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Jeff leaves New York

January 2010

January 1 Friday
Psybotik – FREE New Year’s Eve After Party – THE ROBOT REVOLUTION
6am-6pm with Full Bar We’re very excited to welcome Spiro from Freek Factory and Chapel of Sacred Mirrors to the lineup!! Get ready for his superb taste in bass-heavy Dubstep and Glitch. We’ve rounded up some of the New York City’s best underground DJs of the past, present and future plus a few greats from around the world. RSVPs have opened at psybotik so sign up for this incredible spectacle! Friday, Jan 1, 2010, 6am-6pm The Robot Revolution Psybotik New Year’s Eve After Party Twelve hours! Two rooms! Full Bar! Welcome to a new age of Techno, Electro House, Breaks, Progressive, Psytrance and Dubstep Subversion Stage: 6-7 Me (Psybotik) – Prog 7-8 Electrik (Psybotik) – Progressive Eletrotek 8-9 Reality Engine *Live* – Psytek 9-10 Gavin (Spectra) – Prog 10-11 Steve-O (Spectra) – Prog 11-12 Mayur (Psybotik/Spectra) – Prog/Full On 12-1 ??? 1-2 Dysform (Psybotik) – Full On 2-3 Hypnotoad (Light-o-Matic) – Full On 3-4 ??? 4-5 Me (Psybotik) – Darkpsy 5-6 Kife (Omnitribe) – Prog Liberation Loft: 7-8 Tektite (Vitamin Breaks) – Electro/Fidget House / Breakbeat 8-9 Electrik (Psybotik) – Psy Dubstep 9-10 SPiRO (Freek Factory / Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) – Glitch / Dubstep 10-11 Thugfckr (Moodmusic) – Iceland – Techno/House 11-12 dr. Iver (Septik Nexus, VRS) – Dubstep/Tribal Techno 12-1 Jason Blackkat & Madaro TAG TEAM SET!! (Konundrum Records, 5th Street) – Acid Tribaltek 1-2 Jason Blackkat & Madaro TAG TEAM SET!! (Konundrum Records, 5th Street) – Acid Tribaltek 2-3 Animaltek (Treibstoff / Omnitribe) – Minimal Techno 3-4 Hisaki Kiyohara (Activate) – Techno 4-5 Sublex *LIVE* – Japan – Techno 5-6 Primate (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) – Dubstep/Prog/Minimal Fire and Dance: Masae (Luminisis) Erin (Lumnisis) Victor (Luminisis) Kayti Bunny (Bunny Hoops / Wonderland) Sound by Light-O-Matic (web lightomatic) Visuals: nashamasha (Psybotik) Plasmo Cryptic303 Decor by Psybotik Public Assembly 70 North 6th St. Brooklyn, NY Friday, Jan 1, 2010, 6am-6pm 21+ w/ID FREE with RSVP until 10AM otherwise only $10 For more details, to RSVP, or to join the email list visit psybotik ***Psybotik is an official New York City Ambassador for Boom Festival 2010. Ambassador’s first phase for ticket sales start soon at 150 Euros. Stay tuned to psybotik for details*** We’re very excited to welcome Spiro from Freek Factory and Chapel of Sacred Mirrors to the lineup!! Get ready for his superb taste in bass-heavy Dubstep and Glitch. We’ve rounded up some of the New York City’s best underground DJs of the past, present an d future plus a few greats from around the world. RSVPs have opened at ble spectacle! Friday, Jan 1, 2010 Psybotik New Year’s Eve After Party Twelve hours! Two rooms! Full Bar! Welcome to a new age of Techno, Electro House, Breaks, Progressive, Psytrance and Dubstep/di v Subversion Stage: 6-7 Me (Psybotik) – Prog 7-8 Electrik (Psybotik) – Progressive Eletrotek 8-9 Reality Engine *Live* – Psytek 9-10 Gavin (Spectra) – Prog 10 -11 Steve-O (Spectra) – Prog 11-12 Mayur (Psybotik/Spectra) – Prog/Full On 12-1 ??? 1-2 Dysform (Psybo tik) – Full On 2-3 Hypnotoad (Light-o-Matic) – Full On/di v3-4 ??? 4-5 Me (Psybotik) – Darkpsy 5-6 Kife (Omnitribe) – Prog Liberation Loft: 7-8 Tek tite (Vitamin Breaks) – Electro/Fidget House / Breakbeat 8-9 Electrik (Psybotik) – Psy Dubstep 9-10 SPiRO (Freek Factory / Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) – Glitch / Dubstep 10-11 Thugfc kr (Moodmusic) – Iceland – Techno/House 11-12 dr. Iver (Septik Nexus, VRS) – Dubstep/Tribal Techno 12-1 Jason Blackkat & Madaro TAG TEAM SET!! (Konundrum Records, 5th Street) – Acid Tribaltek/di v 1-2 Jason Blackkat & Madaro TAG TEAM SET!! (Konundrum Records, 5th Street) – Acid Tribaltek 2-3 Animaltek (Treibst off / Omnitribe) – Minimal Techno 3-4 Hisaki Kiyohara (Activate) – Techno 4-5 Sublex *LIVE* – Japan – Techno iv Fire and Dance: Masae (Lumi nisis) Erin (Lumnisis) Victor (Luminisis) Ka yti Bunny (Bunny Hoops / Wonderland) Sound by Light-O-Matic (web lightomaticweb lighto matic ) Visuals: nashamasha (Psybotik) Plasmo Cryptic303 Decor by Psybotik / Brooklyn, NY Friday, Jan 1, 2010, 6am-6pm 21+ w/ID FREE with RSVP until 10AM otherwise only $10 For more details, to RSVP, or t o join the email list visit psybotikpsybotik ***Psybotik is an officia l New York City Ambassador for Boom Festival 2010. Ambassadors first phase for ticket sales start soon at 150 Euros.

January 1 Friday
Psybotik New Years Eve Afterhours

January 10 Sunday
Burning Elf

January 16 Saturday
YogiBogeyBox brings you Cosmosis Live and Rastaliens
(Cancelled, Moved to February)
WHAT SEEMS TO BE AN EVENTFUL WEEKEND TO OUR NYC COMMUNITY, THERE IS ONE EVENT THAT REPRESENTS ALL THAT YOGIBOGEY BOX STANDS FOR AND PROMISES TO BE OUR BEST ONE YET! The absolute Genius of Cosmosis, the unforgettable tunes of Rastaliens, a Live only Chill-out area the decorations of Julien Seyer, and as always the hospitality of YBB. We sure hope you will be there to gain a smile that will last a long long time !!! And so here is the lineup: COSMOSIS LIVE (Holoponic Records, U.K)Bill Halsey, the producer behind Cosmosis and Mumbo-Jumbo, is a former professional session guitarist from London who has performed with countless bands, playing Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Pop and Hip-Hip. He has toured throughout Europe, Australasia, and Asia. Bill honed his writing and recording skills while composing and recording pop tracks for over ten years before he began creating pure electronic music. Now he’s as much in demand as a composer as he is for live appearances, sharing his particular brand of tongue-in-cheek, full power Psy-Trance on dancefloors across the globe. During the past 1 2 years, Bill has played Cosmosis’ music to ecstatic crowds in such diverse locations as Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Israel, India, Bali, Germany, Australi a, New Zealand, Colombia, United States, Egypt, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia, Denmark, England, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Serbia, Scotland, Belgium, Finland, Holland, Greece, South Africa, Russia, France, Mexico and Portugal, and continues to play regularly in many of these countries. Bill divides his studio time between scoring music for animation, lazing about in a hammock with his acoustic guitar in the back garden, making full power dance music, and touring Cosmosis worldwide. web cosmosis.co.uk http://web cosmosis.co.uk/ RASTALIENS DJ SET / SOUTHWILD (Phar Psyde Records, Switzerland)We will be joined by Jay for a special NYC Rastaliens DJ set. Rastalians are Jurgen Kassel and Ralph Knobloch. For about 13 years they are DJs. After 3 years of DJ-ing, Jurgen and Ralph realised, that the records from other people were not enough for them. And look at this, for about 9 years they are producing their own psychedelic trance. Rastalians started in a small cellar with a little sound system. In the beginning, the project just used simple software-synths and a small sequencer-program. Because of their limited possibilities, it was not easy for us to produce a good quality of sound85Hard work and a lot of enthusiasm caused a booking from some friends in Switzerland. They wanted a live-act. Rastalians’ first set, which was played with some quite old synths, as like Roland 101 and Korg Trident. On a special day, Jurgen and Ralph decided to send our first songs to some different labels around the world. We packed these CDs together with all our positive vibrations and what happened: Yaniv, from Hadshot Haheiz ar released our first two songs. “FREAK BOOSTER” and “UNIDENTIFIED SPECIES” . After playing on many parties around the globe, like Portugal, Netherland Mexico, Greece, USA, UK, etc. there was time for an album which was released also on Hadshot and more should follow on Boom! Rec.(which released also the 2nd album), Digital Psionics, Ketuh, Glowing Flame, and so on85 web rastaliens web rastaliens/ FUMI (YogiBogeyBox, NY, Japan)Fumi is a Producer/DJ based in Brooklyn NY. Born in Japan in 1979, he has traveled the world extensively and lived in countries such as Japan, In dia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bahrain, and the United States today. While living in Bombay India, between 1996-1998, he was kidnapped to Goa by his high school friend for the first time not knowing what to expect. This turned out to be a life-changing expedition. After living in India as a high school student, he gradually started to get infected by Psychedelic Trance, and soon purchased his first turntables. He has since performed on the same stage with many internationally known artists such as Transdriver, Penta, Jelly Hea dz, Parus, Ajja, Onkel Donkel, Wizak Twizack, Melorix, Muktisvara, Progress Ocelot, Cosmosis, Hux Flux, Infected Mushroom, and Kiriyama to name few. The style of music he plays is mostly night time psychedelic trance music, although wide range, not just dark or full-on, but pure psychedelic with powerful, pounding, pumping, mind-twisting trippy stories with craze, psyche, fun, and bit of punk and humor. LUIS CAMPOS (Dreamcatcher, NY, Brazil)DJ Lui s Campos, producer, and long-time trance DJ, born and raised in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil where he started his professional career as a DJ at the very early age of 13. Throughout the years, Luis experimented with many different styles of music and developed his identity along the road. DJ Luis was part of the band Influx since its foundation in 1996, in which he collaborated until 1999 when he decided to come to New York. In 2000, DJ Luis and collaborators founded the Dreamcatcher studios and Psycheground weekly trance party which still happens and is already established as being one of the top party organizations in America. Currently, Luis and His old-time friend and partner Matyas Kelemen are working on the Reality Engine project which combines music and video creating a completely new dancefloor experience. AMOS RASTA (Red Eye Familia, Israel)Amos Greilsammer, 23, was born in Jerusalem, Israel. Playing drums and other instruments in his childhood, Amos always had the music full-filling his life. He’s been traveling and attending Psy -Trance parties and festivals over the world for the last 6 years, exploring electronic sounds and the Psy-Trance movement. After spending one year in Australia in 2006, Amos came back to Israel inspired by the Australian psytrance scene and started mixing electronic music and producing underground parties and music festivals in Israel. Amos will bring us fresh unique sounds from the Israeli desert, the Australian bush, and Goa beaches, to bring us high for a magical night. DJ RHEEDOO (Omnitribe, NY, Ukraine )Gosha, who was born in Kiev, Ukraine (Soviet Union at that time) became part of the NYC scene shortly after his arrival in 1998 as he got involved in UnderTheBridge afterparties and other Alphatrance events as a promoter/producer. He also began to DJ under the alias DJ Indra. Then was Omnitribe, Gaian Mind summer festivals, and many other parties and events. Groovy-morning-progressive became Gosha’s favorite type of vibration. Deep chillout and ambient sets were also his specialties. In the past couple of years Gosha began re(dis)covering connections to his ethnic identity, and as result became very much influenced by world and ethnic music from Eastern Europe. He found that traditionally people from Balkans to Carpathian Mountains area are very musically gifted and their folk tunes are rather groovy and quite danceable. To signify this new passion for ethnic-based music Gosha assumed a new name – DJ Rheedoo. He played his first set under this new identity at the closing of Desiderata festival past August – and the response was overwhelming! Gosha has the recording available for listening and downloading here: soundcloud/ soundcloud/barmaglot/sets INCR EDIBLE CHILL LOUNGE LINEUP featuring: PRIMORDIAL OOZE – LIVE (Sentimony/Pure Perception – Chicago)(YES, our friends from Chicago will join us for a live set) PROGRESS – LIVE CHILL SET (AntiShanti Records, USA) And a SPECIAL SURPRISE ACT Location: Hello BK formerly The Hook18 Commerce streetBrooklyn, NYweb thehookmusic/ web thehookmusic/ With a fantastic vibe, this amazing venue with YUMMMY sound will provide us with two floors of music as well as an outdoor patio to take a breather. While the Red Hook does not have subways running through its underground yet, there are other options. Tickets will go for $25 before midnight and 30$ after. Our beautiful site: web YogiBogeyBox .org web YogiBogeyBox.org/Any questions write us at yogibogeybox at additional questions call us at (631)943-1339
Dear friends! We regretfully announce that Billy (Cosmosis) has not recovered from a virus he has picked up while at Universo Parallelo and will not be able to join us this weekend. We will surely have him join us at a near date. As for the time being, we have to make aDJustments to give you the best experience for this weekend. To compensate, we will have our friends Primordial Ooze (Chicago) play a special set. And so the lineup will be the following: -> DJ Rheedoo (Ukraine) -> Amos Rasta (Israel) -> Luis Campos (Brazil) -> Rastaliens DJ set (Switzerland) -> Primordial Ooze Live (Chicago) -> Fumi (Japan) Dear trance lovers, YBB supporters and those who simply wanted to dance tomorrow. We are regretfully announcing that the event we were all so excited for tomorrow will be postponed until February. This is due to last-minute issues with the venue that has once again taken advantage of its patrons by waiting until the last minute to inform us of a lost license (This is one of many times he has taken advantage of our production and we have jumped out of our skins every time to take care of the quality sound and good treatment of the crowd by the security). We sincerely apologize to anyone who has made plans to come out to and party tomorrow night and we will work extra hard on the February event which will feature a similar lineup with the same headliners (with much hope on the health of Billy improving) and perhaps even more surprises to whet your appetite. As for this weekend, we do have the wonderful guys from Chicago in town and we have made an arrangement for them and for Luis Campos to join the other event happening this weekend. So for anyone who craves a good set or two this weekend, check out the following event, which will now feature Primordial Ooze

