2012 NYC Psytrance

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2012 Playlist

Daniel Pinchbeck was proven very, very wrong, unless he was predicting the NYC psytrance scene noticeably dwindling

January 2012

William "Bill" Putt

William “Bill” Putt

From the artists lofts in Jersey City to a nootropics startup in south Brooklyn, two threads converge.The owner of the ...
2012 1 5 Psyche

January 5 Thursday

2012 1 13 Psyche

January 13 Friday

Southwild, Renato Logic, Carol Ferraz, Luis Campos & Felipe Linares, Nephilnine, Alchemism at Sullivan Room

2012 1 27 Psybotik

January 27 Friday

Paul Hrisko

Paul Hrisko

April 17, 1967 - January 29, 2012 Network Engineer "Paul Hrisko was born in Ossining, New York in 1967. He ...

February 2012

2012 2 2 Psyche

February 2 Thursday

February 11
Fractal Love

2012 2 22 Psyche

February 22 Wednesday

March 2012

2012 3 3

March 3 Friday
Back to Goa

2012 3 7 1

March 7
All Night Purim

Girls free until midnight – Top Fab Costumes Enter Free All Night – DJ’s All Night – Drink Specials All Night – Purim Party All Night – Anything Goes Costumes All Night – Best Costume Gets Nothing All Night – No Costume No Party All Night – Seniors Discount Not Available All Night – Crazy Dance Moves All Night – No Standing In Line All Night and featuring: DJ N3ck, from the Hard Ones From far far away Kiryat Joel, DJ Meck Not DJ Shemtov – You can thank DHS for that PsyTrance and Hard Stuff with N3ck & Meck Age: 21+ Cost: $10 in advance: purchase here http://publicassemblynyc.com/?wtpage=event&id=2774 $15 at door (astutely priced for these tough apocalyptic times) For more info contact: party@allnightpurim.com or visit: http://mandelentertainment.com/

March 10 Saturday

2012 3 17 Fractal

March 17 Saturday

2012 3 23 Sync

March 23 Friday

March 24 Saturday
Onnomon, Enertopia & Carol Ferraz in Atlantic City

10PM to 6 AM. Venue: “The Boneyard” (Capacity 150 people). Top Notch sound system and laser lights. Location: Atlantic City Adress: 20 South Virginia Ave (In front of the Taj Mahal Casino Hotel). Price: 10 Dollars, First 20 party comers will receive a free CD. Time Slots: 1.Billy Boogie (Dants, NJ) 10PM-12AM 2. Fractal Phono (Gaian Mind) 12AM-2AM Fractal Phono is best known for his “quirky and murky” psychedelic progressive trance DJ sets, as well as occasionally playing tripped out minimal techno. As resident DJ for Gaian Mind in Philadelphia, USA, Rory has evangelically spread dark progressive sounds across the land. Super squishy, yet articulate bass lines, and deep-dark, psychedelic grooves have always been the main ingredients in F.P.‘s performances regardless of genre. Fractal Phono holds affiliations with Gaian Mind, Zenon Records and Another Psyde Records. 3. Enertopia (WarpBrain Records, Krembo Records, Geomagnetic). 2AM-4AM ..Emiliano Solazzi Griminger (Moti Griminger) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived in Beer Sheva, Israel, most of his life. At the age of 18 he was already leading a very succesful Israeli death metal band called CEREBRAL COMA, where he played guitar and vocals, which had mayor success in the international and national underground scene. In 1992, Emiliano hooked up with Ziv Matushka, another pioneer in the Israeli electronic music scene and, together, they started to experiment with more Industrial music and eventually wrote Goa and Psy trance. Ziv joined P.Cok, and Emiliano continued his project as ENERTOPIA. The first single by Enertopia was released in 1996 by B.N.E Israel in a compilation called DESTINATION ISRAEL, and after a few months he was signed by KREMBO Records (Israel). The first full length album was called MAGIC FOR ETERNITY, released in 1997, followed by FACE ADAPTOR, co-written with Yuli Fershtat AKA B.L.T, Perfect Stranger. In between 1996 and 1998 Enertopia released two full albums and numerous singles. His Third album “Divine” was released on September of 2008 on Geomagnetic.TV and it was received all over the world with great success. Nowadays, based in USA, Emiliano has founded “Warp Brain Records”, the first east-coast label of PsyTrance and Progressive trance 4. Onnomon (Gaian Mind, WarpBrain Records, Soular Records) 4AM-6AM Soon after surging and spawning from an early Serge synthesizer unit, DZ took a shining to the otherworldly sounds of electronics, or was it just the knobs and patchcords…probably the knobs [hint hint]. In 2001 DZ hooked up with Deeper in Zen, Mind Warped, and D-Space, and the Machine Elf himself and thus began Soular Records. In the subsequent 5 years the Onnomon project released a number of tracks on Soular compilations, and a full-length album “No Monno” in 2004. Also, “Virtual God” was released on Yellow Sunshine Explosion’s Classic Goa Vol. II- to be found in barginbins everywhere in Goa India. Recent releases (2011) include Warp Brain records triple-collaboration Froggy Boyz with TangLed LyserGic PuddLEs on CelEsTiaL thReadS and Enrtopia. On that there are also 2 onnomon solo tracks (Atlanis, The Hollow Man). At the beginning of 2012 the long-delayed “Escape from Planet Buddha” will be released. it will feature a number of tracks probably already pirated plus a couple of very recent designs not heard by anyone in their final state. Onnomon’s tracks span from sheer and utter tastelessness to some serious funkshun trance wid da hooks, and some evil dark tracks, for fun. The concept behind the music is to let the inspiration dictate the music, not the genre, this inspiration is handed down from the chaos around us. Consequently, Onnomon tracks tend to blur stylistic lines

