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2004 Emails from Trip Out New York Yahoogroup

2004 Playlist

Polarlight Music begins producing events in NYC
DMT has one last final bang-up season of open-air massive under the bridge.
Killinfloor (Johnny Marquis) begins producing events in Boston
Facebook – February
Apple announces GarageBand in June
Whimmit, an early Russian Myspace that served mostly the tristate area, launches around this time:


2004 – Trance Americana in the 21st Century:
Beyond Bicoastal, the Psy-Trance Virus spreads Inland

by Machinelf reporting from New York and thorn at lmi.net & koan at deeperinzen.com reporting from San Francisco, with suggestions from countless others.
Written for Germany-based Mushroom Magazine’s Trancers Guide to the Galaxy
CAUTION/DISCLAIMER: the authors (and most of the contributors) are legally insane

Ah.. America .. the psytrance backwater, conspicuous by its absence amongst psytrance strongholds worldwide. But as Americans aren’t all fat-assed McDonald’s consumers, psytrance resists the consumer mindset, and the devoted & faithfully infected are spreading the trance virus, brain by brain. Its modern incarnation flowered with Acid Physicks (now Cal Sun)’s NYC bridge parties and Dutch’s rooftop Berkeley bashes and Goa Gil in the mid-’90s. Al Gore, who almost became president, is a follower of Zen guru and trance enthusiast Ken Wilber.. the plot thickens. Like sex in public, trance is more thrilling in the cracks of fascist states. Let’s get it on!

Where are we now? Basically, a bomb hit U.S. trance in 2000 when the Feds busted a huge LSD operation run by a well-connected Harvard chemist in a missile silo in Kansas, supplying over a third of the planet. That grave loss, coupled with the deaths of Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna not to mention the latest difficulties in LSD synthesis due to the discontinuance of the precursor Ergomar (the prescription drug that Elvis took for migraines) took the wind out of the late 90s psychedelic movement. However, the double-edged sword of rampant file sharing coupled with new music, audio & Internet technology, fungus, memories of better times, and flat-out creativity has sustained the movement into the 21st century, positioning it for a true psychedelic Renaissance.

Trance Americana is steadily building, refining, and fractalizing into the hinterlands:

tranceamericana2004 ohno

New York AKA Babylon, the reservoir/cesspool/playgrounds of the international Goa trash jet set, the Israeli ex-Arsin faux-yordim and the Russian trance intelligentsia (AKA the Other White Meat) is still the largest psytrance community in the U.S. in terms of raw numbers and manic energy and tension. In a bizarre way, as in Israel, 9/11 and the battered economy that ensued have been catalysts, necessary ingredients in making the intoxicating potion that is New York psychedelic trance. No one working, trance goes back to the garage. Poverty breeds creativity. Wiley squat parties, three-day loft parties, and clandestine gatherings under bridges have become the order of the day. In a down economy, friends are more valuable than your portfolio.

Indoors, Spirit New York at the old Sound Factory/Twilo space will house the finest holistic trance events New York has seen in years since Gilles of Synthetic Sadhus went back to France after his partner Krisztina Végh went down in a plane in Hungary. Spectra and Omnitribe continue making tasteful progress. Israeli mosh pits Hommega, Global Trance/Home of Trance, and the perenially impecunious Anglo-Swiss Return to the Source DNA-cloned Promethean Tsunami still pack them in, beset by newcomers such as Ecliptic Trance and El Nadiv.

The beating heart as always, is the secret underground outdoor rituals – Omnitribe brought trance to the mountains, Burning Elf brought the precious Lord of the Rings, and the Devotional Ministry of Trance reincarnated after a two year hiatus following juvenile infighting and squat speaker heists by the police. And the electronic Rainbow Warriors Ian, Adam and Jowe are still spreading the non-Luddite outdoor love in the Byzantine backwoods of south Jersey, and prove that having children is a cause for celebration, not for surrendering to the Grid.

In the Eastcoast-Westcoast rivalry, Northern California beats East Coast in quality over quantity. Wherein New York is full of hard-edged freaks, everyone in San Francisco is “cooool.”

Indoors, Thump brings top international talent. Russians provide the hemoglobin – the vicarious Israelis of the West! The CCC hasn’t disbanded, Tantra is producing some of the most solid and quality parties in San Francisco right now with excellent production and a brand new Mackie FUSION sound system. And impresario John Wood engineered the huge, legal-all-night South of Market Art Gallery.

Outdoors, Northern California is strong, with many parties throughout the summer by different collectives such as the Fusion Festival, which became a religion on the spot to foil the police.

In Nevada, Burning Man continues to astound international trancers with its unfettered irrationality. Late ’90s psytrance is no longer the only soundtrack, i.e. no more Blue Room fire engine. But if Tesla were alive today, he’d be tripping at Black Rock City, coils in hand.

In Portland, Apollo’s Lute produced one of the best outdoors of the year in the U.S. in 2003. They brought the best of San Francisco and Seattle together for “ASONE” with Talamasca.

In between these two bicoastal axes lie the full spectrum of musical interpretation.. including Boston‘s ivory trance towers peopled by Ivy beleaguered, well-traveled, brain trust funded Killinfloor, Changmian, and Sonic Beating; Gaian Mind, AmPsy, PSI and Sidetrakkt in Pennsylvania; Touch Samadhi in North Carolina; Goahead in Ohio; Mistical in fertile-cow-dung Texas; in Los Angeles Green Sector did a slamming New Years with Phantasm and of course there will always be Moontribe. These tribes are all on the move with hypnotic urban lovefests and exquisite outdoor gatherings and prove that the wilderness IS the centrifugal force for Trance Americana.. America has a lot of outdoor just waiting for the Spirit to return!

Chicago, Detroit, and Houston have yet to be penetrated. Since Hofmann’s bicycle ride, the 60-year-old battle over the American mind continues. There’s always hope. After all, Albert is still alive and tripping twice a month! Ah, those Swiss stay tuned in, turned on, and dropped in.

Still… although the Canucks are nice and all, it’s those seaside vacation hotspots in Mexico that just may finally infect nubile Spring Break coeds and drive the sonic stake into the Texan vampire at the Alamo… see above photo again..

tranceamericana unclesam

Update – Late 2004
U.S. Psy-Trance Survey – late 2004
For Australia ’s Entrance Magazine
by machinelf

To hell with the overseas snobs who say why bother? America invented skateboards, rock and roll, surfing, and hippy culture… American and Canadian trancers offer a smaller, more intimate, and quite possibly less drug-driven environment than their overseas counterparts and fellow Goa heads across the border.

Organizers are collaborating like never before, DJs are travelling around more than ever, in a scene that is still small but growing in the 21st Century into a more “pure” drug-free organism – without the past benefit of copius amounts of psychedelics. Trance will probably never be mainstream in the U.S. and that’s just the way a lot of the Goa heads like it. Some want to clean it up and make it pretty for the mainstream press, and deny that psychedelics ever had a hand in trance music’s genesis…

New York’s busy open-air trance gathering season is over, with DJ teams from all over the east coast playing at renegades in Manhattan, culminating in PSI’s open-air and DMT’s Burning Buddha Labor Day Weekend, both in southern New Jersey. The local underground crew currently operating in New York finished its first full open-air season with a sound system, a van, and a generator, all from donations.

In terms of steady well-attended events, as always, New York has something for everyone, with three or four events per week. Tsunami proves that Alzheimer’s hasn’t set in yet when it brought Simon Posford to the Spirit space, the top floor of which is Alex Grey’s Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors (COSM) which also hosts visionary artists parties. Tsuyoshi Suzuki moved to NYC and is playing there every month. Ecliptic Trance brought Logic Bomb and Psysex and Alladin Project is brought/is bringing Wizzy Noise and Void, keeping the revolving door swinging with high production indoor events.

Elsewhere in the east coast, coming off their successful Neptunalia, Touch Samadhi pulled together Maataa Mandaara IV at a Hare Krishna compound in West Virginia, the same area as Gaian Mind. Boston’s Central Psy monthly and Psyforia are the biggest events there recently.

The west coast has been a bit dead of late but its quality makes up for its lack of quantity events, Chaos Existence brought Goa Gil to Oregon. Gil has been all over the Pacific Northwest recently. SF’s Rotations is doing the Circles of Sound festival in NoCal Oct 22-24. Thump flexes its still-sinewy muscles with Shpongle and Hallucinogen playing Halloween. And of course, the biggest U.S. open-air multigenre megafestival of the year Burning Man continues to incinerate.

tranceamericana image005

In Los Angeles, Green Sector did an ever-growing outdoor Fourth of Ju-Psy and teamed up with the fabled Moontribe for an open-air. Psy-tribe is bringing Joti and Olli Wisdom for Halloween.

In between coasts, Texas has more people than any other state except Californians, but has a very low Goa head ratio. Still it’s showing signs of life with Mistical Productions putting together a lot of events. Most Texan events are indoors.

TEXAS by Hugh Sharpe
The Texas trance scene is young but they have a couple of advantages over the NYC/Northeast scene.

Firstly, they have more space to throw parties. Texas is big, yo. Like, see-for-miles-in either-direction big. More space to throw outdoor things. And it seems that unlike NYC, there are a number of affordable local venues to throw events, at least in Dallas and Austin.
NYC is a particularly difficult and expensive place to throw a mid-sized party. Finding affordable venues that could hold 300-500 people on a Friday or Saturday seems a virtual impossibility here.
Thus, we have a super-production/underground dichotomy. You’re either Tsunami, spending big $$ drawing the biggest talent and booking the best spaces, or you’re one of the smaller crews struggling to find a location that you can afford, and usually without the draw of a big name import.

Secondly, there’s a strong collaboration of talented and organized individuals from Dallas and Austin (and other nearby areas) that really work together to throw great events. There’s no competition or ill will. Everybody is communicating and cooperating to make sure the parties rock– artwork, sound, everything. Nobody’s charging or making big money, and guess what– that’s not the point. They’re doing it for the music. Not for popularity. Not for promo records from the labels. Not for the ego trip.
These guys are throwing parties to hear the music loud and clear and share it with as many cool cats as they can find in a land full of pickup trucks and shotguns. I’m not saying that that the NY scene people don’t cooperate, but the trance community here is much larger, more diverse, and bit more stratified. There’s nothing that is going to change that, so we’ve got to live with it.

Another interesting feature of the Texas scene (and other nascent trance collectives that are blossoming around North America) is that the newer trancers usually aren’t jaded or divided into little cliques like they are in NYC. This I believe is due to the fact that it’s a relatively homogenous group out there. The crowd is definitely not as diverse as a NYC crowd– no Israeli, Russian, or Italian contingents adding their own unique flavor or bring preferences to trance gatherings. However, fluoro tights are the exception, not the norm, so I guess there’s always a trade-off. 😉

Anyway, the party rocked. The sound system was top notch. The venue, a gallery space, was perfect for the size crowd that turned out. The deco was among some of the best I’ve ever seen– two walls of video projections, 2 oil projectors, lighting designs, fluoro banners, and a really cool Nam Jun Paik-esque TV sculpture installation playing all kinds of visuals of weird video.

In late October MAGE II (Midwest Annual Goa Experience) kicks off in Iowa. Even Arkansas is starting to happen with Spectra Inertia throwing down in the Ozarks. Florida is hosting Infected Mushroom Christmas Eve, and a scene is sprouting there finally.

In Montreal, the Eclipse party impressed a lot of visiting Americans with its hordes of “I don’t give a fuck” francophones, and the Freak Patrol outfit does huge multigenre events with opera singers and robots.

The U.S. and Canada pales in comparison to Mexico which is awash in “Psycho-Trance” (they pronounce it seeko trance). If psychedelic trance ever makes it in the U.S. , then it will probably be imported from Mexico .

For info and discussion on American psytrance events from an organizer’s perspective send a blank email to Tranceformers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

For the largest American psytrance newsletter send a blank email to TripOutNY-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Regional Update – End of 2004 – To be used in Mushroom Magazine’s Trancer’s Guide to the Galaxy 2005
East Coast
OmniTribe is planning OmniFest again in early June.
Gaian Mind is planning Festival again in late June.
a bunch of us (some of GM crew, Inna & Vlad, tranceketeers, some euro-trancers we know, etc.), have been talking about Burning Man this year… it may just be the year for all the trancers to become burners…
(The Rainbow Gathering may be in Pennsylvania this year – falls right after GM)
Ultimately, it could be a great summer to get those trancer-travelers over to the states… god(us) knows we need the good vibes and healing energy here!

Chicago & Midwest
The Midwest psy-scene is really starting to unfold.
An open community event organization named The Chilluminati (
http://www.chilluminati.org ) has been created.
It’s a collaboration between T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi ( http://www.touchsamadhi.com )
Audiognomes ( )
Psymbolic Visual Communications ( http://www.psymbolic.com )
& various Midwest artists & Psy-fanatics.
We have an assortment of Metro Chicago multimedia events in the horizon named metatronic Confirmed dates Feb. 12th & April 9th as well as a 3 day festival in the plans for Spring – early Summer All upcoming event info to be posted on any of the respective sites above.

Goahead Productions will be doing their annual event The Butterfly Dance Ritual ( https://web.archive.org/web/20210126142410/http://www.goaheadproductions.com/ )
It’s a celebration of the rites of spring.

Consciousness Collective’s Midwest Annual Goa Event will be re-occurring
( http://www.Goaspirit.com )

DJs—S.O.T. very talented ( )
as well as Derby from T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi
Visuals & Decor—We would really like to be mentioned;)
We personally pour all the energy we have into the construction & production
of thematic events.
The pictures on the Visuals page & Decor page of our site should speak for themselves…
Psymbolic Visual Communications provide multimedia decor for events, fully
interactive visual projections, graphic design, sculpture, contemporary and psy-arts… http://www.psymbolic.com

We’ve created flyers, promoted, decorated & projected at events for such popular names as Initialization String, Infected Mushroom, Jirah, Neuromotor, Talamasca, Adam Ohana, ATUM, Dimitri, & Dutch

We’ve also started covering selected regional events through our site and multiple others.

Kansas City

Hello from the Kansas City area!
There’s a small group of dedicated Goaheads, DJs, and deco artists here. We call ourselves “Wilderness Technologies.” We’re proud to collaborate with our wonderful friends around this region and be a part of the growing midwest Goa community. We mainly throw psy parties within the framework of the larger local Burning Man scene. Our theme camp is a psychedelic party dome named, “The MindLicker.”

In fact, we’re deep into preparations for our 2nd Regional Burn, InterFuse. InterFuse will happen from May13-15 2005 outside of Columbia MO. The theme this year is Mad Science, where we celebrate the whimsical crack-pot inventor aspect of ourselves. The highlight of the festival is building and burning Der FrankenMann. Everyone is invited to construct an appendage in secret and bring it to InterFuse. No one will know what Der FrankenMann will look like until we put him together at the event. The level of participation will determine how fantastic our creation will be!

We also throw a free one night Afterburn party called HullabalU. This event happens every year in the fall after Burning Man, outside of Lawrence KS. The MindLicker is in full psytrance glory at this party as well.

All of our trance friends and other assorted Psy freaks are welcome to come stomp with us! Please keep our info off of rave lists and major party sites though. For more info on our community, visit http://www.midwestburners.com or http://groups.yahoo.com/group/midwestburners/
–Zay (Immersed)
funkytown at excite.com

Burning Flipside should definitely be mentioned…
Texas’s regional mini Burning Man
This year’s event sold 1500 tickets,
internet tickets sold out in 1 day.
Internationally recognized & based on the structure of Burning Man
with many various large-scale theme camps
& the main genre of music focused on psy/Goa.
any & all of them are very talented
& a few have aired on the most listened to the alternative radio station
Live Acts—both are Brilliant
Initialization String ( http://www. Initstring.org )
Gift Culture ( http://www.gift-culture.org )

North Carolina
History – how and when did the scene develop?
It all started in 1998 when Kri and Brainlizzard moved to Asheville, formed UTTA CHAOS and starting throwing parties. The parties were an instant hit and they developed a cult following of people who had never really heard psytrance before but were instantly blown away. The early parties were novel and fresh, with new DJs and a few simple hand-painted tapestries, but the vibe was exciting and the music was full-on Goa. The acid was incredibly plentiful, the parties were very primitive, down and dirty with everyone in tribal face paint!! Those first few years were madness and the parties lived up to the collective’s name. We developed a great family in the process that continues to be very tight-knit. Over the years our milestones have been many marking the time. The first and really the most important would have to be the first outdoor party, Spiritual Awakening, a first-time outdoor big party effort for Utta Chaos with India Drop playing in the middle of this open pasture with cows roaming around. Everyone is barefoot and out of their gourd on mushrooms. That party was huge in attendance and ambiance, and that sealed the cryptic fate of Utta Chaos. Over the years our scene transformed into a tight crew of artists, DJs, dancers, fire performance, sacred blacklight ritual, and fellow freakers, tweakers and god seekers. Utta Chaos disbanded in 2000 and Touch Samadhi was born. The music changed as well The manic Goa years were coming to an end and psytrance was in full swing, but we never made the complete tilt to the progressive side. Oh no, it will always be full-on for this scene!! In the early years, we used to have
Psychedelic Church on Sunday mornings, that was always special.
Parties – what are the most important parties? The most important parties have always been those with the most energy. Our private parties in the woods have always been insane and chaotic fun, and last year’s Neptunalia outdoor event was pretty epic!! All our outdoor parties are great, what could be better than to hear trance outdoors in beautiful nature, tripping and watching the sun come up, or staring at a glorious tree or creek while you dance, ya know?! Indoor parties are great too though, thick with everyone dancing close and stomping and the floor pulsing to the beat.

