2003 NYC Psytrance

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This was the biggest year in terms of the quantity of events; one weekend had SEVEN events. But the acid had dried up, and it was only a matter of time.

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2003 Emails from Trip Out New York Yahoogroup

2003 Playlist

Ecliptic Trance (Gadi and Mike) begin producing events
Sonic Beating takes over from Changmian in Boston
Friendster March 22
Itunes launched April 28
Myspace launched August 1

Alexa Site Rankings rated by traffic
Erowid 8,574th
Burning Man 16,009
Fusion Anomaly 72,263
Isratrance 82,689
Psyshop 88,114
Thump Radio 160,332
Saiko Sounds 173,928
Spraci 209,320
Brainmachines 521,376
Goa Gil 531,973
Chao s Existence 544,858
Psychedelic Mind Expander 596,943
PsyNews 603,627
Chaishop 635,508
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Spectral Psy 1,364,359
Ceibarec 1,752,476
Psytrance.us 2,100,307
Spiraltrax & nbsp; 2,766,491
Home of Trance 4,221,999

January 2003

This was my newsletter, a now-defunct Yahoo Group announcement list created to be printed out, which literally formed the basis for this entire history.

January 2 Thursday
Influx at Village Lantern

INFLUX & – WARPDRIVE 11:00 pm To: 4:00 am FREE ADMISSION !!!! 167 Blecker Street. Btw, Salivan & Tompson Streets. PS: no illicit products inside. Must be 21 over (be responsible!)

Jane Mackay
“I can See Sounds” – BBC January 3, 2003
Bonky - Onno Borgen

Bonky – Onno Borgen

September 5, 1962 - January 4, 2003, Doof Records. Bonky died in a diving accident in Bali. Check out this ...

I was going to a business meeting with an accounting firm this morning I didn’t realize there was a hole in my coat pocket. I had put my bottle of breath freshener in there so when I got to the meeting I had bad breath! and maybe someone out there is having a grand old time walking around Times Square. I hope not it’s like a movie that they show in schools…

January 9 Thursday
Psycheground at Village Lantern
Jeff Machinelf’s Birthday Bash on Thursday night!! It’s that time of the year again. Midnight Thursday, January I turn 35, in much better condition than when I turned 34! To celebrate I’m meeting friends at 9 pm at the Village Lantern for drinks and casual DJing, and DJ INFLUX and others will crank it up at 11:00pm. The lounge only holds about 50 so get there early. Even if you have stopped going out to parties in general, please come and show that you’re still alive and reconnect! Everyone is invited, free, bring your ID Village Lantern is at 167 Bleecker Street. between Sullivan & Thompson Streets. I’m encouraged by this new weekly. My feet really missed full-on when Iggy & Chico stopped Shrooming at Pyramid. The great thing about Village Lantern is that we can POUND the music, and there are beaucoup major art openings early Thursday evening! PS if you insist on bringing a gift all I ask is to make sure it’s something that can be flushed quickly if the cops raid the bathrooms, i.e. “chocolates” 😀 …and forget me, the more copies of this email you get, the more YOU deserve a party favor! And for you weird ones, you won’t be out of place so let your freak flag fly as long as you don’t overtly menace the staff or customers 😛 but if you wear a costume you’ll definitely be dosed 🙂 unless the “costume” is really your scary face :-O See you Thursday!

Omnitribe is doing Thursday nights at Club Mundo. So now you have two choices for Thursdays, Club Mundo or Village Lantern, where I’m turning 35.

January 10 Friday
Philadelphia GAIAN MIND Monthly at Ulana’s

the people you’ll see and the sounds you’ll hear. Yes, M Laboratories are at it again, along with our friends at Gaian Mind. Not doing anything on Friday? Have your friends convinced you to go out but you fear that whatever they’re dragging you to will suck? Fear no more! We are 100% suck-free, friendly people. In fact, you may just end up enjoying an evening with us. Here’s the skinny: web m-laboratories.net Ulana’s (205 Bainbridge St.), in association with Gaian Mind M Laboratories presents its monthly ambient chillout. This month’s performances include: – Theater of the Mind – A live set of analog ambient/space music from one of Philly’s favorite artists. Recently featured at Foundation’s seminal monthly gathering, Gate to Moonbase Alpha, Tot M weaves a rich Spectral blanket for your ears with his classic analog sounds. – FUSE – At 20-80 mcg, you’ll feel mildly euphoric; at 150-27 5 mcg you’ll be able to tell which way to face the band only by closely studying the faces of those around you, and at 300-450+ mcg, you’ll have a good time trying to find the faces of those around you in the digital stew. Our suggestion in such circumstances is to listen to the high-frequency components of the signal while letting your feet do the thinking because live ambient breakbeat jams are best interpreted through motion. – Mind Labs – A special collaboration for this night only: members of M Laboratories jam out with Mark from Theater of the Mind. Have a seat, open yo ur ears, and pass the pipe. Yeah. Downtempo DJ sets by: -Buffer (M Laboratories) -Doctor M (M Laboratories) On the other side of the wall, Gaia n Mind will be hosting their monthly psychedelic trance party. This mont h’s featured performer is Sh.I.K.I.D. who’s a fantastic DJ hailing from Israel via Brooklyn. If high-energy, cutting-edge global beats are your thing, don’t miss him. For more info, visit web Gaian-mind. And remember, we’ve got your back on the other side if you need a break. Price: $5 before 11pm, $7 after Location: Ulana’s (205 Bainbridge St., Philadelphia) See you at the circus! For a preview, check out the sounds available on M Laboratories’ website: web m-laboratories.net Namaste, This has been an electronic transmission from M Laboratories, carried to you via InterNet. If you would like us to stop sending you these emails, let us know by replying or sending email to mlabs at m-laboratories.net saying as much. Also, if you’d like to let us know about something going on, give us a clue, or just chat, you can do so by sending us mail at the address above.

January 15 Wednesday
Chiletrance at Opium Den

Hi Everyone! Sorry for not sending the emails in the last two weeks. I couldn’t make it. For every Wednesday nights at Opium Den with DJ Angeles+guests. DJ Shi.k. I.d (Omnitribe) Vadim(SubtleProductions) web chiletrance thanks! Love and Light Angeles

What happens when you spin progressive house at 145BPMs? you get early Goa Trance. Finally, a party where you two can fit in everyone else is a freak. If you are a freak, print out the attachment, kill a tree or two or your photocopier, and disseminate to the unsuspecting!

Mayoora’s Back! That Brahmin Bastard made it back! Bom Shankar! Now I think we should pour milk onto little statues of Shiva to appease him. Come see him at his welcome back party at Goa Trash. We’re trying to get Goa Gil back for an outdoor festival to bring the Light back into New York psytrance! Say a prayer, we need him, only Gil can save us, the new prophets in Brazil are too busy fraternizing with the locals 🙂 And Babylon needs him, by healing New York, the focal point of the asymptote of aggression, even in a small way, person to person, may tip a balance. Preaching to the converted is easy. Spreading the Gospel in the capital of Mammon is the real struggle! Track for today – From Goa Gil Spiritual Trance, up through Sunday only. Download and listen at full volume. web tranceam.org/flamycogoire.mp3/flamycogoire.mp3

January 17 Friday

Photos (General)
A coalition of independent trance collectives including members of Burning Elf, PSI, DMT, Subtlechaos, Influx, and various Russian Goa enthusiasts are coming together to make an old skool 90’s Goa party at Boom! Shankar in SoHo for the for the Make a party and they will come: the outcasts, the rug addicts, freaks, dope pushers, wife beaters, torturers, trancespotters, teasers, deviants, dust munchkins, drunks, doxies, demimondes, dipsomaniacs, tarts, DJ groupies, jailbirds, junkies, flunkies, flesh traders, flim-flam men, fetishists, lowlifes, lushes, lepers, schleppers, schlemiels, snake oil salesmen, squatters, stalkers, streetwalkers, smokers, cokers, jokers, advertising people, 604 armchair trance heads, adulterers, deserters, drugstore cowboys, dirty old men, dharma bums, d traffickers, users, losers & abusers, lab techs, lurkers, neuromancers, number runners, ne’er do wells, nincompoops, nymphomaniacs, ninnies, megalomaniacs, madman, mack daddy’s,? masochists, Mata Haris, “spiritual healer,” rotters, trance-gender persons, hole-divers, sneaker pimps, cunts, grannies, grampies, big mommas, big swinging dicks, jammy dodgers, wankers, lunatics, zen masters, fairies, gnomes and other supernatural beings, shoplifters, Goa Constrictors, duct tape fanatics, native gaians, citizens of Tonga (only cause I never get to see many of those), book characters, bridge party people, Indian mafia, cavemen, the broken-hearted, Israeli promoters advertising “fake” parties ostensibly thrown by rivals, gypsies. exhibitionists, fiends, flasher, felons, fascists, fences, fun guys, false prophets, Flying Winos, womanizers, weekend warriors, weirdoes, war criminals, witches, Wolf criers, console cowboys, Californicators, cretins, shady arms dealers, sugar daddy’s, shameless self promoters, boiler room penny stock peddlers, punters, pickpockets, pool sharks, plagiarists, perverts, pyromaniacs, party girls, party crashers, Pariahs, polluters, presdigitators, prevaricators, vampires, Maharishis, voyeurs, vamps, vandals, vixens, viragos, villains, village idiots, trailer trash, tantrists, tightwads, tricksters, turncoats, two timers, tomboys, trippers, strippers, tipsters, software pirates, simpletons, slobs, snobs, schemers, scofflaws, sissies, scoundrels, social climbers, Goa tourists, swindlers, swingers, sleazoids, scumbags, slavers, slave drivers, sorcerers, speaker thieves, psychos, surreal killers, skinheads, succubi, jackasses, jury riggers, race mixers, rebels, ragamuffins, recidivists, roughnecks, rumourmongers, wetbacks, wizards, warlocks, sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dick heads, dissidents, deserters, highwaymen, headhunters, hijackers, harridans, hooligans, hoods, hecklers, hackers, heroes & zeroes, philanderers, forgers, femme fatales, false prophets, floozies, Pharisees, faggots, thugees (Indian cult murderers), thieves, Anjuna assholes, draft dodgers, dime store plastic surgeons, imposters, urchins, idiots, incubi, succubi, sadists, snake charmers, sober sadhus, satyromaniacs, sodomists, psychonauts, slackers, slayers, ravers. robbers, ropers, dopers, ass grabbers, assassins, 24 hour party people, goat ranchers, gangsters, getaway drivers, gambers, gossips, geishas, grifters, growers, grisettes, gun runners, gluttons, Goths, sloths, skeezers, skanks, cranks, cokeheads, cop killers, crooks, quacks, cruisers, idolaters, molesters, masturbators, mercenaries, money men, muggers, market makers, mobsters, murderers, muscle men, mad scientists, mountebanks, motherfuckers, made men, meretrices, minimal progressive pimps, pornographers, parasites, party animals, punks, pennyweighters, pigs, pigeon pluckers, poachers, peddlers, pranksters, princes of darkness, travel ticket con men, gigolos, hydro-courtesans, arsonists, adulterers, Anti-Disestablishmentarianists, assholes, anarchists, “Antipodean international trance hooker trios,” hipsters, flipsters, and finger-poppin daddies, those on the take, scams, shams, shoplifters, charlatans, charas dealers, cheaters, chippies, children of dysfunctional alcoholic abusive families, drinkers, traitors, day traders, devil worshippers, lookouts, loonies, Prince Williams? entourage, ambulance chasers, cattle rustlers, Kleptos, cannibals, cutpurses, cult leaders, call girls, counterfeiters, kept women, convicts, kingpins, communists, card sharks, codependants, cads, orcs, bastards, boors, backpackers, bandits, brigands, bootleggers, boozehounds, box men, bawds, burglars, bums, backstabbers, bikers, buffoons, beggars, bumpkins, bullies, buccaneers, back alley practitioners, bottom boys, beatniks, brothel madams, blasphemers, bookies, bombers, harlots, hippies, whores, whoremongers, hangers-on, hustlers, hashashim, strumpets, psychedelic terrorists, acid visionaries, Anjuna beach bums, burnouts, slum lords, speed freaks, sun starers, rapscallions, rakes, Rainbow Gatherers, rounders, roundheels, racketeers… and the republicans. This party is for you.This party is for you.
Your Host: MC Mayor McCheeself (DMT)
10 – 11 pm Stefan, NYC
11 – 12 pm Neil (Philadelphia Shamanista Initiative)
12 – 1am Dima, USSR
1 – 2am Luiz (Influx, Brazil)
2 – 3am Jason Subtlechaos, (P)UK
3 – 4am Boris (Burning Elf, UK)
ID21+ Goa Trash is FREE for womyn, men dressed as womyn, men with cheesy Goa shirts (like Kamal’s) and men with drum s. DMT members pay via sliding scale donation. Otherwise, it’s $ 5 before midnight or with this flyer printed out; $10 after midnight, $35 for those with baseball hats, $50 for those sporting pacifiers, and $100 for whistleblowers BOOM Shankar is located at 152 Spring between Wooster & West Broadway. The place has a comfortably Mediterranean feel, cabaret license, the kind of place where people dance on tables.
Art Direction by Lisa Renko (god knows WHAT she will cook up)
Belly dancing by Olga Von Karnig
Video projection curated by Rocky of Atomic Juice
UV Lighting by Lori & Boris
Tapestries – various, including a new piece by Chay (Sumatra/Bali)
Door prizes (T-shirts, CDs) signed copies of the cheese master
Funds will help make outdoor trance events in 2 003. And tonight we celebrate the Return of Mayoora from Goa where he partied with Goa Gil, who has written a special message to New York: AAAaaaauuuUUUUuuummmMMMMM……….. May the Light of Love shine in your Hearts and in your Minds and May you always walk in Peace… Towards the One!!!

If all goes well or even if it’s a swell fiasco it will be recycled but never to conflict with another good party! As an added bonus, free admittance to any dude in a plastic trash bag. Must cover your private parts. And you have to WEAR it the whole night. Bring some friends. So don’t no dudes bitch about losing an Abraham or ALexander to the dustbins of addiction. web tranceam.org/Goatras h web tranceam.org/Goatrash this Friday the 17th. If all goes well or even if it’s a swell fiasco it will be recycled but never to conflict with another good party! As an added he whole night. Bring some friends. So don’t no dudes bitch about losing an Abraham or ALexander to the dustbins of addiction.

Forget about his choons at Goa Trash tomorrow – let’s get him back to restore our neurochemistry to the right full-on psy levels! And maybe they will use Camp Crazy Creek where they had a big gathering of the tribes (lots of drum & bass) and the owner is the police chief’s brother and they have public restrooms and a store and cheap camping and no noise restrictions.
From Goa Gil:
we are in Goa now, and we will only come to California in the first week of April… we will just recover from jetlag for a week or so, and then we go to Switzerland for the 60th-anniversary party of dr. hofmann’s problem child… we will then come back to the states at the end of April… parties in may in brazil & San Francisco, then back to Europe for our annual summer party tour… possibly we could squeeze new york in somewhere, but please understand that most of our parties are OUTDOORS in nature, and that’s how we like it… we are not into clubs much… also we do the whole party, all night and all day… it would be nice to play again on the east coast one day, but it has to be right, and then it will be amazing !! ! :::) we are wishing you all the best !!! …namaste, Gil & Ariane p.s. we would love to get a copy of the stralia/vibra/influx cd… we like their sound very much !!! 🙂
HEY GIL To: GoaGil at aol
if ever there was the NYC Goa trash party ROCKED… I printed out photos of you, with a cartoon word balloon of you speaking your blessing auuuummmm taped on the glass door with flyers from all the first Goa parties in NYC. we played a lot of your spiritual trance stuff and people really went crazy. we miss the good old days of the late 90s and there is a revival going on. I can’t get away from you man, tonight we drink aya in the snowy mountains and watch Liquid Crystal Vision! from all of your people in New York Thank You for showing us the way I can’t wait to hear you again. Wow… 2001-2 was a mini dark age for psytrance wasn’t it? from all of your people in New York Thank You for showing us the way I can’t wait to hear you again.

We took out the Goa Garbage last night and whew, what a crazy night. Thinking small, we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Lisa finally found her niche (did you see the garbage on the walls and the desecrated Indian gods and goddesses?) it was at least half her idea. We’ll definitely do it again, but have all decided it’s just too much for a weekly. A full-on Goa Monthly – better. We may use that space for a weekend night mixed bag of trance nights though. If we do something next Saturday we’ll post it on brainmachines. I’d also like to go on the record for saying that given 100-200 people, ceteris paribus, a smaller venue is superior in vibe to a vast one.
Lost at Goa Trash Lost Musical Triangle One Blue Maraca My Mind Found Russian style fur/fake fur hat Blue and white sarong/shawl Grace Rocky – have your long sleeve Dima – have your headphones, and you left a tab at the bar and I have your credit card can I go to HOT and buy out there progressive house section?

January 16 Thursday
Dreamcatcher and DJ Influx – Psy Thursdays

FREE ADMISSION 167 Bleecker bt Thompson and Sullivan
Dreamcatchers Luis vs. Luiz: They are not the Same Jeff I guess every Thursday Luis (DJ INFLUX)will be spinning at village lantern, the same thing always.
I, Luiz (a DJ without a name yet) is not part of INFLUX, the band. Luis called my attention because people are thinking that I’m him. When you posted Goatrash e-mail, you wrote Luiz (INFLUX, Brazil )and that might make people go there to see DJ INFLUX and they will see me! Luis (DJ INFLUX), myself, Vincent, and Ray make up the Dreamcatcher crew. I’m coming up with an artistic name for myself as soon as I decided it I’ll let you know, so for future reference please write DJ Luiz (Dreamcatcher/NYC).
The other guy who is in the band with Luis is Leo. Have you met him? this is the guy who is always working in the “studio” he’s not showing up much because of so much work. Also, he played with Luis at the tour de trance. so there are two persons in the band: Luis & Leo, and Leo is not part of the Dreamcatcher crew as a DJ. The thing about my friend coming in as a trash can… he can’t do it, he’ll be working and all… sorry. be spinning at village lantern, same thing always.
……full moons, and a bag o’shrooms and all kinda feels like it’s going to be a good one……….Aye can feel it in me bones 🙂 Vibe,….???!!! it’s always been here, just think a lot of times people need to vent, and hopefully, there was enough bitchin’ and complaining done in the last few months and it’s out of ev everyone’s systems, time to move on, turn the page…..and continue with the next chapter. Whooo Ha…….fasten your seat belts……….

January 18 Saturday
Central NJ Jeff ecofunkological

January 22 Wednesday
Chiletrance at Opium Den

DJ Shi.k. I.d(Omnitribe) Just update web chiletrance thanks! Love and Light Angeles

If Middle Earth was Real
I was thinking the other day… for a change… If Middle Earth was “real,”
Hobbits would smoke cannabis and
the wilder Tooks would engage in REALLY special Fungi
Dwarves would mix amphetamines and booze
Elves would eat Fungi
and some like Elrond may dabble in purple ergot mold
Orcs would do crystal and K and PC
the Uruk Hai would get the best blow from the City of Corsairs Trolls would freebase all the orc’s best stashes
Gollum would huff inhalants
The Ringwraiths would all be high on ether
Humans would stick to alcohol, except for the
Corsairs of Harad who would undoubtedly smoke hash and Opium Ents would BE an ayahuasca ritual, smoke dead branches of each other, and salvia
Wizards would smoke DMT
…and Sauron would be perpetually on E listening to Sasha and Digweed!

January 23 Thursday
DJ Influx at Village Lantern free party downstairs at VL village lantern DJ INFLUX 6 HOUR SET FROM 10:00PM TO 4:00 AM ADDRESS 167 BLE ECKER STREET

Omnitribe and Home of Trance What a night! I will be at both parties. Thanks, Omnitribe for gatting Kri from North Carolina to come. I first saw Kri in Purto Rico and Tsunami. He is a great guy, he stayed with me years ago and played at one of the best ever DMT Bridge Parties. That was the one with all the candles along the path, under the left arch. OTOH, if you want a wild and crazy full-on psychedelic Goa style party, home of trance is whipping it up. They are thankfully carrying on Synthetic Sadhus’ legacy. Good news is that what we are seeing is a true choice, with a full spectrum of different flavors of trance. The bad news is that this feels like 2001 when Tsunami at the World slaughtered Subtle Chaos’ Ear Gear/etc? party. The only way out is to BRING YOUR FRIENDS OUT. London had THIRTEEN trance parties on a given night in their listings when checked recently. Why does everyone in New York freak out when there are two? Because the vibe has stagnated and a lot of people don’t go out. But in order for the vibe to be resurrected, there must be a Yin to the Yang.
I’m gonna start at HOT and go to Omnitribe

January 24 Friday
Omnitribe – At the Beyond

Kri first played at a DMT bridge party in NYC 3 years ago… and he’s back!
A night of psychedelic trance at club Mundo (840 5th Ave, Sunset Park, Brooklyn) One of the most requested (and expensive) German psytrance artist Full-on 5 hrs set by the legendary team from North Carolina 3 hrs set from one of the best full-on DJ in NYC Progressive DJ sets and vibe by Omnitribe crew 10 hours of music and digital video art on 2 floors of underground
LINEUP: SBK (Germany) (Spirit Zone) 16 LIVE SEBASTIAN KRUGER (Germany)(Avalanche / Slope Rec.) – DJ KRI & BLUE SPECTRAL MONKEY (North Carolina) (touchsamadhi)
DJ “KRI and Blue Spectral Monkey: These psybernauts have been producing parties in Asheville, NC, for 3 years, also traveling around the Eastern US spreading the excitement of well-mixed Goa. Demanding attention on 4 CD decks, offering more rhythm s, layers, and sounds from all angles than anyone brain can conjure. They exhibit a telepathic understanding of what it takes to rip up dancefloors. Be prepared for a full-on sonic storm! Hold on to your heads! touchsamadhi” INFLUX (Brazil/NYC) (Dreamcatcher) – DJ “Always distinguish ed by his uplifting pro-style After an unforgettable performance at NYE party, Luis is back for your full-on psy pleasure; turbinadocorp/luisreleas SH.I.K.I.D & VITALIK (Omni Tribe, NY) – DJ “creating positive vibe s with future beats of tribal, deep and progressive trance.” DIMA (Omni Tribe, NY) – DJ “opening the night with the ambient and electro dub set” LIVE VIDEO PROJECTIONS by ROCKY – ATOMIC JUICE DECO by THE DEVOTEE (touchsamadhi) $25 at the door $20 at either 10PM – 8AM 18+ info at Omnitribe PS: every Thursday psytrance at club MUNDO by Omnitribe
Sebastian Kruger is one of the most requested producers and DJ’s in the international progressive trance scene. Countless Live and Dj gigs in almost every corner of the world, like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, England, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Serbia, Austria and Germany …as well as many remixes and more than 100 tracks released under the monikers SBK, Tars is, Disko Slickers, Bushbumpas, Kr]ger & Coyle, etc…., make him absolutely outstanding with his unique kind of pumpin’ progressive sound. Sebastian has also produced the TV movie theme for TATORT “Kalte Herzen” and his SBK Monster Club Stomper, “Morgenlatte” from the top-selling Alum “Treibstoff” smashed the floors all over the globe and was one of the most played tunes 2001. To express his personal DJ-taste of music, Sebastian has just started his own labels SLOPE and AVALANCHE with a couple of brilliant cuts from the likes of Marc O’Tool, Tim Healey, London Sewer Tour…and of course, himself! BIO Sebastian was born in 1974 and grew up in an area called Sauerlan d in Germany. When he was 16 he had his first DJ experiences with Independent, Grunge and Punk music, then at the age of 19 he changed to progressive- techno music. Soon he became Resident DJ in the “GRUBE”, one of the most famous trance clubs and center points of the trance-development in Germany. After two years DJing Sebastian started his first production projects together with Victor Harder & Linus Wessel under the guises Digital Sun and Tarsi s with a couple of successful releases on labels such as Polytox Rec. and Spirit Zone.
In ’97, Victor left the trio, and two years later also Linus decided to go his own way05 From now on, Sebastian worked on his own, started his solo project SBK and got his Fully international breakthrough… but besides his solo carrier, Sebastian still likes to work with friends and is also producing projects like Bushbumpas (together with Antix from NZ), Kr uger&Coyle (Together with Greg Coyle from Automatic Rec. UK), Disko Slicker s (together with Peter Hollenbach from Save to Disc Rec.) as well as DJ Beat hoven (Overdose/Pulse Rec.) for the more commercial kind of club-techno.
Ti ll now, Sebastian has released 9 CD/LPs, 20 12″s, many remixes and is present on over 90 different compilations. He is one of the best-booked DJs and Live act’s in the international trance circuit and sees himself as a kind of ambassador for the more progressive way of trance. FAT GIGS Zoom Festival 2000 (Switzerland) around 20.000 people Mt. Fuji Festival 2001 (Japan) around 12.000 people U-Site Fusion 1999 (Germany) around 10.000 people Voov Experience 2001 (Germany) around 1 3.000 people Avika Festival 2000 (Sweden) around 8.000 people Electronic Dance Festival (Portugal)around 8.000people Rainbow Serpent 2001 ( Australia) around 5.000 people XXperience 2000 (Brazil) around 3.500 people To get more info about Sebastian’s work, check out his site ‘s web esbikei web sloperecords web avalanche-records s ago…
Very sorry to inform, but North Carolina team has>stuck on the way to NYC (they left last night, but had>to drive 20mph on snowy/icy road. On the road stopped>over at motel with the hope of better condition in the>morning, but roads are bad, so they decided to return>since assumed won’t make it in time) and will not>attend the party. So Kri&BSM DJ set is canceled;>Devotee is not bringing his artwork. As for the rest,>SBK is here very happy; with his girlfriend checking>out NYC; Jason bringing Severyn’s backdrops. We’ll use>part of our old deco. Sound system upstairs will be>crispy and fine-tuned. Bring local DJs downstairs with>more chill-out vibe. DJInflux (Luis) is confirmed.>>happy vibes to all,>Omnitribe crew>>flyer at: http://Omnitribe >>— Machinelf wrote:> > please… call me . I don’t wanna miss a> > beat> >>

2003 1 24 HOT 1

January 24 Friday
Home of Trance – Contra Productions
Y O N I YONI rocked our New Year’s Eve Party! MOONWALKER Hanoch is back after 3 years! ALADIN PROJECT (Doof Records, Israel) STUCK IN GOA Eran & Alex’s Psychedelic Journey. Decor by SEVERYN in a spacious loft at: 515 West 2 9th Street (between 10th & 11th Avenues) Hours: 10pm – 8am KILLER SOUND! Admission: $15 advance / $20 door Available at : HOME OF TRANCE, 122 St. Marks Place (between 1st Av. and Av. A) Telephone : (212) 477-4440 open noon – 11pm weekdays /noon-1am Fri / Sat. For more information: (212) 477.4440 (live) or (212) 439-8124 TSUNAMI web

Oh My God – Astrid is famous with the hacker geeks web pickover/realitycarnival web pickover/realitycarnival what… have… I… DONE???

