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NE28th DayNYCUnited States 12005-2008Theo Vaskevich, Scott Stuart, Steve MiklovicCOSM, Brooklyn Beach28thdayLogo
Great parties - pretty much perfect until all loaned equipment was lost
NE6362 MetaforceNYCUnited StatesIndia
2006-2010Rachel Sacks & Vish Kalra6362 Logo
Owned Tres Botas, a club in Bombay
NYCJapan2007-Shunny et alSapphire LoungeOdoru
NEAlladin ProjectNYCIsrael2003-2014El Nadiv & AyalClub ExitAlladin Logo
Hardworking brothers from Jerusalem. Kept the Tusunami/Synthetic spirit going through the mid 00's.
2000-Max Fortun,
Gosha, FX Mike
Bridge, Hells Kitchen Space, Jersey City Artists Loftsalphatrancealecks
Bridge Parties. Lots of Russians. VIBE!! Max, Lola, Mike, Aleks, Gosha, Stas etc and the whole commune. They threw parties under the SubtleChaos name before SC became a producer name; Alphatrance perfected intimate parties at the 40th & 9th locale
Aleks went off to Australia to be a father so now all the people usually associate with Omnitribe.
Acid Physicks
Trance Productions
NYCIsrael1997-1998Gula & MikoSave the Robots, VinylAPTP Logo New
The original Israeli gangsters. Once when their DJ wasn't allowed to play at 4am at Sound Factory and and they were all on Hofmann's, they got their money together and rented a generator and threw a wild Saturday party underneath the George Washington bridge.
NEBeat SamsaraNYCUnited KingdomUnited States
2011Apples & RaffiLittlefieldBeat Samara Logo
The lost pseudo Tsunami events
NEBurning ElfNYCUnited StatesUnited Kingdom
2001-2010Lori & BorisNature0 Burning Elf Logo0 Lori Boris
Web Page with Gallery
Throw the best outdoor events ever – Burning Elf and the Lord of the Rings
NEChangmianMAUnited States 12001-2006Cofounders:
Dean Manning (Dino)
David Justin (aka Dave West)
Dave Henshaw
Gregory Blake
Winslow (Jacques Harris)
Bill Marshall
Mike Rogers (MDR)

Deco & Production:
Dana Seaver
J Shores
Amy Harris
Heather Thomas
Uri Richter
Aaron Sorber
Emily Hierstein
Heather Harris
Alpha Wascalus
Renee Koczkodan
Phoenix Landing, Hibernia, Hong Kong, Vertigo, Cape CodGoabostonclear
Note- this is a temporary placeholder logo
Weekly Events:
Swell - Sundays at Phoenix Landing, Cambridge, MA. - Sept 1998 - Aug 1999
Translation - Saturdays at Hibernia, Boston MA. - Oct 1999 thru Sept 2000
Samsara - Wednesdays at Hong Kong, Cambridge MA - Feb 2001 - August 2001
Anitya - Wednesdays at Vertigo, Boston MA - Jan 2002 - Dec 2003

Beach Parties:
Beach Ball - Cape Cod - May 1999
Back to the Beach - Cape Cod - May 2000
Sunrise - Cape Cod - June 2000
Moon.Stars.Sun - Cape Cod - June 2001

Changmian Productions was formed in December of 1998 when cofounders Dean Mannin (Dino) and David West became residents at Swell, a Sunday weekly at the Phoenix Landing in Cambridge. Swell quickly became one of Boston's best underground trance nights and was highlighted by performances from John Kelley, Vicious Vic, Dutch, Gonzo, and Thee-O.
After the success of Swell, Dino & David moved on to do Translation, a Saturday weekly at Hibernia in Boston. Translation instantly achieved equal success, showcasing both the best of Boston's local DJ's and globe trotters like Christopher Lawrence, Steve Porter, Ariel Baund, David Padilla, and Luis Diaz.
When Translation was nearing its one year mark, Dino and David decided it was time for a change. They wanted to give Boston something it was missing. So they launched Samsara, Boston's first all psy-trance weekly, at the Hong Kong in Cambridge. Samsara featured fluro decorations, tapestries, and string art - much like that found at traditional psy-trance events around the world. Residents Dino, David West, and Kris Defixio were not simply residents, they were guides; taking the crowd on a weekly journey through the depths and heights of ambient groove, drum n'space, and psychedelic trance.
