday as rainfall totals approached 12 inches [...]

Remembering Howard Fineman, 75: Iconic Newsweek writer became a star pundit

Howard Fineman — legendary to one generation as Newsweek's chief political correspondent, and to the next as one of the first famous TV pundits — liked to say former MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews reminded him of his dad: He both asked and answered the questions.Chris, insisting that he's actually a great listener, told me that story as we commiserated Wednesday about the death of Fineman, 75, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago.Howard thought he had months to live. He talked boldly, clinically about his death sentence, and relished reminiscing about his cinematic career, starting as a [...]

Trump heads to Detroit over birthday weekend to court Black voters

Former President Trump is set to campaign in Detroit this week to meet with local pastors amid an effort to court Black voters.The big picture: The 45th president, who was convicted last month of 34 felony counts for falsifying business records, will spend the day after his 78th birthday in northwest Detroit.Trump will listen to residents during a roundtable discussion at 4pm Saturday at 180 Church, 13660 Stansbury Ave., his campaign says.State of play: He is also scheduled to speak at Turning Point USA's the People's Convention at downtown's Huntington Place taking place Friday to Sunday. The exact time for [...]


SUPREMES: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR ABORTION PILLS... (Top headline, 1st story, link) Related stories:KAVANAUGH: FOR NOW...GALLUP: Record Share of Electorate Is Pro-Choice and Voting on It...Dallas woman tells Congress she had to leave TX for medically necessary abortion...Justice Thomas Did Not Disclose 3 MORE Gift Trips...Alito neighbor says secret tapes prove he lied about flags [...]


KAVANAUGH: FOR NOW... (Top headline, 2nd story, link) Related stories:SUPREMES: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR ABORTION PILLS...GALLUP: Record Share of Electorate Is Pro-Choice and Voting on It...Dallas woman tells Congress she had to leave TX for medically necessary abortion...Justice Thomas Did Not Disclose 3 MORE Gift Trips...Alito neighbor says secret tapes prove he lied about flags [...]

GALLUP: Record Share of Electorate Is Pro-Choice and Voting on It...

GALLUP: Record Share of Electorate Is Pro-Choice and Voting on It... (Top headline, 3rd story, link) Related stories:SUPREMES: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR ABORTION PILLS...KAVANAUGH: FOR NOW...Dallas woman tells Congress she had to leave TX for medically necessary abortion...Justice Thomas Did Not Disclose 3 MORE Gift Trips...Alito neighbor says secret tapes prove he lied about flags [...]

Dallas woman tells Congress she had to leave TX for medically necessary abortion...

Dallas woman tells Congress she had to leave TX for medically necessary abortion... (Top headline, 4th story, link) Related stories:SUPREMES: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR ABORTION PILLS...KAVANAUGH: FOR NOW...GALLUP: Record Share of Electorate Is Pro-Choice and Voting on It...Justice Thomas Did Not Disclose 3 MORE Gift Trips...Alito neighbor says secret tapes prove he lied about flags [...]

Justice Thomas Did Not Disclose 3 MORE Gift Trips...

Justice Thomas Did Not Disclose 3 MORE Gift Trips... (Top headline, 5th story, link) Related stories:SUPREMES: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR ABORTION PILLS...KAVANAUGH: FOR NOW...GALLUP: Record Share of Electorate Is Pro-Choice and Voting on It...Dallas woman tells Congress she had to leave TX for medically necessary abortion...Alito neighbor says secret tapes prove he lied about flags [...]

Alito neighbor says secret tapes prove he lied about flags...

Alito neighbor says secret tapes prove he lied about flags... (Top headline, 6th story, link) Related stories:SUPREMES: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR ABORTION PILLS...KAVANAUGH: FOR NOW...GALLUP: Record Share of Electorate Is Pro-Choice and Voting on It...Dallas woman tells Congress she had to leave TX for medically necessary abortion...Justice Thomas Did Not Disclose 3 MORE Gift Trips [...]


TRUMP AT 78 (Main headline, 1st story, link) Related stories:WILL HE OUTLIVE JOE? Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]


WILL HE OUTLIVE JOE? (Main headline, 2nd story, link) Related stories:TRUMP AT 78 [...]

AI candidate running for Parliament in UK...

AI candidate running for Parliament in UK... (First column, 1st story, link) Related stories:Surging Farage willing to lead merged Reform-Conservative party...Super-rich may quit over Labour plans for inheritance taxes on trusts [...]

Surging Farage willing to lead merged Reform-Conservative party...

Surging Farage willing to lead merged Reform-Conservative party... (First column, 2nd story, link) Related stories:AI candidate running for Parliament in UK...Super-rich may quit over Labour plans for inheritance taxes on trusts... Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Super-rich may quit over Labour plans for inheritance taxes on trusts...

Super-rich may quit over Labour plans for inheritance taxes on trusts... (First column, 3rd story, link) Related stories:AI candidate running for Parliament in UK...Surging Farage willing to lead merged Reform-Conservative party [...]

Dems launching billboards hitting Trump over Milwaukee comments...

Dems launching billboards hitting Trump over Milwaukee comments... (First column, 4th story, link) Related stories:RNC preps for nominee who many not attend!Did Don Jr break law during his meeting with Hungarian leader?JD Vance, top VP contender, liked tweets suggesting Trump was rapist [...]

RNC preps for nominee who many not attend!

RNC preps for nominee who many not attend! (First column, 5th story, link) Related stories:Dems launching billboards hitting Trump over Milwaukee comments...Did Don Jr break law during his meeting with Hungarian leader?JD Vance, top VP contender, liked tweets suggesting Trump was rapist... Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Did Don Jr break law during his meeting with Hungarian leader?

Did Don Jr break law during his meeting with Hungarian leader? (First column, 6th story, link) Related stories:Dems launching billboards hitting Trump over Milwaukee comments...RNC preps for nominee who many not attend!JD Vance, top VP contender, liked tweets suggesting Trump was rapist [...]

JD Vance, top VP contender, liked tweets suggesting Trump was rapist...

JD Vance, top VP contender, liked tweets suggesting Trump was rapist... (First column, 7th story, link) Related stories:Dems launching billboards hitting Trump over Milwaukee comments...RNC preps for nominee who many not attend!Did Don Jr break law during his meeting with Hungarian leader? [...]

'BURN!' Biden Drops Brutal Jan. 6 Riot Ad...

'BURN!' Biden Drops Brutal Jan. 6 Riot Ad... (First column, 8th story, link) Related stories:MAGA nut arrested for threatening FBI agent on Hunter case... Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

MAGA nut arrested for threatening FBI agent on Hunter case...

MAGA nut arrested for threatening FBI agent on Hunter case... (First column, 9th story, link) Related stories:'BURN!' Biden Drops Brutal Jan. 6 Riot Ad [...]

McConnell, 82, eyes his next Senate move...

McConnell, 82, eyes his next Senate move... (First column, 10th story, link) [...]

Feds: Man plotted mass shooting in Atlanta to spark 'race war'...

Feds: Man plotted mass shooting in Atlanta to spark 'race war'... (First column, 11th story, link) Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Child Marriage Havens Emerging Across America...

Child Marriage Havens Emerging Across America... (First column, 12th story, link) [...]

How Classrooms Became Ideological Boot Camps...

How Classrooms Became Ideological Boot Camps... (First column, 13th story, link) Related stories:Florida district bans book -- about banned books [...]

Florida district bans book -- about banned books...

Florida district bans book -- about banned books... (First column, 14th story, link) Related stories:How Classrooms Became Ideological Boot Camps... Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Bezos has vision to colonize space with trillion people...

Bezos has vision to colonize space with trillion people... (First column, 15th story, link) [...]

Minneapolis named America's happiest...

Minneapolis named America's happiest... (First column, 16th story, link) [...]

FAA investigating substantial damage to BOEING Max in 'Dutch roll' incident...

FAA investigating substantial damage to BOEING Max in 'Dutch roll' incident... (First column, 17th story, link) Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Storms Don't Need a Name to Wreak Havoc in South Florida...

Storms Don't Need a Name to Wreak Havoc in South Florida... (Second column, 1st story, link) Related stories:Record temps, now record rain [...]

Record temps, now record rain...

Record temps, now record rain... (Second column, 2nd story, link) Related stories:Storms Don't Need a Name to Wreak Havoc in South Florida [...]

Stressed out: How to measure dangerous heat...

Stressed out: How to measure dangerous heat... (Second column, 3rd story, link) Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron [...]

Global rush for farmland could trigger world war, documentary argues...

Global rush for farmland could trigger world war, documentary argues... (Second column, 4th story, link) [...]

Welcome to most unpopular G7 summit ever...

Welcome to most unpopular G7 summit ever... (Second column, 5th story, link) Related stories:Pope Arrives For Historic Address [...]

F.A.A. Investigating How Counterfeit Titanium Got Into Boeing and Airbus Jets

The material, which was purchased from a little-known Chinese company, was sold with falsified documents and used in parts that went into jets from both manufacturers. [...]

Carnage and Contradiction: Examining a Deadly Strike in Rafah

Israel said it took care to avoid harming civilians when it targeted two Hamas fighters. An investigation shows civilian casualties were almost inevitable. [...]

Why a Gaza Cease-Fire Is So Elusive

Both sides are pursuing maximalist demands, jockeying for a deal that will determine the fate of postwar Gaza — and allow them to declare victory. [...]

In Pivotal West Michigan, Voters Are Exhausted and Underwhelmed

The Grand Rapids area helped deliver Michigan to Donald J. Trump in 2016 and President Biden four years later. Many voters long for new options. [...]