2012 3 24

March 24
COSM – Luis Campos Izzy

2012 3 16 Green Apples

March 16 Friday
Stop Time with U-Recken at Europa Night Club

98 Meserole Avenue; Brooklyn, NY 11222; United States
Eg~Bot & Lauryn : Peak Records, Philadelphia Hypnotoad : PSI/Light-o-Matic, NYC Deco : Severyn www.greenapplesnyc.com 21+

April 2012

Sometime before April 2
A Psybient Soire

yo, so out of the blue I see that there’s a psychill fest happening in USA!!! wow, awesome! It is not being organized by psytrance people (surprise) but by the hippie jam band crowd. neat! Featuring Shpongle, Ott, Phutureprimitive and other music. Also Alex Grey will do some painting and Rick Strassman will be there to do some book signings. Also, its at a hotel, so even though that means it will cost more, it means I can actually chill out and not worry about insects and rain and shit. I’m excited. All you american chillers east of the mississippi should really try to make it. I’d also really love to see some canadians make it down. its really not that far from Montréal. anyway, link: http://www.facebook.com/events/206703012753981/ their official website is useless and will just direct you to facebook http://soundcloud.com/rob-vector just got back; it was pretty sweet. hate to admit, but I think I’m kinda ruined on outdoor festivals…having my own bed, bathroom, shower, sink, & quiet space was excellent. also, being able to wear my slippers around the whole festival was fantastic. AND there was a big indoor pool with nice warm water that I had a good time swimming around in. oh, and the meal plan was totally worth it: consistently good food considering the situation. Ott was obviously my favorite show of the weekend. I’m so bummed that I missed his meet & greet, tho!! was napping for his set and didn’t even know he was out at a table talking to people. Ott, if you’re reading this: you got lucky this time, but some day you will have to deal with me gushing to your face about how much I love your tunes! Even though the fest was called “A Psybient Soiré” there was waaayyyyyy more dubstep and electronic jam band music than there was psychill. basically for psychill it was shpongle, ott, phutureprimitive, and bird of prey. and furthermore, phutureprimitive and bird of prey sounded more like dubstep/glitch hop than what I was used to. oh well, trendy sounds sell i guess. Some of the jam bands were surprisingly great to listen to; i discovered a couple new bands that I would listen to in my free time Lots of cool people there; I’ve never really delved too far into the hippy jam band scene, but I met some cool cats there. was nice to have a break from the same ol’ psytrance crowd. All in all, I had a great time and would totally go again if they repeat the fest next year.