In the summer of 2001 David West and Amy Harris (Jasmine) moved to San Francisco and subsequently left two enormous pairs of shoes to fill within the Changmian ranks. Their move, coupled with Changmian's need to start planning its normal barrage of larger outdoor summer parties, represented the end of Samsara and the start of Changmain's temporary break from Boston weeklies.
The summer passed and three outstanding events were held, but the need for a weekly psy-trance event was still glaringly evident in Boston.
Beantown was starving for psy-trance and its hunger could only be curbed by four-hour car trips to New York for monthly Spectra and Synthetic Sadhus events. Samsara and the summer parties were massive successes, but their departure made Boston's party-goers miss the energy, vibe, and openness that psy-trance and its culture have to offer. Realizing this, Changmian joined forces with Gnomefatty's Matthew Winitzer (Mathwin) and began looking for a venue to launch the rebirth of Samsara. After a grueling search, Vertigo, a beautiful club in Downtown Boston, opened its doors to the new crew in January of 2002. Later that month, Anitya, a weekly journey into the many realms of psy-trance with resident DJ's Dino, Mathwin, and Dave Henshaw, was born. The Anitya weekly went on to host some of the best national and international psy-trance artists and dj’s in the scene.
In December of 2003, the Changmian crew decided to part ways with the Vertigo venue, and partnered with the Sonic Beating crew to help organize a monthly psy-trance event in Cambridge, MA. called Psyforia. See Sonic Beating for the rest of the story...
NECircleMAUnited States 11990sMatt Winitzer
NEDesiderata Festival/PulpNYIsrael2009-2011Eli BurminJune - Echo LakeDesiderata Logo
NEDigital BabasNYCUnited StatesIndia
2016-Mridul, David, Avi, Chris, EngiDigital Babas
NYCUnited States 11999-2010Community run - Art by Nanpsy who moved to Oregon and Joanne EquusBoats, Beaches, Bridge, Electric Circus, TrancenDance Downstairs at Izzy Bar, FUN, Lofts, Giger Room at Limelight, Countdown Studios, Poconos SkiingDmtlogonewbardo Smaller NewDeathtoego Smallest
Church of Trance, which became The Devotional Ministry of Trance and DMTSki
NEDragontribeNJUnited States 1Burning Lotus 2006PADragontribe
2000-Luis CamposSullivan Room, Village LanternPsycheground Logo

Organized by the Dreamcatcher crew in 2002, one of the longest continuously running electronic music events in both New York City and the United States at large. On April 29th 2010, PsYcHeGrOuND hit the three year mark in its residency at Sullivan Room, recently voted a Top 100 Club in the world by DJ Mag.
NEDynamic PsytranceNYCIsrael2015-Eitan Itzik AsiDynamic Logo
Dynamic People
We are a Northeastern US Psytrance Productions Company looking to help Grow the Psytrance movement around the world, spreading the love of Psy!
NEEcliptic TranceNYCIsrael2003-2004Gadi, MikeEcliptic Trance
NEEsscalaNYCUnited States 12019-June - Esscalation FestivalEsscala Logo
NEFractaltribeMAUnited States 12008-Robert & AaronJuly - FractalfestFractal Logo
Carried the flame in the 2020s.
"We strive to create a transcendent experience through the efforts and creativity of a large network of artists, technicians, promoters, musicians and insane minds"
NEFutterwackenNYUnited States 12014-2015Alice D.Futterwacken Logo
NEGaian MindPAUnited States 11999-2011Allen Milletic & Sharon JoyJune - Four Quarters, PAGaian Logo
The primary open air festivals in the 2000s,
Allen found Jesus
NEGhost NotesNYCUnited States 12016-GordonGhost Notes Logo
From TX brought Penta
NEGoababiesMAUnited States 11999-2009Steve-O, JaminNantucketSpace Craft Logo
Steve O aMemorial 5
NEGreen ApplesNYCUnited Kingdom
North England
2011Apples SchleiderGreen Apples Logo
Catered, great events.
NEHeadyCTUnited States 12015Heady Logo
A monthly happening in New Haven CT hosted by Awake, Love Tribe & Mizeyesis that combines music, art, & cultural consciousness.
NEHouse of TranceNYCIsrael1998-2003EranHouseof Trance Logo
Trance record store on St. Marks' Street in New York.