Don’t Forget to Like, Subscribe and Vote: Biden’s Rocky Influencer Courtship

The Biden campaign is trying to work its way into social media feeds. But the young, left-leaning voices that control the conversation aren’t making it easy. [...]

Jeffrey Katzenberg Is Biden’s Secret Weapon Against Trump

The longtime movie mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg always sought scary villains for his films. Now he has found what he considers a real-life one in Donald J. Trump. [...]

Trump, Back in Capitol, Has Thoughts on Taylor Swift, Nancy Pelosi and Milwaukee

In a closed-door meeting with G.O.P. House members, the former president disparaged the city where his party’s convention will be held, according to people in the room. [...]

Clarence Thomas Took Other Trips on Harlan Crow’s Jet, Documents Show

A congressional committee released documents showing that Justice Clarence Thomas had not disclosed three private jet trips paid for by the Texas billionaire Harlan Crow. [...]

G7 Leaders, Expanding the Circle, Shift Focus to Migration and the South

Leaders from India, Brazil, the Middle East and Africa will join discussions on Friday, in a nod to the changing global balance of power. [...]

Will Biden’s Help for Ukraine Come Fast Enough and Last Long Enough?

The president signed a 10-year security pact with Ukraine and promised, with E.U. help, a $50 billion loan. But will the money arrive in time to turn the tide, and will the deal outlast the election in November? [...]

Why a 3-Legged Lion and His Brother Swam Across a Crocodile-Filled River

Researchers say the nearly mile-long swim was the longest by big cats ever recorded. [...]

How Baptists and the G.O.P. Took Different Paths on I.V.F.

The vote at the Southern Baptist Convention raising alarms about in vitro fertilization began with two conservatives at a seminary in Kentucky. [...]

Why Even U.K. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt Fears He Could Lose This Election

As chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt also represents a district where his Conservative Party traditionally counts on rock-solid support. Not anymore. [...]

Why the Biggest City in America Can’t Get Big Things Done

Congestion pricing was the latest ambitious proposal that couldn’t navigate New York’s rocky political terrain. It’s a tall order to achieve substantial change in the city. [...]

The N.B.A. Sees Its Future in Africa

The league has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to cultivate an immense potential fan base on the continent and develop future stars. [...]

South Africa Moves Closer to Electing a Leader, but Unity Is Elusive

Parliament was expected to elect President Cyril Ramaphosa to a second term. But his A.N.C. party is weakened, and he faces challenges in maintaining a coalition. [...]

Tony Predictions: Expect Wins for ‘Merrily’ and ‘Stereophonic’

Our reporter surveyed a quarter of Tony voters before Sunday’s ceremony. One certainty: Sondheim’s onetime flop seems destined for redemption. [...]

We Overvalue Intelligence

Intelligence strongly correlates with positive educational and career outcomes, but it is not everything. [...]

‘The Apprentice:’ Why You May Never See the New Trump Movie

Hollywood shouldn’t pre-emptively capitulate to the MAGA movement. [...]

The Recording of Justice Alito Shows He’s Right About One Thing

There cannot be compromise on the question of American democracy. [...]

Why Trump Will Win This Oklahoma County

The voters and the community have a lot more going on than just adherence to Trump. [...]

Two Covid Theories

Was the pandemic started by a lab leak or by natural transmission? We look at the evidence. [...]

Julian Nagelsmann Is the Most Important Man in Germany This Month

Julian Nagelsmann was hired to win a European Championship on home soil. Can he restore a divided nation’s self-esteem at the same time? [...]

Parkland School Shooting Site to Be Torn Down

Demolition of the former freshman building at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was expected to start on Friday and take a few weeks, officials said. [...]

Elon Musk Got 72% in Tesla Shareholder Vote on Pay

About 72 percent of the shares in the balloting affirmed the lucrative stock award to the chief executive in a bid to get a court to reinstate it. [...]

Why the Stock Market Has Risen Even With No Fed Rate Cuts

The S&P 500 has been buoyant mainly because of A.I. fever, while bonds are having another mediocre year. But as an investor, our columnist is staying the course. [...]

How an Artist Became the Queen of Baltimore

Joyce J. Scott’s 50-year retrospective at the Baltimore Museum of Art draws inspiration, beauty and humor from her hometown and its people. [...]

The “Jimmy Clean Hands” Election

Criticizing Trump without trying to stop him is meaningless. [...]

Bridgerton Faces the Limits of Romantic Fantasy

The result is a wittier, more biting show in Season 3. [...]

What Children Remember About Their Fathers

A reading list on fatherhood and the memories that stick [...]

50 Years Ago in Photos: A Look Back at 1974

Half a century ago, President Richard Nixon resigned from office, streaking took off as a fad, the stuntman Evel Knievel attempted to jump across a canyon in a rocket motorcycle, and so much more. [...]

The Decline of Streaking

Naked runners used to disrupt events seemingly all the time. Why’d they stop? [...]

Donald Trump’s Message to Milwaukee

“Milwaukee, where we are having our convention, is a horrible city,” the former president reportedly told congressional Republicans. [...]

The Secret Code of Pickup Basketball

The game presents a social problem: How does one find comity among a group of jostling strangers? [...]

When Anxiety Is Not a Superpower

Pixar’s Inside Out 2 has more emotions, and more blobs representing those emotions. [...]

American Women Are at a Breaking Point

In the U.S., government support for families seems transgressive. It shouldn’t be. [...]

Negro-League Players Don’t Belong in the MLB Record Books

And neither do white players from the segregation era. [...]

An Ode to My Intact Dog

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What Cities Can Teach Us About Life Online

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The Fundamentalist, the Technocrat, and the Reformist

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How to Take—And Give—Criticism Well

Being able to accept a bad review and use it constructively is not just an essential life skill; it will also make you happier. [...]

Excuse Me, Is There AI in That?

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Let’s Talk About Trump’s Gibberish

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Trump Rants About Sharks, and Everyone Just Pretends It’s Normal

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The Constitutional Case Against Exclusionary Zoning

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Eight Books to Read If You’re in a Creative Slump

These books dispense practical advice on managing one’s ambitions—or describe the dread of writer’s block with precision and humor. [...]

The Atlantic Festival Returns to The Wharf in D.C., September 19 and 20, and Announces First Headliners

Interviews with Senator John Fetterman, House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Anna Deavere Smith, Karl Rove, David Axelrod, and Jemele Hill [...]

The One Constant

Throughout so many Trump scandals, one thing remains the same: He has no respect for the basic mechanisms of democracy. [...]

The Richard Linklater Movie That Serves as a Warning

His 2011 film, Bernie, understands the dangers of despising people who are not like you. [...]

A Wild Plan to Avert Catastrophic Sea-Level Rise

The collapse of Antarctica’s ice sheets would be disastrous. A group of scientists has an idea to save them. [...]

Why Some Narratives Are So Easy to Fall For

A conversation with Jerusalem Demsas about the misunderstood policy issues that deserve more nuanced analysis [...]

A New Declaration of Animal Consciousness | The Atlantic

Discover why prominent scientists believe fruit flies, fish, and mollusks can feel pain and pleasure in this thought-provoking article. [...]

What a Terror Attack in Israel Might Reveal About Psychedelics and Trauma | NYT

Updated 2 months ago Thousands of Israelis were using mind-altering substances when Hamas-led fighters attacked a desert festival on Oct. 7. Now, scientists are studying the ravers to determine the effects of such drugs at a moment of extreme trauma. Link to archived New York Times article With all the recent fireworks, it’s time to … Continue reading "What a Terror Attack in Israel Might Reveal About Psychedelics and Trauma | NYT" [...]

Top Film & TV, 2024 Update

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Dan Bro-Be

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Hundreds of Photos from the early 2000s NYC trance scene unearthed

Witness the birth of the underground NYC trance scene in the early 2000s through a collection of photos showcasing various events and parties, capturing unique moments in time. [...]

Chad Jonosky

Meet Chad, a legend in the psytrance scene with a diverse background. From chasing solar eclipses to skydiving, his life was full of adventure and love. [...]

Ukraine is the real Russia.

Updated 5 months ago The ghost of the Mongol spirit refuses to die. Now it all makes sense. [...]

The Rave That Brought Down The Soviet Union

Updated 5 months ago This seminal event in 1991 predated Tsunami’s first goa event in Liberty Science Center near NYC by five years, and nine years later was a template for Russian organizers and collectives in NYC, such as Alphatrance, Omnitribe, and Yogibogiebox. [...]

ISIS/Al Qaeda, and Hamas, objectively compared

Discover the similarities and differences between ISIS and Hamas, two organizations formed in response to Western imperialism. Both have grievances, but also notable distinctions. [...]

2023 Psytrance Playlist

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2024 NYC Psytrance

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Why Arab states will never take in Palestinian refugees

Discover why Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, are reluctant to accept refugees from Palestine due to power struggles, religious views, and lack of resources. Learn more about this multi-factored issue and the factors that influence their stance. [...]

Watch The Three Body Problem: Cixin Liu’s Sci-Fi Trilogy of Alien Contact

Discover the captivating world of Cixin Liu's "The Three Body Problem," a thought-provoking sci-fi trilogy about alien contact and chaos theory. [...]

Remembering the Good Old Days: Halloween, Candy, and the Loss of a Shared Holiday Experience

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Magic Mushroom Edibles: Everything to Know, from Chocolates to Drops

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Police Officers Are Doing Ayahuasca Now

PTSD and depression are rife in the police force. We spoke to the former and serving officers that are experimenting with shrooms and ayahuasca. [...]

