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Today in alternate history:
In 2023, President Trump shows off his note from Putin promising no more invasions after Ukraine

Ukraine War Statistics

Deep State Map Live

Ukraine News Feed

Defense of Ukraine Twitter

Tranceam Articles

Youtube Channels

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Analysis by Solo Youtubers

Note: Each channel’s most recent videos are included and are each functioning playlists

Jake Broe – Finance channel run by ex-air force airman that went full Ukraine and goes hard every day:

William Spaniel – thoughtful cerebral author:

Anders Puck Nielsen – Danish military expert:

Ryan McBeth – Quickies from an artillery nerd

Perun – Gaming channel that also went full Ukraine:

Arthur Rahi – Estonian soldier:

Denys Davydov – Ukrainian Pilot:

NFKRZ – Roman is fucking hilarious

Larger channels:

UATV English – Ukrainian news:

Kings and Generals – War history channel

Infographics Show – Excellent general channel with much Ukraine coverage:

RealLifeLore – Similar to Infographics Show:

Caspian Report – General geopolitics:

TVP World – Polish state TV. Kind of like Fox News. But very entertaining and often downright funny:


Russian Media Monitor – transcribes Russian state media into English:

Insights from Ukraine and Russia – Intercepted phone calls of Russian soldiers:

Zolkin Volodymyr – Interviews with POWs

1420 – Street interviews

Project Ukraine Video Series

Ukraine Memes

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