Artists – what are the most important artists? (DJs, Live, Deco, etc.)
Our DJs are getting widely recognized and are playing everywhere. Kri and Blue Spectral Monkey have been all over, playing in Boston, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Puerto Rico. They are considered to be the US’s leading trance DJs. Igor and Derby have been throwing successful parties in the midwest. Bastard has written tracks that have been on InpsyMedia. Moksa, being from Atlanta has played some of the most intellectual sets. Brainlizzard for holding down the darkness. Dragon’s sets are high energy and totally full on. Kri’s (aka Lost Baba) live sets are raw and edgy, with the newest styles in the upcoming trance scene, while still remaining underground. The Devotee is the resident artist, who has mind-bending psy art and is getting booked all over the country to put up his very original tapestries and string and spandex art. Then there is Tranceform Venus, our group of
women who do black-light performance ritual that is deeply moving and powerful.

Meeting Points – are there psy meeting points like certain clubs where a traveler could start a trip into the local scene?
We have monthly parties at a club called Tribes and Kri is starting a weekly event at BoBo Art Gallery . We also are throwing two outdoor summer parties every year. Travelers can always check in to TouchSamadhi.com for a complete listing of events.

Experiences – any special experiences that you had in your local trance scene?
I personally have been completely bewitched and enlightened by trance. It transports me back to the ancient worlds, where I channel my true being. My physical self dissolves as I dance and become lost in the music. It completely changes my vibration and gets me so high! It is powerful stuff, not to be taken light-hearted. I have had magical experiences with our trance family, just sharing the energy created at a trance party with my friends is cosmic. We are tapping into something infinitely huge and this is some serious work we are doing, and I am glad to be part of it. I have had some of my most profound and illuminating revelations and experiences at our gatherings. I have also been totally out of my head and completely lost my shit, but its all the same thing right?!

Developments – what’s new? Where is the scene going to?
We are planning our huge outdoor event, located on 900 pristine acres of wilderness, and bringing in Goa Gil on May 21st, 2005. We are also planning an Autumn equinox party in September.

Opinion – your personal opinion about your scene.
I love our little scene here in Asheville, sure we aren’t a huge scene with big, international acts playing here all the time, but our spirit is pure and raw. Our gatherings are a spiritual ritual. We are all tuned into the higher frequency and we get down! We truly are here for the music and the mystery that rides with this music. Our DJs are phenomenal and the space we create for our parties is truly sacred. It’s all about getting out of your head and going deep into the dark and really feeling the music with your soul. -Jenna Toshi – Asheville, NC USA

January 2004

January 1 Thursday
Wonderland “New Year’s DAY Party 2004” – Queens, NYC

Mistress of Evil Interview

Mistress of Evil Interview

by Tena Moore Originally appeared in 2004 in Australia's Entrance Magazine (Reprinted with Permission) The Mistress of Evil story begins ...
Neuromotor Interview

Neuromotor Interview

by Tena Moore Originally appeared in 2004 in Australia's Entrance Magazine (Reprinted with Permission) Frederick Talaa, aka Neuromotor, founded Mechanik ...

2004 it feels like a capacitor about to blow. We are being pushed to the limit. We feel crowded out of our current lives while being prepared for new shining realities. The problem seems to lie in the fact that we are stuck somewhere in the middle of joy. Starry eyed folks.

Weekend after New Year’s:

January 3rd Saturday
Shamanistas Winter Retreat 2004 in Stockholm, Northern New Jersey.

A weekend of skiing, Big Idea discussion, Goal setting for 2004, and a very special holistic event Saturday night. Sunday, feast, and winter sports. House is aDJacent to a frozen lake, ideal for skating. Transportation, food, etc included. Space limited to twenty, with a majority being veterans, email machinelf at brainmachines if interested.
2020: I had forgotten about this but inserting for color:
N. no longer on safetydance After everyone left from a great weekend, while I was sleeping, some woman some of you know by the name of N. went through my stuff and stole some psychoactive tea from my bag, drank enough for several people, and got all fucked up in front of Vlad’s mom – biting Vlad, puking on the nice carpet (they are trying to sell the house) throwing things around, running around the house SCREAMING, Had to be restrained, trying to get at me. N. ruined our use of this house. Some people saw this coming; I give people the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes you just have to let go. And for the record, I never did anything with N. or let her think that it would ever happen. And of course, I never told her she could drink it. If I don’t trust you, you can’t be on this list. I don’t want to see N. around, I will leave if she comes to where I am at. If she asks where a secret party is that is only posted on this list, do not give it to her, or I will remove you as well. This is not called SAFETY DANCE for anything.
Kamal: I was there when she freaked out, it wasn’t cool, I was really scared and thought she was gonna kill me, I ran out the front door, right after a tv got thrown in front me I hope she is doing better. I’m sorry I couldn’t stop what had happened I did not understand what was going on until she flew over the cuckoos nest, I feel bad for her but in a sense, you get what you deserve, any substance can be dangerous when not supervised or without moderation. Sorry to Vlad and his MOM
Thew: While I think that one is always responsible for hir own actions, people do not always get what they deserve. Karma is a really cute concept and all, but it just doesn’t work that way.

Garage Band Logo

January 6 Tuesday
Apple announces GarageBand

January 8 Thursday
Blue Spectral Monkey coming by Karma late Sunday night… 🙂 Revenge of the Nerds part 3: The Nerds invade the Raves Blue manDJgroup of one, he could play at Spectral parties ‘cuz he has Mon Key to the lock in your brain.. This non-nerd is playing at Halcyon 9-11and then come in. Who knows what will happen!? zhdhrashtroovtye, north carolina.. OOBEEVAI OOBEEVAI, moi brati transanova! Also, alas my dreams of creating my own Death Star were dashed as we can’t have lasers there (also clashes with Daya’s art, but..cool.. ‘cuz FX Mike’s sci fi video game trance style is a good sync: 2 projectors some visuals and if you want I can bring the x box for the 2nd projector its all hooked up with the games stored on the harddrive about 30 plus like 3000 other games for emulators for nintendo snes sega atari intelivision coleco arcade(mame) and a few others almost any old game you can think of john

Please let me know if you’d like to interview a trance artist. Shamanistas have several spaces at this writing for an early evening tea ceremony Ja n 17 in Brooklyn, email me if interested. If you liked the free loft party la st Saturday (and everyone there did) get on Safetydance already. Welcome new members. FYI, I am all these are the same: aka ismoked mt at aol, . I live in Brooklyn, and have not smoked DMT in ages. Here’s what I look like.

Dreamcatcher presents: psychegrounds at thiasos every Thursday free eaw sound system this w eek from 10:00 til 04:00 this week special guests – knob, leo, jehan, vitalik and tonic (a.k.a. stas hifi) 21 w id Thiasos- 59 w 21st( corner of 6 th ave )
progressive beats every weekend from Thursday till Sunday w/DJ s h. I.k. I.d (Omnitibe/elektrolust) at cat’s cafe 2027 Emmons Ave Brooklyn 71 8 332 7979 web catspromo web Omnitibe web elektrolust One -Off
Thursday Jan 15th, 10pm-4am FreightNY C 410 West 16th street [9th ave & 16th Street] FREE!!!! Progressive house and trance on the pallette… Lucas Vickers played at our TAPPT Qero benefit [the little Peruvian people from the mountains remember??], and people loved him. The others are great as well. NOICE venue!

January 9 Friday
SoundSpecies – Penta at Duplex

the first SOUND SPECIES party at club Duple x.
11pm – 9am (club owner has no problem staying open later if the crowd is still there) killer sound. EAW speakers. 40,000 W. (even Knob was ve try excited) 2 floors. (capacity 500) one floor – progressive other floor – full-on 6-8
Dj’s list still to be finalized DJ’s from Japan, Russia, Israel, Brazil,
Goa one, maybe two outside talent. Who is Sound Species? Knobe & Jun, Jehan,
Tetsu. Still to come: WebSite, Flyer, Line-up, ticket info, and more. this will be a monthly party, with international DJ’s and acts.
at Duplexx. 46 Washington Ave, Brkln Directions below. Line Up PENTA, Spectral Concepts, San Fran & Russia LIVE & Dj set.TECH NOLOGICAL ARROW, Japan -Knobe & Jun- Sound Species JEHAN, Sound Species, Goa & NYC INFLUX, Dream Catcher, Brazil ELECTROFUNK, Israel. VITALIK, Omitribe, NYC SERGE, Digital Circuitry, NYC. Fluro environment by SkyEye – Sound Species – Japan Projection by 3S TICKETS $20 in advance / $25 at door . Tickets available at: Global Trance (Home of Trance) NYC 212 477 4440
Satellite Records NYC – 212 995 1744 Sonic Groove, NYC – 212 675 5284
Hope to see everyone there. Fresh fruits and treats served in the morning! contact & info sou ndspecies7 at hotmail

2004 1 11 DMT Birthdday

January 11 Sunday
Jeff’s Birthday at Karma

Machinelf’s 36th Birthday Party 8pm – 4am Free (please indulge the tip jar for the artists by the DJ booth) ID 21+ DJ FX Mike (Alphatrance, Omnitribe), Vitalik (Omnitribe), Saguar plus an All-Star Lineup of multigenre DJs. Feel free to come early and bring your favorite tracks! Attractions: Brain Machines, Art by Daya, Lasers by Death Metal John. If you have art or projections or party flavors to contribute, bring them on! Downstairs at Karma Lounge, East Village, New York City. Smoking Permitted. web karmaNYC whatlounge, music, food, smoking. where51 First Avenue (between 3rd & 4th Streets), NY, NY 10003 contact(212) 677-3160 karmaNYC at karmaNYC subways F to 2nd Ave 6 to Bleeker St N, R to 8th St web tranceam.org/2004bday. gifweb tranceam.org/2004bday.gif

2004 1 11 Konvokation

January 11
Konvokation in Baltimore

Onnomon Mind Warped Cyzum at Club Sonar

Albert Hoffman’s birthday was on Sunday, January 11. The LSD discoverer (in ’44!) is still around. Well, we celebrated my Jan 10th birthdate on the 11th as well and it was wacky. No FX Mike but got Nobi. Best multigenre link in memory – (includes sound clips of every possible type of trance, techno, etc. So good that I am now calling Psytekk what I used to call minimal/progressive. Check it out web di .fm/edmguide/edmguide Wylie in Thailand (See end of email for his report) Thiasos is back Thursday

Wylie in Thailand
Greeting suckers, Hows the weather in New York? Is it chilly? We (Peter and Wylie) took the 10pm speed boat from Thong Nai Pan on the north end of Koh Phagnan down to Haad Rin beach where we launched an amphibious assault on what looked like something from Apocalypse Now. Imagine sort of a cross between a Wagnerian assault met with USO Trance party but instead of bombs and shells booming and flashing it was bass thumping and lights and fireworks. Along a 500m beachfront were no less than a dozen different bars each sporting their own indoor and outdoor sound systems. Roughly half of these were trance in its various denominations. There was TranceCore or Hard trance, the were three psytrance bars and there was House and Reggae and Hip Hop and Drumb and Base too. It was a cornucopia or virtual smorgesborg of dance music. The denizens comprised 5-6000 Aussies (45%) Euro-trash (30%) and Thais (10-15%) in my estimation. Like New York, I was the only American I saw. This was eerie because most of these people, boyz and girlz, dressed just like American surfers/trancers yet when they replied to my greeting, it was in German or Danish but mostly Australian. This party was so big that one could not possibly sweep every bar and meet everyone. On the downside, this made it a little impersonal and everyone was a little standoffish (especially the white girls) . Though i saw a bunch of people tripping and several people ODing on apparently acid or more likely Fungi, I failed to “get sorted” and after several attempts gave up. It was a much more alcohol-based and a less psychedelic type party. This made it less intimate and “spiritual” if you know what I mean (I can’t believe I am writing this). As Mr. Machinelf was not present I felt a call to duty and had my face painted a la fluorescent and donned several Shamistic devices. This enticed many Aussies to take my picture (and a few Euros) but after that, they were done with me, and my dancing with their women was frowned upon. It was interesting to see such a huge party but the vibe wasn’t as cool as our New York parties or even as cool as Woodstock 94. Of course, some of this may be attributed to my being alone, not knowing anyone, and most likely being confused with a drunken Aussie. I wish we could have all been there (i.e., except Kelly, Lisa, and NanOUCH! just kidding). It was fun to see all the drunken Aussies which with enough alcohol, drop the “u”. They are predominantly good-natured surfer types that engage in horseplay and fall off tables and chairs and throw beer, water and sand on their good-natured women who fight back in like manner. Then there were the local girls probably half of which were semi-professional of which by default I shared many a dance. However, and this is KEY, one must with care be aware of traces of an Adam’s apple. Even this is not a sure-fire test in identifying a Lady-Boy. If their shoulders exceed in girth their waist and they walk with an exaggerated gait RUN! Or you know dow whatever you really want to do… Like all great outdoor trance parties, the best was the following dawn and morning. This weeded out the non-trancers and really snotty Eurotrash. With this came the crazy uninhibited signs of exuberance, affection, and glee. The scene was unbelievably beautiful with the sunrise casting light on the clouds above while itself was blocked by storm clouds. There was a heavy, warm, and welcoming rain that only fueled the well-kindled vibe. After which the sun broke out, it rained again and the sun came again and it rained with the sun out and people were swimming in the turquoise surf …..It was great! This continued until this sober trance warrior limped homeward at around 11am leaving two separate trance parties going the distance under prime conditions. This is your foreign correspondent Wylie on the BWN “Brainmachines World News” -this has been a syndicated Wylie transmission
Part II
Hey Guys, I am back fro another installment. Well, it is official both Peter and I have been slightly sausaged from the Sausage Monster. From Samui to Koh Phagnan to Koh Tau it is very cheap to rent motorbikes which is the best way to get around. On Samui the fist night we rented Honda 4 stroke enduro bikes and the next morning we headed off to the mountain trails. I have to say Pete was a trooper and plowed right along on some formidable climbs and mud pits, ruts, jumps, and deep sliding hills. Hats off Pete! At the top of the mountain, there was a waterfall and we stopped at a place called Uncle Min’s Magic Garden where we got drinks and went swimming with a bunch of little local kids. They teased and taunted poor Pete taking his clothes and pulling the hair on his back. Apparently, they had never seen a hairy bald white man like Petey before which made me wonder what Gym teachers and for that matter, refrigerator repairmen look like in Thailand. Surrounding the falls were strewn a memorable collection of Buddhist (and multi-armed Hindu-esque) statues. This was a great place to visit, swim, and hang out. If I had a digital camera perhaps I would have attached some photos. We were able to descend the mountain, get to a gas station and have the mud-caked bikes hosed off and return them just in time. This was a good thing because we found out later that in the contract it specified that were not allowed to take the bikes to the mountains. Ooops. The next day I rented time at a real motocross track by the hour on a really cherry ’91 Honda CR250 Elsinore two-stroke. After a half-hour, I was beginning for mercy but the track was good and I caught some nice air. Don’t worry mom they had all the gear including helmet, boots, and body armor. All’s I broke was two clutch levers (right Tony?) Up to this point, there were no injuries. On Koh Phagnan, our accommodations were on the North East of the Island. The only way to get there was by speed boat, or 4wd cab or dirt bike over the mountain trails which were washed out roads with ruts and bumps and mud and slid ing sand. Petey and I again rented two 250 4 stoke enduro bikes. Petey’s had a rack and he bungied all his stuff down. I, with shorts on had all my stuff including guitar on my back and we set off. Of Course, we didn’t know that we would be going over the heavy-duty mountain trails. I tried to jump a rut as I was being cut off by a jeep going the other way. I slipped on the sand and sausaged my right knee! ( and broke the brake lever)!! After that, we didn’t have any problems on Koh Phagnan. I met this crazy guy Marcos from California and we had some sick rallies through the woods at night. WE were the fastest dudes on that Island. Thailand is a GREAT! also rent good cheap bikes and ride of some really good challenging trails. But start slow, wear shoes and long pants, ask for helmets, and go slow down the hills. Otherwise go Nuts! and Beware of the Sausage Monster!!! Oh yeah, we had more of the same on Koh Tau. Except finally there were some good snorkeling sites at hard to get places on the Island. (More on diving and snorkeling later) I had a 4 stroke enduro and Petey got the 2 stroke honda 200cc. Poor Petey got bit by the bike as it had a “power surge” and he was left with a sausaged elbow. He is now on the road to recovery. WE just arrived in Phuket and are setting sail on a Chinese Junk for a 5 day 6 night live aboard dive excursion ot the Similians (with unlimited diving YEAH!!!) wylie out

Kri Samadhi Interview

Kri Samadhi Interview

meets Kri (Touchsamadhi – Asheville, NC) 2004 by Ari Davidov Kri played at a DMT bridge party in NYC ~2000 ...