The Very Illegal Cafe Where You Can Take Shrooms and Chew Coca

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The 17 Best Drug Stories We Published in 2023

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Psychedelic Toad Hunters Are Under Attack by Mexican Cartels

Those making a living off harvesting the potent venom of the Sonoran desert toad are getting caught in the crossfire of narco traffickers. [...]

New Study Reveals How Exactly Ketamine Changes the Brain

A Columbia University scientist explains what the findings could mean for your average recreational ket user. [...]

The Israelis and Palestinians Doing Ayahuasca Together

Some peace activists and researchers believe the powerful psychedelic can help build mutual reconciliation between the two communities. [...]

The VICE Guide to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

The definitive VICE guide to microdosing mushrooms, including how to prep yourself for the process and where you can legally source shrooms. [...]

What It's Like to Trip on DMT

Everything to know about the hallucinogenic “spirit molecule”—common side effects include seeing aliens and finally connecting with the universe. [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Magic Mushrooms

The definitive VICE guide to what magic mushrooms are, where they came from, and how best to prepare for a psychedelic experience. [...]

PT520 – From the Eleusinian Mysteries to Modern Mysticism: The Role of Religion in the Psychedelic Experience, with Charles Stang

In this episode, Joe interviews Charles Stang: Professor of Early Christian Thought and the Director of the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard Divinity School. The Center was created to gain a better understanding of world religions by bringing scholars from their respective countries to study and live alongside Divinity School students. As students and Stang started to become interested in psychedelics, a zoom series, "Psychedelics and the Future of Religion," began, and the school just hosted their second conference, "Psychedelic Intersections: Cross Cultural Manifestations of the Sacred." Next year's Psychedelics and Spirituality conference will take place [...]

PT519 – Exploring Somatic Practices and Psychedelics, with Pierre Bouchard, LPC & Kara Tremain, ACC

In this episode – the first in the 2024 series of Vital Psychedelic Conversations – David interviews Pierre Bouchard, LPC: Vital instructor and lead trainer for the Congregation for Sacred Practices; and Kara Tremain, ACC: recent Vital graduate-turned-instructor, somatic practitioner, and growth and development coach.  In this series, we pair up a Vital instructor with a current or previous student as a way of showcasing different (and aligned) perspectives on what they feel is most vital for the psychedelic space to be discussing, while also highlighting their experiences with Vital, our 12-month training program. The next cohort begins September 17 [...]

PT518 – The EMBARK Model of Psychedelic Therapy, with Alex Belser, Ph.D. & Bill Brennan, Ph.D.

In this episode, Kyle interviews Alex Belser, Ph.D. and Bill Brennan, Ph.D.: psychologists, psychedelic researchers, authors, and co-creators of the EMBARK model, a framework for psychedelic therapy.  When Belser and Brennan worked together at Cybin, they canvassed the field of psychedelic research and saw very little reporting (if any) of the manuals researchers were using, so they created the EMBARK model as a "big tent" framework – a way to understand what patients were going through from the perspective of six different clinical domains, where the clinician can go deeper into whichever domain is needed based on their specific skill [...]

PT517 – Long COVID and Psychedelics, Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, MD, Joel Castellanos, MD, & MaryAnn Welke Lesage

In this episode, special guest host Court Wing interviews Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, MD: professor and chair of rehabilitation medicine at UT Health San Antonio; Joel Castellanos, MD: co-founder and associate medical director of the Center for Psychedelic Research at UC San Diego; and MaryAnn Welke Lesage: a long COVID survivor who reports experiencing drastic improvement in symptoms after MDMA and psilocybin therapy. As the world slowly recovers from COVID, many people are seeing continued or new symptoms, and while much is still not understood, these symptoms are being categorized as long COVID: essentially a persistent viral inflammation causing brain fog, headaches, [...]

PT516 – Embracing the Mystery: Making Psychedelic Literature Engaging, with Sean Lawlor

In this episode, Joe interviews Sean Lawlor: writer and therapist specializing in ketamine-assisted therapy at Reflective Healing in Fort Collins, CO. His first book, Psychedelic Revival: Toward a New Paradigm of Healing, will be released on June 4. Written as somewhat of a primer for psychedelics and psychedelic therapy, he talks about how he decided to write the book, how Michael Pollan was an influence, and the importance of making psychedelic literature not boring: Research and statistics are important, but how does one relate to data points when trying to understand something so rich and weird? He discusses: Studying philosophy, [...]

PT515 – The Economics of Psychedelics, with Elliot Marseille, DrPH, MPP

In this episode, Joe interviews Elliot Marseille, DrPH, MPP: founding director of UC Berkeley’s Collaborative for the Economics of Psychedelics (CEP), a network of health economists and researchers analyzing the economics behind emerging psychedelic-assisted therapies. In the early days of drug research, efficacy was the leading factor in decision making, but as time has gone on, people are looking much more into the economics of everything: If a government is granted X amount of money, what should they spend it on that will be the most beneficial to the most people? How do you create models for future research and [...]

PT514 – Breaking Through Bureaucracy: Can D.C. Embrace Evidence-Based Drug Policy?, with Senator Tom Daschle and Charlie Panfil

In this episode, Joe interviews two members of The Daschle Group: Founder and CEO, Senator Tom Daschle; and Public Policy Advisor, Charlie Panfil. As Senator Daschle served in the House of Representatives for eight years (starting in 1978) and the Senate for 21, he was deep in the War on Drugs at its peak, and thankfully, as seen with so many of his constituents in recent years, the data and personal stories of so many healed people has broken through the propaganda and made him a strong advocate for psychedelic-assisted therapy. While minds are changing and progress is happening before [...]

PT513 – Depth Psychology, Archetypal Energies, and How Psychedelics Reveal the Soul, with Simon Yugler

In this episode, Kyle interviews Simon Yugler: psychedelic-assisted therapist, educator, and author of the book, Psychedelics & the Soul: A Mythic Guide to Psychedelic Healing, Depth Psychology, and Cultural Repair, which comes out this fall. He digs into depth psychology and why it’s a beneficial framework for navigating non-ordinary experiences – a practice he believes will be the next focus in psychedelic education and understanding, alongside more analysis into the archetypes and myths that reside within (and all around) us. In an age of hyper-individualism and isolation, the stories and archetypal energies we share (which can be brought more to [...]

PT512 – RIPPLES of Hope: Psychedelics as a Tool for Peacebuilding and Collective Healing, with Sami Awad and Leor Roseman, Ph.D.

In this episode, David interviews Sami Awad: Palestinian peace and nonviolent activist and founder of Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem; and Leor Roseman, Ph.D.: Israeli neuroscientist, researcher, and senior lecturer at the University of Exeter.   They talk about Roseman's 2021 paper, "Relational Processes in Ayahuasca Groups of Palestinians and Israelis," which looked at what happened when people with fiercely different opinions moved beyond fear, anger, and othering, and sat together in a safe container and drank ayahuasca with the purpose of healing collective trauma. When the focus of the participants moved toward understanding each other, Roseman and Awad saw [...]

PT511 – The Other Side of Veteran Healing: Secondary PTSD and Post-Retreat Family Dynamics, with Allison Wilson & Dr. Grace Blest-Hopley

In this episode, Joe interviews two members of the Heroic Hearts Project team: Director of Donor Development and founder of The Hope Project, Allison Wilson; and Director of Research and founder of Hystelica, Dr. Grace Blest-Hopley. They discuss how The Hope Project – a nonprofit that supports spouses of veterans, Gold Star Wives, and female veterans with scholarships to psychedelic healing retreats, integration, community, etc. – merged with Heroic Hearts Project, and why this is such a necessary part of the veteran healing story: How does a family hold space for a vet returning to a suddenly alien civilian life [...]

PT510 – Early Research, Psychedelics in Palliative Care, and the Intersection of Science and the Sacred, with William Richards, STM, Ph.D.

In this episode, Joe and Kyle interview William Richards, STM, Ph.D.: senior advisor at Sunstone Therapies, psychologist at the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, contributor to Vital, and author of Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics & Religious Experiences. He talks about the first time he experienced psilocybin in a research study in 1963, his early studies on the psychology of religion, working with Abraham Maslow, how he became one of the early psychedelic therapists, and what it was like for all of that to disappear when Nixon came into office and shut everything down. He discusses [...]

PT509 – Music for Psychedelic Exploration, and the First 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Album, with Shahar Amit

In this episode, Joe interviews Shahar Amit: psytrance musician who has created what may be the world's first modular album for psychedelic exploration under his project, Held By Sound.  He talks about his background in the rave and festival scene, the moment he realized he wanted to make music, and the realization that he could create soundscapes specifically for journeys into non-ordinary states. And he digs into the 'choose your own adventure' framework of the free album: how he actually recorded 3 different albums and figured out how to transition into different moods based on which direction the listener wants [...]

PT508 – The Veteran Community and Operator Syndrome: Psychedelics and Redefining Pain Management, with Tommy Aceto

In this episode, Joe and special guest, Court Wing, interview Tommy Aceto: former Navy Seal and trauma medic, NCAA athlete, Michigan State Champion Wrestler, and now, psychedelic advocate and ambassador for the Veteran Mental Health Leadership Coalition. He discusses his journey from childhood to wanting to become a SEAL, and the toll that military life and its programming can take on a person: how a life built on high levels of endurance, deprivation, and constantly surviving in a fight-or-flight mindset often manifests in Operator Syndrome, chronic pain, depression, and addiction. Veterans are seeing the potential of psychedelics to rewire their [...]

