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Note: This logs STRUCTURAL changes, and does not include most of the first year of coding, nor any posts (either on the main site or on the forums), or updates to posts, galleries & Youtube playlists, which are done almost daily.

Current home page video background

(Most recent first)


2/25 Added many new event photos from Serge, which can all be found here
2/20 Added social media share buttons to posts
2/19 Updated Fantasy Sci Fi Page with heading text, infographics, and a chart on reading
2/18 Added lunar phase to Events sidebar


11/8 Moved all psytrance tracks in front pae’s second playlist to psytrance.
11/2 Fixed form submission in Contact and We The People
8/19 Added video background to Trance menu item.  Adjusted color backgrounds
8/10 Correction: It was Matt Wagner, not Chris Ware in this article 
7/26 Added Instagram to Subscribe
6/6 Disabled new versions of Simple Calendar and Advanced WordPress Backgrounds
5/28 Rreinstated ChattGPT, was out since April
5/24 Removed Twitter from Subscribe.  To hell with Elon Musk.  Not posting there anymore.
5/12 Rolled back Advanced WordPress Backgrounds to 1..9..4 (Full Width setting had stopped working)
4/23 Fixed ghost image from Copy & Delete Posts plugin that was blocking mouseover when sticky menu was on scroll. Also updated Conspiracy logo.
3/31 Added direct links to Youtube playlists, on each corresponding playlist page.
3/15 In mobile, optimized Youtube videos in Music and Trance in menus
3/8 Added dashicons to menu
2/20 – Progress: 1990-2023 has been completed and proofread, with what flyers we have, event info, reviews, and a bit of commentary, with the occasional video.
TripoutNY, NYC604, DMT/Safetdance lists and Isratrance have been assimilated. Youtubes, and per-year playlists have been added.
Like decorating a Christmas tree with ornaments, adding youtube footage and zeitgeist tracks, photos, links to interviews and memorials, hyperlinking EVERYTHING Wikipedia-style, even more behind-the-scenes accounts and anecdotes. And the dirt. No holds barred. Any appropriate state or federal level statute of limitations are now over.
TBD: Complete missing flyers
Realistically, this process will essentially never end.
Contact me for things you would like to add anything, or you can also just add a comment.

2/3 Added “New Images” to About menu column for ease of access for mobile
2/2 Revamped Main news Page. Cleaned up yearly playlist banners in History
2/1 Opinion moved to Features to clean up menu
1/31 Added a Psytrance Releases forum. This forum also gets syndicated with RSS, so gets tweeted and emailed.
1/29 – Added Open AI to sidebar
1/23 Made the official site color a bit more indigo – #1940DD. Changed it all throughout site.. Redid logo and site identity icon.
1/13 Many small changes past 2 weeks, no time to document everything. Fixed TOC box shadow. Added RSS to Events menu. Mich back end cleanup.
1/1 Added 2023 to history pages.. Added current home page video background to the top of the changelog page


12/23 Moved a lot of things around. Made New as a direct link to a page and no rollover 12/25 Changed Visionary GIFs to Visionary MP4s. Kept fixing new posts that had been converted to pages, CSS.
dropdown. Added sidebar to all pages, with just 2 youtube videos. and a TOC which scrolls. Trying to reduce total file size.
12/21 Redis Object Cache enabled. Bloat optimization via Unbloater implemented..
12/19 Refreshed all old posts and pages for more sleek UI. Fixed large font on mobile. Fixed CAPTCHA error displaying on mobile.

