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This game is a fork/subset of the much larger Stereotypes mega page.
Fun for the whole family!
For Trancers 18 and up!
Players: 2-200
84 Archetypes and counting!   Rules: Print out, take to party, cross off each Archetype as you encounter them, only one cross-off allowed per person, i.e. someone can’t count as an Armchair Trance Head AND a Freaker… The trancespotter who finds the most Archetypes wins.. and the Winner is my guest at an upcoming party (organizer must be willing) If you have Archetypes to add, email me. Submit your own archetype

Just a reminder during COVID that it only takes 3 people to make a party: The DJ, The Girl/Muse, and the Loki/Class Clown/Instigator/Ringleader/Wild Person/Freak:


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African Americans

African Americans (not to be confused with Blacks not from the U.S.) are occasionally seen at trance parties.  Those who are there have had to confound stereotypes that “Black people don’t like acid because ghosts” and forge their own identities.


Agoraphobes are afraid of wide open spaces. They will never attend an open air event unless they are assured that it is 100% legal, even if it is not. They will go to busted indoor party after busted indoor party, telling themselves that this is the only way to party.

Alt-Right Nutjob

Alt-Right Nutjob AKA Enlightened Fascist Stooge apparently learned nothing from being in a multicultural, multiethnic globalist psytrance movement and having their third eyes opened. After “taking a break” from parties they spent the early 2010s watching too much Sargon of Akkad, Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern and Dave Rubin and slid down that slippery slope into Milo Yiannopoulos and fell full white nationalist red pill. Pepe the frog became more and more prominent in their social media.
They relish in being politically incorrect, being a Proud Boy, watching Infowars, and going on and on and on manically about Hillary. The perfect storm of drunk, obnoxious, and existentially depressed – often becoming the middle-aged drug-using disaffected white male demographic that have the highest rates of suicide these days. You have to ask yourself, if they are this way as a thirtysomething, how the fuck are they going to be at the end of middle age?
They often stopped taking all psychedelics and just drink cheap beer and snort coke and K that they bought off the DarkWeb.
This is most apparent on Facebook. You have to take each on a case by case basis. Try to Heal Them? Tolerate? Avoid? Unfollow? Unfriend? Block?
That sad realization that no, psytrance wasn’t the ultimate global evolution of dance music and entheogenic culture, an elite group of intellectuals that cosmically came together to explore the physical/quantum world through hacking their neurochemistry, no, it was just a bunch of random people that listened to the same music that you did and were situated along the same drug supply lines that included a higher-than normal prevalence of superstitious and mentally deranged redpilled fucktards that you must constantly weed out of your social circles
Their left-wing counterpart is the Bitter Bernout. Probably have done too much acid, usually male, wiry, and ornery, and probably being somewhere on the autistic spectrum, these sad puppies like to self-righteously argue on Facebook and throw purity spirals at you like shurikens. Regularly get banned and sometimes permabanned on Facebook. Do things like send the same note to hundreds of people describing how they are unfriending you because you are not a serious person. Zero social skills. They talk at you, not to you. And if you disagree with them, you are fucking dead. Love is too minor a word to describe their infatuation with Bernie and Jill Stein. They despise Israel. The living embodiment of what the alt-right calls the Regressive Left.
I’m trying to make this funny, but it’s an impossible task with these people. I hate uneducated extremists. Not a shred of humor can be squeezed out of their miserable existence. So I give up. Fuckers.

Bridge 0Jeff Om


Americans usually are freaks within their own society, therefore associates with an inherently non-American dance culture., Often drinks, wears baseball hats, and has weird behavioral disorders.  Unbelievably egotistical compared to other cultures.  In the US the Americans are the ones who start drama and fights.  This category is very broad and may encompass many of the species related here. In Americans defense, this results in their events being somewhat more psychedelically “pure” though far, FAR smaller in size, to the point where overseas visitors must constantly come up with new ways to euphemise these poor people fighting an impossible fight in a country full of people who can’t even wear masks.

Angry Upstarts

Angry Upstarts are usually young, will bad mouth parties, tries to find and slay the status quo… always holding out until they actually throw a party themselves and realize what a massive profitless time sink it really is. Often just become DJs that become hyperfocussed on the last 6 months of new tracks.
This short phase is always grown out of.  Or beaten out of.  These young pups are the constant heel biters of the Old Timer.

Archetype Labellers

The Archetype Labeler thinks of witty labels for people based on their appearance. Drives the paranoid acid-heads crazy with deep stares and a notepad. Often the same person as the Psysnob due to a love of having their ego fed by knowing they are superior to someone. When you feed them enough entheogens however, and/or play the right music at the right volume, they instantly morph into the Dancer(Submitted by pha at

Armchair Tranceheads

Armchair Tranceheads never go to parties anymore.  Many are active on email lists.  Like to listen to music at home where they have full control.  If they get out (doubtful) they immediately convert to PsySnob (see below).  See also Old Timer.


The Artist pours their lives out on the canvas, and doesn’t blink an eye when their creations get stolen.  See also the Crazy Man and Woman 

Ass Grabbers

The Ass Grabber is a wannabe loser whose desperation to get laid and take advantage of the open vibe to hit on hapless women.  This goes on until enough of them get harassed, alert the male authority figures, and they either shape up (making art etc) or get expelled by a Vigilante. This process of kicking the ass grabbing loser’s ass unfortunately has to be repeated every so often.

Bottom Fishers

Bottom Fisher – that guy with the broom isn’t stupid, neither are the people who hang out after a party gets busted to help “clean up” when the lights go on!  Benefits greatly from the Yuppie, and the Drinker.


Burners, if newbies, are usually at a trance party by mistake because “Trance Sucks” See the American, Techie, Yuppie  and the Costume Buffoon.


Cheerleaders are the most vital part of a party. Who needs solar power or petrol when we have Swedes? She is the most eager dancer, keeping the energy going, situated right at the front of the DJ, dancing until the very end, pulling people off the floor at 10am, pleading for encores, summoning Salome the Dance of the Seven veils before King Herod, and taking John the Baptists’ decapitated head and making a funny mask with it. The alter ego is the Overenthusiastic Dancer, the only difference being the essential sex appeal/hotness and hygiene of the individual. i.e. the ultimate Cheerleader is a super hot Swedish girl who will get every dude dancing in the hopes to impress her, and the ultimate Overenthusiastic Dancer is a smelly male bum. See also the Ass Grabber and the Dancer.


The Cokehead is the bane of the trance scene, luring well-heeled Yuppies into their clutches.  When they get Djs on coke, you’ll notice the sets being always cut short and the music gets more repetitive.  Some are into the Progressive mold.  They have almost single handedly ruined several Organizers.  See also the Talker.


Communists are trancers who have decided to move in together in start a trance commune, a trance kibbutz if you will.  Where piles of moldy Philip K. Dick novels meet weird art made of chocolate.  Their endeavors are great news to Slackers everywhere.  Once their dream commune happens, their events so are so warm and intimate that you don’t see them for weeks at a time.  Prone to three day parties.  Examples: CCC in San Francisco, 55 Lex in Brooklyn, the Elf in Amsterdam. Note: Any old nest of communists won’t do, it must be built around Psy-Trance.

Confused Enlightenment Seekers

The Confused Enlightenment Seeker These lost souls come to trance parties and believe all the Eastern mysticism, and expect others to take it all as seriously as they do. After dancing for hours they find a glimpse of inner peace. However, in thinking that they went up a notch in “Enlightenment”, they thereby negate their humbleness and consequently lose the sense of inner peace. You’ll find these people meditating at odd times in disturbing places (both physical such as subways and mental such as when distractive thoughts pop up). They will often discuss both sides of a paradox in the same paragraph and expect the listener to choose one of them to be true so that they can counter it with the flip-side. Often seen following the Cult Leader or the Philosopher around. (See also Artist, Dancer, Day Tripper, Hippie, False-Humble, and Producer)


The Cop (if under 100 people) is only there to help, can sometimes be ameliorated with a Logic Bomb CD or maybe by a friendly neighborhood Cokehead.  Usually too busy chasing Ravers to give any thought to trance people (if over 100 people) your worst nightmare.  Because once you get a hundred people, statistics dictate that you will get at least a couple Naked Guys, Freakers, and OD’ers.

