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Logically Answered – Brilliant tech & company analysis
Patrick Boyle – Quantitative finance. What is happening in markets right now. Financial derivatives, corporate finance and how traders use quantitative tools like statistics. Interviews with some of the most interesting people in the financial industry. Some longer form documentaries on the history of financial markets.
Slidebean – helps other startups navigate the complicated road to success. We love to cover stories around business, startups, and tech, trying both to teach and entertain.
Louis Rossman – Running & maintaining a sustainable, profitable business.
The Company Man – Business and marketing of well-known companies
The Market is Op
en – Finance

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Freakonomics Radio is an American public radio program that discusses socioeconomic issues for a general audience. The show is a spin-off of the 2005 book Freakonomics. Journalist Stephen Dubner hosts the show, with economist Steven Levitt as a regular guest.

Under the Influence from CBC Radio
As the marketing world shifts from a century of overt one-way messaging to a new-world order of two-way dialogue, we leave the age of persuasion and enter the era of influence.
The first 50 years of modern advertising was based on hard-sell. The next 50 years was persuasion through creativity and media tonnage. But as advertising squeezed into the 21 century, it was forced to shed its elbowing ways and become a delicate dialogue. The goal is no longer to triumph by weight, but to win by influence.
Welcome to Under the Influence. An exploration of that critical shift.


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Business, Tech & Economics Books

Confessions of an Advertising Man – David Ogilvy 1963
Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything – Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner – 2005
Life After Google – The Fall of Big Data – George Gilder 2018
Scientific Advertising – Claude Hopkins – 1923
The Scandal of Money; Why Wall Street Recovers But the Economy Never Does – George Gilder – 2016
What Makes Online Content Go Viral – Jonah Berger, Katherine L. Milkman – 2012

Michael Lewis
Liars Poker Rising Through the Wreckage On Wall Street – 1989
The New New Thing A Silicon Valley Story – 1999

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