2021 NYC Psytrance

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2021 Playlist

May 2021

2015 5 15 ebb flow

May 15
ebb + flow in Brooklyn
Alexander:Louis & Tory Gavin 2pm-11pm Brooklyn

June 2021

June 19th Saturday
Summer Solstice Celebration at TurnPark

Event by TurnPark Art Space, Uta Bekaia and 2 others
TurnPark Art Space Tickets · $20
Public · Anyone on or off Facebook
Join TurnPark Art Space for a unique Summer Solstice Celebration on Saturday, June 19th!
What to expect:
Immersive celebration with reinvented traditional Summer Solstice rituals, live music, and dance. Colorful, life-affirming costumes and direction by renowned Georgian artist Uta Bekaia.
An improvisational concert with OmniTribe celebrating the 20th anniversary of the collective!
Line up:
DJ illDub
Omnitribe Collective
DJ Dub Kickah
Very special Eternal Sunshine Solstice set by MD & The Healers Soundsystem.
We encourage you to wear something bright and festive!
The longest day and the shortest night of June have been observed with special trepidation since the ancient times.
To celebrate the Solstice, our ancestors held festivals worshiping the sun and light. In today’s world, so far removed from nature, most natural sensitivity and connection to the mother Earth is often lost or overlooked.
We seem to have severed our connection with the wisdom of our ancestors, and with it, the balance with our surroundings, a balance imbued with magic and beauty.
With the Summer Solstice festival, we will attempt to immerse ourselves in this lost, mystical holiday, probing what this celebration might have been like many centuries ago, but also creating it anew. Connecting art with nature, we hope to create a sense of sacred community within our visitors, even in this time of isolation; after all, anything is possible with creativity and love.
The OmniTribe Collective, celebrating two decades of friendship and sound, will fill the air with their unique mixture of international music. Blending traditional and contemporary sound into diverse cultural soundscapes, the Omnitribe Collective creates improvised, healing music that explores the coordinates of entropy through rhythm and harmony. OmniTribe is happy to reconnect with friends via the online broadcast as well as in real life!
It’s going to be a bright performance celebrating the renewal of life and nature and the new hope of joyful beginning.

July 2021

August 2021

2021 8 21 Digital Babas Picnic

August 21
Digital Babas Picnic Electronik

2021 8 27 Mind Church

August 27
Mind Church Bethel NY

September 2021

2021 9 17 NC

September 17-19
Equinox in Asheville NC
– cancelled

2021 9 24 Psylove

September 24
Psylove PA

October 2021

November 2021

2021 11 20 Digital Babas

November 20 Saturday
Digital Diwali

December 2021

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