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Aaron oCeloT – American/Portugese producer
Alien Safari – South African festival
Alex Grey – American artist, hosted many trance events in NYC
Alien Project – Israeli producers
Alien Visitors – Italian producers
Amorphous – Swedish producer
Analog Pussy – Israeli producer
Andrey Dobarin – Russian producer
Andychrist – American producer
Alpha Channel – American producer
Animato & Petra – Israeli producer
Anthropos Festival in the UK in June 2019 features a large number of psytrance artists.
Antiscarp Warriors – Finnish producers
Antix – New Zealand producers
Aphid Moon – British producer
Artax – Swedish producer
Artha – Polish producer
Artifact303 – Hungarian producer
Astral Projection – Israeli producer
Atmos – Polish/Swedish producer
Astrix – Israeli producer
Atriohm – Macedonian producer


Babylon – Australian festival in Victoria
Baphomet – Brazillian producer
Baksheesh – a small sum of money given as alms, a tip, or a bribe.
Bigwigs – Polish producer
Bitmonx – German producer
BK & Nick Sentience – British producers
Blue Planet Corporation – French producer
Blue Room Released – British label – A Goa/psy-trance label that started operating in 1994 and had “solid financial backing from the British B&W loudspeaker company,” based in Steyning, West Sussex, UK. The label was run by Simon Ghahary, the designer with the company who came up with the “pod” speaker series. Had an MDMA adventure.
Boombay Central – Indian producer
Boom Festival in Portugal was originally a psytrance festival but now includes world music. It is held every second year in August and combines social activism with cultural and spiritual elements.
Brandon Adams – NYC DJ – late 90s early 2000s website for trance and brain machines
Bryan Friedman – brought Texas Faggot to NYC


California Sunshine – Israeli producer
Casey – British producer
Chay (Daya Cayung Siagian) – Sumatran/American tapestry painter (RIP)
Charras –  a hashish form of cannabis which is handmade in the Indian subcontinent and Jamaica.
Children of Lir – Organizers in Ireland
Chillum – a straight conical pipe with end-to-end channel, traditionally made of clay and used since at least the eighteenth century in India.
Cosma – Israeli producer (RIP)
Cosmo – Israeli producer
Cosmosis – British producer
Cujorious – Danish producer – Famously does not get along with fellow Danish Reefer Decree and Iboga Records, the reason I assume is that the two are stylistically diametrically opposed.
Cydonia/Dino Psaras – British producer


D Tek & Dr. Panic – Israeli producer
Dark psychedelic trance is the heavier end of the psychedelic trance spectrum with tempos around 148 bpm and over. Related styles include psycore (fast and crazy), hi-tech (bouncy and glitchy), and forest (organic and earthy). Characterized of having obscure, deep and more eschatological background that leads into profound meditation of death, night and transcendence, often with dismal sounds and heavy basslines.
Dark Soho – Israeli producer
Deedrah – French producer
Deeper in Zen – American producer
Delta – German producer
Der Ritte Raum – German producer
Deviant Species – British producer
Devil’s Rejects – American producer
Disco Slickers – German producer
Dohm – Lithuanian producer
Droput Records – label in San Francisco
Dragonfly Records – Martin Glover (Youth)’s record label, where Simon Posford worked before founding the TWISTED Records; released the very first compilation of the genre: Project II Trance
Droid Sect – French producer
Drumatik – Switzerland producer
Dub Trees – British producer


Edoardo – Italian DJ
Egosentrifuge – Finnish producer
Ektoplazm – Canadian message board, and label
Electric Universe – German producer
Elysium – Danish producer
Esoteric – Australian smaller family festival in Victoria
Exaile – Israeli producer
Etnica – Italian producers
EvsY – Finnish producer
Eyal Barkan – Israeli producer “Victory Trance”


Facehead – American producer
Faxi Nadu – Israeli producer
Filteria – Swedish producer
Fletcher Munson Syndrome – German producer
Flying Rhino – British label – Established in August 1994 initially as a collaboration between Zoom Records and three young DJ’s and producers: James Monro, Dominic Lamb and George Barker. One of the most influential psytrance labels that, arguably, defined the genre when its popularity was peaking.
Freakshow – festival by Psytribe in California
Fred Disko and DJ Laurent followed by Goa Gil were the first to play Goa music in 1983.
Freeman – Israeli producer
Freq – Australian producer
Full-On is a psychedelic trance style that is particularly popular in Israel. This genre has high energy for peak moments, often having melodic, energetic and crisp basslines with a fast tempo (usually 140 to 148 bpm). There are some related styles that are derived from this style and are distinguished as different varieties of Full-On: twilight and night full-on (or dark full-on), having bolder and lower notes in their basslines, morning (light and kind of happy), and uplifting.
Fungus Funk – Russian producer
Fuzzion – Russian producer