PT507 – Psychedelic Education: Insights, Advice, and Where to Start, with Johanna Hilla & Kyle Buller

In this episode, Kyle and Johanna catch up, interviewing each other about psychedelic education and what they’ve learned, the biggest challenges, and what advice they would give to anyone looking to get involved in the psychedelic field. They discuss: How sometimes it’s not about the substance: If you want to be a psychedelic therapist, do you see yourself doing therapy without the psychedelics? How no part of education is exempt, and becoming truly psychedelically-competent can involve studying psychology, neuroscience, somatics, religion, history, etc. How people’s experiences are evidence – it doesn’t have to come from a research study to be [...]

PT506 – Decolonization, Difficult Conversations, and the Challenge of Merging Spirituality and Science, with Philip Wolf

In this episode, Joe interviews Philip Wolf: writer, member of Rolling Stone's Culture Council, founder of Cultivating Spirits (the first company in the U.S. to offer legal culinary cannabis experiences), and founder of CashoM, an education company offering a certificate in cannabis stewardship. He discusses his recent Rolling Stone article about the need to divorce ourselves from the colonial mindset that pervades the psychedelic movement, and he talks about the difficult conversation that came about when he asked a very critical group of psychedelic leaders how they felt about the article, and how it taught him just how powerful having [...]

PT505 – Bicycle day Reflections, Quantum Mechanics, and the Value in Studying Philosophy to Understand Psychedelic Experiences, with Lenny Gibson, Ph.D.

In this episode, Joe and Kyle interview Lenny Gibson, Ph.D.: philosopher, Grof-certified Holotropic Breathwork® facilitator, 20-year professor of transpersonal psychology at Burlington College, and the reason Joe and Kyle met many years ago. He talks about his early LSD experiences and how his interest in the philosophy of Plato and Alfred North Whitehead provided a framework and language for understanding a new mystical world where time and space were abstractions. He believes that while culture sees the benefits of psychedelics in economic terms, the biggest takeaway from non-ordinary states is learning that value is the essence of everything. And as [...]

PT504 – Rethinking Drug Education: From D.A.R.E. Scare Tactics to an Evidence-Based Approach, with Joey Lichter, Ph.D.

In this episode, Joe interviews Joey Lichter, Ph.D.: professor in the Chemistry & Biochemistry department at Miami’s Florida International University, and one of the few professors in the U.S. teaching a course about psychedelics at the collegiate level. He talks about his path towards the course, the challenge of creating a curriculum that covers everything in a few months, and the importance of teaching young minds about psychedelics the right away; shifting drug education from the “Just say no!” D.A.R.E. model to a more balanced, honest, and evidence-based approach. He aims for his students to think critically, ignore the hype, [...]

PT503 – Updates from MAPS: Current Initiatives, Psychedelic Science 2025, and Music as a Bridge, with Devon Phillips

In this episode, Joe interviews Devon Phillips: community & partnerships officer for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Phillips works on strategies to tackle the questions: How do we responsibly mainstream psychedelics? And how do we get culture engaged? He's focusing on being the bridge to psychedelics outside of research, facilitating workshops and psychedelic coming-out stories at music festivals and conferences. He talks about harm reduction and drug checking at festivals, the concept of training big names to become trustworthy resources, the differences found in a hop hop crowd compared to EDM, and the power in using psychedelics for [...]

PT502 – Preserving Psychedelic Legacies: Shulgin Farm and the Shulgin Archive Project, with Keeper Trout

In this episode, Joe interviews Keeper Trout: archivist, author, photographer, co-founder of the Cactus Conservation Institute, and creator of Trout’s Notes, a website compiling personal research and collected data to help ethnobotanical researchers. From an interest in cactus taxonomy, Sasha Shulgin urged Trout to go through his files, resulting in a friendship, and eventually, an 8-year project of digitizing all of these files into the ever-evolving Shulgin Archive. Trout discusses: His relationship with Sasha and The Shulgin Farm project, which aims to make the farm a community resource for therapy, research, events, and more The messiness of cactus taxonomy, and [...]

PT501 – Women and Psychedelics, Microdosing, and the Challenges of Psychedelic Parenthood, with April Pride

In this episode, Alexa interviews April Pride: creative entrepreneur, veteran of the cannabis space, and now, founder of SetSet, an educational platform and podcast (picking up where The High Guide left off) for women curious about psychedelics. With Alexa about to embark on the journey of motherhood, she asks many of the questions parents working with psychedelics have to consider: How do you overcome the stigmas of being a psychedelic parent? How do you talk to your children about drugs? How do you know if a substance is ok to use during pregnancy? Pride discusses: Being dubbed “the weed mom” [...]

PT500 – Shulgin Farm and the Future of Psychedelic Drug Development, with Paul F. Daley, Ph.D.

In this episode, Joe interviews Paul F. Daley, Ph.D., who worked with Sasha Shulgin in his lab for the last seven years of his life, helping him finish (and co-authoring) "The Shulgin Index, Volume One: Psychedelic Phenethylamines and Related Compounds." He is now the co-founder, Chief Science Officer, and Director of Analytical Science at the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute (ASRI), focusing on the discovery and development of novel psychedelic compounds. While Sasha was passionate about self-experimentation, the Institute is aiming for the next step for these drugs: FDA approval.   He discusses:  Meeting Sasha at the 2nd international conference on [...]

PT499 – Osiris González Romero – Mesoamerican Psychedelics, Decolonization, and the Concept of an Ontological Turn

In this episode, David interviews Osiris González Romero: philosopher and Postdoctoral researcher on cognitive freedom and psychedelic humanities at the University of Saskatchewan. Romero believes that our weakest point of research is our knowledge of Indigenous languages, and is focused on highlighting different cultural uses of psychedelics to better inform future drug policy. He’s currently studying more than 100 documents (including one over 400 years old) to establish an honest understanding of why peyote was ever banned. He discusses: Mesoamerican psychedelics and their relevance to cognitive liberty and decolonization How the War on Drugs is our main colonial legacy The [...]

PT498 – Maria Mangini, Ph.D., FNP – Traversing the Psychedelic Landscape: From Esalen and Millbrook to the Future of Shulgin Farm

In this episode, Joe interviews Maria Mangini, Ph.D., FNP: researcher, educator, and midwife who has worked closely with many psychedelic innovators and was part of the original social network at Shulgin Farm – where this episode was recorded. She traces her journey from the influence of pioneers like the Wassons, Shulgins, and Grofs, and historic places like Esalen and Millbrook. She discusses: Her early experiences with the Grofs at Esalen and how she met the Shulgins Gregory Bateson guiding her to become a midwife The similarities between midwifery and psychedelic facilitation The unsung work of Denis Berry in saving the [...]

PT497 – Wendy Tucker – Reflections from Shulgin Farm: Psychedelics, Legacy, and the Spirit of Discovery

In this episode, released on Ann Shulgin’s birthday, Joe interviews Wendy Tucker: daughter of Ann and stepdaughter to Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin. Recorded in Sasha’s old office, she recounts her formative years, giving an insider’s look into her Mother’s openness about psychedelics, working with Sasha in the lab, how the Shulgins made a perfect team, and watching a close-knit circle of self-experimenters start to form at Shulgin Farm – and keep coming back over the years. She talks about the energy infused into the property from the decades of research and gatherings, and how she is trying to preserve it – [...]

PT496 – Juan Pablo Cappello – Maintenance Doses and Recurring Revenue: The Ethics of At-Home Ketamine Therapy

In this episode, Joe interviews Juan Pablo Cappello: co-founder and former CEO of Nue Life Health, whose assets were subsequently acquired by Beckley Waves. Cappello digs into his recent article which has been making waves across the psychedelic community: “Profit Over Patients? A Critical Look at At-Home Ketamine Therapy.” He created Nue Life with the goal of helping a million people address the root cause of their anxiety, and while the company was successful, he began to see a problematic trend: that using ketamine while providing services of a mental health company is very expensive and resource-consuming, and as companies [...]

PT495 – Dr. 1Drea Pennington Wasio – Self-Love, Narrative Therapy, and Post-Traumatic Growth

In this episode, David interviews Dr. 1Drea Pennington Wasio: integrative physician, psychedelic-assisted therapy facilitator and psilocybin retreat leader, international speaker, podcaster, and author of several books, including "Sacred Medicine: Exploring The Psychedelic Hero’s Journey." She discusses her personal metamorphosis and name change inspired by a powerful ayahuasca experience, and how that moved her into a life more inspired by authenticity and self-love. She gives the details of her retreats, explains her PRISM sessions, and talks in depth about the magic of resiliency: How can we not just return to baseline, but experience post-traumatic growth? She talks about: The power of [...]

PT494 – Itzhak Beery – Soul Retrieval, Moments of Awakening, and Uncovering the Language of Spirit

In this episode, David interviews Itzhak Beery: author, shamanic teacher, speaker, trip leader, and founder of, an online community and resource for people who want to learn, practice, and teach shamanic traditions. Beery shares his transformational journey, starting from his upbringing on a kibbutz in Israel, to his disillusioned advertising days in Manhattan, to the life-altering sweat lodge experience in Hawaii that eventually led him to write the book, Shamanic Transformations: True Stories of the Moment of Awakening, and realize his true purpose. He discusses the two major sides of trust: how to know when a healing path has [...]

