ISIS/Al Qaeda, and Hamas, objectively compared

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Discover the similarities and differences between the Islamic State AKA ISIS and the Islamic Resistance Movement AKA Hamas, two organizations formed in response to Western imperialism. Both have grievances, but also notable distinctions.


– Both formed to fight unfair, mean Western imperialism into their lands, whether through the Balfour Declaration or the Sykes-Picot Agreement. Basically, the Ottomans sided with the Germans in WW1 and we are still witnessing all the collateral damage.
If you support Hamas’ claims, there is zero reason you should not support ISIS/Al Qaeda’s claims, and agree that they have similar grievances. If Hamas is justified in its anger, then so is ISIS. And why stop there? Taken just one small baby step further, one could argue the Nazis were justified in their anger at Jews.

– Both want all Jews dead, and are willing, no, eager, to use terror tactics such as mutilation/beheading/burning of women and children, though Hamas, bless their hearts, don’t have the SAMs to down Jordanian pilots to be able to burn them in cages

– No Arab countries are willing to take in either side, fearing Lebanon-style, absolute chaos.


-Hamas is based a little to the west of ISIS.

OK, OK, just kidding, here are a few more:

-Hamas, though they enforce limited sharia and dutifully throw their gays off buildings, is a bit more secular than ISIS.

-Hamas gets support from many Western young people, half of whom cannot identify what “River” and what “Sea.” ISIS is universally condemned, though to a visiting alien, they would be virtually indistinguishable.

-Hamas formed in an area with Jews. ISIS formed in areas that had been devoid of Jews for centuries, so all they had to terrorize were other Muslims.

-Hamas’s camps of women and many many children have not quite reached the level of wretchedness seen in eastern Syria, and the West, bound by decency, cannot figure out what to do with them.
But if the tables were turned, you know what would have happened to them. The same that eventually happened to Jews in every Muslim country.


Jewish Lion
Yes, Likud/Natanyahu. I still love the graphic. The Lions of Judah!

Stage 1 of my perception of this mess

I think we can all agree that what Hamas did to psytrancers, women, babies, female IDF soldiers is bad. Right?
We can agree Netanyahu is a corrupt asshole, right?
We can think settlers are being very pushy on the West Bank, amiright?
I think we can agree with the futility of moving Palestinians to Jordan or Lebanon, where history has proven time and time again that they would wreck wherever they are settled. They have. Check the history. Although Palestinian DNA is a melange, you can conceivably go all the way back to the Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age Collapse, and Carthage.

Stage 2

I think we can all agree that what has become of the Palestinian people is very sad. While the Israelis have been aggressive, the Palestinians have made six decades of horrible choices, took gifts and shit on them and threw the poo back at Israel, every fucking time. And the Palestinians, at least in Gaza, unlike the “good” Palestinians in the West Bank, who have marginally better lives, are now about the level of ISIS widows/baby making factory camps in Eastern Syria. By their own making.
The dilemma – what the fuck do you do with these camps? It’s not an easy answer. Back in the old days, after armed horsemen rampaging, there would be zero refugees or widows or children. Anyone who has studied the history can confirm this.

Stage 3

OK, and this one is a bit closer to the edge, and is where the rubber meets the road. Can we also agree that Israel really needs to destroy Hamas, even though Hamas is using its own population and hostages as human shields. If they do not, there will be more tunnels, more shit, more attacks, and on, and on, and on, and on, until all the Jews are pushed out, just like they have in every other Muslim country, RIGHT?
I have a feeling that some internet armchair think tankers might disagree with this last one, but I just don’t get your logic.

Conclusion and Judgement

You have danced and associated with Israelis since the late 90s. I can’t fathom how you would want them dead, which is exactly what you are advocating for if you want Hamas to survive. If you truly feel this way, I wonder how you will feel next time you are at a party, tripping, and see those Jews dancing around.
Shame on you.

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