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2009 Emails from Trip Out New York Yahoogroup


Psybotik, Loud Monitors begins producing events.
First Desiderata Festivals

January 2009

Free New Year’s Eve afterparty by Psybotik!! Psybotik will be throwing a FREE NYE afterparty this year. Just a small token of appreciation for all the support we had during our first year. We’ll start soon after our friends around the city finish their fun. Due to the nature of the space, you have to be on the guest list to get in. venue will be disclosed a few days before. We will say that it’s in the east village. blue will be throwing a FREE NYE afterparty this year. Just a small token of appreciation for all the support we had during our first year. We’ll start soon after our friends around the city finish their style nature of the space, you have to be on the guest list to get in. Location will be disclosed a few days before. We will say that it’s in the east vi

January 3 Saturday
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors leaves NYC, CoSM Sanctuary to open in Wappinger, NY mid-2009. The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors has been a sanctuary for contemplation and events encouraging the creative spirit in New York City since 2004. Hundreds of thousands of people have visited Alex and Allyson Greys living brochure; their vision of a permanent home, but the lease has ended. CoSM is pleased to announce the purchase of a 40-acre former interfaith retreat campus, 65 miles up the Hudson River. It’s a 20-minute walk from the New Hamburg MetroNorth station or about an hour’s drive from NYC. CoSM Sanctuary will offer spiritual gatherings; educational and cultural events emphasizing art as a spiritual practice. Visionary artists, musicians, dancers, scientists and teachers will share their wisdom here. Sun-filled galleries and libraries will provide meditative and contemplative space for the mind, body and soul. The chapel you have seen in the sculpted model will be built for the artwork of Alex Grey and others. CoSM Sanctuary has wonderful opportunities, but its upkeep was neglected for many years and its buildings have fallen into disrepair. With your help, this once-magnificent estate can be repurposed. The brick carriage house will be converted to exhibit the Sacred Mirrors. A conference building will host art, meditation and yoga classes. A cabin in the woods will become a studio where artists-in-residence can paint and sculpt for the Chapel and beyond. The main house, a stunning wood-frame Victorian, needs extensive renovation to be weatherproof and energy-efficient. Simple, affordable overnight lodging and dining for up to 100 people will be available. The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a 501(c)(3) organization, supported solely by donations from the community, which are deductible on income and estate taxes. Financial contributions and skilled volunteers are needed. An estimated two million dollars is required for renovation. There are tens of thousands of fans of Alex Grey and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, just ten dollars from each can add up quickly. /donate ) sm.org/shop ) and web alexgrey/shop , (web alexgrey. com/shop ,) and buy a piece of art history. Checks may be mailed to Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, PO Box 20668, N, NY 10011 If you have time and skills to offer in Wappinger, please write to our volunteer coordinator: cosm.art.sanctuary at gmail If you can help us move art and furniture from NYC to Wappinger in January, please write to our move coordinator M z. imani – cosm.move.NYC at gmail With your help, says founding artist Alex Grey, “We will create sacred space, a new center for creativity as a spiritual path.” Thank you, and blessings.
In the years that followed, Alex Grey, in a Captain Ahab-like quest for self-aggrandizement, all in the name of new-age spirituality, operated what can only be called a sweatshop, sucking the youthful innocence and enthusiasm out of aspiring artists, culminating in him emulating the famously corrupt disgraced former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma.
Money corrupts, but when you’ve been broke for so long and win a donor lottery, some get a divorce, some get sports cars, some buy a lot of cocaine, and some, as in the case of Alex Grey, commission a $50,000 gold statue of him and his wife, naked, in a not-so-subtle genuflection to his Ego.

2009 1 10 Symbiosis

January 10 Saturday
TDC & Yogibogeybox – Symbiosis

For the first gathering of 2009 we are happy to bring you a very special treat. With the summer season being far away we have decided to bring back a festival feel with 5 live acts (yes, 5 live acts!)! So here we go….. TRANSDRIVER (Vertigo Records, Russia) LIVE first appearance in New York. Transdriveris one of few projects of the Russian trance scene who is famous for its rich and high-quality live acts. Every live is a real show with an absolutely spontaneous turn of affairs, full of improvisation and live sounds. The Project appeared in 1995 in Moscow, when the Russian trance stage was on the first step of itsí development. At first, the project belonged to Alexey Kovalev, but soon Vassili Markelov joined. Their music developed from hardcore and breakbeat, and trance from 1996. The music progressed with the progress of the technical equipment and soon reached the professional level. From 2000, Alexey went solo as Transdriver and released an incredible double album, while Vassili went his own way with the Psykovsky project. Do not miss this rare opportunity to hear the unique Transdriver sound! http://www.transdriver.ru ONKEL DUNKEL (Parvati records, Denmark) LIVE ONKEL DUNKEL is the solo project of Monno, a member of G.O.W. The Goal is to use music as a medium to let people able to listen and go into a state that is normally not possible to reach in our noisy environments. With technology as an intermediary, I try as hard as I can to reintegrate human consciousness with nature. New age babble apart I confess openly to be an incurable gear slut. All things that go ping and/or light up when receiving midi messages seem to be piling up at my place. Oh and did I mention a slight fetich for knobs on synths, guess it’s the price to pay for spending more time around synths than people these days. Now after a good while being stuck in my own mind I have a live set ready for action As to what kinda music I do, I won’t go as far as to categorize my music. Take a listen and judge for yourself. PARUS (AuraQuake, U.S.A.) LIVE PARUS is a psychedelic trance music project of twin brothers Mark and Valentin Tarasov that was born in the summer of 2000. This is their storyÖ While growing up in Riga, the capital city of Latvia, Valentin Tarasov was attending musical school, learning piano, Mark was learning guitar. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, they moved to California, where in 1996 together with their older brother Eugene they formed a Russian rock band called Still Night, with Valentin on the keyboard and Mark playing the bass guitar. Soon after, they were introduced to trance music and the idea of Parus was born. It began with turntables in a Palo Alto apartment, evolving into a semiprofessional studio in the garage of their house. By September of 2000, they were writing their own tracks as project Parus took sail.Parus has performed on numerous stages in America, Portugal and Japan, including the amazing performances at the Boom Festival in Portugal, the Burning Man Festival, and the annual LoveFest in San Francisco. There is also a rumor that their debut album is coming on AuraQuake soon http://www.parus.net http://www.myspace.com/parusportal MUKTISVARA (Mighty Quinn/Lycantrop Rec, Russia/NYC) LIVE ISVARA is a direct descendant of Genghis Khan and was raised by wolfs in the steps of Mongolia until he was fifteen when an ancient mountain shaman found him and taught him the magic arts of music. He has been stumbling around in the fifth dimension until he mysteriously appeared in Times Square with a 15-foot long beard. No one noticed. MUKTI was born in Russia and earned his degree in quantum physics at the age of thirteen and was hidden by the KGB in the deep tundra. He served the Soviet government in a secret underground physics laboratory until we were able to escape to New York. With Isvara’s animal instincts and innate musical talent and Mukti’s technical skills, they are able to produce music to conquer dark spirits. Their shoe sizes are nine and a half and ten respectively. P R O G R E S S (TDC/NYC) LIVE Yuriy Vaskevich is a discoverer of musical dreamscapes. The music he creates is both organic and electronic. It falls into the abyss between sentience and fantasy. Yuriy’s background provides a landscape for his music to flourish. He hails from Kiev, Ukraine where he grew up with a strong foundation in classical music, with proficiency in both piano and guitar. Yuriy’s journey to the USA brought him into a different world of New York punk rock. From these foundations, Yuriy explored his musical identity and starting in the late 1990s began to experiment with various styles of electronic music. From here PROGRESS was born ranging in style from psytrance, ambient, and chillout, to full-fledged avant-garde and experimental. PROGRESS has composed several film scores as well as performing live in a wide variety of venues throughout New York and beyond… https://web.archive.org/web/20170929101131/http://www. Iprogress.us/ Daksinamurti (Nexus/Shiva Space, Germany) DJ Set Dj Daksinamurti is Till K. From Marburg/ Germany. In his sets, he prefers twilight styled / Night Full ON. He also has a weakness for good produced non-cheesy morning music…Daksinamurti has performed at some of the world’s biggest festivals including Freedom Festival, Ominfestival and Fullmoon festival. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=107691898 DOWNSTAIRS by OMNITRIBE: We are happy to host one of the great party promoters here in New York. Omnitribe is well known for its quality festivals and electrifying energy! Their progressive and chillout artists will provide a second dance space that is not to be missed: GOSHA (Omnitribe, NYC) FXMIKE (Omnitribe, NYC) LESHIY (Omnitribe, NYC) KIFE (Omnitribe, NYC) FARMATAR (Omnitribe, NYC) DECORATION: We will enjoy a spacial transformation by the very skillful Julien Seyer (Montreal, Canada) !!!! !!!!! myspace.com/julienseyer *** Many new never before seen pieces ** As well as the brilliant space-transforming mind of Uta as well as the TDC deco team and the YogiBogeyBox deco crew Location: Hello BK formerly The Hook 18 Commerce street Brooklyn, NY http://www.thehookmusic.com/ With a fantastic vibe, this amazing venue with YUMMMY sound will provide us with two floors of music as well as an outdoor patio to take a breather. While the Red Hook does not have subways running through its underground yet, there are other options. The B61 bus, which travels express from Williamsburg and downtown BK drop you off one block from the venue. The F train Carroll street stop drops you a short 10-minute walk from The Hook. There is plenty of parking space and the cab fare to the venue ranges from 8 from BK to 12 from Manhattan. For your convenience, we will have a shuttle making runs from the Smith/9 Sts F and G train stops to the venue!!!!!
It has taken us a few days to let the emotions of this party sink in. We had tried a bit of a new concept by bringing in perhaps of a lesser-known artist in NY and it turned out to be magical!!! There are so many beautiful people to Thank for this production, Beginning with the TDC crew who are always on top of things and this event could not have been done without them! Many thanks to everyone who came out and helped put this thing together, Aaron from Boston, Adam and Fam from Jersey, and everyone who we just cannot name on top of our head and there were many many people who offered their help. Julien’s artwork was superb, I think we will be seeing plenty more of his work at our parties. Even though we have witnessed his works before, we were very positively surprised by the direction of his new paintings and how well it fit with what we wanted to put together. Beautiful Beautiful… The magnificent and Professional images of Guillaume were perfect, We did not expect such a professional outcome from a last-minute addition of a VJ. As we said before we tried something new this time by putting together a full power lineup with many live acts. It turned out to overleap our expectations, the music was out of this world. It was very nice to have Daksi open up the musical part of the evening with a well-groomed DJ set. As always we were treated to fantastic Live sets by Muktisvara and Progress who seem to be getting better by the show; any promoters out there…Get them to your events, you will be blown away. It was the first experience of Parus who showed why they wear those AuraQuake shirts. The sounds are so crisp and just as with Penta the previous month, they kept the dancefloor grooving their entire set. I cannot wait to go see them again this weekend in Moscow!!!! Onkle Dunkel also played a terrific set and the use of the Wii Controller completely blew our minds. It was definitely a first! Monno is a VERY talented producer that seems to put magic into any project he works on. The highlight of the night was definitely Transdriver who showed us all what a true live set really means. We were all shocked to experience that set! We flew him and his girlfriend in hopes to hear our favorite tracks but were blown away by the ability of such a sound master. Just WOWOWOW! Before we let you go while we brew the next event we just wanted to thank everyone who helped us take everything down and made our tired bodies smile once again. oh yes and how could we forget… Yurchik and An’a your hard work that comes completely from the heart makes this process a million times more enjoyable! Thank you for your time and hard work, please have a weekend of skiing for me to relax before we dive into our next event YogiBogeyBox u took the words right out of my mouth! I also had to take a breather from the party and get my emotions intact before I spew out all my emotions. Came in the middle of progress’s set, he was very very good. The most heart-pounding set would have to be those crazy duos of Mukti and Isvara, I know what they are capable of and they have provided more. Just killer! After every amazing set, I wait for the next artist like a fat kid for another bit of ice cream. You know how they say 2 heads are better then one, well Parus took that to another level. Ridiculous crisp sounds, I enjoyed their full set to the fullest!!! That’s when I realized the sound system was killer that night. Onkel Donkel has gotten ppl lost for words, I was more than satisfied. And yea after a while I noticed he was using a Wii controller that was cool, haven’t really seen that on stage. But my favorite was Transdriver, I can honestly believe he shocked everyone with his excellent ability to multi synthesize psychedelic frequencies, for a while I thought he was evil hahaha getting into our minds slowly with twisted sounds and shaking our brains with heavy bass and crazy sounds, I’ve never had anyone completely take me over, mind and soul. He’s a truly talented sound master and knows exactly what he was doing. I had 3 friends celebrating their birthdays that night and I couldn’t have found any other place for them to enjoy their special night. Thanks YBB and TDC for such a magical night. awesome party, Julien great job with deco, parus really rocked it, onkel was really making it freaked out(in the best way) esp. the last half of the set mostly- really wish it would have continued- Transdriver was really live with all the synths- slamming music even though some of the samples I didn’t really like- like the star wars one- but that’s me being picky- I still danced one request though on the next party spot and this is for all organizers everywhere- something has got to be done about ventilation-for sweat heat and for smoke I don’t think anyone enjoys being hotboxed with cigarettes, I woke up with a sore throat and feeling like I smoked a pack of cigs That’s was a fun fun time… massive props to TDC and Yogibogeybox for putting together a very nice event…. Sorry to anyone who was trying to talk to me in my incoherent state, I was definitely hip-deep in the psychedelic experience Best Birthday EVER!!! – Mubali wow, thanks to everyone that put this one together, it was off the hook, Misha, Mukti ect I cant remember everyone name, but you guys are all great, I had so much fun from the beginning off the set up to the end of the party.thanks to all my helpers at the end off the party for the takedown and Craig (im not 100%sure of the name) for helping me with that big ass ladder, really really appreciate. the music was killer, really loved parus and onkel dunkel , the visual where some of the best I’ve seen lately, the vibe was amazing, and the crowd was going banana,it was really cool to watch thanks YBB. TDC, really great experience great party it was indeed nice to see that downstairs was bumping Transdriver was killer there is no doubt that he is a legend and has been in the game for a while great and unique music parus killer set daksi nice set progressive killed it onkel – killa was nice seeing everybody having fun may we always get such pleasant parties and lineups boom to all Just wanted to thank all the people who attended this beautiful gathering. I think it was one of the best parties that New York has seen in a while. The lineup was simply amazing!!! Transdriver, Muktisvara, Parus, Onkel Dunkel, and Daksinamurti all played very special and magic sets. Also thanks to Omnitribe for providing everyone with good music downstairs. The deco was also amazing, thanks to Julien. Once again thanks to everyone involved in putting together such a beautiful event. Boom this was without a doubt the best indoor psy party I’ve ever been to. All live acts were top-notch, quality entertainers, and brought forth their absolute best. Transdriver…what can I say that has not been said….by far and hands down, the most professional live act I’ve ever seen. Here it is, a month later and Im still looking through pictures and watching videos from that night and smiling. Thank you Michael for letting me be a part of this special gathering. Though my role may have been small (downstairs deco), I feel privileged to have been able to contribute in any way to this event.