PT493 – Laura Reeves – Sacred Sites, Ayahuasca, and Connecting With the Rhythms of the Earth

In this episode, Johanna interviews Laura Reeves: Glastonbury-based facilitator and medicine woman trained in craniosacral therapy, somatic experiencing, breathwork, and more, who holds retreats at sacred sites in the U.K. and Peruvian Amazon. She tells of her journey from serendipitously booking a trip to Ecuador just as she first heard about ayahuasca, to the early ayahuasca experiences that showed her our true interconnectedness, to a heroic dose of psilocybin and a trip to the hospital, to being accepted into training with an Indigenous shaman in the Amazon. With a lifelong love of nature, paganism, and ancient traditions, she stresses the [...]

PT492 – Elizabeth Anglin – Alien Abductions and Parallel Realities: How Do You Validate the Radically Ineffable?

In this episode, Joe and guest co-host Erica Rex interview Elizabeth Anglin: spirit medium, animal communicator, intuitive healer, alien abductee, and author of Experience: Memoirs of an Abducted Childhood. She talks about her early abduction experiences, the time when she and her father realized they were both being abducted at the same time (from different locations), and the horrifying experience of six beings entering her apartment and realizing she knew one of them. These experiences led her to Budd Hopkins, and eventually John Mack (who did regression work with her) and the John E. Mack Institute, where she became a [...]

PT491 – Dr. Sam Banister – Drug Development, The State of Biotech, and Exploring Non-Hallucinogenic Compounds

In this episode, Christopher Koddermann interviews Dr. Sam Banister: co-founder and chief scientific officer of Psylo, an Australian biotech company developing next-generation psychedelics. Banister discusses how he got involved in drug development, how Psylo came about, and the hallucinogenic and non-hallucinogenic 5-HT2A agonists Psylo is working on. He talks about the compromise between immediate need and ambition, and the ethical considerations and possibilities behind developing non-hallucinogenic compounds: What can we take from the psychedelic experience for people who aren’t ideal candidates for one? Is the psychedelic experience truly necessary? And for what indications will these new Gen 3 compounds be [...]

Hide the pain Harold before and after Ozora

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Atman Festival 2022 - Sri Lanka - Refund?

Guys. Had presale tickets for Atman Sri lanka 2022. Ofocurse the festival did not happen. Now what happened to the money? Did not get any refund emails or communication. I find this very unprofessional? submitted by /u/tewinbros [link] [comments] [...]

Ajja & Starling going B2B early in the mornin! @ Shiva Place, Goa☀️🌊

Hilltop Festival 2024 Day 4 Afterparty by the beach 🇮🇳⚡️ Full-On Mornings🌞 submitted by /u/fidz_7 [link] [comments] [...]

Lineup Space Safari

Anything must see? Im pretty new to all this. Know a few but not many. submitted by /u/Quinten5thAlt [link] [comments] [...]

Psytrance🍄 Playlist

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Tropical Bleyage - Mala (DigiCult Remix)

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Anemia - Hibernation Pod Malfunction #003 [Psytechno / Techno ]

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Out Now !! Echo Chambers V/A @ occulta records

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Universo Parelello

I am doing a big south america trip in 2025 heading into 2026, i was wondering if Universo Parelello is on during this time. 2025 new years heading into 2026. Cannot seem to find a straight answer online. I know the festival is every 2 years or so i have been told. Is this still the case or are they running it yearly now, it seems like they had it last year and doing again so this year, am a bit confused as i am planning my trip around it. submitted by /u/Zealousideal-Sky3304 [link] [comments] [...]

What artists would be huge if they released more?

Exactly as it sounds. Who has released only a few but very high quality tracks? Two I can think of would be Nystagmus. Found a release 'The Immaculate conception' from 2005 and a 2021 release with a few aliases, all top quality A1on. Recommend this guy all the time but not sure if other people connect with the music. Only a few EPs and singles but each one is to me the essence of psytrance submitted by /u/Synaesthetic_Reviews [link] [comments] [...]

Shivatree & Imaginarium - Kundalini

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Psytrance Festival Calendar 2024 - 2025

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Psytrance events in the bay?

Are there any good psy events coming up in the bay? Specifically San Jose area? I saw Blastoyz here not long ago and have been craving another show like it. submitted by /u/Awake77 [link] [comments] [...]

Your weekly /r/psytrance roundup for the week of June 06 - June 12, 2024

Thursday, June 06 - Wednesday, June 12, 2024 Top Posts score comments title & link 77 173 comments Why isn’t psytrance big in the US? 72 20 comments Astrix @ HillTop Festival Day 3🫶🏼🇮🇳 62 17 comments Busch Doof WTF!!! 45 41 comments These are my favorite so far in this genre. What should I try next? 34 96 comments if you could only listen to one psy album/compilation for the rest of your life , what would it be? 33 9 comments Henrique Camacho @ Lalit Ashok 🇮🇳🪬 30 91 comments My favorite psytrance artists are Hallucinogen, Psykovsky, Ryanosaurus [...]

Going to psytrance festival solo?

Anyone do this? How does it go, any tips? Thinking uk specifically. Thx submitted by /u/CapitalTadpole5246 [link] [comments] [...]

Cactus - Fifa 99 #AllGoodInUEFA2024EURO

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Shambala Forest - Kasol !!! June 15&16, 2024.

One of my favourite record label ( ALICE-D ) party is going to takes place on june 15&16 in Shambala forest - Kasol. Do experience this festival who are currently in kasol. Good vibes 🫶🏻❤️ . submitted by /u/AltruisticAnswer1391 [link] [comments] [...]

Kromagon - "Kult of the Black Moon" (Zenon Records) [link] [comments] [...]

V.A. Freaks United (2010) | Echo Vortex Records

submitted by /u/mewmudgetty [link] [comments] [...]

Undrground psy parties in Welsh hills?

For years I've heard rumors of 'illegal' underground psy raves that go off in the hills of Wales. Are these rumors true? If so, how do I get involved?! submitted by /u/CapitalTadpole5246 [link] [comments] [...]

if you could only listen to one psy album/compilation for the rest of your life , what would it be?

in this hypothetical your ears will never fatigue, so it could be as subtle of intense as you like any genre - could be anything from psybient to buttrock goa to noisy psycore mine is probably psy-harmonics vol. 3 or perhaps something by psylovsky for the endless layers and details submitted by /u/skengshapiro [link] [comments] [...]

Decided to pick Antaris festival this year. Need assistance with tips.

I just wanted to know any strategies to take when attending Antaris festival as I'm going solo. I managed to get late bird tickets and I have attended Boom and Ozora before. Do I arrive on Friday afternoon and leave Monday morning? Which city is it the best to travel to and from Antaris festival? Appreciate all the input given and let me know if I missed anything. submitted by /u/asobi3 [link] [comments] [...]

Ghost in Goa - YouTube Music

There is an elephant at 5:31 🤯 submitted by /u/AntelopeDisastrous27 [link] [comments] [...]

Cincinnati Psytrance!

Hey Psytrance family! It’s finally happening again in Cincinnati! After moving back to the area after being in the mountains of North Carolina for 12 years, enjoying and partaking in the beautiful and vibrant community we have there, I have put in the work to make it happen here in the Ohio River Valley! I have a venue and PA, and options to start events in July! Surely some of you here are in the region??? Who wants to come, who wants to play??? Cincinnati Psytrance is coming! I need people, artists, deco, etc. I’m more of a darkpsy artist [...]

Famous producer's girlfriends, Opinions?

So I'm sure you have noticed that random girls just pop in really huge line ups because they are some famous guy gf. What are your thoughts on this? submitted by /u/Sunamoon22 [link] [comments] [...]

Ecological Restoration Began with the Wild and Wonderful Gardens of Early Female Botanists

Historian and ecologist Laura J. Martin rediscovers the female scientists who established ecological restoration in her book Wild by Design [...]

JWST Detects the Earliest, Most Distant Galaxy in the Known Universe—And It’s Super Weird

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope observed an unusually large and highly luminous galaxy at a record-breaking 290 million years after the big bang [...]

How a Secret Society Discovered Irrational Numbers

Myths and legends surround the origins of these numbers [...]

Alzheimer’s Drug with Modest Benefits Gets Green Light from FDA Advisers

The drug donanemab slows progression of symptoms in people with early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, but questions linger about the durability of its effect [...]

University Presidents Should Study How Democracy Works

A philosophy department chair arrested at a campus protest offers university presidents a lesson in democracy [...]

What Happens if a Nuclear Weapon Goes Off in Space?

Russia may be planning to put a nuclear weapon in orbit. We have known since the 1960s why that is a bad idea [...]

Lack of Bird Flu Tests Could Hide Pandemic Warning Signs

The FDA has authorized just one type of avian flu test, and it is only available to livestock workers [...]

Clean Energy Spending Will Surpass $2 Trillion This Year

Investments in carbon-free energy will be twice as large as fossil fuel spending in 2024, the International Energy Agency predicts [...]

First Wooden Satellite Will Test ‘Green’ Space Exploration

Japan’s LignoSat will test wood’s resilience in space and could lead to a new era of more sustainable, less polluting satellites [...]

Atom-Thick Gold Coating Sparks Scientific ‘Goldene Rush’

Ultrathin gold was achieved with the help of a century-old sword-making technique [...]

What’s Actually In Tattoo Ink? No One Really Knows

Chemists are hard at work figuring out how to make tattoos last—and ensure they’re safe. [...]

Millions of Joro Spiders Are Moving Up the East Coast. Here’s What to Expect

Millions of hand-size Joro spiders are moving up the East Coast. Don’t panic [...]

First Promethium ‘Complex’ Created, Revealing Mysterious Element’s Secrets

Promethium, one of the rarest and most mysterious elements in the periodic table, has finally given up some crucial chemical secrets [...]

