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Identifiable data included job searches, map directions, "cosplay erotica."
Perry: Mind-blowing AI video-generation tools "will touch every corner of our industry."
LockBit's extensive reach is making complete erasure hard.
SD3 may bring DALL-E-like prompt fidelity to an open-weights image-synthesis model.
Inserting depictions of diversity into AI images creates revisionist history, critics say.
Cause of outage is unknown, but some suspect it's network-to-network "peering."
How Kybers and ratcheting are boosting the resiliency of Apple's messaging app.
Gemma chatbots can run locally, and they reportedly outperform Meta's Llama 2.
Reddit user: "It's not just you, ChatGPT is having a stroke."
Authorities who took down the ransomware group brag about their epic hack.
Actor pokes fun at 2023 AI video by eating spaghetti messily and claiming it's AI-generated.
Thousands of domains and servers seized from group responsible for thousands of attacks.
If you've posted on Reddit, you're likely feeding the future of AI.
iPhone compass app made with AI assistance locates the heart of the Milky Way.
Hello, cultural singularity—soon, every video you see online could be completely fake.
Feds once again fix up compromised retail routers under court order.
Are you a sysadmin with control issues who needs a weekend project? Look no further!
Broadcom has cut VMware products, perpetual licenses, and its partner program.
Google confusingly overshadows its own pro product a week after its last major AI launch.
Disagreement over security disclosures and bug-fixing priorities led to split.


Crunchyroll Will Attempt to Compensate Funimation Users for Loss of Digital Libraries

In an increasingly perilous streaming and digital media landscape—where content is as quick to vanish [...]

Buried Nuclear Waste From the Cold War Could Resurface as Ice Sheets Melt

This story was originally published by Grist. Sign up for Grist’s weekly newsletter here.Read more [...]

Not Dead Yet: Japan's Upside-Down Moon Lander Unexpectedly Wakes Up After Lunar Night

The SLIM lunar lander unexpectedly sprung back to life after hibernating during the freezing lunar [...]

Supreme Court Will Decide What Free Speech Means on Social Media

The Supreme Court is hearing two cases on Monday that could set new precedents around [...]

Updates From the Game of Thrones Spinoffs, Blood and Honey 2, and More

Art the Clown creeps into view in a new behind-the-scenes look at Terrifier 3. Pedro [...]

The Best Free AI Art Generators, Ranked

What is AI art? Well, of all the many, many ways armchair philosophers have come [...]

You Don’t Need to Use Airplane Mode on Airplanes

Putting your phone in airplane mode when boarding a flight feels like common sense. You [...]

Gizmodo Monday Puzzle: Goodbye Wordle, Hello HIPE

Renowned puzzler Peter Winkler invented the addictive word game, HIPE, with some friends when they [...]

Philips Evnia 42M2N8900 Review: A Gorgeous and Colorful OLED That Takes Up Too Much Space

If you’re like me, your desktop monitor often does double duty as a TV. The [...]

AT&T Offers $5 Credit for Service Outage, Gets Everyone Talking About How Cheap It Is

AT&T is sorry for the recent outrage that left some customers without service for up [...]

Now You Can Message Google Gemini From Any Android Phone

Android is becoming the platform of AI fever dreams. At this year’s MWC, an overseas [...]

Elon Musk Shares Tweet Falsely Claiming 'Media Blackout' in Death of Georgia College Student

Elon Musk shared a tweet Sunday claiming the recent murder of a college student in [...]

First Look: Lenovo's Transparent Laptop

I did not have Lenovo rolling out the red carpet for see-through laptops on my [...]

Star Wars' Next Book Will Chronicle the Empire's Evil Lifetime

Everything in Star Wars in its 47-year lifetime has revolved arond the Galactic Empire. No [...]

The Ultimates are Ready to Avenge the Ultimate Universe

The new Ultimate Universe has an intriguing start behind it: what if classic Marvel heroes [...]

A Pilot Drew a Penis in the Sky and Wrote ‘See Ya’ During a 6-Hour Flight

It’s said that artists are painstakingly dedicated to their craft, so I have no other [...]

Open Channel: Tell Us Your Thoughts on Netflix's Avatar Remake

We’ve been hearing about Netflix’s plans to bring Avatar: The Last Airbender for live-action for [...]

Dune: Part Two Gets the Herbert Seal of Approval

Dune: Part Two finally drops in theaters next week, and anticipation for the film has [...]

7 Ways Evolution Really Nailed Animal Camouflage

A paramount rule of the animal kingdom is not to be seen unless you want [...]

Foundation's David S. Goyer Drops Showrunner Duties Amid Season 3 Production

David S. Goyer wears a lot of hats for Apple TV+’s adaptation of Foundation—along with [...]

Tech Crunch

After a brief tease at the end of its big Galaxy S24 event earlier this [...]

The TechCrunch team is in Barcelona this week to bring you all the action going [...]

