Watch The Three Body Problem: Cixin Liu’s Sci-Fi Trilogy of Alien Contact

Updated 4 months ago

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Link to fan-made, streamlined 6-hour version

Wonderful adaptation of Cixin Liu’s The Three Body Problem, the first entry of the best sci-fi trilogy of the modern era, and there are two books to go. It’s easily the most credible alien contact yarn I’ve ever encountered. “The Three Body Problem” is a classic physics conundrum wherein three orbiting bodies’ trajectories are completely chaotic and cannot be predicted. The Trisolarian alien’s home system of Alpha Centauri has three suns, and cause havoc on the home planet’s environment.

Ergo the interest in invading Earth. One rogue scientist in China, whose father was murdered in the Cultural Revolution, hates humanity, and receives an alien signal, and sends back an amplified signal saying that we are here.

Hard science at its best. Feels like Larry Niven. There is no jump drive magic, but communication of a sort can be set up beforehand with quantum entanglement with engineered multi-dimensional proton-sized supercomputers that can be transmitted at light speed.

You can watch it all here for free – if you can get through the Chinese with English subtitles. Netflix is adapting this in January by the creators of Game of Thrones, though fans are not expecting much:

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