My Opinions on Just About Everything

Black Sand 2

In my personal hero’s journey, I have lived a life of extremes, and have never gone halfway. Paradoxically, over five decades I allowed a halfway to emerge in aggregate, by sandblasting away all but the most realistic, practical, and workable compromises. Opinions, like politics, are always a give-and-take to bridge ideals (in my case, intelligence, enlightenment, fairness, beauty, honesty, kindness, and progress) with reality. As such, opinions are simultaneously armor, lenses, and crystal balls.
Updated daily.



The 70s and 80s

were magical times with the best music


was not an inside job, and any Truthers still out there are mentally disabled.


Abortion is not optimal and should not be used in lieu of birth control, but the decision should still always be left to the woman. The GOP must be brutally trashed until freedom of choice is back where it belongs.

Activision Blizzard

is evil. We shall see what Microsoft’s acquisition improves it. Its blight will certainly fester as long as Bobby Kotick is at the helm.


is meth for the middle and upper class


The best way to beat any addiction is to collect a massive source of it, indulge, get sick of it. Let it run its course. Keep a huge supply around as a testament to your fortitude. Catalog it all. You are an expert.
Unless it’s drugs, then flush, flush, flush.


provides no value to the world


should have been vacated the moment Bin Laden was killed. In Pakistan.

Alien Life

is probably ubiquitous, but sentience as we understand it is probably almost nonexistent. Our universe is still relatively young in its projected life cycle.


is the greatest country in the world and defense spending, along with a global network of military bases, is absolutely necessary for maintaining the survival of the free world.


has great promise with many local geniuses and inventors, but is, by and large, a cesspool. Though the Internet is transforming it, it has a long way to go. Giving them money just gets stolen. Its population will peak in the 2050s and will eventually get its shit together in an Internet-driven decentralized way. Not nationalistically, which is detrimental to its geography and composition.


will immensely change our lives for the better, with some disruption. Artists are now oracles, conjures, and seers, more than ever.
I saw a few people start to unfriend people who posted AI images when all this started becoming popular. I probably lost them. To each their own. I myself am kind of an open source guy and I am a whore to cool technology, so I obviously don’t care too much, either about it “stealing” from artists, or losing friends because I think it’s cool. All art stands on the shoulders of whoever came before anyway. There is nothing new under the sun.
If they draw the line at this, they are effectively becoming Luddites because this IS the future, and it will only mushroom.
How many people do you know today who refuse to have anything to do with computers (infernal devices that make it so easy to steal music and art) and smartphones?
How many artists do you know who refuse to work with Photoshop and Illustrator, because it unfairly puts draftsmen out of work and make paint companies lose money?
TV put stage actors out of work. Film put TV out of work. VR will some day put film out of work. It is the CYCLE OF LIFE and to resist it means lessening your potential.
Anything beyond gathering your own charcoal and berries to make stains of wild animals on the cave wall is THEFT!
And they will call anyone who uses AI as somehow unauthentic.
Endless gatekeeping. Forever. The cycle will repeat itself ad nauseum.


is ideal for celebrating birthdays, weddings, and other celebratory social occasions. Anything else, or more, is really not so good.

Alex Jones

is a symbol of everything that is wrong with America.

Alex Grey

Has done a lot of good getting young people into visionary art, but his purchase of the gold statue while many slave away for him was a bridge too far.

American Women

are not ideal as mates. Especially urban ones. I have no idea why, maybe it’s because they are spoiled.


are better than people.


is a big scam for people with too much disposable income. Hell, they don’t even give it to you free first.


never win wars. Their slow loss of regional power mirrors that of Russia’s, for similar reasons.


is coming back, sadly. It exists for people to pick up other gullible people. A system of control.

Ayn Rand

was a fantastic and inspiring thinker but can easily be taken too far. The industrial age is long over and technology is now collaborative and often open source.


Baby Boomers

have created most of our society’s problems, such as MAGAs, antivaxxers, climate change deniers, homophobia, racism, and the like, all of which will not go away until they die out.