DMT Archives 23 1

Costume Buffoons

The Costume Buffoon only goes out when they have a costume.  Are into “themes.”   Build up huge collections of costumes.  Would be great bank robbers.  Can re-enter a party if kicked out.  Sometimes have more than just water in their water guns.  No one recognizes them when out of costume. See also Burners.

Couch Potatoes

The Couch Potato: You know who they are…The guys/girls that come in…find their crash pad…and that’s where they sit for the night…watching everyone else dance…usually so “under the influence” they can’t stand. Or those that usually have an excuse as to why they can’t dance…”oh I have bad knees”…or “Oh..I’m really tired”.  9 times out of 10 just taking up valuable dance space.  (Submitted by SpinKittin66 at

Crazy Mans

The Crazy Man in a male dominated society, has a huge support system and is called “Gifted” for being so “out there.”  A double standard, yes, but quite convenient whilst taking many many trance maidens to bed – or trying to.  Trancers are advised to steer clear should they become angry and violent.

lisaandlarryharvey Enhanced
Telling off Larry Harvey, funder of Burning Man. This woman also throw permanent black paint at a party in Limelight, and started a meltdown at a bar that ended in gunfire.

Crazy Womans

The Crazy Woman trance parties are unusual in that a crazy woman can enter the party and feel right at home, and no one realizes how nuts she is until the music stops (sometimes before) usually just a phase for most women.  At some point there is a psychic/psychotic break with reality, and the woman has a very public nervous breakdown, sometimes but not always fuelled by taking too many drugs.  Prone to wailing and sometimes violence.  Sometimes cursed with the Cassandra complex.  Sometimes cat fight each other, worse when they team up. Usually they are attractive. enabling them to get away practically with murder.

yiuridhea Enhanced Color Restored
This Vice caption was probably written by Gavin McInnes when he was part of Vice.

Cult Leaders

The Cult Leader is usually older, sometimes followed around by an entourage of young nubile New Agers, and tries to throw inherently illogical aphorisms in your face to confuse you (e.g. You are Nothing.  Nothing is Everything, etc etc)  will keep at it for hours until you sheepishly submit to their will.  Then, you are pretty much done for as their hands slide down your pants.  There’s usually one in every local scene. Usually goes through a Drug Nerd phase to aid in their brainwashing techniques (see the “Collector” subset.)  See also the Old Timer

'Spiritual' red flags to watch for, and their meanings

‘Spiritual’ red flags to watch for, and their meanings

Plagiarized/stolen from a Facebook post by Ang Stoic, Spiritual Anarchist. Also ripped off the cover image. Sorry and thanks guys! ...

Scumbag Steve DJ


D The DJ is usually a time-limited archetype within the psytrance scene, often lasting about the time a larva becomes a pupa. Usually, a short term disease, lasting about a two to four year period where someone pays hard-earned money for CDs or Bandcamp subs and is painfully aware of all the up to the minute best/most popular tracks. This monetary hit in and of itself, coupled with the extravagant amounts of time it takes to network with producers all over the world and to actually listen to all the potential songs in their goody bag, sort them out, and find their favorites, pinpoint the breaks and cutoff times, all prevents any sane human for continuing to fulfill this archetype for extended periods of time unless they have a trust fund, living with parents, or has outside help (see Lauren Southern).
This also creates an unsustainable arms race of sorts between DJs that, according to game theory, would incentivize some to try to change the rules of the”game” by stressing say, personal character or drug bribes over having the best current music, or breadth of track selection.
This cost-benefit rarefied dynamic collides with the questionable reason many become DJs. It has such a low apparent barrier to entry and has so many immediate rewards in getting laid, that for the males of the species it attracts many guys who just wanna get status and girls right away. The problem lies in the first paragraph – true costs in terms of time and money. If they “cheat” and get low bitrate MP3s they will get called out when they play on actually good systems. Another complication the DJ faces is politics and ego. If the Organizer does not publish a DJ schedule, the decks can be a cutthroat free for fall where only the strongest survive and push any weaklings off, cutting off each other’s sets, pouring beer (or spitting, if they are particularly ornery) into the mixer (whether by the Drinker or by an angry short Organizer cousin of a Rocksta DJ, the fallout of which can last for months on forums such as NYC604/Shitlist or Isratrance) Also see Jaded DJs. Getting rescheduled as a DJ to another time slot can completely fuck everything up, especially if they have toiled for weeks or months in a nighttime set and get bumped to morning. At that point, they will grudgingly throw down without adapting and take it out on morning trancers, and kill your party. This byproduct can also come to fruition if you have a Freaker who lives at your loft that has sat through hours and hours of progressive and wants to play FUCKING PSYTRANCE. The problem herein lies when they have found a bottle of liquid LSD and rather than returning it to the owner they empty it all on their tongues. Your party will die. There is no escape.
Other professional hazards is the worst of the worst, the skipping CD. In more just societies, such as feudal Japan, this would entail ritual Seppuku. But an acceptable excuse is that the Organizer’s CDJ’s “suck.”
The Organizer will often morph attempt to morph into a DJ, but given the competing costs of both organizing with all its attendant pounds of flesh required, competing with DJing’s cost in time and money as mentioned in paragraph one, the DJ aspect will always end up getting overlooked. As a consequence, the Organizer will almost always end up relinquishing the spot, or if they are particularly tenacious, end up as the warmup guy. Warmup guy because no one wants to be DJing at the end of the night, particularly if the Organizer is a fan of drinking and/or Ketamine. Still, the Organizer will look fondly at their CD Case and say “There’s a lot of magic in there!,” especially if their name is El Nadiv.
The subvariant of DJs, the Female DJ, follows all of these rules, but is almost always a standout amongst the boys, and works thrice as hard as the males, because she is not sitting on male privilege as a crutch. A Peggy Olson from Mad Men. She can be bombshell beautiful, and be amazing. Practically, a Mary Sue.
Unless, of course, she is a Lauren Southern.
Any self-respecting DJ has DJ Groupies (see below)
DJs often are DJ/Drug Dealers, basically a one-stop-shop for supplied magic, and this is often a conflict when people are asking them for drugs while they are DJing. This is why it should be important to sort things out beforehand because buyers never have their ducks in a row.
The bane of all DJs is the Live Set Critic and the Psynob Subspecies #1 and 2.
See also Jaded DJs
An essay
“Kindness without honesty is manipulation.
Honesty without kindness is brutal.”
In the long term, though, dishonesty is the ultimate killer.

“The DJ”
Is born.
Mom and maybe dad potty train them
they take their first steps
dressed for school
A diploma for kindergarten!
Kid grows up kind of weird
Maybe gets bullied
Finds some new fringe cult music
Finds a group of people that also like that music
Enters the honeymoon period
Does drugs
Sees that DJs are the most respected in that scene
Fantasizes about what “they” would play
Gets all the CDs/flacs/bandcamp
Practices their mixing in their bedroom
Learns to beatmatch
Starts DJing
Puts their mixes on Soundcloud

If they know what they are doing, at this point they start making actual music
The first order of business is adding “Records” to their name
Puts it on Bandcamp
If they don’t get weeded out by all the hard work, effort, and technical knowhow required
doing this may make them level up and out of this reality tunnel and immunize them to what comes after
They found the escape hatch
Which keeps them focused and away from being the court jester, the last guy to leave an afterhours

The DJ gets approval
Gets snobby about their mixing style and track selection
Starts styling themselves as “shamans” or “wizards” or they wanna wanna be a little more understated, “seer” or “conjurer”
Gets given drugs “to keep the party going” like a dancing monkey
(Please, find me a DJ who would turn down a bag of coke)
Spiritual ecstasy experienced regularly becomes mundane
A button in the brain pressed occasionally starts getting smashed to feel the same effect
To recreate their initial experiences
Like a game of Super Smash Bros. on a Nintendo controller
This is where it goes dark
Gets addicted to drugs and/or alcohol
Superstardom for the .001%
The rest?
Might sell drugs to pay for their supply
Especially if it’s the expensive and bottomless kind
Because their day job, if they have one, ain’t gonna cover that expense
And their fees from DJing won’t either
What happens next?
If their genre doesn’t die on the vine
and people don’t stop caring or coming to parties
The only people left
are the dregs
so faithful in Plan A they never thought of Plan B
the dregs who devolve into animals
that scare away bright young people with direction and careers
who recoil in horror
the dregs who had nothing else lined up in their lives
and the drug dealers
who like wolves follow the herd of sheep
patiently waiting for an opportunity
Sometimes not patiently
If the DJ “sticks with it”
they face
a wasted life
life that could have been
suburban and affluent with children
or death
they join the crowded graveyard
or worse.