January 24 Friday
Psyforia in Boston

Goa Trash DJs
Play 90s Goa – or Else!! I am not in the business of helping a DJ’s career or boost their popularity I just wanna throw a good party and cover everyone’s expenses if beatmatching was God then Goa Gil would be an unknown clown I operate on a personal loyalty basis not musical virtuosity if a DJ draws crowds then I will stay with them but force them to play 90s Goa! Goa Trash DJs will play 90s Goa or you’ll be replaced at the next event with one of the standbys. I just don’t want to start switching out people who made it to the original meeting but we are sticking to a theme here! 90s Goa! Finally, TASTE and VIBE are more important than what kind of equipment you have, BEAT MATCHING SKILLS or the weight of their crate your vinyl!
Sorry, that was meant to be sent to the organizers of Goa Trash 🙂

January 24-26 Friday – Sunday
Machinelf in Toronto to get more Pez, fails
Analog Pussy Review
Man, I had a great time in Toronto last weekend. I saw Analog Pussy, who has miraculously never made it to NYC. They were the #2 psytrance act on MP3 back when MP3 actually paid its artists. The show was on the Queens Street West location, very artsy and a little run down. There was the Smirk crew downstairs doing drum & bass/hardcore. There was some dude from the University of Toronto who has wearable computing – looks like eyeglasses but one side has a CAMERA on it. Very Videodrome (which was filmed in Toronto BTW) The venue had all these rooms in it, one was set up like a stoner living room with a Nintendo 64 and sofa. Awesome!! I wish somebody did that here in NYC HINT HINT There were fireworks throughout the show, and bowls of candy and assorted goodies. The TRIP (Toronto Rave Info Project) had a huuuuge table with all sorts of weird info, There was a lot of ravery types there. I set up the brainmachines and drumming. Thanks again to my wonderful Canadian friends for putting on a great production. Unfortunately, it was freezing and snowy outside so they lost money big time. Oh well, life goes on, good luck guys and come down to NYC some time!!

January 26 Sunday
From: LOLLYGOA It’s our fishes house-warming part and the Return of Movie Night here at Gnome Depot.we’re showing: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate FactorToday, Sunday 26 Januarcome in the afternoon to play and hang, movies at 8:00pm. our takeaway menus are fabulous (ask Phil), which is our best course of action cuz then it’s casual and self-serve.Lori and Boris’

January 26 Sunday

The Things We Do for Love

The Things We Do for Love

Life is drama. Life is conflict. The darkness and violence of stormy relationships make you feel alive... the sturm und ...

January 29 Wednesday
Chiletrance at Opium Den
Tomorrow is going to be less “Freeezzzing, so come tomorrow night and enjoy with us at Opium Den with Dj Angeles+guests. DJ Angeles(Chiletrance) Jason(Subtleproduction) web chiletrance thanks! Love and Light Angeles

January 29 Wednesday
Brainmachines hits 2 million page views web tranceam.org/logs/usage web tranceam.org/logs/usage hate to blow the chauffeur, I mean shofar, the Israeli ram horn, but hey it’s been 6 years!! now if I could just find a way to monetize that traffic…

January 30 Thursday
Dreamcatcher at Lantern

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLEN TAGINO! hey great party at Village Lantern last night!! what a great vibe, tunes, crowd!! and thanks guys for having us at your house afterward

One word. ATMOS! Just when you think minimal scando is getting its arse kicked outta New York here comes Atmos to the rescue!! I’m off to do brainmachines this Saturday in Toronto for at Analog Pussy, which is the most famous – and virtuoso – psytrance producers that have not ever played in New York. It’s a travesty. Check out their web site and at web analog-pussy. com web analog-pussy and drool.

January 31 Friday
Prometheus Project Presents…
At Club Mundo 840 5th Avenue (Corner Of 36th Street) In Brooklyn If You Ha Ve Questions Please E-Mail Mike, Nzipi At Aol Or Lisa, Lspudic At Lycos Peace Upstairs: Atmos (Spiral Trax/Sweden, Flying Rhino/Uk, Atmothch/Sw Eden) A Dj Set From One Of The Worlds Leading Trance Artists D-Space (Ctl) New On The Trance Map Bringing You A Live Set Vitalik (Omnitribe/Nyc) Gavin (Spectra/Nyc) Sh.I.K.D (Omnitribe/Nyc) Illusion (Nyc) Downstairs: The Chill Out Lounge Steve-O (Goa Babies, Goo Crew, Cape Cod) Kife (Omnitr Ibe) J (D-Space Studios, Ct) Dima (Omnitribe) Equisol (D-Space Studios,F L). Decorations By: Severyn, Shirna, Lisa, Ethan Sound By Spectra $25 18 To Party 21 To Drink Please Have Id. Club Mundo (840 5th Ave, Brooklyn) If You Have Questions Please E-Mail Mike, Nzipi At Aol Or Lisa, Ls Pudic At Lycos

Friday January 31
Psy Fri Asheville NC

February 2003

2003 2 Enchantment

February 1 Saturday
Citizens of Utopia
& Light-o-Matic – The Enchantment Under the Sea
Ben in cooperation with Citizens of Utopia invite you to Jaime’s Next Psytrance Birthday Party…The Enchantment Under the Sea DanceSaturday, February First, 2003 11pm – 11am We shall be honored by the talents of DJ’s(in no particular order)Boris (Burning Elf)Gavin (Spectra)Gosha (Alphatrance/Omnitribe) DragonLotus (Dragontribe)DJ Peak (TranceAct) Morning Chillout: no gloom Lots of FREE water, chai, fresh fruit, love and other nourishment ALL NIGHT. Video by Atomic JuiceLighting Effects by Ben Environment by Jaime, Kelly, Metal Mark, Lori, Nelia, Miss Halo 5, and cast of thousandsChai by Susannah aka Chai MamaOther Nourishment by MizueAquatic outfits, fluoro anything, body painting, drums, and any other costumes ENCOURAGED. If you went to our birthday party last year you know what we are all about! Location: A large, very comfortable PRIVATE loft in Queens.Tithe: $15 for guests, $20 for the lazy (remember, you will NOT be paying for water or refreshments). For directions to the space, and to become a guest.. visit the web site:http://lightomatic /party/To contact us for any other reason, please email enchantment at lightomatic

Subject: Colin who has done lighting effects for Richie Hawtin is interested doing something in Goa Trance part To: Jacob From: Jacob Sabat Colin W wrote:From: “Colin W” To: beyondeverythingnow Subject: ravenous & lighting conversationHello Jacob,I still haven’t spoken to Carlos, so I’m not sure how he got your number, however it was good talking to you. As per our conversation, I’m sending a little detail about who we are and what we do. We post parties on our site, mainly for the NY, NJ, and CT area, though anyone may contact Carlos to post from anywhere. All we ask is that we get a shout out in emails or flyers for our effort so our site gets exposure. On a more business-related aspect, what Carlos and I do is lighting, projection, and lasers. All of the scanners I use are Trackspots which are manufactured by High-End Systems, which I feel is the best available, though I do have a few Elation yoke lights as well which are pretty kick-ass and I have access to a bunch of HES Technobeams available for bigger venues. I also have a half dozen HES Dataflash strobes and a 40 milliwatt laser with a scanning head I modded from a Mobolazer G-Beam. As for projection, Carlos has four projectors, a video mixing board with effects, and a camera system for live projection, as well as videos and computer-driven effects. As a side note, Carlos does web design. He built the RaveOnUs site. We work mainly in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Connecticut, but will go pretty much anywhere. In the past, we’ve worked with Ritchie Hawtin for his last birthday party, Trendroid, Satoshi Tomiie, and Danny Howells at the Twi-Loft parties thrown by Ted Oehmke, who was head promoter (or a manager, I’m not sure which) for Twilo, and we did the first 3 Wonderland parties in Queens. I could list more and draw up a resume if you really needed it. I wasn’t aware this area had much of a scene anymore, especially Goa, so I’d like to check out some of the events you throw. Keep in touch, my number is 908-868-6776.Colin_ Colin W wrote:

February 4 Monday
Machinelf Art Show
Machinelf premiers in Manhattan art show!
MACHINELF is the “Sci Fi Warlock” mentioned in “Breaking Open the Head” by Daniel Pinchbeck. MACHINELF, one of the “Self Transforming Machine Elves, “was the term coined by the late ethnobiologist t Terence McKenna to describe hyperspatial sentient high-tech entities encountered by Peruvian tribesmen drinking ayahuasca. As a reality hacker MACHINELF deconstructs language and searches for underlying holographic viral meaning. He transmits these techno trance-inducing koans throughout cyberspace to other international underground collectives.
Based in Brooklyn, Jeff is a psychedelic trance event organizer, co-founder of the Devotional Ministry of Trance, webmaster, and moderator for brainmachines, with over 2000 members in 21 lists and a web-based showcase of different methods offering multiple ways to hack the human brain and induce deep trance-like states.
ht tp://web dumboartexpo/xinviteweb dumboartexpo/xinvite. com web janlarsenart/web janlarsenart.com
You are cordially invited to the Manhattan Premiere of DUMBO Art Expo X DJs and Digital Touch Down In Manhattan at Remote Tuesday | February 4th | 10p m-2am 327 Bowery, above 2nd Street + F Train to 2nd Avenue + $10 at the door | $8 in advance Open Stoli Bar and 2-4-1 beers from 10-11pm details & advance tickets: web dumboartexpo/xinvite l + with sounds by + DJ ebuzz Joshua Gabriel DJ Wylito + digital work from + Maleen Lyon Smith Machinelf featuring Chris Chillemis writing-on-the-wall and the Art and Artists of The DUMBO Art Expo
Jan Larsen the organizer is the “Dutch” dude I mentioned, he’s actually Danish and will be looking for good psytrance people to work with ( so come) The DJs will not be playing trance AFAIK that is something to be remedied for the future 🙂

February 5 Wednesday
Goodbye Opium Den!

After two long years of rallying my friends on Wednesdays at Opium Den, you will never see me there again. I wrote a very long email detailing the history abuses but my PC crashed (uninstalling Kazaa is a nightmare) so I’ll leave it at this: You can ignore the fact that the bouncer is a bumbling power tripper and that the owner is an unappreciative asshole for only so long, and it was a slow mean build. But the promoter there Angeles is a sweetheart and is raising a newborn baby, so you will continue to see emails promoting the night on brainmachines. When you go buy a drink at Opium Den, you are feeding her child. So don’t NOT go on my account. But I am outta there! Maybe I’ll find a new solid place with a great sound system someday and get Angeles to jump ship. But until then…Good luck Angeles, as Yoda would say, miss you I will!

February 5 Wednesday
Psycheground at Village Lantern
February Lineup Omnitribe, Sigh.. my new Thursday home for weeknight psytrance. It’s so successful that we took over both floors! I did my birthday party there a month ago. Please come show your support for the very nice and talented Brazilians! Or just be selfish and go for yourself. Either way, it’s free, a great sound system, people dancing wild. And nice big unattended bathrooms 🙂 2/6 IcyCoil 2/13 Juggernaut 2/20 Machinelf 2/2 7 Shi-Kid -Thursdays Dreamcatcher downstairs, at Village Lantern,167 Bleecker b/w Sullivan & Thompson, ID21+, free. Full-on on down! 10:00 – 12:0 0 Luis (Dreamcatcher) 12:00 – 04:00 DJinflux (Dreamcatcher) 167 Bleecker street btw Sullivan and Thompson

February 7 Friday
Goa Tra$h!!!

Photos (General)
Spiritual Beings Revival – Make Doof Not War A coalition of independent trance collectives including members of Burning Elf, PSI, d, Subtlechaos, Influx, and various Russian Goa enthusiasts are coming together to make an old skool 90’s Goa party at Boom! Shankar in SoHo You know it’s the 21st Century when 90s nostalgia parties are happening downtown. This monthly promises to make any d induced memories of Ibiza, the Riviera, or even Thailand like so much flotsam and jetsam strung along the beaches of Goa India. Music is strictly mid- to late-90s Goa Trance, which is really just modern progressive house mixed with Ravi Shankar beats done up at 145 BPM. All forms of low life welcome! Spiritual Being Dan Covan will play electronic drums and will have the new Spiritual Beings CD for sale fresh off the doof boat from Israel (see the special message below)The Goa f is your host. DVD mixing curated renko at msn Lisa Renko literally covers the space with refuse from a Goan beach existence. Indian dancing by Olga Von Karnig.Photo Galleries by Ben Light-o-matic at lightomatic/image s/Goatrashlightomatic/images/Goatrash (above photo) and by Nan at web hipchix.net/Goatrash web hipchix.net/Goatrash and Kamal at .co m/Goatrashguru.pdf web tranceam.org/Goatrashguru.pdf DJs: 10 – 11 pm 11 – 12 pm Tag team set w/ 12 – 1am tomDima, USSR 1 – 2am Dreamcatcher, Brazil) 2 – 3am Subtlechaos, (P)UK 3 – 4am g Elf, UK) 4am Late night chillout “we are ALL Spiritual Beings” ID21+ Goa Trash is FREE for womyn, men dressed as womyn, men with cheesy Goa shirts (like Kamal’s) and men with drums. d members pay via sliding scale donation. Otherwise, $5 before midnight or with this flyer printed out; $10 after midnight, BOOM Shankar is located at 152 Spring between Wooster & West Broadway. The place has a comfortably Mediterranean feel, the kind of place where people dance on tables. Subways: Take 6 to Spring C/E to Spring F to Broadway/Lafayette 1/9 to Houston N/R to Prince web brainmachines/Goatrash Funds will go to outdoor trance events in 2003.
The Goa Trash Idea came from the Dread headed Beast Goatrash (sound of cattle prod warming up) Um, Goa trash was born in a late conversation between myself and Lisa Renko. We thought, wouldn’t it be interesting to mix punk/hardcore elements with Goa trance sensibilities (as a trashy movie from the Andy Warhol era glared in the background). White trash, trailer trash, GOA TRASH! High art/ Low Art High brow/ Low Brow. Bingo. A movement was born…………..
A special message to New York from Goa Gil! AAAaaaauuuUUUUuuummmMMMMM………..May the Light of Love shine in your Hearts and in your Minds and May you always walk in Peace.. . Towards the One !!! …..namaste, gil
A special message from Spiritual Beings founder Eitan from Israel!
Dear Psytrance family in NYC, I hope this message finds you well and happy.
My name is Eitan and when I first came to New York, I was the only ambassador of “Spiritual Beings” in the states. I came with the idea of bringing the Goa spirit of trance to the big city. Goa style parties took place all over the city, even if we had to compromise on not being outdoors. By the time I left, there were a few of us there, taking a part in the local trance scene. So I have left NY, some also left “Spiritual Beings”, not forgetting to take “Neva” with them.
Today, 1 year later, the only official “Spiritual Being” left in the city is Dan Covan, the cosmic dancer – may he always be happy and full of joy. But, As we always said, “we are all spiritual beings”.
Without being on the staff or even a member in “Spiritual Beings”, there are those of you who still fondly remember the parties and gatherings we produced during my stay there. I remember the vibes at those events, and I will never forget those peeks.
A few weeks ago Jeff contacted me with the idea to revive the spirit of Spiritual Beings in New York. Needless to say how happy I was to hear that this idea is coming together. I will make sure to be in a happy place on Feb 7th at the time the revival will take place. I know I’ll feel you. To bring this event as close to me as possible, a video camera will be present at the revival. Hope you’ll drop me a message there, my friends and family.
I also managed to reduce the price of our CD (” Spiritual Beings – Full Space”) to the low low price of 6$! Hope you’ll like it. I wish I could be with you in person, but I guess that will have to wait a bit longer. And now let the gathering begin again.
We are all, Spiritual Beings Eitan
eitan at spiritualbeings.org

February 7 Saturday
Agony & ‘Ecstasy’ as Clubs Shut Down
Police were party poopers at two popular West Side nightclubs last night, shuttering the hot spots after amassing evidence of rampant “designer drug” use and sales.
Narcotics cops shut down Club Exit on West 56th Street and the Sound Factory on West 46th Street after a 22-month undercover investigation. During the probe, undercover cops posing as clubgoers purchased a laundry list of drugs – mostly “ecstasy” – and witnessed numerous drug transactions and patron drug use. “Thanks to our detectives’ hard work, we are sending a clear message to nightclub owners: If you allow illegal drugs to saturate your business and endanger your patrons, we’ll shut you down,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.
Over the last three years, the clubs have been the scene of more than 200 drug-related arrests. So far, 11 people have been arrested for their involvement in selling and using drugs – but no club owner has been charged. State law could keep the clubs closed for up to a year – and cops say they could close more clubs soon

2003 2 Psyche 1

psy trance NJ 2/22 (Saturday)

Lost at Goa Trash – Old flyers the old 90s Goa flyers were on the bar and I believe some people took them thinking they were current flyers if you got any they are needed for an archive thanks

Avihen Livne (Cosma)

Avihen Livne (Cosma)

1979- February 10, 2003 Israeli Producer who died in a motorcycle accident in Goa. His music was the soundtrack to ...

Winter is starting to fill up. If you have a date in mind, please email me ASAP. Estate is beautiful and state of the art – I took a tour last Friday. I strongly recommend you see Parasense there on Friday. They will play LIVE at night, Astral Projection plays in the morning. PERFECT!

The BRAINMACHINES yahoo group is no more. For trance, it’s either TripOutNY (this email, once a week) or NYC604, the wild unmoderated discussion group.
More list consolidation: All lost and found is now being posted on NYC604. (see above to join) There’s also a lot of stuff for sale. The Brainmachines list is reborn as pure neuroscience, no trance music stuff. brainmachine tech news, smart ds, oxygen therapy, neurotech, etc. That’s the way it was for years before I became a total trance head. Finally, I just realized… Trance is like Amazon. It is doomed to fail commercially because the better the economy has been the more money it loses. [Boy was I wrong! -ed., 2020]
Now trance organizers are losing less because they have lower budgets. Without going into a plea for the necessity of a neo-communist or anarcho-syndicalistic model, maybe trance’s only hope relies completely on extremely integrated networks of zero/low-cost providers and participants on a tech level which allows it to surpass the synergy of 60s era of fly by night co-ops and communes.

February 13 Thursdays
Dreamcatcher at Village Lantern,167 Bleecker b/w Sullivan & Thomps on, ID21+. Full-on on down! 167 Bleecker street btw Sullivan and Thompson 2/13: DJ Juggernaut

Let the Inspectors do their work! (PARASENSE) Call me Hans Blix on Acid (that’s actually my Counter-Strike screen name) but the irony is I’m taking a fact-finding tour of Estate (the refurbished Limelight) tomorrow afternoon. John Emmanuel Gartmann of Tsunami had shown Eran of Home of Trance the new place, and Eran thought it was so trippy that he said Jeff HAS to see this” Given that Parasense (& Astral Projection) are playing there next Friday, I will check it out and if it looks good I’ll let you know! I’ll also try to get a soundcheck too. And JEG said that we are occupying the entire space. check out this awesome track by Parasense: (Matrix remix) web tranceam.org/para1.mp3web tranceam.org/para1.mp3 This will be up only until next Friday so listen now! This all sounds too good to be true, so I will go on a fact-finding mission. If I indeed find evidence of chemical mind expanders factories on the premises I’ll give the project a green light. And finally, in full disclosure, I STRONGLY urge anyone and everyone to go see my absolute all-time favorite trance act, PARASENSE. I don’t care who brings him, Bloomberg could bring him and I’d be there! I have seen more psytrance acts than anyone I know (except for, wait a minute, never mind) and I say, “If you don’t see PARASENSE, it’s your loss!!” Seriously, they are that good, and that twisted, the best in your face night music I can imagine, quintessential psytrance without being minimal progressive OR old Goa.
Early to LATE tonight to hear Parasense – they are going on before astral projection. PARASENSE from the ole USSR is my all-time favorite psytrance producer. Almost two years ago in 2001 when in Boston they came to a bridge party, Alex & Eran of Home of Trance gave me cash to get a cab to go borrow James from Deeper in Zen’s DAT. The vibe was so good and full-on that I forget who threw the party, but I think it was us. That’s also where I met a pissed off chick with blonde dreads who was sitting by herself, glowering, who I didn’t see again for months until she off to the Rainbow Gathering, named Lisa Renko! Those outdoor parties are weirdness magnets, oftentimes where the Irresistible Force meets the Immovable Object.
Estate is beautiful and state of the art – I took a tour last Friday. I strongly recommend you see Parasense there on Friday. They will play LIVE at night, Astral Projection plays in the morning. PERFECT!