Biden consistently surprises those who underestimate him.

Bill Clinton

was an amazing president, the perfect man for the dawn of the Internet. His traipsing with Monica Lewinsky seems quaint now.

Black Lives Matter

has become a scam

Black People

are a national treasure to America. They are part of what make America great. Without them, white people would be painfully unhip, in all areas of culture, especially music. Almost all music genres descended from black culture.
There are still problems with this demographic. Although they are less likely to abuse drugs than white people, they more statistically prone to violent crimes and petty theft, although the extent to which this is affected by socioeconomic status is a black box, so to speak. In aggregate, they still need financial help and I think minor reparations would be a great step. Zoom out on the timeline, and slavery was very recent in the big picture. We need more of them to become astronauts and doctors.

Black Women

are hot. And they will always look younger than you.

Bob Dylan

is an overrated hack.

Books and Comic Books

should only be bought and used digitally. Save trees, save space. Yeah it’s not as good a reading experience. Suck it up.


I can’t believe how naive and stupid Britain was to cut itself off from its largest trading partner.


is more a tool than a religion. Very much worth exploring.



enjoys the benefits of French economic vigor and American culture. Oh wait…

Cancel Culture

I love comedy and think nothing is out of bounds.


and the welfare state go hand in hand


should solely be used if you have problems with saving or spending too much

Celebrity Culture

is toxic and deadly, to both celebrities and their adherents


is always wrong. Books should not be burned. Young people should be encouraged to read anything with text.
Private companies, though, can deplatform to their heart’s content.

Charter Schools

are often scams (I know teachers who have had awful experiences) but they may still be viable as a last resort for poor school districts..


is a ticking population time bomb. They are aging rapidly and will end up statically moribund like Japan. One by one their investments in Africa will get taken back by native Africans. Their ancient culture has always been horrible at military matters, similar to Russians and Arabs. They invented gunpowder and didn’t even fully utilize it. They have never fought a war outside adjacent states. They lost their last war in 1979 with Vietnam. They would lose, miserably and humiliatingly, in an invasion of Taiwan. The US can cripple them overnight with a naval blockade. Checkmate.


Christians are no better people than anyone else. Salvation pre-empts them from any particular prioritization of personal character.
As a group, the Evangelicals’ embrace of Trump doomed them demographically and morally. Extremism is as extremism does. And if anyone in business goes on and on about how Christian they are, run the other way. They are hiding something nefarious.
Mike Pence is a shining example of a Christian with integrity.
Moderate Christians are fine.

Church and State

should be separate, forever.


is next to godliness.

Climate Change

is real. And although alternative energy such as wind, water, and solar are important to develop, the older common reliable sources such as oil, gas, and nuclear should not be discarded until it is financially desirable.
Recycling mainly just makes you feel like you are doing “something.”
And fuck coal.


is God’s way of telling you you have too much money


is still a good idea because it teaches you how to think critically and construct logical arguments like you have to do again and again in writing term papers. And America needs more of that. But at the same time, it needs German-style vocational career tracks and education investment as well.

Comic Books

are not just for kids. In fact, they’re mostly read now by adults.

Confederate Statues

should be put in museums that document that shameful blind alley.

Country Music

is beneficial purely for cultural integrity. See Christians

Credit card debt

should never be accrued


All drug laws should be removed. Violent crime penalties should be doubled.

Critical Race Theory

is overblown by the Right and is only taught in colleges. I really resent Tucker Carlson’s ability to single-handedly get words put on this list.


Daniel Pinchbeck

means well – he really does – but all the shit he has gone through (the suicides, the #MeToo, and the cringeworthy circle jerk that was 2012) was all brought on by himself.


Democrats are in a great place right now and will probably stay in power throughout the 2020s at least until abortion rights became entrenched into law once again.


never died in Europe and is a testament to just how ignorant, racist, and homophobic Americans can be.

Drag Queens

Unless they pass, and are attractive, it’s cringey. But let them be who they want. Let and let live. And having them perform in front of children is not the end of Western Civilization.


