NFTs are Amway for Millenials

Updated 2 years ago

For the same reason artificial intelligence will never be truly sentient and sovereign, crypto will never be fully machine–driven, but prone to manipulation by its human creators.
This video is the best summary of the inherent problems of crypto, NFT’s, and DAOs, from Dan Olson – one of the best communicators and all-around smartest people I know.
I helped to run 2 DAOs in the early 2000s – the DMT and Nootropica – so I see all the warning signs today.
Beware: The guy HAD to have been bullied if he went to a public school. Looks and talks like a know-it-all smarty pants liberal hipster, with a pretty solid anti-libertarian, anti-anarcho-capitalist, anti-tech bro bias.

Opposing view from a Reaganite libertarian:
Review of George Gilder’s “Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy”

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