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Youtube Channels

Red Letter Media – Comedic film reviews, their Star Wars prequels are the very funniest thing on the Internet
CinemaTyler – Serious
JoBlo Videos – Irrereverent
Oliver Harper – Serious
Brandon Tennold – Strange films
Royal Ocean Film Society – Reviews & industry
History Buffs – Snarky and often brilliant but sometimes cringe
Collative Learning – Scene analysis
Passion of the Nerd – Very diverse content
Minty Comedic Arts Snarky Brit Top 10
In Praise of Shadows – Horror history, reviews, and retrospectives. Looking at all forms of media, from the best stuff to the worst stuff, and giving it some context in the landscape of horror history.
The Cosmonaut Variety Hour – Millenial, funny, superheroes
Jesse Tribble – Film & TV
Ryan Hollinger – Horror

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The Shining
Napster 2023 40x40 Indigo Ico Bigger
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