January 25, 2010 Holy Rollers Premiere

January 30 Saturday
Loud Monitors – Land of dreams at Aji Bar Brooklyn
Once again, no comment thread for this?? Had a nice time at this event, thanks to everyone who helped, everyone who danced, and to Cris for putting it together. And the staff at Aji is really awesome. Special thanks to all who helped load/unload my truck.. a new world record in truck unloading.. done in around 2 minutes! Nice sets from all the DJs. I expected nothing less from this lineup. A happy surprise coming from Kno-b with a little darker style than I have come to expect from him, but with the same great skill as usual Deco was fantastic. The only downside to this party was that it was -too- successful, too many people in the earlier part of the evening.. made it unpleasantly crowded.. then the police arrived and we had to turn the sound way down for a little while. But it all worked out in the end.. some people left.. and most of the cool people stayed, most of the really obnoxious ones left.. sound was turned back up. A nice vibe developed. A far better outcome than if it had gone the other way moof! -Ben aka Hypnotoad (light-o-matic / PSI)

Anyone know the track that Kno-b played with the Yes cover of Owner of a Lonely Heart? And yes all you trancers who had no clue what this was when I started singing it before it broke in should be ashamed for not knowing this. hey guys it was you who made it happen !! thank you very very much. Sound system, deco, DJs, venue, vibe, wow it was just amazing! BEN, SUE, KNOB, BRANDON, LUIS, and of course the NY trance familia thank you very very much .. LOUD MONITORS will be back in March stay tuned ..

January 30 Saturday
::Sanctuary for the Mind:: Jan 30th Greenville SC & Feb 6th Asheville NC

Pangea Productions is Proud to Present a new series of events: Sanctuary for the Mind A night of inner bliss through Sonic Stimulation. Sonically directing your Soul into the Atmosphere and through the Stratosphere. Into the realms of the true Cosmos. Your Mind. pt. 1 January 30 Fitzpatricks Greenville SC 10pm – 2am $5 Sound Spectrum Conductors. An intimate evening of fresh and innovative psychedelic sounds brought to you by the Pangea familia. Draigosa & Klaws – Pangea Productions – Techno Kameleon & Labyrinth – Pangea Productions – Progressive Psy
pt 2. February 6th The Garage at Biltmore 101 Fairview Rd. Suite B, 28803 Asheville NC 10pm – 6am $10 Sound Spectrum Conductors. Moksa – ATLpsy, Dharmaharmony Records – Psytrance Annunaki – (live) Touch Samadhi, Pure Perception Records – Psytrance/Goa Bioluminescense – Pure Perception Records, Pangea – Tribal Psychedelic Draigosa & Klaws – Pangea Productions – Dubstep/Techno Kameleon & Labyrinth – Pangea Productions – Progressive Psy Visual Spectrum Conductor: GalaxC Girl We hope you can join us on the journey! peace and light
many thanks to everyone who came out and danced with us, and to everyone who helped out with deco and visuals. my feet are still hurting from the moksa and annunaki combo! great job guys, hope to do it again soon, peace and light

February 2010

February 4 Thursday
PSYCHEGROUND at Sullivan Room

Join us once again for the first Psycheground of for a night of full-on madness and tech vibes featuring NY’s most gifted Artists. This week we’re celebrating Nicole Fox’s birthday and for this special night we’re gonna be blessed by the sets of: CAROL FERRAZ (Dreamcatcher NY/BR) DJ HORUS (Disorient NYC) REALITY ENGINE live CTRL+ALT+DEL (Nexus Media) Deco by the Dreamcatchers AND Neuronymphonic Sullivan Room, New York City web sullivanroom 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 RSVP to psycheground at yahoo for $5.00 reduced list 21+ with ID