And the parents
who potty trained them
Who dressed them for school
Saw them go to prom
How do you think they look at all the people who enabled them
Told them they were great
Who danced all night to their 6 hour mixes
Who write their obituaries
You don’t wanna hear me point out what they would think.
They just want their baby back.

Superstars can get all this, too…
But if all this happens in a country with no public healthcare like the U.S.
they get grinded into little strands of meat that fall off the humongous meat grinder that is capitalism

This cycle happens every time
A new scene comes up
It’s the connecting thread
An assembly line of Jesuses
Each one carrying the cross for a while til they burn out or die
But in actual fact they are just whores
who sleep around enough til they get AIDS
and the whores tell themselves people love them
and the ppl do
but not for the reasons the DJs think
DJs are just another drug to them
Something to consume
DJs enable people to feel good, get more high,
and validate their personal lifestyle choices

I am available for parties
My mix tap is available at


DJ Groupies

DJ Groupies are usually seen in the DJ booth, always waiting around for their idol to play, gives them cheerful pep talks no matter how bad the set went.  Often goes from DJ to DJ.  Travels a lot.  You wish they could bring more of their girlfriends to parties but none of us mortals will never get them.Usually female, as there are few female DJs and gays in the trance scene are generally closeted.  That’s why you don’t have a “Gay” here!  Unless you count The Progressive… See also Playgirl.   See also the famous seminar Trance Personal Power.


The Dancer spends the whole party on the dance floor, nonstop movement.  If the Organizer and the DJ get everyone to become a Dancer, they will have done their jobs well..   A serious Dancer dances so much so that they forget how to speak English, or whatever language it is that they used to speak.  And if they do manage to speak no one wants to talk to them because all they are supposed to do is dance, and there are so many of the ‘never-dancers’ tripping out on them, that if the dancer stops, a whole bunch of sid just went to waste.  See also the Cheerleader. (Submitted by Jehan)
A subset, the Overenthusiastic Dancer, is so eager/hopped up on something they will dance a little too much during the breaks or lulls between songs, making people a bit nervous. Unless they are the Cheerleader, at which point they pull the crowd along. (see Cheeleader) Partiers have their priorities straight – Only there to socialize and get laid.  Tend to do drugs that enable you to party some more.
Goa Gill Grand Mal
Naked guy. Knows he’s naked. Endlessly looks around to see if anyone else knows he’s naked or if anyone else is naked.
The Air Weaver, apparently boneless, dances like they are characters from the early black and white Steamboat Willie type cartoons
The Air-Swimmer
The Badger badger badger
The Bandleader waves his (HIS) hands in the air and pretends like he is leading the whole show
The Bass Humper: you can find them laying on or in front of the speaker making love to it.
The Cauldron Stirrer
The Conductor usually just dance with 1 finger
The Dark Psy Jesus Jello Mold. Usually early morning, stands erect in Jesus on the cross pose and vibrates at high frequency. Usually only occurs to Dark Psy played in daylight hours
The Darkpsy Convulsion
The Driver!
The Fire Dancer
The Heirloom Morning Glory prefers to socialize and/or sleep at night and comes out to dance with the sun. Has been accused of “putting on a show” because she’s often on the dance floor alone.
The Hoop Dancer
The Hopper
The Israeli Stomp Dance where there is hole in the dirt where they were dancing
The K Powered Statue have done so much K they can no longer move but are frozen in place with either one of these looks on their face
The Karen gets a bunch of other 40 and 50 something gal pals to do the Macarena all in sync even if it’s a Mad Maxx tune
The Liquid Dude – still doing Liquid like it’s the mid 90s
The Pee Wee Herman
The Percolator
The Poi Dancer
The Slam Dancer thinks its great to bring back stage diving pogoing and slam dancing to people who are 1 tab short of a nervous breakdown
The Sound-Swatter… Gotta keep those sounds out of your eyes, y’know.
The South Afrikan Stomper
The Spinner. Somewhere between the ‘dead and sufism, you get this
The Sprinkler
The Stair Climber
The Sweet Spot Detective… usually wears high end ear plugs and wanders the floor to find the perfect listening spot. Not to be confused with the Air-Conditioning Vent Detective.
The Test Tube Shuffler has many testubes to shuffle
The Too Tired to Move Feet ran out of money for drugs and it’s 8am. Slumps over, bobs head, if long hair it’s all the way down like a J-Horror killer, waves hands and rocks arms, hangs head over, economizes movement by moving on the 4th, just like normal people do when listening to Hi-Tech
The Treadmill
The Twist Again
The Whirling Pervish: when they are not whirlin’, they pervin’
The Worm Holer – Wacky waving inflatable arms
The Stroller
Trainspotters hovering around the DJ booth
Twilight Zombies… Too tired to dance, to twacked to sleep so they shuffle without much enthusiasm on the floor

Day Trippers

The Day Tripper only goes to outdoor events, will drive hours to get to outdoor parties, and has a carload of camping gear.  The elite have whole tents and are always ready for the next Rainbow Gathering or outdoor festival (see Hippies)  (Note from a Tweaker – “I think there should be some clarification on the category of “Daytrippers” for us of the Tweaker persuasion this is misleading because when we get tweaked for days on end (although no anymore due to various difficulties) we see shit — these hallucinations are fondly referred to as Daytripps (or Daytripping if you are experiencing them) so you can see the cause for pause when we of the tweaked come up to that one”) DJ/Drug dealer is almost everyone at some point or another…  They all want to “take you on a journey.”  The higher levels can start revolutions.

Drinker 1


The Drinker will save the Organizers by buying a lot of drinks from the bar, giving the bartender something to do besides slug water bottles all night.  The poorer elements (or, at parties with no alcohol allowed) will bring their own flasks or bottles of vodka.  Many recovering K-heads become Drinkers.  Drinkers are easily spotted, they are the ones rolling around on the floor or picking up other people and twirling them around (see OD’ers and Naked Guys)  They are also the ones you can take home to have sex with.  There’s weird irony because the founder of AA was a proponent of LSD.  Should stores of LSD rise to late 90s levels the drinkers will become almost extinct.

Owsley Purple 1967
Owsley, not exactly a Drug Dealer but a master chemist

Drug Dealers

The Drug Dealer is a vital part of the alchemy that is psytrance. Psytrance needs LSD, a critical mass of dancers, trippy deco, DJs would know what they are doing, and a great sound system. Missing any of one of these, and sorry, it’s just not a real psytrance party. And LSD is the only drug that truly matters.Not everyone has to BE on LSD, or any drugs in general, and it is conceptually possible if all the other elements are right, a bunch of sober people can have the best psytrance party ever – but that requires every possible star in the visible sky to align.
This applies to all the other factors mentioned above; for example, you could remove a great sound system, and if all the other factors are primo, you still have a good party.Yes, you can sub in shrooms, but it it a little too unworldy and strange for a real dancefloor energy.
Yes, you can try to sub in MDMA, but that’s going to create a whole other vibe, with requisite different music expectations from the crowd – they will want deeper bass and more emotional feelgood emotional payback melodies.
Marijuana is generally too light of a drug for any substitutions – only as icing on a cake and a way to wind down.
Ketamine, as a private astral travel transportation device, isn’t suited for dance parties, much less social situations.
Drug Dealing itself, if it’s going to be one’s primary profession, is never going to end well. Either one gets busted, in which every last penny they made is going to pay for legal fees, or they start doing their own supply, or worse, devolve into using darker drugs. Ideally, one or two enterprising young entrepreneurs picks up a gram or three of purple, or better, white, LSD powder. And away it goes.