Was a revolving door of genuinely interested Israelis who were trying their best to bring the best of Israeli trance to New York and to provide a meeting place and learning center for the Experience. They have thrown some good parties, although some vendors and friends have hard times getting paid for work done with the previous owner (of HOUSE of trance). Lived in the basement
NEKillinfloorMAUnited States 12004Johnny MarquisGoabostonclear
Note- this is a temporary placeholder logo
NELight-o-maticNYUnited States 12001-Ben Light-o-matic has one more good party in him.lightomatic
NELoud MonitorsNYUnited StatesBrazil
2009-2011Sue Helfrich, Sebastian, Chris LimonLoud Monitors Logo
NEMona Liza ProductionsNYCUnited States 12013-Mona LizaMona Liza 1
NEMind ChurchNYUnited States 1Mind Church Logo
1998LushiaDUMBOFriends with Enitca.
Threw many good Brooklyn parties. Medical student- retired. Allied with Guido the DJ. I caught someone stealing at her party, and she jumped in and took the punch,
2001-Vitalik, Dima, ShaiFencing School, Neva, Fun-o-Rama, LimelightOmnitribe Logo
Omnitribe has brought underground parties into a cohesive communal vibe. Thank God for the Fall of the Iron Curtain!
NYCIsrael1999-2000Ritchie, Lior, GabbyPlanet 28, WEMF/Canada, et alparafire
PARADISE (the Paradox that brought MIKO, ETNICA, & FRANK E here for the first time last the time, Dalit was only helping out with promotion, and housing the artists.......not the 'Paradox' (aka Dalit) that stole Richie, Lior, & Gabby's name by legally copyrighting it, & then using the name to do bullsh*t scams for cash at the Limelight, and Tunnel....Dalit has absolutely nothing to do with Richie Catalyst,the PARADISE crew, or its parties!!!!!
NEParadoxNYCIsrael1999-2001DalitGatien ClubsParadox Logo
SHE'S BACK!!! and proved her mettle at Centro Fly for the Israeli Independence Day party. Bona Fide insane, as is her DJ Lior, who is a schizoid, but I don't care. To say Dalit is controversial is an understatement; You can't UNDO DELETE. If any publicity is good publicity, then Dalit has a great PR agent. We hear from various sources that she does not speak English at all, but she does. She pulled off the impossible at Limelight. Had the Tunnel for Halloween. Dalit and Gatien are a marriage made in Hell. Probably the most Jews ever in a Christian building. Known to prevaricate wildly. Where was Dino? Trust in Trance?? She spells it "psychadelic"
Back in Israel, she made fake flyers for fake parties of competitors. Had a thin yes-man boy toy.
NEPEXPAUnited States 12007Lee MayjahsPEX Logo
NEPhantasm USANYCIsrael2002Elli & Eli
Global Trance Production
Upstate party with Goa Gil and Phantasm; Space Cat and Green NunsHouseof Trance Logo
Elli Found God
NEPolymorphousNYCUnited States 11999-2000
Asher & Holly Pugh
Younger than the rest, on the move with Sequential Tom and Hi-Fi Princess. I first thought he was a cop because Matthew Magic didn't like him.
NEPrometheus ProjectNJUnited States 12000-2003Mike Yon-E & ShirnaChelsea Lounge, Hells Kitchen Space, Club MundoPrometheus Logomikenzipiyone
Brought Atmos.
Nice guy, nontradional trance greater NYC area crowd, has Oforia's 3 gig set on his G3
NJUnited States 12002-2007Pat, Neil, Light-o-MaticPine BarrensPSI Logo FIxed New 2
NEPsybotikNYCUnited States 12009-2012Keirnan, Gabriel, Masai, Erica, Mayur, VictorPsybotik Logo
For a brief moment in the late aughts this was the place to be.
NEPsycademiaNYCUnited States 12017Psychademia Logo
I don't know what this is, I'm guessing a trance fan group.
"We are a community of thinkers and creatives, striving to understand our psychedelic connection with the universe"
NEPsytrance MissionNYCUnited Kingdom2003Weekly at Pyramid
NEReality EngineNYCHungary
2002-2010Mattias KelmenCOSM
NERepsychleNYCUnited States 12008-2009NoamRepsychle Logo
NERespect GatheringsNYCIndiaCroatia
2013-Kunal & Eric AllenRespect Logo
Our mission is to create a musical platform that will result in higher frequency vibrations throughout the psychedelic music community.
NESidetrakktPAUnited States 11999-2004Dan/Electric MayhemSidetrakkt logo
Nice guy, brought Koxbox to Pittsburgh.