February 13 Saturday
Alladin Group presents Psy Valentine
LOGIC BOMB,TRANAN…NYC Alladin Group presents Psy Valentine Saturday, February 13th Happy New Year Trancers! Our NYE Extravaganza was an unforgettable night filled with excitement, exhilaration, and collective energy! Alladin Group wishes to express our deep appreciation for the solidarity of the psy community; New Year’s Eve was an inspiring show of love for all the amazing performers who dazzled us with intoxicating beats and mystical visions. Together we created a beautiful place in space and time where harmony lives. Our outlook is bright entering 2010, and we at Alladin Group are more committed than ever to bringing only the best in trance music and decoration to New York. As always, we have been planning surprises to delight our faithful trancers… Alladin Group invites you all to come together once again for a Valentine Weekend edition of psy goodness! We return to Hello BK for anot her high energy gathering on Saturday, February 13th ! LINEUP: LOGIC BOMB (TIP Records, Sweden) web myspace/logixbomb Sweden’s Johan Krafft and Jonas Pettersson are Logic Bomb, a dynamic psychedelic full-on Scandinavian trance duo creating music together since 1998. Logic Bomb’s tracks make appearances on top-notch compilations from famous trance labels such as TIP Records, Spirit Zone, and Transient, and released their own debut album, “Headware”, on Spiral Trax, Sweden’s leading trance label. With many years of experience in the electronic music arena, including collaboration with Dennis Tapper as Hux Flux, this highly skilled tech-savvy team makes no compromises on production quality, resulting in some of the crispiest so unds the trance scene has to offer. TRANAN (Solstice Music, Sweden) web myspace/trananmusic Jonas Pettersson, aka Tranan, has been passionate about music since the piano playing days of his youth. He discovered the psy-trance scene in 1993 with friend Dennis Tapper, who later became his partner in the Hux Flux project. Jonas was motivated by the desire to create music exactly as he wanted to hear it, music that did not yet exist. Hux Flux gigs took him around the world, until he began Logic Bomb in 1998 with Johan Krafft, and later Jonaz Bergvall. 1999 witnessed his first solo release on Flow Records, and the following year the success of his many projects allowed him to quit his day job, giving complete focus to music ventures. To date, he has toured every continent aside from Antarctica, including highlights like Solstice Music Festival in Japan 2002, Boom Festival 2000 and Samothraki 2002 and 2003. SKOOCHA (Parabola Records, France) http://web myspace/skoocha Skoocha is one of the many aliases of French/Spanish Musician & Producer Benoit Munoz. Inspired by the trance sounds of the first Dragonfly compilation, which he encountered in Amsterdam back in 19 95, Skoocha has devoted himself to a life of sonic creativity. He has worked on track releases with a variety of top names including Manmademan (UKSL (MindControl). Now we are delighted to be Skoocha’s host as he celebrates his much-anticipated debut album, just released on Parabola Music (Germany)! Containing both unreleased tracks and new remixes of old favorites, “The Infinite Monkey Theorem” blends the emotions of old school Goa trance with the power of polished production and the funk of NYC. ORBIT (Orb Records, Alladin Group, NYC) web alladinproject.net Hailing from Japan and Israel, the pair has been energizing crowds in the New York scene since 2004. Both with years of experience as DJs in their own right, this electric team has everything it takes to impress. Orbit’s full-on sets activate the dance floor to the max, generating an unstoppable vibe that is nothing less than contagious. Orbit’s sonic sorcery induces the imagination with wonder, magic, and mystery, evoking a collective journey on waves of vibration. Trancers are guaranteed a potent and stimulating concoction, skillfully mixed by these master crowd pleasers. Orbit’s reputation in NYC precedes them, the buzz of anticipation creating excitement before they even take the stage. ww w.myspace/earwormfrequencies KIFE (Omnitribe, NYC) web myspace/DJkife Minimal & Progressive Room Lineup TBA DECO: OCULAR DELIGHT (Alladin Group, NYC) web dividemysky/oculardelight/events.p hp ALLADIN DECO TEAM (Alladin Group, NYC) LIGHTING & SOUND: AUDIOLUST (NY C) ADMISSION: $20 Advance Tickets On Sale at web alladinproject.net $30 at Door 18 to enter, 21 to drink MUST HAVE VALID PHOTO ID LOCATION: Hello BK (formerly The Hook) 18 Commerce Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 web thehookmusic/ Doors open 10pm This amazing venue, with TOP NOTCH sound and an amazing vibe, will provide us with two floors of music as well as an outdoor patio. ** COMING SOON: Stay tuned for information concerning ORB Festival our fourth annual outdoor gathering! Happy Valentine’s Day! Alladin Project Team had a lot of fun. I’m sure there will be complaints about security tho. Thanks, Tranan! for playing what I asked for. And it was the first track. That was so awesome to re-live an experience like that. Just wondering what happened to Logic Bomb’s set? Tranan played an hour set from 3-4 (though he did play some logic bomb tracks) followed by orbit from 4 till closing but the logic bomb live set was mysteriously missing… I thought the same thing…he told me he played both projects in the same set…. yea he did. You guys didn’t notice the classic Logic Bomb trax he was playing?? He played that track Fluxor always plays. SICK!!!!!! Shame to hear this when two separate sets were clearly advertised by the promoter. If Logic Bomb and Tranan are advertised as headlining acts at a party that is promoted and sold on this basis then surely as a paying customer you have the right to expect what was promised? Ugh! Here we go. Obviously, you don’t know your tracks. You should be happy you even got to see one of them. Don’t make negative comments towards promoters because you don’t know what you’re talking about. He was playing some of Logic Bomb’s most famous tracks. If you couldn’t tell then that’s your fault. It was the same thing on New Years’ eve in 2006. Look at the top of the thread. Two sets are clearly advertised. If you refer to my previous comment I did say I noticed him mixing in logic bomb tracks. As the party was advertised, however, I would have expected separate sets from both Logic bomb and Tranan. Considering it also cost $30 to get in I think this is a legitimate complaint. I’m not slating the entire organization – just saying that if promoters state things as they are more likely to gain the trust/respect of their crowd. If they had advertised one member of Logic Bomb (Tranan) playing an hour set of his own tunes mixed with logic’s tunes then I would have known what to expect. Call me a pedant but as a fan of logic who went specifically to see them, I was a bit let down. On a positive note, however, I was not disappointed by Tranan’s set

February 19 Friday
House of Yes

Join us for a Haiti fundraiser event hosted by Masae at The Skybox at the House of Yes to help those suffering in Haiti and we need your support! This is also a birthday celebration for our Fire Dragon Victor. The show will feature Sera Solstice, art by Kenji Williams, and more…..Belly dancing, Burlesque, DJs, and drumming… plus surprises and merriment along the way! All of the event92s proceeds will go to the UNICEF & Doctors Without Borders: doctorswithoutborders.org/ Masae has a very special gift for us, her new art performing show “THE HUE-MEN” This show theme will be the color RED so please add some red to your evening attire. Her mission is always to express the power and meaning of color through performance. Color-energies have power and its art. Experience the strength, beauty, and the Energy of Color. Send an image of red color which represents passion, love, life, survival, and earth mother to Haiti. “THE HUE-MEN” amazing dancers have generously donated their time and energy to this cause and will perform at the event. It will be held on Friday February 19th at 8:30 pm. House of Yes 342 Mau jer St Brooklyn, NY Donation: $20 21+ Doors open at 7:30, Show starts at 8: 30 After 11pm your ears will be filled with techno, dubstep and progressive psy brought to you by Psybotik and friends Featuring DJs SPiRO (Freek Factory, CoSM) Cris Limon (Loud Monitors, THM) Electrik (Psybotik) Messenger Particle (Psybotik) Matyas (Reality Engine) Visuals by nashamasha (Psybotik) So come shake your butts in support of Haiti! If you need more detail call me or email me. Thanks Love, Masae 347-531-1286
Thank you so much for contributing your big heart for our Haiti fundraiser. I’m so glad that we shared this beautiful thing. Did you feel the Red energy? Everybody told me it was such a warm, peaceful, and artistic experience! I was so happy to see how many people wanted to do something. And I had more confidence to throw this party because you were all with me! I hope Haiti got our Red energy message to help people’s spirits. We raised $1320!!! Yay! Congratulations!!! This money goes to UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders. Haiti will need money for more than ten years from now so I’d like to continue this show in the future. My heart is filled with gratitude toward all of you. Also, there was some stuff left staff at House Of Yes. We have a Black Cyber-shot camera and some keys, email me at masae at colorfulartist Video and pictures are coming soon… And if you haven92t seen Max Nova92 s new movie from the solstice party, check it out at web psybotik.co m Much Love Masae

March 2010

March 4 Thursday
A night of tech beats and full-on madness. Featuring DJ sets by LUIS CAMPOS & MATYAS (Reality Engine) BRANDON ADAMS (Dreamcatcher NYC) DJ BALLS (Disorient, Glam Tech NY / Br) CRIS (Loud Monitors, THX NY/MX) RAY BRIONES (Mercado Paralelo Music) ** March 4th, 11pm – 4am ** at Sullivan Room, New York City web sullivanroom 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 RSVP to psycheground at yahoo for $5.00 reduced list 21+ with ID Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to “W 4 St – Wash Sq” Save the April 1st will be the 3 year anniversary of the Sullivan Room residency with lots of surprises. web myspace/psycheground Featuring DJ sets by: ** March 4th, 11pm – 4am ** at Sullivan Room, New York City sullivanroom 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 21+ with ID Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to “W 4 St – Wash Sq” Save the April 1st will be the 3 year anniversary of the Sullivan Room residency with lots of surprises.
Tonight after ray Briones we will kick off the full-on fast-edelic stuff without transition. Next party we will have one of the best minimal/progressive DJs in the city, and a special guest surprise Since all the slots are tight this time it’s better that the madness starts early!!!!

March 5 Friday
Sonic Beating in Boston

March 12 Friday
Piney POWER! Philadelphia

Hey guys, dants party is back with a 100% trance lineup! Enertopia (Warp Brain, pine barrens) Emiliano Solazzi Griminger (Moti Griminger) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived in Beer Sheva, Israel, most of his life. At the age of 18, he was already leading a very successful Israeli death metal band called CEREBRAL COMA, where he played guitar and vocals, which had major success in the international and national underground scene. In 1992, Emiliano hooked up with Ziv Matushka, another pioneer in the Israeli electronic music scene, and, together, they started to experiment with more Industrial music and eventually wrote Goa and Psytrance. Ziv joined P.Cok, and Emiliano continued his project as ENERTOPIA. The first single by Enertopia was released in 1996 by B.N.E Israel in a compilation called DESTINATION ISRAEL, and after a few months, he was signed by KREMBO Records (Israel). The first full-length album was called MAGIC FOR ETERNITY, released in 1997, followed by FACE ADAPTOR, co-written with Yuli Fershtat AKA B.L.T, Perfect Stranger. In between 1996 and 1998 Enertopia released two full albums and numerous singles. His Third album “Divine” was released on September of 2008 on Geomagnetic.TV and it was received all over the world with great success. Nowadays, based in USA, Emiliano has founded “Warp Brain Records”, the first east-coast label of PsyTrance and Progressive trance. EgBot & Lauryn (Peak Recs, Philadelphia) avid McGee (aka Eg~Bot) and Lauryn are currently based in Philadelphia, PA where they help throw monthly psytrance parties and DJ for the Swiss label Peak Records. Both finding their musical roots early in life, they have been DJing Goa/psychedelic trance for longer than they can remember, and more recently have begun brewing their own spumescent concoction of psychedelic trance music. Individually they have played across the US, Canada, and in Europe sharing the stage with many well-known international acts. They joined forces in late 2007, and have been DJing collaboratively ever since. Prepare for a twisting journey through psychedelia past present and future… billy boogie (dants , pine barrens) Djing for over a decade now, boogie has changed styles a few times as his music tastes were altered. Starting out way back DJing techno on vinyl, he’s made his way through “hard trance” and techy house to finally reside with a type of driving, full-power psytrance. Producing other styles for about a decade as well under a few separate monikers , boogie has yet to unleash his own brand of psytrance on the masses. and a very special guest!!!!!!!!!!!! Bios and specifics to come…. March 12th M-Room 15 Girard ave