The Dairy Industry Must Act Faster to Keep H5N1 Bird Flu from Starting a Human Epidemic

H5N1 is running rampant through dairy cows, putting humans at risk of an epidemic [...]

Do Scientists Make Good Presidents?

Following Mexico’s election of a woman with a scientific pedigree, Nature reviewed the legacy of well-known politicians with backgrounds in science and engineering. [...]

This Strange Fungal Condition Makes You Drunk without Drinking

Greater awareness is needed around auto-brewery syndrome, which can cause dangerous accidents and trigger social ostracism if it is not correctly diagnosed [...]

How Magic Tricks Help Us Understand Animal Minds

By performing tricks for birds, monkeys and other creatures, researchers hope to learn how they perceive and think about their world [...]

Astronomers Should Take a Deeper Look at Naming

We should—and must—take careful measure of what we name cosmic objects and the terms we use throughout science [...]

What Do Google’s AI Answers Cost the Environment?

Google is bringing AI answers to a billion people this year, but generative AI requires much more energy than traditional keyword searches [...]

What Halting Congestion Pricing in NYC Could Mean for Plans in Other Cities

Portland, Ore., Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles have all explored charging car commuters to fund public transportation and reduce traffic [...]

Elephants Call Their Relatives by Name across the Savanna

Female elephants address one another with individualized rumbles [...]

Very Hungry—And Very Invasive—Caterpillars Are a Munching through U.S. Forests

Drought is facilitating the devastating spread of spongy moth caterpillars across U.S. forests [...]

Teens Are Spreading Deepfake Nudes of One Another. It’s No Joke

Teens are sending deepfake nude images of classmates to each other, disrupting lives. Schools, technology developers and parents need to act now [...]

How Do Whole-Body Deodorants Work, and Are They Safe?

A number of whole-body deodorants are coming to market. But are they safe and effective? [...]

Here’s Why Protest News Doesn’t Tell You Much

Baked-in news practices cover only the worst moments of protests and neglect telling people what protesters are asking for, extensive research shows [...]

AI Identifies Antibiotic Candidates, and There’s a ‘Morning-After Pill’ for Sexually Transmitted Infections

The Hubble Space Telescope’s woes, moon rocks and antibiotic candidates discovered with AI are all in this week’s news roundup. [...]

Carbon Removal Is Catching On, but It Needs to Go Faster

World leaders must make plans to remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a new report says [...]

How to Improve Prospective Memory, the Ability to Remember to Remember

Prospective memory is a skill that can be practiced, making it more likely that someone can remember an appointment or meet a deadline [...]

Can AI Stop Climate Misinformation?

Researchers want to create an AI system that can quickly detect and debunk false or misleading claims about climate change [...]

AI Will Become Mathematicians’ ‘Co-Pilot’

Fields Medalist Terence Tao explains how proof checkers and AI programs are dramatically changing mathematics [...]

The Cognitive Magic of “Hi”

How a simple word illuminates children’s cognitive development and linguistic creativity. The post The Cognitive Magic of “Hi” appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

When Kids Talk to Machines

Language bots are no substitute for teaching children to speak and learn. The post When Kids Talk to Machines appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

Introducing the Nautilus Summer Reading List

Ten books we loved this year. The post Introducing the Nautilus Summer Reading List appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

The Leather of the Future

Your next jacket might be made of mushrooms. The post The Leather of the Future appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

The Oldest Ecosystems on Earth

What they teach us about resilience. The post The Oldest Ecosystems on Earth appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

Magic Died When Art and Science Split

Renée Bergland’s 3 greatest revelations while writing Natural Magic: Emily Dickinson, Charles Darwin, and the Dawn of Modern Science. The post Magic Died When Art and Science Split appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

The “Hot Hand” Is Not a Myth

With the NBA Finals upon us, a mathematician revisits the famous paper that claims a player's hot streak is an illusion. The post The “Hot Hand” Is Not a Myth appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

The Internet Might Be Good for Us

One study suggests that, on a global scale, it's associated with greater happiness. The post The Internet Might Be Good for Us appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

We Are Made of Waves

Everything in the universe, a playful new book argues, vibrates like a guitar string. The post We Are Made of Waves appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

Abracadabra! How Magic Can Help Us Understand Animal Minds

By performing tricks for birds, monkeys, and other creatures, researchers hope to learn how they perceive and think about their world. The post Abracadabra! How Magic Can Help Us Understand Animal Minds appeared first on Nautilus. [...]

Remember they said Miami would be under water? A preview of the future

It's like an unspoken social contract. When people choose to live in South Florida, they must make peace with the possibility that, thanks to hurricanes, there will be flooding and they may incur thousands of dollars to fix their homes post storm. [...]

Makah Tribe will again be allowed to hunt gray whales off Washington coast

Not since the spring of 1999 have members of the Makah Tribe filed into a cedar canoe and paddled off Washington's coast to legally harpoon a gray whale, trailing its body back to shore for celebration and ceremony. [...]

You can help name LA's newest dinosaur fossil?

The Los Angeles County Natural History Museum is seeking the public's help in naming a 70-foot-long sauropod skeleton unearthed by the museum's paleontologists. [...]

Survey shows decline in North Dakota breeding duck numbers

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department's 77th annual spring breeding duck survey conducted in May showed an index of about 2.9 million birds, down from 3.4 million last year. [...]

Finding an insurance policy is getting harder in places hit by extreme weather

You don't need to be a scientist to understand the harms of climate change. All you need is an insurance policy. And finding affordable insurance is getting harder in the places hit hardest by climate change. [...]

Eggs of grapevine-gobbling insect discovered en route to California: Are vineyards at risk?

Eggs of the spotted lanternfly, an invasive species that's wreaked havoc on crops across more than a dozen states, were recently discovered on a metal art installation that was headed to Sonoma County, one of California's most esteemed wine regions. [...]

The high-tech art lab hidden underneath Paris

It looks like the lair of a Bond villain: behind armored doors, buried underground below the Louvre in Paris, lies one of the most high-tech art labs in the world. [...]

Stressed out: how to measure dangerous heat

In the hottest year on record, with scorching conditions claiming lives from India to Mexico and Greece sweltering in its earliest-ever heat wave, experts are sounding the alarm over heat stress. [...]

Sea swamps Bangladesh at one of world's fastest rates

After cyclone gales tore down his home in 2007, Bangladeshi fisherman Abdul Aziz packed up what was left of his belongings and moved about half a kilometer inland, further away from storm surge waves. [...]

North Macedonia's beekeepers face climate change challenge

Every day, Magda Miloseska dons a white, protective suit and enters the domain of the honeybees in the backyard of her small weekend house in North Macedonia. [...]

Is there anybody out there? NATO hones Arctic subs' sonar skills

In the icy waters of the Arctic, NATO scientists are dissecting sound waves to improve the West's ability to track Russian submarines, as global warming alters acoustics underwater. [...]

High-precision measurements challenge our understanding of Cepheids

"Classical Cepheids" are a type of pulsating star that rhythmically brighten and dim over time. These pulsations help astronomers measure vast distances across space, which makes Cepheids crucial "standard candles" that help us understand the size and scale of our universe. [...]

Sweaty cattle may boost food security in a warming world

Sweaty cows may not sound like the most exciting company, but in a warming world, researchers can't get enough of them. When cattle are too hot, they tend to stop eating, said Raluca Mateescu, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) professor in the department of animal science. This affects the cattle's health and growth and threatens the longevity of the food supply coming from that herd. [...]

Researchers issue 'call to action' for data on more diverse range of dog owners

Virginia Tech's Audrey Ruple and Courtney Sexton, already deeply involved in data collection and analysis for dog health and connections to humans through the Dog Aging Project, are imploring fellow scientists to cast the net even wider for data on the shared environments of humans and dogs in a perspective piece that appears this month in the journal Science. [...]

Q&A: Finding varieties of corn that are adapted to future climates

Corn is one of the planet's most important crops. It not only provides sweet kernels to flavor many dishes, but it's also used in oils, as a sweetener syrup, and as a feed crop for livestock. Corn has been bred to maximize its yield on farms around the world. [...]

Watery planets orbiting dead stars may be good candidates for studying life—if they can survive long enough

The small footprint and dim light of white dwarfs, remnants of stars that have burned through their fuel, may make excellent backdrops for studying planets with enough water to harbor life. [...]

NASA satellite returns image of sea ice swirls

NASA's Terra satellite captured floating fragments of sea ice as ocean currents carried them south along Greenland's east coast on June 4, 2024. [...]

NASA cancels spacewalk at ISS over 'spacesuit discomfort issue'

A spacewalk scheduled for two astronauts outside the International Space Station was canceled by NASA about an hour before it was to begin Thursday morning. [...]

A conservation market could incentivize global ocean protection

The countries of the world have agreed: Our planet needs more protection from human activity. And with the globe facing an assortment of environmental crises, they realized the plan needed to be ambitious. Thirty-by-thirty was their proposal: protect 30% of the planet by 2030. But while conservation is popular in principle, the costs of actually enacting it often stall even the most earnest efforts. [...]

New dart launcher may be a better way to inject animals with drugs

A new type of dart launcher has been developed as a safer and more cost-effective alternative to firearms or air guns to inject animals with drugs or tracking chips. [...]

A compound produced by symbiotic bacteria promotes in vitro protein synthesis

A research team led by Associate Professor Atsushi Nakabachi of the Toyohashi University of Technology Research Center for Agrotechnology and Biotechnology has revealed that the compound diaphorin produced by an insect symbiotic bacterium promotes the activity of an in vitro protein synthesis system using Escherichia coli-derived components. [...]