12/10 Switched hosts
11/29 Change gradients in menus to align with ROYGBIV. Split up all NYC Psytrancepages into 2 parts (Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter) to make pages load faster.. Doesnt precisely line up with actual season duration, but the words are nicer than using 1 and 2.
The menu item will link to part 1 of each year (I MEAN SPRING-SUMMER LOL)
11/28 Added My Opinions on Just About Everything, also at bottom of About, also added menu item with anchor links
11/24 Added breadcrumbs to most pages, and moved, among others, Trailers to Film & TV. Moved nature photos from posts to pages.
11/20 Continue to review all pages for UI/UX issues, specifically ensuring all AWB backgrounds are extended horiz and vertically plus enabled on mobile, plus deciding if all cover images are needed. Added “The Trending Shitlist” to News menu item
11/17 Via new Groups and Reuuseable Blocks features, added Books to various categories mirrored from Lit feature. So now, for example, the Science page has Science books listed at the bottom, the same list that is under Science Books in Literature. This will save tons of work and time. Also started revamping playlists and Art sub pages
11/16 Adjusted Features banners to be clickable with overlay text to enhance readability for multilanguage; reworked Literature, Tech, Science features
11/14 Revamped many trance section pages
11/12 Created new Light Theme for posts; created Features Text to enhance accessibility; uploaded Sweden Sans Bold for use in titles; broke up We The People into 4 pages
11/10 New Feature category: Generation X; enhanced readability of Soundclouds with a gradient
11/8 Redid all 30 Feature pages. Added many new featured images, parallax backgrounds and edited shading. Made some completely opposite of 2017’s dark theme. Added multiple TOC boxes where appropriate. Used a lot of CSS, and cleaned up the existing CSS. Created several new CSS classes.
11/2 Center logo and made smaller, removed tagline to make the top of every page much cleaner. Finally fixed Language menu by adding page specific CSS to negate box shadows, and added a CSS rainbow gradient code.
11/1 New font: Sweden Sans
10/29 Installed VideographyWP Lite, enables featured images to be Youtube videos; went back and utilized this on many previous posts. This improvement is pretty extensive. Now the video is at the top, and huge, and plays by clicking the huge top featured image.
10/26 Fixed Events Menu, news Menu column padding
10/25 Consolidated Ukraine and AI into Features. Cleaned up AI. Redid gradients again.
10/23 Installed new forum plugin – WPForo. Much better than BBpress. So many more features.
10/22 Overhauled menus for speed and esthetics. Added gradients to most, and reduced the total number on menu items on the back end, while maintaining all on front end. Site is much faster now, seem to have cured the problem of the slow feature image.
Added many different methods for combatting spam, which has been reduced to nothing.
10/20 Replaced login/registration form, now customized
10/19 Added about 20 new random backgrounds, more next few days
10/17 Removed various BBPress plugins, removed cover image from main forum, fixed many small forum things. Site is much faster now.
10/16 Re-enabled social media logins for Discuz comments. Previously had a problem because the user had to refresh the page to indicate the login success.
Make “read more” color dependent on each page it is used in Content Views..
Removed Previous and Next Posst from bottom
10/14 Finally added a hover effect to individual menu items such as Features, on top of the effect on the menu text. Happy.
10/13 Fixed all the AI mp4s – integrated into Google gallery to make it all much easier. Deleted “Peaking” menu item, reduced the panel number to 3, and moved to sidebar, replacing “Recent Posts.” Removed Float Menu again because it’s wonky
10/10 Added North American Event Calendar, swapped around a few menu items, fixed the forum CSS, consolidated Maps into Events
10/9 Reinstated the Float Menu, but this time repurposed for music
10/8 Added hover to media icons under News and links. Further refined the RSS format of emails. Changed Comics logo.
10/7 Added hover effects to various menu items; added The Onion to news feeds
10/6 Added Telegram channel. Will post there as well. Also swapped out Ultimate Social media plugin with handcrafted jpgs and links to enhance site loading speed. Also removed a lot of videos from sidebar. Site should be a lot faster.
10/5 – Mystery/Problem solved! Now the emails of posts have a working feathered image. Apparently not all RSS readers and email services can parse a featured image to be within the item* in WordPress’s default RSS feed, so an small addon is in order. I chose Send Images to RSS and it worked. Mailchimp users run into this issue as well when syndicating a WordPress blog as well.
Also, added graphic to Language on menu
9/27 Added Tiktok channel to Subscribe
9/10: After two long months, finished adding custom headers to every last page and post. Updated About.
8/4 Added categories and tags to pages to improve visibility in Related Content
7/22 Installed Unique Headers – headers will now be set per post.
7/14 Reverted: “5/4 Switched main body and sidebar on mobile (so Youtube videos pop up at top!)”
6/22 Added Memorial Photos under Trance; these are photos used in the Memorial page
6/7 Added TIP banner to trance section and flyer template
5/17 Renamed to “NYC Event Forum;” changed Health back from COVID
5/11 Added logos to News feeds, rearranged by political bent; Added a tranceam column
5/10 Made “Related Articles” get selected by tag not category. Added a lot of tags to make more sense.
5/4 Switched main body and sidebar on mobile (so Youtube videos pop up at top!)
2/24 Finished Bridge Photos; created “Crime” feature
2/23 Finished Synthetic Sadhus Photos
2/22 Finished Steve-O’s
2/7 Started resampling all old photos
2/1 Added Peter Zalmayev playlist under News
1/31 Created News youtube playlist in sidebar with custom cover image
1/24 Created A.I. and Maps sections on main map.
1/20 Day Zero: Hundreds of AI images posted throughout site
1/15 Created “AI Images” under Photos for deepfakes and AI-altered images (MP4’s)
1/14 Removed Discuz chat plugin until logon functionality it can be fixed. Fixing many links throughout history that started showing errors in many Photos links. Will be adding many AI generated deepfakes of headshots over next few weeks.
1/12 Added a copy of the Psytrance playlist to home page
1/10 A lot of moving – many gallery pages from Comics, Photography, Nature, and Entheogens converted to posts. New Feature category: Photography. Strong database cleaning from old plugins. Format standardization across all posts with a few new reuseable blocks. This will cut down mass number of pages, and make it easier with less redundancy to announce new galleries without creating a duplicate post. all the while enhancing readability with less sections in each Feature.
TBD: Doing same for Art, Emails, NYC History pages, Playlists.