NESonic BeatingMAUnited States 12004-2015Nick BinaryPsyforiaSonic Beating Logo
Nick was OCD about sound quality.
NESpectra NYCUnited States 12000-2006Gavin Johnson & Jamin MurphyKey Skating Rink, Frying Pan; Funday Mass at FunSpectra Logogavin
Gavin puts a lot of work and sound perfection to the mix. He has gotten raw deals before - he built up the Key Skating Rink with new skylight but then an unrelated hip hop party fight ruined the venue for future parties; Collection of artists throughout Northeast; Gavin works with Jamin now
NESpirit TribeNYCCroatia2015Eric AllenMay - Into the WIld
Aug -Native Noise
Spirit Tribe Logo
Nice shanti guy who has had an unding parade of mishaps abd a strong willed waifu.
"Vision in tribes is about looking ahead to the future. Our visions and insights into the future usually consist of seeing the future needs of the people. Sometimes a vision comes during times of hardships. Tribes have always had the vision to look ahead and plan and prepare, not for themselves, but for everyone who is to come. Our foundation is based on the knowledge of knowing our community, knowing our people, knowing our visions, and knowing our culture. ॐ Spirit Tribe is not a single person nor group of people. Spirit Tribe is all of us together. ॐ"
NESpiritual BeingsNYCIsrael2001EitanNeva2001 4 6 Spiritual Beings
Very large sound. Premiered Shai.
NESubstratumPAUnited States 12015Pat, Mel, Val, Grace, Peter, KeithSubstratumm Logo New
"Keeping it real in PA."
Event-organizers featuring psychedelic music and art in the Philadelphia region"
NESubtle ChaosNYRussiaUnited Kingdom
2000-2004Jason & VadimSubtle Chaos Logo
Pronounced with a British glottal stop on the "Subtle" and said with a sneer
NESyncNY United States 12010-2012David, Grace, Renee and BrandonBrooklyn RooftopsSync Logo 2
NESynthetic Sadhus
1997-2002Gilles Clement & Krizstina Végh (RIP 1975-2002)Marc Ballroom, Amazura,, Roxy, Tunnel, Cinema World StudiosSynthetic Sadhus Logo
Sound: "40000W on the dance floor with 4 racks and stacks. One in each corner. Chill was always brought in by Giles' friend. Crazy. Only problem we ever had was cooking amps from running for 12 hours. The shows were from like 10 to 6 but the djs always did a few hours tuning and getting tracks lined up. It was the best when we had a Mackie 24, Nord Lead, Yamaha effects processors, 3 cdj, and a couple of mics for musicians. Those were the best nights." - Jeff Halpern
2003-2005Serge, Yuriy VaskevichLot of Dark Psy at Echo Lake & Brooklyn; peaked in Isratrance's heydayTDC Logo
NENew Jersey Rainbow FamilyNJUnited States 12003-2008Jowe & Adam, Ian & KalypsoPine BarrensAdam Logo Fixed
NETrancemotionNYCIsrael1999-2005LiranTrancemotion Logo
Hommega Logo
This is Liran as he weaved in and out of Hommega. Many parties were almost all Israelis/
NETribeca Trance MissionNYCUnited States 12001-2007WylieTribecaWylie Logo
Wylie is a madman and throws good roof parties.
1996-2007Yanni, John Emmanuel Gartmann & Montgomery, also work with 4.0 MarketingLiberty Science Center, Asbury Park Convention Center, Metropolitan Pavilion, The Cooler,
Vinyl/Arc, Puerto Rican rainforest, Mars 2112, WWF, Shelter, Speed
Pioneer. Taken for granted. We love John Emmanuel. He sprang from Return to the Source. Matthew Wilson, the guy in the fluoro tights, was a banker from England. He and JEG decided to get into trance parties after they went to a trance party in England and had some sort of "religious experience." They threw several parties in the U.S. under the name Massive/Tsunami. According to JEG, Matthew went back to England and decided to leave the trance business after running financial projections on his computer. After some dispute, JEG kept the name, "Tsunami". Afaik, Matthew Wilson no longer has anything to do with trance parties. JEG is a marketing master who will give the hard core what they want and encourages us to grow. He makes Big Ideas happen. And their Achilles Heel, sound, is finally being ameliorated!!.