James Kent Serious

Drug Nerds

The Drug Nerd knows the difference between 2Ci and 2CB.  Loves 2cb.  Has actually read PIKHAL and TIKHAL (and even calls them Pickle and Tickle, affectionately). There are actually about twenty different subspecies of this subgroup detailed in the last issue of Tripzine, ranging from the Collector to the Thrill Seeker. (Courtesy of Fire, Earth Erowid)  Usually friends with the Hacker and the Techie.  Often called in to help the Freaker and/or the OD’er


The Drummer is usually, hopefully, adept at keeping to the beat of the music. Sometimes they will have an electronic set. They generally are either very good – knowing when to stop, knowing when to play lightly, expertly conforming to the often idiosyncratic quirks of a particular speaker setup, or, alternately, Go Fuck Youself bloody awful, whether by lack of skill and any sense of rhythm, or sheer hubris.
A safe bet is to only play drums outside on monster sound systems.
The few times Organizers have left drum sets unattended in tiny rooms with loud monitors, with the tacit invitation for any rando jackass to start pounding out a mistimed rhythm, have not gone well.


Eurotrash Country of origin obscure, (but often Francophone/Lebanese) but can be recognized by very blond spiked hair and neon orange Oakleys worn indoors. Plumage tends to include lengthy gold chain or other accessory from American hip hop videos released 2 years ago.  Other fashion errors include bright yellow pants with a blue cargo pocket stuck somewhere, or t-shirt purchased on St. Marks Pl.  Tend to have the hottest girls in the place, but avoid group if any males are wearing soccer jerseys.   See the Pill Billy (Submitted by AT)

Fake Hindus

Fake Hindus/Fake Indians often wears tie die Ganesh shirt, smells bad, has a big smile, and gives sweaty hugs that leave you smelling as bad as they do.  Comes to events with all the Shiva tapestries,  brings the necessary Shiva, Ganesh, and Kali Idols, and plans every party around some obscure Hindu holiday and yet has no real understanding of Eastern religions, dogmas, nor teachings.  The Fake Hindu thinks that Shiva is coooooooool… (see also Old Timer, God, Cult Leader) (Submitted by djamanita at  Also know as pseudo-sadhu, related to the wigwam-wannabee who thinks there is a mystical significance to American Indians and Indian Indians being SOOOOOO spiritual….  often attributes the correspondence to divine alien influence. And chakras. (Submitted by thew at 

False Humbles

The False Humble Feeds owns sense of superiority by claiming to remain above the fray while simultaneously going for the jugular. Isn’t as funny as s/he thinks. (Submitted by thew at

Fire Spinners

Fire Spinners – Covered in oil and leather these artistic beasts come bearing the flame and are often half naked. Likes to spin fire in the middle of the dance floor so they can feed their egos. Typical attention whores that make everyone stop and watch them instead of other Dancers or the DJ. Seen inside circles of people these leather-bound bastards are the “breakers” of the psy scene. (submitted by Josh at Init String) Often female, attractive, and bisexual and proud of it! And carry around containers of gasoline. And they smoke….

Flyer People

The Flyer People are easiest to spot because they like to stand exactly where you want to be and hand people flyers. Never seen without a backpack these people spend most of the time at a party talking to the Security Guards. The shoeshine boys of the scene, they are frequently employed and occasionally ripped off by the Organizers. But sometime, for added effect, to demonstrate their sincerity, the Organizers themselves will hand out the flyers, aided by their attractive Hungarian girlfriends (RIP) if they want that additional sucker punch. For some reason some of them, possibly due to the “shoeshine boy” factor, love drum and bass but can endure trance because it’s “fast.”  See also Bottom Fisher.



The Freaker– first spotted incoherently traipsing through peoples tents and seeming to not know where they are, or rambling on about things that know one understands. At outdoor parties they tend to just want to wander off , indoor parties they try go outside and wander around. Both of these actions pose an immediate threat to other partygoers, i.e.. draw attention to the party etc… other partygoers try to stop them and they freak out, becoming violent. sometimes biting close friends, screaming ,and punching people. You can always tell when someone has done this , cause they will be duct-taped to a tree or chair. sometimes inside a sleeping bag…there tends to be three to six caretakers that drop by on occasion to check on the freaker. When the freaker is let loose in the morning the caretakers continue to keep in eye on him or her. usually going around doing damage control behind the freaker and trying to get others to be caretakers too. ..Submitted by leafsunbear at The Rainbow Gathering (see The Hippie) has their own methods of dealing with this one, if they fuck up really bad and rape someone or steal a lot of money.  They dose them with hundreds to a thousand hits of acid and tie them to a tree or leave them stranded in a city.  See also the OD’er and the Crazy Man/Woman and the Naked Guy


Fuckwad alias BMOC alias TranceGuru – we all know this type. Usually spends entire party socializing prominently amongst throngs of acolytes (mostly fawning women). Generally has very strong drugs. Often adorned in some sort of silly costume or body paint. Not to be confused with Rockstah DJ


Ghosts are people you only see when tripping.  And you just know that they are tripping too. This makes you wonder if they really exist are just figments of an overactive imagination (see also African-Americans) (Submitted by Mimi)

Goa Trollops

Goa Trollops are plain and simple Goa girls that have turned to prostitution to fund their habits, Eurailpass, and cover fees. Often coming from middle-class backgrounds with university educations, and sometimes straight-out mentally ill, I can’t help but be reminded of bourgeois Europeans being indoctrinated into ISIS. They refuse to go back home where their families can take care of them. These cautionary tales will often accuse random people of misogyny and Nazism and other snippets they gleaned from their semesters at Ivy League, and write long-ass diatribes on Istratrance that read like descents into a long dark drug-addled hell.

Crunhack 001 2


H4ck3rz knows who Cap’n Crunch is. Likes Linux.  Many ravers are hackers.  May or may not be in 2600.  American hackers are a dying breed as the legal penalties are now almost as staggering as the financial rewards offered by the tech industry. Don’t piss them off if you have a web site or discussion group (see List Moderator) See also Techie.

interview goagil image012


Hippies sometimes will take time out of their Rainbow Gathering to waft in.  The old men are sometimes Dirty Old Men.  the women are graceful and learned, sometimes have beards to denote their wisdom.  Never have real (Western) names.  Often has dreads.  Tends to like Goa vs. straight-up Psy-.  See also New Ager. In the UK at least, two subsets of hippies:

Subspecies #1: The Jump Hippies

Hippie Subspecies #1: The Jump Hippies : hippies (dreadlocks/tie-dye/barefoots) on the dance floor who always jump the same kinda jump on the same spot and do this hour after hour to leave the dance floor for a sip of water or another drop of acid. Usually they jump in pairs, but can be found single or even in bigger groups on the dance floor.

Subspecies #1: The Walk Hippies

Hippie Subspecies #1: The Walk Hippies always walk/jump on the music and use the whole freakin’ dance floor as their playground. Usually it takes them ten minutes to walk the whole dance floor (depending on the size of the festi.) before they start all over again in the center of the dance floor.

Djdragonlotus 2


Indians hang out and tries to not ask which caste other Indians are part of.   Paradoxically many Indians are into Progressive Trance.  The answer to this question is far from clear.  Usually handy with a chillum, just don’t pour milk on those Kali finger puppets.  The females of the species are even harder to bed than Israeli women.