January 16 Friday
Omnitribe – Time Lag
Kri (touchsamadhi, NC) Blue Spectral Monkey (touchsamadhi,NC) Gosha a.k.a Indra (alfatrance/Omnitibe,NY) Kife (Omnitibe/kife prod.,NY) special birthday set Sh. I.k. I.d (Omnitibe/elek trolust,NY) deco by Devotee (touchsamadhi,nc)video by svin and misha g.11p m-9am 15$ at the door location and directions web puchok/dirr.h tml web Omnitibe web elektrolust Bay Street & Washington Avenue, Jersey City, NJ
I also noticed a low number of attendance and a lot of missing faces that I am used to seeing in the NY sect, never the less it was a very pleasant experience for me and my buddies. Thanks to all of the wonderful people for all of the positive feedback towards my work. Truly a great blessing to hear from you all. here is a summarized review sorry for any rambling Kri and I got to the space around 1:30. We started off moving couches and unnecessary random objects, found two ladders, layed out the tapestries and off we went. Shortly after monkey arrived at the scene. We finished up a couple of sets of tapestries, and then we went crazy with some new stretchy. We all got chiefed up and had lots of good times busting our butts to get as much stuff done as we could. All of a sudden, I don’t know what time it was but people started to come in so we packed everything up hung a few clusters of crystals, I smudge the building down, said a few short prayers and the music was going. the sound was ok a little touchy on the highs and speakers could have been spread out a little more. The music was different to me, It was a little layed back for what I am used to. Then monkey started to play, and a few minutes later I noticed the sound and there he was in the blue monkey outfit shaking his ass behind the decks. then Kri started to play and I was starting to find my space on the dance floor. I danced hard for a few hours, I did not quite get to blow up, but I still got my fix. Shortly after I sit down on the couches shikid went on. He was doing a great job of topping the morning off and I was sad that I could not get my ass back off the couch to dance. Me and Chris doze off and the lights turned on and here come those damn ladders again. It took us a couple of hours to break everything down with a little help from Mio and MiMi cutting a way on excess wires. We drove to Brooklyn, fill our belly, and got cheifed some more and crashed late and hard. Special thanks to Chay and Jen for the warm welcome in their home again. Much love and light to you both.Also to the Omnitribe crew for having us.

January 16 Friday
Kri under the bridge video sorry for multi emails this week video of Kri, DMT party video (oh the insanity) RockyHere is a little sample of what one might expect of the energy that Kri is capable of manifesting while on the decks. The video is from a 2000 bridge party in NY the first time I ever heard Kri play. Will definitely be heading out to the Omnitribe party on Friday. atomicjuice/shivad Rocky sorry for multi emails this week 1- tsuyoshi interview at .co m/tsuyoshiinterview web tranceam.org/tsuyoshiinterview.ht ml 2 – video of kri, DMT party video (oh the insanity) Rocky Here is a little sample of what one m ight expect of the energy that Kri is capable of manifesting while on the DMT decks. The video is from a 2000 bridge party in NY the first time I ever heard Kri play. Will definitely be heading out to the Omnitribe party on Frida y. atomicjuice/shivad atomicjuice/

January 17 Saturday
Shamanistas Early evening Brooklyn

January 18 Sunday
MLK Day at Karma

Free Party tonight! No skool or work tomorrow! Genres, in order of playtime: Psytrance, Butt Rock Goa, psy-tekk, eclectic (weird sampling), and free tekno Last time we got to go until 4:30am but the music starts at 8pm. of course I remember you. come by my free party tonight let’s catch up! Free Goacore Party Sunday (No work/skool Monday) We are the Dreamers ..and We are the Music Makers Goacore DJs Akin (Nigeria) playing Psytrance, Foodstampz (Renegade Virus) playing psytekk & freetekno & Jason Subtlechaos playing Psytekk then Machinelf playing w/himself + special guests (psytrance) FREE (at last) at Karma (smoking allowed) 1st ave b/w 3rd & 4th Sunday, Jan 18 8pm – 4am No work or skool Monday! No plagiarized beats! No Malcolm XTC!
There was some guy named Gilmour Trevor AKA Troll, a huge Jamaican. I didn’t really know him that well. I brought him and good friends Charlie Virus and his GF Diana back to my house after a party. I woke up to find that Troll had left early, and with him my passport out of my bookshelf, wallet and rent money gone. Charlie and Diana were still asleep. It was airtight. At the place where I was throwing parties, Karma, there had been a rash of thefts. I also heard from friends in the BTS that Troll had bragged about stealing from people. He was always seen with new random high-end toys and electronics that he was always just figuring out.I called him and had him meet me at Starbucks. I told him flat out that I knew what he did, and was doing. He denied it but still felt comfortable enough to continue coming to my parties and stealing.
I called him and had him meet me at Starbucks. I told him flat-out that I knew what he did, and was doing. He denied it but still felt comfortable enough to continue coming to my parties and stealing.
So I set up a trap. My friend Mark Lorenz had made a bunch of flags – Nazi, Confederate, American, all with a huge OM symbol in the middle. We hung them all up at Karma for MLK day. When Troll walked in, I called him out for stealing using his real name, Gilmour Trevor, which I knew would enrage him. I went back to Djing.
The next thing I knew I was on the floor, regaining consciousness. Several of my teeth had been broken and the left side of my face was swollen. Troll had punched me and I had been knocked out.
I was saved by Pam, who stopped him from stomping my face while I was out cold. I later pointed him out to police, and he went to jail. An Israeli friend with a history of violence (he was a stabber) offered to kill him, and even though we could have gotten away with it – to the police, it would have been just another black thug dead – but I decided against it. Killing people to me seemed to cross a line. Like, it’s permanent, and did I really want that hanging over me for life?
Of course not.
Pharmy Charlie (a different Charlie from the tekno one) blamed my “racist” flags. I viewed him as a Ranger views a hobbit from the Shire. But the stealing from Troll stopped, as he turned right around and left if he saw me at a function.

I filed a police report, and several months later I was on a bench in Union Square with a girl who had a boyfriend that was trying to get with me. She had been to Goa Boston at 55 Lex and was very eager to hookup. It felt a little weird because I knew her boyfriend, and I didn’t want to shaft anyone like that. I was negotiating with her when out of the corner of my eye with her when I saw Troll. I immediately went to the police and had him arrested. The girl was angry I was not talking to her, but rather dealing with cops, and left. Good riddance, I thought.
“Trevor/Troll was arrested at 9:50pm tonight in Union Square I just got back from the 9th precinct. Gilmore Trevor AKA Troll was the thug who sucker punched me at the MLK party in January after being confronted for stealing. I am pressing charges for assault and getting an order of protection (200 feet) tomorrow morning. It’s kind of nice with two cretins (Yac and Troll – with names like those…) on the Shitlist in jail, and Saddam too. Three’s a charm. My shoulder is still damaged six months later. I can’t reach around all the way around my back, and that’s my punching arm. I really was gonna let this go but when I confronted him about it at the M Rally two months ago he blew a kiss at me and said he did it because he “felt like it” and was trying to break my arm, and wants to finish the job.”
From a female friend: “I saw Trevor last Thursday and called the cops for you. Unfortunately, the said I would have to file a police report and point him out to them. Having been molested by that asshole before, I wasn’t about to do that. Especially since I know he likes to rape girls and has had a thing for me in the past. I’m glad he’s caught and just so you know I used to know one of his boyfriend’s in jail, so I’m sure he’ll be having some fun. Just be careful…”
Six years later, in 2010 when I was homeless but in a smart outfit, at a Unified Vibes party in BACK in Union Square, he was in a crowd, and I started waving. He looked behind him as if I was waving at someone else, and I kept pointing at him and smiled and waved. He waved. And that was that.
Back to 2004:
After the MLK celebrations, as I was still nursing my wounds, my roommate took 3 people back to my house (i was busy so I couldn’t come) One of them named Rudy was given fifty bucks to go buy beer and pocketed it, then tried to steal my stuff on the way out, my roommate kicked him out, even as Rudy was threatening to “bring guns into it” One of them apologized on the way out (but I guess they didn’t stop it before!!!) Rudy then spray painted a big FUCK YOU on the wall by the elevator. His graffiti is some of the worst that anyone has ever seen. no style, no technique no artistic integrity. That combined with his lack of respect and absence of common sense makes for a joke of the highest order.”
Mike (my roommate) wants to thank Rudy for leaving his headphones and records, Mike’s on a plane now to Hawaii enjoying the headphones but not the crap “hard trance” SCUMBAG.
My roommate should have known better, just because they say they know me does not redeem their utter lack of worth. Generally speaking, most tekno heads are not people you would ever want in your house. I have only gotten grief from them.
Still nursing my wounds – but my teeth are fixed 😀 Very cheap dental care – If you have no dental insurance, go into NY U Dentistry School on 24th between 1st and 2nd ave and say your teeth hurt. All I can say is, fucking hell, what a great service NY U does. Fixed both teeth for $90, and the student got to practice on me.
Moral of the story: Get backup when dealing with thieves. Don’t let thugs into your house.

Thiasos is back Thursday (see Weeklies)

Dreamcatcher presents: psychegrounds at thiasos every Thursday free eaw sound system LINEUP FOR THURSDAY 22 AT THIASOS 10:00 – 12:00 – Mr LEO(transmitmusic,infl ux) 12:00 – 01:30 – mr JASON(Subtlechaos/Cosmophilia) 01:30 – 02:30 – mr LU ZIUNM (Dreamcatcher ) 02:30 – 04:00 – mr JEHAN (SOUND SPECIES) 21 W ID loc ation: THIASOS- 59 W 21st( corner of 6th AVE ) NEW YORK, NY at progressive beats every weekend from Thursday till Sunday w/DJ sh. I.k. I.d (Omnitibe/ elektrolust) at cat’s cafe 2027 Emmons Ave Brooklyn 718 332 7979 web catspromo web Omnitibe web elektrolust

January 11 Sunday
Konvocation – Psytrance Sunday at Sonar in Baltimore

9pm – 2am Come join us for a very special Sunday evening of explosive psychedelic Goa trance. Live Performances by: Onnomon – Soular Records / Philadelphia Onnomon is one of the hottest new psytrance producers in the global trance community. With several releases out already on Soular Records and rumors of an album – this mad scientist of sound is bound for greatness. His live performance has been described as listening and mind-altering so don’t miss Onnomon’s first Baltimore appearance!
Mind Warped – Soular Records / CT Mind Warped is the brainchild of producer Kent Friedman. Kent produces swirling psychedelic soundscapes that made their first mark on the trance community in 1997 with the seminal Panda Records “Experimental Moon” E.P. With the release of “Flourolizard” album on Boom Records, Kent created the first American psytrance CD to be released on a European record label. Current collaborations with Deeper In Zen and Cyzum have yielded some of the most powerful and exploding tracks around the world.
Dj set by: Cyzum (aka. Dj Hybrid) Konvocation / MD Konvocation’s resident veteran psytrance DJ
In the lounge: Kommencement DJs Flashpoint and Neska playing the best in electro-industrial, synthpop and powernoise.
$5 pitchers / $3 rails – plus weekly specials until 10:30 18 and up admitted with state-issued ID. Club Sonar ï 407 East Saratoga Street Baltimore, MD ï 410.327.8333 From I-83: Go south to its end. At the light turn right onto Fayette St. Take your next right onto Gay St. Then go left at the first light onto Saratoga St. Sonar is on your left in the middle of the block. FREE parking in the lot directly across the street. For more information check out: http://www.konvocation.com or For more information on psytrance, check out: http://www.psytrance.us

January 22 Thursday
Last-minute change For psychegrounds Thursday 22. Thiasos will not be able to provide us with the Party due to some defective water pipes. We were able to find an emergency lounge on 137 ESSEX st in the East Village the name is SX 137. next week we will continue to do at thiasos. sorry guys for the inconvenience but the party must go on. Same Lineup, same vibe!!! MR LEO MR JASON MR LUZIUMN MR JEHAN Location: 137 ESSEX st between Houston and Delancy ( F train to Delancy) Please Show you support, we’ll provide the music!! T

January 23 – Friday
Hommega brings Silicon Sound

2004 1 23 Psyforia

January 23 Friday
Psyforia in Boston

Tsuyoshi Suzuki Interview

Tsuyoshi Suzuki Interview

meets Tsuyoshi Suzuki 2004 by Ari Davidov When you think of who is who in the Japanese dance music scene, ...

January 24 Saturday
Tsunami at Arc TSUNAMI

The Return of the Master Exclusive Extended DJ Sets TSUYOSHI SUZUKI (Feedba ck Records, Japan) the supreme trance master, returns! Without a doubt, Tsuyoshi is the one trance artist considered the absolute master DJ/producer. Most current international top trance geniuses will state that Tsuyoshi is the one who turned them on to trance and substantially influenced them. He was the soul of MATSURI, he was half of PRANA. Tsuyoshi took a few years off to experiment with other music genres, co-created JOUJOUKA, and is now back in his full-on psychedelic trance! This is his first appearance in this his latest, true incarnation on the American Continent. Come witness history! DINO PSARAS (Atomic Records, UK) DINO is consistently and without fail, among the handful international trance artists who can twist and turn with the audiences’ emotions, moods, insights and euphoria, with his own music, the one he co-creates under CYDONIA, or with the music he collects through his unique vision, taste and talent, from his friends in the top international trance movement around the globe. YONI (Global Trance, NY) YONI is the top international US-based trance DJ. His psychedelic full-on Israeli style sets bring each time the crowds to a roaring frenzy. Ambient Room SURPRISE DJs CLUB ARC 6 Hubert St. off Hudson St, 3 blocks below Canal (trains A,C,E to Canal, 1/9 to Franklin) Hours 11pm till late Admission $25 in advance (plus store commission) $30 at the door 18+ Event Valid Picture ID is Required Psydeco Atmosphere by DAYA CAYUNG web dreamcatch erstudio.net While visiting Tsunami-trance, sign up to our email list, so that you will be informed personally of our upcoming world-wide events and releases.
Yes, so two of the biggest Dj names played for NYC this Saturday. It was freezing outside, but inside, lo ts of people, good psy-fluro deco, great music, and a lot of dancing, basi cally, pretty hot.
The layout and set up of Arc was the same, the dancefloor space with super lighting, world-class sound, a mixed crowd. The chill room behind the glass to the right of the DJ booth, and the minimal ambient room in the back… one new addition, an indoor smoking area, down the hall near the coat check. I smoked my one cig. there, Russian, He brew, Japanese, and English filled the air, not to mention the giant floor fan blowing all the smoke into another part of the building.
So all in all a good party I would say, thanks to all involved. Deco by Daya Cayung, and thanks to Tsunami for bringing excellent talent for us here in NYC, and thanks to all the hidden he ros.
Review for Mr. Psyman…I wrote this for someone else… so just pasted it here. its kinda long, sorry, enjoy….
My favorite part of Tsuyoshi’s set was his last half an hour, when he moved away from the more techy trance into the spacier, groovier, and more psychedelic sound. Clean psychadelic, not crazy psychadelic. I did miss the first 30 minutes of his set, so I don’t know what went on there, but I can kinda guess by what he was playing when I got there, as to how he built up to the groove he was in. In terms of mixing tech-house-trance and psytrance together, he did a great job, with a diverse track selection thing going on… He would slip in and out of psytrance very nicely, and he played some tracks that seemed to use psytrance sounds, but had a slightly different structure to the buildups etc… a more house structure, just some of the tracks. Some of his mixes would be very quick, just slipping smoothly from one track to another, others would be longer, and all his mixes were perfect. I did notice that he did not do as much beat-matching as I thought he would. But there were also times where you knew he was mixing, and his mix was technically so good, that you couldn’t tell what exactly was going on, whether it was beat-matched or a beat mixed in to another track’s ambient, or even whether he just slipped from one to another so well, with such good track selection that you weren’t sure whether he was mixing something into the previous track, or into a new track with very similar sound qualities etc…. You can tell he is a sound master. Like I said the last half an hour was the best, this time when he slipped into the psytrance he stayed there, spacey clean psychadelic with a twist, and he built up towards Dino’s set nicely, his last track got pretty crazy. Clearly a unique and highly independent and creative sound artist
Dino Psaras, now here is a psytrance master Dj. Killer. Probably the best Dj set I’ve heard in a while. I remember only one other in NYC that one could compare, and Dino’s is still in a league of its own. This guy really knows what good trance is, his music and sounds are the type that grabs everyone, no matter what kind of psytrance you like best, you will be totally into his journey. Dino goes way beyond speaking in tracks, his mixdown leaves you everywhere at the same time, the music just becomes this sound story, there are no more tracks, there are no more artists when Dino plays, just sound. I thought that his set struck a perfect balance between dark positive sound and trippy energy sounds and rhythms. And something about his pace, the way he breaks away from a beat, the way he comes back, the small segments he throws in, and then the continuous 10 minutes of nonstop rhythm, he keeps you guessing, but subconsciously completely comfortable. I love his trance equation. Super stuff Dino. I thought what Suzuki was doing was crazy. He would spin mostly techy psy interrupted occasionally by truly psychedelic songs (like Bio-Tonic “On the Rocks” and Cosma “yok yok”). And by the way, I have heard “On the Rocks” before but never thought much of it; but I was blown away when he played it, really great. Jehan, it is too bad you missed the first half an hour of Suzuki’s set. I thought the first three songs he played were the best player all night. Does anyone know that second song?? And I cannot say enough of how great of a job Yoni did warming up the crowd. That is the way an opening DJ should spin… I also agree Dino Psaras was very good. I just wish he would have gone to more of a morning sound at the end. The crowd at this party was pretty questionable. Not everyone just some isolated groups. my cat is deathly afraid of aluminum foil

Also that night in Philadelphia:
January 24 Saturday
Am-Psy Party

First DJ Set: Egbot
Minds of Demented (Am-Psy, Philadelphia), Mantis (Jeremy Laird) and Darkrad (Matt Imboden) are Minds of Demented. Get ready for high energy full-on madness. They are the sickest duo to hit the decks in a long time. The deepest darkest journey begins with the first track. You won’t want t o miss this special performance. Egbot (Psy-Planet, Am-Psy-Philadelphia) Get ready… get set… flow. Deep spiritual trance with both minimal and full on elements. Close your eyes and let Egbot be your guide to infinity . A deep trance DJ set ending with a live PA. Where it begins… Egbot. American Psychedelic (Am-Psy, Philadelphia) We are the Borg. Lower your sh ields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technolog ical distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is FUTILE!. Psytrance for the next generation. Progressive son g style trance with searing leads, mind bending breakdowns and a hint of g oa loops. From the darkness of night to the brilliant sounds of morning. Fluoro Psychestetic environment by- Equus(Joanne Nemth)and Aleysis(Jaime McGee)(Psy-Planet, Am-Psy-Philadelphia) The very best in original psy-art. Their works are a glimpse into the spiritual and beyond. Immerse yourself in their world. Doors: 11:00pm – 7:00am Participation: $12/ADV. $15/Door L ocation: 1020 N. Delaware Ave 4th Floor Doors open at 11:00 close at 3:00a m NO EXCEPTIONS. Get in by 3:00 or not at all. Tickets for this event are going fast. Limited to 150 guests. Please email if you are interested. Ti ckets will be made available at the door however, once capacity is reached we will be turning people away.