Should all be legal. Used repetitively, will ultimately slow your personal growth

Drum and Bass

was hardly ever good. Ghetto rap music for white ravers. A few novelty songs at best. Any genre that has a subgenre that starts with “Intelligent” is doomed to fail.


like Drum and Bass was a couple of novelty songs but ultimately a flash in the pan. Not a social movement, but a period of experimentation with new technology…


Edward Snowden

was a traitor

Electronic Music

So much of it is bad. if you have to be on drugs to enjoy it, it sucks.

Elon Musk

is headed for a great fall. His primary business, Tesla, just lost its two main revenue sources: rich liberals. Twitter lost that, and advertisers. The Twitter acquisition will absolutely destroy Musk.
Musk is a junk bond-era Carl Icahn, with more hubris. That is saying a lot.
The easy money, late 2010s were a lot like the junk bond era in the 80s. It encourages all sorts of irrational exuberance and predatory behavior.


is very important. Species should be kept from extinction. Forests and public lands should be prioritized.


are the most enlightened happy medium of all denominations. Especially high church. Cold Christianity is the way to go.


(unlike the US) needs to be careful with immigration. The recent Syrian War almost made Europe go hard right. Luckily, the Scandinavian countries closed the door. Social welfare states are not compatible with uncontrolled immigration.


Fast Food

is to never be eaten. It is nutritionally vacant and expensive. Spend every little bit of effort and money instead to build up your kitchen.
I worked with a guy at Bloomberg who had never had fast food in his entire life. Ted Dolan. Respect.


are the most important social unit. They are the atoms of human reality (and individuals are the quarks) When families get broken up, as in slavery, urbanization, and genocide, the whole world suffers.


is eventually going to kill all users of white powder drugs (Update: vaccine by 2025!)

Fox News

is the exception to the rule that immigrants (in this case, Australia) are beneficial to America. At least Rupert Murdoch finally got sick of Trump’s corrosive bullshit train.


Macron is tiptoeing his way into the same spinelessness that got the Gauls decimated by Caesar, and France invaded by the Nazis.
France has a bad habit of pride in their homerown strategy (Maginot Line!), giving comfort to their allies’ enemies (advocating for the capitulation of Taiwan to China) and ignoring their defenses (underspending in NATO and proving Trump right in lambasting them for letting the US pick up the tab)
I blame remnant resentment that English, not French, is the lingua franca. This wounded pride causes them to sometimes backbite America and the West, and while ostensibly espousing “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite”, they hypocritically grovel before enemies of democracy, out of spite and myopic economic short-term gain. Macron incredibly espouses a “Third Way,” the same freaking language Sweden did in the 1950s, before they realized what Russia was capable of.
And sadly, Macron’s opposition, Le Pen & co.) is, incredibly, actually worse. MAGA flavored weasels.
France drove out their Anglo Saxon tradition with the Huegenots, and that brain drain to the US has hurt them ever since. Protestants just make better countries. Sorry. Anotther subtle layer of why France has never beenn a team player with the West.
This will probably only ever change once Cossacks, Nazis, or the like are back in Paris, yelling BISTRO! at the waiters.
But at least they supported the American Revolution, but that was mostly just to stick it to England, and later on they wanted to supply weps to tthe Confederates but Mexico forced their hand to stay neutral.
So, weasels.

Fraternities and Sororities

are a waste of youth and money. How could anyone spend their early years being a conformist?

Free Speech

is all about white bros wanting to say the N word, and they are enraged other people can, and they can’t


Game Chairs

are overpriced joke furniture. if you want something comfortable get a real frickin chair.

Game Mice and Keyboards

OTOH are incredibly helpful with all their buttons and programmable macros for general computer useage


is the Haiti of the Levant, with all that implies.

Generation X

is the greatest generation

George H.W. Bush

will be remembered far more kindly in history as a moderate, judicious, and fair president

George W. Bush

would have been a beloved president had Iraq not happened.