March 13 Saturday
DJ Shem-Tov at Monaco with Deco by Nephilnine

March 20 Saturday
YogiBogeyBox & Pulp: [Space No More] for Antishanti Rec

Wizack Twizack live, Cosmosis live] Antishanti Records and Wizack Twizack give birth to another wonder, a new release by the Swedish producer “Space No More”. In response to the people in charge of the stormy weather, the tribes will revel. The date is March 20th, the place is PUBLIC ASSEMBLY – all three rooms, every single inch. Dress to undress or come as you are ( underwear required! ). This will run from 11:00PM through 6:00AM. If you have the ENERGY – it will go further. The first hundred folks to arrive get a FREE “Space No More” CD. Twist it… bend it… shake it… LOVE it ! Room 1: WIZACK TWIZACK live [Sweden] web myspace/wizacktwizackmusic COSMOSIS live [U.K.] web myspace/cosmosis1 SHEMTOV (770) ELECTRIK ( Psybotik ) and Mayur ( Psybotik/Spectra ) CRIS ( Loud Monitors ) ANYA ( Sonic Beating ) Room 2: ALIGNING MINDS live web myspace/aligningminds KILOWATTS live web myspace/kilowatts ANIMALTEK live web myspace/animaltek THE GREAT MUNDANE live web myspace/thegreatmundane Room 3: PROGRESS CHILL live web myspace/iprog FOFA KIFE ( Omnitribe ) ELECTRIK ( Psybotik ) DYSFORM ( Psybotik ) Performances, Fire and Dance: MASAE, ERIN and VICTOR ( Luminisiso/Psybotiko ) Your contribution is $35. Stay tuned for a storm of updates on Desiderata. Wizack Twizack will be there too. Attend, Join, and share: event.php?eid254242777272 YogiBogeyBox and Pulp, in a gorgeous collaboration with TDC, Omnitribe, Psybotik, Loud Monitors and Sonic Beating. From Antishanti with love.
pretty wicked party, thanks, guys! Wizack laid it down in fine antishanti form only wish the sound on the main floor was as crisp as it was in the back room. nonetheless, excellent turnout and warm vibes. see u next time! Nice one guys – wizack and cosmosis both delivered and the space was really nicely decorated all around. Also grateful that it stayed open till 7 as promised – public assembly is a huge improvement on the hook Only complaint would be the sound in the main room – the in-house rig really needs to be engineered for psy and Cosmosis definitely seemed to be having sound issues during his set. Looking forward to your next outing I enjoyed cosmosis Goa sounds and wizack new album is kick ass! not to complain but the sound system was fuck up somehow sometime.. at the end Vladimir fixed it putting things lower and softly but in general you guys again did it…

Psyhooshka @ Medusa

Amelia Katherine Arroyo

Amelia Katherine Arroyo

March 21, 1983 - 2010 Part of the seminal first trance music wave in NYC of the late 90s-early 2000s ...

March 27 Saturday
Loud Monitors – Trance in the City

..a night of nothing but the best minimal tech, prog, & psy, with some of NY’s finest local talent… come join us– be part of this magical trip!!! LOUD MONITORS PRESENTS: – TRANCE AND THE CITY – DJs : ENERTOPIA live (Warp Brain/ pine barrens) http://www.myspace.com/enertopiapsy EARWORM (3D vision) http://www.myspace.com/earwormfrequencies CRIS (Loud Monitors/THM) http://www.myspace.com/loudmonitors ELEKTRIK (PSYBOTIK) http://www.psybotik.com BILLY BOOGIE (dants party, pine barrens) http://www.myspace.com/billyboogieworrell Sound Power, & Lighting : Mr BEN (light-o-matic) NYC https://web.archive.org/web/20170926060104/http://light-o-matic.com/ Backdrop Paintings by: Severyn http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=688539370 https://web.archive.org/web/20190410113242/http://www.severyn.com:80/ Spandex and Sculpture by: NEPHILNINE (Loud Monitors) NYC http://www.facebook.com/nephilninedeco N-TRANCE : 15 party from 10pm to 5am 21 + to W/ID @ AJI BAR LOUNGE 287 9th st (bet. 4th & 5th ave) Brooklyn NY 11215 R TRAIN to 9th st -or- F to 4th ave (venue is a block away from the train station) from more information email us at monitoring.project@live.com we invite you to be part of this blaster! thanks to all of you for supporting us! see you on the dancefloor!!!
Enertopia won’t be making it out tonight from what I’ve heard. He’s been replaced by Ken (!) and Sebastian.
Killer party. Excellent sound all night long (Thanks Ben). I didn’t know what to expect never having heard Cris before. Killer stuff. Thanks everyone, especially Cris, the host with the most.

April 2010

2010 4 1 Psyche

April 1 Thursday
PSYCHEGROUND at Sullivan Room
The Dreamcatchers are back in full force as we would like to welcome everybody back to another special evening at the PSYCHEGROUND, held at one of New York’s finest and longest-running clubs, Sullivan Room. On this Special evening, we will be celebrating superstar DJ & Producer on the rise – the one and only Luis Campos birthday!!! He will play a REALITY ENGINE DJ set with his partner in crime, Matyas Kelemen . We are also pleased to have DJs Vishwaatmaaa play for the first time, in addition to our fine DJs Ray & Lucina. Come out and celebrate this special night with us! DJs: – Reality Engine – Ray Briones – Vishwaatmaaa – Lucina ** April 1st, 10pm – 4am ** at Sullivan Room, New York City web sullivanroom 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 RSVP to psycheground at yahoo for $5.00 reduced list 21+ with ID Subway: A, B, C, D, E F, or V trains

April 2 Friday
Underground Party in Brooklyn – -> Supported by Mighty Quinn Records

Hello Freakz! I’d like to announce that this FRIDAY APRIL 2nd Wallas will be celebrating Timofey’s BIRTHDAY – Supported sincerely by MIGHTY QUINN RECORDS along with presentation of the latest release of new album compilation “Somatic Frenzy.” CD will be provided at the door for very reasonable deal!!! It will be a night of pure psychedelic balagan and trips along with some undergound somatik vibes. Start Time: Friday, April 2, 2010, at 9:00am End Time: Saturday, April 3, 2010 at 4:00am and beyond for da survivors! Location: DOWNHOUSE located @ 250 Ave. X Brooklyn NY 11223. Take F train to Ave X station…..very ez to get here! Line up: Come and Find out! Boom for Now! And hope to see all of your happy smiley faces tuning in this Friday! Niki!
Didn’t know to expect the first outdoor of the season, but this party was a nice surprise.

April 9 Friday
Paradigm Shift – Shift of consciousness – NYC Debut & Earworm Birthday

Deck Wizards : Earworm, kno-b, Brandon Adams, Cris, Eduardo, primate. Lycra & Structures by: NephilNine Deco: Visual Art(Backdrops) by R2D2 We have an interesting concept in mind with many screens as our disposal we will be creating live imagery simulating backdrops Log in:21+Event 15# Before Midnight 20# After. Birthday boomers who present valid id on the night get free entry Including you max.. Manny’s on Second Ave.; Btwn. e92st. & e93st.

2010 4 17 Hoffmann

April 17 Saturday
Hofman’s Dreams

Line Up 8pm-12am Labld Spineless Thug The Return of the Carnival Parade Experimental Video Installations: Kaliptus & Syd Gnosis ReVERB ~ Wheel of Dreams By Philippe Javier Garcesto A Performance Prayer For Seed Live Painting: CASH & SCRIBE Handmade Goods DJs 12AM-8AM: PSY Featuring: REALITY ENGINE (Luis Campos & Matyas Fullon DJ set + Visuals by Misha) [realityengine.tv] CRIS (Loud Monitors/THM) MX/NYC [myspace.com] PRIMATE Andrey ProgressiveHeaven Phungeye: Microcosm House Deco Deco Psyculptural Installation by NephilNine (Loud Monitors) NYC [facebook.com] [nephilnine.net] Info Info A Benefit for the New Seed Space: 2nd Annual Hofmann Dreams, Bicycle Day Celebrations April 17, 2010 Featuring the artwork of Gizem Bacaz [gizembacaz.com] “I hope you will help in the transformation of my problem child into the wonder child” -Dr. Albert Hofmann Join us for an evening of Creativity & Mind Expansion Open yourself up for a journey… 8pm-12am Labld Spineless Thug The Return of the Carnival Parade Experimental Video Installations: Kaliptus & Syd Gnosis ReVERB ~ Wheel of Dreams By Philippe Javier Garcesto A Performance Prayer For Seed Live Painting: CASH & SCRIBE Handmade Goods Psyculptural Installation by: NephilNine (Loud Monitors) NYC [facebook.com] [nephilnine.net] 12AM-8AM: PSY Featuring: REALITY ENGINE (Luis Campos & Matyas Fullon DJ set + Visuals by Misha) [realityengine.tv] CRIS (Loud Monitors/THM) MX/NYC [myspace.com] PRIMATE Andrey ProgressiveHeaven Phungeye: Microcosm House More to be announced… Keep yourself in tune with your higher self.

April 18 Sunday
We’re back! Planning meeting/barbecue this

Hi all, After a 6-year hiatus, it’s that time again. We were heavily active from 1999-2001, and again with a big season in 2004. For 2010 with the cancellation of Orb, and Adam/Ian/Jowe probably going to sit this summer out, it’s time again to fill in a gap. The events will be free, participatory, old school with psytekk/ambient/non-psy various music, starting on a Saturday afternoon going into night with psytrance then concluding at dawn Sunday morning.
We need poi people, artists, and any contribution really. Generator – getting back from Tony at 28th Day, needs minor repair Sound System – TBDInflatables – obv. getting Pierre involved would be a major plus, if not can make a large bubble. Hook Suspension – Jason Primate’s crew did a great job in 2004, will make a contact for these years – Major popular international talent will obv. be welcome if they are in town. Groups involved so far – DMT, artThou, RYCollective There’s a nice backyard at our new house, We’ll be meeting, seeing each other after years, and discussing/planning a couple of events planned for this summer. Noon – 9pm Sunday Apr 18 367-A TroutmanBetween Wyckoff & Irving 1 block Jefferson Stop on L trainBushwickBrooklynJeff’s cell 347 870 6602Noon – 9pmBring stuff, + your calendar
Planning meeting for open air this summer, tomorrow Sunday, April 18th If you would like to help plan open-air trance events this summer, call me at as there is a meeting tomorrow, Sunday, April 18th from noo n on. This is not a party but a meeting.

