2013 NYC Psytrance

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2013 Playlist

Respect Gatherings begins producing events

January 2013

2013 1 12 Comfyness

January 12 Saturday

2013 Geoparadise

January 12-13, Feb/Mar/May/June Saturday
Geo Paradise

February 2013

2013 2 9 Alladin

February 9 Saturday
Alladin Project

2013 2 22 Alladin

February 22 Friday
Alladin Project

March 2013

March 8 Friday

March 9 Saturday

Hikari invites you to: ‘Tao’ It cannot be defined or expressed in words. It can, however, be known or experienced. Keeping this in mind, we would like to welcome you to share this ‘Tao’ experience with us, this March 9th through dance of life. The yin and the yang. Both, the underlying forces of our universe. Every action that we take, and every thought we send out manifests itself & creates a reaction in return. Here at Hikari, we only encourage you to send out your most sincerest form of love towards each living being here on Earth and watch our unity grow as we share this dance of light once again! After all, we are all “光” YOUR E-MAIL RSVP WILL BE NEEDED TO RECEIVE LOCATION DETAILS: hikariproduction@gmail.com ! LINE – UP ! TECTUM First NYC Appearance 1.5hr Special Set! Tectum is a progressive trance project formed in 2010. From an early age he was heavily influenced by music and after years of experimenting he finally decided to create his own sounds which quickly caught on many labels such as Ovnimoon, BMSS records, PlusQuam, Synergetic Records & many other various compilations. His style of sound is a new generation of music which spice up the dance floor. https://soundcloud.com/tectum-music KNOBI (Cohn) 2hr new full-on set Knobi has been involved in the music scene since the early 90’s, when he discovered the art of psychoacoustics & the sound of electronic music. In the late 90’s he started to play psytrance along side of the very founders of the genre itself. Not limited to being in various live bands at the same time also. Knobi’s sound will shift and take your mind for a race. No one comes close to his style of mixing, which has been called by many “the live mix” as he mixes new tracks every three to four minutes without you ever noticing, that way keeping you on the dance floor for hours at the time. http://soundcloud.com/cohn MIGUEL MOURA Miguel embarked on a musical journey which started at the age of 8 when he was given his first drum set. Soon after, he discovered a never ending love for the guitar and his childhood obsession with computer programming . Moving back to Portugal at the age of 13 he was immersed In a growing underground electronic movement like no other, shortly after he found himself at his first forest party. Enchanted by the obscure musical ingenuity, hypnotizing rhythm and an indescribably magical vibe, he knew at that moment he had discovered something that would change the course of his life. Half his lifetime later Miguel has remained dedicated to the community, producing, and collaborating on a number of events in Portugal, the U.S. and U.K. Working with most of the familiar faces in the scene. Now recently relocated in New York City representing the renowned U.K. Label Alchemy Records he brings special blend of contagious baselines and complex melodies to the dance floor. DJ SAMEINSANE Quality Sound system BY Turbo Sound! DECO: art installation by HIKARI deco team VISUALS: by Stanley Hsu http://www.youtube.com/wowstanley 10PM Williamsburg, Brooklyn 21+ w I/D PRE-SALES AVAILABLE HERE: http://hikari.eventbrite.com/

Psyhooskha presents Shishki

Philly Psytrance Monthly

April 2013

2013 4 6 Alladin

April 6 Saturday
Alladin Project

2013 4 18 Psyche

April 18 Thursday

2013 4 26 Psyche

April 26 Friday

May 2013

May 3
Kabayun & Fractal Phono Philadelphia’s Psytrance, Progressive and Psychill Monthly Party

First Fridays at O’Neal’s off South Street 4/5/13 9pm-2am Featuring: TRANCE Floor: KABAYUN LIVE– (Looney Moon Records, SYNC) + Hox (dants, boogie, coalesce) https://soundcloud.com/hoxpsy/summermix NOT TRANCE Floor: FRACTAL PHONO – (Zenon Rec., Another Psyde Rec., D.M.T. Rec.) https://soundcloud.com/fractal-phono-mixes/fractal-phono-summer-promo Industrial Death LIVE (PANadelphia, Psy-fi productions) https://soundcloud.com/industrialdeath

