A Week of Burning Right-wing Shibboleths

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OG Bitcoin Core Developer Claims Hack Drained Nearly All His BTC (Gizmodo)

This is a week of burning shibboleths. First, after the RINOS let the MAGA foxes into the henhouse and crazied themselves into permanent dysfunction, now the libertarian right’s bright shiny jewel, crypto, has shown to have no safe foundation.

One of Bitcoin’s pioneers just got owned and lost everything.

If a core dev, part of the 1% of cypto bro elite, can’t feel safe, how can Joe Sixpack? Eddy Everyman? Plain Jane? Peter Pleeb? Without new suckers the pyramid scheme collapses.

Maybe that is a feature, not a bug – in libertarianism, you have the embrace chaos, keep that gun loaded and forget about that safety net because you are never supposed to feel safe. To use late 2010s slang, safe spaces are for the libtards.

Libertarianism is a mindset of a 16 year old edgelord, kludged into a Frankenstein monster. Like many hypothetical philosophies, it does not take into account that humanity is often a cesspool and people often don’t act rationally.

It’s time to accept that Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, NFTs, the lot of it, was all a pipe dream, emphasis on “pipe.” A critical mass of libertarian crypto bros thought they could stop paying taxes, progressed from microdosing to macrodosing, and weaponized Fear of Missing Out.

It’s a perennial archetype in the human condition. Suckers, and suckees.

Proof: Search for “hack” on Coinbase.

You could connect the dots of NFTs, crypto, tulip bulbs (the cost of a single tulip bulb surged to the same price as a mansion 400 years ago), all the way back to the caves when the first Homo Sapiens convinced a tribe of Neanderthals that they arrived in Europe in peace, and traded these strange trinkets (atlatls, jewelry, meteorites maybe?) for their women.

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