Ed. note: This was shut down by my girlfriend at the time

2010 4 24

April 23 Friday
Psygasm at Amber

432 6th Avenue Psy-Frix vs Psyko Zombi, Hecticmindz vs Wizdom reinz, Psyolonk, Phungeye, Anjuna Therapy Temple

April 24 Saturday
TDC Underground Presents: “Shamanic Call”

~°~ SHAMANKA ~°~ Trance Dance Company invites you to a passionate, mystical journey. Supernatural emotions, tribal engagements, and deep, penetrating rhythm in a luscious, colorful environment. Spacey outdoors area hosting tribal jamming, kirtan, hookah and warm vibes. Yoga session, followed by group meditation at sunrise. Let go of the mundane – come, unwind and replenish your passion. Wear colorful costumes, come ready to sweat. Bring your instruments. Bring your flame. Music: PROCS ( Manic Dragon – Sweden ) Live http://www.myspace.com/procstrance KNOBI ( Z Production ) PROGRESS ( AntiShanti Records – NYC ) Live https://web.archive.org/web/20170929101131/http://www. Iprogress.us/ PRISHVIN MESS ( AntiShanti Records – NYC ) Live/DJ https://web.archive.org/web/20110930114355/http://www.prishvinmess.com/ KABAYUN ( D-A-R-K Records – NYC ) Live http://www.myspace.com/800deathsticks FUMI ( YogiBogeyBox – NYC ) Design artist: JULIEN Seyer ( Montreal, Canada ) http://www.myspace.com/procstrance We start at midnight – 12:00AM through 7:00AM. Your contribution is $25. RSVP to trancedancecompany@gmail.com for $20. Saturday, April 24th at Station 171. 171 Lombardy St. Brooklyn NY 11222
The party was smooth, the venue – cozy, deco – wow!, such beautiful people, such a good vibe! Music – Swedish kid was the man for me, the ending was brilliant, need to check his music! Well, being not a huge fan of high bpm music I really wasn’t suffering at this party, it’s just that towards the end it would be nice to acknowledge the arrival of the morning, light, new day – musically. Like putting Spiritual healing (the 1st trance track I’ve ever heard in my life – ahhhh, nostalgia..) – that’s one with the longest beard in a trance history, but it drives even dead bodies nuts so why keep drilling when u can make people dance and smile more? What else .. I met some good people in this party, old fellas and new friends like one of the organizers – Misha, and on this occasion, I would thank you and “the team” for throwing such a gr8 party! Much needed night of pure psychedelic tunes … wow the flow of psycedelica was just great !!!! Super impressed by what Prishvin Mess and Kabayun are producing … deep dark and very danceable trippy tunes Big Boom to TDC and looking forward to the next installment Thanks TDC for a great party. Amazing music all night, and sick deco by Julien! Can’t wait for the next one….

2010 4 29 Psyche

April 29 Thursday
3 Year Anniversary Party at Sullivan Room
NY ALL Star Lineup 0-1126154363-1272477415:65634 DREAMCATCHERS Present: PsYcHeGrOuND – New York’s longest-running Psychedelic Playground Celebrating the Dreamcatcher’s 3 Year Residency Anniversary Party at Sullivan Room! As Sullivan Room was recently selected as one of the top 100 clubs in the WORLD, 3 were only from New York (Pacha & Ciel o being the others). The Dreamcatchers have come a long way over these years and would like to share their appreciation with the trance community with a Big Bang- family style. On this special evening, we welcome both new and old friends to join us and to dance the night away. With a massive lineup of some of New York’s finest artists and DJs, the night will sure be nonstop, full of psychedelic fever. Bring your dancing shoes, and let the party begin! Featuring Lineup: – Dreamcatcher Allstar Tag Set (LUIS vs MATYAS vs BRANDON vs KeN vs LUCINA) – Special NY Allstar Tag S et (EARWORM vs SKOOCHA) – RADMOURA (Paradigm Shift- Miguel vs Sebastian) – CAROL FERRAZ deco by Neuronymphonic ** April 29th, 2010** – 11: 00pm- 4:00am – at Sullivan Room NYC web sullivanroom 218 Sulli van St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) Gene ral Admission: $10.00 RSVP to psycheground at yahoo for $5.00 reduced list 21+ with ID Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains
Unfortunately, Ctrl Alt Del will not be joining us, but we will have him back very soon.

2010 4 30 Lumenaughty

April 30 Friday
Psybotik – Lumenaughty
RSVP to Win a FREE Ticket to Desiderata!! In just a few days we celebrate! Thanks again for the response from the community for Lumenaughty and all the continued support. We’re very excited for Friday and have a very special night planned filled with fire, dancing and not to mention 2 rooms of music ’till 7am. Don’t worry there’s still time to help spread the word during our final approach. Here’s the event’s Facebook link to invite your friends: event.php?ei and don’t forget to rsvp-naughty at psybotik for your chance to win a FREE ticket to the Desiderata festival. See you very soon! blue Coming up we have a very special treat for you on Friday, Apr il 30th in New York when we celebrate the birthdays of Electrik and Blue Goddess, and The 2nd year anniversary of Psybotik!! Come saturate yourself in an extraordinary night of wonder with TWO ROOMS, featuring one of our favorite Iboga legends on his new release tour! Plus we welcome some incredible talent from one of the most active labels in Canada!! The event will be augmented by the passion and extravagance of the Luminisis performers with special guests bringing us Fire, Burlesque, Bellydance and Go-Go. All the while being encompassed by nasha-masa’s team of visual alchemists. Show up and show off – Decorate yourself
Psybotik is extremely proud to present…LUMENAUGHTY Electro House / Techno / Progressive Room: REEFER DECREE **LIVE & DJ** (Iboga Records) – Denmark iboga.dk LIKEWISE **LIVE** (Attitude Recordings/Noerg) – Canada web attituderecordings TA PWATR vs TENZIN (Attitude Recordings/Noerg/Tech-Safari) – Canada web .attituderecordings MAYUR (Psybotik/Spectra) HISAKI KIYOHARA (Activate, NYC) web myspace/activateny GOATONE (Fractal Tribe) w ww.fractaltribe.net Electro House / Techno / Progressive / Dubstep / Ful l On / Dark Room: SPiRO (Freek Factory/CoSM) – USA freekfactory DJANE LONGSTOCKING (Syzygy) – Canada REALITY ENGINE *LIVE* web realityengine.tv ELECTRIK (Psybotik) ME (Psybotik) CRIS (L oud Monitors, THM) web myspace/loudmonitors HYPNOTOAD (Light-O- Matic) & DYSFORM (Psybotik) web lightomatic PRISHVIN MESS (Anti Shanti Records) web antishantirecords Fire, Burlesque, Belly dance and Go-Go by: Masae, Erin and Victor (Luminisis) web luminisi s Sera Solstice web boldbellydance Taryn Tulla web taryntulla Nikki Miller web nickimiller.wordpress Daniella & the Psytrance Barbies VJs Low-KeyB2 (NYC) LuneCell Masha (Psyboti k) Alchemism (Psybotik) Max Nova Sound Designer: Light-O-Matic web lightomatic Decor: Sean (Psybotik) & Crew Public Assembly 70 North 6t h St Brooklyn, NY 18+ w/ID Friday 4/30 Doors 8pm-7am Free before 1 0 with RSVP $20 after 10 with RSVP $25 at Door Send email to rsvp-naughty at psybotik for a reduced list and Psybotik updates. Or sign up at w ww.psybotik ***Psybotik is an official New York City Ambassador for Boom Festival 2010. The tickets have arrived and we will be selling them at the party for $240 which includes your gate token. This avoids all shipping and transaction fees. You will also be able to reserve your Boom Bus ticket with us. Go to /web psybotik or web boomfestival.org for more details*** See you soon! blue ps. Also, we need help with promotions. Email me at bluegoddess at psybotikif you’re interested. Any amount of help is appreciated, the more you help the more you will be rewarded. REEFER DECREE (Iboga/DigiIboga/Ayahuasca Records) – Denmark The creator of Reefer Decree, Oryx and Oliver Jones, aka Oliver Bierlich now proudly presents his newest album entitled “Motel Music”, expected to be released in May on Iboga Records. This is the third album from Reefer Decree following the first album release ever on Iboga “Soundframes” from 1999 and the album ” Point of You” released in 2006. Now “Motel Music” is born, expect the sic Reefer sound with a great warmhearted variety of trax, all well seasoned with some groovy beats and a bit of house and electro vibe.It also includes a remix of a track by danish rock group “Grand Avenue” entitled “Almost Gone” and the result is an album that really takes the listener on a complete audio journey guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a dancefloor under your feet. LIKEWISE (Attitude Recordings/Tech-Safari) – Canada 2009 is the year that saw Likewise take over the studio, introducing a new blend of techno/progressive music to the world, the result of a vision shared by its two members, Jeremy Reid (Tapwatr) and Dominic Poulin (Tenzin; Dominic Dublin). The undeniable studio expertise of Jeremy Reid coupled with the dance floor magnetism exerted by Dominic Poulin guarantees to everyone that witness one of their performances’ phenomenal audio and sensorial experience. Before their joint project was born, both the Montrealer and Torontonian played leading roles on the Canadian techno scene, both as promoters and as successful Djs. Jeremy Reid was the man behind the Toronto-based Black Light Activists collective founded in 1999 and also head of the label Cold Groove (2003 ). After moving to Montreal he launched the label Attitude Recordings with FM Radio Gods. On his side Dominic Poulin joined the Tech Safari collective in 2003 to produce what has gradually grown into one of the biggest tech, prog and trance festivals in America, the Eclipse festival, internationally recognized for the last 10 years. The Likewise sound emits on a frequency uniting Tapwatr’s pure techno waves with Tenzin’s characteristic progressive energy offering an explosive result and capturing their audience in a continuous roll of build-ups and heavy bass lines in a whole new formula. Very much to the point regarding actual techno music tendencies. already saw their first live performance that received a massive response from the Toronto dance floor. The future seems bright for the young duo, who recently signed with the Montreal-based Noerg collective for the administration of their career. Likewise will give live performances in the coming months In the Montreal area, notably in Noerg’s Microtek series and Eclipse festival. Several EP’s shall also be released in the near future. TAPWATR (Attitude Recordings/Tech-Safari) – Canada Born in Toronto, Canada, and now residing in Montreal, Tapwatr is the production project of a long-time DJ, Jeremy Reid. Reminiscent of his original love for tech-trance, Tapwatr is churning out a new and unique sound that combines the drive and power of this classic style with the slower BPMs influencing many dancefloors today. With his unique Productions being signed on many labels, and a live set sound phatter than ever, 2009 is destined to be a great year. As a DJ, Jeremy has traveled the globe playing in clubs and festivals alongside some of the biggest names in the scene. During his eight-plus years of experience, he has become very versatile and developed a reputation for tight mixing with the steady hypnotic flow. As with his Productions, his DJ sets cross styles but always fit the moment, whether it be pumping the peak time electro or jammin out those daytime grooves, he’s always got the dance-floor inside his head. TENZIN (Attitude Recordings/Tech-Safari) – Canada DJ Tenzin a.k.a. Dominic Dublin (Dominic Poulin) began his career as a producer and a DJ in 1999 with an event he produced with Mathieu Labelle, under Union Productions. He then went on to become a well-known DJ in the Montreal electronic music scene, thank to his skillful sets at Eclipse festival, Natura, and more recently Microtek (Dusty Kid), Sugr, Electro-chic and Amazone, in addition to numerous gigs in bar and lounges. (La BEAte Humaine, ) As a result of his selective musical taste, appreciated by partygoers, and his experienced mixing technique, he became a member of Tech Safari Productions in 2003. Within the collective, he has a major administrative role, and he is also committed to promoting the annual event, Eclipse festival. Having mixed mainly melodic trance and progressive house at the beginning of his career, Tenzin has currently developed a more techno / minimal inclined sound. His turntables technique and his versatility have impressed many and his influences are mostly rooted in the German and Scandinavian electronic music scene. His intimate interplay between the audience and himself is the reason for his immense popularity as a deejay. REALITY ENGINE – USA Reality Engine is the project of producers and DJs, Luis Campos, and Matyas Kelemen. Together the NYC-based duo compose an articulate blend of original music and synchronized videos, drawing upon a diverse pallet of influences and styles. A unique experience where visuals can be heard and sounds can be seen. Utilizing state of the art technology Reality Engine brings a one of a kind, epic dance floor journey, ready to set new standards in the electronic music industry. Luis Campos a music producer and incessant dance music veteran was born and raised in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he began his career in 1985. Throughout the year she has been developing / re-creating his sound in dance music including trance, techno, house and electro. Fate has lead him to some of the most prominent clubs in Brazil, Japan, and Italy, as well as some of the most well-established music festivals around the globe. Soon Louis Campos found himself facing 200,000 people at the Love Parade. Now living in New York, Luis can be heard playing in such clubs as: Crobar, Sullivan Room, Le Souk, Cielo Pacha, Life, Exit, Vinyl, Avalon, World, just to name a few. Matyas Kelemen was born in Transylvania and grew up NYC, within a production studio environment from an early age. He started experimenting with multimedia art and Audio-Visual installations at the age of 15. Soon after, he began his career as a promoter, DJ and VJ, which lead to a full-time position at the famous Tunnel nightclub. With a passion to create unique multi-sensory installation art, Matyas began to produce Audio-Visual tracks and performed them live in NYC’s underground industrial scene of the late 90s. DJ Matyas has a unique set of skills that have taken him above and beyond in the music scene and with his background in cinematography and fine arts, you can be sure that his work is never lacking in creativity. In 2007 Matyas made a huge impression on his year-long Brazilian tour. Regularly performing in front of 20,000+ crowds at some of the countries biggest events. Matyas left his mark while sharing the stage with world-renowned superstars at such events as: Cachoiera Alta, Creamfields, Euphoria, Kaballa, Orbital, Universo Parallelo, Tribe, Tibaltech, Soul Vibes, and many more. Reality Engine is currently in finishing the long-awaited release of its first official DVD, in the summer of 2010. The DVD will feature eight Audio-Visual masterpieces, Including producer92s bonus footage, and an in-studio interview. SPiRO (Freek Factory/CoSM) – USA With a history in electronic music production that goes back to 1995 with his first releases on Caffeine Records, SPiRO has been pushing musical boundaries for as long as most of us can remember. Known for his dare-devil genre-blending and astonishing ethnic trance and dub-step mash-ups thrown down at the legendary Freek Factory and Entheogenic Salon (CoSM ) events, SPiRO brings us the rare treat of his full-on LIVE performance set complete with acoustic and electric guitars, sitar and bouzouki. An experience not to be missed. In just a few days we celebrate!