Dreamcatcher presents: psychegrounds at thiasos every Thursday free eaw sound system 21 W ID location: THIASOS- 59 W 21st (corner of 6th Ave at progressive beats every weekend from Thursday till Sunday w/DJ sh. I.k. I.d (Omnitibe/elektrolust) at cat’s cafe 2027 Emmons Ave Brooklyn 718 332 7979 web catspromo web Omnitibe web elektrolust.co m

Come to the reincarnation of Goa T rash this Friday the 30th!! Co-founder Lisa Renko has unfortunately retired indefnitely, she’ll be remembered forever…
Hey fight pictures from last week are posted here. Proceeds go to fix my teeth. Spring cleaning ( finding, isolating, expelling thieves and vandals of every musical taste) is in full swing. Now it can be said: trance parties did not ground the tugboat in 2001. If you were there, email me for the real story.

Psycheground at Sway

January 30 Friday
TripOut NewYork presents the Reincarnation of Goa Trash

Photos (General)
All Old School Goa Party in SoHo – Only mid- to late- 90s Goa Anthems – Interactive Fun: If you catch any of the DJs playing tracks made after 1998, you can pelt them with rotten fruit (bring your own, not too watery, might fuck up the equipment ) BOOM! 10pm-4am $10, free before 11pm and those with drums This resurrected-by-popular-demand monthly promises to make any DMT induced memories of Ibiza, the Riviera, or even Thailand like so much flotsam and jetsam strung along the beaches of Goa India. Music is strictly mid- to late-90s Goa Trance, which is really just modern progressive house beats mixed with Ra vi Shankar sounds done up at 145 BPM. All forms of low life welcome. MC Machinelf is your host. Door by Pam & Michelle. Security by John. Art by a special guest artist. Photo Galleries from last year by Ben Light-o-m atic at lightomatic/images/Goatrash Downtempo 10-11pm Mark Ogg Mod 11-12pm Machinelf, DMT 11:45-12:15am Kamal (Dragonlotus) 12:15-1am Jehan (Sound Species) 1-1:45am Alladin Project (El Nadiv) 1:45- 2:30am Yac 2:30-3am Boris (Burning Elf) 3-3:45am Machinelf, DMT 3:45-4am Goa Trash is a 21+ eve if you’re younger don’t despair, FREE before 11pm; otherwise $10 for everyone. Free for those who bring drums and/or those wearing trash bags. BOOM Shankar is located at 152 Spring between Wooster & West Broadway. The place has a comfortably Mediterranean feel, the kind of p lace where people dance on tables. Subways: Take 6 to Spring C/E to Sprin g F to Broadway/Lafayette 1/9 to Houston N/R to Prince web brainmachines/Goatrash -Saturday

January 30 Friday
Ecstatic Shabbaton
from the crazee mystic jews>>Ecstatic Shabbaton, open vibe, Car-lee-bach Styleeprayer harmonization reception 6pm-ish, followed by a mostly vegan meal (+ fish) and crazy dancing singing playing swaying come and continue The fixing of the world thru yeah! fell free to post this somewhere.email needelr

(and oh yeah, to make it clear the trance/hacker Capn Crunch was not the crunch who died)

February 2004

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February 5 Thursday
2 things tonite:
if yer gonna do both, meet at paul’s boutique first then go to village lantern
1 ticon at paul’s boutique (the famous cafe)
BOOM Come join us tonight, as we open the doors for a new Spectra weekly gathering! The Trance Cafe: Every Thursday at Paul’s Boutique 99 Rivington St. corner of Ludlow & Rivington Lower East Side Manhattan This week, Thursday, February 5th 10pm – ??? DJ Phillip (Ticon, Digital Structures) Sweden Hayden (Antix, Iboga Records) new zealand DJ Gavin (Spectra) new york DJ SH.I.K.I.D (Omnitribe) new york come join us for this free & intimate Spectra evening….
2 influx at village lantern (you can dance, it’s loud)
2 thank you all for coming last week. the DJs and the crowd really rocked the party last week this week we had to change the location to village lantern because there’s another party at thiasos, but next week is gonna be back at thiasos for good the full on blast for this week will be performed by the following artists: 12:00 till 1:30 mr LEO(Dreamcatcher,influx,transmitmusic) 1:30 till 2:30 mr LUZIUMN (Dreamcatcher) 2:30 till 4:00 mr JEHAN (sound species) FREE ADMISSION 21 W ID LOCATION VILLAGE LANTERN 167 Bleecker Street New York, NY (between Thompson and Sullivan)
Thursday review wild night last night, eli’s was awesome, alex grey was there! plus a bunch
of people I haven’t seen in ages.
went down to paul’s boutique, wow antix and his mom were there, ticon, the
whole schmo. then bounced to village lantern, was fun until the police came by and gave
them a $6,000 ticket (?) for cabaret violation… oh man….

February 6 Friday
Spectra – Ticon & Antix

TICON live! (digital structures) Sweden ANTIX live! (iboga records) new Zealand GAVIN (Spectra) new york DAVE HENSHAW (changmian) Boston YARE (Spectra) new york MAYUR (Spectra) new york Come and join us, in a brand new venue, as we welcome some of the finest progressive talent on the planet. Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door. information about purchasing tickets and the venue location will be released soon…
Three very different reviews. The Good:
dave Henshaw wrote: The last three acts said it all. Not in so much as who they were, but instead the order in which they appeared. Maybe I was the only one who did – but I felt a line being drawn; some kind of division between two distinct subsects of our progressive psychedelic community. And, of course, Gavin bridging those two sides with the skill of our generation’s finest engineer.
I saw Ticon when they first came to New York three years ago. What I remember from that party was being in the middle of the dancefloor with my best friend and his girlfriend-at-the-time. We were dancing, laughing, and most importantly watching a pair of Swedish kids – yes kids! – giddilly bopping their heads during the lighter parts of their set, while clenching and pumping their fists during the more intense parts. They carried with them a sense of gratitude, a sense of awe, and a sense of amazement with the number of people in America who liked the music they simply “made for fun” in Sweden. They were beamed and glowed up on stage – like divine children right out of a Carl Jung manifesto. When that first Ticon party was over, everyone praised the two Swedes for being so humble, so amazingly appreciative of the audience that had come out to hear them play, and most important, thankful to Gavin and Spectra for bringing them over to New York to perform.
Now, three years later, Ticon displays numerous aspects of time’s passage. On one hand, their music has matured – reaching new heights in production value, content,and structure. On the other hand, Ticon themselves have also matured – going from humble and appreciative kids to showboating psytrance rock stars. There is something to be said about making great music – Ticon, without question, makes some of the best on Earth. “Aero” remains one of the five best releases of the year. But there’s also something to be said about humility, about keeping open the childish eye that looks at the world with amazement. There’s something to be said about showing up to a party a few hours before your set, playing your set, and then socializing with the crowd for a few moments after. Accessibility is almost as important sometimes as the sound itself..
Musically, I can’t think of a better live set to hear. Barring the two system failures, Ticon’s set was masterful. Much like Son Kite’s, I could feel a sense of live arrangement going on. Signature lines and sounds from certain released tracks could be heard – but they had new lines, new sounds, and new percussion patterns laid over the top of them. Certain tracks contained the same sounds, but just in different orders than that which they appear in the album. Hayden’s live set took the shape of an artistically perfect DJ set of all his own tracks – where Ticon’s took on the feel of live production using an on-hand pallet of sounds. Nowhere was this more evident than early in Ticon’s set. “The clown smells like Gasoline” has never sounded that good on the Plusquam CD – and “Waiting for the Knights” took on a feel so different – yet so similar – that I found myself questioning whether or not it was indeed that signature track. Once I wrapped my mind around the two power failures, and simply listened to the tracks – it was as wonderful a set as I’ve heard in a while.
Much like the “Pauls” of that “other progressive” scene, Ticon belongs in a stadium. Their music is simply THAT GOOD! They belong behind 30,000 watts of perfectly tuned and balanced sound gear. They belong in front of a crowd of 10,000 people throwing their hands in the air every time a new bassline drops in from their gear. They don’t have to be approachable. They don’t have to be social. They don’t have to be like label-mates Sebastian and Marcus. They can be the iconical gods that became of bands like Metallica and DJ’s like Dave Ralph and Sandra Collins… Maybe there’s a new wave of “commercial trance” on the way. And (blasphemy!) maybe already-established acts like Ticon are going to be the first layer of messengers to bring that sound from the European “club-scene” into the States. Maybe instead of waiting for Paul Van Dyk to come to Axis, all the college frat boys and sorority girls will be “Waiting for the Knights” instead. And with such a forthcoming, who needs humility? Humility becomes a distant memory when you’ve spent your late teens and early twenties being flown around the world – living from whim to whim in a fantasy world fueled by other people’s passion for your music. I’d say the artwork on the cover of “Aero” speaks as loudly as the music contained on the CD within! 🙂
What made Ticon’s performance-oriented superstar mentality even more evident was their juxtaposition with the two acts that followed – Gavin and Antix; two pillars of what it means to humble, appreciative, and in-touch with the people who buy and love their music, buy tickets and attend their parties, and pour the same passion into this scene as they do. While Ticon was playing to and for a crowd, frying 30 amp breakers in the process; Antix barely looked at the crowd and spent most of the time focusing on his gear – doing everything in his power to make sure his tracks sounded as good as they possibly could given the sound system he was using.
Though I never got a chance to talk with Hayden – from what I gathered from those who did was that he “was one of the nicest guys they’d ever met.” One girl went as far as to say – “I spent some time with him the other night and I’ve never met someone so…. well… NICE! There’s just something about those New Zealanders! I mean, he showed up with his laptop wrapped in a beach blanket for Christ’s sake!”
His music was just as skillfully crafted as Frederick and Fillip’s – his tracks just as intense, and his production value just as strong – but his overall demeanor at the party and the energy he exuded left me feeling even better about his set that I did Ticon’s. Sure, the sound system wasn’t the best around. Sure, one of the channels on the mixer was tough to keep from peaking – but he worked with what he had to deliver the best performance he could. He EARNED every foot stomp and handclap he got after that set. All the while smiling, intense, in communication with the sound guy, aDJusting the system, aDJusting the tracks – performing the music he (and his brother) created with the same passion and focus that it took to make the music in the first place… Even his closing DJ set was awesome.
As aforementioned, Hayden’s live-set did feel like a finely tuned DJ set of all his own material, but I know for a fact a simple pair of CDJ’s and a mixer could NOT produce some of the transitions he had between his tracks. The entry into “Blood” seemed longer and more suspenseful than it is on “Lull.” While tracks like “Chase” and “Free as We are” seemed to just appear in the forefront – emerging from an eerie and organic pool of sound. And was I the only one in love with the last track that came from his Mac laptop? Was that some unreleased Antix material? If so, I’m already drooling in expectation for the sequel to “Lull.”
So, on one extreme we have Ticon, the consummate rock-stars, the act that will most likely be one of the first psychedelic live-acts to “blow up” here in the States. (Perhaps they could open or close for Phish one day?) And, on the other extreme, we have Hayden Strom; the humble, gentle, and focused musician – interested as much in respectfully taking photos of the other performers as he is in playing and performing his own music. His childlike and wise eyes – wide open and excited to be sharing the stage with other amazing talent. You could tell his primary care was the perfection of his music and the cleanliness of its performance. All else was secondary…With two extremes like that, what could possibly go in the middle? Could there possibly be any better time-slot for the best damn bridge-builder in this, or any other, country? It was “time to gather” and Gavin put forth the call!
If he wasn’t such a great DJ, I think I’d want Gavin on the ballot going up against George Bush. The perfect balance between ANY two extremes showed his talent once again, playing between The Swedish Empire and the Christlike gem from down under. His track selection remains one of the finest around – track after track of liquidy, supple, and groove-oriented basslines; tecky and organic high-end percussion, and danceable beats that keep the crowd moving but certainly don’t call for any hands in the air and primal epiphanal screams. His demeanor is one of humility, with just an inkling – a mere hint – of showmanship. Pressing the headphone to his head, taking a quick glimpse at the crowd, and switching the basslines seamlessly between two tracks. In preparation for a mix, his head bops a bit, his fist pumps up and down like a lever, and – all of a sudden – a new, deeper, smoother, and more liquidiuous bassline spews forth from the system.
Gavin’s is the PERFECT blend of rock star and humble musician. Both before and after his set, he’s in the crowd, dancing with people, talking about trance and socializing with all those he knows are supporting him, his parties, and his career. But when he’s on stage, he’s focused and intense on the music – while still holding remnants of a social and crowd-oriented promotor… 🙂 Hearing his sets, month after month, for the better part of the last two years; Gavin has established himself as both an amazing DJ AND and amazing individual. Possessing the best in both social grace and musical talent. His demeanor and energy are just as massive as the seething and bass-driven tracks he selects for the late-morning hours.
The party, as a whole, was amazing! We were all treated to some of the finest psychedelic music and visuals that New York and the world has to offer. Sweden, New Zealand, New York City – the corners of the world came out in full force. But what I took from the party was this: the psychedelic progressive SOUND is going in one direction. It’s getting deeper, more organic, kinder, gentler, and more aquatic. It’s seemingly trying to minimize and/or remove the kick-drum altogether as it becomes EVEN LESS assaulting than it was a mere two years ago.
Meanwhile, the progressive psytrance that we know is getting more widely accepted, more widely listened to, and more widely popular with a much larger audience. The former is going deeper and further under the surface, while the latter is getting closer to the surface, closer to the “populous,” and closer to a new form of music that we could have to buy tickets at Ticketmaster one day to hear.
So I guess that’s the line.. the one being drawn between people who will now support the “culture” and the people who will devote themselves to the “sound.” A surfacing is happening. And with such a surfacing, the universe calls out for artists to stay beneath, and continue to make the sound different and more intense than it already is… Or maybe I’m just an insane babbling loon and none of this is even close to accurate! 🙂
Either way – huge thanks must go out to Gavin, Spectra Productions, Fillip and Frederick, Hayden Strom, Vitalik, S.H.I.K.I.D, Eduardo, Mayura, Sandy, and the Black Helicopter Crew, and everyone who played a part -either technical or aesthetic – in making this one of the most memorable Spectra parties ever.
The Bad
The party through my eyes: got to the venue, security yelling at me to check my coat, ok ok guys ill do it… no one wants to dance in winter jackets, you don’t have to force me to do it before entering. also who the hell is the girl in the entrance? is it me? or was it that time of the month for that girl, come to think of it, its always that time of the month for her it seems… ok, now, $35 is a hefty price for what I got. “We are bringing in a new sound system to ensure that this event is second to none… ” Haahahaha joke was on us, it was a pretty lousy system with no energy, no subs, no nothing! and to make things worst it cut out for 2 very long durations, more then 10 minutes without music…. what a joke! I don’t know, ticon live sounded like ticon cd, spare me the robot microphone next time 80’s haircut dude from ticon, its so 20 years ago… every track sounds the same…. nothing moved me, I tried to groove to “we are the mammoth hunters” but there was just no way with that crappy sound system… I could talk to people in a regular volume of conversation and they had no problem hearing me… that for me rings an alarm bell of a bad party. the people….. omg the people… why were you lying ??? I saw them pretend to go crazy when the music got somewhat going, shaking their head as if they were in a 150 bpm frenzy all night, when in fact the music is hardly 136bpm at most, boring, dull, repetitive, formulized, predictable, trite, tasteless and way too weak… also, live??? you call that live? why cause they brought a laptop and pressed spacebar on cubase/logic? that’s not a live, there were no instruments, nothing on stage, not even one keyboard…. antix was the same in my opinion… boring and predictable…. why oh why did I spend all that money….I can’t imagine where my money went to (actually I have some ideas) but its definitely not to the party…. nice cash pot the organizer made there, $35 a person, about 300 people….. you do the math…. that venue costs nothing, there was no live equip, no sound, the decoration was a projection machine…. wow how cool, pfffff.
to sum it up, unprofessional event, highly unrecommended to go to again. definitely not a trance party…. more like a really expensive trap.
The In-Between
Ok please, these kinds of reviews piss me off. You didn’t like the artist’s hair? Puhlease! Where did the money go? You obviously know NOTHING about throwing parties, especially in NYC.
Personally I had a very nice time at this party.. I could see a lot of effort went into it, which does not surprise me given what I know of Spectra. The venue was very good all things considered. The cost of drinks was a little insane but it is just the bad that you have to put up with to get the good. There is nothing Spectra could do to control the price of drinks or of the coat check. I felt very safe there, and in no danger of getting hassled by security. The vibe was excellent, everyone was cool. The video was excellent, the sound was ok (not great, not bad either), musically it was very good but did not kick my ass. But I didn’t expect my ass kicked as it’s not really the kind of music I like to dance to. I was a little bummed at Ticon’s set being messed up but I enjoyed it anyway. I saw a lot of people really digging the music so obviously people who are more into those artists thought it was just fine 🙂 I saw a lot of people I knew and met some new people, and all in all was not at all sorry to have parted with my $35.
As far as your complaints, there are some people who just want everything exactly how they want it and if it’s not exactly how they want it then it sucks. I can see you are one of those people. There is always something to complain about.. if it’s a club then people complain about the lines or the bar or security hassling them or not being able to smoke or do whatever they want. If it’s underground they complain that there’s too much smoke or too many fucked up people or that the party got busted or hassled by cops. The security at this place was actually surprisingly cool.. for example there was one incident my gf saw in which a guy was lying down, and security came by to check if he was ok, and asked him to please sit up. But very nicely, just doing their basic job of making sure everything was ok, not trying to give anyone a hard time. You have to give people a little credit and not be so bitter. They have a job to do. All things considered, I think the security was great. They did tell me to check my coat.. I asked them “Do I have to? Can’t I wear it inside”? Politely. They told me sure, they just can’t be responsible if anything happens to it.
Politely. Treat people with respect and you will be surprised at how many will respond in kind. The venue itself was obviously greedy, asking way too much at the bar and the pressure to use the coat check was obviously the venue trying to make a buck. On the other hand, there was no problem bringing stuff in from outside (I had a Red Bull in my hand as I walked in) nor any problem getting water from the bathroom taps if desired. In general, it’s very hard to find a good venue for psytrance in NYC. This place actually has a lot going for it: It’s pretty comfortable, good bathrooms, chill security and have made their peace with the police somehow.. and to complain so much is just stupid. If this venue is no good then I would like to see you find a better space and throw a better party with lower cost and without being busted. It is damned hard to find any decent space at all much less one as good as this. I am sure it cost Gavin (Spectra) a hefty chunk of cash for the space.
Re the rest of your complaints, I will say they are equally stupid. You can’t blame the producer of the party for booking two well-known, respected acts who’s music is well-liked by a lot of people… If you don’t like the music of Ticon or Antix or the way they perform then don’t go see them again. Don’t go blaming the producer of the party just because you went to see performances by musicians that you don’t like. If you expect a full-on ass-kicking dancefloor experience then you went to the wrong party and you should have known that in advance just from who was playing. Personally I find Antix to be more like chillout music than dance music, but it is good music nonetheless. I had hopes for Ticon to be a fairly groovy, exciting progressive dance set. They didn’t quite meet expectations but they were pretty good and I enjoyed it. I think the power failures threw them off a bit. Speaking of power failures, your complaints about “10 minutes with no music”.. POOR BABY.. Let mommy make it better… Power failures are a common thing at underground parties, it unfortunate. Sometimes there are just not enough circuits to go around, sometimes the venue is unhelpful at giving access where it is needed. Often there is too much chaos getting set up and either there is no time to find out what outlet is on what circuit, or there are so many people rushing to get things plugged in that it is impossible to keep it organized. Personally I have never had a power failure at any event of mine or where I have worked on getting the power organized, so I know it’s possible to do it. I am just one obsessive mofo when it comes to power. It takes some knowledge, experience, access to the right places, time, and a certain amount
of authority over other people.. and it is not easy to get all that happening at the same place and the same time even in a commercial space much less underground. So it is just something you have to suck it up and deal with sometimes. Re the sound system, personally, it didn’t rock my world but I’ve heard a lot worse. It’s only sinned were those of omission, no harsh or distorted sound. What was there was good. I didn’t check out the system in detail but just from listening I would say that it needed a little better job of EQ’ing but was otherwise a good system. Again, I have never heard a party reviewed where someone didn’t hate the sound. If it’s loud then people complain it’s too loud, if it’s lower then people complain it’s too low. And no-one has a fucking clue how much good
sound equipment costs. Re volume, there are a lot of reasons for volume to below, for example, the venue may force limits to keep from getting busted. There may not be enough power. Again, your comments are stupid in the extreme for lack of thought, as you know nothing but probably think that if you had only been allowed at the controls then everything would be SO MUCH BETTER 🙂 You have no idea of the problems that have to be managed by people throwing parties.
In summary, if you want to be assured of a 100% professional production every single time then I suggest you stick with mainstream music in a mainstream venue where you pay $50 + Ticket Bastard Surcharge, you get herded like cattle into your assigned seat, you get your 3 hour show, and you get the fuck out. -Ben