January 15 Thursday

Sullivan Room featuring MUBALI, BRANDON ADAMS and more For our first gathering of 2009 we are happy to bring you a very special artist. MUBALI (Trishula Rec/San Fran CA) – LIVE! web myspace /mubalitrax Mubali is Greg Farley, from Monterey, California. He has been writing his own music since 2003. He comes from a background of classical music (violist for 7 years) and currently makes all of his music just for fun. His tracks tend to be on the darker side of full-on, and his influences are Azax Syndrom, Xenomorph, Grapes of Wrath, Absolum, Twisted System, and Digital Talk. and DJ sets by: BRANDON ADAMS (Dreamcatcher NYC) h MAYUR (Spectra / Psybotik, NYC) DA VINCI (Internal Astronauts, NY) Deco by the Dreamcatchers Admission: $10,00 RSVP t o psycheground at yahoo for $5 reduced list 10pm – 4am Sullivan Room, Manhattanmyspace/psycheground web myspace.co m/mubalitrax
Mubali dropped the nasty!


January 16 Friday
Alladin Project

TONIGHT SHIVA CANDRA ILLEGAL MACHINES at CLUB EXIT ALL THE ARTIST R HERE PROPER YOURSELF FOR ON UPLIFTING EXPERIENCE AS WELL DANIEL AKA SHIVA CHANDRA WILL PLAY ELECTRO SET IN THE ELECTRO ROOM 🙂 SEE Y OU ALL THERE WITH THE BEST ENERGY LineUp: Main floor SHIVA CHANDRA Live web myspace/shivachandra ILLEGAL MACHINE Live web myspace /illegalproject BRANDON ADAMS Dreamcatcher /NYC KeN Psy collective /Dreamcatcher /NYC ORBIT Alladin Group Israel/ Japan MOMOLOS Zanon Rec Electro Room: OMER BRNEA Israel/ NYC TONY UNORTHODOX 28th day NYC DJ CHARLES SE VERYN NYC Decoration: Backdrops by; TBA Spandex & Structures by: Ocular Delight web dividemysky/oculardelight Alladin Deco Team 18 to enter 21 to drink with valid ID Doors open 10 pm 96 6 am $25 in advance at web alladinproject.net $30 at the door Location: CLUB EXIT 149 GREENPOINT AVE. BROOKLYN Our next party will take place at Club Exit on valentine weekend Feb 13 2009 with RASTALIENS Live BRAINCELL Live FRIA and more web AlladinProject.net
The number of reviews indicates there was not much to review but all I can say it was great electro music in the small room, Shiva Chandra’s and the guy that played before him. At some point, I crashed but I don’t think Daniel had ever played on the main stage (whoever played there sucked big time).

2009 1 31 Repsychle

January 31 Saturday

Hello BK(the hook) phatmatix live/ horizon/ earworm live/ nomolos/ psyops/ Brandon Adams repsychle 1/31/09 at hello bk(the hook) phatmatix live/ horizon/ Earworm live/ nomolos/ psyops/ Brandon Adams n yc604, Omnitribe Tuesday, January 27, 2009, 12:14 am Saturday january 31st 2009 Repsychle invites you on a passage through time. Permit the melody of the hypnotic realm to unravel your mind from the year elapsed, and unearth your spirit in the new age of psychedelic revolution. Deck wizards and sonic alchemists: phatmatix (yabai re cords,france) 96 live! First NYC appearance!!! Web myspace/phatmatix web myspace.c om/earwormfrequencies surprise guest 96 DJ set! (A very special DJ set by a very special guest) psyops (crooked records, Philadelphia, us) – DJ set! Web crooked-records Brandon Adams (Dreamcatcher, NYC) 96 DJ set! Horizon (24/7 media, event horizon, uk/canada) 96 DJ set! Web myspace/DJhorizoncanada nomolos (zenon records, Australia, Israel) – DJ set! Web myspace/thenomolos jungle/d&b/ dubstep/chill out/electro/progressive sounds by : junglez (NYC) – DJ set! Web myspace/junglez DJ-vj exeris (alter culture records – NYC/ Baltimore) – grains of sound DJ set! Web myspace/exeris w ww.myspace/grainsofsound stashuk (polar light,new jersey) 96 DJ set! Web myspace/digitalsouls andrey k (polar light, NYC) 96 DJ set ! Fluorescent paintings, backdrops, spandex and string deco by devotee & t he fuzz (touch samadhi, nc) web myspace/Goadevotee additional d eco and interactive psystructures by neff(nephilnine, NYC) location: hello Brooklyn (former club hook) 18 commerce street Brooklyn, NY web hel loBrooklynNYC/ for your convenience we will have a shuttle making run s from the smith/9sts f and g train stops to the venue!!! 18 to enter 21 t o drink (with valid id) admission is $25 at the door advanced tickets will b e $20 (until 1.30.09) advanced tickets are available at web r3psychle .org/ or simply write to us at r3psychle at gmail for any additional questions call us at 1917 438 8804 or contact us via r3psychle at gmail doors will open from 10pm-6am85(or later) come out, support the scene and cele brate existence with us!!! K) phatmatix live/ horizon/ earworm live/ nomolos/ psyops/ brandon adams, Omnitribe Tuesday, January 27, 2009, 12:14 a e invites you on a passage through time. Permit the melody of the hypnotic realm to unravel your mind from the year elapsed, and unearth your spirit In the new age of psychedelic revolution. Deck wizards and sonic alchemists: phatmatix (yabai records,france) 96 live! First NYC appearance Web myspace/earwormfrequencies surprise guest 96 DJ set! (A very special DJ set by a very speci al guest) psyops (crooked records, Philadelphia, us) – DJ set! Ht tp://web crooked-records brandon adams (dream cathcher, NYC) 96 ada) 96 DJ set! Web myspace/DJhorizoncanada nomo los (zenon records, australia, Israel) – DJ set! Web myspace/ thenomolos jungle/d&b/dub step/chill out/electro/progressive sounds by : junglez (NYC) – DJ set! Web myspace/junglez DJ-vj exeris (alter culture records – NYC/Baltimore) – grains of sound DJ set! Web myspace/exeris web myspace/grainsofsound stashuk (polar light, new jersey) 96 DJ set! W ww.myspace/digitalsouls andrey k (polar light, NYC) 96 DJ set! Fluorescent paintings, backdrops, spandex and string deco by devotee & the fuzz (touch samadhi, nc) web myspace/Goadevotee additional deco and interactive psystructures by neff(nephilnine, NYC) location: hello Brooklyn (former club hook) 18 commerce street Brooklyn, ny web helloBrooklynNYC/ for your convenience we will have a shuttle making runs from the smith/9sts f and g train stops to the venue!!! 18 to enter 21 to drink (with valid id) admission is $25 at the door advanced tickets will be $20 (until 1.30.09) advanced tickets are available at web r3psychle.org/ or simply write to us at r3psychle at gmail for any additional questions call us at 1917 438 8804 or contact us via r3psychle at gmail doors will open from 10pm-6am85(or later) come out, support the scene and celebrate existence with us!!! /Di

February 2009


February 5 Thursday
PsYcHeGrOuND at Sullivan Room

Photos – LaurynOrbicles
NY. Feat Karmakanik & DJ Earthian! Psycheground is back for another night of quality music at the legendary Sullivan Room, one of New YorkA2s longest running night clubs. On this special evening, we welcome back two of East coast’s most talented & favorite DJs: Karmakanik and DJ Earthian! We will also celebrate one of our own DJs, K e NA2s Birthday on this special night. ItA2s a night of celebration where we once again push the boundaries of music like never before! DJs for the night: KARMAKANIK ( Gaian Mind/ PSI – Philadelphia) Mastermind behind the legendary PSI parties and a DJ of unmatchedmtskill, Pat has rocked dance-floors across the country with his own signature blend of auditory stimulation. A true veteran of the trance scene with an ear for tunes that clean one’s head and compel the body to dance, Pat’s versatility, effortless mixing technique, and energetic track selection have combined to make him a crowd favorite. Smooth yet crunchy, raw yet refined, psychedelicious and immensely satisfying. The Sound of the Philly Underground! web gaian-mind/artists.php DJ Earthian aka Animaltek (Omnitribe/ Treibstoff/ Resopal/ Living) Shay is one of the finest DJs in New York City. He has just come back from a 6-month tour of Europe!!! It is his first gig back in the Big Apple, and he will be presenting us, much of his new material that has rocked the dance floors around the globe. His music has been played by some of the World’s Top DJs such as John Digweed, Sasha, Satoshi Tomie and Anthony Pappa, among others. He’s one of the few DJ’s who can elevate a crowd to extreme heights while keeping the music audibly subterranean. This will be a special set not to b e missed!!! web myspace/DJearthian Luis Campos (Dreamcatcher – BR/ NYC) Luis Campos is one of the most respected, talented, producer, and veteran DJ of the New York Psychedelic Trance scene. He was raised in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and started his professional DJ career from the early age of 13. In 1996 he became a member of the legendary INFLUX band till 1999 when he decided to come to NY. He then started Dreamcatcher studio s and the Psycheground weekly events which surpassed its 100th party last July. His excellent mixing and great knowledge of music have taken him throughout the globe. His groundbreaking sets are highly recognized for his energetic Fullon sounds that flows through the dance floor in harmony with his signature blend of mixing. web myspace/psycheground K e N (Dreamcatcher/ Bella Gaia- JP/NYC) K e N has been gaining a reputation as one of NYA2s finest DJs. He comes from a diverse musical background, while psychedelic trance is his favorite style to play. He recently started an internship program with the worldly recognized artist, Kenji Williams, and his Bella Gaia project. Stay tuned for more updates. His mixing techniques are precise, yet very powerful with a message. His deep, infectious, playful sounds will make you smile & dance He plays for the Love of the music and the people. Constantly evolving, and trying to further define the moment, to make the crowd feel special on the dance floor. web myspace/nyDJ 4life DJ Lucina- (Dreamcatcher- NYC) Entering the West Coast psytrance scene with a Blam! in 2004 DJ Lucina (aka Gwyn) has been tearing it up with her full-on and morning sets at parties all across the western US. After spending a year in the deserts of New Mexico, DJ Lucina has reemerged on the East Coast as a full spectrum, nighttime DJ, ready to knock you socks off . Enjoy! web myspace/DJlucina Deco by the Dreamcatchers * * February 5th, 10pm – 4am ** at Sullivan Room, New York City web sullivanroom 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 RSVP to psycheground at yahoo for $5.00 reduced list
Yessss, it was another fun night @ Sullivan! THANK YOU to everyyyyy single one of you who came out in the freezing cold. Couldn’t have been a better birthday to spend time with all of you. Earthian’s new stuff was amazing, and Karmakanik’s set really rocked the house! We’ll have another one soon, so see you all at the next one.