Grateful Dead and jam bands

Never saw any worth there besides LSD distribution.


are so wrong on nuclear energy and GMOs.


Everything outside of hunting rifles should be left to the military.


Hamilton Morris

has done some decent reporting on psychedelics but somewhere along the line, he has become convinced that the hippies needed to be ousted from the psychedelic medicine growth industry and to sell his credibility for money. He sold out to Compass tech bros by helping blackball psychedelic medicine reporting. This is no way to build a new field of medicine.


was my hive queen. She was right on all fronts. We do not deserve her as a nation. America treats women politicians differently than men, especially Democrats. The Republican women are mostly a joke.


were/are ahead of their time. Organic food, marijuana, free love, LSD, peace, democracy, social justice, the list goes on…


without eating your kill is barbaric and wrong.



We are about where we need to be. Building a wall is fucking retarded.


still has a serious caste problem and fake gurus are rife. Though better than Pakistan, India can be a self-serving snake when it comes to doing the right thing. See: Ukraine.


is a worldwide problem and not Joe Biden’s fault in the slightest. Furthermore, Trump helped prime the pump while president, cutting taxes for billionaires.


must be free. Napster, Soulseek, P2P file sharing, and the Pirate Party are all on to something fundamentally democratic.


The 1979 Islamic revolution was a gift to America. We got so many talented people in the ensuing brain drain.


is a haven for vanity. Celeb culture is toxic. Facebook is better for communication.


Israel is an amazing country. I generally prefer them to American Jews, because they are wilder, more idealistic, free, and less neurotic. I generally give them leeway to defend themselves and their interests as they see fit. But their Trump supporters and many orthodox are just stupid.


J.K. Rowling

has not written a single transphobic tweet. Being critical of transgender ideology is not hatred or bigotry or transphobia. Clueless people are burning the wrong witch. I stand with @jk_rowling.


with many high IQ among Ashkenazi, Jews are the hope for humanity. I adore them, they are more like me than most Gentiles, but some of the more religious have an alarmingly strange ritual for bris. I’ll leave it at that. Other than that, they are gold.

Jimmy Carter

was a great president and a great human being. He inherited a mess from Nixon/Ford. He oversaw the rise of the Christian right, who first got to flex their muscles with Ronald Reagan.

Jordan Peterson

is a charlatan who preys on vulnerable young men.

Julian Assange

needs to be extradited to the US where he should rot in jail for helping get Trump elected. Worse by far than Snowden for slightly different reasons.

Long Distance Relationships

rely on ignorance and pareidolia to sustain themselves and should be avoided at all costs. Realistically you should have a previous face-to-face history with them for over 6 months, and be so serious as to be financially and emotionally prepared for marriage in 18 months – 2 years tops


Kamala Harris

would be respected if she were a man.

Kanye West

Kanye West is mentally ill, but we can still trash him.


deserve their own country carved out of Turkey, Iran, and Iraq.


Latin America

is a mixed bad. Chile was well-served by dictatorship, which, after American meddling and many deaths by leftist (like Taiwan) has become a shining exemplar of democracy and economic stability on the continent.
But the results are mixed in Brazil and Argentina.
Leftists became murderous little dictators in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.
Would every country in South America be as successful as Chile had they just bit the bullet and stayed true to capitalist formation? Hard to say TBH
From the beginning, the whole continent was plagued by Spanish and Portuguese colonialism. I would argue the closer and faster they march to an Anglo-Saxon setup, with low corruption, and the rule of law, the better, for it is superior. And Chile did that best.
Sometimes, it seems cruel to point out that there is no shortcut between abject poverty and having your kids become doctors and lawyers, than back-breaking work and discipline,


Neither a borrower nor a lender be


There are many more LGBTQ+ than you think there are. Kinsey said 10%, I say 20% or more. Very few things aren’t on a spectrum.


are a joke. What Trump and climate change deniers started, COVID finished in demolishing their idea structure as being useless against crises to the whole of humanity.

Long Island

is only worth living on if you are raising school-age children.