NEUniversal Psy Tribe ProductionsNYCIsrael2016KaseyJune - Universal GatheringUniversal Logo
We are A Part Of the Worldwide Psytrance Family. We create Events, Gatherings , Festivals in Northeast USA. We plan to expand Universally!
NEUnknown ShroomsNYCUnited States 12003Iggy ChicoPyramid, Liquids
2008-2010Misha, Eli Burman, Desi, PulpCOSMYogi Logo
SEFlorida-PSYFLUS2015Florida Psy Logo
Welcome to the Florida Psytrance movement. Cultivating a community/tribe/scene in relation to all Psy throughout FL and other South East venues
SEForest FrequencyNCUS2016?
Magic, Mother Nature, Psytrance
SEKonvocationMDUS2004Jay Indigom - D SpaceKonvocation Logo
SEMystery AtlantaGAUS2015Mysterium Logo
A close community of strange people dancing to a strange music lovingly known as psytrance!
SEPangea Productions
Created in the southeastern US, at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains; with the goal of throwing magical events, and releasing high quality, innovative, and above all highly danceable progressive and psychedelic music to the world. Providing sounds for the night and day, styles ranging from minimal, techno, progressive, progressive psy, and psychedelic trance. Pure Perception Records is about diversity helping to show that each sound has a place on the dancefloor and that all sounds should be explored in order to give a proper psychedelic transcendental experience.
SEPiedmont Doof CoalitionNCUS2015?
SEPsy Unity/Strictly Psy EventsFL GAUS2015?
A Revolution of Sound for Lovers of PSY!… Off-season Festival vibes and sounds…
SEThe Horrible ChildrenGAUS
SEThose PeopleNC/GAUS
SETouch SamadhiNCUS2000-2020Kri, Shane many othersJune - Solstice
Sept - Equinox
Samadhi LogoGallery
Easily the longest and strongest on the eastern seaboard. A massive feat, even easily beating NYC. Also has tons of cute hippy chicks.
SEZFG EntertainmentFLUS2015?
Zen From Gratitude is a return to the deeper side of electronic consciousness…
Mid11::11 ProductionsCOUS2015?
SEArchaic RevivalGAUS2015Archaic Revival is the southeast’s newest collective of artists, producers and DJs coming together under a single banner to provide dancers with latest in cutting-edge electronic music merged with conceptual themes presented in a UV-deco enhanced atmosphere. Maintaining an eye and ear for quality, we create a space that is limited only by the boundless creativity of our participants. Featuring guest talent from across the country and the world, and always backed by our talented group of locals, Archaic Revival continues the tradition of engaging in the timeless ritual of communal dance.
Mid Astral GatherersAZUS2015Astral Logo
NWAstral TribeSeattle WAUS1998
MidAtrium ObscurumTXUS2015March - OstarAAtrium Logo
MidAudiognomesWIUS2004tokiAudiognomes Logo
MidAum FestivalARUS2005Aum Festival 2007
MidBak Pak/PsyentificUS
MidBurn Austin
Burning Flipside
MidBurning ManUSLarry Harvey RIPBurning Man Logo
Festival in Nevada has, in the past, also featured a number of psytrance-oriented camps and DJ performances.
MidChilluminati -
Psymbolic -
Goa Spirit
Il FLUS2002-2020toki, Robyo, PsiloPsyBen, StormFeb - Cosmic Fields FL
May - Sacred Earth MS
Aug - Crystal Sky MN
Chilluminati Logo
Goa Spirit Logo
Umbrella Group with Psymbolic and many others. Our gatherings are more than music. They are multidimensional, multifaceted trance, visual, art and kinetic performance events. They are experiences, a psychedelic circus. Our gatherings are about transformation and becoming. Whatever your sense of spirituality is, you bring that to the event
MidCosmic EEGMNUS2011Cosmic Egg Logo
Cosmic E.g.g is a psychedelic music collective based out of Minnesota. We are dedicated to providing you a unique window into higher dimensional musical possibility. We explore our universe through guided dance gatherings, future musical releases, art, and collective consciousness experiments.
MidCosmic TravelerOHUS2007AlbertoCosmic Logo
MidDeep Dharma TechnologiesILUS2015We host psychedelic trance-dance experiences and artistic and spiritual gatherings in the Southeast Iowa and Northwest Illinois area. Currently our focus as a collective is on our Weird Chalet gatherings.Welcome, aliens, to friendly soil.
