The Scam of Hamas: Exposing Corruption and Advocating for a Pro-Palestinian Solution

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Breaking Bad Huell on Pile of Money

In the same way much of BLM became a scam, with offshoots jumping on the gravy train/feeding frenzy, conning well-meaning liberal philanthropists, and buying mansions in Santa Monica, Hamas has always been a scam.

Hamas Net Worth

They are worth 10 Taylor Swifts. By my napkin math, they could gift every last poverty-stricken Gazan over $5,000.

This was true even before Hamas. Remember Arafat? He was worth a billion.

These people have learned what Donald Trump learned long ago. Keep the rubes riled up and laugh all the way to the bank. Turn your bad decisions into a persecution complex.

Absolute money corrupts absolutely.

You simply can’t send money to cultures rife with corruption. The money immediately disappears into Swiss bank accounts.

Now look at all the useful Gen Z idiots on Tiktok.

So what is the solution? Simple. Destroy Hamas. Yes, they will throw up civilians as human shields. It’s a tragedy yes. But it is their doing, not Israel’s. They take hostages, which good guys never do – but you do not give in to their demands. You do not negotiate with terrorists. You kill them. You press forward until the mission is complete.

Like we did with Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

In the end, you are saving Gazans from their murderous choices, because if you don’t, they will murder you again and again.

Like Ukraine and Russia. It is the same struggle. Light versus darkness. Good versus evil.

To paraphrase a certain Ukrainian diplomat, every dead Hamas is one less dead Hamas your children will have to kill, if your children survive to do that.

This is the way. This. Is pro-Palestinian.

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