February 6 Friday
Vitamin B
with DJs Phunkae, Karmakanik, Tarquin, Tektite, and Cecil Gray

February 7 Saturday
U.T.T.A. Chaos 10 Year Anniversary of Psychedelic Goa Trance in Asheville, NC

Come celebrate the 10th anniversary of Psychedelic Goa Trance in Asheville! We will be honoring the conception with an Utta Chaos reunion with Goa music from 94’ to 2000. The dancefloor is calling all you old and new freaks, get out your fluoro Clothes, face paint and come stomp! There will be a special reception beforehand at 9:30pm with a birthday cake and toast, join the family, and share your memories. Mind-expanding sound shamans for the night will be Derby Kri Tamas Shad U.t.t.a. Crayons Art by Devotee 10pm – 6am $10 thegarageatbiltmore.com The Garage 101 Fairview Rd Asheville, NC 28803 https://web.archive.org/web/20090129231008/http://www.touchsamadhi.com:80/events/2009/02/07/10-year-anniversary-psychedelic-Goa-trance-Asheville
awesome!!! when was the last time anybody has seen a set of Technics at a trance party? I would love to see pics, just of that alone I still remember the days of carting around my 75 lb aluminum crate all over the country, and even having to hike 1 mile in the desert carrying the thing from a campground to the stage. worse yet was the year I took my crate to burning man, I still have playa dust on that stack of wax. Plus I needed to borrow a red-rider cart to haul the thing through the sand. my back thanks me for going digital/CD, but there was something about the pilgrimage of carrying 100 records from the car to the stage while bashing other people’s knees as you walked by. ahhhh, mammaries. keep up the stellar work, kri! Love the flyer art too, that drawing is sweeeeeet!!! Great party! I heard a lot of great tunes that I hadn’t heard since… well, since I sold most of my vinyl Not to mention it was a great vibe with a churning dancefloor all night. Seeing those oldies still move a dancefloor makes a pretty powerfully infallible statement, that’s for sure! Not to mention the deco was top-notch as to be expected. The spandex array on the ceiling was one of the best I’ve seen at a party around here. Nice and harmonious and symmetrical. Good to times indeed. Truly classical, great classical Goa, with nice classical vibes. The dancefloor was pulsing from around 11-6. It was great to see many old faces and many new as well. Thanks to everyone for coming out and giving your good energy. And the reaction to the Goa oldies does make a statement:)

2009 2 13 Alladin

February 13 Friday
Alladin Project Valentine’s Weekend

FEB 13 RASTALIENS Live, BRAINCELL Live…… AlladinGroup presents: Valentine Weekend with RASTALIENS Live, BRAINCELL Live, ODISEO Live and more!! Friday, Feb 13th 09 at Club EXIT ( Brooklyn NY ) Line Up: RASTALIENS Live Phar Psyde Rec web myspace/rastaliens BRAINCELL Live Glowing Flame / Phar Psyde Rec web myspace/braincellstudio ODISEO Live Iboga Rec (Mexico) web myspace/DJodise o ORBIT Alladin Group (Israel- Japan) STEVE-O Spectra /Gaian Mind (NYC) Electro Room: OMER BARNEA (TLV/Israel) CRIS Alladin Group (Mexico) LUIS & MATIAS Reality Engine (NYC) MAYUR Spectra (NYC)Decoration: Backdrops by; TBA Spandex & Structures by: Alladin Deco Team alladinpro 18 to enter 21 to drink with valid ID Doors open 10 pm 96 6 am $25 in advance at web alladinproject.net $30 at the door Location: CLUB EXIT 149 GREENPOINT AVE. Our next party wil take place at Club Exit on March 13 2009 web AlladinProject.net

February 19 Thursday

Earworm, Ctrl + Alt+ DeL, and more!!! at Sullivan Room in NYC This week at Psycheground, we will like to welcome back two of Eastcoast’s finest and talented artists/ DJs. – Both of them will be presenting us a very unique and special set that no one has ever heard. Its going to be another killer night at Sullivan Room not to be missed. See you all there. DJs for the night: * Ctrl + Alt +Del- (NEXUS MEDIA, INDIA/ NY) * Luis vs KeN- (Dreamcatcher, BR/JP/NY) * Iaell- (BZ/ N Y) Deco by the Dreamcatchers ** February 19th, 10pm – 4am ** at Sullivan Room, New York City web sullivanroom 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 RSVP to psycheground at yahoo for $5.00 reduced list Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to “W 4 St – Wash Sq” 21+ with ID ht tp://web myspace/psycheground web myspace/earwormfrequencie s web myspace/ctrlaltdeletion web myspace/nyDJ4life

February 21 Saturday

Philadelphia’s Premier Psy-Trance Party! Special Guests: MUBALI (Trishula Records, San Francisco) Mubali is the solo trance project of Greg Farley, and since 2003 he has been bringing his unique flavor of hard psychedelic trance to dancefloors around the globe. He has released many solo and collaborative tunes on many labels including Trishula Records, Parvati Records, Tantrumm Records, Manic Dragon Records, and Psycircle Records. He also has released two full-length albums on Trishula records, his first one released in 2006, and his new one released in the Fall of 2008.He has collaborated with many artists from around the world, including Gaian Mind’s Dj Lauryn. His hard-hitting sets have reached dancers at all events from small family events to large festivals such as Boom and Full Moon Festival. Get ready to shake it but not break it with Mubali. UNWASHED TOMATO (Unwashed Records / D-A-R-K Records, Philadelphia) In the year 2025, earth sucks, hard. All the freaks have fled to the moon, leaving behind the masses of TV-obsessed “suits and dildos”. The Lunar Lounge, run by the infamous Doctor Randall, is an anarchic respite from the drudgery of earth. One day, while Andy, Dave and Rod were sitting around enjoying some molecularly enhanced water with Doctor Randall, the earth completed the process of recycling itself by turning inside out. The final moment of this transformation caused a freak electromagnetic disruption which caused The Lunar Lounge and all inside, to be vomited into a time portal that carried them to earth at the turn of the 21st century. When they arrived, Andy, Dave and Rod realized that they had been transformed into dirty tomatoes. Strangely, no one else noticed. Andy and Dave had been transported a small dark room in which they started to channel their energy into psychedelic vibrations intended for the night hours. Rod was transported to the advance screening of AVPR, which he promptly walked out of before the previews finished. Then he made some badass music, and made a lot of people’s heads feel funny. The three reunited in the city of Philadelphia, PA in the summer of 2008. They remembered their experience in The Lunar Lounge with Doctor Randall, and decided to join forces to produce something. They are not sure quite what it is, but it sounds kinda like darkpsy and some other stuff. Ranging from deep and groovy, to dark and twisted, to fast and driving, their psychedelic sounds will transport you… somewhere! Watch out for the three-way collaboration between Andy “The Andy” Aylward (The Andychrist), David “Thirsty Turtle” Mostoller (800 Deathsticks / Kabayun), and Rod “Sneaky Cactus” O’Connor (Sixtycycles) as they prepare your brains for the impending terrestrial inversion! http://www.unwashedtomato.com Resident DJ: KARMAKANIK (Gaian Mind, Philadelphia) Downtempo Lounge with: JP & ST (Soma Collective, PHL) HYPNOTOAD (PSI, LIGHT-O MATIC, NYC) ORBICLES (Gaian Mind, PHL) Deco: Uta Bekaia (NYC) https://web.archive.org/web/20110823041519/http://utajan.tripod.com:80/utapbekaia/ Saturday, February 21st , 2009 9pm – 2am $5 cover 21+ w/ ID ZOT 122 Lombard Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 (267) 639-3260
Once again big fun in Philly Really nice to see everyone. Much thanks to the Tomatoes for the after-hours. And thanks to Gaian Mind and to Dave and Lauryn for organizing the party and letting us crash and feeding us. Thanks to JP and ST for bringing the nice DJ setup in the downtempo room for us to play on, and for their great music. Thank you to Gaian Mind and crew for the great party! Awesome music from the tomato’s and mubali, and as always beautiful deco from Uta. Here are some photo’s, I was pretty plastered so most of them did not turn out the way they were supposed to. Good times, my first time partying in Philly and I definably felt the brotherly love. Looking forward to more Gaian Mind monthlies, can’t believe I have been missing out on them all this time. The bar at the venue is simply INCREDIBLE! I felt liberated from the usual NYC prices, and a wonderful selection of beers as well.

March 2009

March 7 Saturday
Fractaltribe at Providence

March 7 Saturday
YogiBogeyBox and TranceDanceCompany
With a special direction for the upcoming party YogiBogeyBox and TranceDance Company bring you a night of energetic music from 4 continents, including a Brazilian talent with a first visit to the States and an Israeli legend. Come celebrate the international womens day with a big banger. Main Floor STEREOGRAPHIC – Discoval ey, Manic dragon / BRAZIL web myspace/stereographicmusic *** First US appearance + special ext ended LIVE set *** DARK SOHO – Warp Brain, Alchemy, B.N.E / ISRAEL web myspace/darksoho web myspace/darksoho DJ NIKI – Might y Quinn / Japan web mightyquinnrecords web mightyquinnre cords/ NOMOLOS – Zenon / USA, ISRAEL web myspace/thenomolo s web myspace/thenomolos ENERTOPIA – Warp Brain Records, GeoI srael, Krembo / USA, Israel, Argentina web myspace/enertopiapsy web myspace/enertopiapsy PROGRESS CHILL – TDC, YogiBogeyBox / USA web iprogress.us web iprogress.us/ Downstairs: Tony Unorthodox – 28th Day / NYC Gui”aum”etriX – Gaian Mind / NYC Andrey K – Polarlight / NYC Fumi – Yogi BogeyBox / NYC Be ready for a special visually stimulating atmosphere by the deco crews of TDC and YogiBogeyBox as well as new and special Visual projections by VJ Plasmo !!!! The new flyer is now on web yogibogey box.org web yogibogeybox.org/ Party Location: Hello BK formerly The Hook 18 Commerce street Brooklyn, NY web thehookmusic/ http ://web thehookmusic/ With a fantastic vibe, this amazing venue with YUMMMY sound will provide us with two floors of music as well as an outdoor patio to take a breather. Tickets will be 25 in advance and 3 0 at the door. g party
Loved Dark Soho and Enertopia, Stereographic was alright I danced well but didn’t hit the mark for me. Left shortly into Niki’s set got too tired. Had a great time overall for sure! thx a lot for this party guys!! I really enjoyed Nomolos set… Stereographic killer music!!! created amazing energy on the dance floor… and Niki set was crazyyyyyyyyy…… just the way I like it see you all next time))!!!! I had my first live VJ performance on this party as VJ Plasmo. Thanks for all the good response!!! Good work on the VJ performance. Props to whoever had the Farscape visuals on beforehand. Nice touch! On behalf of the TDC crew I wanted to thank everyone for this event. Special many many thanks to all of you who helped us with deco and party organization!!! Fire dancing was killer and I hope we will see it again on our next events. It was great to get such a warm outcome from all of you!!! Great night !!! Great party!!! Great people!!! Here some pictures

March 7 Saturday
A Night of Psychedelic Trance with T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Moksa Atlanta • .atlantapsytrance.net Koji charlotte • singlecell Kri Asheville • touch samadhi 10pm – 4am $8 The Garage 101 Fairview Rd Asheville, NC 28803 thegarageatbiltmore.com touchsamadhi.com

March 8 Saturday

OT minimal techno in Bushwick this Saturday This cohesive scene is similar to a psytrance party but the music though hypnotic and repetitive is not as full-on ad the style is less florid. I’ve been to a lot of their events and have never been disappointed. Vadi m from the old psytrance Subtle Chaos is DJing. Here’s a sample (web fac LESS Brooklyn Saturd ay March 28, 2009 LESS invites you to our first multi-disciplinary show. This will be a party with two levels: a loft-gallery area for social relaxation, filled with artwork, installations, video screens and the other, a dim-lit cozy underground for getting down… Music by Smirk LIVE (W olf+Lamb) Eddie Krilov (LESS, Thema, Musique RisquE9e) Jen Lusker (Waxx Dolls) Vadim (LESS) Igal (LESS) About Smirk: A smirk occurs at the moment just before one side of the mouth catches up with the other. Generally, a smirk is just looking for a good time. Smirk has released a number of fine items on Wolf+Lamb and is part of the “Brooklynn EP” that just came out. Art Installations and Video Projection presented by Stem Cell featuring Karma Adam Ludwig Aik Safaryan Daniel “fearcondom” Olshansky About “fearcondom”: Fearcondom is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. He grew up in a prestigious neighborhood and developed his artistic talents in the Hermitage School for Young Soviet Child Prodigies or HSYSCP, aside from his unusual fine art talent, Fear was also a promising violinist and a fencing enthusiast. At age 11 his father, a world-renowned clown, moved to NYC taking his wife and son Fearcondom along for the ride. Fearcondom adapted to his new environment by consuming large amounts of cheap Chinese take-out and televisions. Years later he emerged in the underground fashion scene wearing nothing but a plastic bottle on his Johnson and speaking in tongues. This display of artistic expression caused a small revolution in the art & fashion world. This a private invitation-only event. We will announce the location via our mailing list: Let’s unite! at w ww.lessparty/ (web lessparty/) Bar by Yesica Door by Eli jah Admission: 11pm, $10, 21+/id Official Site: web lessparty (web lessparty)