12/25 – Started weaving in Wikipedia style annotations throughout the site.
11/16 – Added NYC and TX History of Nightlife google map links under Trance
11/5 – Added New York Nightlife History map under Trance>Directory
9/16 Streamlined Trance>Photos from 4 menu items to 2, now it’s just “Photos” and “Chronological”
9/6 Added 2021 page in history and cleaned up links of the top of all history pages, adding a few annual summary videos at top
9/1 Replaced CNN RSS feed in News with Axios due to excessive advertising
8/31 “Pstrance Memorial” changed to “Memorial” and moved to Features
8/30 Added many more trailers
8/29 Launched “Bazaar” in features, a shopping portal
8/15 Fixed the Classical music page to correctly link to the Classical Youtube playlist, not the Top Classical Youtube playlist
8/14 Added the “What I’m Listening to Now” Playlist at top of Music menu (Mobile only) to alleviate those who scroll down to get to the video on mobile. On desktop it’s at the top of the sidebar on home page.
8/8 Optimized ~50,000 photos to fill up an HD screen (1920×1080)
7/11 Added View News Menu as Standalone Page to News Menu
6/10 Deleted “Rolling Stone is imploding the week” Jay Penske should not be tarred with his father’s brush
6/9 Pared down story on the Tony Unorthodox murder at request of his family
5/19 Added “Open Music in New Tab” in Sidebar Menu (reverted 2022)
4/12 Added “Latest images” as a beefy dropdown on main menu, also its own page
4/6 Converted “production” page on old web page to modern wordpress


12/28 The website is considered “done” after about 16 months. Will occasionally add posts, new videos and images and keep events updated.
12/18 Fleshed out Features in sidebar from one static image to a multivaried Content Views array; adjusted margin on Mega Menu; optimized page load speed (again)
12/17 Streamlined front page; moved all galleries to direct link to media files; disabled Foo Gallery and Jetpack
12/13: Test cache on WP-Optimize and see if it fucks up logins for Discuz
12/12 – Disabled Google fonts for quicker loading, installed Discuz, began migrating from Jetpack due to speed concerns, Disabled W3 Page Cache – switched to WP-Optimize; b4 I had switched W3 to Basic + enhanced initialization in advanced; Added robot.txt Black Hole and normalized all memory and size limited in php.ini
12/6 Enabled Video Link Checker to run every 24 hours
12/3 Upgraded to PHP 7.4. Added Psytrance Subreddit to News feed on dedicated page and sidebar
12/1 Got Updraftplus to work
11/30 Firewall and site security enhancements, backend admin improved
11/28 Enabled 18+ Age Restrictions for some pages and posts
11/24 Converted archive posts/tag/search pages to Content View plugin; centered all
11/22 Photos moved to Trance
11/11 Podcasts added to many Features
11/9 Moved comics galleries to Features
11/6 Multiple optimizations for speed
11/5 Moved Film and Game art galleries into respective sections in Features
11/3 Consolidated many Youtube videos into Features and combined with Post listings and misc links.
10/31 All Youtube playlist links now go to website hosted pages and not externally to Youtube. Now I will be able to personalize them and create richer content.
10/28 All 50,000 images captioned!!! The captions how up when image clicked. TY Photo Mechanic!
This concludes everything I had originally set out to do with this website.
10/22 Added Youtube Channels
10/12 Finished history. Consolidated Topics and Features menus.
9/10 Still tweaking History
Improved RSS on Menu and Sidebar
8/21 Added Youtube playlists per year in History; implemented copy protection, added Content Views to Interviews and memorials in History
8/18 Finished converting all old emails and forums to History (3 month process)
8/10: Regrouped Trance menu items, continuing to work every day on Trance>History
8/1 Converted Andre’s page to his Memorial
7/17 Doubled the number of related posts – from 3 to 6.
6/20 Replaced Yoast with Rank Math; changed html tag for most content views to “P”; Adding TOC and changed all extra h1 tags to h2
6/16 Fleshing out history – monthslong task. Optimized menus for mobile. Greatly reduced number of menu items.
5/29 Converted a million lines of email archive test into fast-loading web pages on Subscribe
5/23 Added Contributor Welcome Page and 5 new contributors… !!
5/22 Added The Spacehawk Journal , new Editor
5/21 Added Google Maps, Pine Barrens photos
5/20 Moved Comedy to Features. Created Gen X Memes. Added my old music. Removed various blogs from Menu.
5/14 Added News feed 5/13 Reworked conspiracy section in features, added Psy Memes
5/6 – Added I was the one Who Knocked, and reworked BTSWatch and The Things We Do for Love
5/5 Made background transparent on home page, narrowed web page container to better conform with most websites
5/3 Added Synthetic Sadhus gallery
4/28 Added Texas playlist to Texas flyers and launched it
4/22 Frank Kovik now has his own gallery.
4/20 Added, high school sci-fi fanzine, inc. link here for Google indexing
4/18 For past week have been greatly expanding flyers, adding a lot of Texas in the Late 80s and also added Frank Kozik to visionary art galleries
4/6 Added hundreds of flyers and subdivided Flyers be decade
4/5 Taxonomy Day. Cleaned up menus and categories, Consolidated media categories and converted many Foogalleries to Google drive based galleries.
4/4 More flyers, with date markers; added alpha markers to Visionary Megapage, resized sidebar video widgets on main page to all match
4/3 Added dozens of flyers, more to cone. Added 500 maps under Art>Misc>Maps>Nat’l Geo maps
4/2 Split Stereotypes into multiple pages. Resorted Flyers, added year labels. Cleaned up Yahoo Groups txt files.
4/1 Changed “In Memoriam” to “Memorial”
3/31: Purged Ultimate List Pro and replaced with Content Views, cleaned up playlists
3/30 Optimized GIF galleries for faster lazy loading by putting the largest att he bottom
3/28: Added Coronavirus Videos
3/26: Added Coronavirus Memes, radically structured site
3/20 – Installed Max Mega Menus – consolidated and reconfigured most menus
3/10 Added “When to Avoid Sequels” page
3/9 Created Coronavirus section with link on main menu
3/8 Added many tracks to 80s, 80s club music
3/7 Added tags and tag cloud
3/4 – Added Memes, Cringe, and Internet Drama playlists
1/31 – Added old AT&T voice female (annotated as “vf”) counting number increments up to a million to previous article
1/11 – Added “Free Sound Effects for your Android etc” in Tech