The Israeli is seriously misunderstood… they get into all sorts of trouble good and bad… it doesn’t help that they tend to be shellshocked and when you get mad at them they shrug and go “Boom Shankar”  They are smarter than the average person because (a) they didn’t send their best and brightest off to be childless monks for over 1000 years, (b) Ashenazi Jews harbour four different mutations that make them more intelligent, such as one that makes the brain’s dendrites grow more – as in, more leaves their tree of a brain – but sometimes these mutations put them in wheelchairs. Would you take a pill that added 20 points to your IQ abut had a 10% chance of making you wheelchair bound for life? I didn’t think so. But we digress…

Jaded DJs

Jaded DJs were dissatisfied with the lack of attention by being a Dancer and decided what the world really needed was another DJ. Plagued by pushing their way on the decks and then trainwrecking low bitrate MP3s on scratchy CDs even while sober, the Jaded DJ blames everyone else for them not becoming “successful” like, say, the Rockstah DJ. No longer DJs and tries to piss on anyone close to their circles who does. Will occasionally sign on to forums under a fake name and diss other DJs. Often disappears from the scene or moves to another area to start over. Often retires to being an Armchair Trancer or Trainwreckspotter or Live Set Critic.

Jaded Promoters

The Jaded Promoter no longer throws parties and tries to piss on anyone who does. Blames everyone else for them not making enough money to keep on. The Japanese are awesome dressers and are stocked with the best drugs around, and are nice people too, which makes for a great combo.  Often, the polar opposites of Russian Israelis except for the drug part.

Johnny Appleseeds

The Johnny Appleseed gets non-trancers turned on to trance. A tireless promoter of the psytrance viral meme. May or may not use free LSD as an enticement.



K-heads starts with recreational doses of Ketamine, then all of a sudden gets a full-on out of body experience.  This epiphany leads to more and more, until they have the second-highest ketamine content in their hair in neuro studies at Columbia University.  Believe it or not. everyone stops, but sometimes it takes years.  In the meantime, they go from snorting K to injecting it in their muscles, leaving trails of used needles. Can be seen squatting in the corner with a needle in their ass.  See O.D.’er.

Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern

L The Lauren Southern is that hot female DJ who became redpilled, and unlike your typical Alt-Right Nutjob (c.f.) they tend to keep a lot of their friends, because, well, they are a pretty girl and a lot of lonely guys would rather walk through coals than to unfriend any girl that may one day decide to sleep with him, no matter how unlikely.
This coterie of incel fans will laugh along when she goes after Greta Thunberg or tries to say that Nazis were really just misunderstood. Down, down the rabbit hole she goes, It can be a glorious flame out to watch for the sadistic.
Almost certainly never got a real degree or had to fine-tune her critical thinking by writing term papers. If she did attend classes, it might have been something borderline useless like Women’s Studies, where she was far left, and boomeranged out, and ready for payback.
Often a trustafarian who looks for someone to care for her after Daddy starts cutting the credit cards. She almost always finds a husband who agrees to finance her vanity projects, but ultimately will get sucked dry, because no amount of money can fill that bottomless hole.
Later in life, this archetype is a prime candidate for being very bitter as she loses her primary trait with age and is left with absolutely no redeeming qualities unless she was actually a good DJ – which is rare, because she probably coasted to her spot with looks in the first place, often helped along with a well put-together CD mix from some desperate acne-pocked suitor.
An acceptable career path is to simply just play chillout, where annoying things like rapid track selection, crowd awarenes, and beat matching don’t have to be employed.
For some reason, North Carolina and California have a lot of this specimen. Other genres have this too, that persist like dingleberries you can’t shake.

Kri 2003 063
These two had a legendary fallout over a stolen generator and made us appreciate leaderless modern social media

List Moderators

List Moderators are forever warring with the only people they can’t moderate – each other.  Usually has incredible amounts of time on their hands and when in a foul mood will use their power like a club.  The Americans of the species are the worst of the lot.

Live Set Critics

The Live Set Critic Usually adept with computers and technology, but has no idea what it takes to produce psy-trance Is disgusted when they see people being flown over and paid to – as they put it – “just press spacebar on cubase.” This species has no concept of what a live-set is and rarely knows that the person who “just pressed spacebar” had actually spent the last two months sleeping one hour per night to make 5 minutes worth of his set.  The L.S.C also tends to be in love with or sometimes even plays a “real musical instrument” – like guitar or drums – and is constantly telling everyone around how an artist doing a live-set is so much less talented than Joey Ramon or Jack White. If seen, consider them dangerous. Approach cautiously inform them of the location of the closest punk-rock show in town, and offer to buy them a ticket.   *Close relatives in genus: Trainwreckspotter and Psysnob.*  (Submitted by dave henshaw) 


The Loudmouth,  the guy telling the wrong people to go to the wrong party, also known as man-who-is-this-lewis-guy?  Tells everyone about private parties, then the organizers have to make a guest list.  The party inevitably ends up with some crashers.  (submitted by Jehan and Malcolm Lewis)


The Lurker never goes out, never sends emails on lists, just reads every… last… word….

Methalomaniacal Dead Russian Techie

Methalomaniacal Dead Russian Techie.  Just what it says.  I know at least 4 examples.


Mexicans regard their gringo counterparts with pity. Often indistinguishable from an Israeli.

Missing Links

Missing Link alias Sasquatch alias Yeti – generally only spotted at outdoor festivals in Europe. Easily distinguished by wild knotted hair, prominent supra-orbital ridge usually covered by unibrow, crazed look in eyes, bare chest, extra dirty pants (may have possibly been fluoro at one time in distant past), and well calloused hobbit feet. Is usually prominent on the dance floor shaking fists, stomping madly, and grunting, often viciously guarding one area of the dancefloor right up near the front for themselves and their pile of smelly personal effects. Disappears back to cave soon after festival is over. Often found in close habitation with the Israeli. Not to be confused with Freaker.(Submitted by jessw at


The Mobster is usually Russian.. but sometimes Israeli or (on the west Coast) Asian.  Tries to come in and get a corner on the drug trade, until they realize there is none.  If they hang around, they start to lose weight. Can be converted by dosing them with lots of LSD.

Naked Guys

Naked Guy – easiest to spot. Usually sweaty and is someone you would never want to see naked anyways. (submitted by Josh at Init String)  See also the Freaker and the Cult Leader.

New Agers

The New Ager is an odd one.  Prone to donning blindfolds while dancing, these are the types that get really caught up in the tapestries.  Sometimes make crystal shrines on the dance floor.  Always a welcome addition to a cast of local characters, the New Ager don’t need drugs to be fucked up.  When in large numbers in the woods, the collective power makes you want to Henge your own Stones.  The women of the species often practice reiki and often have “Shakti” somewhere in their name.  Always trying to determine the color of your “aura.” Can be seen at sweat lodges and ayahuasca ceremonies.  See also the Hippiethe Crazy Man and Woman and Cult Leader.  When they get evil, see Occultist.

New Kid DJ on the Block

I’m the washed-up old greying promoter in the corner doin bumps of K and drinking themselves to stupor, and the New kid DJ on the Block that I have vampirically hired, who just smokes and trips, up on the decks, who has bought all their CDS and knows all the producers, is playing this mix. This kid brings the people and the energy. I say awkward/inappropriate things to their significant other. He/she plays while I steal track names to go Napster them

Nuclear Units

The Nuclear Unit usually consists of three members. the mother, the father & the young child. the first two are inconspicuous and are very adept at blending in with the other subgroups.( usually among the hippy/rainbow persuasion. since members of this archetype is least likely to settle down and grow up. unlike the progressive fan, who will buy a suit and get a real job upon the arrival of child.) The Nuclear Unit can only be detected by the presence of the third member, the young child. the child can normally be seen mimicking the appearance of its elders. be on the look out for jr size tie-dye, beads, earplugs (hopefully), stringy long hair and occasionally, nudity. (not to be confused with the Naked Guy)


Occultists are very misguided, equating trance with Aleister Crowley and such.  Flames out quickly with bad parties, or goes to jail.  See also New Ager The OD’er – You can always spot this creature passed out in an inappropriate place. If he/she’s lucky they have a friend to help them out or take them home. Notice the drool. (…submitted by Josh at Init String)  Might have post it notes stuck all over their back and ass, saying things like ‘3:30am -still breathing, don’t call the ambulance” and ‘4am – starting to move'”   See also the Freaker. The Old Timer always pines for the good old days when the land of LSD-infused milk and honey.  Was a raver before “goa trance” officially took off in the mid 90s.  The King of the Old Timers is Goa Gil. See Cult Leader.


