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This is where it all kicked in.
Tsunami and Synthetic Sadhus peaked in the early 2000s.
2000-2001 was a golden age of early bridge parties, and in 2004 New York a brief resurgence of the Devotional Ministry of Trance with a higher-budget sound system bankrolled by Dan De Maria. The system was later used by 28th Day, until it got sold for heroin.
Down in Pennsylvania, Gaian Mind began events at the Four Quarters Sanctuary, and went strong through the decade, being the premiere events on the East Coast.
The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, over the old Twilo/Sound Factory, became a popular venue. There was no smoking, and the lights were bright.
And while NYC absolutely dominated through the late 90s to the 2000s, down in North Carolina, Kri and T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi began throwing festivals – New Yorkers first went down en masse for Powow in 2005 – and slowly but surely took the East Coast crown, and continue to this day.

Ben Light-o-matic: “In the early days, New York had a broad ecosystem of organizers – SubtleChaos, Alphatrance, Omnitribe, Spectra.. the list goes on and on, then 28th Day a bit later, TDC was great, Lightomatic, threw not many but some good ones.. there were a lot of people throwing one or two great ones. Tony Unorthodox threw some parties.. 55 Lex, there were several Israeli crews. Hovek Olam for a minute, Home of Trance for a minute. Wiley Trance Mission.. Jeff threw a ton, Eagles Lair, Kamal threw a few great ones, they were totally disorganized but what the hey! Afterparties everywhere. El Nadiv of course, got into the mix starting around 2001-2002, Alan Tagino’s new year’s eve party was nuts, A bit later YogeyBogeyBox came along.
I def could not name even half the people throwing parties in the heyday of NYC psy. Dozens of different groups, hundreds of people involved. Random one-offs. Seed Gallery.. Kaliptus threw a few… More people were involved in throwing parties then, than show up to parties now.

Landmark Events



Psytrance continued to spawn new subgenres. Progressive/scandinavian trance, with minimal beats, became very popular early on. In the mid-2000s dark psy, with such adherents as Mubali, Kabayun and Mistress of Evil, with a sped-up beat and dark overtones, became very popular.


2000 – Traktor; Playstation 2 launched March 4
2001 – Yahoogroups launched January 30; Kazaa March; Ipod October 23
2003 – Friendster March 22; Itunes April 28; Myspace August 1
2004 – Facebook – February; Apple announces GarageBand in June;
Whimmit, an early Russian Myspace that served mostly the tristate area, launches around this time
2005 – Youtube February 14
2007 – Soundcloud in August; iPhone January 9
2008 – Spotify in October


The LSD dried up considerably – it had been made at the famous Kansas missile silo. Jeff and his gram of purple LSD silo crystal got busted in his TriBeCa DMT squat and lost everything. Small ayahuasca events started to happen. Designer drugs like 2CI, AMT, Foxy Methoxy popped up now and then. Around the mid-2000s, Salvia Divinorum became a brief fad.


Terence McKenna
Sasha Chislenko
Oscar Janiger
Sergei Zaloukaev
John Lilly
Ken Kesey
Krisztina Végh
Benjamin Llewelyn Hyder
Bob Wallace
Humphry Osmond
Dan Carpenter
Hunter S. Thompson
Beka Stewart
Don Barry Mason
Viktor Zolotorenko
Wilson Leary
Mike Donahue
Big Nick Robertshaw
Albert Hofmann

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