April 6 Friday

2012 4 7 1

April 7
Sculpted Sound – Vaporize

SCULPTED SOUND PRESENTS: VAPORIZE Saturday April 7th 2012 (Venue TBA Day of Event) Denver,Co 9pm-5:30am 18 & Up It has been two years since the last Vaporize, our most asked about, and over the top production. With such an epic history, and following upon the magic that was last years 11/11/11 gathering…. we are pleased to bring back one of our favorite events…. VAPORIZE….is an artistic creation that is not only an event but an interactive environment that transforms you into another world. This years show will be featuring two musical stages, one stage being the Astral and the other will be the Terra. Both stages will have an array of juicy psychedelic genres fusing together spacey/psychedelic with organic tribal sounds. Visionary artists local and from around the country will be displaying and creating their works live as well as Fire Performances throughout the night. ASTRAL STAGE MUBALI ((Parvati Records)) S.F KAMINANDA ((Re:Evolution)) Santa Cruz, CA ** Special Main Stage Closing Set ** with Sculpted Sound Dj Support By: E11even Paradigm Labyrinth Alexander Asymptotic TERRA STAGE THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE -San Francisco, CA Solomoon ((Ultimae Records//Metameme))- Denver Buddha Bomb ((Family Moons//KGNU))- Boulder Kalisama ((Native Circuit)) – Crestone e.l.f Arrow ((Native Circuit)) – Crestone ENVIRONMENT NephilNine (Fractaltribe) N.Y Martina Hoffmann – Boulder Jesse Noemind (Los Angeles) Kurt Redeker & Kris Davidson ((Knew Conscious)) – Denver Morgan Mandala – Fort Collin Neural Patterns – Denver Skaadi – Denver ChelseaLyn Graeber ((Euphonic Conceptions))- Denver Wiley Cat ((Sculpted Sound))- Denver TURBOSOUND BY: Paradigm Pro Audio – Denver Fire & Aerial Performances throughout the night! For more information or to purchase tickets please visit us @ www.SCULPTEDSOUND.NET Presales go on sale now!! $20 Presales available until April 1st $25 @ The Door

2012 4 13

April 13 Friday

MENOG (SPECTRAL RECORDS, PORTUGAL) soundcloud KNOBI (HIKARI PRD, NYC/JP) soundcloud CTRL+ALT+DEL (NEXUS MEDIA, NYC/INDIA) soundcloud KEN (DREAMCATCHER/SULLIVAN ROOM, NYC/JP) soundcloud E-LIT “LIVE AV SHOW” (BR) ANGELO FRACALANZA (BR) Deco Deco Psychedelic space shaping and decorative delights by Nephilnine Deco (Nephilnine, NYC) Info Info Beacon in the Dark UV body painters will be here to help turn you all into glowing deco. Bring black clothing to be painted live by pSyncUs Designs Location Location Sullivan Room 218 Sullivan Street New York, NY 10012 Entry fee Entry fee $20 Organizer Organizer Dreamcatchers E-mail psychetap@yahoo.com Web [facebook.com] From Psychetap · 891

2012 4 20 Apples

April 20
Greenpoint Pines with PSI

April 20-22
Genesis Festival – Asheville North Carolina

Join us in the Ancient Groves of the Appalachian Forest as we dance in the harmonics of the first song of creation. We will open a portal of Healing, Love, and Divine Creativity activating a symbiotic relationship with Earth. Genesis offers 3 days of electronic music showcasing world talents from psytrance, IDM, experimental music, and workshops manifesting unity through conscious awareness. As it was long ago, So it is now! PSYKOVSKY LIVE (Tantrumm Music) Richard Devine LIVE (Warp Records, Schematic:: Atlanta, GA) ZuVuYa (Quantum Frog :: Berlin, Germany) Axis Mundi (Anomalistic Records, Shamanicaros, T.O.U.C.H Samadhi::Asheville,NC) Intrinsic LIVE (Pure Perception, Skew :: Asheville, NC) Joshuasca LIVE (Grass Valley, CA) Mischief LIVE (Anomalistic Records, Rockdenashi :: Atlanta, GA) Mydriasis (Anomalistic Records :: Planet Earth) Myrkabah (Anomalistic Records :: Asheville, NC) Psyonic (Nerdy Psouth :: Atlanta, GA) Sensoma (TOUCH Samadhi :: Asheville, NC) SoundShaman (Atrium Obscurum :: Austin, TX) Spiritual Tazer LIVE (Nerdy Psouth :: Jacksonville, FL) Vytear LIVE (G25Productions :: San Diego, CA) Genesis is an all Ages Event (Under 18 accompanied by an adult, and children under 7 free with guardian) Tickets available at Genesisfesival.net. Presale Tickets Tier 1 $60.00 until 2/12/2012. Tier 2 $70.00 until 4/1/2012. Tickets at $80.00 at the gate. Parking is $10.00 per vehicle. Carpooling encouraged. Overnight camping for Sunday night will be available for a $10.00 fee/person. Premises must be vacated by noon Monday. This will be primitive style camping so please bring everything required to survive in the wilderness for 3 days and nights. No Dogs :: No Reentry :: No Renegade Sounds Systems This is a Leave no trace Event, please leave the land as pristine as you find it. Visit our website for additional information about the venue, directions, and workshops. https://web.archive.org/web/20130718060248/http://genesisfestival.net/
I had the best time ever!! Thanks everyone for who helped put this together. Vytear and Richard Devine were amazing, i didnt know what to expect from them. Hadnt heard much of their music. PSYKOVSKY 11 hr of bliss. Merkabah was awesome sunrise on saturday.
11 hrs of psykovsky? I’m surprised anyone made it out with their minds intact.