tonight right now hey party 2night in east vil – shay’s wife, omni DJ – 62 ave c bw 4 & 5 If you hav ent noticed, the good days of a free and easy Kazaa Lite are numbered. I’ll bet a dollar that, ironically, musical ignorance will slowly settle back in! Hey – Cosmosis/Space Cat/John Phantasm coming in March Dreamcatcher is doing Thiasos again this week Spectra got Spirit for biweekly parties rotating between psytrance and psy tek New member site by Russian Eddie at web boredom101 great stuff Maynard with a very funny cocaine ad from the 1800s TripOu t/NYC604 pushed further into the information mainstream: The private announcement email group for friends & family, Safetydance, now will be EXTREMELY low traffic, the weight of which will be carried by an invite-only discussion group called SafetyRants. As the song goes, You can bitch when you want to, we can ream your big behind, but your friends don’t rant and if they don’t rant well they’re no friends of mine. Are you.. our FRIENDS!?! My preciousss! Here’s a quick graph of the new real estate, looks like D&D alignments, just insert Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil, and Lawful Evil clockwise from top left, with ahaha Neutral in the middle :


My days of sucking on the government teat are over! Got a job at a great street culture mag in ad sales. If anyone works for an advertiser let me know! I have a constantly growing 25-minute Soundforged mix called DMT Orc Messiah that is a very dark, highly sampled cross between Skinny Puppy and hard Isra-Russo-trance. Definitely not Goa. If interested in a $2 copy email me. The mix will grow by 10 minutes every week for the next fortnight here in New Ork City.

February 11, 2004 – Blueberry (US: Renegade) trailer

February 12 Thursday
this week will be back at thiasos with special DJs sets: 12:00 till 02:00 – luis & leo (dreamcat cher – influx – transmitmusic) 02:00 till 04:00 – berzerx – gadi & mike (ecliptic-trance) free admission 21 w id location thiasos- 59 w 21st( corner of 6th ave )
progressive beats every weekend from Thursday till sunda y w/DJ sh. I.k. I.d (Omnitibe/elektrolust) at cat’s cafe 2027 Emmons Ave Brooklyn 718 332 7979 web catspromo web Omnitibe web elektrolust.c om

February 12 Thursday
Spectra at The Trance Cafe…
this weeks guests: Vitalik (Omnitribe)NYC Vlad Kife (OmniTribe/Kife Prod.) NYC resident: Gavin (Spectra) NYC Every Thursday at Paul’s Boutique 99 Rivington St. corner of Ludlow & Rivington Lower East Side Manhattan come join us for this free & intimate Spectra evening

February 13 Friday
Gaian Mind Monthly

Philly’s Premier Psychedelic Trance Party!
Special Guests: INFINITE SUN VS. MESCALINIUM (Philadelphia Shamanista Initiative/ web PSI-trance, Philadelphia/NYC) 9pm-midnight The long-awaited PSI tag team! Infamous among the psytrance cognoscenti for their underground parties, these two DJ’s are equally renowned for their skills behind the decks. With an extensive vinyl collection numbering in the 1000’s, Neil and Pat seamlessly blend the finest grooves in progressive and full-on psychedelia. Having DJed since 1999, in the spring of 2002 the two co-founded the Philadelphia Shamanista Initiative (PSI), both to present their music to a wider audience and to bring the outdoor Goa vibe to the Philadelphia/New York community. The events produced under this moniker have since become the stuff of legend and have helped spur a renaissance in outdoor parties during the warmer months. Please support the Initiative by coming out to witness their first-ever Philadelphia tag team. Resident DJ: ALLEN (Gaian Mind/Metropolis Records, Philadelphia) midnight-2am Chillout with DEET and EIM UV Decor by GAIAN MIND Fluorowear by GAIAN MIND BAZAAR 9pm-2am $7 cover ($5 before 11pm) 21+ w/ ID at Ulana’s – Second & Bainbridge Streets, Philadelphia, PA, USA (one block south of South Street) GAIAN MIND Monthly – second Friday of every month!

February 13 Friday
Party at Iani G’s on the Boardwalk at Asbury Walk

Parties in south jersey on the boardwalk email ianiiani_g or iani_g some Bulgarian Iani is a friend of Jennifer’s (of Suzi’s & Nicole’s & Lisa’s tranceketeer mafia)they have a location on the boardwalk, a big Greek restaurant with an outdoor patio. they just had a party on the 13th, so many people would drive in from Philly Jersey & NYCianai, email me back b/c a lot of people will want to come, esp in the warmer months when the boardwalk really opens up (bus access to the casino)the owner is a greek who likes trance, sounds like Costas at Thiasos.

February 14 Saturday Valentine’s Day
Alladin Project – Valentinedelic

Etnicanet LIVE Valentines Day Party 14 NYC DJ Maurizio- ETNICA (Etnicanet Rec. Ibiza Spain) Knob vs Jun (Technological Arrow – Japan) Lira n (Omega Rec. Israel) Alladin (Doof Rec. Israel) ***ETNICANET LIVE*** This year’s Valentines party will be celebrated with Mauriz io someone that hasn’t performed in NYC for a long time. Etnica, the restless pioneers of psytrance, have assembled their global influences into a new dance and listening compendium. Etnica prove again – our universe is not complete without the other side. Since the begging of trance they have re-leased top quality psy music. And he’s coming to spin our minds and rip the dance floor apart once again. They are in albums and compilations of Etnicanet Rec., Solstice Rec., TIP Rec., Neurobiotic Rec., Spirit Zone Rec., E Rec., Phonokol Rec., Decoration by: The Devotee (NC) web touchsamadhi Location: 48 Bowery st. Manhat tan, NYC 11PM – 8AM Tranceportation: N,R,W,Q,6,J,M,Z get of Canal st. walk 6 blocks towards Manhattan bridge. $30 at door 21+ w/ID $25 advance at Global Trance NYC 122 St Marks st betw 1/A (212) 477 -4440 (917) 405-4847 Buy online tickets by clicking here (tickets will be held at the door) or at web homeoftrance To sign up for mailing list for next parties: alladinProductions at hotmail
The Etnica party was busted at 3am and the party got moved to the Brooklyn commune loft. Wow. The whole floor was shaking, everyone was aglow. I’ve never seen that many people there. And it was great to see Shane. And El Nadiv hired the Venezuelans to do the sound – that’s Ricardo’s crew! Thanks El Nadiv, I know you lost money. I think people who went should throw you and the people who live there some cash, beings that you lost mad cash while everyone enjoyed one of the best vibes in the past 6 months! God Bless you man! El Nadiv can be reached at alladinProductions at hotmail (Aladins’ and Evan the commune contact’s emails are in the CC box)

Party in Providence March 4 (see below) Finally a job for you Pill Billies.. I’m forwarding a message from Dr. John Halpern (johnhalpern at hms.harvard) who is looking for people who could help recruit subjects for a study of the effects of E on memory. He wants to find recruiters who can help locate subjects who have done E but very little of any other drugs. Here is the kind of recruiter that John is looking for: In particular, then, we are looking for additional recruiters (who will be paid for any time they work on this project) who:
1. Reside in a metropolitan area of 500,000 or greater and that has a sizable Rave/E scene.
2. Has excellent knowledge of the E scene and the people involved.
3. Has reason to believe that there are fair numbers of young Ecstasy users who have minimal to no exposure to other ds or alcohol.
4. Is interested in working as a part-time recruiter for this neurocognitive and psychological study of Ecstasy users.
5. Affiliation with a college or university (as a student, post-doc, or other) is helpful BUT NOT NECESSARY.
6. Would like to help out on a cool project that, hopefully, will provide some real information on the persisting concerns over long-term consequences from E use…
7. MUST REPLY to me ASAP: No later than Friday, February 21, 2004. Many many thanks for your help. Potential recruiters may also email me with any/all questions… All that I need at this juncture is to secure a letter of intent from suitable additional recruiters… -John (johnhalpern at hms.harvard) John H. Halpern, M.D. Instructor in Psychiatry Harvard Medical School Associate Director of Substance Abuse Research Biological Psychiatry Laboratory Alcohol and DMT Abuse Research Center McLean Hospital 115 Mill Street Belmont, MA
02478-9106 Note: Halpern was later the subject of the Halperngate scandal

Jehan Leaves, Finally! I just got a job as the 1st Assistant Director (one step below the director) for a film being shot in London. And then I have to head the whole post-production department (editing etc) in Bombay. its not Hollywood… its a joint British & India n production with a budget of 5 million pounds…. (and I also was told that Elizabeth Hurley is acting in it… which I am not that pleased about because it means that it must be a quite a commercial film… but hey… )So I should be leaving NYC around March 15th, head to India for a month of pre-production, then London for 2 months to shoot the film (and hang out with Dino Psaras who I found out is a good friend of an ex-girlfriend of mine, DJ Domino)… then back to Bombay to Edit the film, by the time it is done it will be Oct-Nov, then I will go to Goa for the season. And then return to NYC next spring… (My employer is constantly producing films in US, UK & India, so I should be moving between these three places for a while) So what about Sound Species? Sound Species continues here in NY, the other members, including new people that will be a part, will continue to do parties here, plus supported by any new connections, artists, DJ etc… that I happen to meet on my travels. Basically Sound Species is soon to be more than just NYC, plus Knobe just made some new bridges with people in Japan (he is returning on the 14th and will be playing at the Etnica party). So anyone in London or India over the next 9 months, keep in touch, and the one place in NYC that I won’t be leaving, is this 604 list, and I may just pop up for some surprise visits too… I am basically here for another month. So I’m looking to have a blast!! And hopefully will be able to do a party before I leave, if not, well then it will happen after I leave. Bom Shiva. Jehan

Free Weeklies Thursdays -Thiasos (21st and 6th Avenue) thank yo u very much for coming last week and very special thanks to the berzerx boys who really rocked!!! this week’s full on blast lineup: 10:00 – 12:00 le o (influx Dreamcatcher) 12:00 – 01:00 akeem 01:00 – 02:00 luis (Dreamcatcher) 02:00 – 04:00 knob (technological arrow) FREE ADMISSION 21 W ID location THIASOS- 59 W 21st( corner of 6th AVE ) at X The Trance Cafe…NYC resident: Gavin (Spectra) NYC Every Thursday at Paul’s Boutique 99 Rivington St. corner of Ludlow & Rivington Lower East Side Manhattan come join us for this free & intimate Spectra evening at Progressive beats every weekend from Thursday till Sunday w/DJ sh. I.k. I.d (Omnitibe/elektrolust) at cat’s caf e 2027 Emmons Ave Brooklyn 718 332 7979 web catspromo web Omnitibe. com web elektrolust Sundays {XXSundays

February 20 Friday
Company Party

My company’s magazine is having a free party Friday, ya’ll are invited to swing buy my company’s magazine is throwing a party Friday, free, open bar, deeeeefinitely not trance – general dance music cheese but may be fun b4 hux flux. Maybe we can shanghai some biaaaches and bring’em to the “other” Club Exit. But this is all for tha mainstream suckas, cuz there’s also a party on a train somewheres, see Safetydance for tha dates! Ill be there before HuxFlux what the hell! And Scotty don’t drink the bar dry! Note the RSVP..