The Organizer never has any money.  With a surprisingly low burnout rate (~50%) [2019 edit: OVER TIME BURNOUT RATE EVENTUALLY REACHES ZERO],  something keeps them going, either raw integrity, love for the music, or plain deviousness with money.  Gets off on giving a trance party their personal stamp.  Will hand out fruit and chai when feeling generous.  Idealistic, everyone gives them shit.


Philosophers relate the trance phenomenon to established philosophies, usually in written form but sometimes verbally. To qualify for this archetype the philosopher must go beyond mere Eastern mysticism (see the Fake Indian), and can somehow relate Philip K. Dick to the hierarchies of established Western philosophers.  As this dialectic sounds incredibly pretentious when actually spoken, these individuals are usually quiet and shy in person, but when they get in front of a computer with something to say – watch out! When they are focused they write excellent reviews. In order to qualify the philosophical statements must come from dead people, not living breathing Cult Leaders, or else they are merely the Confused Enlightenment Seeker. Sometimes philosophers can become Cult Leaders, but not all Cult Leaders are also philosophers.  Examples: Evan, Dave Henshaw, Selim from Boston, Jess W

Pill Billies

The Pill Billy slams the E’s like it’s 1998.  For some reason psy-trance’s lack of an emphasis on the all powerful Bass Beat doesn’t deter them from trying to rub your shoulders.  This species is distinct from Ravers in that these yobs are into psy-trance and try to wrap the beats around their experience.  Some bring vibrating toys, as Vicks Vapo-rub is déclassé.  Some but not all preload with 5HTP and post load with MAOI’s to protect their dendrites.  These are the most short-lived of the trancers, because the inevitable comedown of MDMA abuse prevents long term functionality. See Russian Israeli.  A slacker subgroup is a raver holdover called the E-Tard who lays around on the floor. Is apologetic if YOU step on them. Is in constant search of gum, water, candy or fingers to suck on. Gives back rubs without being asked. Loses their train of thought in mid-sentence. And scurries to a dark corner when the lights come on.

2006 8 11 Alladin 84
I should follow these 2 around with a research team and EEG machine


Playboys (Brazilicus HitOnYou-s) are beefy mezzomorphics known to cut out by 4am, always trying to get laid.  Many in Brazil, haven’t made it to the US (yet) 


The Playgirls are a uniquely American phenomenon and come to parties to get laid, some have Sand fever and go after Israeli men.  See DJ Groupie.


The Progressive feels like trance needs to actually “go” somewhere.   Tends toward but not always high levels of hygiene and income.  Don’t do a lot of drugs, what some may take as an underdeveloped senses of humor is actually just chronic misunderstanding.  The kind of people you could trust at your house.  Outside of Boston, never took off anywhere in the US. See also Twilo Reject


The Producer never goes out, always working and rearranging the perfect track.  Never makes it happen, but you’d never know that from them making you listen to their cringe-inducing very steep learning curves..  Because they are friends it is difficult to tell them that their tracks suck.  Usually pale.  Usually has more experience selling ecstasy than in music composition, but that doesn’t puncture their enthusiasm.  Sometimes through sheer will they make it happen.



The Psybear wages battle against alt right hatred and new age ignorance in the trance scene.


The Psy Snob – The most nit-picky bastard of them all. Commonly seen walking around and bitching about the sound system or the fact that the music isn’t dark/full/progressive/tech/glitch/polka trance enough for their selective taste. Most likely to hate 90% of what he/she hears and then bitch about it on a mailing list afterwards. The never smiling psy snobs are notorious for being the most un-friendly assholes on the dance floor.   (submitted by Josh at Init String)  Secret Tactics – Psy Snobs creatures can be very complex. They will sometimes appear to be just enjoying the music. Lying in wait as to ambush one of their unsuspecting friends. The friend dances up and says “the music’s great , huh?”. the psy/snob returns with “nah, I don’t really like it” now the friends stumble away confused by the negative effect his seemingly positive friend just had on them. The psy/snob has developed an ability to pretend to be positive while spewing negative crap at everybody else. Go against the psy/snob and they will scream about how negative you are…….. (submitted by leafsunbear at    There are two major subsets of the Psy Snob, the Trainwreckspotterand the Track Nerd

PsySnob Subspecies #1: The Trainwreckspotter

PsySnob Subspecies #1: The Trainwreckspotter waits around and listen for “train wrecks” in between tracks played by another DJ.  Then, when they hear one, get a pained look on their face and shake their head, and tell everyone within range how much better they could do.  The dirtier elements of this subgroup can’t really speak cause they have been chewing their cheeks to threads for the past 2 hours.  When they come up and ask for us to play “kll..ein,, aaarber dukttooor” (if they are, say, Danish) and when you turn them down and say no. they don’t understand what you say and just reply with “cool” (Submitted by Cujorious)

PsySnob Subspecies #2:  The Track Nerd

PsySnob Subspecies #2:  The Track Nerd knows every track, every year of release, which album or compilation it appears on, and which label published it. Is amazed when he/she shows up to a party and “hears a track they don’t recognize.” Is usually bombarded with questions by his/her friends such as “what track is this?” and “what compilation did this come out on?” Loves dancing and listening to the music, but sometimes has a hard time staying focused when an unreleased and/or recent release is played that he/she has never heard before. Upon hearing it, the track nerd morphs into the QUESTIONER and asks all present “what track is this?”   (anonymous)  The track nerd also feels irritated, when trying to enjoy the music, and his/her friends come over and talk to them all time. once in a while gets irritated enough to say it directly “fuck off, I’m trying to dance” (Submitted by Cujorious)

Hipchix 3 Years in Pix 1 1


The Psychologist – This trancer has been around since the early days of Synthetic Sadhus. They went on to become PhDs in things like Psychology and Cognitive Science, finding success (and often, actual tenure) in an ever-changing world, secure in a position that can never be outsourced to Indians or technology. They are the 2020s equivalent of the Masters of the Universe from Wall Street in the 80s, especially when paired up with hedge funds.
For some reason, the psytrance scene was fertile ground for testing their ideas, dealing with so many insane archetypes from this whole rogue’s gallery – The Freaker, The Confused Enlightenment Seeker, The Crazy Man, and The Crazy Woman – not to mention the plethora of motivations of everyone else, such as why do so many people congregate in darkened maze-like rooms with electronic music and blinking lights chasing power pills? “Years of playing Pac Man!” they say, stroking their metaphorical goatee.
The Psychologist go full meta. They alone fully grok the Jungian nature of this entire Trancespotting enterprise.


Ravers can be spotted these people a mile away, they have no fluoro on them, and will show up if there absolutely is nothing else going on that weekend.  Their subsets are the Thug, the Candy Raver, and the Hardcore Head.  All should be avoided for various reasons.  Basically the thugs and hardcore heads will steal your bag or tag your lobby, and the Candy Ravers, well, they will kill you with kindness.

Right Wing Organizers Who Go Off the Rails

The Right-Wing Organizer Who Goes Off the Rails shows up every decade or so. Quite rare. After smoking a lot of DMT or eating sheets of acid and having been throwing enough festivals for a few years to get everyone’s trust, they start pulling really weird shit out of their asses, like “Transgenders are Demons” or doing livestreams where they load an AR-15 and start railing against Antifa. Examples: David Bryson of Evolvefest, Rob Radial Engine, and Bob Smith AKA Allen Dermott.