May 2012

June 2012

2012 6 22 Coral

June 22 Friday

2012 5 28 Fractal

June 28 Thursday

2012 6 29

June 29 Friday
Pex Summer Festival

July 2012

2012 7 13 Alladin

July 13 Friday
Alladin Project

July 20 Friday
Transformus NC

2012 7 26 Psyche

July 26 Thursday

August 2012

PEX Magic Garden party & after party

August 17
Respect – an Homage to Psytrance at Echo Lake

Jun Sogabe - Organix/Matsuri

Jun Sogabe – Organix/Matsuri

1968 - August 7, 2012, pancreatic cancer.Visionary Japanese artist. Designed Koxbox's The Great Unknown (above)DiscogsArticle submitted to Dream Creation in ...
Burning Man 2012

August 26-September 12
Burning Man: Fertility

September 2012

2012 9 1 Fractal

September 1 Saturday

2012 9 6 Psyche

September 6 Thursday

September 15 Saturday
SYNC – Grouch

September 21 Friday
Alladin Project

September 21 Friday
Sync – Noctilucent

2012 9 21

September 21 Friday
Equinox, Ashville, NC

September 25
World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria launched

September 29 Saturday
Fractaltribe – Luminosity

October 2012

October 12 Monday
*Syzygies: Gnosis* Full Moon Psy Party, Brooklyn – Cancelled
9:00pm until 4:00am. 325 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn Ny The full moon comprises beauty and sentience. The climax of the lunar cycle is celebrated via the pure energy of our psy-trance gathering. Syzygies, female-male pairings of Gnostic deities, are part of the lunar cycle and divine from it – as do indeed all the Gnostics. Gnosis, universal awareness, metaphorically ‘is’ the full moon: complete, perfect. Building on this powerful spiritual foundation, Syzygies brings you the finest in NY psy-trance. LINEUP: thee Cos McInUs; Redeemer; Terrestrial Sound; Telepathik FreQuencies. COME EARLY FOR: Group Meditation; Indian Dinner. ALSO: Art; Activist Table by Occasional Control Solutions. AND: Celebrate Preedie’s Birthday!! ADMISSION: FREE
Due to ‘Frankenstorm,’ Syzygies: Gnosis is POSTPONED!! Stay tuned for new details & Stay safe!!!!!