Advances in techniques used to identify sharks and rays is not preventing trade and increase in extinction risk: Study

The most advanced molecular techniques contribute significantly to the identification of endangered sharks, rays and skates, collectively known as elasmobranchs, and are therefore fundamental to the enforcement of the laws and regulations governing trade in fins and meat from these animals. [...]

Physicists report optical analog of Kármán vortex street

In a study published in Nature Communications, collaborating physicists from Singapore and the UK have reported an optical analog of the Kármán vortex street (KVS). This optical KVS pulse reveals fascinating parallels between fluid transport and energy flow of structured light. [...]

Popular Virginia lake being tested after swimmers report E. coli infections and hospitalizations

Environmental officials are testing lake water at a popular recreational destination in central Virginia after at least 20 people reported E. coli infections. [...]

What could make a baby bison white?

Photos of a white bison calf in Yellowstone National Park have generated excitement as well as questions: How does that happen? [...]

The science of why 'siblings or dating' is so hard

You squint at your TikTok feed. Surely that blonde-haired duo with identical noses are siblings … but that's a pretty intimate hand on the lower back … so dating? [...]

In Manitoba, First Nations infants have 'staggering' rate of involvement with Child and Family Services, study finds

First Nations infants have an exceptionally high rate of contact with Child and Family Services (CFS) compared to other Manitoba infants, a study jointly led by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) First Nations Family Advocate Office (FNFAO) and University of Manitoba researchers has found. [...]

Rent assistance is insufficient in expensive rental market, finds Australian report

Governments are failing to provide a secure alternative for households unable to access social housing, new research suggests. [...]

Engineered plants produce human milk sugars that could lead to healthier baby formula

Worldwide, a majority of babies—approximately 75%—drink infant formula in their first six months of life, either as a sole source of nutrition or as a supplement to breastfeeding. But while formula provides essential food for growing babies, it currently does not replicate the full nutritional profile of breast milk. [...]

How the health of honeybee hives can inform environmental policies in Canadian cities

In recent years, there has been a notable surge in Canada and around the world in the popularity of urban beekeeping. Driven by a heightened awareness of the vital role of pollinators and the practice's increasing recognition, more Canadians than ever are looking to suit up and keep their own bees—and not just rural Canadians. [...]

Shackleton died on board the Quest; ship’s wreckage has just been found

"His final voyage kind of ended that Heroic Age of Exploration." [...]

IV infusion enables editing of the cystic fibrosis gene in lung stem cells

Approach relies on lipid capsules like those in the mRNA vaccines. [...]

SCOTUS rejects challenge to abortion pill for lack of standing

The anti-abortion defendants are not injured by the FDA's actions on mifepristone. [...]

May contain nuts: Precautionary allergen labels lead to consumer confusion

Some labels suggest allergen cross-contamination that might not exist. [...]

Ancient Maya DNA shows male kids were sacrificed in pairs at Chichén Itzá

Twins play an auspicious role in Maya mythology, most notably in the Popol Vuh. [...]

More seizures, intubation from microdose candies: 12 sickened, 10 hospitalized

FDA updates alert after the latest case fell ill on June 9. [...]

Let’s unpack some questions about Russia’s role in North Korea’s rocket program

"It seems very likely that the shift in propellant type is a function of the access to Russia." [...]

Elephants may refer to each other by name

The animals seem to respond more actively to calls that include their "name." [...]

Ars Live: How Profitable is Starlink? Join our discussion today!

Eric Berger and Caleb Henry discuss the orbital ISP's economics at 2 pm Eastern. [...]

Polarized light yields fresh insight into mysterious fast radio bursts

Scientists looked at how polarization changed direction to learn more about origins. [...]

As NASA watches Starship closely, here’s what the agency wants to see next

"What happens if I don't have a Human Landing System available to execute a mission?" [...]

Stoke Space ignites its ambitious main engine for the first time

"This industry is going toward full reusability. To me, that is the inevitable end state." [...]

Neutrinos: The inscrutable “ghost particles” driving scientists crazy

They hold the keys to new physics. If only we could understand them. [...]

Study: Three skulls of medieval Viking women were deliberately elongated

There is also evidence of deliberately filed teeth on some 130 male Viking skulls. [...]

DARPA’s planned nuclear rocket would use enough fuel to build a bomb

The US is still regulating some enriched uranium based on an analysis from the 1950s. [...]

Bird flu virus from Texas human case kills 100% of ferrets in CDC study

H5N1 bird flu viruses have shown to be lethal in ferret model before. [...]

Virgin Galactic has ceased flying its only space plane. Now what?

This is a bold bet on the future, but it's by no means a certain one. [...]

How the Webb and Gaia missions bring a new perspective on galaxy formation

The Webb and Gaia telescopes have unearthed the early building blocks of the Milky Way. [...]

The world’s largest fungus collection may unlock the mysteries of carbon capture

Research is uncovering the key role that fungi play in getting soils to absorb carbon. [...]

NASA is commissioning 10 studies on Mars Sample Return—most are commercial

SpaceX will show NASA how Starship could one day return rock samples from Mars. [...]

“Simulation of keyboard activity” leads to firing of Wells Fargo employees

With worker surveillance on the rise, vendors sell devices to fake keyboard and mouse movement. [...]

Report: Apple isn’t paying OpenAI for ChatGPT integration into OSes

Apple thinks pushing OpenAI’s brand to hundreds of millions is worth more than money. [...]

Turkish student creates custom AI device for cheating university exam, gets arrested

Elaborate scheme involved hidden camera and an earpiece to hear answers. [...]

New Stable Diffusion 3 release excels at AI-generated body horror

Users react to mangled SD3 generations and ask, "Is this release supposed to be a joke?" [...]

One of the major sellers of detailed driver behavioral data is shutting down

Selling "hard braking event" data seems less lucrative after public outcry. [...]

China state hackers infected 20,000 Fortinet VPNs, Dutch spy service says

Critical code-execution flaw was under exploitation 2 months before company disclosed it. [...]

Apple and OpenAI currently have the most misunderstood partnership in tech

Apple's AI moves are nothing new for a company that has integrated outside tech for decades. [...]

Hackers steal “significant volume” of data from hundreds of Snowflake customers

Given shortcomings of Snowflake and its customers, there's plenty of blame to go around. [...]

Apple unveils “Apple Intelligence” AI features for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS

Apple debuts new catchall AI branding, generative features during WWDC 2024 keynote. [...]

Nasty bug with very simple exploit hits PHP just in time for the weekend

With PoC code available and active Internet scans, speed is of the essence. [...]

VMware customers may stay, but Broadcom could face backlash “for years to come”

300 director-level IT workers making VMware decisions were questioned. [...]

7,000 LockBit decryption keys now in the hands of the FBI, offering victims hope

The announcement could be good news for those whose data has been inaccessible. [...]

DuckDuckGo offers “anonymous” access to AI chatbots through new service

DDG offers LLMs from OpenAI, Anthropic, Meta, and Mistral for factually-iffy conversations. [...]

Russian agents deploy AI-produced Tom Cruise narrator to tar Summer Olympics

With only weeks until the Games start, expect more to come, Microsoft says. [...]

Ex-OpenAI staff call for “right to warn” about AI risks without retaliation

Open letter argues for AI whistleblower provisions due to lack of government oversight. [...]

London hospitals declare emergency following ransomware attack

Attack takes out third-party testing and diagnostics provider critical to care. [...]

Zoom CEO envisions AI deepfakes attending meetings in your place

Eric Yuan told The Verge that "digital twins" are the future of work. [...]

Ticketmaster hacked in what’s believed to be a spree hitting Snowflake customers

Researcher says Snowflake customers hit by mass scraping ... "but nobody noticed." [...]

Nvidia jumps ahead of itself and reveals next-gen “Rubin” AI chips in keynote tease

"I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to regret this," says CEO Jensen Huang at Computex 2024. [...]

Journalists “deeply troubled” by OpenAI’s content deals with Vox, The Atlantic

"Alarmed" writers unions question transparency of AI training deals with ChatGPT maker. [...]

Civilization-like Ara blurs lines between hot-seat and play-by-mail multiplayer

Plus, the game promises an innovative approach to turn-based multiplayer. [...]

The rent is too dang high in Cities: Skylines 2, so the devs nuked the landlords

It was getting so bad, people were actually suggesting building more homes. [...]

Gaming historians preserve what’s likely Nintendo’s first US commercial

Mego's "Time Out" spot pitched Nintendo's Game & Watch handhelds under a different name. [...]

Microsoft Gaming CEO: “I think we should have a handheld, too”

More than just streaming, playing games locally "is really important" to Spencer. [...]

Microsoft reveals first disc-less Xbox Series X

But don't worry, Microsoft isn't abandoning the console disc drive entirely. [...]

New Steam Deck competitor lets you easily swap in more RAM, storage

Adata embraces the CAMM2 memory standard for its intriguing handheld prototype. [...]

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is free right now, and you should grab it (even on Epic)

Sadly overlooked on release, the card/turn-based battler is a real bargain. [...]

Civilization VII looks like 2K’s next big game announcement

Logo drop comes amid publisher's "beloved franchise" tease for Summer Games Fest. [...]

You can inherit a dead relative’s GOG account—if you have a court order

"We'd do our best to make it happen... with the help of the justice system." [...]