February 20 Friday
Ecliptic Trance Presents: Chapter II – Spiritually Correct

“Club Exit” Brooklyn, NYC. Doors Open at: 11PM-8AM Club Hotl ine: 718-349-6969 Hux Flux – Live – (Spiral Trax – SWEDEN) The highly awaited new record release party in New York for “Division by Zero”. Dennis and Heinrics timing couldn’t be better since the neo-full-on is sweeping the dance floors of the universe; one of the original psychedelic trance team is back to rock NYC. Bring your own bios, please. Neuro motor – Live – (Acidance Records, Arcadia Music, Mechanik Sound Records, Turbo Trance Records – FRANCE) Fred Talaa is a true mad scientist, with his last performance in NYC still leaving echoes in the crowd, he is returning after releasing his new album in Japan “The Electric City” – this show is not to be missed! Berzerx (Ecliptic-Trance, NYC) – Ohmboy (Gadi) and DJ Mike – Following a strong performance on Halloween, a spiritually correct set is planned for chapter II. 101% pure squishy delirium, groovy flow and co Electrofunk a.k.a Psychodog (Ecliptic-Trance, NYC) – DJ Uriels emotional music makes him a local favorite, Ecliptic-Trance is proud to present original music coming out of his NYC studio. A memorable set is guaranteed. Gavin (Spectra, NYC) Kicking off with pumping progressive sounds, Gavin will journey through the night setting the right mood flawlessly. Returning from Morocco with new vibes, expect the unexpected. Special Fluro Psychedelic trance environment by: Daya (Dreamcatcher, Indonesia) – Daya Cayung is a tribesman from Sumatra with stunning images. His work is his personal journey. Through art, he is absorbing, interpreting, and seeking the meaning of the deepest questions about the Universe and our place within it. Metaphysical enquiry is at the heart of his life-journey, with music, art, and natural beauty as his companions. Sound reinforcement by: EAW and JBL web eaw web .jbl As always, chai, fruits and surprises by the Ecliptic-Trance Crew. web ecliptic-trance and info at ecliptic-trance Tickets: $25 adv. (plus store fee) – $30 door 18 to party/21+ID to drink.
web ecliptic-trance
dam just got back from it and I can still hear those tunes bangin’ in my head … So this is how it went for me…reached the place at 2:30, just in time when Hux flux started his set but missed Gadi’s set which I am sure was one hell of a warm-up …for the next 3 hours what I heard was just too much to explain haha…wicked ass tunes bangin the floors ….perfect number of ppl for the place ..he just banged it rite till the end…then came the master of all wid god knows what power and energy that he kept the flow goin…some wicked tunes from 5:30 to 7:30 to set the morning on fire all said just everything went perfect and I thank the whole ET crew for putting up another banner of a party…NY need to see more of such parties in future…amazing work Gadi Time to boom one last n then off to Boom New York!!!
Here’s how it went pour moi: Got in just when Beserx was starting their set. I loved it … all twisted as promised and sick as expected … then came Hux flux – how should I say this without being rude – he SUCKED!! – maybe it’s just not my kind of music – but all I got from that set was a bassline and a bunch of sounds – did not hear any of these so-called melodies or any form of continuation for that matter – I’m sorry if my words hurt – they just reflect the pain my ears went through. The Uriel set was ok – neither here nor there – good – but I guess by then I was already itching to hear the master play. Fred the last time you were down in NYC you wounded us – this time you finished the job. My God this man knows psychedelic in the true sense of the form. Each and every single track took me hurtling through my mind at 1 million miles a sec. We are not worthy Fred. The sound was excellent – I loved the place … but what stood out the most out of the night was Daya’s work – if you could translate each an every single emotion – ranging from fear to pleasure on a piece of canvas – it would still not come close to his work. Liked the new dragon – want the old one please!!!. Anyways nice to see all of you again – even if I didn’t see you – I felt you
Gadi, Mike and Uriel .. it feels pretty damn good to be living in new york right now thanks to you guys.. Fred .. ooof .. !! dont do that to us without warning us !! … wow .. it was the perfect place .. this one was just too far over the top .. completely forgot to take pictures .. wow … still spinning a little ..
firstly I would like to thank the organizers for a crazy night… great atmosphere and great vibe.. every single one played an amazing set… hux flux played some nice dark tunes… fred killed it in the morning with strating hisset with a guitar track…crazy enrgy flowing all over.. all the other DJs played a very full on set… the place was packed with people..nice smoking area organised..great fruits in the morning by the ecliptic crew.. they took really good care of everyone.. vlue for money…. hope we have many more nights like this… about all the amazing decos by daya and john.. john thanks for showing me the stuff backstage.. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
Had a total blast. What Fred was doing in the morning can only be called wizardry. That’s the way you charge up the crowd!
Ok now after a short sleep , a shower, cup of coffee and a sheet lots of Advil I think I can express myself So there is a GOOD side and a bad side for this event. The bad thing is that the party sated up a new high standard for all party’s to come, how is it bad well it was so good that it will be hard to get to this level of production. The GOOD thing is too many to count let’s just say that all was organized well the place, the deco (oh the deco), the diversity of the music played, the friendly crowd (those polish girls gave a nice touch to it all). Hux Flux made me, Fred well I think he should be outlawed what he did to me can not be described. This royal treatment that we got by the ecliptic crew gonna stay in my memory forever as the “BEST F#%!ING PARTY” ever. wicked party. neuromotor…phenomenal…words can’t describe the journey I experienced with his set. I had an inkling of what I’d be in for, but he surpassed all expectations. he penetrated everyone in the room! good venue, excellent sound, deep deco, and great vibes. this is the best party I’ve been to since moving to NYC…thanks Ecliptic trance. looking forward to the next one! Daya
i want to take a better video but my hand was too shaky and what I see in the LCD screen was just melting bubbles, a layer of colors and spikes, than I said, I better put this toy down and back to the dancefloor. for me everything was blasting, I arrived when Gadi and mike play the track with COMPUTER INSANE… something like that was very blissful till to the end, Uriel play the maxima, killa tracks and great mix. I met a lot of good people that I haven’t seen for a while and new great faces with purple auras. everybody enlighted, I can see lots of people moving in the nice NATURAL DRIVE(hehe) Hux flux offer the very deep 3d sounds, crazy Fred spun my brain and penetrate my back till got no bones… the short video will come out soon (still not with the great mic, sorry)
wowow, my first NYC party and one I’ll remember for a long time!! The music was amazing- Hux Flux was so psychedelic and fun to dance to, and Fred was relentless as always… but I really have to thank the organizers of the party for doing such a great job! They really took care of the dancers- candy, fruit… but more than that they truly created an experience for the crowd that involved more than just the music and sound system. and the deco, holy shit… that tree of death tapestry!!I want to borrow it for xenomorph party!! I met so many nice people last night, thanx. U are all welcome in SF anytime… If all party organizers put this kind of intention and feeling into parties… wooo hoooooo!! thanx so much!!!!! Megan
Frederick Neuromotor: I just thanks u all we make it all together .the promoters , deco, trancers and musicians one of the best party ever…..whaouh such a beautiful crowd , and the music what to say Hux flux so psychedelic they twisted and squeezed my brain in millions of pieces …. I love them .the set of Ecliptic team were really good from twisted to full-on nice.I’m really grateful, I was there … I want to come back as fast as possible and share more with this crowed love u all Fred
that party was simply magnificent. I arrived early during Gavin’s progressive set. Nice techy grooves to warm up the room. abstract percussive beats pulsated through the air, warning the first comers what madness was to come. I took a rest in the smoking/chillout room for a few minutes. . .had a couple of drinks but before I knew it I heard the twisted sounds of twisted and had to rush back to the dancefloor. Gavin’s tech had been replaced by Gadi and mikes set homage to twisted records and what a set it was. hallucinogen, Prometheus etc. —pure melodic psychedelic madness which really gave me no choice but to dance totally crazy. that was warm up. . . . we were then properly ready for Hux flux live PA which was a lot of fun. dancefloor shredding as I expected. favorite pts were probably numbers and numerous numerics—
then electrofunk delivered an interesting funkygroovy trance which was nice and bouncy. . . FInally what can one say about the motor!!!! you must come back to NY soon. I don’t think I have ever danced like that in my life. You are a source of energy for us all. I meditated to your powerful mixes. . . I brought 5 “vegetarians”…all successfully converted. . . deco was brilliant. . .johns sculptures and Dayas backdrops are as psychedelic as ever. THANK YOU ecliptic. . .parties just get better and better.
Was an awesome night thanx to every1 the artist. organizers who made it all happen. Well, I entered in pretty late around 5 but made it just in time when Fred!! the man! started his BOMBING!! One of the best live acts I have ever seen… He is one guy who can really dance to his own MUSIC he has crazy energy in him… was good to see him jump like a crazy man with the crowd… his live act was amazing he took the tempo right to the ground and built it up to the sky! Killed us all… I think Fred owes me and every1 who made it to the party a new pair of shoes …coz I burnt mine on the floor with his tunes and mind-blowing baseline

February 20 Friday

Just back from the Magic fashion convention in Vegas! Work schedule takes out my adrenal party reserves. Less time to hover over a yahoogroup… C

Thursdays -Thiasos (21st and 6th Avenue) thank you very much for coming last week and very special thanks to the berzerx boys who really rocked!!! this week’s full-on blast lineup: 10:00 – 12:00 Leo (influx Dreamcatcher) 12:00 – 01:00 akeem 01:00 – 02:00 luis (Dreamcatcher) 02: 00 – 04:00 knob (technological arrow) FREE ADMISSION 21 W ID location THI ASOS- 59 W 21st( corner of 6th AVE ) at X The Trance Cafe…NYC resident: Ga vin (Spectra) NYC

Every Thursday at Paul’s Boutique 99 Rivington St. corner of Ludlow & Rivington Lower East Side Manhattan come to join us for this free & intimate Spectra evening at Progressive beats every weekend from Thursday till Sunday w/DJ sh. I.k. I.d (Omnitibe/elektrolust)
cat’s cafe 2027 Emmons Ave Brooklyn 718 332 7979 web catspromo web Omnitibe web elektrolust

Star-X Interview

Star-X Interview

meets STAR-X By Ari (arid@djcentral.com) 2004 STAR-X is the work of Eran and Gabi, the young rising stars of the ...

February 27 Friday
Liran S. – Dmitri and Star-X

hello everyone I would lake to thanks to all of u that support and help me all the way in 02/03. after memory to cosma party in august and yahel in Christmas eve at crobar iE280 99m coming with a new Productions, that I going to start on feb-27th!!! w e have many plant for the future I hope I see u all a gain in 2004!!! love & peace liran.s trancemotion Productions liran.s – (hommega Productions) trancemotion dimitri – g.b.u the good the bad & the ugly (sp un records – ibiza – uk) star – x (com-pact records – Israel) sh. I.k. I.d ( omni tribe – NYC) party location: 179 varick st – NYC (bet. king & charlt on st soho) doors open at 23:00pm 7:00am tickets: $25 adv / $30 door / 21 + i.d decoration by severyn (NYC) visual projection by vj exeris (NYC) global trance (NYC) 212.477.4440 satellite ( boston) 617.536.5482 grow room (Amherst) 413.549.9296 611 records (philli ) 215.413.9100 info: 212.995.1097/917.553.4424 mailing list: trancemotion2000 at hotmail web homeoftrance / web star-x.co. Il / web vjexeris at

2004 2 27

February 27 Friday
The Third Eye V.3 – Cleveland, OH *Lori the Hi-Fi Princess, Sequential Tom

The Goahead Productions Third Eye series continues. With this edition we revisit the dark and lovely aspects of techno and psytrance. Lori the Hi-Fi Princess – Psytech – Austria International DJ Hi-Fi Princess, aka Lori Ward, has been establishing herself in the underground party scene since 1993. Having taken part in the ever-changing music scene throughout Europe (England, Belgium, Germany, Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, Spain, Croatia, and Finland) Hi-Fi Princess’ sound has evolved into a sophisticated mix of techno and psychedelic music. She has spun with some of the biggest names in techno/psytrance (Hallucinogen, Orion, Chris Liberator, Mark E.G., G-force, Chris Liebing, Oscar Mulero, Futureshock, W.J. Henze, Franchesco Farfa, and Renato Cohen). She has also played at some of the best clubs and festivals in the world. (Tunnel-MYC, Liquid Club-Madrid, Koneisto Festival-Finland, The Best-Zagreb, Ambasada Gavioli-Slovenia, Mazzo-Amsterdam, Sona-Montreal Canada, Turbo-Toronto Canada, 1015 Folsom-San Francisco. Club Kuaille-Tokyo, Japan.Cittadella, Brno-Czech.Stereodrome, Bratislava-Slovakia.Fever-Vienna.Nuke Festival-Zwentendorf.Suncity, Graz) Lori had her first release on Shimmy Recordings out of Bristol, U.K. Her track, Refused Entry, was released June 12, 2000 on the Collective Thoughts EP. This EP had great reviews in Wax, Out of Hand, Mixer Magazine, and by some of the top DJs in the business. http://www.sistersf.com/guestDJs/hifiprincess.php Sequential Tom – https://web.archive.org/web/20050315091817/http://www.futuretechartists.com:80/tom.html – U.S.A. ‘Sequential’ Tom’s involvement with electronic dance music began in the early ’90s when he moved to Amsterdam. His first experience at a ‘house party’ pretty much charted the course of events: he started spending every free minute in the record shops; he sold his electric guitar for a Juno-106. Staying five years in Amsterdam, Tom relentlessly absorbed the dance culture and eventually picked up the DJing habit and some production experience. In early ’97 he packed his vinyl and headed back to New York City, with an interest in bringing the European underground trance sound to the States. He landed a job at NYC’s famous Throb records, where he met members of the notorious Polymorphous crew. They began organizing parties together, and Tom soon became a regular sight behind the decks on Friday nights at the legendary club Vinyl, where he enjoyed a residency with Polymorphous. During his tenure there he played alongside many great acts from the trance scene. He’s delivered on many of NYC’s finest dancefloors, at clubs like Vinyl, Speeed, Cream, Anseo, etc., and at numerous parties. No stranger to airports, he’s also played all over the U.S. and Canada, in western and eastern Europe, and in Japan and Asia. Although Tom raised eyebrows and caught ears as an innovative, technical, and cheeky DJ on the U.S. trance scene, his taste in DJing has since gone in a more techno-oriented direction. His eclectic background still comes through in his sets, but it is undeniably techno at the essence of every moment. Multifaceted, the man also works as a graphic artist and web hack. Accordingly, his interest in the visual arts is developed and is seen to hold relation to all his musical endeavors. Electric Mayhem – https://web.archive.org/web/20200123075411/http://www.sidetrakkt.com:80/ – Pittsburgh Psytrance from the man behind Sidetrakkt Productions Uzi – https://web.archive.org/web/20190602123830/http://goaheadproductions.com/ – Russia, Cleveland Deep Dark psytrance from one of Goahead’s best. 10p.m. – 5:30a.m. $10 at the door 18 and over please Free nonalcoholic beverages B.Y.O.B. for those 21 and over Info: 330-573-6969 Updates and directions at https://web.archive.org/web/20190602123830/http://goaheadproductions.com/ Email luke@GoaheadProductions.com for reservations

March 2004

The Good Old Days are coming back, more to come! This year I know of at least 2 or 3 outdoor festivals planned. So ramp up that mushroom kit in your closet, get your spring cleaning done early. Who knows if he will drill into our American psyches like Frederic of Neuromotor did… (not included in the interview.. how Olga dragged him back to her house so he could say my email address without them at all)
The Diamond Age by Neil Stephenson (the best sci fi I’ve ever read!)

March 4 Thursday

21st and 6th Avenue thank you very much for coming last week and thank you to all the DJs who really rocked last Thursday.. this Thursday we have for the first time in thiasos KAMAL AND ICYCOIL here’s the lineup: 11:00 till 01:00 LUZIUNM (Dreamcatcher NYC) 01:00 till 02:00 ICYCOIL 02:00 till 03:00 KAMAL (dragonlotus) 03:00 till 04:00 LUIS (Dreamcatcher transmitmusic) FREE ENTRANCE 21 W ID location: THIASOS 59 w 21 st (corner of 6th ave), New York, NY

March 4 Thursday
Nic Tornetta From Seattle
10:00pm – 2:00am (web nicktornetta) playing Progressive Psy-Trance is playing at Kamp, behind the mall. The date is 03-04. It’s a Thursday, come and chillout afterward too. Andrew and Emily will take good care of people wanting to come to Rhode Island.

Preview of Spirit tonight… whoa! It’s been ages since a chick threw a party and I gotta tell ya Lisa is doing it up right tonight – flower petals everywhere on the floor, flowers everywhere, an aerialist with a trapeze, fire twirlers outside, the Gong, and best of all the new SCORES WEST is right across the street!