Security researchers say a pair of easy-to-exploit flaws in a popular remote-access tool used by [...]

Meta has dropped its lawsuit against an  Israeli web scraping company Bright Data, after losing [...]

BLKFAM is a free, ad-supported, Black-focused family streaming service launching today to give Black Americans [...]

Google is hopeful it will soon be able to ‘unpause’ the ability of its multimodal [...]

Today we talked about how Google wants to bring AI to its mobile ecosystem, why [...]

Paris-based AI startup Mistral AI is gradually building an alternative to OpenAI and Anthropic as [...]

OnePlus’ first smartwatch was a lot of things. Unfortunately, particularly good or memorable weren’t among [...]

OnePlus’ second smartwatch captured media interest this week, courtesy of its stated 100 hours of [...]

Xiaomi is having a good MWC. The Chinese tech firm’s booth has been packed since [...]

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder and majority owner of Paytm Payments Bank, has stepped down from [...]

We’ve already started to see big M&A, as in multi-billion deals, finally pick up this [...]

Darwin AI’s system that connects with a company’s customer relationship management tool and evaluates possible [...]

A few months ago, OpenAI launched the GPT Store, a marketplace where people can create [...]

Networking app BeScene launches today to bring filmmakers and other creatives (actors/actresses, animators, cinematographers, costume [...]

Almost 17 million LoanDepot customers had sensitive personal information, including Social Security numbers, stolen in [...]

When it was first unveiled in the summer of 2021, Xiaomi’s CyberDog designed was best [...]

The co-founders of Israeli food tech startup Ingrediome, an alum of SOSV’s Indie Bio program, [...]

Interview Kickstart, a profitable startup helping tech professionals acquire career-advancing skills, has raised $10 million [...]


How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe From Financial Scams

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to subscription scams and aggressive tech upselling. Here's how to [...]

Vertex Is the Last Good Place Online

Completing a game of Vertex takes just 15 minutes, but I’ve started calling that time [...]

How to Use ChatGPT’s Memory Feature

The latest update to OpenAI’s chatbot improves the AI’s ability to remember user details, but [...]

Polar ID Is the Face ID Rival for Android Phones, and Could Even Beat Apple

Metalenz’s biometric tech is poised to finally give Android owners a more secure form of [...]

How a Right-Wing Controversy Could Sabotage US Election Security

Republicans who run elections are split over whether to keep working with the Cybersecurity and [...]

Hands-On With Samsung's Health-Hacking Galaxy Ring

As the smart ring race heats up, Samsung has revealed more about its coming health-based [...]

How a Small Iowa Newspaper's Website Became an AI-Generated Clickbait Factory

When two former Meta employees dug into why the website of Iowa’s Clayton County Register [...]

Lenovo's Project Crystal Is a Concept Laptop With a Transparent Display

You can see clearly now through the Project Crystal. But what is it for? And [...]

Pav Gil Helped Bring Down Wirecard. His New Startup Aims to Shield Whistleblowers From Harm

Wirecard whistleblower Pav Gill has founded a startup, Confide, that aims to protect whistleblowers from [...]

A Discarded Plan to Build Underwater Cities Will Give Coral Reefs New Life

A 1970s plan to grow underwater limestone objects has been repurposed as a way of [...]

12 Best Amazon Echo and Alexa Speakers (2024): Earbuds, Soundbars, Displays

We’ve rounded up our favorites, including third-party devices like the Sonos Era and a voice-enabled [...]

7 Best Pillows (2024): For Side Sleepers, Orthopedic, Travel

Whether you snooze on your side, back, or in a tangle of limbs and blankets, [...]

Xiaomi 14 Review: Solid but Uninspiring

The compact and refined Xiaomi 14 is a very good Android phone, but it fails [...]

Flitescooter eFoil First Ride: This $13K Hydrofoil Meant for Amateurs Is a Rough Ride

The Flitescooter is an easy-to-use eFoil meant to introduce newcomers to the niche sport. It’s [...]

There’s a New Theory About Where Dark Matter Is Hiding

An idea derived from string theory suggests that dark matter is hidden in an as-yet-unseen [...]

Some Hydrogen Car Owners Are Still Waiting For the Future to Arrive

High prices, a volatile hydrogen market, and the closure of fueling stations have bedeviled many [...]

A Vending Machine Error Revealed Secret Face Recognition Tech

A student investigation at the University of Waterloo uncovered a system that scanned countless undergrads [...]

7 Best Theragun-Alternative Massage Guns (2024): Portable, Affordable, and Heat Therapy

If you want a massage gun but don’t want to pay Theragun prices—or maybe you [...]

It’s Apparently Easy to Crack the Apple Vision Pro's Front Screen

Plus: Apple launches a Sports app for the iPhone, Sony is testing its PlayStation VR [...]

A Mysterious Leak Exposed Chinese Hacking Secrets

Plus: Scammers try to dupe Apple with 5,000 fake iPhones, Avast gets fined for selling [...]



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