Ghost Army – American producer
GMS – Growling Mad Scientists – Dutch producers
Goa Gil closely followed DJs Laurent and Fred Disko as the first to play Goa music in 1983.
Grapes of Wrath – Swedish producer
Green Nuns of the Revolution – British producer


Halidonium – German producer
Hallucinogen/Simon Posford – British producer
Haltya – Finnish producer
Hatteria – American producer
Highlanders – Finnish producer
Hofmanns – very strong LSD blotter(~600mcg) on blotter paper, popular in Isreal ~2000.
Hommega – Israeli label
Hux Flux – Swedish producer


Iboga Records – Danish label
Igor Swamp – Finnish producer
Impact & Timelock – Dutch producers
Infected MushroomIsraeli producers


Jaia – French producer
James Monro – British producer
Javelin – British techno/hardcore/progressive techno label founded in the early-mid-90s, which, however, is notable for releasing the first Goa Gil’s compilations, a few albums by Prana, the original The Infinity Project’s Mystical Experiences, and releases by Transwave, among other things.
John Emmanuel Gartman – ran Tsunami, organizer in NYC
Joti – British producer
Jötunn – Ukraine
Juno Reactor – British producer
Junya – British producer


Kagdila Records – label based in Los Angeles
Karrahana – First Israeli trance film
Kashykk – American producer
Katayama – Swedish producer
Khetzal – French producer
Kode Six – Swedish producer
Koxbox – Danish producers
Kruger and Coyle – German producer


La Calamar – Finnish producer
Lagoon – British producer
Laughing Buddha – British producer
Laurent – along with Fred Disko and Goa Gil, first played Goa music in 1983.
Lemon Slide – Finnish producer
Liquid – Israeli producer
Liquid Crystal Vision – San Francisco trance film
Loa – Russian producer
Logic Bomb – Swedish producer
Lotus Omega – Italian producer
Love Parade – seminal Berlin dance festival
Lyctum & Ectima – Serbian producers


Magic Spirit – Israeli producer
Maha Ketama – Finnish producer
Magnetrixx – German producer
Mandala Vandalz – Finnish producer
Man With No Name – British producer
Mandra Gora – German producer
Mark Allen – British producer
Matenda – Swedish producer
Matsuri Productions – Japanese label and organizer
Mayur – Indian/American DJ (RIP)
Menis – Hamburger
Menog – Portugese producer
Mental Echo – Portugese producer
MFG – Israeli producer
Midi Milliz – German producer
Mino – Israeli producer
– Israeli producer
Morphic Resonance – Spanish producer
Mubodhi – American producer
Mullet Mohawk – Finnish producer
Mystica – Israeli producer


Naja – German label, defunct 2000
Naked Tourist – German producer
Neelix – German DJ and producer
Neuromotor – French producer
Nick Taylor/Prana – British Producer
Nitzhonot (Hebrew: נצחונות, “victories”) is a form of Goa trance that emerged during the mid-late 1990s in Israel. Nitzhonot blends hard pulsating basses, sometimes referred to as “laserkicks”, with the Eastern melodies typical for Indian Goa trance from 1996 and 1997. The tracks are usually in a range of 145–155 BPM.
Nobi – Japanese DJ in NYC
Noisily Festival – UK festival
Noma – Swedish producer
Nucleus – British producer


Ollie Wisdom – Australian producer
Onnobot – American producer
Orion – Danish producer
Ovnimoon – Chilean producer
Ozora festival in Hungary is held every year during summer days on a private estate near village Dadpuszta, and it originally started as a party called Solipse which was held during the August 1999 solar eclipse.


P. Cok – Israeli producer
Panick – Israeli producer
Paps – French producer
Parasense – Russian producer
Paranoize – Israeli producer
Pena – Portugese DJ
Phantasm Records – British label run by John Phantasm – Another UK goa trance label started in 1993, which, however, did not feature goa releases till later.
Phonokol – Israeli label
Pitch – Australian festival in Victoria
Planet B.E.N. – German producer and label
Pleiadians – Italian producer
Progressive psytrance is among the common party themes, normally played during the afternoon or on a different stage. Since the mid 2010s, it has grown in popularity, to the point where it is often also labelled “Psytrance”. Examples include artists from the Serbian label TesseracTstudio such as Zyce, Talpa, E-Clip, Flegma, Shivatree, ILAI, Sideform, Manmachine, Vertex, Sonic Entity, Relativ, Arhetip. Other artists in this sub-genre artists include ViniViciAstrix, Psycrain, RitmoProtonica, and Major7.
Project II Trance – In 1993 the first 100% Goa trance album was released, featuring tracks by Man With No Name and Hallucinogen to name two.
Prometheus – British producer
Psilocybian – Croatian producer
Psy-Harmonix – Australian label
Psysex – Israeli producer
Psychonauts – Greek producers
Psygnosis – NYC band


