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Bitcoin Psychedelic

b. 1987 – d. June 1, 2023 
Russian crypto enthisiast and DJ.  Obsessed with Hunter S. Thompson. 

Update: Memorial Service Tuesday June 6

Funeral service info for tomorrow. His mom Olya is going to play psytrance there. Tuesday June 6. No flowers . Kimble funeral home from 12 to 3 https://www.thekimblefuneralhome.com/ (same place actually that dealt with his dad’s funeral 25 years ago) and then Lawrenceville cemetery https://goo.gl/maps/RLRCoD6w5mCnwE639. spread the info if i forgot someone

Kimble Funeral Home : Princeton, New Jersey (NJ)

Update: Friendly Fire, More Details, Video


A Fitting Closure to the Deaths of Corey and Rebecca Felsman

Died in shootout with police, more or less. (Full article – all news reports are identical, all focusing on the cop’s injured hand. Note: the article corrects the murder warrant at the bottom)

Music above: “Crawl Space” from Breaking Bad OST, the title of which is eerily prescient with Dima’s death.
His name “Asha’man” apparently came from the Wheel of Time fantasy book series: “An asha’man was a man who defended truth and justice and right for everyone. A guardian who would not yield even when hope was gone.”

Not to be confused with the producer “Psyberia,” aka Felix Nagorsky, aka TIME LOCK, was born in Russia in 1978. Today he lives in Israel in the northern city of Carmiel.

Dima Hunter S Thompson

Dima was once a little innocent child, with (presumably) caring parents.  He had a great life ahead of him with some technical skills.   
So much promise in America, free from the modern hellscape that is Russia, free from getting drafted into a kill zone.

Dima Psyberia 2

We will not mince words here.
Sadly, Dima chose a dark path, and began irresponsible wheeling and dealing, and then turned to meth, and heroin, bringing a lot of suffering and tragedy to others in his life, being present at both Corey & Rebecca‘s deaths, and possibly directly responsible for Corey’s demise.  After New Year’s, Corey was last seen going with Dima to Dima’s house, and was left abandoned like an animal, dragged out to a hallway, stripped of his belongings (Dima ended up giving back his backpack to some of Corey’s friends), and left to rot 5 days in a morgue before he was identified by his family.
That is unforgivable, showing a depraved lack of respect for human life.

About Kensington

Kensington, aka “Kenzo,” is an area famous for drugs and homelessness.  Fittingly, it “was the birthplace of the K&A Gang, an Irish American organized crime association known for their distribution of methamphetamine in the 1980s… The neighborhood has gained nationwide attention and great notoriety because of extensive press coverage of its thriving narcotics drug scene, often described as the largest on the east coast.”

Philly’s Kensington Is A Zombie Apocalypse

“the last thing i texted to D before i removed my signl was “maybe you should sober up… maybe you should stop”
to which he responded, “I never intended to stop.”

Speculation and Judgement

This happened a few days after he DJ’d at a party in upstate New York, where at least one person was involved that has a well-known history of heavy meth use.  Presumably, Dima got high at the party, and days later, spun out in Kensington, in an eerie semblance of Corey’s death. 
Classic karma.
Dima’s story is, in a way, similar to another dead Russian techy meth head  who attended psytrance parties – Ontanca, who managed to die without bringing others down with him.  See also: Sasha Chislenko and Vladimir Voevodsky.  This calls for a new trance archetype: the Methalomaniacal Dead Russian Techie.  Just what it says.
A perusal through Dima’s crytpo links shows a steamy underbelly in the peak of the crypto bubble.

What you do with your personal life is your business, but when you spread your poison to others, then you become a corrupting influence – a plague spreader.

Plague Doctor

All meth and heroin roads lead to ruin.  Meth and heroin has no place in psytrance.  Take your death spiral elsewhere.
For better or worse, for this man with so much unfulfilled promise, it is all over.
Another life ruined by drug abuse.


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Dima Psyberia

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