March 5 Friday
Atmos/Noma at Spirit
Ode To Spirit AKA The Gong Show

I didn’t want to say anything about the event until I met with everyone involved…I went there last night and got the scoop and here it is. My old roommate Lisa Spudic (not my ex gf Lisa Renko) is putting this all together and as usual putting her financial neck on the line, this time for a Party (it’s her first, really, since we and her still-bf Ethan first went to Save the Robots in ’95 to hear Gula and Miko play Goa trance.) All in the name of achieving my personal dream: taking back the old Twilo space for the Psy-Trance community. I write this not as a favor to Lisa or Steve-O or Suzie or Jen or Guillaume or Gavin or anyone. Just for my own personal circle berjherk. So if you care to help an old trance geezer wetly realize his dreams, everyone come out and show your support for psytrance entering the 21st Century in style. There is so much work being done to make this a success – so many surprises I can’t name, but a big Gong comes to mind, Return to the Source style (who’s coming, if we succeed Friday!) Spirit is the most awesome venue for any psytrance event. One of Alex Grey’s most psychedelically spiritual works hangs in the foyer, and he’s taking over the top floor very soon as a way station the upstate Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors. Spirit as a venue has struggled a bit, finding its way since it opened in late November. The owner needs to see trance people filling up the venue. Then he realizes he doesn’t have to suck the House Music cock in order for a “holistic” venue to succeed. Back in the day when I went to Twilo I always fantasized about a strong trance party in these walls, and now is our chance. If you hate progressive and are poor, save your strength. But if you are either, then please come! The house guys and their crowd will man the decks until around 2am, then Gavin, then Atmos live and Noma live through the morning! There will also be Drew Hannah, local gong egalo-revolutionary web Himalayan voices (resonant meditation close to Bryant Park!) and brainmachines. Everyone is welcome! Just leave your needles and DMT dealers and crack pipes at home. And here’s a way to save $5 off the $25 cover charge – print out this and show it at the door at Friday, March 5th, Atmos & Noma at Spirit NY doors open at 10 p.m $25 at the door, $20 w/ flyer Atmos (SpiralTrax) Sweden LIVE! Noma (Spiral Trax) Sweden LIVE! Gavin (Spectra) New York Danny Sullivan (Hooj Choons) New York David Hollands (Minimal Wage) New York Please join us at New York’s premier dance venue, Spirit New York as we welcome Atmos, the godfather of progressive psychedelic trance… Featuring a Funktion One sound system, the renovated Twilo space feels great and sounds incredible. This is without a doubt the best sound system in New York City, and one of the finest in the world… Check out their website to learn more…Funktion One info at Spectramusic.org ..With a halftime show between DJs and Live Acts, with Suzie & friends, Jeff, and maybe a gong or two! If enough of you show I promise to not drink or C/K, I’ll just trip like a smart person! PS I’ll also be at Talamasca on Saturday Thank You, Chuck “KGB” Berris MC, The Gong Show Next: The Unknown Comic (plz fwd this to oblivion to any other trance lists)
Jen – I thought the venue was quite impressive, and I can’t believe how much space we had to roam. it’s unfortunate in a way because an esoteric form of music like progressive psy is unlikely to draw a large crowd. I also had visions of Infected playing there, and how mad the party would be.
personally, I felt that Atmos started semi-generic, but got some major steam built up by the end of the set. I was sober, and his music forced me to dance like hell.
this is where the idea of a varied lineup comes in… people had just gotten a major dose of the prog sound when Gavin came on. you can’t really expect the crowd to continue at the same energy level when you revert to a standard prog DJ set. a collision of psy schools would REALLY be appropriate here, with a more driving selection of tracks like Orion’s, Hujaboy’s, Bamboo Forest’s, and Protoculture’s latest albums. still progressive in a sense, but a step closer to full-on. this music isn’t disposable like the oft-maligned full-on that draws casual listeners. maybe there simply aren’t DJs in NYC spinning this music…? anyway, a combo of styles is really key in my mind.
I left before Noma, as the vibe had withered a bit and my old ass was tired. why was it a DJ set?
interesting party for sure, but certainly not an epiphany. I would happily attend future events at Spirit if I see more variation (and no mainstream progressive DJs) in the lineup.
one mistake people seem to make is equating the prog psy sound with PSYtrance in the traditional sense. they aren’t even close. I see Spectra’s sound as progressive trance, without the pretense of mainstream prog. you cannot expect these events to draw the same people going to Phantasm and Tsunami parties.
perhaps I’m just a bastard.
Machinelf – I personally loved the evening, unfortunately, I was tripping face in the rain outside and couldn’t corral people to the Gazebo at the Cloisters.. but it’s obvious that progressive has a long way to go before it attracts a crowd as large as full-on/psy/Goa currently does. I know this because literally every trick was pulled to get the word out, everyone knew about it, there were ads in the Israeli paper for Chrissakes, but less than 400 people came. Now, imagine Talamasca or Infected Mushroom or X Dream playing there, now THAT would be huge. People are pretty cognizant of the artists by now, you can’t just throw a trance party and expect people to come… I’ve always just come regardless of who plays but everyone else sees two different genres. We can safely say now, most people we can get right now at an NYC psytekk party is ~400. And – I don’t think the situation will improve by itself, the momentum/current is still flowing with the full-on psy/Goa part of the equation. I think the two genres are best mixed like at a festival with Atmos/Noma starting and ending the event, respectively, with a full-on DJ in the middle. Like a Goa sandwich with white bread.
Dave Henshaw wrote:
The first Phish concert was held on February 3rd, 1986 at “Hunt’s” in Burlington, VT. It was the first time that pianist Page McConnell had played live with the other members of the band and hence marked the date when Phish as-we-know-it was formed. That show drew a crowd of about 200 people. I don’t think anyone needs to be told as to how many people have since attended a Phish show. Though such a stark comparison will invariably lead to disputes about argumentative criteria and absurd juxtaposition, the above comment is indeed relevant. If we simply suspend all assumptions and take the information at face value, we’ll be able to come away from the first party at Spirit with a sense of optimism and hope for a bright future. There are growing pains in the propagation of any music, of any genre, and the maiden voyage for new venues are almost always the roughest. The hope comes, however, in the strength of the foundation that’s been laid. Not only does the venue have the rich history of Twilo behind it, but it also comes complete with one of the world’s best sound systems, a massive dancefloor, a clean and professional appearance, and a group of competent, intelligent, and savvy people operating it from behind the scenes. With such roots, it is only natural to believe that the future of this venue – and the future of psytrance parties within its walls – is as bright as can be.>> First and foremost, we all need to realize that this party – despite being terminated early and advertising a live act that never happened – was by no means a disaster. There is no reason to throw your hands up and admit defeat. There is no reason to swear off Spirit and its organizers and there is no need to curse the fact that you may have just “wasted” twenty bucks. (In fact, I’d pay five times that if it meant hearing Atmos’s live set again!) What may appear on the surface to be highway robbery was actually just the execution of a pre-determined plan. It was contractually written that certain actions would be taken if certain criteria were not met. Once the ball began rolling towards the party’s end, there was nothing that could be done to prevent it from hitting the bottom. (More on that later.)>> Let’s start with the venue itself. Anyone who was there can not in good conscience deny that Spirit is simply an amazing place to be holding an indoor trance party. The main dance floor the size of a small gymnasium with two rotunda-style levels overlooking it. Fully stocked bars on each of the three floors and plenty of comfortable seating on the upper two. The entire venue was clean as a whistle – almost as if it had been scrubbed and polished the day before the event. When standing on the dancefloor, a glance upwards reveals a ceiling at least fifty forty feet above, while looking down from the upper rotunda makes the people dancing seem small. Plants – yes plants – decorated the lower level, creating a bucolic and jungle-like atmosphere – and the DJ booths (yes plural as there was a vinyl mixing booth, complete with two 1200’s and a Rane knob mixer on the second level) were situated in such a way as to give the audience access to the performers while still keeping those performers at a distance safe enough for distraction-free sets. Huge video screens hung in all corners of the lower level, and stretched Lycra from the Black Helicopter crew spanned the outer perimeter of the main dancing area. The bathrooms were spotless, the coat check accurate and efficient, and the on-duty staff professional, friendly, and warm. If the rule in New York City stands, and a safe and comfortable venue is still the most important thing in holding a successful party, then it’s safe to say that Spirit has taken care of that need with ease.> And, of course, the Funktion One… droooooool 🙂 It’s the kind of system that producers in Denmark and Sweden are making music FOR. Any music sounds amazing on a system like that – and progressive psytrance is no different! Distinguished layer after distinguished layer – seemingly every frequency being given its own personal channel and speaker – the music of Atmos exploded from the system, as opposed to simply traveling nonchalantly out of its cabinets. Even CD tracks played during the DJ sets took on a more vivid, more lifelike, and a more sculpted feel. You could feel not only the intensity of the sound, but the intensity of the producer as well, locked in his studio for days on end, carefully deciding the location of each sequence, and delicately placing it in perfect juxtaposition with the others. Magnus Anderson played the Freq track from the new Iboga compilation, and I felt like I not only knew the track itself, but I got a new understanding of Aran Gallagher and what his reality must be like. Somehow, the Funktion One put us in touch with both the music itself AND the producers who work so hard behind the scenes making it. Any piece of technology – ANY piece at all – that can provide a visceral feeling of human empathy and understanding gets huge props. It was as if the system was not simply a bunch of metal and soldered wires, but instead, a living and breathing organism that had as much to do with the party as any of the organizers, performers, and dancers…. I actually wanted to say good-bye to it before I left! :-)>> So the venue was gorgeous, the sound system alive, and the overall vibe of the party’s early hours was one of hope, anticipation, and anxiety. With all those factors in place, it was time to get down to the reason we had all come out: Atmos. After pretty upbeat and housey progressive sets by Danny Sullivan and David Hollands, Atmos was ready to take center stage. His laptop and mixing board in place and his tracks ready to go, there was a feeling of “this is what we came for” that rushed through the audience. I’m not too sure about the performace art that opened his set – high-wire acts and a paganistic blessing of the space – a somewhat backwards way of making it sacred I guess – but I am sure that when the first kick drum and bassline spewed from the Funktion One, the whole place simply erupted. Packed towards the front and center, as close to Tomas as they could be, the crowd began to bob and weave – increasingly more intense with each layer added to Atmos’s chosen track. At this point, I kind of lost my ability to see what was going on -primarily from the intrusive strobe and club lights, and secondarily from the smoke machine reminiscent of nighttime ambush missions during the Vietnam war – but I was still able to, with eyes closed, hear and feel most of what was happening… It is for the next 90 minutes or so that I must selfishly and sincerely thank Atmos, Marria, Bryan Ladd, Andrew and Emily, Josie, and a few come-and-goers for what formed into one of those periods of time that we all attend trance parties for. No talking – but TONS of communication through dance. Atmos’s set deserved to be heard in all its intricacy, complexity, and glory. And the appreciation that spread through the part of the dancefloor I was on with these people spoke volumes in the dance during his set… To be totally honest and forthcoming, I lost most of my ability to view and analyze the party as it was unfolding before me. Though I wanted to listen as critically as possible to Atmos’s set, I found myself lost in the sounds coming from the Funktion One. I can tell you I’ve never heard any of my Atmos cd’s or vinyls sound as good as they sounded coming from that system.>> I can tell you that there’s a reason “The Only Process” is one of the most sought-after and influential tracks ever written and I can tell you that there is a reason that I still believe Headcleaner is THE best progressive psychedelic trance album made. I can tell you there’s a reason why the harmonies and power of tracks like “Jimmy the Plate” and “Average Beverage” still resonate in my mind. I can tell you there’s a reason why Atmos is considered the Godfather of Progressive Psy and I can tell you there’s a reason why every producer from Sebastian Mullaert to Sebastian Kruger, from Mikael Dahlgaard to Mikael Calum, has somehow been influenced by his music. I cannot, however, tell you what that reason is! I cannot assign words or philosophize any amount about what makes his music so influential – and I cannot bring his influence out of the infinite by labeling it, explaining it, and attempting to use the limited capacity of words to describe it. All I know is that he is who he is – and, with my eyes closed, I heard and felt the most meaningful and intense live set I’ve heard since Noma played the Key Roller Rink a few short years ago… If Friedrich Nietzsche wrote the philosophy that “marked the foundation for all post-Nietzsche philosophy,” then Atmos wrote the album that marked the “foundation for all post-Atmos progressive psychedelic trance.” And better yet (as we heard toward the end of his set) there is rumored to be a new Atmos album on the way!!!>> A small ovation and an unexpected sound glitch brought me back to a psuedo-academic mode after Atmos’s set – and that moment seemed to portend something was slightly awry. Gavin took to the decks with his now-expected smooth mixing, seethy tracks, and upbeat feel; but a rhetorical question here is needed.. How does one FOLLOW Atmos? The room seemed stark – like everyone was coming down off some plateau and they all needed a rest. Though 400 people were in the venue, the place felt empty and confused. The lighting got really eeirie and the place suddenly took the feel of a cocktail party. People were talking and the room felt broken apart and the unity felt during Atmos set was somehow lost. It took Gavin only a few tracks and a few mixes to usher the crowd back into some cohesive whole, but for some reason, his set was cut short. After only 25 or 30 minutes, he left the decks and turned it over to Noma – who, was supposed to be playing a live-set over and hour later!…. At that point, most people knew something was wrong…. And it became even more evident when “Noma” began DJING!! There would be no live Noma set on this evening, and Magnus Andersonn was going to close the night with a DJ set!! As the strobe lights continued to flash and the smoke machine continued to force poor souls off the dancefloor, Noma played a DJ sets consisting of all the hits from Plusquam, Iboga, and Spiral Trax. Despite his exceptional musical taste and his perfect mixing abilities, the crowd became tense – unlucky souls like Mayura had to cover their faces with the tops of their shirts and leave the dancefloor due to potential smoke suffocation. A random spaceship thing was lowered from the ceiling and took the focus off the music.. After a little under 90 minutes of Magnus’s DJ set, the music was lowered and the party was over… It was 4:55 AM. The place was silent outside the chatter of the remaining people and the screams of “MORE” from people who simply wanted to hear the party continue… I waited around for ten more minutes and then decided to leave… Onto a dark and rainy New York City street, I got in my truck for another cracked out ride back to Boston…>> Here is the situation as I understand it: The owners of Spirit have a contractual agreement with all performers and subcontractors that states the party can be shut down early if the total attendance does not reach a certain level by 4:00 AM. In this case, the needed attendance was 500. And, at 4:00 AM, the total attendance was a little under 100 people short…. Although Spectra Productions played a huge role in throwing the event, they were, like all others – simply paid subcontractors in the execution of this party. Gavin’s primary role was to book the talent, organize their transportation and accommodations, decipher the lineup, procure the needed gear, play his DJ set, and make sure the honored guests from Sweden had everything they needed to put on the best show possible. Although his responsibilities and influence spanned a much greater spectrum than all of the above – he and Spectra Productions were in no way involved with the general administration aspect of the club’s dealings for this party. Despite objections, the decision to end the party was made by people who I don’t know and who were clearly not happy with the turnout of the party. Because I left a little after 5:00, I can’t tell you what happened after and I can’t speak to who and how the decision to make the party stop was reached. Somebody was not happy – and they decided to make everyone else not happy. That’s about as simple as I can make it right now as I don’t know the depth and complexity of the new ownership and operations of Spirit.>> Aside from stopping the party early, the maiden voyage of Spirit had its flaws as well; The lights and the smoke machine being atop the list. Maybe some people are still stuck in London’s progressive house scene, but the use of strobe lights, multi-colored laser beams, and chasing LEDs is simply NOT needed at a trance party. In fact, those things actually detract from the event as they are more a distraction than anything else. The smoke machine is simply obnoxious. I saw more people run OFF the dancefloor coughing than I saw people run ONTO it for the music. The huge spaceship thing that landed on the heads of the people in the middle of the dancefloor? Again, it would be great at a rave, a progressive house party, or hard-trance party.. but psytrance simply doesn’t require such over-the-top-visual stimulation. The lycra and the projection screens would have been fine… And as far as the performance art before Atmos? I still don’t know what to say about it. I was impressed with the dexterity and physical skills of the performers, but I was unable to decipher the meaning and reason behind having them perform before Atmos. Perhaps it was to “mark” the end of the progressive house DJ’s and the start of Atmos? Maybe it was to make the space feel more “sacred” before Tomas took the decks? I don’t know… I liked it. It neither added to nor subtracted from the party. It simply “was.” All in all – there is HOPE. Just having the venue there, knowing it accepts and appreciates trance, and knowing there are dedicated and passionate people working to make it the best trance venue in the United States…. it all gives me hope and optimism that what we experienced at this event will not be repeated every time a trance party occurs there. Just knowing that there WAS a major trance party in New York – with a huge sound system, Alex Grey paintings, no cops, and (praise the lord!!) live Progressive Psytrance – makes me think we’re on the cusp of something great… I fully plan on going to every progressive psy event that this club offers and I encourage anyone who wants to see the emergence of something “big” to do the same…. keep listening. stay active. and don’t give up the faith.
another perspective: by Chris at rauh from Boston, fwded with permission: >The review by Henshaw is excellent but I think that it suffers from exaggerated optimism and empathy. While Atmos performance was well worth the trip to NY, the Venue had very good aspects mixed with very bad ones, and the event had major organizations flaws. First of all Danny Sullivan’s (which I am assuming was the first DJ to play) had one of the worst sets I have heard recently. To makes things worst, the sound system was so low that it took me quite a while to realize that someone was actually playing. I thought it was some CD they had going until someone started mixing. David Hollands which I am assuming was the second to play, played briefly (?) with a better set, but nothing out of the ordinary. What that means is that if you got there before Atmos time you were just waiting. What Henshaw describes as “hope, anticipation, and anxiety” is better described as frustration, boredom and tension. The flower decoration was excellent, but it was overdone in the stage where the DJ table was surrounded with tall plants and vases with bushes. It was a nice try to make a “forest/jungle” atmosphere, but unsuccessful. It looked like a garden supply storage area. It wouldn’t be as bad if it did not cover the DJ for half the audience. This takes me to another of the major problems with the venue. The infamous DJ booth in the second floor. If you are “going out” to have some drinks and meet some chicks maybe having the DJ hidden is an excellent idea, but for people who actually like the music and the mixing, not seeing what is going on is annoying. Of course, you can go near the booth and look at what is going on but the best venues have their DJs right IN THE DANCEFLOOR. And I don’t know one DJ that does not prefer this location to a remote, second floor, bunker. DJs need to feel the crowd and the crowd needs to feel the DJ. You want to see each button pressing, knob twitching and needle picking. The stage was a little better, almost dancefloor level, but still not enough to see the equipment handling. And the previously mentioned plants in front of the table did not help. One last problem with the venue is the giant stairs between the dancefloor and the bathroom. I mean, as the party progresses, you don’t want to have to go up and down 12 feet of stairs. 🙂 The “dance performance” was terrible: some neo-pagan weird people trying something that I really could not figure out what it was. The climbing girl was good but the dancing couple destroyed all the good energy there was around there. I am sure that the effect of their performance was totally opposite of their intent and I had to not look at them so as to not feel sorry and sad. It was that bad. I must agree with Henshaw that a party does not need that. The days of glowing fluor tubes and dancing like a robot is over. During the performance I felt transported to 1995, at some point I almost heard a Paul Van Dyk song playing. Now to one of the major problems, not enough people. I don’t care if there aren’t enough people at a party and I’d rather have less than more. But, because the place was so big there was a feeling of something odd. It is even worse when not having enough people disturbs the event, i.e., DJs not performing as announced, then it is a problem. Now that I have ended my ranting, here are the good points: The sound system is definitely amazing, if you stay in the center spot you can listen and feel the sound perfectly. Atmos set was excellent, with some moments where I was totally taken by the sound and just had to frantically dance. Besides the amazing songs and excellent base, the mixing style of slower and faster is one of my favorites: time to relax, time to jump, and all over again. If you weren’t there, you missed it. The flower decoration with Lavander perfume sprayed around was a surprise. The whole place was filled with fresh natural flowers and there was lavender smell all over the place. I was against people not smoking inside clubs but I have been changing my opinion…after Spirit’s flower/lavender aromatic decoration I am totally against smoking inside. The olfactive sense now can enjoy the party too (and you get to make friends if you do go smoke outside). So I guess, even with all the flaws and problems this party was well worth it. Finally, I don’t think that this Atmos event is a turning point. But that’s maybe because I am unfamiliar with NY’s psytrance scene. If it is really bad, then a good party is a turning point. But, the low attendance makes me wonder if psytrance will ever be more popular in the US. After all, that was Atmos playing and any psytrancer should be there…and there weren’t many. Christian
Atmos played very old stuff, I could recognize much from Klein Aber Doctor and it was great when he played “Drums Don’t Stop”… spirit has the BEST SOUND I ever heard in ny… you know what? the best sound I ever heard anywhere. every beat warm, round, thumping and full of energy, the volume was loud but not too loud, just perfect. the place has its own deco, not really allowing any psy-freedom to decorate it with. a weird diamond-shaped light matrix that descends a few times from the ceiling into the middle of the floor. too bad there was a very low turnout of people and the event ended at 5am… Atmos was amazing though, last time he was here did not go to well… this time he was the man!
This is strange. You are the second person I have seen say that they thought the system was great. I did not feel the same way. The sound system was good, better than the systems at most of the parties I have been to. But it didn’t live up to the hype. It was loud, and had lots of bass….but the bass was slightly distorted much of the night. In general, the sound was not so clear. The system did not create a clear stereo image upfront, either.
Overall the party was okay. Okay vibe. I don’t usually enjoy progressive sounds, but I did enjoy parts of Atmos, Noma’s, and Gavin’s sets. The place is spacious. They really needed to shut those damn lights off, and keep that UFO thing up! Would have been nice if they bathed the place in blacklight and psychedelic artwork ;-).
Caveats: I am anal about sound, so YMMV. Maybe the sound would have been better if I was further upfront. The furthest upfront I got was the front 1/3 mark of the dancefloor, center. And, again, the system was good, just not great, IMHO. The mood has a profound effect on our perception, so maybe my feeling about the sound system reflected my mood. Who knows.
cONTRAST THIS WITH THE SYSTEM AT eCLIPTIC’S Hux Flux/Neuromotor party. It could have had some more sub-bass, but the sound was so crystal clear! No distortion, sharp highs, clean mids, very well EQ’d, and the best stereo image I can recall hearing at a party! It was pure bliss for me, I would just close my eyes and I could feel the sounds flying around during Hux Flux’s set. Floating melodies during Electrofunk’s DJ set flew above me. I was @ about the front 1/4 mark. I don’t recall ever “feeling” the sound so well without the aid of LSD.