February 14 Friday
Tsunami Valentine’s Day Party with Astral Projection & Parasense

T R A N C E N D E N T A L LOVE in Ameri ca’s most exciting new #1 venue: ESTATE. (ESTATE is the former club LIMELIGHT, after the change of ownership and a multi-million make-over, with America’s best new sound system and high -tech psychedelic decor and architecture) with one of the hottest line up this country has seen in a very long time: A S T R A L P R O J E C T I O N, live (Phonokol / Trust in Trance, Israel) Lior and Avi have been on the forefront of the international trance movement since the very beginning, and with their current new album “Amen”, also back again at its cutting edge. P A R A S E N S E, live (Acidance Greece) Alex and Victor from Moskow (Russia) have over the last 2 years developed a very large and loyal following worldwide with their psy-progressive style. DJ sets by:L I O R (Astral Projection) A L E X (Parasense) Y O N I (TSUNAMII / Home of Trance) C H A R L Y B R O W N DJ U N K N O W N and more still to be announced! at E S T A T E 662 6th Avenue (at 20th Street)ATE, the former Limelight, underwent an ownership change. After being closed for over 1 year, and many million dollars later, it is now open, with all its rooms, and has become, without a doubt, America’s most extraordinary venue with the country’s best new sound system. The decor and lighting is nothing short of sensational and can best be described as a psychedelic new age. Hours: 10pm till 8am 18 to party / 21 to drink Admission: $27 advance (plus store commission) / $32 door Available at: HOME OF TRANCE, 122 St. Marks Place (betw. 1st Av & Av. A) 12 noon – 11pm 212 477-4440 SATELLITE, 259 Bowery 212 995-1744 SATELLITE Boston 617 536-5482 THROB, 47 Orchard Street 212 925-6069 VINYL MARKET, 241 E 10th Street 212 539-1203 SONIC GROVE, 11 Carmine Street 212 675-52 84 HOOMOOS ASLI, 100 Kenmare Street 212 966-0022 611, Phili adelphia 215 413-9100 Elvis 917 609-8700 also available on homeoftrance at $32 For more information: 212 439-8124 or web .Tsunami-trance Check out America’s largest selection of trance music on web homeoftranceweb homeoftrance
ESTATE is the last of the big clubs still open (Webster Halol don’t count) and we showed our strength. I had taken a tour of Estate a week before, and when I saw the No Parasense sign I was disappointed but Tsunami did everything right so no one has any room to complain. I heard some sound people who said it was the best sound they’d heard maybe ever.
Here’s a message from Parasense: Dear friends from TSUNAMI and all trance-heads in the USA, despite our great desire to perform in New York, we were not able to get US entrance visas, though we applied for them long in advance of due date. Because of high terrorist alert in the US, as well as the impending danger of war, our passports still have not been returned to us by the US Consulate in Moscow. Until early Friday morning, it was still looking like it would all resolve itself in a way that would allow us to catch our, several times re-arranged, flights. However, we were out of luck, no matter how hard we tried. We as well as TSUNAMI had already incurred sizable expenses towards this gig that none of us want ed to miss. We are, however, looking forward to performing with TSUNAMI in the nearest future, not only in New York but also in other parts of your great country. Keep up the spirit. From Russia with Love Parasense (Alex&Zolod).
I just went to my last Tsunami party on Friday, February 14th. I will never go to another one. Tsunami used to be a good organizer. Between them and Synthetic Sadhus, New York had a better than decent trance scene. I think the competition between them kept them both working at a high level. Now Sadhus is gone and Tsunami has been going downhill for the last year or more. I went to their Halloween Party. It was just horrible. The headline act, Antidote, didn’t play. We paid full price just for local DJ’s the whole night. The party was supposed to go till 7 or 8. It was shut down by the venue security at 4 AM!!!! The security were complete assholes, not letting anybody sit down anywhere, and kicking everybody out (threatening violence if necessary) four hours before the party was supposed to end. What a ripoff! After that, I avoided Tsunami but decided to give them one more chance with this party. First of all, the venue: TINY dancefloor, totally packed with people, no room to dance. The entire building (a converted church) was freezing cold. The security were complete assholes. My friend had an international student ID but they wouldn’t accept it: they demanded a passport or other government-issued ID (this was JUST TO GET IN (18+), not even to drink alcohol!). The deco wasn’t psychedelic at all. The venue was a hot gay nightclub in Chelsea which is packed every weekend no matter what’s playing, which meant that more than half the people there weren’t even trancers or ravers, but CLUBBERS!! Lots of gay club hoppers, lots of straight slimeballs trying to pick up girls. Hey, Tsunami: THAT IS NOT THE TRANCE VIBE AT ALL! More problems: Parasense didn’t even play! Astral showed up but they’re getting old anyway–we’re not exactly talking about the cutting edge in trance, here. The rest of the time was filled by local DJs. Once again, the party was stopped early, this time at 6 am instead of the promised 8 am. Nonetheless, we still had to pay full price ($32) for one of the worst parties I’ve ever been to. Basically, this is what I’ve come to expect from Tsunami parties: lies, lies, and more lies! Acts canceling at the last minute (with no warning), parties shut down prematurely, an obnoxious “club” crowd, asshole security. No trance vibe, no PLUR, just the dark, evil bullshit that seems to be consuming the whole country and the whole world. Luckily all is not lost in NY. Omnitribe is still throwing good parties, and Hommega is not bad either, although a little bit unreliable. But until Tsunami gets their act together, finds a good venue, brings the acts that they promise to bring, and rediscovers the real trance spirit, I’m not wasting another penny on their parties, and I recommend nobody else do either.
back in the day Tsunami was the shit, I would go every week to their events, lately, I haven’t been liking anyone’s parties even Synthetic went down with some BS for music, as far as mixing the trance scene with the rest of the world I don’t mind, we have so little women in our scene and we need more to come dance or convert to psychedelia, anyway I understand your concern with the slimelight cus I used to DJ there years back it was fun yet the crowd would usually yell at me to the point id downtempo from full on to housey trance. Anyway I do enjoy opening up the music for club people but I don’t think paps really gets them moving, you really have to stick to artists like Man With No Name which is not my flavor yet as a DJ you must supply the music they want to hear, actually something people should recognize. p.s. I love the way Jason disses out Israelis, that shit cracks me up boom @#$%en Shankar dude, I’m Israeli by the way p.p.s. if I was DJing at a party and people threw things at me id smash a mixer over there head, bottom line you wanna be animals deal with it, I’m surprised the bouncers at Atmos didn’t throw them out. heh

Tsunami was a blast – all those who signed u p on the Tsunamimakeup who had been at the Halloween fiasco were comped in. There was a sign before you paid that Parasense couldn’t get their visa s (the whole post-9/11 thing) so there was no shady business. Too bad Parasense didn’t get their visas; their new CD rocks. Why is Parasense important? Everyone in the “trance scene” seems to love them, from full on to minimal people. And they ain’t plain vanilla. I like to listen to them while playing online first-person shooters. All your base …

February 14 Friday
GAIAN MIND Monthly – at Ulana’sPhiladelphia

2003 2 16 Trance Church 1

February 16 Sunday
Trance Church

Full Snow Moon 6:51 am For those of you who don’t get arrested Saturday, no school or work on Monday! Music will go from downtempo to eclectic to uplifting and spiritual trance and full-on. DJs 8-10 Minister Machinelf (DMT) 10-12 Special guest from Spain Midnight Mass 12-4: Influx (Dreamcatcher) & DJ Unknown (Japan) Art by UTA at Sway, 305 Spring (near West Side Highway) Free.
It’s a one-off, maybe we could do it once a month if it works well. Great turnout. I was carted out in the snow like a plank on K. TRANCE CHURCH was a raging success Sunday even in the middle of a snowstorm. We’ll do it once a month at a nicer venue. Reading from Psalms with a vocal distorter over downtempo will never be the same.

Deeper in Zen’s new CD is awesome and has the ear of Home of Trance. James was my roommate before he moved to San Francisco, and is now finally getting major attention…

More DMT stuff on Yalee sci writer Cliff Pickover’s site People with C harles Bonnet Syndrome See Beings from Parallel Universes web pickover/realitycarnival web pickover/realitycarnival In a curious twist of fate, 16 years after I wrote this, my father came down with it.

Heard a rumour – Astrid back in town!?! Happy birthday Ingo! On a final note, my friend was on the runway at Calvin Klein last Friday and her drape fell off on the runway leaving her nude in front of dozens of cameras.

Thursdays Dreamcatcher at Village Lantern,167 Bleecker b/w Sullivan & Thompson, ID21+ . Full-on down! 167 Bleecker street btw Sullivan and Thompson 2/20 Machinelf (DMT, Goa Trash) 2/27 Shaikid (Omnitribe) MTA: A,B,C,DE,F,Q to West 4 1/9 to Houston web turbinadocorp/luisrelease web turbinadocorp/luisr elease ONE-OFFS –

February 20 Thursday
Psycheground at Village Lantern – Machinelf

Dreamcatcher at Village Lantern,167 Bleecker b/w Sullivan & Thompson, ID21+. Full o n on down! 167 Bleecker street btw Sullivan and Thompson 2/20 Machinelf (DMT, Goa Trash) turbi nadocorp/luisrelease web turbinadocorp/luisrelease

February 21 Friday
Omnitribe – Fractioned Infinity

A night of Club and Goa Trance on 2 floors of unified freedom! at Club Mundo (Sunset Park, Brooklyn – 36 St & 5 Ave) Upstairs HALDOLIUM (Germany) (Free Form Records) – LIVE TIMETEC H (Germany) (Plusquam Records) – LIVE BUZZ (Plusquam Records) – LIVE – Unprecedented live symphonic relay from the finest German trance acts. Mario (Haldolium, Timetech), Mark (Haldolium) and Sebastian (Timetech, Buzz) has joined their talents to present 3 live acts as a flow of rhythmic groove s and penetrating melodies, taking the night into the realm of pure trance. ELECTROFUNK (Israel) – DJ KIFE (Omni Tribe) – DJ Downstairs DINO (Boston) (Changmian Productions/Anitya)’ ALLEN (Philadelphia) (Gaian Mind/ Metropolis Records) BORIS (BurningElf) – DJ SERGE (Digital Circuitry) VITA LIK vs. SH.I.K.I.D. (Omni Tribe) – DJ 11PM – 8AM DECO by Severyn (Subtlechaos) $25 at the door $20 at either of SATELLITE 259 Bowery, 212-995-1744 SONIC GROOVE 41 Carmine St., 212-675-5284 THROB 47 Orchard St., 212-92 5-6069 VINYL MARKET 241 E 10th St., 212-539-1203 18+ info at Omnitribe Fluoroware sale by Gaian Mind LINKS: haldolium.de plus quam-records.de web changmian CLUB MUNDO (84 0 5th Ave, Brooklyn)
Severyn did a great job decorating the club. 2nd floor was wrapped into the psychedelic experience. In between his classic Severyn style banners (the work of art that needs a separate long story with the happy end) he put light transparent patterned pieces, altogether creating not to leave you unmoved
Uri Electrofunk – Israeli trance scene veteran, opened the night and at no time made the crowd alive and vibrating; around 2:30 DJ Kife played a couple of tracks (precisely 2; we had fun with kife at the end of the party, his 1 hour morning set finished it up) to be overtaken by Haldolium “be real” statement…
Germans took over and didn’t let go till 7am. Haldolium live was mostly released classics, the crowd was extremely pleased (had a little fuck up with the base as a couple of subwoofers didn’t want to comply for a while; was fixed by a joint effort). Timetech & Buzz was the highlight for me. They took me to the progressive trance heaven… very fresh sounds and grooves, bringing ocean of emotions alive.,,
in the meantime, the level downstairs was going crazy with Dino and then Allen playing the finest full-on trance. Many people moved downstairs, it was the first time at Omni Tribe that we had a real crowd at the full-on floor!!! This is something that we wanted to achieve for quite a long time now and very happy to have it come true…
thanks to everyone for sharing the happiness of dancing and special thanks to DJs/artists/those who helped with the setup/equipment providers/promoters/cash donators for making this kind of no cheese reality come true.
let everything be for you, ig rai

February 27 Thursday
Psycheground at Village Lantern

Dreamcatcher at Village Lantern,167 Bleecker b/w Sullivan & Thompson, ID21+. Full o n on down! 167 Bleecker street btw Sullivan and Thompson 2/27 Shaikid (Omnitribe)turbi nadocorp/luisrelease web turbinadocorp/luisrelease

February 28 Friday
Psyforia in Boston

Come witness the revival of Goa Trance at BOOM! Shankar this Friday, February 28th (see listings) guest DJs include St eve-O from Nantucket and Ben Light-o-matic, who threw the Enchantment unde r the Sea party. Along with Burning Elf Boris and the rest of the resident DJs, this Friday promises to be a wild and crazy night on the town.

February 28 Friday
Goa Tra$h

First DJ Set: Ben Light-o-matic
Photos (General)
This crazy new triweekly promises to make any d induced memories of Ibiza, the Riviera, or even Thailand like so much flotsam and jetsam strung along the beaches of Goa India. Music is strictly mid- to late-90s Goa Trance, which is really just modern progressive house mixed with Ravi Shankar beats done up at 145 BPM. All forms of low life welcome! ainmachinesMC Machinelf is your host. DVD mixing curated by on) Artist Lisa Renko literally covers the space with refuse from a Goan beach existence. Fluoro tapestries by Uta from Asian Georgia. Indian dancing by Olga Von Karnig. Photo Galleries by Ben Light-o-matic at lightomatic/images/Goatrash (above photo) and by Nan at web hipchix.net/Goatrash web hipchix.net/Goatrash and Kamal at web tranceam.org/Goatrashguru.pdfweb brain machines/Goatrashguru.pdf 10 – 11 pm H 11 – 12 pm Shamanista Initiative) LuizinhoDJ at all Luiz (Dreamcatcher, Brazil) tag-teaming w/Steve-O (G oa Babies, Nantucket) 2 – 3am 3 – omBoris (Burning Elf, UK) 4am Late night chillout with H Goa Trash is FREE for: womyn, men dressed as womyn, Goa clad dudes (avail. at Home of Trance, like what Louis Armstrong said about jazz, if you have to ask, you’ll never know) and dudes with drums. Otherwise, it’s $5 before 11pm; $10 aft er BOOM Shankar is located at 152 Spring between Wooster & West Broadway. The place has a comfortably Mediterranean feel, the kind of place where people dance on tables. Subways: Take 6 to Spring C/E to Spring F to Broadway/Lafayette 1/9 to Houston N/R to Prince /Goatrash web tranceam.org/Goatras h A special message to Goa Trash New York from Goa Gi l! AAAaaaauuuUUUUuuummmMMMMM………..May the Light of Love shine in your Hearts and in your Minds and May you always walk in Peace… Towards the One !!! …..namaste, gil

February 28 Friday
Psy Fri in NC

SINAI (Tokyo) CORAL(Norfork, VA) closing set by KRI sacred art by THE DEVOTEE
the samadhi sound system will be there ensuring you the best quality in sound.

March 2003

March 3 Monday
Susannah at Tagine
Susannah’s (and Natia’s & Tea’s) Birthday Party you are officially invited too… 537 w. 40th st. & 9th ave. (Nyc) (downstairs-mahjoun lounge) open mic! Poetry reading! Comedy! Live music! Drag show! Trance music! Hooka is available! Fully stocked bar! Morrocan food! Floor seating! Fluro art! Dancing after dark! And more!!!!!!! Come celebrate Susannah’s birthday with the hostess with the mostess mistress nite! $5.00 cover (food and drinks not included/kitchen closes at 11pm) seating limited (no seating after 11pm) call 212-802-4800 for guest list and more info you are officially invited too… Tagine-537 w. 40th st. & 9th ave. (Nyc)
for all you people who may not know Susannah she is the one who made the chai at ben’s party, beautiful Nubian princess, sweat lodge queen and all-around art/trance maven. music will start 10-1030pm will have in order of appearance machinelf playing eclectic, and psytrance with ben (light-o-matic, Jason, icy coil, and world beat/tribal with ton

March 6 Thursday
Dreamcatcher at Village Lantern

167 Bleecker b/w Sullivan & Thompson, ID21+. Full-on down! 167 Bleecker street btw Sullivan and thompson web turbinadocorp/luisrelease ” web turbinadocorp/luisrelease ONE-OFFS Its on again-

March 8th Saturday
Yogasana EmPower Center

A night of Goa and Psychedelic Trance. Bring your own water and vibrating energy. Look forward to seeing you. With Dj Ecofunkological Location: Yogasana EmPower Center 900 Easton Avenue (Behind the I HOP)Somerset, N J732-2469642 Contact: ecofunkological at hotmail Date:Saturday March 8, 2 003 Time: 9pm E28093 1 am Fee: Donation

March 10 Monday

537 9th Avenue, south-west corner of 9th Ave and 40th st. 10PM – 4AM This is the same place as Susannah’s birthday last week. DJ’s Neil (PSI), Ben <light-o-matic>, IcyCoil, and others. Sound by Boris (Burning Elf) & Ben <light-o-matic>

March 12 Wednesday
Opium Den
3rd b/w 2nd & 3rd ave, ID21+ Downtempo and progressive Oldest running weekly in NYC
Thursdays Dreamcatcher at Village Lantern,167 Bleecker b/w Sullivan & Thompson, ID21+. Full-on on down! 167 Bleecker street btw Sullivan and Thompson MTA: A,B,C,D,E,F,Q to West 4 1/9 to Houston web turbinadocorp/l uisrelease web turbinadocorp/luisrelease

March 14 Friday
Omni Tribe – Shakti

First Live Set: Dean Onnomon
A night of uplifting psychedelic trance! at Club Mundo (Sunset Park, Brooklyn – 36 St & 5 Ave) Celebrating the feminine divine with a night of dance… International and local DJs…Two live acts…The headliner for the party is DJ BIM from Ger many, famous for his poetic taste – a man behind the finest psytrance record label, presenting the freshest tunes from both club progressive and full-on Goa tranceworlds! ONNOMON LIVE is born in New York and the long-awaited performance from our own well-known party goer Dean, famous for his happy way and releases on Soular rec; starting around 1:30 from dark progressive to bouncy Goa psytrance!!! VISUALBASIC vs SERGE LIVE on stage drumming on top of solid mixing from NYC underground veteran DJ Serge; come early for this unique act!!! more info below… SOUND SYSTEM – taking advantage of the powerful club Mundo set-up and bringing chill out comfort one level up! DECO by UTA PROJECTIONs by Alex aka Svin thanks Rocky and Liosha for landing tools LASERs by Colin of Quark Lighting Technologies web quarklight CHAI by Susannah copy kills your music! At the door CD super sale for $6 ( six usd) compliments of Midijum Rec. and web elektrolust Downstairs ::: time slots might change BIM (Germany) (Midijum Rec. former Medium R ec.) – DJ :::4:00 7:00 ONNOMON (NY) (Soular records) – LIVE :::1:30 3:00 VISUAL BASIC vs SERGE (digital circuitry) – LIVE :::0:00 1:30 SH.I.K.I.D (Omnitribe) – DJ :::3:00 4:00 VITALIK (Omnitribe) – DJ :::7:00 8:00 FXMIKE (Omnitribe) – DJ 0:00 Upstairs Chillout Exit ANGELES (Chiletrance/6TH ELEMENT, Chile) LESHIY (Omnitribe) MARIO (decompression NYC) STAS (Omnitribe) STEFAN (decompression NYC) 11PM – 8A M LADIES FREE MIDNIGHT $20 AFTER $19 e-tickets at web elektrolust $25 otherwise 18+ info at Omnitribe EXTRAS: a) DJ BIM February topec tric Compilation 2.Sesto Sento – Getting Fused 3.Cosma-The time has Come 4. Exanimo-Aliens coming 5.I.F.B.-Narkotische FrC3BCchte 6.Infected Mushroom -Wilder rmx 7.1200Mics-Mascalin 8.Star X -Fantasy 9.Native Radio-Cheba City Blus (Album) 10.Domestic/Cosma -X -Port and Domestic/Astrix-Massive Activity b) ONNOMON (NY/Soular records) 1st NYC Appearance!!! Slams the chakra-rockin bass bin boomin’ booty shakin’ shakti. Spiraling the boundaries of cheese whiz-matic chastity, sonic elastic ying-yang fanatic propulsion drives the dance floor into time-space euclidian distortion. It’s a knee-slappin’ toe jammin’ hootannany moon a shinin’. Confused yet? -or- You know him! You love him! He’s that weird trippin’ dude that always dancing near the subs and talks fast. Yes, Dean makes music and now you get to hear what’s coming out of his little workshop of horror. He didn’t get an engineering degree for anything, you know?
It was little party and very different from the usual Omnitribe style. Decorated by Uta downstairs with exquisite style and very minimal chill-out upstairs that reminded me more of a movie theater for psychedelic minds. Alex video mixing and chill DJs playing was very enjoyable experience. People flat on the carpet, row of chairs at the back. Candles.
Missed VB&SERGE live drumming, but Onnomon live was full of sounds and grooves. It was very full-on and colorful. Killer start for Dean! Crowed was going crazy for sure!
BIM set – fast beat, hard pumping, strong kick, long story with happy end. Melodic at times, deep dark in the middle and overall full-on. Too crazy for me though. But saw the dance floor happily dancing. Picked up after Bim, couldn’t stop playing. Feeling the baseline like hard balls flying around the room, melodies were alive playing with each other. tzik, tzik of the high heads – oh man music is more… and I didn’t even smoke a joint that night.
Before I started to play I was thinking to myself “why the fuck I’m doing these parties? no, for me that is it, no more. But after I finished playing I once again understood why!
Many new faces. No usual crowd at all. For sure very happy. Ovation at the end… thanks to all involved! Vitalik PS: actually, very much alive!
Omnitribe’s party on Friday nite at Club Mundo was small but hot. Great deco, atmosphere and vibes. Really glad to have been a part of it. Seems to me li ke Club Mundo is getting used to the psytrance scene and they’re wearing it well. I liked the main dance floor being on the first floor rather than the second floor this time.
Onnomon’s debut into NYC was stellar. He put the grooves on and sent the crowd to his and each individual’s mindscape. Awesome creativity and really fresh. It’s really nice to get some new talent on the NY scene.
DJ Bim’s set was banging and full-on and definitely kept the crowd moving on the dance floor. Killer selections till the very last drop.
And Vitalik carried out the rest of the nite with his infamous style and if he hadn’t stopped playing the crowd would have kept on dancing. Great vibe and music.
And as much as some would beg to differ, I think that Omnitribe is still one of the most consistent promoters on the scene. The first party I went to by them was at the Lunatarium sometime last year. Ah, when Human Blue was playing. What an amazing party that was. They might not be using that space anymore but they’re still one of the underground’s strongest promoters. For the most part, It’s always been about the music.

March 14 Friday
GAIAN MIND Philadelphia

DJ ALLEN (Gaian Mind/Metropolis Records, Philadelphia) midnight-2am ELECTRIC MAYHEM (Sidetrakkt, Pittsburgh) 9pm-midnight Celebrating our 6 Year Anniversary!!! UV Deco by GAIAN MIND Fluorowear by MEGHAN & ANDY 9pm-2am 21+ (w/ID) $7 cover ($5 before 11pm) @ Ulana’s Second and Bainbridge Streets (one block south of South Street) Philadelphia, PA USA JUNO REACTOR – “Odyssey 1992-2002” Record Release Party Free Giveaways courtesy of Metropolis Records New fluorowear from Bali has arrived! GAIAN MIND – second Friday of every month at Ulana’s!!! www.Gaian-Mind.com Info URL: Ticket Info: $7 cover ($5 before 11pm) Venue: Indoor/Club

March 14 Friday

The vampire formerly known as Talamasca! -Tsunami is proud to deliver another stellar line-up in America’s hottest new venue, Estate! Formerly known as the Limelight, the club has changed of ownership and had a multi-million dollar make-over, including the nation’s best new sound! In th e main room… For the first time in America LIVE… TALAMASCA FRANCE AND DJ SET For the first time in America… ATOMIC PULSE SPECTRUM, ISREALLIVE PERFORMANCE AND DJ SET ALADIN PROJECT DOOF RECORDS, ISREALDJ SET CHARLY BROWN TSUNAMI RECORDINGS, NYCDJ SET DJ UNKNOWN Separate “Stuck in Goa” room by Global Trance with ALEX AND Charly brown and more… Separate chillout room ESTATE 662 6th Avenue, at 20TH STREET NEW YORK CITY 10 pm-6:30am Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Available at: Home of Trance, 122 St. Marks Place 212 477-4440 Throb, 47 Orchard Street 212 925-6069 Sonic Grove, 11 Carmine Street 212 675-5284 Satellite, 259 Bowery 212 995-1744 Vinyl Market, 241 E10th Street 212 539-1203 Hoomoos Asli, 100 Kenmare Str. 212 966-0022 Satellite, Boston 617 536-5482 611, Philadelphia 215 413-9100 Tickets also available online at homeoftrance at $30 while you browse through America’s Largest Trance selection! Tsunamis 2 4 hour information line: 212 439-8124 Visit us in Miami at the WMC on Friday, March 21st. Next Tsunami dates in New York are April 18th or 19th, May 30th or 31st, June 27th or 28th… www.Tsunami-trance

March 15 Saturday
Tsunami Afterparty by Dawn
Trance after-party 7:00 am – 4:00 pm Admission $10 at Door Adv. $7 at GLOBAL TRANCE W/ purchase of Tsunami Tck at THE CLUB – 7TH AVE. South, NY BETWEEN 9 & 10 ST. Info: GLOBAL TRANCE 122 ST. MARKS PL, NY 212.477.4440 201.892.021 6 21+ ALCOHOL BAR AFTER PARTY BY DAWN web HOM EOFTRANCEweb HOMEOFTRANCE SHOP ONLINE

2008 3 15 State of Grace

March 15 Saturday

Trance Tonight State of Grace
Mike Dearborn/Unknown Shroom/Machinelf at Demerara Mike Dearborn from Chicago is headlining at Demerera and Iggy the Unknown Shroom and Machinelf are playing psytrance downstairs in the Bamboo Room 1am – 4am. It’s a big renovated space with a nice sound system. web tranceam.org/stateofgra Club Demerara, 21 5 West 28th between 7th and 8th Avenues. $15 before midnight, $20 after. Doors open at 930pm, ID21+ Demerara used to be Planet 28, included in BTS Watch article