March 9 Monday

Lucky Days 2007

March 10 Tuesday
Film Screening – brainmachine scene with Machinelf “A knockout!” USA Film Festival A gritty and soulful directorial debut” Michael Imperioli “Shattering dialogue, br illiant acting & fine-tuned direction.” Sandra Bernhard “Thoroughly engrossing above all, achingly honest” Shane Black Next screening: Saturday March 14 at 7:15pm Directed by Angelica Torn and Tony Torn A 0 Cast: Angelica Torn, Federico Castelluccio, Luke Zarzecki, Will Patton, Tina Benko Marilyn Sokol, Gary Wolf, Tony Torn, Denise Lute, T. W . Wolff, Frank Wood, Timothy Doyle, Roberta Wallach, Erin London with Anne Jackson and Rip Torn. Winner of the Coney Island Film Festival’s Best Feature Award 2008. Nominated for the Worldfest Remi Award for Best Feature 2009 Anthology is thrilled to present a special sneak preview of the new film by Angelica Torn and her brother Tony Torn, a Coney Island-set drama featuring a special appearance by the filmmaker’s father, Rip. A chance encounter with her childhood sweetheart leads Virginia (Angelica Torn) to discover hidden truths about her boyfriend and her neighborhood that she has chosen to ignore. Over the last explosive weekend of the summer, she must decide whether to abandon everything she’s ever known to the wolf-pack of developers buying up and tearing down the Coney Island boardwalk or to sacrifice herself to the world th ats been created for her. Angelica Torn s luminescent performance beautifully carries the film, which casts a beguiling spell in the manner of Alan Rudolphs early work. Anthology Film Archives 32 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003 (2 12) 505-5181

March 13 Friday

Club exit We would like to thank all of you that took part in the last event, contributing to the vibe and the atmosphere. It was great to see you all. The music was top-notch, the artists delivered killer sets, and the deco was amazing. The energy is rising for ORB Festival July 9-12 09 we are cooking killer line up and workshops. Full Line up and info will be updated soon at orbfestival We are looking forward to seeing you at the next party on Friday, March 13th at Club Exit Main Stage Line Up: DIGITAL TALK Live (Yabai/ Digital Psionics) France ANDROMEDA Live( Dream Vision Media) Portugal CHROMOSOME Live (Dream Vision Media) Portugal MAD MAX aka SIRIUS IS NESS Live (Phantasm) Spain ORBIT Alladin Group (Israel- Japan) Electro Stage: OMER BARNEA (TLV) Israel DJ KNOWLEDGE (Podcast) CT THIRD EAR SYNDROME (Bacteria) NYC KARMAKANIK (Gaian Mind/PSI – Philadelphia) Decoration: Ocular Delight Alladin Deco Team And more TBA 18 to enter 21 to drink with valid ID Doors open 10 pm 6 am Tickets: $25 Advance at web alladin $30 at the door Location: CLUB EXIT 149 GREENPOINT AVE. BR OOKLYN, Our next event will take place at club Exit on Saturday, April 11 with ABSOLUM, NAKED TOURIST AND MORE web Alladin Project.net Please mark your calendars for the biggest outdoor gathering o f the summer “ORB Festival” July 9-12 at the new Echo lake Afton NY full info will be updated soon at web orbfestival
Fun party that ended on a good note. Kudos to Alladin! came in when sublex was playing –turned out to be knob!!! andromeda’s set progressed beautifully..really cool and fun to dance to. and then as always, I was confused on why orbit was on the line up next?? Not only do I not like the music they play ( besides the point), I find it rather strange that they invite international artists and play between them messing up the flow of the music but also not giving enough time at the end for the last DJ to finish his set. I understand they are the orgz of the party and can do whatever they want but this is the 2nd time this has happened at one of their parties and I saw a whole bunch of people looking not too happy with this. IMO if orbit hadn’t played their set in the middle and just started the party if they really wanted to play that would have been better as then the invited DJs could play their set one after the other and completely. digital talk was good… I was expecting a different kind of set from him in terms of the music he played..anyone else felt the same? mad max…KILLED it. for me he was the highlight of the night.AMAZING stuff and danced a lot with some really fun people thank u max. I danced that hard after a very very long time. track selection and flow of the set was perfect! and then came chromosome who I was really looking fwd to hearing as he has an interesting sound, but his set was cut short and the lights came on in the middle of his set for everyone who came out thank you as the energy was definitely high!!
I thought that overall the party was killer! I don’t understand why sublex and orbit play that style dark-psy at a party that has Digital Talk and Mad Max on the lineup. I think it makes little sense to play various types of psy before an international DJ/live act headlines a party. Why not put on psy that complements their styles and make the party mesh together a little more? I thought that although the tracks they played were great, they just didn’t fit into what the vibe of the party was all about. I’m just gonna put this out there; Digital Talk = Best set of the year! Killer! Absoloodle Killer! Their sound was just perfect, sounded great. Their climaxes and sequences are really cool, and they had everyone going nuts! I think its the best set I’ve seen in a while. Next to Rasta, Artifakt, I think Digital Talk is really doing their thing right now. Great sound to their music, spooky and moody, groovy basslines, and flawless performance! Mad Max was great as well. Max was just as good if not better than the set he delivered at Exit a couple of years back. I really enjoyed his track selection, keeping it going quick, not to mention he looks like he really enjoys the music he’s playing, you can tell he’s into it. Great Set! Those were probably the highlights for me, Andromeda and Chromosome were smooth as well. Big thanks to them for coming out! The energy at the party was just terrific and kept me going all night! Big thanks to everyone who came out! Mad Mad played a brilliant set and took me on a wonderful musical voyage..Hope to see you back to continue that experience Digital talk was great as well Loved the smooth groovy tunes by Chromosome and Andromeda – a new genre “Love Psytrance” is born..heh My personal highlight was Mad Max. He totally rocked the entire dance floor. Hope he makes it out here again. Incredible party! I came all the way up from Boston for this one, and Alladin/Club Exit did not disappoint Walked in just as Chromosome’s set began, and was blown away by his smooooth, progressive tunes. The man has a great presence behind the sets, and it was such a cool welcome to the party. (On a related note – really enjoyed the backdrops, vibes, and the interiors! Possibly one of the nicest indoor decors I’ve seen in a long time) Orbit was next, and I thought they had great energy. Really liked the Japanese DJ’s moves (he got into his music), and liked the way they picked up the pace. Digital Talk came on after, and I thought his set was solid. No real surprises though, and to be honest, I expected a little more variation, complexity, and intricacy to his track selection. Still, he kept the energy going and I’m grateful for his contribution to the night. Mad Maxxx (like many have pointed out) stole the show. The man was absolutely incredible! His tunes were full-on, intelligent, and had phenomenal hooks! Easy to get into, and swept away by his energy. He was dancing behind the console, and his smile + movements sent me over the edge!!!! I had not heard his music before, but am now a fan (what better recommendation could there be?) Also – I want to give a shout out to some of the cool folks I met. Sana, Zvereva, and others – your vibes were brilliant! Looking forward to stomping with all of you @ the next indoor, or otherwise Orb! Kudos Alladin, kudos Club Exit, and kudos to the brilliant DJs who made this one of the best indoors I’ve attended!!!

2009 3 14 Fractal

March 14 Saturday

March 14 Saturday
Ott in Asheville NC

Ott , Medisin , SciFi , Agobi Project, DJ Ginza @ Nashwa & Hookah Joe’s // Downtown Asheville, NC https://web.archive.org/web/20100109000014/http://www.touchsamadhi.com:80/events/2009/03/14/ott Ott (Twisted Rec.) UK Ott is and has been one of the world’s top psychedelic underground Fusion Dub Producers for many years… Now finally submerging onto dancefloors all over the world. Playing shows with STS9 , Disco Biscuits, and many other of the favorites now in the electronic fusion jam band scene…… If you haven’t heard OTT, I urge you to get online and look the man up and buy an album ….

March 14 Saturday
GAIAN MIND PHILADELPHIA – Saturday, March 14th, 2009, Philadelphia Philadelphia’s Premier Psy-Trance Party! Special Guests: RANDOM (Geomagnetic, San Francisco) Live Random is San Francisco California native Ross DuBois a principal DJ and producer of Goa/psytrance coming from the USA. He has toured the US, Canada, and Mexico extensively playing at festivals, clubs, outdoors, indoors, night time and day. “Implicate Order,” Random’s first full length album was released worldwide in 2006 on Geomagnetic.tv. With 15 + singles on labels like VaporVent, Geomagnetic, Timecode, Acidance, Kagdila, Shiva Space Technology, and many more. His music kidnaps the listener’s mind and sends it spiraling beyond space and time, it’s intelligent, crunchy, groovy, and mind-expanding. Random’s flawless DJing and psychedelic audio wizard has been zapping dance floors silly since 1996. The world is ready for this sensation to storm you to bliss! NOMOLOS (Zenon Records, Australia/Israel) Currently based in NYC, is the Zenon Records representation in Israel. He specializes in the Zenon style of dark mystical minimal to grinding, experimental progressive. Some of his favorite acts include Krumleur, Sensient, Cujorius One, Mantik, Opsis and Igneous Sauria to name a few. He has performed in the UK, Australia, India, and of course Israel, supporting many fine acts including Sun Control Species, Perfect Stranger, Ticon, Pena, Koxbox, Hujaboy and many more. Lately, Nomolos has been exploring Dubstep, and the more abstract sides of the Minimal Techno world and is incorporating these fresh sounds into his DJ sets enhancing these deep musical journeys. Resident Dj/Artist KILOWATTS (Gaian Mind, Native State Records, Philadelphia) Downtempo Lounge with: TBA (???) CARLITOZ THE MAESTRO (Microwave Dj’s, Philadelphia) PSYRYN (Philadelphia) Deco: DAYA CAYUNG (Indonesia/Philadelphia) www.blacksheephybrid.com Saturday, March 14th , 2009 9pm – 2am $5 cover 21+ w/ ID ZOT 122 Lombard Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 (267) 639-3260
Sick party as usual. I am definitely liking this Philly/SF collaborative. Nice to see Mubali is still in town. Killer art from NEFF. As a chemist, my favorite had to be the Om Moiety on a molecule in the long circuit tapestry on the sidewall.

March 19 Thursday
Special featuring MUKTISVARA, PIXEL, KNOB and ANIMALTEK After much discussion with fellow artists, DJs, and other event organizers, we have been able to finalize the lineup & time slots for tomorrow evening’s party. Sullivan Room has also agreed to let us extend the party for another half an hour, due to the massive response we have already received from fellow party-goers! The Party will go until 4:30am! Time slots for the night: 10:00- 12:30….. Animaltek (Omnitribe/ Treibstoff/ Resopal/ Living- Russia/ NYC) 12:30- 1:30…… Knob (Alladin Group- JP/ NY) 1:30- 2:30……. Eli Pixel (Hommega – Israe l)- 2:30- 4:30.. ….. Muktisvara (TDC Records- Russia/NYC) ce at Psycheground Deco by the Dreamcatchers Please come early, as we will have 2 for 1 drinks from 10:00-11:00pm. We would also like to thank all who have contributed to make this special event happen. It is rare to have so many different organizations come together under a single roof in NYC. Hom mega, TDC, YBB, Omnitribe, Alladin, and Dreamcatchers. Last but not least, Thank you to Guillaume for your Support & super positive vibes. We will be looking forward to Voyager 1 on Saturday March 21. Not to be missed by anyone! See you all on the dance floor! ** March 19th, 10pm – 4:30am ** at Sullivan Room, New York City web sullivanroom 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 RSVP to psycheground at yahoo for $5.00 reduced list Su bway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to “W 4 St – Wash Sq” 21+ with ID web myspace/psycheground web myspace/pixelon web myspa ce/tdcIsvara web myspace/animaltek
It is rare to have so many different organizations come together under a single roof in NYC.
Hommega, TDC, YBB, Omnitribe, Alladin, and Dreamcatchers. We came a bit late, but man what an energy for the last 2 hours of this party!!!! Isvara for president…. thank you Luis and Ken!!! You guys are terrific! Look forward to the 4th, we will make a nice installment at Sullivan Room Sure they do…… awesome music and killer vibes…. Loved it …. Pixel played super set so did Ishvira…. Guys keep it flowing the party scene is awesome… Next gig on 26? heard somewhere …. ANY PICSSSSSSSSS??? please post I there lot of people had cams there