May 2010

May 1 Saturday
Free Outdoor Daytime Party – Philly

Greetings family & friends! Come one come all to THE BIG BANG BELTANE BLISS BASH & BAZAAR brought to you by Super Galactic Expansive & The Vantastic TeleporTour, to celebrate many things including the physical CD Release of SGE’s debut album, Supersensible Science on 1320 Records, as well as the Grande Finale of The Vantastic TeleporTour featuring KiloWatts, Aligning Minds, and the Great Mundane…(as well as the growing excitement that always accompanies the fast approaching Summer months!!) LIVE Musical Performances by Super Galactic Expansive – (1320 Records, ) Kilowatts – (Mothership, Thoughtless, Somnia) Aligning Minds – http://www.aligningminds.com/ (Aleph Zero, Transistor, Boltfish) The Great Mundane – http://www.thegreatmundane.com/ (Run Riot, Psymbolic) Rinse, Repeat – (www.dants.net) Opening DJ Set by Orbicles – https://web.archive.org/web/20101022094558/http://gaian-mind.com:80/artists/ (Gaian Mind) We’re envisioning this party to be a truly collaborative community arts event where the many incredible talents of our beautiful family can shine through for all to experience Wildly creative local artists & designers will be vending their handmade artisan creations such as clothing, jewelry and crafts. Powerful healing artists of numerous modalities will be here to offer the rejuvenating gifts of massage, shiatsu, reiki, reflexology and more! Amazing, mind-blowing art of varying mediums will be on display, from visual to performance to spoken word to dance to hoops, all set to the backdrop of lush, hypnotic downtempo beats simmering slowly in the fresh warmth of the Spring sun! Plus, tasty homemade baked treats and cool, refreshing beverages & elixirs served up the dynamic duo–The Schnozberries Taste like Schnozberries!! (by Laura and Angela) Please note: this event is BYOB as well as completely FREE; however, if your charitable heart so desires, donations will be gratefully accepted… @Liberty Lands Park 961 N 3rd St Philadelphia, Pa Saturday, May 1, 2010 12:00pm – 6:30pm
Great party. A big thanks to Anand, Jamie and the crew from the rinse repeat jawn. Good fun – I attended these guy’s event _ last_ night in South Philly. The intense portal they created, and the electric vibe spiraled me up into a lucid, dream-like reverie for hours and hours after. Totally…..like…..WOW !!! BE at this event.

May 7 Friday
Rectified Youth Collective – Club Love

Grains of Sound Album Release Party
ontonca at Gmail 10pm at LOVE Good evening! To those who have not yet seen our promotions, the Rectified Youth Collective is throwing a psyTrance party 93Grains of Sound Album Release Party94 this Saturday night at 10pm in Manhattan. On Facebook: http:/ We look forward to this Saturday! The DJs are reloading their magazines with cupid’s arrows and other forms of positive energy. We are slowly moving towards the moment when the first beat shalt hit the dance floor at CLUB LOVE! Summary: 1. The venue has changed. We are very excited that we’ll be at: Club LOVE 40 West 8th Street New York, NY 10011 2. We changed the finish time of the party from 4 to 5am!!! 3. Although pre-sale is no longer available, we decided to offer special pricing to anyone whose ticket is sold before midnight at $10! Do not be late, the spaceship turns into a pumpkin precisely at midnight! 4. We have added Luna ( FluroNe uroNymph ) to our deco team! Together with NephilNine ( web nephilnine.net/ ) this will fill the space with love of psy flora, fauna, and friendly spiritual entities. 5. Our updated lineup: 10 96 10:45 Tom Foxglove web Soundcloud/TomRogers 10:45 96 11:30 Andrey Progressive Heaven web termminal/andrey/Andrey%20DJ%20Set%2004-27-2010.mp3 11 :30 96 12:30 Earworm web reverbnation/earworm 12:30 96 2:00Grains of Sound (Exeris) web grainsofsound.net 2:00 96 4:00 Luis vs . KeN DJluiscampos web myspace/n yDJ4life 4:00 96 5:00 PsyRaiders the Rectified Youth Collective on the web: web rycollective Best regards, RYC Staff

May 14 Friday

Tue, 18 May PSYCHEGROUND Thursday, May 20th at SULLIVAN ROOM 0-1625148684-1274201826:74859 We would like to welcome everybody back to another special evening at the PSYCHEGROUND, hosted by one of New Yorks most distinguished clubs, Sullivan Room. At this party, we will have a mix of the best of both worlds featuring DJ sets long enough to savor and beats you can’t help but dance to by: RODRIGO VIEIRA TONY UNORTHODOX CTRL+ALT+DEL live ** May 20 th, 11pm – 4am ** at Sullivan Room, New York City – web sullivanroom 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 RSVP to psycheground at yahoo for $5. 00 reduced list. 21+ with ID

May 20 Thursday

We would like to welcome everybody back to another special evening at the PSYCHEGROUND, held at one of New York’s finest and longest-running clubs, Sullivan Room. On this Special party, we will have a mix of the best of both worlds. Featuring DJ sets by: CTRL ALT DEL live REALITY ENGINE RODRIGO VIEIRA ** May 20th, 11pm – 4am ** @ Sullivan Room, New York City – https://web.archive.org/web/20170426051115/http://www.sullivanroom.com:80/ 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) General Admission: $10.00 RSVP to psycheground@yahoo.com for $5.00 reduced list. 21+ with ID Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to “W 4 St – Wash Sq”
unfortunately missed the first few minutes of ctrl alt del’s set but thoroughly enjoyed the rest of it all in all another great night at Sullivan room

May 22 Saturday
Pangea 3 western border of SC/NC

5pm – 5pm We would like to invite you to Pangea’s third annual soul-expanding getaway. Taking place at a brand new location right across the western SC/NC border, about 20 minutes south of Brevard NC. This year we will focus on 24 hours of sonic bliss, featuring some of the nation’s best underground talent and first-time Pangea guest, as well as the region’s cream of the crop on one stage with one sound system that will shake the mountain. This will be continuing with the ‘Sanctuary for the Mind’ series. Sonic Conductors: Wichdokta – Phoenix Family – Ukiah, CA – Psy Trance Primordial Ooze – Chilluminati – Chicago/Milwaukee – Psy Trance Moksa – ATLpsy – Atlanta GA – Psy Trance Kri – Touch Samadhi – Asheville NC – Psy Trance Chad Mcneely & Sean McClellan – Source of Gravity – Charlotte NC – Tech House / Progressive Piltdown Sound – Touch Samadhi – Knoxville TN – Minimal Bioluminescense – Pure Perception Records – Greenville SC – Tribal Progressive Psy Kameleon & Labyrinth – Pangea Productions – Greenville SC – Progressive Psy Klaws – Pangea Productions – Greenville SC – Techno Ju^2 – iOpener – Atlanta GA – DubStep / Chill Out + a couple more very nice additions: Some rules are the Same – Some rules are different: This year will be camping for everyone. Rain or Shine – We have a very large tent to cover the dancefloor (same from Equinox) Bring all the supplies you need for one night and one day. No Re-Entry. All alcohol must be in cups. All pets on Leaches. No Narcotics or Bad Vibes. No Re-Entry. Drive slow and Cautious through mountain roads and towns. Don’t attract Attention! Gates close at 12. Respect the Land! Leave No Trace! The new location is right by the French Broad River and there’s plenty of inner tubes to jump in and go for afloat.
Wow! That was fun. Beautiful location, amazing vibes, and really great people! Thanks to everyone who helped bring this together and make it such a special event. Everything went very smoothly and we will definitely be back at this location either in October or next May. Thanks to the Ultimate Supreme for the perfect weather and keeping us safe! The music was phenomenal the whole weekend from start to finish. Some highlights for me. Total Recalls high tech futuristic dubstep sound. Doktas set had the place bouncing and put smiles on everyone’s face. Primordial Ooze had an amazing mysterious morning set that I still can’t get out of my head… I hope to hear those songs again. I would love to play all those tracks actually! Kri totally surprised me with a really deep neo-Goa set that fit perfect with the foggy morning. All the morning progressive sets sounded top-notch too!