March 17 Monday
War and Peace

First DJ Set: Roy Moav
10pm-4am! at Flamingo East, a two-story club at 219 Second Avenue between 13th and 14th, 21+. We have two different rooms/great sound systems for a free party with 2 strains of trance and other music. We have so far 8 DJs, Ben Light-o-matic doing intelligent lighting for the War Room, Israelis, Russians, Atmic Juice doing projections, and artists for the War area and the Peace areas. We need everyone to come out and show their support for however they feel about the war in Iraq. This is a free party but there will be donation buckets to help defray my costs. If this works out we will do it as long as the war effort continues. So please, everyone, please come help us make this “winning” concept a reality. It’s St Patrick’s Day, the day the US may strike Iraq, and Purim, the Israeli Halloween, so there should be an insane crowd. The official flyer is going out tonight. If you want to get involved in any way call me at home tonight 718-686-2753 or tomorrow at 646-752-5456. Some ideas: Peace Train Station upstairs, with melodic trance, Beatles, 60s music, antiwar music, incense, chai, candle vigil, peace signs, shamanistas, drums, flowers, belly dancers, Indian tapestries, guitars, smiley faces, participatory art, petitions, Michael Brownstein reading from World on Fire. The War Room downstairs will have Dark Soho, Parasense, har guitar trance, techno, hardcore, punk rock, subtle chaos, projections of war footage, intelligent lighting, alcohol, omstikas, a fluoro Amerikan flag, military garb, water guns, smells of airplane glue, bondage gear, whips, chains, cigarette smoke, and vodka. I already have 15 people working for this, and we need everyone to come together to really make it happen. If we get enough people – 150-200 – we will do this every three weeks. So don’t stay home on this most important of days! Tell everyone you know, fwd this email to the world. Flyer out tonight. March 17th, 10pm-4am! at Flamingo East, a two-story club at 219 Second Avenue between 13th and 14th, 21+. We have two different rooms/great sound systems for a free party with 2 strains of trance and ot her music. We have so far 8 DJs, Ben Light-o-matic doing intelligent lighting for the War Room, Israelis, Russians, Atmic Juice doing projection s, and artists for the War area and the Peace areas. We need everyone to come out and show their support for however they feel about war in Iraq. This is a free party but there will be donation buckets to help defray my costs. If this works out we will do it as long as the war effort continues. So please, everyone, please come help us make this “winning” concept a reality. It’s St Patrick’s Day, the day the US may strike Iraq, and Purim, the Israeli Halloween, so there should be an insane crowd. The official flyer is going out tonight. If you want to get involved in any way call me at home tonight 718-686-2753 or tomorrow at 646-752-5456. Some ideas: Peace Train Station upstairs, with melodic trance, Beatles, 60s music, antiwar music, incense, chai, candle vigil, peace signs, shamanistas, drums, flowers, belly dancers, Indian tapestries, guitars, smiley faces, participatory art, petitions, Michael Brownstein reading from World on Fire. The War Room downstairs will have Dark Soho, Parasense, har guitar trance, techno, hardcore, punk rock, subtle chaos, projections of war footage, intelligent lighting, alcohol, omstikas, a fluoro Amerikan flag, military garb, water guns, smells of airplane glue, bondage gear, whips, chains, cigarette smoke, and vodka. I already have 1 5 people working for this, and we need everyone to come together to really make it happen. If we get enough people – 150-200 – we will do this every three weeks. So don’t stay home on this most important of days! Tell everyone you know, fwd this email to the world. Flyer out
Bush says Monday is the final day… no one asked to participate tomorrow in the free War and Peace Chapter 1 vibe-o-matic party has said no… Flyer to be released tonight. If we concentrate our energies within a ying-yang environment we may just tip the balance, or at least have a mind fuck of an evening! If the shit hits the fan at least we will know where we were March 17. We are currently short Israeli DJs… if anyone knows some let me know. Bush Says ‘Moment of Truth’ Near LAJES AIRBASE, Azores (March 16) – U.S. President George W. Bush said on Sunday the United Nations has only one more day to find a diplomatic end to the Iraq crisis before the United States moves to a war footing. “We concluded that tomorrow is a moment of truth for the world,” Bush said after an emergency summit with the leaders of Britain, Spain and Portugal on the windswept Azores Islands in the eastern Atlantic.
“This is not a dress rehearsal for the apocalypse. This is not a pseudo-Millenium. This is the real thing folks. This is not a test. This is the last chance before things become so dissipated that there is no chance for cohesiveness.” Terence McKenna (d. 2000) Every once in a while a moment comes along that is bigger than all of us… bigger than DJ politics or a pusillanimous genre battle vs. full-on and minimal… click it and weep… web tranceam.org/sauron web tranceam.org/sauron everybody cross your fingers, shit’s going down, here in NYC and everywhere, there ain’t no justice, it’s just us… the dominator culture must be beaten back, war or no war. Going to a party ain’t gonna save the world, but we are both cowboys and Indians here. The wagons need to be circled and the powow’s gotta happen.
War and Peace Chapter 1 was an unmitigated success; come to Goa Trash this Friday for more full-on insanity There’s a new psytrance weekly in town starting Tuesdays in April; they may already be started Thursdays at Village Lantern are no more due to cabaret law enforcement New party at Pyramid announced for March 26 Michael Moore just directed a new anti-war Music Video a picture of G.W., Blair, Saddam and Osama cartoon riding rockets………. Click there PS I do not necessarily agree with Michae l Moore, ectomorphs usually mistrust endomorphs 🙂
Wow! Glad I went to this. Was amazing! If Jeff hadn’t put a call out for blacklights I probably wouldn’t have made it. I got there around 11:30 and Jeff was spinning some punky, loud stuff. There were just a few people downstairs so I went upstairs to put up the black light. Ben was spinning and there were more people up there. The room looked cool. Pe ace signs in different colored Styrofoamhung from the funky chandeliers, there was a paper canvas w/lots of paint laid out on a table in
the front of the DJ table and plenty of space to sit and lounge. Nice vibe, for sure. Nice space for future parties?
Then I went back downstairs where the bar was (heheh) and got a drink. Slowly but surely the place started filling up and eventually
packed the dancefloor. Btw, the owner of Flamingo East makes a mean, albeit pricey at $9 w/tip, Diet Coke/StoliVanilla. Still highly recommend it though.
I’m not exactly sure who was spinning right about then. But by reading the list of DJs I’m pretty sure it must have been Roco. And talk about some kick-ass Israeli trance! Amazing. Charlie and I got out there and started dancing then, after a few minutes…BOOM!…an explosion of people on the floor and it stayed that way all the way thru Jason’s killer tech-trance set.
And one of my favorite parts was the hardcore. What a great idea…within context of the War/Peace idea…to have Renegade Virus spin. I like that stuff… yeah! And I danced my ass off. What a blast! Would love to hear more of them.
And Ben with his Light-o-Matic magic totally set up the dance floor with a fantastic light show. The strobes, the mirror ball, and the colored lights were awesome! Loved the strobe to the hardcore. That was brilliance.
Towards the end of the night upstairs had picked up. I caught the
last of Vitalik’s set and from what I heard of it, it was really nice. Then Jeff got on and started spinning Peace Train. How appropriate. LOL That’s when I called it a night for myself. Must have bee n around 3 in the morning. Not bad for the back end of a great weekend. I packed up my blacklight and caught a cab home.
Now, the things that happened in-between these kick-ass parties is my business. But…I will say this: the Universe is one happening place. Yeow!
Okay, I think I’m finished…and anyone I left out please don’t be offended. I’m not known for reviews. I just happened to do this one because it felt right. I will say that if there are any corrections to
particular DJs and when I said they played vs. when they actually did to please correct this.
And also a special shout-out to the Neil who donated that last $20 to get the music to play again. Thanks man! And thanks to Jeff for such a brilliant idea!

This week Goa Trash is getting an infusion of Israeli blood with DJ Rocco (Roy Moav). He rocked the War Room on Monday, don’t miss his slamming set!
Also, note that it’s free all night for those in costume, especially pagan garb, and free before 11pm for womyn, men with drums, and men with Goa shirts, otherwise $10. 10 – 11 pm Neil (Philadelphia Shamanista Initiative, USA) 11 – 12am Dima, (Russia) 12 – 1am Dreamcatcher tag team Luis (Brazil) and DJ Juggernaut (Vince, Brazil) 1 – 2 am Jason (Subtlechaos UK) 2 – 3am Boris (Burning Elf UK) 3 – 415am DJ Roco (Roy Moav, Israel) 415 – 430am Late night chillout with DJ Mayoora (India)

March 21 Friday
Goa Tra $h Rites of Spring

First DJ Set: Luiz
Photos (General)
(Goa Party) This triweekly promises to make any d induced memories of Ibiza, the Riviera, or even Thailand like so much flotsam and jetsam strung along the beaches of Goa India. Music is strictly mid- to late-90s Goa Trance, which is really just modern progressive house mixed with Ravi Shankar beats done up at 145 BPM. All forms of low life welcome! Free MTV SafetyDance video by Men Without Hats for those wearing Goa clothes and those with drums. MC Machinelf is your host DVD mixing curated by Atomic Juic e Fluoro tapestries by Uta from Asian Georgia Art Director Lisa Renko literally covers the spa with refuse from a Goan beach existence. Photo Galleries by Ben Light-o-matic at lightomatic/images/Goatrash lightomatic/images/Goatrash and by Nan at web h ipchix.net/Goatrash web hipchix.net/Goatrash and Kamal at web tranceam.org/Goatrashguru.pdf /Goatrashguru.pdf DJs: 10 – 11 pm Mayoora, NYC 1 1 – 12 pm Neil (Philadelphia Shamanista Initiative) 12 – 1am Dima, USSR 1 – 2am Tag team set with Luiz (Dreamcatcher, Brazil) and DJ Juggernaut (Vince) 2 – 3am Jason Subtlechaos, (P)UK 3 – 4am Boris (Burning Elf, UK) 4-430am Late night chillout with Special Guest DJ Goa Trash is FREE for womyn and men with drums and men with Goa shirts before 11pm, otherwise $10 BOOM Shankar is located at 152 Spring between Wooster & West Broadway. The place has a comfortably Mediterranean feel, the kind of place where people dance on tables. Subways: Take 6 to Spring C/E to Spring F to Broadway/Lafayette 1/9 to Houston N/R t o Prince web tranceam.org/Goatrash Funds will go to outdoor trance events in 2003.
just wanted to post that I really had a blast on Friday, thanks to
all of you who worked so hard to put on such a great party, and the rest of you who were there who were just such great party people! I brought three people who had never been to any sort of trance event before, and they also had a blast, danced their fool heads off, commented on how nice everyone was, and can’t wait to come back…My friend Irena/Sivakami was playing the drums five minutes after she walked in the door!!! I had a mad mad time…esp those bizarre circular cab rides I took at the very end…
Summer is coming…

March 21 Friday
Elekrolust at Float
Celebrate our way of living: DJ Sh.I. K.I.D. – tribal house (OmniTribe, NYC) DJ Vitalik – progressive/Goa trance (OmniTribe, NYC) DJ Fx Mike – progressive trance (OmniTribe, NYC) DJ Andrey K – progressive trance (Elektrolust, NYC) Location: FLOAT, 240 W 52nd St, NYC Please bring your ID, 21 and over Doors open from 10PM to 5AM $5 off wi th the print out of this e-mail Visit our website to see our finest selection of electronic music: web elektrolustweb e lektrolust

Friendster Logo

March 22 Saturday
Friendster launched

March 22 Saturday
Infected Mushroom

DuvDev (Infected Mushroom!!) DuvDev (Infected Mushroom) Junya (TIP) Liran (Hommega) 11pm-8am 18+ $24 in advance/$30 at door In Queens Directions at web 38nineweb 38nine Info 917-553-4424 “trancemotion2000 at hotmail trancemotion2000 at hotmail Looks to be a trip friendly weekend! them! Details tonight at: v (Infected Mushroom!!) DuvDev (Infected Mushroom) Junya (TIP) Lira n (Hommega) 11pm-8am 18+ $24 in advance/$30 at door In Queens Directions at “trancemotion2000 at hotmailtrancemotion2000 at hotmail Looks to be a trip friendly weekend!
Update for Sunday – Home of Trance doing outdoor afterparty man they are gonna beat everyone to the punch, damn them!

March 22 Saturday
Never mind – no afterparty Sunday (Infected goes on reallllly late into Sunday) Dandraver at aol
Goa Trash was fun, Infected Saturday was awesome! Go Liran!

Maybe it’s the weather but a lot of activity announced, lots of new listings

March 23 Monday
Omnitribe at Union Cafe
DownTempo Beats, Lounge, Ambient & C hill out music. Kife, FX Mike, StaS & StaS 137 Avenue C, from 8PM – 11pm

March 24 Tuesday
Tuesdays at Liquids starting in April mailto :unknownshroom at yahoounknownshroom at yahoo at Tuesdays & Wednesday Opium Den, 3rd b/w 2nd & 3rd ave, ID21+ Ambient Tuesdays, Downtempo and progressive on Wednesdays.. 3/26 Gosha 4/2 Dima & Guilleame

No offense to Stefan & Erek but I think it’s counterproductive to do 2 parties a week here, at a place many of us aren’t allowed in, including me. Why ? in January the bouncer caught me in the bathroom with a female, and physically pushed her out. So a friend decked the bouncer. Started a big fight. I promoted this place heavily for 2 years, never got a dime. But I did get some beers from Angeles, who is nice. And there is a normal bar nontrance crowd, so there’s a constant supply of random people. Contact mswas6 at hotmail for Tuesdays, Wednesdays

March 25 Tuesday
Erek, Stefan, I (+ possibly some others) will be spinning IDM/Experimental/Downtempo Grooviness & generally idiosyncratic beats which will knock your socks off on this exceptionally beautiful Tuesday. Come chill out with us (before you go wild & crazy at the “Trance Hooker” party of course 😉 )….. Opium Den is located at 3rd Street, btwn 2nd & 3rd Avenue, NYC (Look for the neon butterfly) 9 P-??? FREE (meaning no admission) 21+ w/ Valid ID (or suffer the wrath of the door guy)

March 25 Tuesday

Safetydance’s Free Spring Mixer Trance Party A one-off for Tuesday, March 25 Club Show, really nice venue, formerly Saci (see link below), formerly a vaudeville theater (get it? drama, theater…) Renowned designer and nightlife guru Norman Gazni have renovated the 6,000 square foot space (formerly Saci nightclub) to reflect the style and history of “Moulin Rouge” Paris, Victorian-era brothels, the cabarets of Weimar Germany and American Vaudeville. 135 West 41st Street between 6t h and 7th Avenue If you are on the SAFETYDANCE email discussion group, then it’s free, just give your email address at the door Otherwise, mention the word SAFETYDANCE and it’s $3 Upstairs: psytrance in VIP room
10-12 Pimp Daddy Machinelf (d) vs. Never Had a Hooker Vitalik (Omnitribe) dream tag team you never thought you’d see! Actually, Machinelf’s fucked up beats would reign chaos over V’s polished set, and he also wants to play pimp daddy, so he’ll lose interest by 10:30 we promise!
12-2 DJ “Gigolo” Roco (Roco Suave?) playing kickin’ full-on (Roy Moav from Israel, played at last week’s War and Peace Chapter 1 and Goa Trash)
2-4 it’s your duty to get into Deep Doody with DJ Dody from Brazil playing full on Giveaways: The Safetydance MTV video from 1982 on mplayer on CD-R (forget to pull them out at Goa Trash) Bring the usual: drums, water guns to squirt out drama flames, etc Dress code: None, as in nude 🙂 it would be cool if you dressed up like pimps and ho’s and mack daddy’s, but that’s up to you SHOW’s tawdry theme is reflected by the wait-staff uniforms complete with costumed stagehands, waiters in red and white striped jerseys, black pants and page- boy hats and waitresses outfitted in red and white bustiers, mini-bustles, pink stockings, black pumps, and above-the-elbow black gloves without fingers. Don’t bring drama where this isn’t any! Organizers, Heber and Ramiro from Brazil, organizers of the loft space where the Dreamcatcher trance mafia guys did a party a couple of weeks ago – so you know it will be good. web saciclub/pressnoframes web saciclub /pressnoframes

March 26 Wednesday
PsyTranceMission (P.T.M) at the Pyramid

First DJ Set: Nobi, Gadi, Berzerx,
101 Ave A & 6th Street 9:30pm – 4:00am. 2 Floors of Pure Tra nce Experience! 2 Simultaneous Acts! Full-on Floor: INFLUX – Live Act! (Dream Catcher, N.Y.C) DJ UNKNOWN (Nobi-San) BERZERX (Ohmboy and Mike) Psychedelic Lounge: DJ U.V SH.I.K.I.D Deco By UTA. And much more… Admission: 21+ Gentlemen 5$ LADIES COME IN FREE!

March 27 Thursday
Solas Tranz Body Express

10pm to 4 beyond at Solas (e9th fundaymass at hotmail

March 28 Friday
Psyforia in Boston

March 28 Friday
Dreamcatcher – Brazialiens Neurobiotic party

LIVE ACTS: VIBRA (NEURO BIOTIC REC.-STRALIASTUDIOS BRAZIL) LISTEN vibra album: web stralia INFLUX (LEO LEITE AND LUIS ARAUJO) (DREAMCATCHER/NYC-BRAZIL) TURBINADO CORP(BRAZIL-USA) DJs: DJ FEIO (BRAZIL)-(TIP RE C.-UK/COMPAC REC-ISRAEL) Luis Guilherme Sala, Dj Feio, he began 3 years ago playing in friend’s party.Playing Trance varieties, in special “Psychedelic Trance”(Goa Trance), Feio had a great beginning because he used to cheer people up.From 97, some nightclubs, like Floresta, Venice, Waca Loca, Sta Cruz, Lem, Bardo Meio, invited him to show his Trance, and in this year he starts organizing his own parties, the famous rave XXXperience, so he gets the status of being the DJ and producer of the parties.XXXperience Is the biggest Brazilian rave, it has gotten twice the award from “Noite Ilustrada”,of journalist Erika Palomino, from newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo. Feio leads XXXperience going to many cities and states of Brazil:Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Brasilia, GoiE2nia…..So the invitations started, from It’s Cool magazine, Surfwear industries, like Hang loose, Australia Down South and Da Hui among others, and, in the same period, he was invited to participate of the most important popular party of electronic music, Love parade.This is the biggest event of the electronic culture that attracts about 1,5 million people that came from the whole world.In Ger many, Feio played at club Cuffa, in Sabruquem, in Frankfurt, besides famous DJs like La Di Da, Tony Rios, Luna Del Tigre and also in other places.In 98 the clubs in Brazil began getting interested in his work, so Feio introduced the Trance sounds in many clubs and parties: Moinho Santo Antonio, BASE, Kashmir and other many clubs in Sao Paulo, besides events in places like Panino Giusto and Danang. In 1999, Feio was already indispensables in the best raves and parties in the entire country. In 2000, Feio went to the most important Brazilian capitals, publishing the project of rave XXXperience.Due to the huge success, he was invited to mix one Trama records album: RaveXXXperiencence. In 2001, Feio was invited to participate of Rock in Rio, beside DJ Rica, they were considered the best DJs of the Trance tent. Nobody wanted him to stop, so Feio and Rica came back to the pick-ups driving people crazy. In the same year, Feio was invited to compose the international casting of Tip World. In 2002, Feio went to Germany where he played at Shiva Moon Festival for a crowd of 10.000 people. When he returned from Germany he released his first compilation – Rave XXXperience, which sold more than 10.000 copies in the first month. Feio, nowadays is integrated of Compact Records. In January of 2003, Feio was confirmed to play at Planeta AtlE2ntida – one of the biggest music event in Brasil. This year the event got a public of 120.000 people, dancing until the sunrise. DJ INFLUX (DREAMCATCHER-NYC/BRAZIL) LUIS HAS BEEN SPINNING SINCE 1985 IN MAJO R CLUBS AND PARTIES IN BRAZIL.IN 1998 HE BECAME MEMBER OF THE BAND INFLUX “THE FIRST LIVE P.A PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE IN BRAZIL” ON THE RELEASE OF FIRST ALBUM, INFLUX PLAYED AT MTV BRAZIL SHOW FOR 25.000 PEOPLE HE IS WELL KNOW FOR HIS EXTENDED HARD FULL ON SETS WITH BRAZILIAN FLAVOR.NOW HE IS THE M AIN DJ OF DREAMCATCHER PROD.,HIS SKILLS ON DECKS HAVE BEEN PROVEN ON DANCEFLOORS . VIBRA (NEUROBIOTIC REC.) PSY ATMOSPHERE BY:DAYA SAKT-BALI AND UTA -GEORGIA LOCATION: 840 5TH AVENUE BROOKLYN NEW YORK USA PRICE:$25 door, $20 with flyer FOR INFO:TO LISTEN MUSIC,FLYER AND DIRECTION. web turbinadocorp/Dreamcatcher DJ INFLUX :INFO AND MIX web turb inadocorp/luisrelease STRALIA INFO:music and release web s traliastudios/audio/ thanks. web turbinadocorp/Dreamcatcher
“Hi, people… Not so good news for me, but for sure very good news for you guys! Due to visa problems, me and Stralia won’t be able to make I t for the brazialiens party in NY… we have our visa expired and bcz of t his war sucky stories, us embassy here in brazil is not giving visa for some time… But instead of Stralia, Vibra is going to make the live set… sure same music quality for you guys… Vibra just released his album on our label and he also have some amazing new tunes that are not in the album that for sure will explode the dancefloor! And instead of me, DJ Feio is going… he’s one of the old school guys from brazil, organizer of XXXPerienc e parties (they’re already on the 53rd edition, so long time on the road), Feio worked with Tip.World for several years, but a few months ago he’s changed to Com.pact Rec from Israel… Me and Feio are always playing back to back sets here in Brazil, playing the same style, so I think this line-up change will not be a music quality change at all… I’d like to say sorry for all this from me and also from Ricardo, that is here with me now… as lon g as this war thing finishes, we run after the visa and for sure we go play in NY as soon as we get it! Hope all the best for you guys and hope your president stop taking mescaline…. he’s flippin’ hard… love and light from the peaceful tropics! Marcello V.O.RIn GIRLS we trust.
After long hit a party back here in NY….
Highlights of the da scene!
1)Crazyyyy deco…surely one of the best NY has seen…freaked out on the one behind the DJ set… 
2)Good selection of music …some crazy mixing of oldies with new killas…simply kept the vibe flowing by the DJ’s especially by Influx in the morning!
3)Descent number of ppl with good vibes 
4)Mad location…Club was located at the block next a huge graveyard 
5)Cops busted the place at around 7:30 – 8 

March 29 Saturday

LLOPIS Fabric records, Iboga records (SWEDEN) PAUL TAYLOR Spun, Ibiza KALYX Spectra, Growroom (MASS) GAVIN Spectra (NYC) SH.I.K.I.D Omnitribe (NYC) JASON SubtleCha os (NYC) Chillout room: IGANIC SOUND SYSTEM (MASS) An exploration in dub, roots, and dancehall Deco: Spectra 11pm-7am $20 at the door 21+ Please join us as we continue the journey in a new location. 57 Thames St. East Williamsburg

April 2003

The Drought is Over! Albert Hoffman in NYC!!!
It has been a very difficult Monday. I just got arrested by the feds for weapons charges, they found an Uzi and a Glock and a small lab in my closet. My lawyer pulled amazing strings to spring me with personal recognizance (no bail $ needed) but this will be the last Trip Out New York for while. Please keep me in your prayers. Lisa actually got thrown in jail too; she somehow assaulted the entire SWAT team that had encircled my building. Her posse AKA “The Family” was rooting for her when she got arraigned. She’s actually making logical sense these days and is going to go to law school to be a “yuppie. ”
John Emmanuel Gartman has decided to run for Governor. When I was in jail I ran into a lot of my old friends. I’m going to add them to Safetydance, I hope y’all don’t mind. Actually, I have to say now that I have been joking, the scary thing is that the truth ain’t so far for fiction. For those of you who were out this weekend, the Brazilians had a great vibe and good food. Spectra had an awesome venue with really amazing visuals (with no UV!!) Since it’s April Fools I’m just going to be very candid about things that are going on. It’s shaping up to be a very trashy weekend. We’re doing our “normal” party web brainmachine s/Goatrash Goa Trash at Boom is this Saturday (see below) If you’ve been you know what to expect, if you haven’t been come check us out. Its Goa vibe is not sacrificed by people hooking up left and right 🙂 But this weekend we have something “extra.” This Friday there’s a web tranceam.org/GoaTrashQueens trance party in Lisa’s sound studio (see below) come check it out, it’s (a) my ex’s party, (b) I’m DJing and so are a lot of other cool cats, (c) it goes until 7. And if you are flat out broke there are ways to get in both for free … but for Friday that would involve actual labor since you know who is involved 🙂 APRIL FOOLS: BOM -Liran, for the excellent Infected Party last week -Ben Light-o-matic for all-around help to everyone -Dan D Maria aka Dan D Raver, the epitome of NYC old school who is helping us yet again to get a generator. Thanks Dan! You’re a standup guy! If everyone was like you we would have our own Air Force 🙂 -Remember Goa Trash DJ Neil (Philadelphia Shamanista Initiative)? He and others did some wonderful outdoor events last year. And the next one is April 19th. Keep an eye out on the Safetydance list, if you’re on it. And speaking of Goa Trash, Twisted Minds producers Sam and Theo are joining as rotating residents. Come check them out this Saturday at Boom. APRIL FOOLS: BOO -Home of Trance, for not carrying flyers for Omnitribe, Dreamcatcher, and now Goa Trash, but agreeing to carry all sorts of techno, drum, and bass, and house music flyers. But a soapbox is a soapbox I guess, some of us need one, and we might as well use whatever angle we have cuz we sure ain’t getting paid for it. (Hey! THAT’s why myself, Home of Trance, and Mark at In dole.net are such kvetchers. What an honor, I’m the only Goy outta the bunch! I must be meshuggah!) -Anyone who impersonates others online to start trouble and pick fights -Anyone who does an unannounced outdoor event (at a very remote and hidden place that had been found and used responsibly by PSI) two weeks before PSI’s annual launch party… and anyone who patronizes same belongs on the Wall of Shame! This is not a game, you’re lame!