March 21 Saturday
Voyager 1: A Trip through Electronic Music
Departure: 03/21/09 at 6:00 pm Arrival: 03/22/09 at 10:00 am 6 to 8 pm: DJ DEET – Gaian Mind Psybient/Dub/Downtempo 8 to 10 pm: DJ ARROW CHROME – Disorient Breaks-n-house 10 to 12 am: DJ PETE BONES – Red Ant Rec. – UK Prog. House/Tech. House profile.myspace/index.cfm?fuseactionuser.viewprofile&friendID169137923 12 to 2 am: DJ Balls – Disorient – Fr. New-Rave/Trance 2 to 4 am: DJ LUIS – Dreamcatcher-Reality Engine – Br. Psy Trance web myspace/psycheground 4 to 7 am: DJ ElI PIXEL – Hommega – Il. Psy Trance web myspace/pixelon 7 to 10 am: DJ YAYO – Trancebody Express – Fr. Goa Trance Visuals: VJ Gui”aum”etriX – Gaian Mind web guillaumeclave VJ Plasmo Sound & Lights: Light-0-Matic web light-o-matic Deco by the Psybotik and Fractaltribe Network Crew web psybotik Travel fare: $35, cash only. Must RSVP to rsvpback2trance at gmail . Please NO PLUSes (names and last names of you and your friends is MUST) NO RSVP NO ENTRY NO EXCEPTION web gaian-mind web r3psychle.org web sonicbeating.org
Ya.. Luis did rock it. And Pixel was very awesome as was Pete Bones. We went until noon.. everyone’s most likely either afterpartying or sleeping. I just got 2 hours of Zzzzz, but I woke up, saw my shadow.. gonna crawl back into my hole for 6 weeks
this was an awesome party. the production work that went into it was awesome.
I was actually torn between going to this and going to the ReSolute party a few blocks away. Those who know me know I’m a tek “kid” from the storm rave days. Many of my friends were at that party. But I think I made the right choice!
For those who didn’t show… well, you missed out. Pictures can’t really describe the scene.
Great job guys! Luis, wow! You gonna show them at WMC what you do up here?

March 26 Thursday

We would like to thank all of you that came in the last psycheground. We had an amazing surprise lineup, and all DJ’s did an awesome job. For this week we have top-notch artists out to support the scene for another awesome night. featuring DJ and live sets by: STEREOGRAPHIC (Discovalley, Manic dragon / BRAZIL): web myspace/stereographicmusic The project Stereographic is carried out by the musician Andre Santana Camargos. His career is highlighted by playing some of the largest festivals in the world, including Universo Paralelo and full MOON festival. Andre has been a psytrance producer since 2001, and his project gained more shape and quality in 2004. Stereographic was one of the first producers of underground music in Brazil and in AMERICA. His music is played by a large number of respectable DJs around the world. The style can be defined in 2 lines: Stereographic side a- full-on night high-tech, fat bass, deep atmospheres and melodies – and Stereographic side b – night, dark, harder sound, also with fat bass, efx and obscure atmospheres.It’s a combination of dancing and reflection. PEDRO (Planet Ben rec / Brazil) NOMOLOS (Zenon Records, Australia/Israel) BETWEEN DEVICES AKA RAFAEL & DUDU (Global W-Team Brazil/Boston) Deco by the Dreamcatchers ** March 26th, 10pm – 4am ** at Sullivan Room, New York City web sullivanroom 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 RSVP to psycheground at yahoo for $5.00 reduced list Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to “W 4 St – Wash Sq” 21+ with ID web myspace/psycheground
Thanks everyone for making it out last night and making it a great party – and thanks especially for the talent that brought it and rocked it! Truly a fun evening – gwyn

March 28 Saturday
Entheocentric Salon

Pedro’s back, this sat at new COSM space Greetings! After six months living in Brazil doing cultural production and university, I’m back! I will be DJing two times this week, one at the present location of the famous Entheocentric Salons, Jungle. That night, on Saturday, Alex Grey will be joining us after his trip to Egypt. With me, Nyxys, Dan Covan and Primate will be making the beats for the night…don’t miss it! I will be playing from 2am to 4am. On another opportunity, tonight (Thursday), I will be DJing at the Sullivan Room…earlier this time around, I will be playing around 11 pm…. Hope to see you in of these parties!!! Best, Pedro Gomide

April 2009

April 2 Thursday

at Sullivan Room We have long spoken about a collaboration that would bring a YBB event to the city and it is finally here. We are very happy about this opportunity to work with the longest-running production in NY and some of the nicest people this scene has to offer This is going to be a very special Sullivan Room party!! After many requests to see him in our neck of the woods, we bring a great Swedish talent to NYC. The Goa mindset and the deep tunes with a strong Goa influence will surely make for some incredible vibes on the dancefloor. KIRIYAMA LIVE Devils Mind Rec / SWEDEN Alex a k a Kiriyama is one of the co-founders of the Swedish powerhouse Devils Mind Records and the studio group Checkpoint Music. He’s frequently collaborating with French producer Hishiryo which has resulted in a number of co-produced tunes having been released, all of them comprising Japanese themes and East Asian influences. Although it’s common that people categorize Kiriyama as nocturnal music, Kiriyama-‘s sound has a Goaish slant today since Goa trance was the music with which he fell in love during the mid-90s. With some ten tracks already out and more in the pipeline, he’s currently working on his debut album which is planned for the first half of 2009. Moreover, he’s currently compiling a CD of Scandinavian forest music for the Italian label A NDREY K – Polarlight / NYC AARON – Fractaltribe / Boston FUMI – YogiBogey Box / JAPAN, NYC Deco by FractalTibe and the Dreamcatchers ** April 2nd, 10pm – 4am ** at Sullivan Room, New York City web sullivanroom / 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6 th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to -“W 4 St – Wash Sq-” 21+ with ID maps.y Do Not Miss this special one…
I think the main reason psychegrounds happens on Thursdays as opposed to a weekend day is because it is a regular event, and having a free or very low regular event on a weekend day would make it more difficult for the one-offs to succeed.
i disagree. conversely, if it was held weekly on a Fri or sat, it would ultimately fail because more people would gravitate towards the one-offs, which, though more expensive, would feature more international talent and other amenities. I think this is clear to promoters, and given the small market in NY, they have decided not to attempt such a thing. the trance crowd seeks variety, and a weekly event here can only survive on a weekday because it provides a constant opportunity for the local community to burn off a little steam in a casual setting and stay connected with like-minded friends. also, it serves as an introduction to new people without the commitment of a higher-priced weekend all-nighter. further, it gives local artists a chance to break into the scene, and the scene an additional opportunity to enjoy local talent which is often squeezed out of crowded lineups on the weekend. when we have the chance to host out-of-town talent, it’s an added bonus, and we’re happy to provide such an alternative for some folks who either can’t afford or can’t attend the full-scale weekend events. this is the unique niche that psycheground occupies

April 3 Friday
Psybotik – Dimitri Nakov With Immersive Video Design Plus Futuristic Fashion and Fire
Dimitri has landed and we are only days away until the festivities begin! T hank you to all those who have supported us throughout the year. Especially to our good friends in New York, Boston, Philly, Burlington, Ashville, Greenville and for their insurmountable participation that made it all happen. Hope to see you all there. Jungle 286 Meserole St Brookly n Doors Open 9pm Don’t forget about the recession special, only $10 before 11. RSVP and tickets at psybotik See you on the dance floor, Blue Psybotik 7 -One Year Anniversary Friday April 3, 2009 We are very proud to present: DIMITRI NAKOV (Neurobiotic Records, Italy; Solstice Music, Japan) Dimitri represents one of the most reputable and popular DJs on the international scene. He is a pioneer in the psy scene. He has been a DJ f or over a decade, releasing compilations such as Dimitri92s Dat Bag on the Legendary TIP World Records and The Usual Suspects Volume 2 on Solstice Music. Since then he has produced with the infamous Deedrah and Antidote on their project The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, releasing on Spun Records. He has also been working Emfire Records and Tronic Records, both NYC affiliates. His upcoming release will debut on Neurobiotic records. And being the label DJ for solstice music, he is currently on a S. American tour with his next stop NYC! So get ready for a killer 3 hours of full on with a spe cial tech house set earlier in the night by one of the most phenomenal arti sts/DJs on the planet. (web dimitrinakov) Futuristic Fashion WHE YLAN (NYC) (web wheylan) Immersive Video Design GLASS BEAD COLLEC TIVE (NYC) (web glassbeadcollective.org) Fire Performance MASAE (Psyb otik, NYC) (web colorfulartist) DJs (Psytrance, Techno, Electro H ouse, Breaks) ELECTRIK (Psybotik, NYC) MAYUR (Psybotik / Spectra, NYC) GAB RIEL (Psybotik, NYC) DYSFORM (Psybotik, NYC) ELF COMMUNIQUE (Glass Bead C ollective, NYC) VJs VLAD T (Glass Bead Collective, NYC) NASHAMASHA (P sybotik, NYC) ZUL (Glass Bead Collective, NYC) LEO K. (Glass Bead Collect ive, NYC) GUI AUM ETRIX (Gaian Mind, NYC) Sound LIGHT-O-MATIC (web lig htomatic) Decor PSYBOTIK & GOA TONE April 3, 2009 9pm – 8am Jungle 286 Meserole St Brooklyn NY $10 Before 11pm $15 Advance $20 R SVP $25 At Door Tickets and Full Flyer at web psybotik 0016364ef0907d54700466866331 nd we are only days away until the festivities begin! Thank you to all those who have supported us throughout the year. Especia lly to our good friends in New York, Boston, Philly, Burlington, Ashville, Greenville, and for their insurmountable participation that made it all happen. Hope to see you all there. Jungle 286 Meserole St Brooklyn Doors Open 9pm Don’t forget about the recession special, only $10 before 11. RSV See you on the dance floor, Blue 7 -One Year Anniversary Friday April 3, 2009 pan present: Records, Italy; Solstice Music, Japan) I represent one of the most reputable and popular DJs on the international scene. He is a pioneer in the psy scene. H e has been a DJ for over a decade, releasing compilations such as Dimitri 92s Dat Bag on the Legendary TIP World Records and The Usual Suspects Volu me 2 on Solstice Music. Since then he has produced with the infamous Deedrah and Antidote on their project The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, releasing on Spun Records. He has also been working Emfire Records and Tronic Records, both NYC affiliates. His upcoming release will debut on Neurobiotic records. And being the label DJ for solstice music, he is currently on a S. American tour with his next stop NYC! So get ready for a killer 3-hour s of full-on with a special tech-house set earlier in the night by one of t he most phenomenal artists/DJs on the planet. dimitrinakov al heylan GLASS BEAD COLLECTIVE (NY C) w.glassbeadcollective.org ) Electro House, Breaks) ELECTRIK (Psybotik, NYC) MAYUR (Psybotik / Spectra, NYC) GABRIEL (Psybotik, NYC ) Collective, NYC) n VLAD T (Glass Bead Collective, NYC) NASHAMASHA (Psybotik, NYC) LEO K. (Glass Bead Collective, NYC) NYC) Sound web lightomatic )

April 4 Saturday
A Night of Psychedelic Trance with T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Asheville NC

Kameleon & Labyrinth pure perception records, Pangea Productions • Greenville, sc Herbivore freaky species • Blacksburg va Olof luna moth vibe collective • Asheville NC 10pm – 4am $8 The Garage 101 Fairview Rd Asheville, NC 28803 thegarageatbiltmore.com touchsamadhi.com

April 10 Friday
PSI at Ben’s Party

PSI presents Occam’s Razor 10pm – 6am Brooklyn, NY entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem PSI brings you a full night of psychedelic trance in a spacious private loft location in Brooklyn, NY. Line up: Eg~bot & Lauryn (Gaian Mind, Peak Records – PHL) Brandon Adams (Dreamcatcher – NYC) Hypnotoad (PSI, Light-o-Matic – NYC) Lucina (Dreamcatcher – NYC/SF) Karmakanik (Gaian Mind, PSI – PHL) Art by NephilNine Nourishment by Steorra Chai by bioLuminescence) Visuals by Gui”aum”etriX (Gaian Mind) Sound by light-o-matic This is a private, pledge supported event with a minimum donation of $10. If you wish to attend, please follow the link below, enter the requested information, and you will be emailed directions to the venue several days before. http://lightomatic.com/party/occam?ith You MUST RSVP in advance in order to be admitted to the party. However, you do NOT have to pay in advance. VJ Plasmo is gonna join the visual team for some psychedelic projections tonight!
Hey, thanks everyone for coming and making it such a good night Thanks Anrei for those great photos. Thanks to Stanley for coming in at the last minute with great visuals and for being such a nice guy. Thanks to Guillaume for finding Stanley and getting him to help us. Thanks to DJ’s Brandon, Eggbot, Lauryn, Lucina for playing great music and for helping out. Thanks to Neff (Nephil9), Harper, Melanie, Luna, and Dhia for the artworks, as well as everyone who helped put it all up and take it down. Thanks to Jess (Steorra) for shopping for and serving all the food, to Biolum for the chai, and to the people who helped them. Thanks to all the people who helped with the door. Michelle, Micah, Caroline, OnTonca, Steph, Lynne, Tony, Val, Mel, Mike, Shuey, Adolphe, and Deet. Thanks to Jerry, Deb, Albert, and everyone else who helped carry equipment before the party, and to everyone who helped clean up and move stuff after the party, eg OnTonca, Andreas and I’m sorry I don’t remember everyone else.. but a lot of people. Special thanks to Gwyn for cleaning the bathroom! Thanks especially to Mark and everyone else in the space for having us there and helping us out.