Jeff Lies 2



should be traditional and monogamous. In no world can I see swinging and polyamory as a beneficial lifestyle. The benefits of a solo partnership outweigh the transitory variety in sexual gratification.

Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

should be learned by everyone. Learn from professionals. Self-hypnosis only has to be learned once for that mental button to appear at will, and everyone should meditate every day.

Meme Stocks

If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you?

Mentally Insane

people should be institutionalized. We need to go back to the early 70s. Yes it is more expensive and reeks of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest but they are causing too many societal problems, especially in cities, where they gravitate.


are nice and value personal character, unlike more mainstream denominations which basically say you can do what you want, just ask forgiveness, which is a recipe for disaster.


have death wishes, conscious or unconsciously. There’s no other way to put it.


is great for a melting pot like the US but anathema for ancient places like Europe.


Neti Pots

should NEVER be used with unboiled tap water; people have died of brain encephalitis from amoebas that normally get digested in the stomach – but the nasal cavity has no such enzymes and they go straight to the brain. 100% mortality.


are Amway for millennials.

Nicotine Lozenges

are excellent for losing weight with zero negative health consequences.


The forest needs to burn down for it to be fertile again.



was a decent moderate Republican

Old smartphones

should be repurposed and not tossed, as room phones, podcast players in bathroom, and the like

Open Source

is preferable but does not always offer the best product (see VLC)

People who teach rock formation classes at festivals, and people who start monkeying around with nature like that

destroy natural habitats and encourage erosion


are taken and abused by people with depression/mental health issues, and should be viewed as ghosts who will eventually overdose and die.



like Christianity is a favorite hiding place for scoundrels.

People who leave old photos to languish in yellowed old photo albums in their closets and not scan/digitize/share them

are just as bad as ISIS in the destruction of history department.


should be corralled into Password Managers (such as Bitwarden) with at least 16 mixed case letters/numbers/symbols. Or you are asking to get hacked.

Peter Thiel

reminds me of Jews who supported Hitler early on


can be life-changing – they can replicate religious awe – but should be avoided by mentally unstable people or those with a family history.
The “entities” you see are all just pareidolia. Anyone who tells you otherwise – such as Terence Mckenna or Rick Strassman – have gotten high on their own supply of bullshit.

Punk Rock

was never about the music. It was all about local scenes and shows. Take away that and it is a ghost. Old-timers who are into it are often miserable, thin-skinned people.


Never let a KGB man run your country. Putin is the most humiliated villain since Hitler. He showed the Russians to be cowardly and inept.


Racial IQ Differences

is a myth espoused by white nationalists.

Rap Music

is a corrosive force, especially in the urban black community. Aside from pacifistic outliers such as De La Soul, it encourages violence, unlike, say, punk, which is basically LARPing.


Religions are great for cultural cohesion but can easily be taken way too seriously. The more decentralized, the better. I respect Protestants far more than Catholics. My view of God is not anthropomorphic, but the universe itself – reality – and it must be respected. We must not be kind to satisfy some imaginary white man up in the clouds, but be kind as its own reward. And we must learn all about Creation without blinders.


Republicans are in a death spiral due to corruption by Donald Trump. They will keep losing for probably throughout the 2020s.
The worst: Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Josh Hawley, Newt Gingrich, Devin Nunes, Dana Rohrabacher, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, the last few SCOTUS appointees aside from the black woman

Ronald Reagan

was a charismatic actor who oversaw a historic explosion of our Federal debt. But that did help bring down the wall.

Rudy Giuliani

had the second most disgraceful fall from public life in our lifetimes.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ginsberg is complicit in the ending of Roe v Wade.


If they made it to the West, they are 99% fantastic human beings. In at least two instances I’ve seen them go from rough-and-tumble street droogs to spiritual masters. The elite. But many who stayed behind are so backward and clueless, it’s like they are mentally retarded.


Salvia Divinorum

is an unpleasant drug that was only popular in the 2000s because it was new.


ins one of the happiest and most pleasing genres, period.


in both identity and practice should be a private matter.