Boris (Burning Elf) is playing both parties this weekend, the one in Queens Friday and the one at Boom on Saturday

April 2 Wednesday

It’s now official! PTM is here to stay, We would like to invite you all to our “Trance Experience” weekly line. Next Event – Wednesday, April 9nd NYC: PsyTranceMission (P.T.M) Presents: Wednesday, April 9nd @ the Pyramid (101 Ave A & 6th Street) 9:30pm – 4:00am. 2 Floors of Pure Trance Experience! 2 Simultaneous Acts! Full-on Floor: INFLUX Vs Juggernaut (Dream Catcher, N.Y.C) DJ UNKNOWN (Teknological Arrow NYC-Japan) BERZERX (Ohmboy (Gadi) and Mike) Psychedelic Lounge: DJ U.V SH.I.K.I.D (OmniTribe N.Y.C) Deco By Myka. And much more… Admission: 21+ Gentlemen 5$ LADIES COME IN FREE! MAKE SURE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE $2 BEERS! Visit Us online at https://web.archive.org/web/20190601075609/http://psytrancemission.com/ or come into our location at Greenwich Village: 118 West 3rd Street & Macdougal.
ahahha .. I dedicate my hundredth post to the psytrance mission – another rocking party !! got there at about 1, when influx was beginning to set the floor on fire .. no smoking inside, so much of my time was spent outside chilling with the bouncer for the first half-hour .. met the psytrance mission – they’re great guys .. back inside, floor was beginning to overheat with juggernaut and Infllux spinning some crazy old killers – heard them all, but jumping nonetheless .. and then, the man of the morning, DJ unknown stepped up to the decks, to deliver a mad set that had us jumping for the next two hours .. there was a point when he played the track with the sample – what about chemicals? – I think I left my brain somewhere on the floor 0 remind me to go back tmr and get it !!!hahha mad set all in all, scientific reality to end the wave, prince of paranoia, in the end, to kill us .. banging set .. boom gotti – for putting up such a great party 0 shame you missed the end of nobi’s set for work great party – expect to see many more of you at the next one, next Wednesday – ill wait for them to put up an official post, hopefully, everyone will have some energy for the greatness of son kite and nakov after the madness next Wednesday bom !!!

Benjamin Llewelyn Hyder

Benjamin Llewelyn Hyder

1977 - April 2, 2003 San Francisco Goa Trance DJ Benjamin Llewelyn Hyder in passed away after a long battle ...

April 4 Friday
Goa Trash Queens Benefit

Private Trance Party in Lisa’s rented sound studio with many trance DJs – a Benefit for Goa Trash Queens, a new trance/art project with DJs from Brainmachines, Light-o-matic, Nimbus the guy who people who brought Atmos, and Israel. web t11-7am Suggested donation: $10.
Website: This Friday night out in Queens there is a “Goa Trash Queens” fundraiser, going all night, at the same warehouse as the old “Fun Factory” in Long Island City, Queens.
This is a benefit for the space so that it can be secured for future parties, everyone $10. If you are interested email lisarenko@msn.com
White trash, trailertrash , GOA TRASH! High art/Low art High brow/Low brow Bingo! A movement was born. Hey, let’s see what the chicks can do…or the guys that want to be chicks………………….. (C’mon I’m just kidding,… I don’t know it’s an interesting twist.) Since this is a benefit… Men dressed up as women free hehehe or anyone that looks like Andy Warhol Everyone else $10.00. Don’t worry the girls will patrol and make sure none of the men get harassed. Lisa Renko, and the FreeStyle Family are your hosts Expect some DJs from GOATRASH with a few surprises thrown in. DJs 9pm Stefan 10 Tinker 11 Guy 12am Machinelf (psy-trance) 1 Boris (psy-trance) 2 Unknown (psy-trance) 3 Nimbus (psy-trance) 4 Ben Light-o-matic (psy-trance) 5 Spirit (psy-trance) 6 Alladin Project (psy-trance) 7 Lori Expect your regular Goa beach trash existence along with inter-active art and a live music jam room. Address: 46-23 Crane St. 3rd Floor. Long Island City, Queens. Contact: lisarenko@msn.com …and don’t forget Goa Trash at Boom! On Saturday!!

April 5th Saturday
Goa Trash at Boom!

Photos (General)
Goa Tra$h continues its killer formula with new rotating residents Sam and Theo (UK) from Twisted Productions 10pm-4am at Boom! 152 Spring between Wooster and West Broadway This week it’s free before 11pm, $10 after. People with drums and/or in costume in free all night. See web site for DJ lists, directions, and full details at web brainmachines/Goatrash web tranceam.org/Goatrash Mention Cata at the door to have 100% of your proceeds go to her INS legal defense brainmachines/Goatrash
Due to Cata’s recent INS predicament, 20% of the proceeds of Goa Trash will go towards a legal defense fund set up by me and her roommates. It won’t be a huge amount but any will help. The fund will go straight to her roommates, specifically Dhia, who is a trustworthy person and is currently the de facto closest contact at this time. Ideally, the amount will be transferred to her mother in Columbia. No matter what happens we should show our solidarity and never forget the iron boot of the INS. Someone did this for me when I got into legal trouble and let me tell you, it REALLY helped out, the cash for the lawyer, and most importantly, the goodwill and loyalty of friends.
lots of Indians showed up some dudes drove in from Allentown with drums people were playing soccer on the street we’ll be back in 2 weeks on April 18th!!

The Blue-Eyed Devil, and Pine Barrens Photos

The Blue-Eyed Devil, and Pine Barrens Photos

After driving an hour through the dark highways and dead ghost towns of South Jersey, avoiding any gas stations so ...

April 5 Saturday
Pine Barrens Party

This was probably the infamous Blue Eyed Devil weekend.

April 11 Friday
Son Kite & Dmitri
Spectra Presents. … DIMITRI GBU, Twisted, Spun Records (IBIZA) SON KITE Digital Structures (SWEDEN) Live Set! MARCUS Son Kite, Digital Structure s (SWEDEN) GAVIN Spectra (NYC) STEVE-O Spectra, Goababies (NY C) Chillout room: SEB Ooze, Spirit Zone, Chillosophy (SWEDEN) IGANIC SOUND SYSTEM (MASS) An exploration in dub, roots, and dancehall Deco: Sandy Murphy 11pm-7am $20 at the door 21+ Please join us as we continue the journey…. 57 Thames St. East Williamsburg
ok… hands down, no doubt about it, the best live trance show I’ve seen since sun project live in 1999. But before I jump to that, let me review the party… I got there when Dimitri (spun) was playing his set. He actually started from a low bpm for full-on and it picked up to a cruising 145bpm after a few tracks, I don’t know what it was about the set, I think it wasn’t loud enough or maybe the bass was off, it sounded weak…. even when he played Astrix’s daydream, it wasn’t as strong and driving as I know it can be…. anyway, really amazing mixing skills, very nice crossovers…. the party itself had a really nice setup, boom to the Spectra crew for this event! nice deco and really trippy projection visuals. I can’t stress the importance of deco in a party enough, it was done really well. the space itself was roomy enough and small enough to not get lost or have to go hiking several days for the bathrooms. anyway, blah blah blah, —– SONKITE: ok, I’ve been told that these guys are amazing live, I’ve heard all there tracks before and let me tell you that what they do to them at the show is bloody surgery, with precision laser tools!!! the sound system for them was perfect, sometimes with massive sounds, at other points so gentle, your spine tingles. This is Trance! Seb at certain points looked like an octopus with eight arms, otherwise, there is no way that he played and turned so many knobs and switches at once… Marcus was commanding the mixer and player with such expertise it was really just fun to stand there and watch. Seb brought out his violin, wow! what a refreshing idea, and such sharp timing on it!!! I thought it was the highlight for sure… they played a wicked twisted version of Sunset Ave and such a long and beautiful Receive part ii……. along with older more known tracks. another great part is that sonkite is really in tune with the audience, at point they look straight at the eyes of the dancers and make sure you head twists off when they play with the console… really amazing stuff…. I’ve never seen a more into it crowd then this party in a while. after the live act, Marcus played a DJset with some really nice selection, even throwing chemical brothers and finishing with a smiler of minilogue – billy jean….. they played until they were forced to stop because of the time… the audience was hungry for more, no doubt about it. also, on a personal note, I just wanted to say that these guys are really nice, humble and down to earth. Seb, I really had a good time jammin with you it was fun to hang out together. Yonatan, you missed a good one, I hope pearl jam played with Simon Posford or something cause there is no way it can compare to this…. now I know what you experienced in Toronto my friend.
It was an amazing party indeed and all my thumbs go to Spectra and the audience! The people were so into the music and it was such a pleasure to play!
I think the variety of style during the night was great, the people got a nice blend from full-on thru progressive trance to progressive house without the energy losing an inch!
Parties like this are alive for a long time and very needful when you’re in the middle of producing your new album.
Thanks a lot all new yorkers (and all of you that were traveling from outside NY) …. hope to see you soon again!
… Yonatan! Sorry that you couldn’t make it for this one, you really missed something special!

April 12 Saturday
Grand Theft Audio

April 14 Monday
Cata is out of INS Detention! Yay! Now the real battle will start to keep her in the U.S. next fundraiser that I know of will be April 25 at Goa Trash at Boom in Soho. Alex from Alphatrance is in town! He helped start the Russian trance scene in NYC with Gosha and FX Mike

April 16 Wednesday
Trip Out New York hits 1000 members today!! it took 4 years! wow, there are more members now than I have dollars! maybe I can be the Alan Greenspan of trance information! the Bloomberg of trippiness! let’s get inflated!! I think I’ll celebrate tonight at Opium Den and pyramid!! Thanks, everybody for fwding the newsletter out to your friends, there are so many free good parties happening right now and the scene just won’t go away no matter how bad the economy and no matter how hard it is to find hallucinogens. the only thing I can encourage for this warm season is to buy a grow kit for fungus. they’re foolproof and fit in a closet. Pax trans Mundo!
Hey Jeff! Check it out! You hit 1000 members on the 1000th day you sent out brainmachines/TONY!!!! Your email about the 1000 members was “digest number 1001.” Pretty fucking cool, huh?
We hit a thousand members! It’s hard to believe there are that many psytrance heads in greater New York. I think there are actually about 3,000 but they all have different tastes. Note: This week I am sequestered in the K study at Columbia; if you’ve done K more than other drugs in the past year (depending on the length of your hair) you qualify for a $450 grant for them to study your brain and get free drugs (actually, just speed woo hoo). If interested in flying over the cuckoo nest. And I left my cell in Mark’s van so I am incommunicado. Is there anybody out there that gets this on their phone and just needs to know where to go on a given day? If so let me know.
Alex was back in town from Australia, he started the original Russian psytrance group Alphatrance with Gosha and FX Mike. The Passover Party was off the hook, I assume they didn’t include decorations because it’s a somber holiday. Leave it to the Israelis to throw a good Jewish holiday party.
BOM Anyone who throws free outdoor events
Dudes with pickups who are in the band Blue Eyed Devils BOO
Puddles, deep swamp puddles, faulty direx; also ones that do not use the quickest highway route

April 18 Friday
Passover party at Boom!
by Alladin and Machinelf 152 Spring between Wooster and West Broadway ID21+ 10pm-4am all Israeli DJs TBA if you’re into wild Israeli parties, myself (a little bit) and Alladin are doing a one-off Passover party with Israeli DJs Alladin, Alex s. I.g. & a japan DJ in town (Masato) at Boom Friday with a Passover theme – Goa trash will return the following Friday with the usual suspects. boom is at 152 spring between Wooster & west broadway 21+ 10pm-4am $10 –

April 19th Saturday – Free PSI Outdoor psytrance Event
I have the direx though the weather looks shaky. but this party will probably go on even if scattered showers so email me for the direx btw it turns out I knew the guy who did something on April 5 he is a nice guy a fireman from NJ who never ever checks his email and rarely makes it out. I don’t know anybody who went – I think some NJ people. it was 32 degrees with 20 mph winds anyway but next time I’ll probably post it here

Sony VAIO C1

The best day I’ve had in almost 2 years
I GOT MY VAIO LAPTOP BACK FROM THE NYPD AFTER ALMOST 2 YEARS!! To check out what weird shit I’ve extracted go to web tranceam.org/ laptop You wouldn’t believe what is still on there! Lost photos of the Parasense party under the bridge! And some really weird twisted incriminating shit! Some of the weirder videos are of the 2 last parties before June 13th – the techno bridge party where the kid got stabbed and the celt ic themed d party underneath the west bridge. I finally got the Discovery Channel episode where I and Dr. Karl Jansen discuss NDE’s – om/laptop/NDE.avi If you’ve ever done K I highly recommend downloading the file! (Thank God the computer crime unit didn’t dig too deep know they did get in there in 2001 because my 8-hour battery was replaced with a standard 4-hour battery. You don’t have to worry unless you were one of the idiots who emailed me looking to get hooked up! I will have all this at Goa Trash tomorrow if you’re curious but have a slow connection, or If you haven’t heard the whole squatting saga.

April 21 Monday
Omnitribe at Union Cafe
DownTempo Beats, Lounge, Ambient & Chillout music. Kife, FX Mike, StaS & StaS 137 Avenue C, from 8PM – 11pm it ‘s also an internet cafe leshiyNYC at yahoo… on again off again due to remodeling at ONE LOVE
Monday at Nightingale 213 2nd Avenue:: corner of 13 Street DJs to be announced (techno&psi-trance) 21+ no cover mailt o: DJspirit13 at hotmailDJspirit13 at hotmail

April 22 Tuesday
GET TRANCE at Liquids
226 East 10th Street Between 1st Ave and A 10pm to 4 am This week: Jason (Subtlechaos) Icycoil Fmar Iggy DJ’s needed for this party If interested email unknownshroom at yahoo Bonus: Built-in Smoking Room inside lounge (Really Cool) Treat your senses with DJs from Planet Earth Don’t miss these sets: 10-1130: Serge (Decompression-Ukraine) 1130-1: Severyn (NYC) 1-23 0: Jason (Subtlechaos-UK) 230-4: FX vs Kife (Alphatrance/Omnitribe)

Tuesdays & Wednesdays Opium Den, 3rd b/w 2nd & 3rd ave, ID21+Ambient Tuesdays, Downtempo and progressive on Wednesdays.. There is a normal bar nontrance crowd, so there’s a constant supply of random people. Contact mswas6 at hotmail for Tuesdays, chiletrance at yahoo for Wednesdays

April 23 Wednesday

just like to invite you all to Psytrancemission’s full-on madness Wednesday’s….. just like every other Wednesday so far, it looks promising and fun! Lineup features all the current DJ’s that week in and week out “deliver” the goods. Hours: 9:30pm – 04:00am Admission: 21+ Gentlemen: 5$ Ladies: Free! See you there! To see online-invitation, click here ==> For additional info: https://web.archive.org/web/20190601075609/http://psytrancemission.com/
Brothers and Sisters Today is the fifteenth of may, the first day of the planetary alignment – and another BANGING NIGHT AT THE PYRAMID !!! I have no explanation – as to how those guys could possibly play such insane sets !! my night began with a great set from Juggernaut, who was killing the floor when I got there .. lots of familiar tracks – played Astrix’s remix of wider, but left out the guitar part still – open the doors came soon after to completely destroy the crowd .. best set I’ve heard from him … then came nobi – who was out to seek revenge for last Wednesday – some incredible oldies – the inevitable song from the 1200 mics album.. played marijuana .. another crazy set – I was dancing so hard that my entire leg got a cramp – had to sit down for a half-hour influx .. good set, that had its moments of madness .. played LSD from 1200 what would a party be without that song ?? hehe .. and finally .. the duo that everyone was waiting for .. the completely beserk DJ’s … what a set !! didn’t recognize most of the tracks – all unreleased killers as we have come to expect – flawlessly mixed in with a few familiar ones like daydreams .. mad mad mad set .. leg started paining again, but the music was too powerful for me to sit down .. and at the end of it all, the piece de resistance …. the surprise Gadi had been promising .. a wonderful oldie from the hands of Simon Posford himself .. the perfect way to end a night that set the floor on fire, over and over again .. just a quick note otherwise .. these parties have really begun to pick up, drawing decent numbers – the karahana in there is alive, and the music is incredible !! boom to the ptm team, for making our Wednesday nights the new time for psy insanity ..

April 25 Friday

Photos (General)
promises to make any drug-induced memories of Ibiza, the Riviera, or even Thailand like so much flotsam and jetsam strung along the beaches of Goa India. Music is strictly mid- to late-90s Goa Trance, which is really just modern progressive house mixed with Ravi Shankar beats done up at 1 45 BPM. All forms of low life welcome! email MC Machinelf is your host. DVD mixing curated by Atomic Juice. Art Director Photo Galleries by Ben Light-o- matic at lightomatic/images/Goatrash lightomatic/images/Goatrash and by Nan at web hipchix. net/Goatrash web hipchix.net/Goatrash and Kamal at web brainmachines/Goatrashguru.pdf Stefan, NYC 11 pm Special Guest DJ 12 am 1 am 2 Boris (Burning Elf, UK) 4 am Late night chill out Free MTV SafetyDance video by Men Without Hats for the those wearing go a clothes and/or those with drums.Goa Trash is a 21+ event after 10p m, and is FREE before 11pm for everyone; otherwise $10 for everyone. Free all night for those with drums and those wearing trash bags.BOOM Shankar Is located at 152 Spring between Wooster & West Broadway. The place has a comfortably Mediterranean feel, the kind of place where people dance on tables. Subways: Take 6 to Spring C/E to Spring F to Broadway/Lafayette 1/9 to Houston N/R to Prince web brainmachines/Goatrash web tranceam.org/Goatrash Funds will go to outdoor trance events in and fundraising at door for Cata’s legal defense

April 25 Friday
Psyforia in Boston

Itunes Logo

April 28 Monday
Itunes launched
, spelling the doom for Musicmatch.

“MusicMatch Jukebox was an audio player made by San Diego-based MusicMatch, Inc. It contained features commonly found in jukebox software such as the ability to manage digital audio files and playlists, audio file conversion, an online music store, Internet radio, music CD playback and ripping software and managing media on portable media players.
MusicMatch Jukebox was bundled with the Apple iPod as its music manager until the introduction of iTunes for Windows in 2003. In September 2004, Yahoo! announced the acquisition of MusicMatch Inc. for a reported price of $160 million. Following the acquisition, the application was rebranded Y! Music Musicmatch Jukebox. On August 31, 2007, Yahoo! discontinued MusicMatch services in an effort to move users to its own music services.”

April 30 Wednesday
Psy Trance Mission is proud to present: Midnight Sun – Full-On Trance Experience! Weekly party with live acts and DJ sets by International Trance Talents: Wednesday, April 30th @ Club Pyramid 101 Ave. A, Between 6th & 7th St. Line-up: DJ Unknown – Techno Logical Arrow, NYC – JAPAN Berserx – Psy Trance Mission, NYC – ISRAEL Juggernaut – Dreamcatcher, NYC – BRASIL Iggy – Unknownshrms, NYC Andrey – Elektrolust, NYC Hours: 9:30pm – 04:00am Admission: 21+ Gentlemen: 5$ Ladies: Free! See you there! Psy Trance Mission To see online-invitation, click here ==> For additional info: https://web.archive.org/web/20190601075609/http://psytrancemission.com/

May 2003

May 1 Thursday
free party tonight by the Israelis at alphabet lounge 7th & A

May 1 Thursday
May 1 and every 1st & 3r d Thursday bi-weeklyTrance Party at Laila Lounge 113 N 7 St. (bet Berry & Wythe) Williamsburg L Train to Bedford Ave tel: 718-486-6791 22:00-4:00 FREE rotating local and international trance DJs::: LAILA LOUNGE CRE W+ (sent by Omnitribe)

May 2 Friday

Dj set: Alex S.I.G Alladin Project Yoni (History of the future, Global Trance) Location: Boom Lounge 152 Spring St. btwn Wooster & W B’way doors open at 10pm admission: $10 21+

May 3 Saturday

Final addendum on tomorrow’s pot party and Sunday & Monday’s ibogaine forum Saturday, May 3 NY, NY SUBTLECHAOS PRESENTS CURES NOT WARS A full-on day o f Full on / Progressive Trance & Techno to celebrate THE MILLION MARIJUANA MARCH Music directors of the day are.. JASON ( SUBTLECHAOS / SPECTRA ) VS VADIM ( SUBTLECHAOS / SUBTLE PRODUCTION ) GAVIN ( SPECTRA ) VS KALYX( GROWROOM/SPECTRA ) SHIKID ( OMNITRIBE ) VS VITALIK ( OMNITRIBE ) OPEN-AIR in BATTERY PARK 1PM til 6PM Visit our website for up-to-date information MEGA POWER SOUND BY SPECTRA Now last year the police dept were full-on in the park we were warned to shut down the system dead on 6p m, do not wait until 4pm to show up, come early! NYPD’S finest SPECIAL TACTICAL UNIT will come along and dismantle us & our equipment! This year will be no different & please remember smoking herb is illegal if you are seen to be smoking or are Caught with gear on you they will arrest you & charge you with possession. So do yourselves and the organizers a big favor and don’t toke in Battery Park. If you see 1 or 2 individuals looking constipated with loads of plastic handcuffs strapped to their Waist and have walkie talkie’s you can be pretty certain they are NYPD’S undercover unit. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED……..NYPD & PARTIES DON’T MIX WELL!

May 3 Saturday

Jason of Subtlechaos and Spectra bring you Peter Digital o f Digital Structures, Nikka (Spirit Zone SF), Dave Henshaw (Boston) 11pm-7am $20 at the door 21+ Please join us as we continue the journey…. 57 Thames St. East Williamsburg From Manhattan: take the L train to Morgan Ave. Walk east 2 blocks towards the fire station, Turn left onto Thames St. Walk up to the 2nd floor. To view the space online check: web .officeops.org/web officeops.org
Spectra held its last party at Office Ops; it was a good crowd but they’ll need to pack it in in order to continue with their high budget parties. If you’re a fan like me, come support Gavin! The marijuana party was sparsely attended compared to previous years and the vibe was very chill. HOWEVER, High Times magazine has offered Jason of Subtlechaos MONEY to do parties with them. Hooray for Jason!

May 3 Saturday
Pine Barren Party

this is the “other” organizer who turned out to be a good friend – the jersey city fireman of course, you go to this, you miss the big trance party at battery park 1-6pm – or you can go to both heh hehemail me for direx – it’s ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT that you don’t blow the spot – and don’t get lost. So be on your best behavior!!

May 4 Sunday
Ayahuasca Ceremony

In woods about an hour from the city. We’ll meet in the city Sunday afternoon and hit the target location 2 hours before sunset, and conclude by 10 or 11. We have a lucky seven people, we’ll stop at 13 :–Suggested donation is $50, sliding scale donation for the unemployed. RSVP to me privately a must!!

Time to call up Wylie. Cata is back! Bansi of GMS will be playing in New York on May 23Goa Trash moved to May 24 with special guest DJ Hugh S
Wednesdays at Opium Den finally winds down after a loooong run… right when I was let back in after the rumble I inadvertently caused last January
Has anyone noticed the trance acts who HAVEN’T made it to New York? Dark Soho, Texas Faggot, Paps, California Sunshine, Penta, Skazi, 1200 Micrograms, Neuromotor, and Analog Pussy come to mind. (apologies if one of these played in NYC – please advise) I am compiling a list of acts that are conspicuous by their absence – send me your submissions today, and they will be entered into a database that will be voted on with the results sent to NYC trance organizers.

May 5 Monday
Omnitribe at Union Cafe
DownTempo Beats, Lounge, Ambient & Chill out music. Kife, FX Mike, StaS & StaS 137 Avenue C, from 8PM – 11pm it’s also an internet cafe leshiyNYC at yahoo… on again off again due to remodeling –

May 6 Tuesday
GET TRANCE at Liquids
226 East 10th Street Between 1st Ave and A 10pm to 4am This week: Jason (Subtlechaos) Icycoil Fmar Igg y DJ’s needed for this party If interested please e-mail: mailto:unknownshroom at yahoounknownshroom at yahoo Bonus: Built-in Smoking Room inside lounge (Really Cool) Treat your senses with DJs from Planet Earth Don’t miss these sets: 10:30-12:30: Machinelf then Dima then DJ Unknown Knobe at Tuesdays Opium Den 3rd b/w 2nd & 3rd ave, ID21+Ambient Downtempo Tuesdays There is a normal bar nontrance crowd, so t here’s a constant supply of random people. Contact mswas6 at hotmail.com –

There’s been a decent number of outdoor outlaw trance parties, if you want Info on them seek me out at the next party. Funny facts: did you know that you can fit 40 hours of MP3s on a DVD? More to the point, does anybody hav e a USB floppy I can borrow?