April 11 Saturday
Alladin Group ACE VENTURA

BIG thanks to all of you party people for making the last gathering unforgettable it was great to see you all dancing smiling and having a lot of fun, thank you for supporting and keeping the vibe alive. We are looking forward to see you at the next party on SATURDAY, APRIL 11th at Club Exit The energy is rising for ORB Festival 09 July 9-12 for Full Line up and info please visit web orbfestival Main Stage Line Up: ACE VENTURA Live (Iboga records ) ISRAEL web myspace/aceiboga NAKED TOURIST (Shaman 96Electro Records ) GERMANY web myspace/DJiguanainfo ORBIT (Alladin Group )(ISRAEL- JAPAN MAYOR (Spectra /Psybotik )NYC KARMAKA NIK (Gaia mind/Psi ) PHILADELPHIA Electro Stage: OMER BARNEA (Alladin group ) ISRAEL DJ KNOWLEDGE (Podcast) CT TONY UNORTHODOX (PsyNy/28thday) NYC BRANDON ADAMS (Dreamcatcher)NYC Decoration: Alladin Deco Team Ocular Delight And more TBA 18 to enter 21 to drink with valid ID Doors open 10PM 6AM Tickets: $30 at the door Location: CLUB EXIT 149 GREENPOINT AVE. BROOKLYN, NY 11222
Haha watermelon juice!!! I think that’s one track I’ve heard at almost every party I’ve been to this winter (and that one time where it was played thrice). Looks like it was a good time! The Karmakanik video looks insane too, can’t wait till Ohio!

April 10-12 Friday-Saturday
Atlpsy – GA

April 15 Wednesday
Urgent – Serge detained, wife dead, his 2 children ok but desperately need assistance This is to announce that a friend of ours Sergiy Piskunov is in deep trouble. Sergiy has been detained by the Immigration Customs and Border enforcement (ICE) in Texas. On April 11, 2009 his wife Yekaterina Ponomareva passed away with her six-month-old daughter(Sophia) in her arms, she was found by her four and a half-year-old son (Nikita) Both children are unharmed. You can read more about it here
For the well being and welfare of their family. Sergiy needs bail money (8, 0 00 dollars) travel money, money for the funeral of his wife, and money for the upbringing of his two children. Any little bit helps. If you can contribute anything to the above causes Sergiy and his family will forever hold their gratitude in their hearts and lives. Thank You moonorbita at g mail ) this is the email that can be used for PayPal payments

April 18 Saturday

Philadelphia’s Premier Psy-Trance Party! Special Guests: ISVARA (NYC) Bio coming soon!!! ENERTOPIA (Warp Brain Records / Alladin Project – Israel / Argentina / Atlantic City) Emiliano Solazzi Griminger (Moti Griminger) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived in Beer Sheva, Israel, most of his life. At the age of 18, he was already leading a very successful Israeli death metal band called CEREBRAL COMA, where he played guitar and vocals, which had major success in the international and national underground scene. In 1992, Emiliano hooked up with Ziv Matushka, another pioneer in the Israeli electronic music scene and, together, they started to experiment with more Industrial music and eventually wrote Goa and Psytrance. Ziv joined P.Cok, and Emiliano continued his project as ENERTOPIA. The first single by Enertopia was released in 1996 by B.N.E Israel in a compilation called DESTINATION ISRAEL, and after a few months, he was signed by KREMBO Records (Israel). The first full-length album was called MAGIC FOR ETERNITY, released in 1997, followed by FACE ADAPTOR, co-written with Yuli Fershtat AKA B.L.T, Perfect Stranger. In between 1996 and 1998 Enertopia released two full albums and numerous singles. His Third album “Divine” was released on September of 2008 on Geomagnetic.TV and it was received all over the world with great success. Nowadays, based in USA, Emiliano has founded “Warp Brain Records”, the first east-coast label of PsyTrance and Progressive trance. Resident Dj/Artist DEET(Gaian Mind, Philadelphia) Downtempo Lounge with: THOMAS SCHRIEBER (Rizumu.us – Philadelphia) http://www.rizumu.us SYNTHROID (False Icons/13th planet Records – Deep Space) KARMAKANIK (Gaian Mind / PSI – Philadelphia) Deco: TBA (???) PETER PARKER (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia) https://web.archive.org/web/20181105043330/http://parkerism.com/ Saturday, April 18th , 2009 9pm – 2am $5 cover 21+ w/ ID ZOT 122 Lombard Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 (267) 639-3260 Just added to the lineup- Deco by Neuronymphonic (NYC)
Isvara is the other half of Muktisvara project. When he plays DJ sets, he uses name Isvara, when Mukti plays his DJ sets he uses name Mukti, but together they are Muktisvara. BTW this particular party besides playing a DJ set under the name of Isvara, Sergey also played his live set (all original music), which is his solo project called “Prishvin Mess”. For some reason, if was not mentioned in this post.
Fantastic time as usual though I had to leave halfway through Enertopia unfortunately. heard Synthroid for the first time and that was pretty sick…gotta appreciate some live downtempo. Nice visual setup by Peter Parker…I appreciate the time and effort it took him to get the projector to line up with those honeycombs.

2009 4 25 Yogey

April 25 Saturday

We invite you to join us this Saturday for another unique experience… Thi s one promises to be our best event yet, with two international headliners making their exclusive USA debuts:
FUNGUS FUNK LIVE – Unlimited Music, Blitz Studios / RUSSIA United States Premiere The Project of Serge Prilepa is very well known around the world for its strong yet melodic tunes. Born in 1979, Serge has more than a century of electronic music experience. Ever since his childhood, he has been experimenting with music and it is to luck that he has landed in the psycircle. The first release came in 2001 on Acidance records and since he has released countless material. He has played at some of the world’s biggest festivals including the morning set at Boom which surely got the crowd’s attention. We are thrilled to have his US premiere at a YBB event.
PARA HALU LIVE – PsyLife Music / HUNGARY United States Premiere Para Halu soundscapes are created by Adam Hohmann in Hungary. After years of experimenting instruments and electronic music production in different styles from ambient to breaks, he founded the psytrance project in 2002. Du ring the past years Adam performed at almost all the big international psytrance festivals such as Full Moon in Germany, Universo Paralello in Brazil or Soulclipse in Turkey, and keeps touring the world’s finest underground dancefloors from Japan to Brazil with his energetic-atmospheric live sets. Based on Popular demand we are happy to have Para Halu showcase his premiere with YBB. web myspace/parahalu
PROGRESS LIVE E28093 AntiShanti Records/ USA PROGRESS, the project of Yuriy Vaskevich, is an evolution of sound that brings a world of fantasy and imagination to its listeners. Based in New York City, an energetic hub, the music is a reflection of its physical origin as well as the mental evolution of its composer. With the growing popularity among the local scene and growing attention from abroad, we are happy to bring back to the stage our good friend to present some incredible new tunes and a nice dose of old favorites. Yuriy is the recent co-founder of AntiShanti Records with a special VA coming out this summer. web iprogress.us
PRISHVIN MESS LIV E/DJ SET AntiShanti Records/ RUSSIA, USA PrishvinMess is a solo project Sergey Boroditskiy of MuktIsvar a. The evolution of this project began back in Russia with many years of musical education. The music combines high intensity with strong positive peaks. Anyone who has seen Isvara Live can testify to the immense power yet jo y this music brings to the ears. Sergey is the other co-founder of AntiShant I Records. This set is not to be missed!! Trust us web prishvinmess. com
LUIS CAMPOS DJ SET Dreamcatcher, Reality Engine / BRAZIL, USA Luis is one of the top DJs to come out of NYC, having a distinct and very professional sound to his sets. He has been a respected DJ in some of the major clubs in Brazil and has accompanied some of the greatest psy talents in the world at the largest venues in NYC. Luis will play a progressive set that will have our minds fill with positivity as we dive into the psychedelic realm. Aside from his immense talent, he is a prominent figure in our NYC scene, running the longest-lasting Psycheground parties. We are psyched to have Luis with his YBB debut. *Please take note of the YBB and Psychgrnd collab on April 2nd web myspace/psycheground
EARTHIAN DJ SET E28093 Omnitribe / USA Shay Raban is very well known in the New York scen e, especially for his project of Animaltek. The masters of the minimal sound have also been at the forefront of the famous Omnitribe gatherings and we are excited to have him back in NYC and available to join our parties. Sha y is a self-taught guitar player with background in rock, jazz and instrumental music. He has been DJ’ing since 1998 and producing electronic music since 2002. We look forward to hitting off the party with some wonderful minimal sound from the mind of DJ Earthian. Come early!!! We are serious web myspace/DJearthian Plasmo (web youtube/user/wowstanley) has already begun to prepare some fitting visuals for the occasion and our decorative teams have already scouted the venue to prepare a new concept of deco that will shake, rattle and blow your mind! Its time for a revolution The event will take place at Jungle Space 286 Meserole St East Williamsburg Jungle Space is a beautiful 5,000 sqft warehouse in Brooklyn that will be outfitted with a brand new sound system. As part of the event, we will have live fire dancing performances, fresh fruit, and as always a very warm and positive atmosphere to have you spreading the love for weeks to co meE280A6 Doors open at 11 pm with the flight landing in the late morning Tickets for this flight will be 30$ at the door but as always we will offer a discounted price for those who choose to support our preparations and purchase tickets through web YOGIBOGEYBOX.ORG As is usual thank you for the beautiful comments about our new website, we have adjusted some of the concerns about it. For all those who have yet to check it out please do! It’s a party on its own.
Thank you for all those that came to the Thursday event!! Photos are now on the website under the Swedish Fish event. You continue bringing incredible energy that makes these YBB events very special The new Fungus Funk material cannot be categorized as nighttime tunes as his earlier tracks but nonetheless has carried me to jump around in the subway on numerous occasions. Have a listen to the new material on myspace but be ready to have a dose of some older tunes, as well as this, is our first live taste of both Para Halu and Fungus. very nice party, the sound was amazing, the deco was insane and the DJs rocked!!! huge props to Micha, Mukti and Isvara for putting together a killer party I had a lot of fun at this party! The space looked wonderful and I have to say Luis and FF were the highlights for me. Mostly good vibe all around, everyone seemed to be having a blast. The fire spinning was a nice touch and I liked the indoor “sunrise” during the last set. Thanks for letting me contribute! Keep them coming and at that awesome space!

May 2009

May 1 Friday
Shpongle After Party

The party is going to be at PAPA B STUDIOS, 907 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY. The party starts at 8 pm with an art exhibition that will be on display the whole night, At around 9:30 we’ll turn the lights off and the music will start. We have 5 different DJs spinning, and the party will go till’ 5 or 6 depending on how many people show up. There will be VJs and two video artists showing some of their short films. There are two floors. Downstairs there is an artist market with lots of vendors selling all sorts of handmade cool stuff. There is food and drink for sale, and the event is BYOB. This is going to be a Shpongle after-party so expect some crazy shit to go down. Bring y our friends and I hope to see you there. 10 dollars at the door, no pre-sale. SKEEBA. (SAAS) tech house DJ L*EMENT (SAAS) dubstep, jungle, d&b ELF COMMUNIQUE (GLASS BEAD COLLECTIVE) minimal techno, electro house, breaks ELECTRIK (PSYBOTIK) psyfusion MESSINGER PARTICLE (PSYB OTIK)

May 7 Thursday
Sin Sin
We will be tag-teaming
this eve in East Village (NYC), so if you around stop by to say hello and dance to some funky beats from 11pm till 1am will be playing at Sin Sin lounge ( 2nd ave and 5th st), mention Jeff or Nul ‘n’ Void at the door for the late crawlers, will be playing a late set at La Zarza (1st ave and 10th st), mention Ray Briones or DJ Earthian at the door…

2009 5 8 Fractal

May 8 Friday
Fractaltribe – Subculture

Doctor Spook, Mayur, Anya, Goatone, Ondrase, Dave Dittmer, Bang lee, Counter Culture, Midas, Alchemic, Jedd LeClair, DJ Dex

May 14 Thursday
Sin Sin

Tonight at Sin Sin (2nd ave and 5th st) will be getting togezah again with the guest in town (Hayden from Antix/Firord) playing a DJ set sneak preview before the big party on Friday with X-Dream at Club Exit, come and hang out with us!!
Sorry for the confusion but Hayden will not be playing tonight catch him tomorrow night at club exit for exclusive Antix live!! come down and hang out anyway, fresh tunes from Animaltek and OnEgin
hope to see ya there!!!