October 27
COSM Deities & Demons Masquerade

November 2012

2012 11 1 Psyche

November 1 Thursday

2012 11 2 Alladin

November 2 Friday
Alladin Project
5000 Sq Ft WAREHOUSE STYLE VENUE! State of the Art Sound System ALL Night Long Affair – Friendly Security Top Notch Art Installation We are still starry-eyed after the last party. The magic is back thanks to the warm welcome from SRB Brooklyn and the beautiful vibes created by YOU! Alladin Project is more motivated than ever and our Halloween gathering is already in the works. Not seen in NYC since 2005, we will be summoning the unique, full on, fresh material of the notorious HUJABOY, the only longstanding Israeli artist to stay true to the meaning of FULL POWER, FULL ON. Together with few of the finest U.S. acts, an energized dance floor, and enchanting disguises – this will be one to remember. Open your mind and costume your body in preparation for Alladin Project’s Trance Halloween celebration. MUSIC: HUJABOY Live & DJ Set (Tip Records/Israel) http://soundcloud.com/hujaboy SKOOCHA (Parabola/NYC) http://soundcloud.com/skoocha BETWEEN DEVICES (Alladin Project/Brazil ) http://soundcloud.com/between_devices FELIPE LINARES (Dreamcatcher/NYC ) http://soundcloud.com/quantic-mind ELECTRIK (Psybotik/SF) https://web.archive.org/web/20200812040832/http://psybotik.com/ GOATONE (Fractaltribe/Worcester) https://web.archive.org/web/20131020152418/http://www.djmix.net/goatone/mixes Live UV body painting by pSyncUs and Beacon in the Dark Live painting by SONGTSEN ATMOSPHERE: LEVITATION THEORY Mind Bending Video & Pro Projection Installation (NYC) Together with OCULAR DELIGHT (NYC) WHAT TO BRING: – Whimsical Costumes ~ – Dancing Shoes – – Party Vibe – – Positive Energy – – All Your Friends – Doors open @ 10 pm – 7am 10PM -12AM 2 FOR 1 WELL DRINKS 21+ PHOTO ID IS A MUST (NO EXCEPTION) Tickets : $25 in advance $35 @ the door ***$5 DISCOUNT for costumed guests! LOCATION SRB Brooklyn Corner of 2nd & 14th Gowanus Brooklyn 11215 Safe neighborhood – Plenty of Street Parking Easy Access from F & G Trains to 4th AVE R Train to Prospect AVE THIS EVENT IS EXPECTED TO SELL OUT SO MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR TICKET IN ADVANCE For up-to-date Info on All Our Special Events Join Us on Facebook: ALLADIN PROJECT http://www.facebook.com/groups/34378421821/ https://web.archive.org/web/20161123171750/http://www.trancedirect.com/