May 10 Saturday
Hypnotic Spectrum Blender in the Pine Barrens

From: liquifunk.com does anyone know who is spinning at this party and ifi can get a slot?> hello kim> jowe at juno wrote: Hypnotic Spectrum Blender> Psychedelic Trance Part> > Saturday 05/10/03> > Pine Barrens of New Jerse> > Make sure that no cars are in the vicinity when you> turn off of Route> 539. Keep this information away from police people.> > Be prepared to camp. Bring necessities (ie. food,> water, etc.).> wrong weekend wrong place liquifunk the party was moved to another location thanks to assholes like you who post shit on public forums and ENDANGER everyone else and if you want to DJ then contact the mother fucker in the email – hey, that’s what addresses are for.meds, no meds, whatever, that’s just fucking stooooooopidtotakea postfrom a PRIVATE list and send it out to the general public. Do you REALIZE there are 17-year-olds on this list, shit for brains? Huh? you’re only still here because I’ve known you for 5 years but ANY MORE MESSAGES LIKE THAT AND BANG YOU’RE KICKED AND BANNEDand to prove my point this list will be moderated until SundaIfyou want to know the real location, then look on Safetydance, the dude is sending it over>does anyone know who is spinning at this party and ifi can get a slot?>SNIPThis guy just posted the address on NYC604, which has ~160 people from the general public. I posted an email saying, Wrong, the location was moved. It wasn’t. But it had to be done, b/c anyone can join that list- and it’s all-ages blah blah blah. Once a placeis busted then FORGET IT. And Although I know all of you, I certainly don’t TRUST all of you 100% to shut your mouths. If I hear of any of you mother fuckers fwding shit on thislist then your ass is mine. I’ve said this before and I get deaf sometimes hearing myself repeat it. This is not a fucking game. I’m on almost 40 lists under various pseudonyms and I hear a lot and I have a veryyyy long memory.At the same time (and here is the rub) if an event CAN be posted on a public list, then it does not belong on Safetydance. The exception is shit from renegade virus, the point being I never know which side of the illegal/dippy groupie line any given event falls on. Peace out and see y’all tomorrow. REMEMBER to NOT BLOW the SPACE. Do NOT caravan, do NOT stop at nearby Wah-Wah’s, do NOT tell store clerks about a “party,”whatever. Or your weekend will reaaaly realllly suck and you will spend many more summer nights indoors like a bunch of cattle.Subj: [NYC604] Re: [SafetyDance] Free outdoor party 05/10/03
Party this last weekend! Hey, I did end up going to the party on Saturday well actually I got there late Sunday morning. when the sun was rising. It was a totally different location, which was tighter and the sound was more confined giving a better sound because of the surrounding trees. Mostly the organizers and a hand full of my Russian comrades seemed to be there. but it was pretty chill. good morning and have a good week people!

May 10 Saturday
Urgent question for tomorrow (and some rain on your parade for tonight)It’s going rain tonight and tomorrow and we are set for a planned tea party… I’d rather not do it inside if at all possible and really don’t want to push it back… I’ve done it indoors before but damn it I love drinking tea outdoors. You know how food tastes better outdoors… imagine that with tea. we need a covered gazebo or something at a park tomorrow afternoon/sunset, the more isolated and wild and beautiful the better. I know there are places in Central Park but it’s just too damn public, yakking in public lost its glamour when I left college. It would be nice with the rain – as long as my boombox (and us) don’t get soaked. the sound of the rain itself, and the drama of thunderstorms, can be very moving. Distance is not a problem, we have a car caravan… Any ideas? Call me 718-686-2753 or 646-752-5456 (It goes without saying that travelers to the NJ pine barrens tonight should dress and prepare accordingly – and to NOT take any “short cuts” or “back roads”)

Security dude at Opium den was living with Val, now he’s kicking her out. turns out he’s a Farrakhan loving nation of Islam dude and HATES trance people and Val needs a van, to move stuff out TODAY, willing to pay..347-623-5101 is Rebecca’s numberval was at burning elf etc and is the Star Trek fan..damn, that dude just loves kicking people out. Probably brags about it to his fellow Muslims and he kicks whitey’s ass.

May 14 Wednesday
Psytrancemission at Pyramid

After an extraordinary night at the Pyramid we have decided to extend our “Trance Experience” into a weekly line. PsyTranceMission (P.T.M) Presents: the Pyramid (101 Ave A & 6th Street) 9:30 pm – 4:00am. 2 Floors of Pure Trance Experience! 2 Simultaneous Acts! Online-invitation web psytrancemission/invitatio n web psytrancemission/invitation Admission: 21+ Gentlemen 5$ LADIES COME IN FREE! Visit Us online at web p sytrancemission/ web psytrancemission or come in to our location at Greenwich Village: 118 West 3rd Street & Macdougal.

May 15th Thursday
John Horgan & Daniel Pinchbeck

The New Mysticism: Daniel Pinchbeck & John Horgan speak out on Psychedelics The speaker John Horgan wrote this psychedelic article in Slate
Housing Works Used Book Cafe Shelley Jackson, Publicity & Events “One of the hottest literary hubs in New York…the bookstore salon that the city has been missing” – New York Times The New Mysticism Break open your head with the help of two explorers of the mystical experience, Daniel Pinchbeck and John Horgan, reading at Housing Works Used Book CafC3A9, Thursday, May 15, 7 PM New York, NY…On Thursday May 15 at 7:00 PM, at the Housing Works U sed Book Cafe, Daniel Pinchbeck, author of Breaking Open the Head, will read with John Horgan, author of Rational Mysticism. The authors will b e available to answer questions and sign books after the event. About Pinchbeck: In Breaking Open the Head (Broadway Books), Daniel Pinchbeck tells the story of the trips-you can take that in both senses-that transformed him from bored cynic to true believer. Pinchbeck has taken a lot of ds in a lot of places, from the desert camp of Burning Man to the jungle of Ecuador; in Mexico, on d, he glimpsed the other side, and he has been a believer ever since. He’s not the first to travel this route, and he salutes his trail guides, providing a thoughtful analysis of the literature of psychedelic substances and shamanism. Mixing personal anecdote with cultural criticism, Timothy Leary with Walter Benjamin, Pinchbeck argues that the rationalist worldview is a spiritual roadblock, but that ds can sometimes clear the path. There’s another world, and he’s been there. “Grippingly dramatic, powerfully moving, this is a classic of the literature of ecstasy.”- Booklist (starred review) Daniel Pinchbeck is a founding editor of Open City, and has written for Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, and The Village Voice. About Horgan: In Rational Mysticism (Houghton Mifflin), John Horgan investigates the rational basis of mystical experience with rigor- and candor. In discussing how mystical experiences such as trances and visions actually work, Horgan draws from chemistry, neuroscience, and anthropology, but also from personal experience. Science writer Horgan is himself a spiritual seeker who has conducted his own d-assisted explorations, and he is not afraid to talk about them. Neither a debunker nor an acolyte Horgan is a refreshingly even-handed guide to metaphysics circa 2003. John Horgan is a former senior writer at Scientific American and the author of the best-selling The End of Science. Housing Works Used Book CafC3A9 is located at 126 Crosby Street, one block east of Broadway between Houston and Prince, near the N/R, 6, and F trains. Admission is free, but donated books are welcome and encouraged. For more information call 212 334 332 4. Housing Works Inc. is a minority-controlled, community-based, not-for-profit organization that provides housing, health care, advocacy, and support services to homeless men, women, and children living with HIV and AIDS. Founded in 1990, Housing Works’ mission is to help people living with AIDS and HIV who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to gain stability, security, and independence so that they can live their lives with hope and dignity. ll books and albums at the Used Book Cafe are donated by organizations and individuals, and all proceeds go to support Housing Work s Inc.’s core programs.

2003 5 Haka 1

May 16 Friday
Goa Trash – Haka

First Deco Gig: Naotto Hattori and Kura Misako
Photos (General)
Fool on PsyTrance at BOOM!
The Sun Also Rises! DVD/manga mixing curated by VJ Exeris and Atomic Juice. Artists Naoto Hattotri at www.wwwcomcom.com and fluoro tapestries by Kura Misako. Onsite origami giveaways. 10 pm DJ Juggernaut of China, here to reclaim the rogue province 11 pm Iggy-san (Unknown Shrooms no longer sold in Japan) 12am Masato-san 1:15am Fumi-san
2:30 am DJ Unknown (Knobe-san, Tsuyoshi Suzuki’s cousin) 4 am Late night chillout
ID 21+ FREE before 11pm for everyone. Free all night for Yellow Cab, bosozuku, yakuza, geisha s, Nexus 6 $5 for those in any Nipponese getup, $10 everyone else. Free for those with dojo, drums. BOOM Shankar is located at 152 Spring between Wooster & West Broadway.
*Haka” is a Japanese word.. you’ll be HAKA if you miss the party. Translate it into English and get in free. There’s even a Japanese art show beforehand elsewhere – gallery/2001scdl.html
TRANCE ARTIFACTS STOLEN AT JFK AIRPORT A cache of sacred headbands have been appropriated from the back of an armored car parked near JFK Airport. The headbands were in a crate that had shipped on Japanair and was en route to the Japan Society in midtown. The headbands are the last existing artifacts from the lost Baka tribe of Japanese trancers who were living amidst the Ainu Indians and producing psytrance without electricity. These priceless headbands will be awarded promising initiates at the Boomist temple this evening where they will learn to teach others in the Western World to make Doof not War.
there were ~160 people at the Haka party at Boom, many of whom paid good money to get into an indoors place that closes at 4am. (disclaimer: I threw that party and it fun and all) Now, the next evening, there was a free all-night outdoor party in the Pine Barrens/ with around 20 people. What gives? I understand there are no names on the flyer but geez, Nobi and Masato played and it was AWESOMESo next weekend is memorial day weekend here’s a head’s up.. Friday Bansi of GMS, Saturday morning Ori’s afterparty, Saturday night Goa Trash, and Pine Barrens. If everybody doesn’t decide to stay up 72 consecutive hours with shiny smiles on their faces, we will photograph you and put you in a rogue’s gallery online 🙂

May 16 Friday
Killin Floor Boston

One Local Dj (don’t have a name as yet) Mr Peculiar :Tribadelic Australia Karan :Third eye Records India Party is to be on from like 10 pm to 7 am Location is yet undisclosed.
For more info contact politics_of_dancing@hotmail.com for map point etc etc. or you can contact me here or at thirdeyerecords@hotmail.com Ps. Also there
This party was real blast! Deco was fantastic, music was incredible. Nice crowd. I had lots of fun. Honestly, I was surprised to find it in Boston. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. Boom.
I was one of the people who threw that party; I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the kind words. And Michael — if you’re ever going to be in the New England area, let me know and I can keep you abreast of what’s happening psytrance-wise. It’s virtually impossible to get a legal all-night venue in Boston, but despite that, the psytrance scene here is really thriving. June is looking to be completely packed, with various international artists coming to this club-night Anitya on Wednesdays and multiple outdoor events happening on the weekends, and that’s just the beginning of the summer. – Selim

May 17 Saturday
Pine Barrens at floppity bloppity nurgledy gurgling cosmic splinter field

DJs Nobi and Masato
“NJ party May 24″Psychedelic trance party under the floppity bloppity nurgledy gurgling cosmic splinter field.(same location as last weekend) Keep this information away from police people.Be prepared to camp. Bring necessities (ie. food, water, etc.).
Let’s rally Saturday to the Pine BarrensTo: safetydance From: Machinelf There are lots of people who wanna go but have no car. If anybody has wheels please let me know, or even go so far as to join the Brainpooling group by sending a blank email to brainpooling-subscribe A couple of friends and I are thinking of renting a five-person 4 wheeldrive again from Hertz. This costs is $80 with tax and insurance. One driver MUST agree to be the “designated” driver, which means the absolutely, positively must be abstinent at all times. We plan to go to sleep after sun-up, so we will camp and then leave in the mid-afternoon, even if everyone else has left. The vehicle needs to be back at 5 p.m.Please advise your # and the times to call, if possible.

Pedrojeff 1

May 18 Sunday
Sunday Afternoon psytrance bash at Yani’s store yeah I know, this is a weekly newsletter, but here’s a special event where you can get cheap trance clothes. and we know the owner so it should be a nice security-free vibe if you know what I mean! I’m so dead after last night’s insanity.. and I’ll be dead meat after tonight’s outdoor in NJ, but I’m coming back for this – May 18th Sunday – psytrance Day at New York Brands with DJs Pedro (Brazil) Rocco (Roy Moav, Israel), Machinelf NY), and Fumi (who will also play at Haka at Boom on Friday, May 16) Discounts while we spin, noon-7pm. Should be good. web NYbrandsweb NY brands Sample / Warehouse Sale Men’s and Women’s fashions

May 20 Tuesday
This week is packed to the gills. No way to do it all. (Wednesday is open hmmm) The weekend-long east coast Burn at Playa Del Fuego looks to be the best bet. If you’re interested and need a ride or have spaces, send a blank email (see below) Old cult favorite Hugh S is baaaaaack at Goa Trash this Saturday. (see below) Last Friday was Naoto’s birthday at “Haka.” My deepest apologies, “Haka” means “Coffin” in Japanese (we meant to call it “B aka,” meaning stupid), and the red Om symbol on the headbands we gave at the door is the same symbol used by the Aum cult that gassed the Tokyo subways in ’95. Doh! But hopefully we made it up with the Naoto video, Matrix Reloaded, Simpsons in japan, and Jackass in Tokyo. It was also Masato’s last commercial gig, not counting the NJ outdoor… We’ll do it again, Japanese artists email me!! Iggy’s birthday tonight at Liquids; the 3 little Indians’ going away at O.D. (see below) Psy Trance Mission Wednesdays at Pyramid is now Thursday at XO (see below)
Vibrasphere is on town and organizers are scrambling for a venue/space for Saturday. Goa Trash has been thoroughly recycled.

Tuesdays at GET TRANCE at Liquids 226 East 10th Street Between 1st Ave and A 10pm to 4am This week: Iggy’s at yahoo Djs Iggy, DJ Lior/Liquifunk/Illusion, Akin Sonixpark Bonus: Built-in Smoking Room inside lounge (Really Cool) Treat your senses with DJs from Planet Earth
Tuesdays Opium Den – Gavin & Omnitri be DJ’s 3rd b/w 2nd & 3rd ave, ID21+ Ambient Downtempo Tuesdays There is a normal bar nontrance crowd, so there’s a constant supply of random people. Contact mswas6 at hotmail at – starting May 28.

Angeles is spinning psytrance at New York Brands this Wednesday 12-3 16 West 36th ground floor, huge discounts on Lithium & diesel Live DJ ON 21 MAY/WED/12-3PM

Wednesdays at Gemini Lounge Jason of SubtleChaos and Severin will be doing full-on and progressive Wednesday nights at Gemini Lounge 221 2nd ave between 13th & 14th right next to Flamingo East where we threw the War and Peace party. 10-4am ID21+ Resident DJs Severin & Jason. Dec o by Severin. Geometrics by Polytopia. Guest DJs Ben Light-o-matic and Yare Visionear (Venezuela) –

May 21 Wednesday
DJ Karan at Vertigo in Boston

There is a psy weekly at Vertigo nightclub boston on Wed the 21st where I will be playing. bom bom Karan

There will be more Japanese/Asian trance parties and a new party called “Tourist Trap on the Way to Nirvana” there soon. We’re having a planning meeting tonight at Boom at 8pm. Ok the list is available for DJs, artists, etc the previous link did not work send emails to TouristTrapontheWaytoNirvana We will meet at Boom this Wednesday at 8pm at 152 Spring between Wes t Broadway and Wooster.

Wednesday at SIN SIN ( The Leopard Lounge) 359 5 Street( at 2nd Avenue) DjSpirit and guest 21+ no cover … 9p I believe Omnitribe is back at the Opium Den for Wednesdays

Thursday Party Psy Trance Mission Midnight Sun at XO PsyTranceMission (P.T.M) Pr esents: 205 Thompson between Bleecker and West 3rd Admission: 21+ 5$ FREE! Visit Us online at come into our location at Greenwich Village: 118 West 3rd Street & Macdougal.

May 23 Friday

Bansi – GMS, 1200 Mics, Zorba Liran – Hommega Knobi – Technological Arrow – Japan Yoni – Global Trance Party Location : Discotheque @ 17 West 19th street b/w 5th and 6th Avenue door opens @ 23:00 – 07:00 tickets $25 advance, $30 door 21 to party, id needed.. infoline: 917-553-4424 tickets: global trance 122 st marks place btwn 1st ave and ave a : 212 447 4440 vinyl market (NYC) 212 539 1203 www.phantasmrecords.com www.homeoftrance.com
a very well organized party wid some pure kickass music and great vibes from all our fellow mates…the only drawback was that the place was too over-crowded but none da less Bnasi’s set had me Love to see such more parties over the summer Boom hommega !!

May 24 Saturday Afterparty
Good Karma – People of Trance

good karma presents: “the after-party” at “Plantation” club 2335 138th st corner of 3rd av Bronx direction: 6 tra into 138st & 3rd av (u can take 4&5 express trains to 125th st then switch to the 6 train)
6 hours of Psychodog…..yikes! might be an overload for the system, sounds like a good deal.  if I know my psychodog right, expect lots of twisted tracks, parasense, droidlock, activate morlack etc. good luck to you guys.
What an event…. I just returned home from this whole weekend madness… first off my hat tipped to Liran Hommega for raising such an organized event, with a great location, good sound and great talents. the only downside to the GMS party was the overcrowdedness of the place… regarding the afterparty: what a nice location, great deco and the most beautiful people I’ve seen from all the synthetic parties, Tsunami parties and Omni parties all seemed to make it to this after! I got there at 9 and it was rocking already. Elektrofunk started raising the roof on the plantation and we picked it up from there, Knobe also played a special set there utilizing the cDJ-1000 as vinyls…. I left already (school) so I cant tell you my honest opinion, but my partner Mike said he compacted about 6 tracks in 15 minutes… anyway, nice to see a lot of happy faces and a successful party for Elektrofunk. boom to all of ya.

Throw this party with David shemesh… Was actually a great one…. With all the best party dudes… A guy from work fix us the place…. Right after that we formed “Ecliptic trance”
2003 – 2005 – Uriel

Our first event will be in June. GMS was awesome, packed, successful and so was the afterparty!!

May 24 Saturday
Goa Tra$h at Boom!

Photos (General)
The Return of Dancing Hugh S wherein Hugh who dances digs deep into his old purple hughed Goa vinyl bin. how high up in your attic did ya have to go h ugh? see Hugh spin, and find out, “how High!” and answer the Eternal Question, “Does Hugh Dance” 10pm – 4am 152 Spring between West Broadway and Wooster ID21+ full insidious morbid but not moribund details at HRE om/Goatrash DJs: Stefan10:00 – 10:48 Luis 10:48 – 11:36 Ben 11:3 6 – 12:24 Boris 12:24 – 1:12 Hugh 1:12 – 3:12 Jason 3:12 – 4: 00 after Goa Trash I’m off to:

The White Trash theme with the wiccan effigy of a Trance Barbie turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many thanks to Hugh S (who had an unfortunate run-in with the now ex-art director) and the crew. The crowd was good, but the carousing and brawling by certain individuals who will go unnamed got out of control. It rivaled Clockwork Orange in its viciousness, It wasn’t pretty and I am still shaken. Check out the story below:

An innocent bystander got beat up badly ina case of drunken mistaken identity.. if anyone strikes anyone else, throws paint on them or tries to make the DJ stop playing or send someone to a hospital, they deserve no special treatment no matter how good looking or connected they are and don’t belong in a trance party. Sometimes psychotic people come to a party and try to bring it down to their level. Being drunk is no excuse for violence. Safetydance is a list of over 500 people, this is not really the forum for discussing this.

May 24 Saturday
Tangled Lysergic Puddles Outdoor party in the Pine Barrens

after Goa Trash at Boom! Reflected Moment MasherAnybody posts this anywhereelse- you dead! you can find a ride on brainpooling – just don’t post direx just say “NJ party May 24″Psychedelic trance party under the floppity bloppity nurgledy gurgling cosmic splinter field.(same location as last weekend)
Make sure that no cars are in the vicinity when you turn off of Route539. Keep this information away from police people. Be prepared to camp. Bring necessities (ie. food, water, etc.).
Last party in the Pine Barrens for a good while this coming Saturday
OK, last Saturday on the 17th was chill and nice and beautiful and all that, let’s all come out again this Saturday. I’m going after Goa Trash and will comp anyone who has a printed copy of these directions. And if you have to decide between Goa Trash and this – choose this!! It’s free and it’s outdoors! for rides (and people to ride with you) send an email to brainpooling Saturday, May 24 (Yes, that’s right)Reflected Moment MasherAnybody posts this anywhere else- you dead! you can find a ride on brainpooling – just don’t post direx just
Machinelf I heard they made a birthday cake for nan and had ~ 30 people sorry I couldn’t make it but I heard it was good. Hope y’all had fun!! Ian and Jowe are traveling for a while… I heard from Yacc that Adam could do more events if he can get some people to help him move stuff. Does anyone have his email?
From: cassidy I met some kids down there this weekend that wanted to know about dnb parties in NYC–i never ended up getting their online info… sooooo if you still want info and whatnot, hit me back!
Wow, despite the late start that was a kick-ass party. I had hella fun just getting crazy dancing within the speaker triad. Most of the people there were really open and friendly and gave off positive vibes throughout the night. Cheers to Mark and Ian and everyone else I met Zack

May 30 Friday

May 30 Friday
Israeli Party with Bereshit Alex Yani All adin Nobi & Jun (back from Japan)

in a large private loft on Friday, May 30 until 8am. $15 255 255 Mckibben 10pm-8am info 201-892 -0216

May 30 – Tsunami?

May 31 Saturday

VIBRASPHERE (Digital Structures/Spiral Trax) Sweden LIVE DAVE HENSHAW (Changmian Productions) Boston GAVIN (Spectra) New York City YARE (Visionear) New York City Flamingo East 219 2nd. Avenue Between 13th & 14th 11pm-6am 21+ $10 no guest list ian

May 31 Saturday
Sidetrakkt in Pittsburgh
Kri – Blue Spectral Monkey

June 2003

June 1 Sunday Noon
Ayahuasca Ceremony

June 3 Tuesday

This week DJs of representing planet earth that will rock da house:
SERGE ICYCOIL BERZERX It’ll be a night of great music from psychedelia
See you there. UNKNWNSHRMS
It was SA-MOOOOOOOOOOKIN’ last nite at Liquids! And I don’t mean cigarettes! Good crowd and quite a few new faces…so glad to see you all there! Thank s to Yac, Serge, Icycoil, and Berzerx for some really, really fresh sets. I t’s all good and keeps getting better! Yeahbaby!
Great Party! rocked my tush off. highlights of the night:
Merry – a female DJ (yes sister! great job) that made everyone move to some great new music with formidable mixing abilities!
Berserx – Dynamic duo on the decks! sounded no different then GMS themselves!!! incredible talent guys, thank you!
Who knew liquids could be so psyyyyyyyed out!
– Love Peace and Respect.

June 4th at Opuim Den (29 E 3rd Str. at 2nd AVE.) lineup (in the order of appearance): dima vitalia stas hi-fi Bully aka (Raveoholic) 24/7 info line: 888-856-5413Dj Name: Bully aka (Raveoholic) Dj History: Played at Fire and Ice club(Mumbai), Razberry Rhino(Mumbai), HQ’S(Mumbai), Club Avalon(Mumbai), and Open-air parties. Playing style: Morning Full on (142bpm to 147bpm)

June 4 Wednesday
Killinfloor & Anitya – Boston
DJ JUNYA TIP records phantasm records UK http://www.tipworld.co.uk https://web.archive.org/web/20160204095138/http://www.phantasmrecords.com/
vertigo lounge 126 state street Boston 10pm-2am 5 bucks 21+ email johnnymarquis@hotmail.com for more info, and to inquire about free out-of-state admission

June 4 Wednesday
Subtlechaos at Gemini Lounge
Subtlechaos presents a night of tripped out tek tunes. Resident DJs special guests Severyn (subtlechaos) ben (lightomatic) NYC jason (subtlechaos) yare (visionear) vzla visual stimulators Severyn (subtlechaos) NYC preview sevs latest banners to be shown at the omnifest geometric design by polytopia visual mixing by atomic juice located at the gemini lounge 2nd ave between 13th & 14th street (no cover) from 10 till 4am hope to see you there bring i.d and do bring ya granny

It’s a good extended weekend for Indian Goa and Full on. .. Sorry for sending this email to kingdom come, but there’s so much that I haven’t seen posted anywhere else, from Krishna Das to Anjuna DJs, where do we start… well, for me, I’m starting tonight at Le Squid (liquids)
For the first time ever – three visiting Indian Goa DJs this Friday at Boom – this special event will go until 5am!! return… to the Source!! Thi s will be the biggest budget party I have done, with lots of surprises. Thanks to Vitalia for providing the Pioneer mixer, these Indians are soooo demanding 🙂 Wednesday night is turning out to be the battle of the trance parties. On one side we have tekno trance at Gemini Lounge, and on the other minimal progressive with Omnitribe at Opium Den and Spectra at Spun. The Goa Full-On juggernaut is hitting starting Thursday… psytrance Mission moves to Saturday at Pyramid. Good call because I for one won’t want to miss Karan and Kno-B this Thursday in Williamsburg And to finish off the weekend, Junya (Phantasm’s son) and Hanoch at Flamingo East this Saturday! Vibrasphere there on Saturday was very nice, great place, intimate, great Vietnamese owners.
This weekend is so Indian that we even have Krishna Das here on Saturday at the Integral Yoga Institute.
Liran is bringing Oforia and Logic Bomb on Friday June 20!! Yes, this time there’s no scheduling conflict.. but hey, last time I cried wolf people got GMS’ Bansi Instead of Logic Bomb, and THAT was the bomb! The no-smoking policy has made it doable to comfortably cram people into tight places. But this time Liran is moving it out of discotheque to… someplace else.
News on the omni festival – hellooo people of free world!!!! important news to share with you… the festival is kicking high hats and reconfirming the solid baseline… we’ve got a new venue for our mutual pleasure; disadvantage – it’s 3.5Hrs from NYC, but the plus side is that this resort has all we need for any kind of weather with conveniences for all tastes with wild forest and Echo lake great for swimming, boating… and the place has been tested before by rock festivals for sound isolation…

June 5 Thursday
Karan at Williamsburg Public House

the newest freshest, spiciest, soundz from the Indian peninsula Dj Karan (THIRD EYE RECORDS) INDIA Dj Knob (TECHNOLOGICAL ARROW) JAPAN (to be confirmed) VISUALS & THEATRIX
Williamsburg Public House 10pm 363 Union Brooklyn, NY second stop on the L to Lo rimer, then short 4 block walk to Union FLYER: beard.dialnsa.e du/spyguy/electricity/party.swf –
The Williamsburg Public House is a fantastic venue. Great party. I missed Kno-B but Karan played a smashing set. He really had everyone going. And I’m not just saying that cuz he’s playing tonight at the all-Indian Source party at Boom! Please hear him, he’ll really get to you no matter what style you favor or what substances you may take… Just know that
“Naasti Maasti” is your password to get in for $5..

thesource image002

June 6 Friday
THE SOURCE at Boom! R eturn to Anjuna Beach at Boom!