May 28 Friday
The Dreamcatchers are proud to welcome DJ Shawnodese to his first New York City performance in a special Friday night edition of Psycheground! Shawnodese is known for his master craftsmanship in blending and fusing every tune together in a perfect mix, he’s been able to set off many minds high up in the sky and to make them enjoy the powerful intensity of his belove d and favorite style of music, psytrance. During all those years he’s seen almost every kind of venue and party imaginable, from clubs to squats, from massive indoor as well as outdoor festivals to obscure underground locations and anything in between. As long as there were some pounding beats demanded, this man was taking control of the decks to deliver on-demand! A Holland resident for most his life, Shawnodese has also lived In Germany and Venezuela. His name and fame have literally extended throughout the psytrance scene worldwide, however, having taken him to play in over two dozen countries spanning five continents so far. He also has bee n running his own record label, Mindfunk Records, for the past four years in addition to being a top-notch DJ. He also became a label DJ for the legendary psytrance label Doof Records in 2008 and later joined Bom Shanka Records in the same role. The Dreamcatchers are also delighted to be welcoming back Ray Briones and DJ Carol Ferraz, as well as the New York City family favorite, Reality Engine, to share their signature holographic show at Psycheground for the first time. Performing a special transition s et breaching the full spectrum of sound from techno to trance, Reality Engine will synthesize sight and sound into a unique sensory experience with sounds that will be seen and visuals that will be heard. Whether it be science or metaphysics, this is the stuff that most of us only dream about. Are you ready? Then grab your dancing shoes and let’s just see how far down the rabbit hole we can go! ** May 28th, 10pm – 4am ** 2-1 Drinks from 10pm to 11pm! Line-Up: – Shawnodese (Mind Funk Records/NL) – Reality Engine (Psycheground/US/BR) – Ray Briones (UC Music/BR) – Carol Fe rraz (Psycheground/BR) – Visuals by Alchemism (Psybotik/Psycheground/NYC) – UV Environment by Nephilnine Deco – Visionary Arts & Prints for Sale by Kaliptus General Admission: $20 Reduced Admission with RSVP: $15 As some people have reported difficulty with buying the presale tickets using PayPal we have decided to open up our usual RSVP list. Please send names to psycheground at yahoo for $15 reduced admission before 6pm the day of the event. Hope to see you all there! at Sullivan Room, New York City – 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) 21+ with ID
SKOOCHA: oh Shawnodese such a great guy I remember sending him my first tracks like 4 years ago and he told me right away my music was shite this guy his a true trancer without any doubt… he knows everything about trance without ever producing one track that’s worth mentioning
CTRL+ALT+DEL: @ Skoocha: It’s funny you say that because I had the identical experience! I’ve known Gosse for a while, it’s going to be a pleasure to meet him in the flesh finally

June 2010

2010 6 5

June 5 Saturday

Greetings all you beautiful dancefloor inhabitants! The LOUD MONITORS crew would like to announce our next installment of party awesomeness, “FAR from EARTH”!!! Come out and celebrate Cris’s birthday and break in your moonboots to the musical artistry of EARTHLING, live! (Neurobiotic / Ibiza). We will be landing this rager at a Brooklyn spaceport on Saturday, June 5th, 2010, to gather the best local talent and party folk and then sweep all of you straight back to zero G’s. Bring your space helmets and be prepared to party. LOUD MONITORS presents: “FAR from EARTH” celebrating CRIS`s birthday !!! featuring: EARTHLING live* (Neurobiotic Records) Ibiza First NYC appearance!!!! Earthling is the solo project of Dj Celli. Celli was born on the island of Ibiza in 1977. In the early 90’s, he began going to Full Moon parties and clubs on the island, which influenced him greatly, Since the island has always had healthy music, and party scene. In 1992, he began working with an organization in Ibiza called Art Party and learned the art of party organizing. When the first Psychedelic Trance arrived on the island, Celli fell in love with the music, and he and a group of friends began organizing their own parties, specializing in Psychedelic trance. These parties were very successful and helped to kick off the psytrance scene in Ibiza, which is still very popular today. It was at one of these parties that he played his first DJ set. In the year 1998, after six years of making parties, and DJing on the island, Celli bought his first studio equipment, and began creating his own music, shortly afterward he formed his solo project… Earthling, releasing his first tracks “Just Say Yes” on T.I.P. records, “Dusty Hoffmans” on Neurobiotic records, and his debut album “Patterns” on Acidance records in 2001, which gave him global recognition, and launched his career as an international Dj and performer. Shortly afterward, with his friends Riktam and Bansi of the legendary Psytrance group GMS, he formed a new group called Soundaholix . together, they have produced dozens of hits such as Psychedelic Circus, Technofari, and The Moon, and will release their debut album “Soundaholix Anonymous” in December 2008. In 2003 He formed another group called Vatos Locos, with Trance pioneer Nick Doof, and Mexican Dj Xavier Fux. They have two albums together. Welcome 2 da Barrio, and Attack and Release. Their first album “welcome 2 da Barrio” , was released on Sony Music, Dance Division, and went on to achieve huge success all over South America, with their music videos being shown on MTV and Telehit. Celli also produces Minimal Techno under the name Monoxcide, and Chillout, under the name Earthling , with his tracks appearing on many Ibiza-based compilations over the years, and has a chillout/Dub based project with Nick Doof called 3rd Ear Audio. Earthling’s highly anticipated second album “Hypernature” will be released on Neurobiotic records in December 2008, and promises to be a contemporary definition of his sound: a unique blend of deep, psychedelic soundscapes and organic rhythms. REALITY ENGINE live * (Dream Catcher) NYC https://web.archive.org/web/20181110141602/http://realityengine.tv/ CELLI FIRMI (Special SOUNDAHOLIX & VATOS LOCOS DJ set) !!! http://www.myspace.com/soundaholixmusic CRIS ( Loud Monitors/THM) NYC/MX http://www.myspace.com/loudmonitors KNOB (Z-Productions) NYC/JP http://www.myspace.com/wisteria2misteria EARWORM VS BRANDON ADAMS ( 3D VISON/CALI-PHONIC) NYC http://www.myspace.com/earwormfrequencies ELECTRIK (Psybotik) NYC http://www.psybotik.com Sound power, & lighting: Mr BEN (light-o-matic) NYC http://www.lightomatic.com Deco artist : NEPHILNINE (NYC) http://www.facebook.com/nephilninedeco https://web.archive.org/web/20190109042953/http://www.nephilnine.net/ Fire performance and dancing: VICTOR (Psybotik/Reality Engine/Dream Catchers ) NYC http://www.psybotik.com N-TRANCE : 171 Lombardy St. Brooklyn NY 11222 $25 before 12am $30 dollars after 18 to get in 21 to do shots with CRIS W/ID 10pm to 7am !!! for more info please email us to monitoring.project@live.com flier: http://i871.photobucket.com/albums/ab278/LMFLYERS/flyer3.jpg FB page : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?cropsuccess&id=638879077#!/event.php?eid=120678654619611&ref=mf

June 11 Friday
Coalesce Festival MD

Sangam Pande

Sangam Pande

September 14, 1963 - June 16, 2010 I was good friends with Sangam since the early to mid 90s, when ...

June 16 Wednesday
The Rectified Youth Collective – Psysmoke Wednesdays
From: ontonca at gmailFree Wednesday Night Psy Party Do you think New York City could handle a weekly Wednesday night psyTrance party, running from 9pm so people can actually make it to work the next day? Want to help us try it out? WEDNESDAY 6/16 TOMORROW NIGHT IS THE NIGHT! LET’S MAKE IT REAL! We are running this one without a door fee. YES, ITS FREE!!! Psy Smoke Wednesday Start Time: Wednesday, June 16, at 9:00p m End Time: Thursday, June 17, at 4:00am Location: Falucka Street: 162 Bleecker St. City/Town: New York, NY Description The Rectified Youth Collective is proud to present Psy smoke Wednesdays! The rectified Youth collective believes that’s once in a while that the community should be able to get together and enjoy themselves and not have to worry about a cover charge (money isn’t everything therefor we will be trying a free event at one of New York’s finest hookah lounges with the night dedicated to our beloved P sy scene we will start the night of a new mine genre Psy-tribal-house and move the night into progressive psy then finish up in the darker realm of psy so be prepared full night of mind-altering sets brought to you buy some of the most talented New York psy Dj’s. Hope to see you on the dance floor;-) CRIS ( Loud Mon itors/THM) NYC/MX web myspace/loudmonitors Ray Gunnz Ruiz (Sound Groove Records) soundcloud/Ray-Gunnz Curtis Atchison (Midnight Society) web midnight-society/ web soundgrooverecords.co m/ Eagle Feather (PsyRaiders) Ray Gunnz Ruiz (SoundGroove Records) Ray Gunnz has been around since the Palladium days.A Brooklyn Boy true n true.. Raised in Brighton Beach and Coney Island. Growing up in a music culture opened doors for him and gave me the opportunity and skill to Dj his first club at only 15. I have been hooked ever since. From performing at Clubs like, Level-Club/ Love/Buddha Bar/Providence/Rebel/just to name a few; expect to feel and experience a new reason to get on the dance floor, not to mention bring you a new genre psytrib-house Plus Look for his upcoming releases on SoundGroove Records.. Curtis Atchison (Midnight Society) In an industry where talent comes and goes as fast as the latest fads, very few acts have managed to achieve such a high level of success with the tenacity & perseverance as Midnight Society. This New York-based production team, composed from the talents of DJ/Producers Curtis Atchison & Erik Elias made their first of many impressions in the music industry with the release of 93The Tone Depth EP94 on Nervous Dog Records in 2000. S ince then, Midnight Society has been featured on more than 100 different releases & CD compilations covering over 30 National & International record labels. Several of their projects have also appeared on Billboard Dance Charts, which include a Number one remix single in 2007 with Altar & Jeanie Tracy on Mamahouse Records, two Top five remix singles with Maya Azucena & Tracy Young featuring Ceevox on Kult & Ferosh Records, and more than a dozen Top 10 & 20 singles over the last three years. They also own a digital label called SoundGroove Records, which has produced two Billboard charting singles and is featured on several mixed CD compilations by some of the industry’s most respected world-class DJs & Producers. CRIS (Loud Monitors/THM) NYC/MX Idea created after a long journey of experience with electronic music, MONITORING PROJECT brings the freshest beats from the most talented DJs worldwide, founded & based in New York city MONITORING PROJECT is considerate as one of the strongest well-produced party organization, with over 100 performances MONITORING PROJECT DJs have taken the east cost with nothing but the best of progressive, minimal tech & psychedelic trance music stay tuned EAGLE FEATHER (/PsyRaiders) He calls himself Eagle Feather because, the eagle is a free, powerful but also a rare being…… Even to only hold a feather, is illegal!!! He was raised in Queens, N.Y by an IsrAlien! He first went to a “PsyParty” in ’09 and found his inner being and loved it…. Eagle Feather is a newcomer to the mystic world of D.Jing.. He is now a PsyRaider and has played at “Spring into the Future.” He wants to spread his wings and make his music flow through your soul and smile…

June 18 Friday

– From: pamelaprimi at hotmail AMAZING stuff going on outdoors this summer kids.. Most of these are free! See you there!!! Love, Pam A lso – Coney Island: Mermaid Parade – June 19 Siren Festival – July 17 Grateful Dead – June 26 & 27 Happy Summer Everybody!