November 4 Sunday

December 2012

2012 12 21 Fractal

December 21 Winter Solstice Friday

December 21-23

The Final Installment. LET GO. WE are HERE. ThosePeople would like to invite everyone to join us for the final installment of Worldbridge. Intention was set 7 years ago, and we are now reaching the Omega point of our travels with these experiences. The support and love of the community and art has been overwhelming, and we thank everybody for everything you have contributed to make this a truly unique, unified, blissful experience. We are changing it up this year, and what better way to change seasons all…together!! Worldbridge will now be hosted on December 21st Weekend, yes that’s right, The Apacolympics has been manifested! We would normally tell you to hold on to your brains, buckle up, bring a shovel, helmet, etc etc, but for this round we are asking you to simply LET GO! The veils have been lifted. The worlds have been bridged. ¢¾ Sahasrara ¢¾ .We are here. REBIRTH YOURSELF INTO PURE CONSCIOUSNESS Helping us navigate through this shift in time and space, we are pleased to announce the following hyper-dimensional Starfleet Specialists: INVID MIND – [Anomalistic, Alkhimia, Triplag Music] – Buenos Aires, Argentina CINDERVOMIT – [Nabi, Akashik, Anomalistic] – Atlanta, GA PRIAPIZZM – [ Anomalistic, Nabi Records] – Costa Rica http://soundcloud.com/priapizzm EKIMSKRID – [Anomalistic, Akashik, Audiognomes] – Cedar Rapids, IA http://soundcloud.com/ekimskrid LUULI – [Anomalistic, Akashik, Cosmic E.G.G.] – Minneapolis, MN http://soundcloud.com/luuli SOOSPICEY – [Anomalistic] – Chicago, IL http://soundcloud.com/soospicey BRAINLIZZARD – [Those People] – Asheville, NC KONVNDRVM – [Jelly Fish Frequency] – San Francisco, CA http://soundcloud.com/konundrum YHBT – [Galactic Crew, fractalterraists] – Trollcave, OK KIDS WITH SCISSORS – [Anomalistic] – Cedar Rapids, IA SAMYAZA – [Anomalistic, Cosmic E.G.G] – Minneapolis, MN http://soundcloud.com/sorrytornado JAGNO GAIA – [Suntrip Records, Cosmic E.G.G] – Minneapolis, MN http://soundcloud.com/jagno-gaia MARTYRS – [Anomalistic, Cosmic E.G.G] – Minneapolis MN http://soundcloud.com/martyrs-1 GNOMES OF DESTRUCTION – [Audiognomes] – Wisconsin SPIRITUAL TAZER – [Nerdy Psouth] – Jacksonville, FL PSYTRANCESS – [AtlPsy] – Atlanta, GA PSYONIC – [Those People, Dharmaharmony, Nerdy Psouth] – Nashville, TN http://soundcloud.com/psyonic PYITE – [Anomalistic, Atlpsy] – Atlanta, GA http://soundcloud.com/pyite604 BANANAS ON ACID – [AtlPsy, Those People] – Asheville, NC MYRKABAH – [Those People, Anomalistic] – Asheville, NC TINNITUS [fractalterraists] Norman, OK http://soundcloud.com/tinnituspsy ROSE RED FLECHETTE – [Mourningstar Atlanta] -Atlanta, GA http://soundcloud.com/rose-red-flechette HARDKORNATE [ Shnerp&Derp] Denver, CO http://soundcloud.com/hardkornate JOSHUASCA [Djedi Nights] Asheville, NC http://www.soundcloud.com/joshuasca Cherokee Farms is 200+ acres of rolling hills, lots of open grassy and shaded woody areas for camping, easy to navigate roads throughout the site, propane-powered hot showers, and copious parking for both cars and RVs. Raging Fires will ALSO be on site. 😉 POTLUCK!! If you would like to bring a delicious food item, there is a community kitchen with enough power for griddles, hot plates and coffee makers! There is much talk about roasting a PIG. Mmmmmmmmmm….. TICKET INFO!!— PRE-SALES ONLY!— $45 Artist +1 Entry — $20 (half price for your guest) BUT if you must purchase at GATE it will be $65! Don’t make us freeze our asses off, buy a pre-sale! PLEASE Purchase Tickets via Pay Pal to brainlizzard@gmail.com * VENDORS!! There is NO vending fee, but you must purchase a pre-sale. Feel free to set up close but not ON the dance floor as there will be multiple fires. VOLUNTEERS!! We love you, but you must purchase a pre-sale. Please get with Slammo, Cinder, or Lizzard on site if you are interested in volunteering. Moop specialists and fire tenders are always needed. *** BRING EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SURVIVE COMFORTABLY FOR 3 DAYS IN THE WILDERNESS. BRING YOUR OWN FOOD AND WATER! 2 gallons a day per person is suggested. What else to bring: Flashlights, extra clothes, bikes, towel¡¦ a reserve brain.. Ins/Outs are highly discouraged and reserved for emergencies. Re-Entry (20$) Fires will only be allowed in designated fire circles. NO DOGS! You will NOT be allowed in. RENEGADE SOUND SYSTEMS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED (yes blasting your car in camp is considered a renegade system) THIS IS A LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRASH ON SITE. YOUR KARMA WILL FALL 132,749,372,493,028,403,290 POINTS!! Respect the land and dispose of trash to ensure a sacred space for everyone attending. Sound by: PROJECT MASSIVE Deco by: YOU AND US AND THOSE PEOPLE.. THE COMMUNITY! Bring it! KEEP IT GOAN!!!! Stayed Tuned! MOAR DETAILS TBA! “KEEP IT GOAN!!!”

December 22
HIKARI presents: “Rebirth in Trance”