First DJ Set – Mayur
Three Indian Goa Trance DJs debut in New York 10pm – 5am (extra hour!) I D21+, $10, free before 11pm, free for those with drums or in Indian clothes 152 Spring between West Broadway and Wooster Subways: Take 6 to Spring C/E to Spring F to Broadway/Lafayette 1/9 to Houston N/R to Prince om/thesource
DJ SETS 10 pm Opening Ceremony – Naasti Maasti Machi nelf (d, NYC)
10:30 pm Mayura (The Source, NYC) 11:30 pm Kamal Dragonlot us (Dragontribe, NJ)
12:30 am Shamsher “I think I crashed my Spacecraft” Sachdeva (Bombay) (Full on) 2:00am Asad AKA Free Aatmah (Paradiso de Anjuna Goa) (Dark Night Music)
3:30 am – 5am Karan (Third Eye Records/Bombay) (Absolutely Smashing Dancefloor Music) (Karan is also playing at the William sburg Public House for free Thursday – check Trip Out New York listings) ARTISTS & EXTRAS
Art by Dayasakti bataktrances at hotmail (Bali/Sumatra)
Traditional Indian Dancing by Olga Von Karnig early in the evening Free Bin dhis for everyone coming in
Video projection by Aurora ooaurora at NYC.rr Joseph Campbell, Indian footage, etc BIOS KARAN bombayboom at hotmail owner of Third Eye Records – India web thirdeye-records web .thirdeye-records Karan has played at New Years festivals in Goa 2 000-and has played with Earthling, Dede (Spectrum Records) Paul Taylor, Shanti from GMS, XP Voodoo from Aerodance, Mr Peculiar, Absolutely Smashing Dancefloor Music Shamsher AKA Droozi – from Bombay mellowmoments at hot mail Full-on Psychedelic Trance. Asad AKA Free Aatmah – dark night old school Goa freeaatmah at hotmail 917 689 3936. Free Aatmah has played in Bombay and is a partner at Paradiso de Anjuna in Goa: DISCOGRAPHY Dj Asad a.k.a. Asad Zaidi, ‘DJ freeaatmah’ 7, Jo – Liza, 30 Sasmira Marg, P ARADISO RECS. Worli, paradise at anjuna Bombay – 400025 Tel – 009122 2498 4128 Asad a.k.a Dj FREEAATMAH (33) was born and brought up in the city of Mumbai. Dj Asad began as early as 1986 (at a time when even the word Dee- jay seemed to be alien in India), starting with commercial dance and then experimenting with rock, acid rock, retro and funk, progressing to acid house and garage by the late 80’s. He then discovered Techno, progressing to Psy, Acid and Goa Trance during the course of the 90’s. Asad along with t wo of his friends, Jeh and Whosane! have played an important role in setti ng up the Goa trance scene, right from its infancy. The success of ‘Parad iso de Anjuna’, a name known to all trance freaks and travelers in Goa and the world over, is proof of this. Together they have changed the way peop le party. Though being labeled as a purist, Asad appreciates and retains a n extremely wide taste in music. He is open to spinning any kind of music so long as he likes it, regardless of how it is classified. Asad heads the Paradiso team, which is the only professional Trance party organizer and a record label in India. Asad has a great amount of experience on his side which to date consists of parties worldwide, in U.S.A, Mauritius, all over Asia and India, to name a few. He has been an active part of ‘The Audiophile’ and the ‘Paradiso’ team along with DJ Whosane and Jeh Wadia. This group set up and managed more than ten hip nightclubs in Mumbai city, ever since their first in 1991. He has channeled all these energies towards the growth of Psy and Goa trance scene in India and has thus been instrumental in taking the vibe to all major cities in the country. He has succeeded in giving the trance scene a very acceptable face in this orthodox society. Ever since he visited Goa in 1991, he has been going back faithfully, every year to spin and collect new music because of Goa’s unique energy. For him, his set should tell a story, slowly building up into a full-fledged cosmic dance ritual ending with sounds that transcend one back to reality. Channeling the flow of cosmic energy, combining it with that of his, and then sharing it with the crowd is what he looks to achieve through his music. It is most important for him to awaken the love of the universe in each individual. It is the whole spiritually enriching experience that he looks to share. It is about awakening the inner being in each individual thus creating a positive change. He believes that through this form of dynamic meditation he can create a change in the way people live their lives. It is in this form of music that thousands of people can come together to achieve that level of consciousness, where the individual dancer disappears and only the dance remains. People must step out of their misery and celebrate the greatness of life. This concept is applied in organizing the trance Ganesh Visarjan Procession, the brainchild of DJ Asad. Thousands of people from all walks of life gather and dance through the streets, a distance of 2 km covered in 7 hours. This has become an out of the ordinary gathering since the past 4 years. Anything that he starts to do, is with the intention of making it happen as an ongoing process. The trance scene at the Razzberry Rhinoceros, a popular nightclub in Mumbai, is yet another example of his dedication. Here, his team and he started and groomed the trance scene from infancy, focusing on encouraging local and international talent. It is now globally known for the same. Now working on selective events and with select organizers so as to make time to work on his psychedelic trance tracks (some in collaboration with renowned psychedelic artists) in his personal home studio. Spinning regularly to crowds of 1000 and more, DJ Asad does not disappoint. He is a well-known name in the trance circuit in India and his name attracts partygoers. He is respected and loved by DJs and Artists from all over the world and he continues to grow and carry a positive vibe with him. Asad mixes CD’s and DAT, external FX and prefers to use Pioneer CDJ mixing consoles. Asad and his partners have been instrumental in designing and managing the following Nightclubs listed below: Sheetal Again, Hotel Royal Garden, Juhu, Mumbai – 1992. Rasna Restaurant & Pub, Churchgate – 1992. Mumbai Wild Orchid, Hotel Royal, Chembur, Mumbai – 1993. Crazy Horse, Hotel Atlantic, Juhu, Mumbai – 1993. Wig Wam, Hotel Atlantic, Juhu, Mumbai – 1993. Paradiso de Anjuna, North Anjuna, Goa – 1994 – 2000. Avalon, Hotel Bawa International, Vile Parle, Mumbai – 1994. Go Bananas, Hotel Kamat Plaza, Vile Parle, Mumbai – 1994. Wet ‘n’ Wild, Hotel Kamat Plaza, Vile Parle, Mumbai – 1994. The Blue Camel, Hotel Royal Garden, Juhu, Mumbai – 1994 – 1996. The Resort, Aksa Beach, Mumbai – 1995. Black Out, Hotel Host Inn International, Andheri (E), Mumba I – 1996. Razzberry Rhinoceros, Juhu Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai – 1995 -2000. Zaik a (Restaurant / Discotheque), Ashoka Mall, Pune – 1997. Club Abyss, Moti Mahal, Bandra, Mumbai -1998 – 2000. Papageno, Moti Mahal, Bandra, Mumbai -199 8 – 2000. The Big One, the sports bar at Shatranj Napoli, Bandra, Mumbai – 1999 – 2001. Offbeat CafE9 at Bowling Company, Worli, Mumbai – 1999. Flavo urs at the Ambassador Hotel, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 2000. Festa Delavita a t Shatranj Napoli, Bandra, Mumbai – 1999. Caprice at Kings International, J uhu Beach, Mumbai – 1997 – 1999. Mikanos (Landmarc Citi), Worli, Mumbai – 2 002. Mayura (Nritya, NYC) VilIAlnNyC at aol Kamal Dragonlotus (Dragontrib e) krsnalotus at aol
A special message to New York Goa trancers from Goa Gil! AAAaaaauuuUUUUuuummmM MMMM……….. May the Light of Love shine in your Hearts and in your Mind s and May you always walk in Peace… Towards the One !!! …..namast e, gil NAASTI MAASTI! Translate it into English and you get in free.
We may have a special female Indian guest DJ at The Source this Friday but she is too shy to be on the flyer [Proably Fria]

June 6-8 Friday – Sunday
Firefly, Mass

The Boston Burning Man community is hosting “Firefly,” a unique outdoor camping adventure featuring psytrance music, tantric massage and much, much more from Friday, June 6th to Sunday, June 8th . Here’s their description of the event, followed by rideshare information with me from Manhattan. Take a break from the world you know and join us in creating something extraordinary. We have been blessed with the opportunity to use a pristine space, deep in the New Hampshire hills, and we want to share it with you. Come join us for a weekend of transformation and community where music, performance, ritual, creativity, fire, freedom, and dance are welcomed, encouraged, and essential. We need you and your gifts, whether they take the form of art, music, or just an open heart and a smiling face, to make it happen. Our location is safe and legal off the beaten paths, isolated in the hills of New Hampshire – an ideal place for exploration outside your normal comfort zone. All we ask is that you take full advantage of this while respecting others. We hope to create an environment with no cultural consumers – where the line between performer and spectator is blurred. To facilitate this vision, we encourage everyone to learn as much as possible about the event before arriving. FIREFLY EVENT LISTING DJs and Electronic Musicians Note: The way it is looking right now, Friday evening will be breaks, drum & bass, etc. and Saturday evening will be psychedelic trance. If you would like to play, mail Firefly at chaoshacker.org. The list below is grouped by style, but random otherwise, and incomplete. Sets and times will be decided a few days before the event. Takyon (Live) Progressive Psychedelic. Gabriel, Jose, and Andrew. Dave Henshaw Psychedelic Trance Binary Psychedelic Trance http://Sonicbeating.orgXanthus Trance Mario Two sets. One being Spirit (Down Beat/Chill) the other being psytrance/Techno/Goa. I will have two film artist with me who will project their art while I am spinning. Shwilly B Psychedelic Trance http://www.fas.Harvard /~garton/index.html Leonid Psychedelic Trance DJeremy DJ appropriate ambient, experimental & IDM. Professor Pious Drum and Bass and nu-skool breaks. I was thinking I would bring a little of each and decide which to play once it was clear what the party needed and when I was playing. I would say the DnB I play is Hard and dark, the kind of thing to give your children night terror 3D). Although I may bring some happier bouncy stuff in case I play during the day. lesli3d New school breaks, and maybe some other stuff. Jeff Mission http://Beatfix Rev. Chris Korda (Live) http://Churchofeuthanasia.org Half-life Drum & Bass Acoustic/Instrumental Musicians Incus We’re a six-piece commonly known as a tribal goth band. We are certainly fire worshipers, and our music has been becoming more tribal, gypsyized and earthly/firey as of late. We have a lot of drums, cello, bass, keyboards, accordion and male and female vocals(not present during Firefly). We often get painted up for performances, and dress creatively/elaborately. http://www. IncusTodd Martin Singer/songwriter, Todd Martin, first found comfort with his hands wrapped around an acoustic guitar at the age of 15. Through the years, Martin has created a loyal Philadelphia fan-base through his love for song-craft and entertaining. This musician honed his skills following along with his favorites such as the Dave Matthews Band, Blues Traveler and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Nearly a decade later, his love for lyrical skill and songwriting continues to drive him to evolve. http://www.toddmartinmusic Keith Lewis Keith Lewis is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter and stunning guitar player from Alpena (AlpEnah), Northern Michigan. In 1999 Keith packed up his guitar and headed east. http://www.keithlewisandcompany.com Rob Byrd What I do is create open-ended, ambient pieces for digital processed electric guitar. This can sound like anything from clouds of sheet metal to heavenly bells, and anything in between. These are entirely improvised on the spot, and as such are very site-specific (e.g. heavily informed by surrounding structure, time of day, even weather conditions). Far more importantly, though, is the energy-dialog that I aim to build with those present. This is not ‘sit down and listen to me play my songs’; rather, the positive and sympathetic energy of listeners (which can number only a handful, it’s not really a function of quantity) is the wind in the sail of the sounds. It also can work floating over a variety of electronic beat structures (and possibly human-generated beats as well). Mookomor We are a live electronic/jam band “Mookomor” and we have been close to the Circle community (known as Anuta(Anya) and George ) for a few years now. http://www.psyjazz Ultra Plush is currently a duo (male vocalist/guitarist and female vocalist/bassist). The sound of Ultra Plush is one that aspires to intone humanity’s physiological and spiritual matrix to attain transcendental comprehension of the universe. http://www.ericdavidlove Events/Activities/Contributions Twilight Dinners Saturday evening burn core connections ~ pellucid presence Saturday afternoon exploration A communal ritual with roots in tantric touch, meditation, and developing sensory consciousness. An opportunity to gaze, illuminate and embrace the beauty within each of us. All boundaries will be respected. Come cleansed and prepare to be luminous. Inspirations & Preparation: http://www.newfrontier /Nepal/maithuna1.htm http://www.geocities /Buddhism2001/Meditations/meditationlist.html http://www.geocities /iona_m/VirtualTantra/physical.html http://www.spiritualityandSexuality http://www.sacredsexrituals /emfield1ss.html If any of you would like to help facilitate or contribute ideas, please get in touch. Josh Kastorf We would like to introduce people to an independent film we are making. Go to (http://www.meanidea.com/c-c) to see if they would like to help out. Jonno I’m planning to lay out a spread for daytime arts activities in the vicinity of my tent (Hey, look, fireflies, a mini Theme Camp!) by providing a lot of materials for people to use. Ashanti HEALING MEDITATION CIRCLE Release the past, Live the present, Dream the future. Learn meditative breath methods, calming & vitalizing mudras . Journey into tranquility with healing visualizations . Allow a timeless flow to send new waves of peace into your life. Charlotte Sanford Sensual Belly dance for your lover. Want to seduce your lover/s through the art of belly dance and never got the chance to learn? You’ll get easily learned moves, tips, attitude, and a short music list. Taught by Lotta de La Playa. Blake Monster sound system for the dance area. Adam Burrows lighting for the dance zone Derek Bergman Various musical contributions, including drumming, percussion, acoustic guitar, vocals. Reiki treatments (level 1). Morninglove ENERGY, Miles of silken ribbons for the meditation space, and other random spaces that call for some enchantment Sensory play PLAY PLAY PLAY….. …maybe some fairy wings and lots of dancing under the stars. Emily Sparkle and Bucky Emily Sparkle and Bucky will bring a zygotic version of our 2003 playa camp: choose your fate. This will be a “whenever we’re around” participation event. Happy campers will be asked to spin the wheel of fate to determine if they will choose a fate (fortune) or write one for someone else. Not all fates are good, but we can fix that! Burner Vic Here we GO! Here ah here we GO! Rock it up HIGH rock it down LOW! Deep-Fried and Double Wide! See all you fine folks there! Anyone interested in a co-op theme’ish party camp, email me! Carnivores encouraged~ Primal Screams and Playa Dreams! Mike Caron My special Rum punch – odds and ends – positive vibrations – light – pancakes – extra 1st aid stuff – time and energy. John Payne John will be bringing his beautiful steam bath. Markus Nechay Wigwam construction for sweat lodge log art twig art bark art dirt art Debbie Gerbick l.s.d. camp :love sensuality and domination. I will have damiana tea drinking ritual Friday night at sunset (8:26 p.m.) and other rituals throughout the weekend. The l.s.d. campsite will feature 100% legal mind-altering experiences. I am studying herbalism so I will offer different elixirs and teas at the camp. I want to create a peaceful space to lounge around and get or give a massage or talk and light incense etc. Morninglove and Jeff Mission “Christianity without tears – that’s what soma is.” – Mustapha Mond, from Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” “Soma: Let me say a few words about the dystopian aspect of technology that is symbolized in the pill soma. Contrary to what Marx said about religion being the opium of the people, in the brave new world soma is the religion of the people.” – Courtney Campbell, from “Brave New World: Soma, Shakespeare, and Suicide: The Terrors of Techno Utopia” Link Relax. Let go. Enjoy. Let your worries, your struggles, melt away in a sensory paradise of pleasure and play. There is no world outside. There is no tomorrow. There is no spoon. In this place, there is only you and your experience right now. So open your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, mind, and immerse yourself in the pleasures we provide. Come join us. Take a soma holiday. Deerheart Bodypainting Explore color, texture, form, fun, symbol, and transformation. I will have body painting supplies available for anyone who wants to decorate their own or another’s bod. Weather permitting, we will set aside a time and a place for bodypainting each other. All boundaries respected. Roger Opitz I do Reiki and I am willing to help where I can, I have a 10 horsepower 6,250 watt generator if ou would like a back up. RIDE SHARE Advance tickets, which are available at the Firefly web site, are $15 – over 100 have been sold – the event is limited to 170 persons. Firefly is a 7 hour, 20 minute, 362 mile trip from Manhattan. I am looking either to a) get a ride or b) rent a car and share rides. Either way, I am willing to contribute more than my fair share of $’s to make this trip happen. I am also amenable to either leaving on Thursday and or returning on Monday, and camping somewhere in the mountains on the way up or down. If you also want to take the time to explore the nearby White Mountain National Forest or climb Mt. Washington, either by foot or by cog railroad – it’s the highest mountain in the northeast http://www.mountwashington, please advise Contact me, David. at dc854 at nyu

June 7 Saturday
Midnight Sun – Pyramid
in addition to Junya et al playing at Flamingo East, we are blessed with another party in the same neighborhood Full-On Psychedelic Trance Experience! . A, Between 6th & 7th St. Line-up: DJ Unknown – Techno Logical Arrow Juggernaut – Dreamcatcher Vitalia – Omnitribe Agmis & Rocco – XLR8 SH.I.K.I.D – Omnitribe Interstaller – Psy Trance Mission Doors open at 10:00pm Admission: 21+ $7 before 12:00am, $10 after 12:00am See you there! Psy Trance Mission or come in to our location at Greenwich Village: 118 West 3rd Street & Macdougal.

June 7 Saturday
Shavuot Trance – Junya

Lineup for Saturday hi guys, this sat. is a very joyfull Jewish holiday that we’re gonna celebrate with great music and sound by John Ford’s son, Junya in a four h our set as a special guest also Hanoch in the Flamengo lounge who came back from Israel with a new set. See u there! Shavuot Trance Sat. June 07, $10 till 12am $15 after DJ set: 21+ JUNYA (UK) PHANTASM/TIP (REC) Hanoch (Moonwalker) Alladin Project (doof rec)
Location: Flamingo- East 219 2nd Ave. Bet. 13th&1 4th St. 10pm-6am

Man the weeklies are so… weakly. For many promoters, so much work, so little return. Something different must be done. I have three spaces in my car, $30 round trip to Omnifestival, leave 7pm Friday, get back late Sunday. Door to door service

Tuesdays at GET TRANCE at Liquids 226 East 10th Street Between 1st Ave and A 10pm to 4am This week: Iggy’s at yahoo Bonus: Built-in Smoking Room inside lounge (Really Cool)
Wednesdays A1 Funky Techno at Gemini Lounge Jason of SubtleChaos and Severin will be doing full-on and progressive
Wednesday nights at Gemini Lounge 221 2nd ave between 13th & 14th right next to Flamingo East where we threw the War and Peace party. 10-4am ID21+ Resident DJs Severin & Jason. Deco by Severin. Geometrics by Polytopia. Contact at Wednesd ays Omnitribe at Opium Den (29 E 3rd Str. at 2nd AVE.) {{{{{Instrumental Ele of appearance): dima vitalia stas hi-fi Bully aka (Raveoholic) 24/7 info line: 888-856-5413 at -Wednesdays
Spectra at Swim (Orchard between Stanton and Rivington) 10pm -4am free 21+ ONE-OFFS

June 11 Wednesday Free psy Birthday Party Dj I nflux, Raffi and Mimmi are celebrating their birthday at ALIBI from 10 pm to 4am : 116 Mac Dougal st subway: A,B,C,D,E,F,Q/W. 4 1,9/Christoph er St. LINE UP: daya (Dreamcatcher) – chill out DJ influx (dre amcatcher) – full on deco by daya (Dreamcatcher) –

June 11 Wednesday
Killinfloor & Anitya Boston

PENTA live & DJ set redTribe Spectral Concepts SF https://web.archive.org/web/20220318024926/http://www.spectralconcepts.net/
vertigo lounge 126 state street Boston 10pm-2am 5 bucks 21+ email johnnymarquis@hotmail.com for more info, and to inquire about free out-of-state admission

June 12 Thursday
Trance Dance Company – “Animatrix” party at Bamboo Lounge

A nice chill place in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, located at 3rd Avenue, between 87th and 88th street. Come early, at around 8 p.m. You can have a nice Thai/Japanese meal and then enjoy the sounds of full-on/Goa trance. There is a bar with trance friendly bartender (I know him, he’s a young trancer). We will play from 9:30 till 1 a.m. This “mini-party” is free. 🙂 There is a very nice and quite backyard with Japanese lanterns where you can smoke 🙂 and chill. This place is small but definitely cool. We will be showing “Animatrix” on the projector screen. Line up: Dj PsychedeliX (NYC) + two other local TDC DJ’s (names are to be confirmed). Bring friends. directions etc. call (347) 267-0578.