Social Justice Warriors

SJWs are not as bad as people make them out to be. Mainly were created by the alt-right as straw men (or straw people would be a more politically correct term)


is a word that no longer means “Socialism as we Gen Xers and up have grown up to understand it being, that of ‘public ownership of the means of production”.
It now means Social Democracy, i.e. Welfare Capitalism, basically.
Yeah. In 1990, capitalism won so much that it is now implicitly assumed.

Sovereign Citizens

are fun to watch getting arrested on Youtube

South Africa

All white people should be repatriated to Europe. It doesn’t matter if they are infinitely better farmers (the blacks usually just trash and strip everything, leaving many unemployed) although violence against farmers is abhorrent. Boers to the Netherlands, Brits to, um, Britain. Let the natives fuck it all up. It’s their land.

Spectator Sports

are meaningless


is evil


is probably the most beneficial philosophy for living. God grant me the serenity.


should be experienced both in the early morning to calibrate your circadian rhythms, and in mid-day to receive the best Vitamin D – – 15 minutes for white people, more for darker complexions.

Superhero films

are not real cinema


is the most enlightened and advanced European country, followed closely by Denmark and Finland. It steadily degrades downward as you go south (and especially east). The low-corruption Northern European culture should be exported to the rest of the world, to save it. This will take millennia, because culture change is glacial and very hard work.



remains a shining example of how great Chinese civilization can be, without the corrosive influence of the CCP. Its ascent is similar to that of Chile, which also went through a birthing period of brutal dictatorship, that flowered into glittering democracy and prosperity. Their largest chip manufacturer, TSMC, is probably the most important strategic asset in the world.


are bad. It is sad to see them used again, but with China, we have little choice but to maintain them at some level. This hurts everyone – especially the consumer.


are for sailors and cannibals


should never be sweetened. Buy pound bags of leaf, an electric kettle, and a glass pitcher and you are good to go. Dirt cheap and best quality.

Tea Party

was when things really started to go to shit after seeds planted by Newt Gingrich and Glenn Beck. Launched in 2009 to get rid of the <N word>

Ted Cruz

to quote John Boehner is “the most miserable son of a bitch I’ve ever met.”


Texas is a nice place to live, with lots of room, but don’t be fooled by no income tax. They get it in other ways such as sales tax and property tax. The abortion restrictions have got to go.

Those who can’t read sheet music

are not real musicians..


is Ok in moderation but is not mentally healthy with more repetitive use.

Timothy Leary

could have had an easy life as head of Harvard’s psychology department, but chose to let the LSD genie out of the bottle, and we are all ultimately much better for it.


Trans people should be respected, and their pronouns respected.
However, I love Dave Chappelle. I agree with his stance on trans. A woman is someone who has the plumbing to have a baby.
I think the furor over feminists like JK Rowling who are against trans ( trans-exclusionary radical feminists, or “TERFS”) is way overrated. Sorry, there are more actual women than who mentally identify as female, and by those sheer numbers, women win.
Finally, IF trans women start winning all the gold medals and dashing the dreams of biological women who have trained their entire lives, they should compete in separate categories.


Strongmen never win because they lose any sense of reality by surrounding themselves with Yes Men.
Please, God, let him win the Republican nomination in 2024. Stupid is as stupid does!


has a leader – Erdogan – that is an insult to the memory of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. I wish Istanbul became Constantinople again run by the Greeks.


is worthless. Advertising is anathema to your mind and your life. Pull the plug and download the content YOU want to see. Ironically, the actual content right now is amazing. But the dinosaur distribution method has got to go.


is Tiktok for grownups, and just as retarded. Especially now. How messed up is that, China has our young, Musk has our old.



There is something going on that we don’t know about, but I’d guess it’s more likely glimpses of us from the future than an alien species, due to the
Fermi Paradox.


Russia invading Ukraine is the best thing to ever happen to NATO.



are one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments.

Vitamins and Supplements

are generally pointless with a well-balanced diet



should be MANDATORY if you want to keep your teeth. Every day! With Listerine! Get off my lawn!