12/29 Added “Home Page Video” Youtube URL and information to blog sidebar.
12/26 Added many seasonal Youtube channels; moving Translate from footer to its own dedicated page to optimize bandwidth
12/16-12/26 Vacation
12/15 Added navigation to Interviews & In Memoriam
12/14 Split Stereotype Mega Page in two
12/ 12/19
Completely redid the In Memoriam and Interviews for legibility, speed and ease of updates. Both load super fast now. The front page is just a grid of links and thumbnails to over 60 different posts that do all the heavy lifting.
It was nice to have everyone on the same page but it started getting slo-o-o-w for the increasingly depressing obvious reason. And this way we can go crazy adding stuff, people can easily add comments on individuals, and link to them a lot easier. Plus, it auto-updates if someone passes and I make a post
12/10 Added About and Contact to footer. Created Youtube playlists for all major holidays, 2020s Music, 2020s Top 10, Art, Neuroscience, Philosophy & Self Help, Food, Comics, and Fantasy and added them to various places on site.
12/9 Added Fantasy category and Fine Art category, moved Games category to Tech. Replenished deleted Youtube videos and resorted playlists
12/8 Darkened all parallax backgrounds for legibility, added Politics playlists, finished and moved Bill Putt story to In Memoriam
12/7 Added some Ben photos and Bill Putt in In Memoriam, cleaned up interview pages
12/6 Added 6 new animated headers, tweaked the WOW Korial page and added to menu
12/5 New feature: Every Major Accomplishment of the Trump Administration; added multiple smaller more obcure playlists
12/4 new category: Generational Warfare
12/3 Refined category-specific thumbnails listings
12/2 Added 25 subdirectories to Trance>People>Lauryn
12/1 Resorted all gallery images for clarity
11/30 Added related posts to many pages
11/29 Added 3 turkey recipes, Corporate Shitlist feature, replaced many parallax backgrounds with Youtube videos
11/28 For commenting, enabled login with Google/Facebook/Twitter/Wordpress.
11/27 Updated In Memoriam and Steve-O’s gallery with GoFundMe, updated Kalyx in In Memoriam, added Get Emails to Float Menu
11/26 Added Parallax backgrounds to all pages and galleries.
11/25 Enabled direct sync from Google Drive to most galleries to increase reliability, speed, accuracy. Wrote guide on how to do this under Features/Tech
3/22: Fixed: Increased margins on all pages. Much better! Added a forum. Since I took my leave, Isratrance is dead for North American events, , Facebook is king. I see an opportunity for a one stop source of event listings. Added the art of Baruska A. Michalcikova (Czech/Jacksonville, FL) to Visionary Art. She will be displaying it in Florida March 30.
Added social media components. Added breadcrumb for easier navigation.. To Do: Top 1000 Psytrance Tracks in video section

[Added Changelog Page – changes between Feb 19 and 11/25 are all undocumented]

2/19 – Began posting


1/29 – Got URL and hosting

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