The world as we all know it is changing. There are people who believe that December 21st, 2012 will be an apocalypse of some sort. Then there are people who don’t. And then there are those who believe that what the ancient civilization had in mind was that we are experiencing a mental shift within our societies. We are given a chance, yet again, to change for the better. We’ve become more sensitive to vibrational frequencies around us, and we are shifting into higher and happier consciousness. So this December 22, 2012, after all the speculations and festivities the night before, we welcome you to spend the night of dancing as we continue together into the new state of rising global awareness and graduating unity. Line-up: KNOBI (COHN) (Hikari, Japan/NY) Extended set (preview of upcoming release) http://soundcloud.com/cohn Knobi has been involved in the music scene since the early 90’s, when he discovered the art of psychoacoustics & the sound of electronic music. In the late 90’s he started to play psytrance along side of the very founders of the genre itself. Not limited to being in various live bands at the same time also. Knobi’s sound will shift and take your mind for a race. No one comes close to his style of mixing, which has been called by many “the live mix” as he mixes new tracks every three to four minutes without you ever noticing, that way keeping you on the dance floor for hours at the time. Knobi’s style has been called new and brilliant as it’s something you’ve never experienced before. DJ HORUS (DISORIENT, NY) http://www.facebook.com/DJHorus.aka.Guillaume.Clave?fref=ts Guillaume Clave aka “DJ Horus” has been part of the international electronic music scene for more than 20 years. After attending and producing events, he became an internationally recognized VJ as Gui”aum”Etrix. As a DJ, he performed in various countries (including Goa-India, South Africa, Honduras, France, United States) at festivals and private events, including Burning Man, Vortex, Nano Records’ Earth Dance, and many of the Disorient events. Horus is known for his uplifting trance world-beats, with tribal elements and positive energy. He has performed alongside OTT, Vibrasphere, Protoculture, Rinkadink, Tristan Cooke & Jeremy Van Kampen, Eli Pixel and many more. EDUARDO DUDU (Dreamcatchers/ Nuud Music) Born in Brazil and raised all over, Eduardo “Dudu” brings a special blend of worldwide style to his music. His journey started young, when he studied classical piano from the ages of 6 to 12 and eventually found himself in the school band. With the invasion of electronic music in the 90’s, Eduardo experimented with the electronic organ before finally discovering his new passion in trance.Now living in Rochester, NY, his music has shaken dancefloors all over world. Since starting his DJ career in 2004, he has played outdoors at festivals including Universo Paralello, Orb, Desiderata, Manafest, and the Radial Engine Tribe. He has also taken indoor trance parties to the next level at world renowned clubs in New York City, Boston, Toronto, Albany, Syracuse, and Rio de Janeiro.Eduardo’s intensity and passion for trance music drives his style: a full power psychedelic experience that he likes to call “Festa Porra” style!. His hard hitting, bass-driven beats are well recognized throughout the psychedelic community in the northeastern United States. Eduardo is currently signed with Dreamcatcher in New York City and NuuD Music in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. http://soundcloud.com/duduroc DJ EXERIS/GRAINS OF SOUND (Pharmacy Music) Grains of Sound is the ambient-psy-trance project from brothers Chris (Exeris) & Jason Sevanick, who gained notoriety with their industrial electronic act, Mindless Faith. Grains of Sound came to Pharmacy Music with a proven history of creating genre defying psy-trance. In 2007, they released their double-disc debut album “Rays of Life”, comprised of Vol. 1 Down (downtempo) and Vol. 2 Under (ambient), on AlterCulture Records. The album received excellent reviews and their follow up album “Sine Language” (2010) received even greater acclaim for their exploration of different styles and energy levels. From uptempo psychedelic trance, both progressive and minimal, along with hints of house and breaks, to lush, sweeping soundscapes that wash over sub bass frequencies and deep downtempo beats, to vast evolving layers, organic textures and sentient sounds leave all beats behind, pure ambient intoxication. Dance, chill, or zone, Grains of Sound has you covered. https://www.facebook.com/grainsofsound http://www.grainsofsound.net/ More Guest will be TBA! VJ: Stanley Hsu Sound system by Turbosound Deco by Hikari Williamsburg, Brooklyn Close by the L train. 21+ End time will be determined & full information TBA shortly. This is invitation only event. You must RSVP to hikariproduction@gmail.com for full details & location information. Information will be send out to those who RSVP’d. So please don’t forget to RSVP!!! ૐ Love & Light ૐ