Latest info -: Omni dance festival (venue, tickets, transportation) From: o m n I tribe Omnitribe at yahooFestival is blossoming… that was quite a ride for us; a lot of curves and many hills. We’ve successfully got out of all major problematic loops and now on the finishing line… One more time reconfirming our secure safe legal venue, protected from all kinds of weather conditions web gocampingamerica/echolake/ It looks like most of you have already given us your financial support and it helped a lot! Thanks for believing in us from the start!!! Must mention that tickets are still available at 60$. The price goes up to 80$ on Tue. June 10th and at the door will welcome with 100$. Transportation is easy; bus info and directions are posted on the site under “location”. omnidancefestival. Info is updated with important info. Sorry for the delay; it is hard to give the right estimate of time when so many people involved on the way… Don’t forget that we might never have a chance to party like that in this country… this one is for the free spirit and for those who think for themselves. Omni tribe crew New York, New York

June 13-15 Friday-Sunday
Omni Dance Festival

hellooo, the festival promises to be exceptional. we can’t wait to hear them to play at the professional 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 watt sound system from super pro company…. the new location turns out to be 3 hours drive from the city and it is so much more fun then the original one (see 2 posts below for some very much important and helpful tips from people who had experience with this venue) from our side we’ve done it all…. it’ll be fun for all… confirming 2 dance stages and one chillout. confirming roof in case of the rain and lake in case of the heat… buses are organized from NYC and Boston. email OmniDanceBus at yahoo for the details. love, Omnitribe crew omnidancefestival. Info
I have been there and got some honey from the fest… absorbed all the nectar of all the live acts and DJs… WOW I didn’t even expect its gonna be this much great. even small shitty problems – like our car was towed by cops or the rains from time to time seemed not 2 spoil any Adventures for me. The organization was good. The sound was strong enough. The ppl were smiling and that was all the way freaky and friendly. I really enjoyed every moment and now I know that I can be trippin in the USA! GRAND RESPECt 2 EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING there! The designs, visualization, music – all were on a very good level!!!
it was a FLUOROSHOWER from the speakers, the deco, the music. bathing in collective hallu-ci-nations… full bholenath legalize. Kind faces, no traces… only good vibes.
THANK YOU, EVERYBODY, Once again. I love all of you. THANX @ OMNI CREW
the words are too limited 2 describe.. I am still echoing over the magical lake there.
Rebecca Pattience
Hello everyone this is Rebecca, some of you may know me from parties (tall, dark, mysterious, absolutely gorgeous woman-ahem..), some not but what I’m here to talk to you about is the upcoming Omnitribe festival “omnidancefestival. Info/ omnidancefestival. Info/, it’s so on, however, there’s a few things you should consider. It’s at a place called Echo Lake A web gocampingamerica/echolake/web gocampingamerica- /echolake/ which the name itself says it all (3 & a half ride). The sound transcends, really echos. I know ’cause a friend put together a festival there for the 2nd year (live music) called “Spring Fling” a month ago and we stayed for cleanup. Altogether I was there 5 daze. It’s a rather large venue(30 acres). In nature, which means no cigarette butts, (please) put them in your pocket after you smoke ’em. Clean up sucks when you gotta pick ’em up (especially after it rains). Try to take some trash with you, but aside from the mummy talk- It’s gorgeous, there are real bathrooms w/sinks, not port-o-potties, you can have personal fires just make sure you put them out when left unattended (smokey says: keep a gallon of water handy), water is not a problem-spigots everywhere (bring water container so you can keep filling it up), there’s a cash bar on the premises w/bartender for all you thirsty folks (please keep it jolly, barkeep is so cool), hot showers a god-send really (after spending 3 weeks in the woods you’ll know what I mean) bring bio-degradable soap like Dr. Brounner’s and a towel, outlets to charge that cell (or fun vibrating toy hee-hee), you can pretty much park anywhere even right by your tent (or cabin?) just be wary of running over trippy-people. The area is so big, careful of not falling in the lake, as for swimming I wouldn’t recommend it, there’s fish in there, real bass, let’s try not to disturb too much of the surroundings. We never had a problem with noise, and we really rocked for 3, of course as with any outdoor excursion you go to this summer, please have all your paperwork in order and any and all “medication” discretely out of sight and put away (I have my own special spot), small towns are notorious for their bored police force (broken headlight, etc). Need a ride? Why not pool-it? Brainpool-it that is: A brainpooling (I might be pooling it myself since Kelly’s brakes need work). Other than that we had an awesome weekend, You’re really out in the woods, a treat after city-life, as for me I’ll see you all there, just follow the echo… Rebecca
Lori and Borislatest festival inpho..
Boris built a Pyramid Stage, and we provided art: gnomes and plywood mushrooms , and a movie theatre for a chillout space.
Hi everybody, Boris went up to Echo Lake w/ Vitalik & co. yesterday and he agrees w/ Rebecca, it’s just stupendous. (also agrees about the cops, they are bored and want to catch DUIs, so be responsible, and discrete. It’s a legal venue, but act as if it were a commando event.) Legal papers were signed, permits are a reality. Our stage is pre-built, ready to assemble 30 ft high Pyramid, up the road, near the lake, and the fire ring. The campsites are scattered around conveniently, there are loads of water and elec hookups for RVs, and the indoor/outdoor mainstage is huge. The cabins are very nice and the whole site is pristine, so be a good eco-citizen and stow yer butts, and Remember, ‘You pack it in, You pack it out’. Definitely bring bug spray!!! If you want to volunteer your time to help set up, or you have a geometric backdrop/toy/thingy/dance/art contact either myself at 917 669 8296 or Dan at polytopia. He’s setting up a Polytopia booth, and doing sacred geometry workshops, and there will be a general tetrahedron theme going. Thanks to all who helped with presale tix, V says that it’s really helped. We leave on Thursday, see you there! Lori and Boris
Evan Review of psytrance and Omnifestival
Sometimes, the day-to-day, year-to-year drudgeries of life experience are interrupted ed by an interlude of redeeming beauty. Times that exceed our most fantastic expectations like mystical influxes of divine truth, a humbling hurricane of harmony and happiness, or the air in which a smile can stretch like a vast liquid sunrise. Right now, having recently shared just such an occasion with hundreds of blissful people, I am inclined and also hesitant to
convey how grateful I am to have been a part of a gathering like this. Inclined because an event that required so much effort on the part of very few people deserves a write-up, hesitant because it is challenging to verbalize a weekend so full of mysticism, mirth, futuristic magic, and down to earth humanity.
Before getting to my review of the party, I’ll give a brief survey of what specifies the particular phenomena known flexibly as psytrance. The musical form of Psychedelic Trance (formerly called Goa Trance) has a way of being a pivotal force in the aggregation of ardent music lovers from every imaginable cultural and stylistic background. Former metal-heads dance excitedly with ex-acid-house r avers.
Punks and crystal toting new-agers, advertising execs, and dreadlocked globetrotting nomads join in one joyous rhythmic frenzy. Classic rock fiends, dub-lovin’ funky brakes n’ jungle urbanites, seasoned world and indigenous music veterans, and hardcore teknohedz all get down together to the relentless rapture inducing sonic wizardry of psychedelic trance music. Since the musicians who compose psytrance also vary in musical backgrounds, such as classical, world, rock, dark industrial, religious, house,
techno, etc, even those with the most obscure tastes will find their niche utilized in the trance structured soundscapes. The rich variety of those attracted to trance parties is often impressive; graphic artists, yoga instructors, and computer programmers occupying a majority, you will also run into a surprising number of elder psychologists, professors, doctors, professional artists, and theologians along with students from around the globe.
In this, the most diverse city in the world, the psytrance community is, in fact, the most nationally diverse crowd. Plus, unlike raves, clubs and rock concerts, one can expect to regularly encounter many people in the 35 – 60+ age group.
For the benefit of distinctions yet with no intention of coming off hegemonic, it can easily be said that the contrast in sophistication to the rave scene is acute. Global trance phenomena is far-advanced intellectually from the club crowds and hippie concert gatherings, and holistically integrated when it comes to the benefits of and nature of technology compared to pagan ceremonies and Tribes of the Rainbow. But like Rainbow gatherings, outdoor trance festivals are exceedingly ideal atmospheres for children, drum circles, pets, limitless artistic expression, and freedom of being through dancing. I t is not that our heritages are forsaken in benefit for the novel and freaky, in actuality, psytrance is a fractal homage and exploration of root s as well as branches and flowers.
While the massive eruptions of unity and love that occur on the dancefloor reveal universal principles to all those involved, people do extrapolate different interpretations of the experience. For some it is simply about the music, for others it is an intelligent and more respectful form of the mating rituals that go along typically with late-night dance
revelries. Many experience the festival as a carnival of imagination and all humanity’s wondrous potentials. Then there are those for whom the celebration is an actual manifestation of the timeless, communal spiritual experience: a merging of multiple time-tangents amidst the conscious chaos of cosmos.
In psytrance can be found a functional consummation of every notable duality, from male and female, matter and spirit, past and future, hedonism and morality, nature and technology, and for the die-hard modern mystics, the forces of creation and destruction themselves.
Within the intricate rhythmic pulses and organic fluctuations of the ever-complexifying technologies of sound synthesis, artists have honed the art of trance into unfolding vistas of organized shamanic sciences and psychosomatic alchemy. In other words, a super-abundance of mind-blowing music is revealed in a dynamic play of spiritual healing and empyrean wonder through the medium of a trance party.
Trance has a complex formative history and has multifaceted depth s worthy of an exhaustive exploration. Formed on the hippie/traveler communes on the Anjuna beaches of Goa, India, and expanded globally as a musical and philosophical movement in the early ’90s, underground trance music has morphed, bifurcated and congealed into numerous styles and technique s.
The most successful format for the trance party is: unthreatening and accessible music, such as groovy or funky sounds, for the introductory hours of 9pm to 2am.
Then a barrage of intense, mind-warping, ego shredding, demon battling, hi-fi stomping symphonies for the peak hours of 2am – 6am, followed by the miraculous, blissful explosions of uplifting and exalting melodic trance for the sunrise hours to noontime.
The morning of a trance party is the numinous culmination of an epic journey. In this
period of a good party, the unity of the dancers flows so profoundly with such seriously celebratory music, the effect is a transformative experience never to be forgotten.
Another essential element is visual decoration. Fluorescent artwork, tapestries, string art, and sculptures create an aiding atmosphere of interstellar ultra-violet and dream-like creative stimulation through geometry, religious iconography, science fiction, and hallucinogenic surrealism. It is also congruous to have cutting edge computer graphic animations and images of nature projected onto screens (or palm trees, depending). Add incense, charas, and Indian chai, and you have the recipe for a healthy trance party.
Having said apiece about that let me shift attention to the recent four-day festival held upstate New York by OmniTribe. OmniTribe, a Russian entourage of trance
enthusiasts, has been organizing psytrance events in NYC for the past three years and has developed an excellent reputation for throwing honest parties and bringing superb international talent to perform the freshest sounds of global underground trance.
The weekend of June 13 – 17 was the second large outdoor festival they have put together, and it turned out to be a spectacular success. The festival, dubbed ‘OmniDance,’ was held over the entire camping grounds of an enormous resort surrounding a lake in western New York.
Three areas were used for amplified music: the main stage for the headliners and other trance acts, a chill-out area inside a huge sphere made of intertwined tree trunks, and the amazingly aesthetic wonderland on top of the hill organized by Burning Elf.
Severyn, a Ukrainian New Yorker who produces some of the most intensely psychedelic paintings to come out of NYC in recent years, decorated the main area. His fluoro mind-alas and detailed organic tripscapes reach into the fabric of one’s retinal rods and cones, then twists and tweaks innate geometrical sensibilities into electrifying structures like intelligent jellyfish from Alpha Centauri. Light-O-Matic NYC did lighting and VJs from Boston projected tripped-out visual montages and computer graphics onto multiple large screens. A body piercing and jewelry stand was there too.
The Burning Elf dancefloor was an experiential masterpiece, giant fluorescent Fungi popping up everywhere (which changed color in strobe and UV lights), disembodied eyes, bubbling light fixtures and other decorations helped create a science fiction fairytale land in the midst of the already enchanting forest.
The DJs spun from inside a 30-ft tall pyramid with a mirrorball on top adding shooting stars to the ground to complement the brilliant stellar bodies splashed across the rural night sky. There was a large tent with DVD projector playing indie films and another chill-out tent called The Gnome Depot.
Dozens of domestic DJs played psytrance at the Burning Elf area, my favorite of whom I heard was Allen of Gaian Mind, who spun a perfect morning set. Walking along the road that circles the lake, I would pass huge inflated bubbles in which people found womblike solace. There was a chai tent selling food, teas, and clothing courtesy of Ishtarbucks Chai. That area was also the children’s care center. The lake was beautiful and we took boats out, caught fish, fed families of geese, and went skinny swimming. People danced on the docks as well, as music filled the entire environment. When someone let out a yell across the lake, an echo came back loudly after a 2-second delay.
Many people occupied small cabins, which they decorated with their own tapestries, lights, hammocks, furniture, and barbecues, adding to the effect of it being a utopian village. Everywhere I went people were sitting around fires, cooking, conversing, playing with their dogs or jamming with drums, percussion, diDJeridoos, and voice. And everybody was so friendly and open.
One could sit anywhere and talk with people from India, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Israel, Russia, Egypt, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Europe, Africa, and the US. I met people who came all the way from Florida, Colorado, and Canada just to attend the festival and hear the musicians coming from abroad. Silent Sphere from Switzerland played Saturday morning; their recent tracks released on Medium (now Medijum) Records fell on dancefloors this year like a ton of mystical bricks, but their live show didn’t get the response I thought it might. Their tunes are extremely well produced but maybe lacked the ground on which to get the people really jumping. On Saturday night DJ Bim from Germany played the peak hours set.
Bim is an archetype of a serious and professional DJ, his confidence over the decks is admirable. He runs the label Midijum which releases mostly progressive trance but he likes to play a digestible form of full-on. Bim may be one of my favorite DJs right now
but I felt his blend of psychedelic epic trance was a little too melodic and tuneful for the peak night hours in which he spun, his selections would have been perfect for the post-sunrise hours.
S-Range from Sweden played a funky live set of smooth n’ groovy prog trance but it didn’t stand out in my mind or anybody else’s far as I know.
Noma, also from Sweden, was the musical highlight of this party, his mix was a cascading firework of pure trance madness. He kept the flow solid and still had a wide variety of styles in his set.
I missed the Scando-trance star DJ Anti but I hear d he kept the vibe built up by Noma alive through Sunday afternoon. Overall everyone with every sort of musical taste or preference was extremely pleased by the end of the party, what with over 50 DJ’s and live acts tot al. The good people of the lake resort staff who regularly hold concerts and events on their land said they have never seen a cleaner and more ecologically considerate
group of people (and even the Rainbow Tribe has frequented this venue). “We didn’t find any scattered trash at all, this morning I saw a guy picking up cigarette butts along the whole stretch of road.” They and the locals who live there at the lake enjoyed the music very much as well: “It’s really good mushroom music,” said the fifty-something-year-old
lady behind the cafe counter. The folks who lived by the lake danced with us and we shared smoke, drinks, and fish from the lake and plenty of friendly conversation.
The incredibly positive responses on the NY trance email lists were abundant.
Nancy, a regular of psytrance events in NYC, called the festival “f*cking insanely awesome! [The music] spilling out [from the main dancefloors] not only fed the souls of every person, including the locals, it also fed the soul of the woods. Winding its way through the mud to the trees to the lake to the sky.”
A fellow from Argentina said this was “the best festival that ever happened on the East Coast” which may seem like a bold statement but I feel to be absolutely true. By Monday night everybody was so peaceful, so comfortable around each other and in their environment. The bliss was overflowing in every way. Dancing ecstatically, making meaningful eye contact, and synchronizing the beats of our hearts with each other, the cosmos and the supra-conscious rhythms of amazing trance music, was all part of something truly important. The bonding, healing, and joy shared at t his event is inexpressible. Thanks to OmniTribe and the NY area trance community for such a successful gathering, we are looking forward to your next endeavor.
i have been there and got some honey from the fest… absorbed all the nectar of all the live acts and DJs…
WOW I didn’t even expect its gonna be this much great. even small shitty problems – like our car was towed by cops or the rains from time to time seemed not 2 spoil any Adventures for me. The organization was good. The sound was strong enough. The ppl were smiling and that was all the way freaky and friendly. I really enjoyed every moment and now I know that I can be trippin in the USA! GRAND RESPECt 2 EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING there! The designs, visualization, music – all was on a very good level!!! it was a FLUOROSHOWER from the speakers, the deco, the music. bathing in collective hallu-ci-nations… full bholenath legalize. Kind faces, no traces… only good vibes. THANK YOU EVERYBODY Once again. I love all of you. THANX @ OMNI CREW the words are too limited 2 describe..
i am still echoing over the magical lake there..

June 14 Saturday
Home of Trance – Goa Party

Correction – The Home of Trance Saturday party goes until 8am not 4am NYC604 – Goa Party for those stuck in NYC and/or poor $5 10pm -8am DJs Alex, Hanoch, Yoni, Alladin Project… at The Williamsburg Public House 10pm 363 Union Brooklyn, NY second stop on the L to Lorimer, then short 4 block walk to Union (away from highway) FLYER: web ho meoftranceweb homeoftrance June 14th Full Strawberry Moon 6:15 am e 14th Goa Party for those stuck in NYC and/or poor in Project… at The Williamsburg Public House 10pm 363 Union Brooklyn, NY second stop on the L to Lorimer, then short 4 block walk to Union (away f rom highway) FLYER: web homeoftranceweb homeoftrance am

June 14 Saturday
Psytrance Mission

For those of you who didn’t go to the festival, there’s a trance party tonite at pyramid. Special Set: Interstaller vs. Juggernaut Doors open 10:00pm Free until 11:00pm, $7 after…. more info: www.psytrancemission.com

June 20 – Friday

Johan (Logic Bomb) – Tip World – Sweden Uk. Oforia [LIVE] – BNE Records – Israel. Liran – Hommega – Usa. Knob – Technological Arrow – Nyc. Yoni – Global Trance – Nyc. Flyer : https://web.archive.org/web/20030604164322/http://www.homeoftrance.com:80/news.asp?ID=24 Party Location – El Flamingo s47 (W) 21st Street B/W 10th and 11th Avenue. Doors Open: 23:45 Pm to 7:30 Am. Tickets $25 Advance, $30 Door.
Logic Bomb had appendicitis 🙁 Johan didn’t turn up, Oforia played a DJ set and was pretty good and had more and more power coming as time passed with nice psychedelic melodies and tunes. His mixing was almost perfect. Junya (Eskimo) played for this party too and was good. Overall was a bit disappointed cause Johan didn’t turn up, Oforia didn’t play live and had entry problems cause the bouncers were stupid.
Good party though.

2003 6 20 Psyforia 1

June 20 Friday

June 21 Saturday
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Come get pixie dust in your eyes for Summer Solstice NYC604.
“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid blind” -Satur day June 21 in association with burning elves, and faeries everywhere present “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” PsyTrance SolstiParty at Boom! All Pagan DJs, Pan, Bacchus, Dionysus, Druids, Nymphs the whole Bacchanalia with DJs (in order of appearance) Machinelf, IcyCoil, Dima, 2 hour
tag team set from Berzerx (Israel), Ben Light-o-matic.
152 Spring between West Broadway and Wooster. $10. ID21+. 10pm-4am.
Free before 11pm, free for drummers, those in costume, and those who can name the Cup id-like character who goes around making various people fall in love with the first being they see upon waking. Pixie art by Lori & Boris of Burning Elf, thematic decor by Ben and Jamie (Light-o-Matic) and Darryl (who designed much of the chillout at the Omnifestival) and door giveaways. Print this page out to get in for $7. “The sentiment of such a play, so far as it can be summed up at all, can be summed up in one sentence. It is the mysticism of happiness. That is to say, it is the conception that as man lives upon a borderland he may find himself in the spiritual or supernatural atmosphere, not only through being profoundly sad or meditative, but by being extravagantly happy. The soul might be rapt out of the body in an agony of sorrow, or a trance of ecstasy, but it might also be rapt out of the body in a paroxysm of laughter.
Summer is officially here, and none too soon. Midsummer Night’s was a Dream – and no fights outside this time! Thanks Eddy Mazaev for the photo – I scared a lot of passerby and bought two cops beers…

Gaian Mind this weekend, and for those staying in New York, a party at Boom by Aladin Project. Correction from last week : Gaian Mind has 300 not 700 presold. Many people need rides. If you have extra space in your car email
Is anybody gonna do a Thursday night weekly or what?

Tuesdays at GET TRANCE at Liquids 226 East 10th Street Between 1st Ave and A 10pm to 4 am This week: Iggy’s unknownshroom at yahoo Bonus: Built-in Smoking Room inside lounge (Really Cool) at –

Wednesdays A1 Funky Techno at Gemini Lounge Jason of SubtleChaos and Severin will be doing full-on and progressive Wednesday nights at Gemini Lounge 221 2nd ave between 13th & 14th right next to Flamingo East where we threw the War and Peace party. 10-4am ID21+ Resident DJs Severin & Jason. Deco by Severin. Geometrics by Pol

Wednesdays Omnitribe at Opium Den (29 E 3rd Str. at 2nd AVE.)

Spectra at Swim (Orchard between Stanton and Rivington) 10pm-4am free 21+ ONE-OFFS LANG –

June 26-29 Thursday – Sunday

Photos – EddieOrbicles
Presenting the Second Annual – GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL The East Coast’s largest Open Air Psy -Trance Gathering! Thursday, June 26th – Sunday, June 29th Four Quarters, Artemis, PA, USA 4 days and 3 nights of Transcendental Dance at the Standing Stone Circle! Teaser flyers out now – main flyer with complete line-up, directions, and detailed information out April 15th. Early-Bird Registration begins April 21st.
This year’s festival precedes DRUM & SPLASH (Wednesday, July 2nd – Sunday July 6th) at Four Quarters – a full weekend of drum workshops, drum circles, dancing, swimming, and more. Bring your drum and plan on attending both events!] – – – Thanks, Allen Gaian Mind DJs/Decor/Lighting/Sound Bookings: (610) 461-4092 24 Hour Infoline: (610) 771-0668 web Gaian-mind/gmsf2k3 web Gaian-Mind.co m/gmsf2k3 GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL UPDATE Only two more week s until we will be dancing at the Stone Circle! Registration: Thank you to everyone who has pre-registered! Current pre-registration for the festival is $100 until Saturday, June 21st. Please take full advantage of this reduced rate. Remember, Meal Plans with the Starvin’ Artist CafC3A9 are available only through pre-registration. Pre-register by phone by calling Four Quarters at (814) 784-3075 Admission at the Gate will be $125 payable by credit card (MC/VISA ) and cash only. Location: Four Quarters has made extensive preparations t o provide for the comfort of the attendees: 1. Additional computers to provide faster registration processing. 2. Additional water buffaloes to supply FREE drinking water. 3. Additional refrigerators and freezers to accommodate the increased Meal Plan/Fractal Feast demands. 4. Additional electricity to supply the Merchant’s Village with lighting. 5. Additional portable bathrooms with daily clean-out to accommodate, well, you-know-what. Gates officially open on Thursday, June 26th at 2pm. We recommend arriving early to avoid potential delays during the registration process. Four Quarters now sells bagged ice conveniently located at the main office. We will be dancing rain or shine! Check the local weather forecast for Artemas, P Transportation: Full directions to Four Quarters have been posted Looking to share a ride to the festival? Then please check our Ride Board located on the event forum : web 4qf.org/discus/discus.cgiweb 4qf.org /discus/discus.cgi Arriving by air? We recommend flying into Baltimore /Washington International Airport: Line Up: Artists pictures and biographies have added to our website.
Additions to the DJ/deco line-up include
DJ CHAD (Global Binj Boys, Botswana), ELEKTRONKIND (Psychokinetics, Bal timore), THE DEVOTEE (T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, Asheville), DAYA CAYUNG (Dreamcatcher, Indonesia), BLACKHELICOPTERS (NYC), and SCORCH (DC). Unfortunately, we have two cancellations to our DJ/deco line-up. JAMIN and MIKRONESIA wil not be performing. A full line-up and event schedule will be available at the Gate. A 20K watts EAW sound system is being provided by IGUANA BROTHER S (NYC), who were incorrectly billed as TURTLE SOUND on the main flyer. At tractions: Are you gifted in the Healing Arts? We are currently seeking massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, and others to volunteer their services in our Healing Area. Please check the event forum for details: web 4qf.org/discus/discus.cgi We are currently seeking qualified Yoga instructors to volunteer for morning and evening sessions. Only a few open slots remain. Contact us for scheduling: info at Gaian-mind Class es in Chi Kung, a breathing and moving meditation, will be instructed by Gabriel Burke Casella on Friday and Saturday. Drum building and beginner drumming classes will be facilitated by Alex Wedmedyk of Earth Rhythms. Bring your drum and participate! Sweat Lodges will be facilitated by Joe Scott and will be running continuously throughout the weekend. Check at the Sweat Lodge area for a time schedule. The facilitators are also looking for volunteers to help with the preparations. Additional Sweat Lodge information: web 4qf.org/Schd/EvntSchd/Lodge/lodge web 4qf.org/Schd/EvntSchd/Lodge/lodge Introductory workshops in the modern expression of EarthReligious and NeoPagan spirituality will be offered by the members of Four Quarters. Additionally, a Mayan calendar workshop is scheduled for Saturday. Bringing your children? A Children’s Area with daily activities for the children is being organized. This is not a daycare service, but a space for the next generation to play and interact under parental supervision. Donations of arts and craft supplies are greatly appreciated. Please check the event forum for details: web 4qf.org/discus/discus.cgi Once again, THE COFFEE DRAGONS HOSPITALITY will be providing free coffee and tea service 24-hours a day. We thank the Grandstaff’s for their generosity! Due to the recent rains, the river is running high and fast. Remember, you swim at your own risk. Immediately following the festival is Four Quarter’s DRUM & SPLASH – Wednesday, July 2nd to Sunday, July 6th. Five days dedicated to drumming, dancing, and swimming with drum and dance workshops throughout the weekend, plus world-class performers. You are welcome to stay on location in between festivals, however, additional camping and registration fees apply.
Checklist: Please be prepared for four days and three nights camping. Four Quarters provides FREE drinking water and HOT showers with biodegradable soap. No other concessions have been made. Necessary items you should bring: 1. tent/sleeping bag 2. clothing (prepare for hot days and cold nights) 3. cooking supplies/eating utensils (plates, forks, spoons, knives, cups, etc…) 4. canteen 5. flashlight with batteries 6. cash (no ATM is located on-site) 7. food (there are no food vendors at the festival other than the optional Meal Plan) 8. first aid supplies/sunscreen/insect repellant (be aware of poison ivy and ticks) 9. trash bags (available for sale at the main office) 10. love and respect for the land and your neighbors
Additional items you can bring: 1. camping chair 2. hammock 3. candles/tiki torches/incense 4. body paint/costumes 5. drum/didgeridoo 6. staff and poi 7. earplugs 8. cell phone (expect poor reception)
Items not to bring: 1. contraband of any type 2. radios or sound systems 3. generators 4. fireworks Things to take home: 1. trash (please take it with you) 2. a tired body (from dancing) 3. a smile (from trancing) Rules: The Camp Policy is located here: web 4qf.org /Land/Farm/Policy Additionally, no renegade sound systems are permitted on the land. A zero-tolerance policy is in effect regarding contraband of any type. In order to decrease the amount of automobile traffic in camp, cars are only allowed in camp for the immediate unloading of supplies. Cars must be parked in the Main Parking area for the entirety of the festival. Illegally parked cars will be towed at the owner’s expense.
Most importantly, Four Quarters is GREEN. You are responsible for removing all your trash. Trash receptacles will not be provided. Leave no trace. Rumor Control: Do you have an immediate question or concern? Please call the Four Quarters office at (814) 784-3075. Have a great dance!
everybody got naked at Gaian MInd in one context or another (it being a clothing-optional sanctuary remember and there were plenty of 4 quarters folks wandering around naked all the time)… I remember the girl from Magnetrix bitching about “being a woman and not having to shower communally” then she lightened up and the next thing I knew I was showering with both of them… it was fun (not sexual in case you were wondering)!!! we shared shampoo and soap and moisturizer (there were excited about my dr. hauschka german moisturizer here in the wilds of PA, and then we went and had breakfast together. it was a bonding experience if a little odd with all the little tents back of the shower area and folks just carrying on for the most part…but ok once you got used to it. I run into people I bonded with naked in the shower all the time lately… it’s kind of a special bond actually. we all laugh about it. you always remember people you meet when you were both naked. then there was nothing like skinnydipping in that creek….and if you visited the sweat lodge, that was a naked option too. not so much naked on the dance floor this year, but there was that girl who got topless last year in the rain on Sunday morning.—

2003 Fall & Winter 2004

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