How to Circumvent the News Paywall

Updated 1 year ago

Post the URL of the news article into

Note: this works better for desktop. Although mobile is useable, the page just isn’t optimized and you have to squint.
Although it’s an “archive,” I’ve found the articles show up on the same day. Think of it as the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, but far more current. Enjoy!

The catalyst for this article was when I canceled my subscription to the Wall Street Journal. They don’t let you do it online. You have to actually call them, be put on hold, and then speak to a real live customer service representative who is going to try to change your mind.

I’ve used for years and it works for The Atlantic, Bloomberg, The Economist, New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post, and probably other large mainstream media news outlets.

The Hidden Tax on being an Informed Citizen
Annual digital subscription fees, once any special initial discounts have expired:

The Atlantic$50
New York Times$52
Wall Street Journal$444
Washington Post$40
Total $1,190/year

The obvious takeaway from this chart is that WSJ and Bloomberg are in an expense class all by themselves, a separate digital divide. If I were to remove one, it would be WSJ, if only due to its ownership by Murdoch and the corruption of its editorial board.

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