2008 5 15 Orb

May 15 Friday
Alladin Group “The path to orb festival”

ANTIX LIVE X DREAM… at Club Exit Big ups for all the people that ware part of making our last event so beaut iful the music was top notch, everyone was smiling all around thank you all for being there and making it special see you in our next gathering on Fri day may 15th that will future few of the top artist on the glob The energy is rising for ORB Festival 09 July 9-12 for Full Line up and info please vi sit web orbfestival Main Stage Line Up: X DRAEM Exclusive re tro Dj set G+records Germany web myspace/xdream1 ANTIX Live Ib oga records New Zealand web myspace/antixfiord SUBLEX Alladin group Japan web myspace/sublextechno ORBIT Alladin Group Israel – Japan BETWEEN DEVICES Global W-Team Brazil Electro Stage: OMER BARN EA (TLV) Israel THIRD EAR SYNDROME (Bacteria, NY) MAYOR (Spectra /Psyboti k )NYC AND MORE Decoration: Alladin Deco Team Ocular Delight And more T BA 18 to enter 21 to drink with valid ID Doors open 10 pm 6 am Tickets: $25 Advance at web alladinproject.net $30 at the door Location: CLUB EXIT 149 GREENPOINT AVE. BROOKLYN, NY 11222
too bad this is the same weekend as Goa Gil in NC, I would love to see X-Dream. One of the only “classic” producers I still enjoy to this day. Looking forward to the Sensient party tho, I hope it comes together its been a while since I’ve been swallowed by dark proggy soundz.

May 15-17 Friday – Sunday
Goa Gil and Arianne Asheville NC

MANTRA OF BLISS Goa Gil Arianne May 15 thru 17, 2009 at Deerfields just outside of Asheville, NC. The South East U.S. Goa Gil family, Psyblime Productions is excited to once again host Gil and Arianne for a weekend of amazing beats, gorgeous camping (deerfields.com) and community vibrations. Please check here for updated information! Welcome Goa Gil back to the southeastern US. Join us in a regional gathering of the tribes as we celebrate Goa Gil’s sonic transmission of cutting-edge psychedelic trance across the amazing Deerfields, a 940-acre family-owned retreat of unspoiled wilderness full of lush green valleys, apple orchards, and freshwater ponds for swimming after a long hot dance! Bring your art, vibe, rituals, dancing shoes, and meet us on the floor for transcendental communication through sound and movement. All ages (under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian) Drumming and Potluck Friday Night! Workshops on Saturday! Dance runs into Sunday afternoon! KEEP IT GOAN NO RE-ENTRY – Bring everything you will need for survival Primitive campsites available in designated areas No renegade sound systems Carpool and leave no trace Absolutely no dogs allowed Buses and Rv’s welcomed and offered discounts for more than 5 passengers, please email in advance. Pre-registered tickets $60 by May 1st at www.psyblime.com $70 at The Gate Gate opens at 4pm on Friday, May 15th $5 per vehicle for land use *Visit us online for additional details, directions, a full schedule of events, workshops, a complete list of vendors and future updates! Deco by Pyite and The Community Visuals by Psyonic Deerfields is located 20 minutes south of Asheville, North Carolina in the Mills River Community. The private retreat is a 940-acre family-owned tract of unspoiled wilderness offering camping, swimming, and hiking. Cascading through the Queens Creek Mountains of Appalachia, the land is surrounded by ponds, apple orchards, and rhododendrons. More info and directions at: www.psyblime.com www.Goagil.com www.deerfields.com Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century through the Trance Dance Experience! Beneath the skies, we will dance by ritual fire in the sacred Appalachian Mountains.
The party was AMAZING! Yea it was super soggy, the place was a huge puddle for sure but the experience couldn’t have been any more incredible. Gil absolutely KILLED it this year. Came out swinging since the show got off to a late start we didn’t get to hear the amazing tribal sounds of Arianne but that’s ok there’s always next year! I’ve never seen such a community effort to get a party started in my entire life! It was so beautiful to see everyone getting soaked to move speakers 400 yards to another stage…the overhead spandex display done by psylotus was sick, its a shame we didn’t get to rage out underneath it. Pyite/Kelly – You rock man, sorry about the hive tapestry I know you worked 8 hard months on that thing just for it to get ruined, so I’m glad we put it behind the booth at the benefit and we got some SUPER UV pics of it before its “demise”. HUGE thanks to the gil crew for an amazing event! Can’t wait for next year…also I’ve decided that I’ll be attending memorial meltdown from now on also

May 16 Saturday
Gaian Mind Philadelphia

UNWASHED TOMATO Album Release Party!!!
GAIAN MIND PHILADELPHIA – Saturday, May 16th, 2009, Philadelphia, PA Gaian Mind Pre-Festival / Unwashed Tomato Album Release Party!!! Special Guests: UNWASHED TOMATO (2to6, D-A-R-K, Anomalistic . – Philadelphia, PA) “LIVE” Unwashed Tomato is a collaborative psytrance production initiative started by Andy Aylward and David Mostoller in late 2006. Our main focus is creating an intensely psychedelic, groovy experience that is at once quirky and powerful, containing motifs from many musical traditions. Close attention is given to producing a complex yet cohesive sound while maintaining a clean and dynamic mix. Since the summer of 2008, the project has expanded to include frequent appearances by Rod O’Connor, whose unique sensibilities have contributed new elements to the project. Dave and Andy are also the founders and managers of Unwashed Records. ***Download the new album (Shovel Ready) @ http://www.unwashedtomato.com written, produced, and mastered by us at our studio (Foods Librarys Studio, http://www.foodslibrarys.com) in Philly *** HYPNOTOAD (light-o-matic / PSI – NYC) This multifarious madman; DJ, party thrower, lighting designer and sound engineer, Mr. Light-o-matic himself has more than a few trips up his sleeve. Groovy, trippy, and driving.. Ben plays where the darkness meets the light. LUCINA (Dreamcatcher – NYC) Downtempo Lounge with DJ MEESHU (PEX, Soulgroove, bsp.org) A gypsy soul who has been DJing for years, playing at all sorts of events from Lollapallooza 2003 to Woodstock Tattoo Festival 2004 to Burning Man 2007,2008 and beyond! Spinning a wide array of international downtempo and chill eclectic grooves to take your ears, heart and soul on an audio journey. Can be heard every Sunday night on Soul Spa live w/Dj Meeshu on bsp.org…Tune in, chill out… TYLER SCAIFFEDELLIC (MAOZ BEATZ – Philadelphia) TRITTON (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia) Deco: TBA Saturday, May 16th , 2009 9pm – 2am $5 cover 21+ w/ ID ZOT 122 Lombard Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 (267) 639-3260
Well, once again, a really nice night in Philly! Good people, good music, good beer The Unwashed Tomato set was sick.. great music, great production. Go buy their new album, it’s worth it! http://www.unwashedtomato.com/ Thanks to the whole Gaian Mind crew in general and in particular to Dave Eggbot and to Lauryn for making it happen, and to The Unwashed tomatoes for having us over afterward.

May 19 Tuesday
Yani, bankroller of many psy parties of yore closing his Manhattan store NYBrands Everything MUST go! We started in July 1982 and close in Jul y 2009, Not bad for a immigrant small family who still can’t spell. We got transferred to Manhattan in 1980, Got our own 10g ground floor spot in the heart of Manhattans garment center by 1982. The 80’s and 90’s and 00 center of the world fashion biz. was a great experience. We are a part of the cycle that creates and distributes Madhattan NYC fashion to the world. and it is done all with good karma. No greed, no ego, just good vibe. We just know that we can do a better job helping our community with another asp etc.
Hey Guys! Only 12 days left before we close down the store. A week from today we will have Pete Rock spinning in-store and Eddi e Biaz! Look out for that for sure! All clothing and everything in the store is for sale at diet dirt cheap prices. Many many name brands and old school collectibles! Hurry up and get it while you can! Have a pleasant day NYBrands – Staff 16 west 36th st ITEMS LIKE, SPRING JACKETS, SHORTS, JEANS, CARGO, DRESS, T-SHIRTS (OVER 7,000 PCS).IN STOCK, ALL FOR $5 AN ITEM AND FOR OUR WEB CUSTOMERS 5 ITEMS FOR $20 Plus We are selling everything: Computers Retail computers system (With the barcode printers, scanners, registers, software Etc..) Computer servers including the full-on live video that can allow 100’s to watch live. 16 camera systems with a server that u can watch live all around the world which includes the server for it. Full-on DJ set Mackie speakers Racks Heavy duty money safe. A cash counting machine like they have in the banks. Tables. Jeans display. More racks/ International and national customer base Retail and wholesale.

May 22-24
JCT 604 Dover, OH

Photos – StevenParamnesia
Hello Everyone! The time is finally here! Gate opens at 8 a.m. on Friday May 22 Gate ticket price $50 LOCATION:
Our address is: CAMP TUSCAZOAR 6066 Boy Scout Rd. NE Dover, OH 44622-7541 https://web.archive.org/web/20200701082526/http://tuscazoar.org/
There is a bank, grocery store, gas station, dollar store, and convenience store about 5-10 minutes away.
The Slow Food Cafe will have full meals, snacks and beverages available for purchase. There are also drinkable water sites located throughout the camp. During the late-night hours when the cafe is closed, there will be coffee and tea set out; donations for this service are appreciated but not required.
Cafe hours: Friday 6-10pm Saturday 8 am – 2 pm and 6pm – 10pm Sunday 8 am – 2 pm Please note: Due to environmental concerns, Slow Food Cafe will be using only reusable, washable dishes and cups for most of the food and drinks we offer. If you would like to take away your hot drinks, please bring your own reusable travel mug. We will be happy to wash it for you if needed. All meals we serve are vegetarian; with some meals having a meat option for the omnivores out there. Most meals served at the cafe will cost $5; drink s are extra.
Feel free to bring your own food and (NON -ALCOHOLIC) BEVERAGES. Recycling stations will be available throughout the camp. Campfires will be allowed at designated campsites with fire rings. There will also be common fire pits in areas throughout the camp.
Artistic vendors will have items available for purchase.
There is a very strict no alcohol and illegal drugs policy at this campground. This is a very strict policy at this campground and we must all do our part to ensure we don’t get shut down due to carelessness. Please help spread the word and if you see anyone doing anything or having anything out in the open, please advise them to stop!!
The campground ranger and staff are very friendly and easy to work with. They want us to succeed. They are just not going to be tolerant of any open use of alcohol or illegal substances.
It’s not easy to find an outdoor venue that will host this kind of event. This is the first time we are using this space and the first time that an event like this is being held here, so please excuse us for our extra caution. We are hoping all goes well and that we will be able to return here!!
The land looks great and everything is in full bloom! There about 500 acres of woods for your enjoyment. Come enjoy the art and the culture that this type of event brings!
Smokers: The ideal thing to collect y our cigarette butts in is a portable ashtray; please do not litter. Cars will be allowed to enter the site ONLY for unloading and uploading; then they will be parked up by the main entrance in designated areas only.
We ar e really looking forward to having each of you out here to our first outdoor gathering and we can’t wait to dance under the stars with you!! Many of you are coming from out of state. Please have a safe journey. You are most valuable to us!
LINEUP TIME SLOTS: Main stage — Friday 8-10 p.m Deet 10p.m – 12 a.m Moke Saturday 12 -2 a.m Alex Falk 2-4 a.m Alberto 4-6 a.m Primordial Ooze 6-8 a.m Ari D 8-10 a.m Gypsy 10a.m -12p.m Kri 12- 2 p.m Blue Spectral Monkey 2- 4 p.m Nic k Synergy Break Eryn Evans 8-10 pm Meghan 10 pm-12am Sunday:
Sweet C haos 12- 2am Shapestatic 2-4 am Monks of Madness 4-7 am Psyops 7-9 am Mistr ess Jade 9am-11:30am Karmakanik 11:30 am -2 pm Chill/down tempo stage: Fr iday: Tamara 4- 7pm Ari D 7-9 pm Hidroponik 9-10 pm Orbicles 10pm – 12am Saturday: Lost Baba 12-2am Bodhi 2-4 am Malachi 4-6 am Gen of Eve 6-8 am M istress Jade 8-10 am Meghan 10am-12pm Gypsy 12 pm -2pm Break Beat Militia 2 -6 pm Nod 6-8 pm Deet 8pm – 12 am Sunday: Kilowatts 12-3am Aligning Minds 3-6 am Primordial ooze 6-9 am Blue Spectral Monkey 8-10 a.m Orbicles 10 a.m -12 pm od 12pm-2pm
Flyer images: /albums/v229 /albums/v229/malachi12/604newf Any updates will be posted here: / /3rdeyesqueegee / Message board: /may-22-24-2009-junction-604-ne ar-canton-ohio/ Thanks again! — Luke Malachi
/3rdey esqueegee “I’ll never look at clouds the same again”