Quirk – British producer


Ra – Norwegian producer

Raja Ram – Australian/British producer
Rainbow Serpent Festival began in 1998 and is the largest of Australian festivals.
Ranji & Blastoyz – Israeli producer
Reefer Decree – Danish producers
Return to the Source first organized trance parties at the Fridge in Brixton, London.


Saafi Connection – Israeli producer
Sage Audio – Atlanta Organizer
Salakaval – Finnish producer
Sandman – Israeli producer
Sangeet – German producer
Sanskrit Yoga Terms
Semsis – British producer
Sesto Trimurtri – Russian festival
Shadai – Mexican producer
Shaffel Records – Israeli label
Shakta – British producer
Shaman – Swedish producer
Shpongle/Simon Posford – British producer
Shiva Chandra – German downtempo producer
Shunny – American DJ
Sideform – Serbian producer
Skazi – Israeli producer
Skunk of Satan – Mexican producer
Slinky Wizard – British producer
Solar Fields – Swedish producer
Sonic Fusion – British producer
Sonic Sense – Russian producer
Son Kite – Swedish producer
Soular Records – label in San Francisco
Space Cat – Israeli producer
Space Monkey – Israeli producer
Spiral Trax Records – Swedish progressive label run by DJ Anti, sold to Doctor Spook
Spirallianz – German producers
Spirit Zone Records – German label – Independent German record label founded in 1994. Released goa/psychedelic trance, progressive trance, and ambient.
Splinter – American producer
S-Range – Swedish producer
Stella Nutella – Swedish DJ
Star-X – Israeli producer
Storm – British producer
Substance – Sublabel of the French label Distance (which also released the eponymous “Distance to Goa” compilations). Featured reissues of some of the most prominent Goa releases of the period.
S.U.N. Project – German band and producers, famous for their guitars and alien masks
Suomisaundi (English: Finnish sound; also known as spugedelic trance or freeform psy) is an experimental variety originating in Finland during the mid-1990s. Popular artists and groups include Luomuhappo and Texas Faggott.
Synchro – Dutch producer
Synergy – South African festival


Talamasca – French producer
Tandu – Israeli producer
Tegma – Swedish producer
Texas Faggot – Finnish producer
The Gathering – Japanese festival
Ticon – Swedish producer
Tim Schuldt – German producer associated with harder techno sound
T.I.P. Records – British label – TIP = The Infinity Project, the founders of the label. Perhaps, the most influential label in the early days of the genre (1993-1995).
Tortured Brain – British producer
Transient Records – British label
Transwave – French producer
Triskele Management – British management company
Tristan – British producer
Trust in Trance Records – Israeli label, Astral Projection’s own label, featuring their own releases and excellent compilations.
Tsuyoshi Suzuki – Famous Japanese Producer and DJ – Considered one of the key figures in the spread of the goa/psytrance movement. His earliest releases incorporating the new-psychedelic goa sound include ‘Rite of Passage’ by Blissed (with Nick Taylor and Takehiro Takuda) in June 1993. Typically mentioned as a member of Prana (with Nick Taylor).
Tunnel Records – German label
Twisted Records – Simon Posford’s label,  founded with Simon Holtom (?) in 1996, featuring a trickle of releases from Hallucinogen, Prometheus, Shpongle, and others.


Ubar Tmar – Japanese producer
Unconscious Collective – British producer


Vaporvent – label in San Francisco
Vibrasphere – Swedish producer
Vini Vici – Israeli producer
Voice of C.O.D. – British producer
Voov Festival – Seminal German festival
Vortex – South African festival


Waio – Brazillian producer
Walhalla – Swedish producer
Whiteno1se – Israeli producer
Wizzy Noise – Greek producer


X-Dream/Organic Noise/The Groupie Syndrome – German producer
Xenomorph – German producer


Youth of Killing JokeMartin Glover, the ultimate man behind the curtain who seems to own everything, including Dragonfly Records and the famed El Mirador studio in the mountains.
Yumade – French producer


Zabra – Swedish producer
Zoran Sumadinac – Elfin Serbian producer

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