June 24 Thursday
Psycheground’s Desiderata Warm-Up TONIGHT THURSDAY
Please join the Dreamcatchers in a Desiderata warm-up for those that wish to arrive at the festival fashionably late. (Those of you that have responsibilities that are keeping you in the city until the weekend are warmly invited, too!) Our warm-up will include Cris who’s trademark DJ style and good vibes will bring your energy so high that you won’t want to stop dancing until long after Desiderata ends which will be perfect because you’ll a chance to show him you’re still moving at the festival! Sullivan Room Resident DJ Carol Ferraz will also be on hand to help us find our groove as she gets ready to shine at the festival which will be the first open-air event. Last but not least, our very own Lucina will shake things up on the dance floor. New York City is losing Lucina to Boston so we all need to show her how much we love her expert beat matching and high-quality sound so that she can’t wait to come back and play for us again and again! As a special thanks to our Psycheground family, those in attendance will be entered into a raffle for a complimentary Desiderata ticket when purchasing entry at the door. Please visit web desideratafestival/ for festival details. Post-party carpooling to the festival is encouraged but just as we all make sure to dance safely, please drive safely, too! Line-Up: Cris (Loud Monitors) Lucina (Dreamcatchers) Carol Ferraz (Sullivan Room) ** June 24th, 10pm – 4am ** General Admission: $10 Reduced Admission with RSVP to psycheground at yahoo at Sullivan Room, New York City – 218 Sullivan St (between Bleecker and West 3rd St, 2 blocks east of 6th Ave) 21+ with ID Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F, or V trains to “W 4 St – Wash Sq”

June 24-27 Thursday – Sunday
Desiderata Psytrance Arts Festival

upstate New York See everyone there, I’m bringing my family. This group is particularly participatory art – DIY friendly. Their website has all the information you need web desideratafestival Thursday June 24th after 4pm until Sunday June 27th 6pm. Juno Reactor (DJ) // Talamasca // Perfect Stranger / / Beats Antique (DJ) // Jaia // Blockhead // Evan Bluetech // Mecca Bodega // Transdriver // Ajja // Phatmatix // Yab Yum // Eclectic mthod // Andromeda // Future Rock // Encephalopaticys // Chromosome // Wizack Twizac k // Onkle Dunkel // Rastaliens (DJ) // Jahbo // Filteria // Giuseppe // Artifakt // BLT // G.O.W. aka Grapes Of Wrath // Alex B // Papadosio // Southwild // Aerodromme / many many more Desiderata Festival is about celebrating life, about reconnecting with your fellow brothers and sisters through a rich cultural and social experience. It’s not just about music, that is but one facet of the human experience. Interacting with your fellow human beings, reigniting that spark that winter has sought to extinguish, experiencing the pure joy of being alive and being part of a gathering of like-minded evolved humans, engaging in dialogue to better understand and connect with each other – that is Desiderata. Expect new and diverse breeds of music. Meet members of the world community and participate in workshops, lectures, and political discussions. Expect the avant-garde and the abstract: indie film premieres, art installations, and multimedia performances. Experience and discover music that will help you transcend the petty day-to-day issues out in the real world. Let loose and dance to wash away the stress of life. Watch and join actors performing theater. Sit by the fire and instinctively remember a simpler time, when every person, musician or non-musician would sing, drum, play an instrument, in harmony with each other, exposing their true selves without shame to their fellow human beings. All your senses aflame, your mind stimulated, your heart pumping with the utter joy of sharing life with others… “Go placidly amid the noise and haste, …you are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars…” Max Ehrmann, “Desiderata”
We regret to inform you that Dave (Eg-bot) and I will be unable to perform at Desiderata Festival this year. This past Friday evening while at an event in Philly Dave fractured his elbow. He is currently in a lot of pain and will require surgery. As a result, we will need to cancel our appearance at the festival. Please send your healing vibes for a speedy recovery. Best wishes for a successful festival – we will be dancing with you in spirit.
What a frickin’ fantabulous weekend!!! Even with its setbacks, this year’s Desi topped last year’s. There are no words to describe the beauty of the location and dancing in those mountains, my legs could’ve used a break hiking up and down them though. I think the distance between everything was kind of far but it all seemed to work out. There was also so much going on that made my time even better, watching the game, the dance floor jam, swimming in the pond, the wedding, etc….Surprised that the size of the dance floor tho, seemed to be more people at night and even some never left their camp. I had all friendly and positive interactions with the landowners and security, the lady who owns the pond even came down and hung out with all of us and I don’t think I’d ever be able to walk past a sheriff topless, head 2 toe body paint with a beer in my hand without a problem. They even let us stay an extra night. I was pleasantly surprised with the daily cleaning of the porta-potties, I’ve never been so happy to use one before. My biggest gripe which lied with attendees is the way the main camping was TRASHED after everyone left. There were some people generally trying to clean up while others just left practically everything behind (food, trash, grills, clothes, coolers, tikis, tents!) Hopefully, they will have us back next year. Big thanks to the Orgz, sound people, artists, vendors, and all the festival elves (volunteers) who busted ass to make this happen. Had lots of fun at this festival A quick summary of my viewpoints: Pros: Beautiful location, lots of very friendly and up for it people, lots of good sets, world cup viewing area. Cons: Very expensive for production levels, no tap water (never had this situation before at a festival), no ‘shuttle buses’ at local bus station as promised on website leaving travelers stranded (woman at a local liquor store told me one girl had waited six hours in vain), disorganized lineup time slots on the mainstage during the day leading to a lack of flow (prog to full-on to darker sounds with no transitioning), lack of people on the dance floor in the daytime, Talamasca (truly painful for the ears). People still recovering? Thanks to the organizers for a great event! Mindblowing location for the main stage with the moon setting over the mountains amidst Parvati sounds melting the dance floor. Lost a few pounds hiking up and down the hills, but big ups to the orgs for pulling this off. There was a police SUV parked next to the main stage but music was blasting and people were flying Tasty pirogis, super tasty fruit bread. The visuals on the main were very well conceptualized – The 2 eyeballs used for visuals was a great idea. I’m surprised no one has reviewed this yet, 1500+ people easily attended. Just goes to show how online portrayal of the scene is misleading (so much hype and banter for a 400+ gathering on the west coast ) I think most of the handful posting here didn’t make there, hence the lack of online buzz ! Big ups to yogibogeybox and everyone involved. I had a great time. I was actually camped way up the slope in the main camping area. Some security guys were camped next to us and they were really cool. So not sure why everybody is dissing the security guys (on facebook at least). The location was stunning. Very hard to find such an amazing venue. The local sheriff seemed to enjoy walking around. I was cool with that as he did not really interfere. Sanitation was horrendous. How can you have < 20 porta potties for 1500 people? And they were cleaned only once a day. Astonishing that the organizers let that happen after charging $170 / ticket. I would rather have fewer namesake international acts (like Juno Reactor) and more portapotties. What I do not understand is why Stage 1 was empty (20 ppl) on Saturday morning? Where were the people? I felt a serious lack of energy on the dance floor. Some shade would have been nice, but I have danced in parties across the world, shade or no shade, in 100 degrees heat, the morning is when the party is revitalized and beautiful. Jaia’s set was just AMAZING – but there was nobody there to hear it! This is not the first time I have seen this happen in festivals in the US. It is strange because people here give off such great vibes, but do they just lack the energy to dance into the morning? Is it that night music is more popular here than morning music? I don’t mean to criticize or generalize but am really just trying to understand why this happens. Overall a great experience. +ves Location location location Some great sets Very nice people World cup boathouse Cheeseburgers -ves Sanitation Loud sound systems in the camping area (even though they said this would not be allowed) Pros: Beautiful land and many positive people, some good music, friends and family good-sized dancefloors @ DESI stage on Friday and Saturday nights seemingly calm and collected cooperation from local law enforcement Cons: $170 ticket price at gate for a highly disorganized event No stage manager on DESI stage for most of the festival (consequently, messed up timeslots and music flow on occasion) in the absence of stage management, many artists had to negotiate amongst themselves to reform parts of the schedule. Artists NO-SHOWS with no announcements made (Juno Reactor, others?) Some artists played longer than they were booked for (electro house DJs?) whilst other booked artists didn’t even get to play (Mubali, others?) Rude Security (full car searches / slinging personal property around, golf cart drivers flying down the road) Few sources of shade and water (probably why the stages were deserted other than on Friday/Sat night) Confused and varying an allocation of resources (parking, food, shelter) for artists vs. staff — depends on whom was asked. ———– Advice: From the reviews I’ve read thus far (and what I heard spoken from some at the event), the mainstream (jam-band) festival scene viewed this event as a disaster, some kind of money scam and/or zombie druggie rave. I know that’s not what it was, but that was the appearance to those used to large jam events with a high level of production and organization. (typically in the same price bracket) Psytrance fans and ravers seem, of course, much more forgiving. I say throw your lot in with the psytrance scene, cut the price of the festival in half (along with the huge international lineup and token “big names”) , budget for about 500 tickets to be sold…. find what you do well, and do just that

PEX Heartburn

2010 Fall & Winter2011

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