May 23 Thursday

Once again PsYcHeGrOuND is back at the amazing Sullivan Room, this time welcoming back the killer Daksinamurti for a special extended set. We will also be celebrating Julia Cardenuto’s birthday. Please come and support our scene! Line-up: Daksinamurti (Sangoma/Timecode/Peak ~ GERMANY) http://soundcloud.com/daksi Support sets by: Influx (Dreamcatcher ~ NYC) http://soundcloud.com/djluiscampos Danzer (Artist Response Team – A.R.T. ~ NYC) Belly dancing by Caridad Rivera Deco by TBA Body painting by Char LA LA and live painting by Sofiya Chudnovskiy Wildfire Blacklights (powered by A.R.T.) https://web.archive.org/web/20130707040310/http://www.artistresponseteam.net/ Logistics: $10 before midnight and $15 after 21+ w/ ID Location: Sullivan Room 218 Sullivan St – New York City

June 2013

July 2013

2013 7 3 Psyche

July 3 Wednesday

Once again we are back at Sullivan Room, this time welcoming one of the biggest psy trance producers in the world, TALAMASCA. Lineup: Talamasca -< France > (Mind Control Rec/ Dacru Rec) https://soundcloud.com/talamasca Support sets by: Influx (Dreamcatcher – Sullivan Room) & Brandon Adams (Bom Shanka – Sync – Dreamcatcher) Rod B (Miami Underground Movement – BR) Horus (Disorient ) Psychedelikunz (Psybolic Frolic / Pulp Project – IN) 2 for 1 drinks till 11pm Body painting TBA Live painting by Sofiya Sofiya Chudnovskiy Deco TBA Wildfire Blacklights (powered by A.R.T.) https://web.archive.org/web/20130707040310/http://www.artistresponseteam.net/ Logistics: fee: $25 There will be a limited amount of $20 tickets at: http://psycheground.ticketleap.com/psycheground-presents-talamasca-live-in-nyc/ 21+ w/ ID Sullivan Room 218 Sullivan St – New York City

2014 7 4

July 4 Thursday
Pex Fest MD


July 9
Philadelphia: Shampoo Nightclub finally calls it quits

2013 7 18 Psyche

July 18 Thursday

August 2013

2013 8 1 Psyche

August 1 Thursday

August 2 Friday
Mushroom Camp Part Deux

Photos – OrbiclesMadhatter

2013 8 10 Psyche

August 10 Saturday

2013 8 15 Psyche

August 15 Thursday

August 22, 2013: Psytrance Rave in a Forest – Big Night Out
2013 7 23 Respect

August 23 Friday
Respect Gatherings Genesis

Burning Man 2013

August 26-September 2
Burning Man: Cargo Cult

September 2013

2013 9 5 Psyche

September 5 Thursday

2013 Fractalfest

September 13-15 Friday-Sunday
Northeast Kingdom VT Sept 13-15
Fractaltribe proudly presents: FRACTAL FEST 2013 a long-awaited retreat to nature a family-focused arts and music event an intimate open air tribal gathering Capacity is limited to 300 persons on the property, including staff and artists. Presales Only. Will sell out soon. www.fractilianadventures.ticketleap.com/fractalfest The Concept: Since 2008, we have stayed true to our mission to bring you the highest quality experiences that we are able with our collective resources and knowledge. This summer, we have finally been granted the opportunity to bring this experience outdoors where it belongs. We will be offering an intimate atmosphere with familiar faces, 48 hours of continuous music and a hand-crafted tribal aesthetic on 120 acres of rugged mountain terrain. The Intent: That you realize the true power and nature of your ability to manifest reality. -If you want to see something, be the one to bring it to life! The Rules: *LEAVE NO TRACE – carry in, carry out- Be responsible for your trash. *COME PREPARED. Bring your own water and food. 3-Season camping gear and clothing highly recommended. Good food will also be available for purchase, along with tea and fruit smoothies. *BRING IT. Bring your passion, bring your smile, share with the community what you have to offer. *HAVE FUN. The Music: HUX FLUX (Alchemy Records/Sweden) www.Soundcloud.com/huxflux – psychedelic trance ILLUMINUS (Alchemy Records/Sweden) https://soundcloud.com/illuminusmusic -dub/psychill PSPIRALIFE (Zenon Records/Australia) https://soundcloud.com/pspiralife -twilight progressive- SPACEY KOALA (Kinematic Records/Canada) https://soundcloud.com/spacey-koala -koalatrance- OT KUN (Logic Vision Collective/Zenon/Enig’Matic/Kamino//Canada) https://soundcloud.com/otkun -zenonesque- DER DENKER (D.M.T. Records/Canada) -dark techno- CODE AMA (Canada) -dark psytrance- ZOUNGLA (Canada) https://soundcloud.com/zoungla -psychedelic world music- MEDISIN (Ashville, NC) https://soundcloud.com/medisin -psychill- SKYTREE (NY) https://soundcloud.com/skytree Manipulation -full on- Lunecell -progressive- Terrestrial Sound -forest psytrance- Dryad -forest psytrance- Earthian -techno- Felipe -progressive- Vudoo Runner -techno- Alex Russo -minimal tech/house Mayur -progressive- Keith Mattar -deep house–morning progressive- Felipe Alencar vs. Between Devices Pr0n -liquid dnb- Ju Lee vs. Shar4 -deep house/techno- PSY_FX -dark psytrance- DiWrecked -techno- Icaro -psydub- eelko -psydub/trip hop- Omolak -dark psytrance- Artemis -forest psytrance- Robot Ears -psychedelic minimal- Ondrase -progressive- Oscouro -retro morning- Terraphorm -deep dubstep- IllDub -roots dub/electro dub Fauxdai -IDM/chill- Alex Psyhead -progressive- Aaron Fractaltribe $80 http://fractilianadventures.ticketleap.com/fractalfest/.