MidDefy LabelsCOUS2015Defy Logo
MidDesert Trance SocietyAZUS1998
MidDimensional Mayan TribeHouston TXUS2005March - Massive Frequencies
July - Hunab Ku
DMT Texas Logo
MidDivine Balance RecordsILUS2005Divine Balance Logo 2
MidEldritch CrewEvansville, INUSVery active 2013-2015; Panda ArcadiaOne three-day party and maybe 10-15 one night parties. we do one every two years or so nowEldritch Logo Big
MidElectroverseMSUS2015Aug - Electroverse MSElectroverse Logo
MidEsotericgenARUS2005Shagee and FreedomEsoteric Logo
MidEternal BeatsNVUS1998-2020Eternal Beats Logo
An integral part of the Las Vegas scene for nearly 19 years. What started as an underground rave crew back in the early days, they have recently re-emerged in the last year or two supporting Psytrance music in Las Vegas. In a city rules by club and festival music, anything outside them EDM box is unusual here. A niche had to be filled, so long a time veteran DJ of the Scene kINEkt, brought his old rave crew to the forefront of the psychedelic trance scene. Their goal is to bring cutting edge dance music through a variety of events, giving locals a place to express themselves in a way rarely found in Las Vegas.
MideXtreme UndergroundTXUS2005-2007
We organize and promote psychedelic trance events in Central Texas and beyond.
MidGoa SpiritILUS2005-2020
MidGoaheadOHUS2002-2005Luke, Meghan, UziGoahead Logo New
Luke found Jesus.
MidLast LaughTXUS2002-2005
MidMetamemeCOUS2015Metameme Logo 2
MidMindOutpsydeIAUS2005Mindoutpsyde Logo
MidMisticalTXUS1997-2007Mitical Productions Logo
MidMontana MagicMTUSJuly - Montana Magic?
MidNative CircuitCOUS2015Native Logo
Native Circuit is a production collective specializing in psychedelic trance events based out of Crestone, Colorado, aka Crestonia.
MidOvermind WorksCOUS2015Overmind Works Logo
MidPhoenix FamilyAZUS2005Phoenix Trance Family Logo
MidPlush IndustriesWIUS2015Plush Logo
Plush is a mindstate of warm fuzziness. We design and host private and public events. We are influenced by psychedelic trance, techno, and underground dance music culture. Our vision is to teach others they can make their dreams a reality as we lead by example – music is the backbone.
MidPsyoverNVUS2015April - Psyover?
MidDetroit PsytranceMIUS2018Psytrance Detroit
MidPsychedelic Trance Liberation FrontCOUS2002
MidRising PhoenixCOUS2015Rising Logo
MidRocky Mountain ResonanceCOUS2015July - Circuitree FestivalRocky Logo
MidSecret VisionAZUS2015Secret Vision Logo
MidShiva ShaktiTXUS2005-2007
MidTrance Syndicate
MidUniversal Mind ProductionsTXUS2000
MidWilderness TechnologiesKSUS2004??
NWApollo's LuteORUS2003Apollos Lute Logo
NWBooty Shakra CollectiveORUS2015Booty Chakra Logo
Booty Chakra Psychedelic music collective is a group of likeminded various individuals whose goal is to provide Portland with a psytrance centered multi genre community music experience. We hope you’ll come and plant the seeds of growth with us this year!
NWCascadia Psy ScoutsEugene ORUS2015July - Portal SmashersCascadia Logo
NWCatharsis CrewORUS2006?
NWChaos ExistenceORUS2004MauricioChaos Logo
NWEnosaORUS2005Enosa Logo
NWEnvironmental StructuresWAUS2005Environmental Structures Logo
NWGaia ConnectionWAUS1996
NWInertia LabsWAUS1995Phoenix Festival - The First in the Western HemisphereInertia Phoenix
NWInfinite ConnectionsWAUS2006Infinite Logo
NWInsightOR EugeneUS1996
NWPelorumPortland ORUS2006PsyRenPelorum
NWPsytribe NWPortland ORUSPsytribe
NWSeattle Psy OpsWAUS2015Seattle Psy Ops Logo
Production crew bringing high quality psychedelic music and dance experiences to the Seattle area.
NWSiskiyou Psytrance MissionCave Junction, ORUSElectrician the DJSiskiyou
NWSynergy ProductionsORUS2006?
NOCACCCNOCAUS2005Paul & Sunny, Jen and Sky, Brad Santosh & Elizabeth, RoderigoCCC Logo
Featured in the film Liquid Crystal Vision
Brad/Santosh met Paul in Goa, and they decided to make
an SF warehouse collective upon return to the US.