May 29 Friday
6362 Metaforce – Tantrik

May 31
Gaian Mind Tea Room, Sessions
Ease into your week with some Healing Teas and groovy sounds from around the
galaxy. Featuring, a four hour set by DEET (Gaian Mind, PHL)Sunday, May 31, 2009: 4p-8pTHE RANDOM TEA ROOM 713 North 4th Street, between Brown and Fairmount, Philadelphia, USA

June 2009


June 4 Thursday
Psycheground at Sullivan Room

Hellooo, want to remind everyone about the Psycheground party this Thursday, June 4th. I hear some good things about this party as the DJs are cooking up good recipes for the evening. We may even have some special surprises as well. Lets see what happens. Featuring DJ sets by: – GAVIN (Spectra NYC) – LUIS CAMPOS (Dreamcatcher / Reality Engine) Deco by the Dreamcatchers ** June 4th, 10pm – 4am ** at the usual Sullivan Room NYC, web sullivanroom 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 RSVP to psycheground at yahoo for $5.00 reduced list Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to “W 4 St – Wash Sq” 21+ with ID { – GAVIN (Spectra NYC) – LUIS CAMPOS (Dreamcatcher / Reality Engine) Deco by the Dreamcatchers ** June 4th, 10pm – 4am ** at the usual Sullivan Room NYC, web sullivanroomweb sullivanroom 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to “W 4 St – Wash Sq” 21+ with ID
I had a blast! Thank you for letting me show my artwork! Good music, good people Excellent warm-up for Gaian Mind. only made it for a late glimpse, but earworm was surely ripping it and the crowd was in good spirits as usual

2009 6 5 Alladin

June 5 Friday
Alladin Project – SENSIENT& TIME LOCK

Pre Orb Festival Club Exit The energy is rising for ORB Festival for Full Line up and in fo please visit web orbfestival Pre Orb Festival Fri June 5th Main Stage Line Up: SENSIENT LIVE & DJ SET Zenon rec Australia w ww.myspace/zenonrecords TIME LOCK LIVE & DJ SET BNE Israel web .myspace/timelockmusicfelix SUBLEX Alladin group Japan web mys pace/sublextechno ORBIT Alladin Group Israel 96 Japan BRANDON ADAMS Dreamcatcher- Nyc Decoration: Alladin Deco Team Ocular Delight And more TBA 18 to enter 21 to drink with valid ID Doors open 10 pm 6 am Tickets: $20 at the door Location: CLUB EXIT 149 GREENPOINT AVE. BROOKLYN, NY 11 222
was a dream come true to finally hear Sensient stateside…i could have used 1 or 2 more hrs from him, for sure! disappointed at the modest turnout considering such a rare Aussie treat, but that can be reasonably attributed to fiscal conservatism leading up to next week’s festival(s). nevertheless, it was a banging party overall. thanks, Alladin crew and see you @ ORB!

2009 6 5 Yahel

June 5 Friday

June 11-14 Friday-Sunday
Gaian Mind
– The Final
Photos – OrbiclesEddieJoshParamnesia
Presenting the 8th Annual GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL Thursday, June 11th to Sunday, June 14th, 2009 Ramblewood, Darlington, Maryland, USA Join us for four days and three nights of Transcendental Dance in the open air – truly, a magical event which has established itself as the annual summer tradition for the global Trance Tribes! Currently, in its eighth year, the Gaian Mind Summer Festival has hosted the world’s leading international talent from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, plus the finest national and regional talent from the USA, becoming the premier destination for hundreds of dancers from all over the world. The gathering includes a full weekend of spiritual dancing, tribal drumming, lectures and workshops, yoga, sweat lodge, swimming, relaxation, and much more at our spectacular, new location, Ramblewood! GAIAN STAGE: Psytrance & Progressive Trance VIBRASPHERE (Tribal Vision Records / Cloud 99 Music – Sweden) Live! Trance & Chillout Sets! HALTYA (Exogenic Records / Planetaria Recordings – Finland) Live! First USA Appearance! HEADROOM (Nano Records – South Africa) Live! First USA Appearance! FLIP-FLOP (Alchemy Records – UK) Live! First USA Appearance! HIGHPERSONIC WHOMEN (Exogenic Records / Planetaria Recordings – Finland) Live! First USA Appearance! REV (Doof Records -Netherlands) Live & DJ! First USA Appearance! HEMI-SYNC (Nano Records – UK) Live! First USA Appearance! CHRIS HANSON (Alchemy Records – UK) ADAM METCALFE (Nano Records – South Africa) NIKI (Mighty Quinn Records – Japan) ARAHAT (PsyCircle Records – San Diego) MUKTI (Onetribe / Metameme – Denver) DJane LONGSTOCKING (SyzygyArt / Godzius / Moonsun Records – Montreal) KIFE (OmniTribe – NYC) TANGLED LYSERGIC PUDDLES ON CELESTIAL THREADS (Warp Brain Records – Red Hook, NJ) Live! EG~BOT (Gaian Mind / PSI – Philadelphia) EITAN (Gaian Mind / Brain Busters – Japan) KARMAKANIK (Gaian Mind / PSI – Philadelphia) SOLOMOON (Gaian Mind / Onetribe / Metameme / Ultimae Records – Denver) STEVE-O (Gaian Mind / GoaBabies – NYC) MIND STAGE: Downtempo & Chillout ANDROCELL (Celestial Dragon Records – CO) Live! DISTANT SYSTEM (Celestial Dragon Records – CO) Live! NAASKO (Interchill Records / COZ&FX – Nelson, BC) Trance & Chillout Sets! KILOWATTS (Gaian Mind / Native State Records – Philadelphia) Live! ANIMALTEK (Elektrotribe Records / Living Records – NYC) Live! ALIGNING MINDS (88 / Aleph Zero – DC) Live! GRAINS OF SOUND (AlterCulture Records – Baltimore) Live! PSYLAB (Sonic Beating / Circle Collective – Boston) Live! BUDDHA BOMB (KGNU Radio / Family Moons / Onetribe / Rhythm Sanctuary – Boulder) PAPA LEGBA (Celestial Dragon Records – Paducah, KY) Live & DJ! NOD (TOUCH Samadhi / Those People / ATLPSY – Granite Falls, NC) METAFORM & T.OM (TOUCH Samadhi / Onetribe – CO) PROGRESS (AntiShanti Records – NYC) Live! DAN COVAN (ELF’s – NYC) INDRA (Alphatrance / Omnitribe / Integral Yoga – NYC) PRIMATE (COSM – NYC) ANDREW LIGHT (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia) DEET (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia) LAURYN (Gaian Mind / Peak Records – Philadelphia) ORBICLES (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia) TRITTON (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia) Visual Artists: COZ&FX (Interchill Records – Nelson, BC) PETER PARKER (Gaian Mind / Parkerism – Philadelphia) GUI”AUM”ETRIX (Gaian Mind – NYC) VOSTEK (Overmind Works – Tucson) VJ EXERIS (AlterCulture Records – NYC / Baltimore) BLIZZART (Omnitribe – NYC) LEVITATION THEORY (Awake – CT) Deco Artists: JULIEN S.L. (Pixie Dust – Montreal) SONIC BEATING DECO (Sonic Beating – Boston) (Artists subject to change. Please check our website for additional information & updates.) https://web.archive.org/web/20180419160421/http://www.gmsf.us/ / / http://www.Ramblewood.com
WWW – what a wonderful weekend….
got there Friday evening and quickly settled into the new home for Gaian Mind which had an undeniable summer camp feel to it! the music was delicious but due to the spread-out environment, energy conservation, and a wealth of extracurricular options, the dancefloor didn’t quite get going for the first night. hemisync provided an especially nice set, but nothing really would have been able to motivate me from enjoying it from a reclined position. grains of sound played a memorable chill set as well. the deco at both stages was superb. the chill was transformed into a two-tone Japanese shrine-like environment, and Julien Seyer nailed it again for the main floor. I was especially impressed by the coordination between Julien and the projection artists on the projection screen design. the sound was also nice and clear, but could have used a little extra weight on the low end I think. it might have just been a volume issue due to decibel limitations. the dancefloor definitely had a different feel compared to four quarters, and I think it took the crowd a while to feel it out and get comfortable as well. dancing on a hill is always a challenge, but in time that was overcome! the second night rolled around with arahat warming up a frenzied dancefloor that wouldn’t let up until it was forced! REV followed and provided the spark that really set the party off! his 2 hr set leading us into sunrise was undoubtedly the highlight of the festival. heavy low end with crispy floating hi-hats and a deliciously evolving energy. my expectations were high, and they were totally fulfilled – and then some! the rest of the morning and afternoon continued with fluid techy morning sounds from flip flop then headroom and everybody ate it right up! innovative full-on with pristine sound texture and clarity, minus the cheese. flip flop really impressed me with their sound and stage presence, even though I’d never really gotten hooked on their releases. I’ve never been on such a sunny dancefloor before, and everybody definitely fed off it rather than running for cover. there’s so much more to say, but I’ll leave it at that for now. there were so many amenities and cool events available to check out which I plan to take advantage of next time. once again, thank you Gaian Mind for pulling off another legendary weekend and hope to see you again next year! Most of you probably don’t know that Rory averted total disaster when a Tiki torch exploded on the steps from the main stage to the fire circle and caught the woods on fire. I tried to douse it with my measly water bottle to no avail but alas, Rory came a runnin to save the day with his trusty extinguisher. Somebody get this man a cape.
Well, I think that this party had the best music of any GMSF I’ve been to, and that’s saying a lot. The new venue is beautiful — dare I say it, better than 4Q. I love the big, open spaces. Hanging out on the hill listening to chill out in the sun was wonderful. And what a crazy chill stage lineup, by the way. I know that a lot of people approach festivals like this with a primary focus on trance and viewing chill music as secondary, but I could not tear myself away from the chill area. Naasko played some incredible new dub rockers, the new Androcell material sounds sick as hell, and Buddha Bomb played a signature set of wildly diverse, eclectic, fascinating sounds. I also deeply enjoyed Grains of Sound, Nyxyss, and many others whose names I’ve probably forgotten. And thanks to Don (Nod) I even got down to some dubstep, which is very rare for me.
Summerdelic Psychocamp was incredible. The pool was $$$$$$$$. Rev, Flip Flop, Headroom, Tangled Puddles of Lysergic were awesome…as was our friendly neighborhood Karmakanik and the Archedream dancers. I was camped near chillout and the awesome music never stopped! I especially enjoyed the workshops. To me, the best part of GMSF is and always will be the people and the energy field that results from the constructive interference of waves of rampant positivity and love. It’s palpable and now that I’m back in squareville I’m trying to ride the wave as it fizzles out. Can’t wait till next year on the solstice! I know some of the Aladdin and Desiderata crews were there and I hope they took good notes. Ok finally a review….. this Gaian Mind to me was one of much-needed change…A gateway was swung open into new lives, new adventures, and just bliss* I LOOOOVEEE the location, the vibe there is wonderful..beautiful camp for freaks! I loved all the different areas to walk around to, and I think that the organization was AMAZING ..as usual:) Thank you soo much for doing it again. Cause of this festival..lives were made super happy..and its only getting better and better since then.. ALL us crazy Canadian girls had one of the most intense, beautiful experiences EVER!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! and will be back over and over again…looking forward to next year already! LOVED SOUTHWILD hehehehe, really killer set;) Sunday was just nuts …I cant wait to see what’s next, and see more pictures..and be there will all of you beautiful people again. Julien’s deco looked so beautiful, and the chillout deco was super amazing as well!loved the black and white! Again…merci for all you have done..I wish it went on longer, and that next year it will be on the weekend of the solstice:) LOVE LOVE LOVE YOOOOOOUUUUuuuu….

June 24 Wednesday
Batacuda at Boom


June 28 Sunday
Hi Evan. Sorry, I was lazy and after 12 years of activity, I wanted to completely extricate anything trance or trance related from my life – a detox if u will – for a couple of months to see how it felt. Next time I’ll try depriving myself of all things mundane to see how it feels. Anyway, it’s getting relaunched with some URL changes, it’s all getting moved to tranceam.org, back up in days. Thanks for the prod! tranceamericana.org is now going to be tranceam.org all old brainmachines content will still be on the site. Cheers Jeff
teleomorph at gmail writes: The Trance Americana (Brainmachines) website is down? That’s unfortunate. Any chance these galleries linked below can be hosted somewhere else? -Evan
Machinelf Basically every trance and weird-ass photo and image I have from the past 10 years in a gallery, 1200 in all.. Completely unedited – there may be a couple of incriminating photos in there. I would like to hope that the NYPD could build a pretty good case on this gallery alone. web tranceam.org/photos1996-2006/Brainmachines19962006/index Also, I uploaded all of Nan’s photos from NYC 2002-2004. The links for those and the link above are now on the main page at Brainmachines:
And not to forget Serge’s photos from 2000. He’s out of jail now BTW.. Enjoy PS I will be revising this, if anyone has any photos to add please email them to me thx-

2009 Fall & Winter2010

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