75 Gigs of Free Goa/Psytrance on the Internet Archive

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Holy fuck. 2,872 of the best songs, albums, and videos!   This is incredible, and I’m so glad this archival site exists, so that future generations will remember the early days. As a psytrance historian, it has been absolutely critical in preserving history, except for sites made in the Flash era!

Still, it’s mind blowing they can legally get away with it. But they have cemented themselves as protected. Major corps have been hammering at them for years, but they have stood strong, even after a defeat by Trump’s sleazebag buddy David Pecker at Hachette.

Don’t treat this as a piracy thing – support the artists. But in the end, at least I know, if my hard drive and backups get nuked, there is a mother lode somewhere to get me back to life.

Fun fact: Jason Scott, the “free range archivist” of the Internet Archive is an acid head, like many if not most higher up and influential tech people 😀

While you can just play the songs on the page, downloading it all is complicated by the fact that the sheer amount is way too large to simply be zipped by Internet Archive’s standard protocol.
So here is how to download it  all on Windows for beginners – and as long as u can do very basic DOS commands, it’s straightforward.  It takes about 10 minutes to begin the downloading process. My Windows store is busted and I don’t wanna reinstall Windows, so this probably has an extra step (downloading the script separately) but it works regardless.

1. Install Python from https://www.python.org/downloads/

(If in windows make SURE you click the bottom PATH box when installing or yer gonna get lost fast!)

2. Download the Internet Archive python downloader


3. Open a command line interface terminal (search for CMD.exe)

Navigate via DOS command, to where you downloaded it, such as “cd C:internetarchive-master” This is very important and if you don’t know DOS commands you need to learn it it’s easy:

Navigating around your folders with DOS
Changes you to another disk –  in this case E:

C> cd furniture
Moves you to the directory called ‘FURNITURE’

C> cd \furniture\chairs
Moves you to the directory called ‘CHAIRS’ under the directory called ‘FURNITURE’.

C> cd ..
Moves you up one level in the path.

C> cd \
Takes you back to the root directory (c: in this case).

Once you’re in the right directory, type:

pip install internetarchive






from internetarchive import download



download('goa-psy-trance-mp-3-and-video-75-g', verbose=True)


Then it starts downloading. You may have to repeat these steps a few times, as it can sometimes time out.

If you get stumped keep at it and you will learn a bit more about Python. Beware, so much stuff out there about the Internet Archive downloader is for **LINUX**

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