NOCACeiba RecordsGermany
Peter Zeigelmeier1364 Haight Street San FranciscoCeiba Logo
NOCAUS1998-2020Doctor SpookGeo Logo
Featured in the film Liquid Crystal Vision
NOCAHeaven on EarthNOCAUS2015Sept - Heaven on EarthHeaven Logo
NOCAInfinite KaosNOCAUSInfinite Kaos
NOCALove ProjectorsNOCAUS2006Love Projectors Logo
NOCAMendos Organized ChaosNOCAUS2015June - Gemini FestMendos Logo
NOCAMistress of EvilNOCAUS 2005March - XexifyMistress of Evil Records
NOCAOutpost 23NOCAUS2007?
NOCAParagon FamilyNOCAUS2006?
NOCAParty BabasNOCAUS2015Dylan YuliyaParty Babas Logo
We make Spaceships. And art. Tacos from the future.
NOCAPhoenix FamilyNOCAUS2005?
PLUR Alliance is a startup charitable organization founded in June 2010 in the San Francisco Bay Area by people who are passionate about building a better future for all. We want to make a difference in the lives of those around us and to make sure we leave this world in better shape than we found it. There are few of us but many like us. While our individual contributions may be small, our collective efforts and contagious inspiration we hope to spread will change the lives of many.
NOCAPsybootyNOCAUS2007Psybooty Logo
NOCAPulsarNOCAUS2015April - Nebula 9Pulsar Logo
NOCAPulse SFUS2015Pulse SF Logo
Pulse SF produces high caliber dance music events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our productions offer world class electronic music acts and visual artists who create immersive, innovative atmospheres. We showcase the quality sounds of the underground, attracting a diverse and dedicated audience. Pulse SF has received global acclaim for our professionalism, leadership, and ingenuity in dance music event production, as we continually raise the bar of creating exceptional experiences. At Pulse SF, we live by the motto, “Our intent is all for your delight”
NOCARed MarinesNOCAUS2015June - Spirits of the LandRed Marines Logo
RM Electronic and Live Music Festival “a festival that treats listener’s ear with most intelligent alternative music performed by artists from all over the world and played on state of the art sound systems. It is a festival that enlightens, inspires, encourages art and involves local communities, supporting world greater causes. It is a festival that camps its visitors on a beautiful lake and provides entertainment for your whole family.
NOCASecret PsychedeliaNOCAUS2007?
NOCASF TranceNOCAUS2000-2005?
NOCASpectral PsyNOCASpectral Psy
NOCASpin This!NOCAUS2006?
NOCACamp Shashta
FB Events
NOCAUS2015July - Star Camp ShastaStarseed Logo
Star Camp is a 120 acre privately owned location just 40 miles northeast of the city of Mount Shasta, CA. We are a mom and pop production where we own the land, the sound, and we put on the show. We do not like to use the word “festival”, this event is a manageable, affordable, community-based, family oriented psytrance gathering in a magical setting.
NOCASubterranean DwellersNOCAUS2005March - XibalbaSubterranean Logo
NOCASymbiosisNOCAUS2005Symbiosis Logo
My FAIR lovely friend, Patricia Van Tol, has a son Pedro that is involved with them
NOCAThumpNOCAUS2000DutchThump Logo 2
SOCAGreen SectorSOCAUS2005Kiva Manny WyseGreen Sector Logo
SOCAIntegral GatheringSOCAUS1998-Orly & Rafael?