Wealth Inequality

should not be a major concern. There are only two names from the Forbes 1980ss list that made it to the modern day, and those names are obscure.

White People

are more statistically prone to child molesting, arson, white-collar crime, and drunk driving. They are repressed. Don’t get them mad – they stew. And if they stew long enough they can go full Hitler on you.

White Pride

is great in theory – the accomplishments of Western Civilization are indeed impressive and second to none – but soon you realize the people who most commonly espouse it have an extra chromosome and never went to college. They are making my race look like inbred retards. My dismay at that makes me the racist, I guess.

Warcraft III (Original)

is the greatest video game ever made


is simply, utterly, vague semantics and means different things to different people. It became popular after people got sick of the catchphrase “Black Lives Matter” (which had been appropriated by scam artists) It outlived its utility very quickly. Most importantly, it never really meant anything new or specific. Now just a meme, a pejorative used by people like Donald Trump. It is on its last legs now, and I predict it will disappear soon when another catchphrase word takes its place.

World of Warcraft and MMOs in general

is a collection device for Gen X and Millenial video game addicts. Stockholm Syndrome. Do not play games that do not have an ending!


Your financial status

should never, ever be shared outside family. Friends and colleagues will either resent you, be jealous of you, or look down on you as irresponsible. Or, worse, expect and ask for loans.

Your name

should only be in the papers five times: birth, graduation, engagement, marriage, and death.


My Political Platform


I thought it would be fun to put it on paper to finally get it out of my system, so here’s my “enlightened libertarian moderate” platform. Basically, it’s a generous welfare state with conscription and dog-eat-dog capitalism.

Call this my 21st Century Moderately Progressive Libertarian platform.
Elect me president and I will..

– Ask not what your country can do for you
-This is the cornerstone, and would probably require a constitutional amendment. Mandatory 2-year coed military service at age 18, which includes a generous tuition for college or technical training afterward. Let’s call it Militia. You can opt-out with a hefty cash payment, or just not make it past boot camp, but you permanently lose the benefits of citizenship – the right to vote, run for public office, be on juries, and bear arms. If Militia is missed for whatever reason, citizenship could be earned later than age 18, but the financial reward would be eliminated and the length of service would be extended somewhat.
Handicapped people (or asthma, autism, etc) would go though special needs boot camps and work in support/IT.
In peacetime Militia would work in either peacekeeping operations led by the UN or NATO or work in FDR-style federal works programs and law enforcement.
Militia would solve many problems such as unnecessary wars, student debt, and youthful ennui. Also, all immigrants would be required to perform this service, even having spanish (or Cantonese!) only brigades. Quakers and others religious groups can qualify for conscientious objector status (if a nonmilitary support role isn’t peaceful enough for them) but the benefits of citizenship will be denied.

Voting and Electoral
-Eliminate the electoral college
-Massively invest into blockchain open-source election software development

-Lower corporate taxes and regulation
-Raise personal taxes, keep it progressive, eliminate all deductions
-Eliminate the minimum wage completely
-End all farm and coal subsidies
-Promote a 100% paperless cashless government
-Put reduction of our national debt as a top priority of government policy.
-Return to the gold standard, possibly somehow converting the dollar into a Bitcoin style currency
-Abolishing all corporate welfare, including the Import-Export Bank
-Abolishing all non-environmental regulation of agriculture, including subsidies. Large scale hemp cultivation re-legalized and taxed.
-Support and expand all free trade agreements.
-No corporation is too big to fail. Creative destruction must be embraced.
-Moderate slavery reparations via postgraduate degrees

-Expand environmental regulation with carbon credits; solar and wind power credits greatly expanded
-Maintain EPA at current levels. Halt Keystone.