Sony removes still-unmet “8K” promise from PS5 packaging

Move could presage an expected resolution bump in the rumored PS5 Pro. [...]

What kind of bug would make machine learning suddenly 40% worse at NetHack?

One day, a roguelike-playing system just kept biffing it, for celestial reasons. [...]

PlayStation VR2’s PC adapter hits this August, with missing features

You can play Steam games on it, but many of the modern tricks are disabled. [...]

Ridiculous, inventive party pack Sportsfriends is now free on PC and PlayStation

Couch co-op collection lets you compete on the screen and in each other's face. [...]

11 years after launch, 49M people still use their PS4s, matching the PS5

But PS5 users spend more money and gameplay time on their consoles. [...]

Sony apologizes for interview it says “misrepresented” a Last of Us creator

Move comes after Druckmann publicly disavowed some quotes: "This is not quite what I said." [...]

Families of Uvalde shooting victims sue Activision over Call of Duty’s role

Suit: Activision is "manipulating players' brain chemistry," ignoring "use by minors." [...]

Bungie wins landmark suit against Destiny 2 cheat-maker AimJunkies

Three-year suit had claims of hidden crypto, fake Ukrainians, counter-hacking. [...]

After you die, your Steam games will be stuck in legal limbo

So much for your descendants posthumously clearing out that massive backlog [...]

The ROG Ally X leaks, with twice the battery of the original and way more RAM

This handheld has more RAM than my gaming PC, though the chip stays the same. [...]

Netflix releases first look at new Witcher after Henry Cavill left for Warhammer 40K

It's a brief glimpse, but Liam Hemsworth at least looks the part. [...]

BTS’s Jin To Hug 1,000 Fans Upon Return From Military Service

K-pop idol Jin of the group BTS has promised to embrace 1,000 fans in a three-hour-long hugging marathon upon his return from service in the South Korean army, which requires all able-bodied men to serve. What do you think?Read more [...]

Old Classmates Easily Pick Up Where In Swirly They Left Off

DAYTON, OH—A wave of nostalgia and dirty toilet water rushing over them, old classmates attending a reunion at Belhaven High School easily picked up right in the swirly where they had left off, sources reported Wednesday. “Wow, it’s wild how we can come together after all these years and immediately get back into…Read more [...]

God Frustrated After Realizing Gates Of Heaven Too Narrow To Fit Couch Through

THE HEAVENS—Begging the deliverymen to stay while He figured something out, the Lord God Almighty cursed loudly Thursday after He reportedly realized the gates of heaven were not wide enough for His new couch to fit through. “Are you fucking kidding Me? Wayfair must have listed the dimensions wrong,” said God, the…Read more [...]

NASA Polishes Moon In Orbital Rock Tumbler

WASHINGTON—Marking the first time in history that humans have successfully smoothed away all the unsightly craters of a celestial body, NASA announced Thursday that it had polished the moon using an orbital rock tumbler. “Thanks to the tireless efforts of our scientists, technicians, and engineers, we have tumbled the…Read more [...]

What To Know About Steve Bannon Potentially Going To Prison

Steve Bannon has been ordered by a judge to report to prison by July 1 to serve a four-month sentence after he was convicted of acting in contempt of Congress. The Onion explains everything you need to know about the former Trump advisor and far-right figure potentially spending time behind bars.Read more [...]

Birth Of White Buffalo In Yellowstone Fulfills Lakota Prophecy

The birth of a rare white buffalo in Yellowstone National Park fulfilled a Lakota prophecy predicting better times and also a sign to protect the animals and the Earth, with Chief Arvol Looking Horse saying that “The birth of this calf is both a blessing and warning. We must do more.” What do you think?Read more [...]

Study Finds Wild Elephants Call One Another By Name

According to a study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution that used machine learning of audio data to predict the intention of African elephant calls, elephants address one another by and respond to individual names, using unique rumbling sounds to call out across distances. What do you think?Read more [...]

National Archives Intern Tasked With Singeing Edges Of Constitution To Make It Look Old

WASHINGTON—Trying to find work to keep the new summer hires busy, officials at the National Archives tasked intern Haley Scholtz with singeing the edges of the U.S. Constitution on Wednesday to make it look old. “Just burn it around the margins a bit so it looks old-timey,” said archivist Kevin McManus, telling…Read more [...]

Petco Introduces New Automatic Dog Launcher

SAN DIEGO—Saying the product makes it possible to toss canines with greater ease than ever, Petco began sales this week of a new automatic dog launcher capable of throwing pets more than 30 feet through the air. “Our Flying Fur launcher takes the hard work out of flinging your dog across the yard, allowing you to…Read more [...]

Biden Reveals He’s Delta Force Operative Robert Scott Investigating Major Government Cover-Up

WASHINGTON—Drawing stunned gasps from onlookers as he donned his signature eye patch and leather jacket, the man once known as President Joe Biden revealed Wednesday that he is, in fact, Delta Force operative Captain Robert Scott, on a mission since 1973 to investigate a major government cover-up. “Ladies and…Read more [...]

Rodeo Bull Escapes Into Crowd

A bull named Party Bus escaped the ring during a rodeo in Oregon, hopping the fence and charging into the crowd where it injured three people. What do you think?Read more [...]

Goose Comforted By Visions Of Long-Dead Relatives Beckoning It Into Jet Engine

SARASOTA, FL—As the sudden appearance of his ancestors drew the bird several feet closer to the Boeing 747’s turbine, local goose Chester Hanson was reportedly comforted Tuesday by visions of his long-dead relatives beckoning him into a jet engine. “Mom? Dad? Uncle Henry?” said the 3-year-old Canada goose, who…Read more [...]

Study Finds 80% Of Food Waste Result Of Half-Assed Chicken Wing Eating Technique

ROCHESTER, MN—Concluding the lack of skill was responsible for nearly 50 million tons of meat being discarded across the nation each year, a new study released Tuesday by researchers at the University of Minnesota Rochester found that over 80% of food waste resulted from half-assed chicken wing eating techniques.…Read more [...]

The Onion’s Exclusive Interview With Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark, who rose to fame while playing basketball at the University of Iowa, recently became embroiled in controversy during her WNBA debut for the Indiana Fever. The Onion interviewed Clark about her basketball career, her $21 million Nike deal, and what it’s like being one of the most hotly debated female…Read more [...]

Study Finds Pile Still World’s Most Popular Stack

NEW YORK—Following a five-year, multimillion dollar effort that surveyed citizens across the globe, a Columbia University study published Monday found that the pile remains the world’s most popular stack. “Our findings suggest that due to its versatility, style, and ease of use, piles are still the preferred…Read more [...]

Landlord Prides Himself On Doing All Own Code Violations

CHICAGO—Saying he had long ago developed the skills necessary to keep his rental properties one inspection away from being condemned, local landlord Bogdan Popescu told reporters Monday he prided himself on doing all his own code violations. “Why should I pay to hire a plumber or an electrician when I can install a…Read more [...]

God Laments Losing Only Son To Video Game Addiction

THE HEAVENS—Describing the experience as among the most painful a father can go through, the Lord God Almighty opened up to reporters Monday about the struggle of losing His only son to video game addiction. “What really gets to Me is seeing this wonderful, bright, loving child lose His divine spark and spiral deeper…Read more [...]

Woman Claiming To Be Inspiration For ‘Baby Reindeer’ Character Sues For Defamation

A woman claiming to be the inspiration for the character Martha in the hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer, a drama about a Scottish writer Richard Gadd’s personal experience of being allegedly stalked, sued the company for defamation. What do you think?Read more [...]

Squatter Ready

Looks abandoned enough. Grab a sleeping bag and move right in.Read more [...]

New Rule Requires Migrants To Find Lawyer Within 4 Hours of Border Crossing

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, migrants crossing the border into the United States illegally are now required to find a lawyer to represent their case within four hours of crossing if they want to argue their exemption from the asylum restrictions enacted by President Biden on Tuesday. What do …Read more [...]

Costco To Stop Selling Books Year-Round

Beginning in Jan. 2025, Costco plans to stop selling books regularly at stores around the United States, the company deciding instead to sell them only during the holiday shopping period, from September through December. What do you think?Read more [...]

Wealthy Hospital Patient Orders 3 Of Every Procedure

NEW YORK—Expressing his intention to spare no expense during his stay at New York­–Presbyterian Hospital, wealthy patient Duncan Barrow reportedly ordered three of each procedure upon his admittance to the facility Friday. “You know what, all of these surgical interventions you have look so good—I’ll just take three…Read more [...]

Embarrassed David Attenborough Realizes He Spent 10 Minutes Describing Stillness Of Duck Decoy

CHELMSFORD, ENGLAND—Interrupting his hushed narration about the inanimate bird’s majesty as he observed it from a small boat, an embarrassed David Attenborough reportedly realized Friday that he had just spent the past 10 minutes describing the stillness of a duck decoy. “The male mallard is a temperate…Read more [...]

Millions Dead After God Accidentally Drops AC Unit Out Of Heaven

THE HEAVENS—Despite the deity swearing He had secured “that piece of shit” properly, millions were confirmed dead Friday after God, Our Heavenly Father, accidentally dropped His air-conditioning unit out of heaven. “Oh fuck, I don’t know what happened—one minute I’m trying to prop up the AC, and the next it’s hurdling…Read more [...]

Boeing Launches Astronauts For First Time After Years Of Delay

Boeing launched its first Starliner flight bound for the International Space Station with two astronauts on board, beginning a crucial final flight test of the years-delayed spacecraft. What do you think?Read more [...]

How to Circumvent the MSM Paywall

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