SOCALightning in a BottleSOCAUS2010-May - Lightning in a BottleDGTLLB LogoLightning Logo
SOCALiquid GrinSOCAUS2002-2004
SOCAUS2005Treavor Moontribe, JoeMoontribe Logo
We are a community of moon-loving nature-loving southern California desert dancers who have been gathering under the full moon since 1993. Our gatherings are non-commercial — fueled completely by volunteers and donations
SOCANative StateSOCAUSIndoor Club Parties in San Diego
SOCAOrdinary PeopleSOCAUS1995The Cosmic Dance of Shiva, Tiki Tribal Love Gathering
SOCAUS2002-Bodhi, Rachel, Nate, Tom, Bryan GreenmanPsycircle Logo 2Psycircle Logo
Psycircle is originally an event crew from San Diego, formed in 2001 by
the Monks of Madness. Dedicated to promoting outdoor psy scene, and representing the Cali psychedelic trance sound, Psycircle is also a record label and a multimedia studio. "we flew out psychovsky, first time playing in the us! Cost a bunch of money and who knows if we made that money back, probly not. Anyways I could not STAND psychovsky's music. Also I took too much lsd. So I sat in the car and got more and more upset about the horrible sounds everyone was being subjected to, until I had finally had enough. I got out of the car, marched up to the dj booth and turned off the sound. Yep. I straight up turned that shit off. Felt it was my civic duty, to save everyone's ears. But bodhi and tom told me to go back to the car and hide and turned him back on again though 😭 so it was all for nothing. And then of course psychovsky was staying in town for week after so I had to go apologize." Lived in a Psycastle in San Diego
SOCAPsytribe SOCAUS2005Psytribe Logo
SOCASixth SenseSOCAUS2002-2007
CanadaBlacklight ActivistsCanada?
TorontoCanadaClayton and Bathory?
CanadaDeep Sea FishCanada2001-2005?
CanadaEclipse FestivalSainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau QuébecCanada2015July - EclipseEclipse Logo
CanadaElectric Love Music FestivalPrinceton, BCCanada2015Aug - Electric LoveElectric Love Logo
CanadaFestoche BambocheQuébecCanada2015Sept - Good VibesGood Vibes Logo 1
CanadaFreaks ParadizeQuébecCanada2015July - Freaks ParadizeFreaks Logo
CanadaFuture ForestSheffield, New BrunswickCanada
2015Aug - Future ForestFuture Forest Logo
CanadaOm Summer FestivalSouthern OntarioCanada
1998-2004Sumkidz (Suma)
CanadaPleasure ForceTorontoCanada
CanadaPsyllabusOntarioCanada2015June - Summer TidePsyllabus Logo
CanadaPsylo - Triskel
QuébecCanada2015June - TriskelTriskel Logo
MexicoFestival Psycristrance
Chiapas2015Jan - PsucristrancePsycris Logo
MexicoFractal Dimension Crew2015Jul - Space Odyssey?
MexicoInsight2015Apr - ItotiaItotia Logo
MexicoKuira2015Jun - MikologyMikology Logo
MexicoLisérgica 252015Mar - Hi-Tech Revolution
Jun - Karmageddon
Lisergica Logo
MexicoMaia RecordsMexico City2001-Maia Records
MexicoFestival OmeteotlMorelos2015Apr - OmeteotlOmeteotl Logo
2011Mar - EquinoxOmmix Logo
MexicoPopol Vuh RecordsPalenque, Chiapas2015Mar - Nahual CanPopol Vuh Logo
MexicoPsyclon2015Feb - Tierra MágicaPsyclon Logo
MexicoReforest Festival
Puebla2015Jul - Reforest FestivalReforest Logo
GuatemalaCosmic Convergence FestivalLago AtitlánGuatemala2015NYE - Cosmic ConvergenceCosmic Convergence Logo
GuatemalaEudaimoniaLago AtitlánGuatemala2015Jan - EudaimoniaEudamonia Logo
HondurasSPACE PiratesRoatánHonduras2015Mar - AtlantisSpace Pirates Logo
Costa RicaGreen Beat Promotora
Costa Rica2015Dec - Psy-ConvivioGreen Beat Logo
Costa RicaNahual Spirit Festival
Sanata CeciliaCosta Rica2015Jan - Nahual SpiritNahual
PanamaGeo Paradise
Playa ChiquitaUnited KingdomPanama2015Tim RaperFeb - Tribal GatheringTribal Gathering Logo
MiscAyahuasca HealingsPeru
Aya Healings Logo
1997-2020Chaishop Logo
DosenationUnited States 1James KentDose Nation Logo
ErowidUnited States 1Fire and Earth ErowidErowid Logo
fUSION AnomalyNew Zealand 1
New Zealand
Fusion Anomaly Logo
Goa BaseGermany
IsratranceIsrael1996-2020Isratrance Logo
MAPSUnited States 1Rick DoblinMAPS Logo
Mushroom MagazineGermany
Mushroom Mag Logo
Psytrance GuideUnited States 1Psytrance Guide Logo
Psytrance.usUnited States 1Elektronkind
Reality CarnivalUnited States 1Clifford PickoverReality Carnival Logo
1996-2020Trance Culture Logo

Criterion: Three psytrance events held and zero threats of violence or hate speech.

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