Foreign Policy
-Stop being the global policeman – do not take sides in international conflicts, especially in the Middle East. We should have not meddled in Libya, Syria, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam – basically every conflict since Korea. This includes Israel, which although is a natural ally and is our friend and a beacon of light democracy and hope in the Middle East, is mighty enough to stand on its own. However, if Israel is ever invaded, help them to the utmost. Update 2022: EXCEPT UKRAINE!
-Push for a free Kurdistan carved from parts of Turkey Syria and Iran as a free economic zone to encourage investment to pay for reparations for surrounding governments.
-Don’t give Putin an inch.
-Be a fire breathing, drone using hawk when it comes to nukes.
-Halt all international aid programs
-Increase special ops and drone technology and expand Obama’s reliance on use of drones and Bin Laden-style assassinations.
-Close Guantanamo

Encourage privatization with school choice and vouchers.

Health & Homefront
-Keep Obamacare, expand to single-payer but limit the spending for those over 65 to manageable levels commensurate to the young.
-Offer free counseling, rehab, and jobs to all drug and alcohol addicts in FDR-style federal work projects.
-Relax FDA restrictions of orphan drugs (i.e. smart drugs, performance-enhancing supplements proven to be safe)
-Legalize and normalize assisted suicide
-Expand abortion rights
-Eliminate private prisons
-Allow handguns and rifles and open carry to remain legal, but ban all assault rifles, increase screening, increase penalties for gun violations, offer buybacks for guns
-Legalize drugs on the federal level but offer funds for state-level enforcement. Take all savings and reinvest into drug treatment programs

Law and Order/Immigration
-Heightened sentences for violent offenders and crime in general, with financial penalties significantly increased
-Legalizing all drugs on the federal level including cocaine, meth, and heroin and immediately releasing all drug prisoners. Tax drugs. States however are free to regulate as they see fit and would play a key role in preventing a return to the Great Binge of the late 1800s.
-Offer free housing to homeless people, it’s cheaper than what we have now. Possibly put them to work with Militia
-Eliminate the death penalty, which while deeply gratifying from a social vengeance perspective has frankly proven to be too costly and sometimes we killed the wrong guy.
-Relaxing gun control laws, but requiring insurance.
-Beefing up federal internet law enforcement, possibly a whole new Federal Internet Crime bureau
-Expand immigration for those with high-tech skills
-Make Militia mandatory for able-bodied immigrants for citizenship. Immigrants who do any crime within 10 years of military service get deported and recorded into an expanded national database.
-Rather than focus on keeping immigrants out, I would focus on making them prefer their own neighboring countries. Militia can help them on public projects, schools hospitals, and crime control.
-Work more with local churches and synagogues in sponsoring persecuted Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Muslims, etc.

I wouldn’t have a chance of winning… “Hi, elect me, I’m gonna put all you Millennials in boot camps.”

Updated 1 year ago

These are the things I would change on the international stage:


North America
Statehood for DC, Puerto Rico
Single-payer healthcare for U.S.
Cuba made democratic socialist

South America
Regime change for Venezuela to capitalist democracy
Coca leaves deregulated worldwide
Bolsonaro ejected, rainforests saved!


Sweden, Finland and Ukraine join NATO
Kick Turkey down to provisional member until they get their shit together (i.e. eject Erdogan)
Meanwhile, resurrect the Byzantine empire as a multiethnic state, Istanbul renamed to Constantinople., Give Kurds their own state, carving out parts of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria..

Western Europe
Spain/France: Freedom/autonomy for the Basques
UK: Re-enter the EU
Independence for Christiania
Germany: return to nuclear power to achieve energy independence

Northern Europe
Karelia returned to Finland

East Europe
Eject Orban from Hungary
Return Kaliningrad (Königsberg) back to Germany
Bring back the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
All Russian influence removed from Byelorussia, free elections held
Independence for Komi, and all the other Finno Ugric areas

Saudi Arabia becomes a capitalist democracy

Boko Haram, Joseph Kony et al extinguished
All extinctions of species halted; game enforcement increased a thousandfold
All corruption and Chinese influence removed from African governments


East Asia
Kick the CCP out of China; become capitalist and democratic with respect to human rights.
Remove Kim Jung Un from North Korea; unification of North and South.
Sakhalin given back to Japan

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