DJ Bim, Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), some other guy

Rockstah DJs

Rockstah DJ – AKA God alias Arrogant Fuckwad see Tim Schuldt. (Submitted by jessw at (see also DJ Groupies)


The Russian is a bit confused… new country, so many possibilities.  Tends to be technologically adept.  Forget the rude and boorish stereotype, 99% of Russians in trance are the nicest people you will ever meet.  And the most idealistic, a carryover from communism.  Some say they are genetically designed to be dark and brooding.  The biggest surprise: they rarely drink.  A subset is a dark squatter type who only listens to Parasense.  All bets are off, however, when mixed with the Israeli
Russian Israeli when not in jail or being deported is a wild child, often the grease that greases the serotonin levels of a crowd. A theoretical poster child for white supremacists in the Pacific Northwest, the Russian Israeli when on the skids is kicked like a football between the US and Israel.

Scarred Veterans

S The Scarred Veteran – The trance and psychedelic scene in general has always been a haven for those seeking to escape from reality or their bodies (see also: Trancegenders) but America in particular has a small but growing contingent of military veterans who see trance as a salve for their neurological wounds via PTSD.  Can be either depressively ultradocile, reliving some feverish Saigon dream by taking advantage of the complete lack of order, discipline and hierarchy and disappearing in a haze of chillums, heroin and/or ketamine, or completely manic batshit crazy, taking the lead in event organaizing as this was a military operation in Kabul and brandishing assault rifles. I am so glad our little scene can do its part in patching the holes left by a defunded VA.

Security Guards

Security Guards are the largest humans ever manufactured. On the West Coast, often Samoan, otherwise Black and eat white babies for breakfast with Tang. Easily mistaken for tanned rhinoceros dressed for a funeral. Will kick your ass with brass knuckles if you ask where the bathroom is or if The Dancer gets too close. Use tactics similar to velociraptors where one grabs your attention and the rest come from all blindsides before dragging you to a Twiloesque back room at where there is no furniture and only a naked light bulb on ceiling. If charged, beast(s) can be distracted with promises of a special meeting with he and The Crazy Girl or The Raver(girl). (Submitted by Joe)
Often only there to pay for child support (their children, not the kids at the party)


Slackers AKA The Freeloader only go to free parties.  If not kicked out the Slacker will stay at your house for daayyyyys.  Sometimes they get smart at their slacking and learn to cook for you.  Too lazy to actually have seen the movie.  The Uber Slackers are from Austin.


The Sleeper, can be found awake usually at the beginning of the party, or when there is some technical failure with the sound and the party temporarily ceases to exist.  The sleeper is notorious for falling asleep in the most highly trafficked areas of the party, and often in ways that make you wonder if they are even alive.  The most intriguing quality of a Sleeper, is that often at the end of a party you will spot them sleeping, and you will smirk….  you will then get on with your after party plans, and go through hell and high water to get there, and when you get there, the Sleeper is already there!  Sleeping!  The Sleeper is notorious for one other thing…  when they are not sleeping they are often the most vicious talkers.  (see Talker) (Submitted by Jehan )


The Straightedge – not very common at trance parties, like the African American.  Not related to the Straightedge punks in the 80s, straightedge trance heads find creative things to do with their brains, like producing  “psychedelic” music for people on drugs to dance to, er, never mind.   They are to psy-trance what New Agers are to Goa. Closely related to Armchair Tranceheads and Progressives.


Talkers are the bane of any LSD or ayahuasca trip.  Though trance parties generally have a lot of talkers, often in the darkest areas, waiting for a stray tripper to come their way…  however, a real Talker can only be found out in one way…  when you encounter a person who talks a lot, and is talking to you to the point where all you see is there mouth moving and the sounds may as well be a skipping track, suddenly walk away from the person, after a few steps, look back, if he or she is still talking and doesn’t even notice that you are gone, then yes, you have just encountered a real Talker.  Never ever tell a Talker to be quiet.  They will be back before you know it in double force, sometimes after popping another E. (Submitted by Jehan) They also save a lot of money on therapists by dishing it all out on people around them at parties. See also the Cokehead and Tweaker


The Techie is someone who brings weird gizmos to parties.  These include brain machines and custom-designed wearable computing.  First seen in Toronto and MIT, who knows,  everyone may become a Techie in the future. The Traitor *WAS* a goa/psy-trance DJ but now plays Progressive House.  The worst of the lot.  Kill them.  Make sure to make recent converts from the Dark Side happy or they may defect, loudly complaining how many drugs everyone is on and how difficult it is to get laid and how “they all suck” because “they don’t like my tracks.”


The Trancegender – locked in a body they did not choose, part of their self-imposed pre-op therapy involves diving into out of body experiences and psychotropic fantasy.  Cross-dressing Antipodean Spacetriber Ollie Wisdom was the pioneer, and as the gender spectrum has hit the mainstream, it’s just not that edgey anymore to don a tie dye kilt or wear makeup.

Kri 2004 042

Tranceketeer Mafia

The Tranceketeer Mafia– Ubiquitous gang of females from NY, Boston, Philly, Asheville and various foreign countries (travel on a variety of passports and tend to be multi-lingual) who arrive in a pack to race around a party with at least 5 mobile phones and three digital cameras going at once. Preference for outdoor festies outside of US. Usually carry fliers promoting some trance event or other. 
After hours include Tori/Bjork. Friends with all the DJs major/minor, Organizers, promoters, venue owners, bartenders, tchotchske marketers. There is usually one brave male who sneaks along for their girls’ nights out/in to eavesdrop and enjoy the high estrogen flow.
Unusually high capacity for travel, danger, alcohol and other substances, but not necessarily. Their agenda is multi-fold: Make your own fun and don’t be afraid to look ridiculous in front of others, Dance like hell whether the music/soundsystem/venue sucks or not, Save the Party at any cost whether it is finding the venue, moving the party to a new venue when the other one is lost at last minute or being padlocked/shutdown, bribe the cops with cleavage/cuteness whichever works, render first aid, find a liquor sponsor, sound system, take a collection or mysteriously appear with more beer/alcohol/ water/food whatever when there appears to be none, interface/ambassador with other cultures, and demand justice when justice is needed!!!   Occasionally get arrested.  Have gigantic rolodex either in PDA/phone or imbedded in brain. Hammocks are a must.  They are the secret female agent weapons of the promoters. Not to be confused with DJ Groupies, Crazy Women, Yuppies or that weird mystical category although they’ve all been there a time or two.

Traitor/Twilo Rejects

The polar opposite of a Traitor (an immigrant rather than an emigre if you will) is the Twilo Reject, a pill popping house head who somehow got to a party and tripped full on and has now found their new religion.  Still has all their spandex shirts.  These types are best fed a steady diet of Progressive until they are ready to make the psychedelic leap.


The Tweaker is, tied with GHB users, the bane of any festival. They will outlast everyone, and right when it’s time to start pulling out the weed and taking a long recovery nap to prepare for the drive home, and they are still at a “10.”
And counterintuitively, their amped-up energy actually creates more chaos than order. For example, let one of them alone with your WiFi transmitter, and they will try to hack it with paper clips, leaving a disassembled mess as the final product.
Left unattended they will get in a car and start doing donuts on the property or burglarizing local properties. Can most effectively only be dealt with via guns, police in helicopters.
Long term, the incredibly corrosive toxicity of methamphetamine will either kill them, stop their heart, turn them to Jesus, or get them shot in the face, so this problem usually takes care of itself, but your quality of lives will suffer as they beckon you to fly closer with them to the flame.


