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* “Electronic” includes all electronic dance music genres besides trance and psytrance ** “Relaxing” includes all ambient, world, ethereal, New Age, and downtempo music aside from original soundtracks. All tracks in alphabetical order. Many categories previously on this page have been moved to the Features section. These aren’t just bulk random lists – they are what is generally considered the best by those who closely follow each category. Hundreds of hours were spent curating these top songs – compiling and cross-referencing many, many ranking sites (such as Ranker and Metacritic), music and film sites, etc., and inevitably a dash of personal taste mixed with some nostalgia. If I found something wasn’t on Youtube, I added it myself. Updated almost daily. Send me suggestions.

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Videos about Music

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Youtube Channels

Youtube Channels

Are Sounds Electrik? Amazing channel, 80s, italo disco, electronic. Rare or forgotten electronic music, brilliant contemporary unsigned synth artists and some of my own music productions.
Music Video Vault – Restored and edited video clips

Music – Rock
Rick Beato – pretty much all music that has instruments

Music 80s
StratusDanceClub – San Diego nightclub
Houston Radio Rewind
Viva Roxy Music

Music Psytrance
Goa Dark – this guy is relentless and most of his mixes are very good
TranceAm – The power is in the playlists. This channel has dozens of curated playlists that comprise the best of each genre- Psytrance, Industrial, Pop, OST, Relaxation, etc I also upload music videos that haven’t ever been uploaded, filling in the gaps. Every so often I upload old mixes and party videos as they arise.
Mr Lemica1 – Festivals, Glidebros
Psychedelic Universe
Trancentral – Formerly Isratrance, Glidebros
Destination Goa
ID-ID Electro Musics – Lists and interesting comparisons

Music – Relaxing
SpaceWave – Cosmic Relaxation
Music – Synthwave
Astral Throb – Synthwave soundtracks as a nostalgic homage for 1980s culture
Out of Line Music – German
Stranger Synths – Synthwave

Music Techno
Colin Benders – Dutch Modular synth
Sainai Music – Dave Dittmer

Music Industrial
Yami Spechie

Music Local
Kri Samadhi – North Carolina
Fractaltribe Network – Massachusetts
djluiscampos – Brazillian transplant NYC
atomicjuice – NYC projectionist
ebeaudio – San Francisco Producer

Music Digitally Enhanced & Restored
Enhanced Music Videos

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