September 20 Friday

September 20 Friday-Sunday

2013 9 20 NC 2

September 20-23
Equinox Deerfields/Asheville NC

T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi is honored to invite you to coalesce with us in the lavish terrain of Appalachia for our 10th annual celebration of the autumnal equinox at Deerfields. Equinox will take your spirit through an alchemical initiation of experiential bliss through psychedelic sounds that ignite the fire of primordial consciousness. Together we will root our energy into the earth, purify in the pristine mountain waters, and become uplifted by the cool, crisp Appalachian air. With one another, we co-create a utopia of euphoric music, visionary art, and workshops for enhanced awareness and higher vibrational living. We are blessed to become inflamed with you as we enkindle the archetype of group trance dance on this sacred planet we call Earth. MENOG Portugal Dani the Menace Portugal Primordial Ooze Dragon Annunaki Labyr1nth Coral Solo(moon Terrestrial Sound Kri Intrinsic Pulse Drift Kalisama Xb Medisin Quetzatl Kataphasis Mungli Mar Oso Wa Moksa Sanguine Mandragoa Horus Goadream Sweet Chaos Avery Runner Treffen Kameleon Sensoma Zenssie Krikett Koji Joshuasca Tonian Kaiser Soze & S.O.T. Force Majeure Fuzz Shad Dragram Herbivore Trebled Mind Primabyte Qa Selector Cleofus Story Workshops for your body, mind, and the world around you: Aiki: The Art of Peace and Demolishing the Illusion of Separation: Aiki, a Japanese phrase meaning “unification of energy,” is a concept found in many martial arts and applicable to all aspects of life. The purpose of a sustained practice of this principle, rather than to be stronger than other people, is to break down the barriers of the mind and to open it to the mechanics of energies both within oneself and between others. In this workshop, we will discuss philosophies behind the principle and learn some basic teachings of body mechanics that will give practicioners a taste of the new perception to be found through practice of Aiki. “The Art of Peace emanated from the Divine Form and the Divine Heart of existence, it reflects the true, good beautiful and absolute nature of creation and the essence of it’s grand design.” -Morihei Ueshiba The Rise of Consciousness: From Proto-human to Neo-human, delve into what it means to be conscious in our modern age. Thoughts on AstroTheology, Neo-Shamanism, Artificial Intelligence, integrating peak experiences and more…. Other Workshops include: Raw food Chi Gong Ancient Allusions Meditation Psychic Self Defense Food and Merchandise vending Bring everything you need to survive for 3 days in the wilderness In/Outs are reserved for emergencies – Bring your own water Fires will only be allowed in designated fire circles No dogs or renegade sound systems Price: $65 until June 1st $75 until Sept 1st $85 at gate www.touchsamadhi.com Gates open Friday at noon Ages 18 and up – Children under 12 are free with guardian www.deerfields.com – 101 Watagnee Tr., Horse Shoe, NC 28742 www.touchsamadhi.com

October 2013

2013 10 3 Psyche

October 3 Thursday

October 25 Friday

November 2013

Jason Kim Woodman

Jason Kim Woodman

d. November 23, 2013 Computer programmer. Adopted. Jason was a kind and gentle soul. He didn't know very many people ...

November 30 Saturday

December 2013

December 2, 2013 – Rick and Morty Premiere
2013 12 14 Gratitude

December 14
Cosmic Mirrors

2013 12 27 Respect

December 27 Friday
Respect Gatherings



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