Vigilantes AKA the Trance Warrior are that rarest of trancers, ones who embrace violence as a legitimate means.  Will try to play cop when something gets stolen.  Not afraid to get violent with purse thieves.  Sometimes makes web sites about thugs.  Having read too many comic books in their youth, Vigilantes have low life expectancies.  Nevertheless, they are effective at keeping “bad elements” out.  Usually, the one who duct tapes the Freaker to a tree. Tolkien’s Strider/Aragorn and the Rangers were classic Vigilantes protecting the thankless Hobbots from being butt raped by the Orcs. A retarded cousin of the Vigilante is the PsyThug…However, the psythug is just fashionablly thuggy and doesn’t really beat anyone up. Come to think of it, neither does the Vigilante.


The VJ – Typically seen behind a computer screen mixing video and clicking on software the entire party. Drinks heavily and never socializes or dances. (submitted by Josh at Init String)

Wannabe Shamans

Wannabe Shamans – “The desire to become a shaman is some kind of sickness of its own kind, like wanting to be a vampire or a super-hero. In some sense, the desire to become a shaman could be listed as a pathology of its own, a sub-set of martyr complexes in which the individual strives to heal the pain of the world through some kind of radical alchemical interpersonal transformation [See also: Jesus Complex] ”
– from “Words of Caution to the Would-Be Shaman” by James Kent in Tripzine


Watchers… Self-described “Elite” of them all. Has met, worked with, and befriended every species on this planet. He loves them all except for the Freaker. He likes the ass grabber because the ass grabber has given him knowledge on the many feelings of the female species ass. He goes to every kind of party when bored…He does not like to drink or do drugs anymore, steers clear of the rainbow gathering. I guess you can say he has been there and done that, finally became a man. He has worked with, befriended, or at least just met every kind of person you can meet. He thinks this should be illegal. He knew Bill O’Reilly would be able to tell us where the spin stops. You can usually find him reading a book, conversing with other watchers, business owners, or spirtually superiour beings (rare). (Submitted by therealgreat28 at


Wraith alias BaconDoubleCheeseburger alias ShapeShifter– quiet, pale, extremely waifish loner individual who floats about virtually unseen at parties. Further study has suggested diet consists only of psychoactive substances. Little documentation has been made available about this individual due to their inability to show up on film. Rare. (Submitted by jessw at

1998 Jeff Toys
1998 Jeff Toys-Repaired-Enhanced-Color-Restored.jpg


Yuppies come to parties, drinks, buy other people’s drinks, drinks some more.  Maybe some coke. Tries to use their real-world connections to further trance.  Believe it or not, at weeklies, their heavy drinking can up the bar receipts, which can boost a weekly event’s staying power with the bar owner. Many tend to be “Progressive” (see above) Well dressed, there are many in L.A. See also Drinker and Cokehead


Zoroaster AKA the Smiling while being Crucified Person simply laughs and affirms all the time. Even at the moments of their birth and of their death – moments when most others cry – they are laughing.

Web Site Photos 7

Disclaimer: The inventor of this game has beem a Cokehead, K Head, Techie, Yuppie, Twilo Reject, Organizer, Partier, Naked Guy, VJ, DJ/Drug dealer, Slacker, OD’er, Costume Buffoon, Vigilante, Drinker, Drug Nerd,  and Moderator.
Currently just a Straightedge and American   

There’s a bottomless pit from which the Archetype arises from, like crawling out of the primordial ooze. Make a party and they will come… the outcasts, the drug addicts, freaks, dope pushers, wife beaters, torturers, trancespotters, teasers, deviants, dust munchkins, drunks, doxies, demimondes, dipsomaniacs, tarts, DJ groupies, jailbirds, junkies, flunkies, flesh traders, flim flam men, fetishists, lowlifes, lushes, lepers, schleppers, schlemiels, snake oil salesmen, squatters, stalkers, streetwalkers, smokers, jokers, midnight tokers, cokers, advertising people, 604 armchair trance heads, adulterers, deserters, drugstore cowboys, dirty old men, dharma bums, drug traffickers, users, losers & abusers, lab techs, lurkers, neuromancers, number runners, ne er do wells, nincompoops, nymphomaniacs, ninnies, megalomaniacs, madman, mack daddys, masochists, Mata Haris, spiritual healer, rotters, trance-gender persons, hole-divers, sneaker pimps, cunts, grannies, grampies, big mommas, big swinging dicks, jammy dodgers, wankers, lunatics, zen masters, fairies, gnomes and other supernatural beings, shoplifters, Goa Constrictors, duct tape fanatics, native gaians, citizens of Tonga (only cause I never get to see many of those), book characters, bridge party people, Indian mafia, cavemen, the broken hearted, Israeli promoters advertising fake parties ostensibly thrown by rivals, gypsies. exhibitionists, fiends, flasher, felons, fascists, fences, fun guys, false prophets, Flying Winos, womanizers, weekend warriors, weirdoes, war criminals, witches, Wolf criers, console cowboys, Californicators, cretins, shady arms dealers, sugar daddys, shameless self promoters, boiler room penny stock peddlers, punters, pickpockets, pool sharks, plagiarists, perverts, pyromaniacs, party girls, party crashers, Pariahs, polluters, presdigitators, prevaricators, vampires, Maharishis, voyeurs, vamps, vandals, vixens, viragos, villains, village idiots, trailer trash, tantrists, tightwads, tricksters, turncoats, two timers, tomboys, trippers, strippers, tipsters, software pirates, simpletons, slobs, snobs, schemers, scofflaws, sissies, scoundrels, social climbers, Goa tourists, swindlers, swingers, sleazoids, scumbags, slavers, slave drivers, sorcerers, speaker thieves, psychos, surreal killers, skinheads, succubi, jackasses, jury riggers, race mixers, rebels, ragamuffins, recidivists, roughnecks, rumourmongers, wetbacks, wizards, warlocks, sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dick heads, dissidents, deserters, highwaymen, headhunters, hijackers, harridans, hooligans, hoods, hecklers, hackers, heros & zeroes, philanderers, forgers, femme fatales, false prophets, floozies, Pharisees, faggots, thugees (Indian cult murderers), thieves, Anjuna assholes, draft dodgers, dime store plastic surgeons, imposters, urchins, idiots, incubi, succubi, sadists, snake charmers, sober sadhus, satyromaniacs, sodomists, psychonauts, slackers, slayers, ravers. robbers, ropers, dopers, ass grabbers, assassins, 24 hour party people, goat ranchers, gangsters, getaway drivers, gambers, gossips, geishas, grifters, growers, grisettes, gun runners, gluttons, Goths, sloths, skeezers, skanks, cranks, cokeheads, cop killers, crooks, quacks, cruisers, idolaters, molesters, masturbators, mercenaries, money men, muggers, market makers, mobsters, murderers, muscle men, mad scientists, mountebanks, motherfuckers, made men, meretrices, minimal progressive pimps, pornographers, parasites, party animals, punks, pennyweighters, pigs, pigeon pluckers, poachers, peddlers, pranksters, princes of darkness, travel ticket con men, gigolos, hydro-courtesans, arsonists, adulterers, Anti-Disestablishmentarianists, assholes, anarchists, Antipodean international trance hooker trios, hipsters, flipsters, and finger-poppin daddies, those on the take, scams, shams, shoplifters, charlatans, charas dealers, cheaters, chippies, children of dysfunctional alcoholic abusive families, drinkers, traitors, day traders, devil worshippers, lookouts, loonies, Prince Williams entourage, ambulance chasers, cattle rustlers, Kleptos, cannibals, cutpurses, cult leaders, call girls, counterfeiters, kept women, convicts, kingpins, communists, card sharks, codependants, cads, orcs, bastards, boors, backpackers, bandits, brigands, bootleggers, boozehounds, box men, bawds, burglars, bums, backstabbers, bikers, buffoons, beggars, bumpkins, bullies, buccaneers, back alley practitioners, bottom boys, beatniks, brothel madams, blasphemers, bookies, bombers, harlots, hippies, whores, whoremongers, hangers-on, hustlers, hashashim, strumpets, psychedelic terrorists, acid visionaries, Anjuna beach bums, burnouts, slum lords, speed freaks, sun starers, rapscallions, rakes, Rainbow Gatherers, rounders, roundheels, racketeers… and the Republicans.

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