2012 12 29 Alladin

December 29 Saturday
Alladin Project

ALLADIN PROJECT PRESENTS NEW ERA SATURDAY DEC 29TH @ SRB 5000 Sq Ft WAREHOUSE STYLE VENUE! State of the Art Sound System ALL Night Long Affair – Friendly Security Top Notch Art Installation MUSIC: In a special NYE weekend sets LOUD (Nano Records / Iboga Records) LIVE& DJ http://soundcloud.com/loudmusic BETWEEN DEVICES (Alladin Project/Brazil) http://soundcloud.com/between_devices FELIPE LINARES (Dreamcatcher/NYC) http://soundcloud.com/quantic-mind BRANDON ADAMS (Bom Shanka /Dreamcatcher/Free Radical /SYNC – NYC) http://www.soundcloud.com/brandon-adams CAROL FERRAZ (Sullivan Room /Positive Pressure-NYC) http://soundcloud.com/carol-ferraz Live UV body painting by pSyncUs and Beacon in the Dark Live painting by SONGTSEN ATMOSPHERE: LEVITATION THEORY Mind Bending Video & Pro Projection Installation (NYC) OCULAR DELIGHT (NYC) PLANETAURA (SYNC, US/Japan) LADY MYSTERY( Seed NJ ) WHAT TO BRING: – Whimsical Costumes ~ – Dancing Shoes – – Party Vibe – – Positive Energy – – All Your Friends – Doors open @ 10 pm – 7am 10PM -12AM 2 FOR 1 WELL DRINKS 21+ PHOTO ID IS A MUST (NO EXCEPTION) Tickets : $25 in advance+paypal fees $35 @ the door LOCATION SRB Brooklyn Corner of 2nd & 14th Gowanus Brooklyn 11215 Safe neighborhood – Plenty of Street Parking Easy Access from F & G Trains to 4th AVE R Train to Prospect AVE THIS EVENT IS EXPECTED TO SELL OUT SO MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR TICKET IN ADVANCE For up-to-date Info on All Our Special Events Join Us on Facebook: ALLADIN PROJECT http://www.facebook.com/groups/34378421821/ https://web.archive.org/web/20161123171750/http://www.trancedirect.com/

2012 12 31 Psyche

December 31 New year’s Eve Monday
PsYcHeGrOuND Presents: A New Years Eve Psychedelic Masquerade!
Grab your feather masks, your sequin camouflage, your black light cloaks, and disguises. Grab your silly hats, your crazy glasses and bring some friends to share in the fun! Every day, even if in just a small way, we all have to wear “masks”. In order to move forward in society in some ways we have to mask our own inner selves… Our creative and unique sides are sometimes hidden far inside our heads, and rarely get a chance to come out! Maybe… You long to never have a silent moment in the day, you want to always be swaying or stomping to music. You wish you could wear bright pink or green every day. You wish you could wear a fake mustache, just because you like how facial hair makes you feel. You wish you could wear no shoes, and no shirt and still get service. You long to have a friend rock, but are afraid that it will send the wrong message. You long to change your name to “Pupper Pricksly Pokabees” but fear it will dampen your chances of getting promoted. You wish you could wear your Sparta costume ever day, and run from place to place yelling “This is Sparta!” You wish you could talk like Donald Duck and people would take you seriously. Yes…We all wish we could… But there is a place we can… Yes! Hooray! Life is filled with fun people, fun places, and places where we can be what we choose to be for the night! We can take off our masks of the normal world, and put on the ones of the world we create! Imagination, creativity, inspiration… They are nothing without us, and we are nothing without them. So use, yours, get your mask on and be what you want to be! December 31, New Year’s eve Psychedelic Trance Masquerade dance celebration…….. We recommend you bring lots of masks, its always fun to share the joy with out friends! DE-MASKING OF THE MYSTERY MASKED WILL BE AT 2:00am! Line-up: Trance Temple: LUNECELL (Occulta Records/Fractaltribe RI) EDUARDO DUDU (Dreamcatcher – BR) FRACTAL PHONO (Zenon Records / Gain Mind – PA) HYPNOTOAD (light-o-matic / PSI / Psybotik – NY) House of Dreams: GRAINS OF SOUND ELECTRIK (Psybotik – SF) CAROL FERRAZ (Positive Pressure – Dreamcatchers) ZARA AMARAL SEVERYN Temple Deco by Hole Tribe and Neuronymphonic *** Monday, December 31st ~ 9pm – 5am *** BE THERE EARLY AS THE VENUE IS NEAR TIMES SQ, IN ORDER TO AVOID COMPLICATIONS, TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THAT IT IS NEW YEARS EVE IN TIMES SQ!** 21+ with ID Admission – $30 at the door Only 50 reduced $18 presale tickets are available at: http://psycheground.ticketleap.com/psycheground-masquerade-nyc/ @ Trance Temple: Point Break, 3rd floor. New York City – 12 West 45th Street (between 5th and 6th)


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