March 5 Friday
Susannah’s Birthday Free Kirtan

Hey! It’s Susannah! Guess what? I’m having a Free Kirtan Jam at 7:30pm! 127 West 25th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues on the 3rd floor. Come and watch as me and my friends sing old, revised, and made up 🙂 sanskrit chants (I will sing at least 3) with guitar and drum accompaniment. Free Food! No RSVP required. Bring no presents except your presence!~S~Jai Guru DevVictory to the higher selfjaigurudev3576

Talamasca Interview

Talamasca Interview

meets DJ Lestat a.k.a. Talamasca 2004 by Ari Davidov Appearing for Tsunami this Saturday March 6th at Club Arc (details ...

March 6 Saturday
Tsunami – Talamasca

New York at Club ARC exclusive extended DJ sets trance DJ and live artists in the international trance scene. He tirelessly travels the globe, bringing audiences to a roaring frenzy, regardless of race, status, or beliefs. For the first time in America: JEREMY ( Israel) Jeremy has become one of a few top international full-on trance DJs. Starting with the regular TSUNAMI parties in Israel, then taking part in all major Festivals, and now he will show us for the first time his magic and energy. JEREMY will be introducing a few tracks from his upcoming mix album, featuring some of his, and as well other leading trance artists’ work, unreleased work. INFLUX (Transmit Music, Brazil) Live Set and Dj Set. Separate Trancedental Room More Surprise DJs CLUB ARC 6 Hubert St. off Hudson St, 3 blocks below Canal (trains A,C,E to Canal, 1/9 to Franklin) Hours 11pm till late Admission $25 in advance (plus store commission) $30 at the door 18+ Event Valid Picture ID is Required Tickets available thru Groovetickets or directly over the TSUNAMI website, using PayPal. Psydeco Atmosphere by DAYA CAYUNG web Dreamcatcherstudio.net HAPPY PURIM Please visit us in Miami at the Winter Music Conference, on Monday March 8th at STUDIO, 1801 Collins Avenue. While visiting Tsunami-trance, sign up to our email list, so that you will be informed personally of our upcoming world-wide events and releases.

March 11 Thursday
(21st and 6th Avenue) thank you very much for coming last week and thank you to all the DJs who really rocked last Thursday.. this Thursday we have Machinelf Free Entrance 21w/ID location: Thiasos 59 w 21 st (corner of 6th ave), Ne w York, NY. thank you very much for coming last week and thank you to all the DJs who really rocked last Thursday this Thursday we have for the fir st time in thiasos fx mike 11:00 till 12:30 machinelf (Devotional Minist ry of Trance) 12:30 till 01:30 leo (influx, transmitmusic) 01:30 till 02 :30 fx mike 02:30 till 04:00 gadi ( berzerx, ecliptic-trance ) free e ntrance 21 w id location: thiasos 59 w 21 st (corner of 6th ave),new yor k, ny

Full-on madness Saturday! The return of Alphatrance’s fabled sacred DMT geometrician DNA Dan, now just “Dan,” at the Soular Records benefit for Himalayan Voices at the Heaven & Earth Center in midtown this Saturday, March 13th with three live (pc) acts, five out of towners including Deeper In Zen from San Francisco! Half of the door is going to keep the Center go ing. It’s a great spot, very high end, the nicest place I’ve ever done a party at, not counting the Geiger Room at the old Limelight. The speaker s/woofers are coming from Spectra’s sound guy… There are three artists involved and three live (pc) acts, plus a lot of extra bells and whistles, actually no whistles… Shameless promo – come by Thiasos on Thursday to hear Machine Orc, that’s me on a bad hair day
Play the new trance game that’s taking the trance world by storm! New Archetypes added weekly with your input.. Trancespotting!

Lost Interview with Deeper in Zen, 2004

Lost Interview with Deeper in Zen, 2004

meets Deeper in Zen March 2004by Machinelf Hey James. Where are you right now and what's going on around you? ...

March 13 Saturday
Soular Records/Himalayan Voices Benefit NYC

Soular DMT: full-on psychedelic trance benefit for Himalayan Voices with Spectra sound
at the beautiful luxurious skylit Heaven & Earth Center in midtown Manhattan March 13th, 10pm-8am
Deeper in Zen (Soular Records, San Francisco)
Recently releasing their second full-length CD, “Insight”, Deeper in Zen is whipping up a thundering storm of psychedelia for the dancefloor. Twisting minds and vibrating bodies of trancers looking for a real dose of full-on madness. Deeper in Zen started in New York in 2000 and although he has relocated to the west coast of late, there is still an unmistakable edge ground from years of nurturing in the New York Trance scene.
Jay Indigom (Soular Records LIVE CT/FL)
Jay has been producing slamming tracks for several years now, and in 2003 he began performing live with Atmos in January and at Omnifestival in June. Come hear Jay play LIVE his newly crafted minimal progressive opus!
Onnomon (Soular Records, Philadelphia)
Slated for his first full-length CD to be released in late April on Soular Records, Onnomon has been writing trance for over 3 years. After playing numerous outdoor festivals last summer on the east coast and New Years in the UK, Onnomon is quickly gaining international recognition. His unique blend of hypnotic psychedelic groove and sublime sound design will make you search high and low for the nearest Pez dispenser.
Alien Blue (NYC)
Marisa straight outta Westchester will start the evening off with achey breaky choons in her inimitable way! Sexy downtempo beats to start the night off…….
Primate (NYC) You’ve seen dreadhead Jason suspended from hooks native American Indian style…… and tonight he is blasting the decks! Suspension pictures are here at web bmezine/ritual/risc001 This suspension will be featured in National Geographic, most likely toward the midsummer.
Dragonlotus (Dragontribe/Gemini, NJ)
Born In South Africa raised in Jersey, Kamal has been promoting psychedelic electronic music and culture since its roots in New York from the Acid Phizx Trance gatherings to all the shit going down now including his own family of psytrance in America. You will find this guy setting up sound systems and teaching the new order to the new breed, and always banging out the best of psytrance in all its styles. krsnalotus at aol web geminiDJ,
Machinelf (Devotional Ministry of Trance, New York/Texas)
Machinelf has been with the NYC trance scene since before Day 1. He’s continued to mimic the trance carrier wave’s ups and downs, co-founding the Devotional Ministry of Trance and numerous email discussion groups. To call him a quack for trying to be the obstetrician for the trance baby’s birth would be misguided. His preferred style is Parasense type full-on and mushroomy Paps-style morning shamanics; tonight he’s dropping the soundtracks for flights into hyperspace with a soular DMT edge. wrought with sexual appeal, tapestries that ooze spirituality, and dark stand-alone string art are all gateways into this artist’s soul. Joann is a guiding light in the Philadelphia psychedelic art world. As Equus she has been involved in planning and decorating full-on parties in the Philadelphia area. New to the New York scene, but totally entranced, Equus will morph a lovely art loft into a fantasy world of psychedelic adornments.
Eli Morgan‘s art is currently on display in the space, completely DMT inspired vortices… he does Soular Records’ album covers and Eli Morgan’s artworks “weave the primal elements of chaos with the light-grids of higher consciousness, creating spectacular visionary medicine for the mind.” Alex Grey
The Chaos Elemental is a series based on what lies beyond our knowing . . . the glimpse behind the veil . . . the beauty of the chaos that started it all and the progression of consciousness that followed. The series uses symbolic metaphor, metaphysic geometry, and the chaos patterns of fire and sky to create mandalic imagery that evokes a clear state of awareness in the viewer and leaves them with a grounded sense of intuitive symmetry. I hope you enjoy them. Tonight will be a beautiful evening with visionary art, music, and good people so please come. peace & unity. Please refrain from smoking tobacco and leave your shoes in the hallway outside.
10pm-Midnight Breakin’ out with Alien Blue
Midnight – 6am Full On with Deeper in Zen, Onnomon, Jay LIVE, Primate. Dragonlotus
6am – 8am morning music
All night live drumming by Machinelf Gong performances throughout the evening Free juice and fruit Gemini DJ Goody Bags CD Giveaways Lysergic Surprises Brain Machines Sound: Two Mackie SRM450’s on stands with two subwoofers Suggested Donation: $20, $10 for out of towners (3-hour drive) Half of all proceeds go towards the Himalayan Voices at the Heaven & Earth Center, a center for resonant healing and meditation through vibratory instruments such as tubular bells and gongs. The Heaven & Earth Center is at 1032 Sixth Ave (between 36th & 37th) Studio 402 in midtown Manhattan Take all Subways to 42nd street and walk down

2004 3 14 Psyforia

March 14 Sunday

Thursdays – The Trance Cafe…NYC resident: Gavin (Spectra) NYC Every Thursda y at Paul’s Boutique 99 Rivington St. corner of Ludlow & Rivington Lower E ast Side Manhattan come join us for this free & intimate Spectra evening at Progressive beats every weekend from Thursday till Sunday w/DJ sh. I.k. I.d (Omnitibe/elektrolust)

Thursdays – Cat’s cafe 2027 Emmons Ave Brooklyn 718 332 7979 web catspromo web Omnitibe web elektrolust

March 12 Friday
Safetydance Re: why??? In a message dated 3/12/2:15:22 AM Eastern Standard Time, someone writes: why did she stop getting 604 she is lost without the mail please put her back on and why does my address keep getting bounced reason number 1 – virus controls on steroids on Yahoo’s part. I guess better safe than sorry. or b/c your mailbox gets full. 10% of list subscribers on most of the big Yahoo Groups have been kicked in the past month; if you are reading this you are obviously not one of them, these things go in cycles. the size of the list goes up and down all the time without people subscribing or not, but this virus attack is just a blip, things are gonna be weirder in the future – imagine the disruption that nano clouds will wreak. just resub and keep your inbox clear, make sure you don’t have any weird spam controls, filters or whatnot In a message dated 3/12/2:15:22 AM Eastern Standard Time, someone writes: why did she stop getting 604 she is lost without the mail pl reason number 1 – virus controls on steroids on Yahoo’s part. I guess better safe than sorry. or b/c your mailbox gets full. 10% of list subscribers on most of the big Yahoo Groups have been kicked in the past month; if you are reading this you are obviously not one of them, these things go in cycles. the size of the list goes up and down all the time without people subscribing or not, but this virus attack is just a blip, things are gonna be weirder in the future – imagine the disruption that nano clouds will wreak. just resub and keep your inbox clear, make sure you don’t have any weird spam controls, filters

Progressive beats every weekend from Thursday till Sunday w/DJ sh. I.k. I.d (Omnitibe/elektrolust) at cat’s cafe 2027 Emmons Ave Brooklyn 718 332 7979 web catspromo web Omnitibe web elektrolust

Recently I stumbled across Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music – I can really recommend it! Even though some of the examples given for the various genres don’t fit exactly into the given timeline, its a good overview. And besides that, the text information by Ishkur is hilarious! And, I found proof that I’m not alone with my opinion that 95% of the music that is sold as “psytrance” is big piles of shit. Ishkur calls it “PsyTekk”. I tend to disagree – after all, the “psy” stands for psychedelic. And where is that psychedelic pinch modern music that is labelled “psytrance”? Its not there, aye! technotic album, and it was adopted by the Goa scene (which is not a bad thing, I’d say Goatrancers are amongst the most open-minded music freaks in ! the world). That had happened before, remember Kopfuss Resonator for example). Yet with A lot of “new Goa” artists joined the movement, producing sound very similar existing Goa artists that delivered brilliant, psychedelic stuff in the past jumped on that train, too! Take Etnica – their “Equator” album was one big movement, their “Chrome” album is one big (stupid) stompment. Post-2000 Psytrance has a depressing tendency to make depressive. Its monotonous, unenlightened, stomping, and samey. Now, people are saying “but its good if a genre evolves!”. Problem is – its history repeating. Listen to 1993/1994 Harthouse & EyeQ stuff. Its no comparison (because it’s not so fucking dark and depressing as todays “PsyTekk”), but its hard electronic music (which lacks psychedelic components, I want to add). People, I tell you something – this stinks! Stop labeling this music as Psytrance! I love Psytrance, and this modern stuff is definitely NOT Psytrance. (just kidding, it’s a whole other newsletter! Here’s the first issue) ss, as you can see by the paltry listings below. We need content! It’s small – but so was Brainmachines/TripOutNY in 1999! Please take a second and join the discussion group by clicking the link above, we need interviewers, stories, industry gossip, tour dates and info, and everything else PsyTekk. This list and the calendar below is global, so anything goes. This calendar will be sent out to the list – and maybe to other places depending on the quality of the content – whenever there is new stuff to put on it. So if you want to receive this in the future, subscribe, it’s free. This is where you will find interviews of group specifically devoted to PsyTekk? Because personally I never see PsyTekk people at Goa/Full On Psy Trance events. So here’s a stab at covering this somewhat insular group of artists and aficionados. Someone lamented this wasn’t called GoaTekk, and some bitched that PsyT ekk is not psychedelic. You can’t please everyone! But to use the word “progressive” is a big vague pile of fluff. Specify Thursday till Sunday w/DJ sh. I.k. I.d (Omnitibe/elektrolust) at cat’s cafe Don’t agree? Send us your scathing response and we’ll get it to it. Check out Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music – I can really recommend it! Even though some of the examples given for the various genres don’t fit exactly into the given timeline, its a good overview. And besides that, the text information by Ishkur is hilarious! And, I found proof that I’m not alone with my opinion that 95% of the music that is sold as “psytrance” is big piles of shit. Ishkur calls it “PsyTekk”. I tend to disagree – after all, the “psy” stands for psychedelic. And where is that psychedelic pinch modern music that is labeled “psytrance”? Its no psychedelic, but rather technotic album, and it was adopted by the Goa scene (wh ich is not a bad thing, I’d say Goatrancers are amongst the most open-minded DMT music freaks in ! the world).

John Phantasm Space Cat and Cosmosis Friday!!! Also, there is an unrelated Saturday morning afterparty after the Circadelic party at the Roxy Friday (see below) Brainmachines still down, getting moved to a free server.. so it’s down for several days Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music version 2.0 is out with more samples! web ishkur/features/music/index # There is no more at PsyTekk on this list, it’s grown to get its own newsletter… if you’re into it check out the new newsletter: New yahoogroup for discussion of all things minimal/progressive, Alex Grey’s monthly full moon vigil is coming up early next week, Good news on the perennial getting a sound system front. I think Dandraver’s gonna break the impasse. Maybe knowing I paid $400 for the sound at Hima layan Voices made him see the light.. Gadi’s announced some dates this summer for more parties by Ecliptic Trance.

March 18 Thursday

First Dj Set: Babla
Gonna be a special night with DJ Babla from munich playing a 3 hour full-on set free admission 21w/id lineup: 11:00 til 01:00 DJ LUIS (Dreamcatcher NYC, transmitmusic) 01:00 til 04:00 DJ BABLA more info at web Goatrance.nl/artistinfo/view.php?id1065798946 location: THIASOS 59west, 21street (corner of 6th Ave) NEW YORK, NY also, PsyTekk listings will remain on TripO ut this Thursday at thiasos is gonna be a special night with DJ Babla from Munich playing a 3 hour full on set free admission 21w/id lineup: 11:00 til 01:00 DJ LUIS (Dreamcatcher NYC, transmitmusic) 01:00 til 04:00 DJ BABLA more in Rlocation: THIASOS 59west, 21street (corner of 6th ave) NEW

March 19, 2004: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Premiere

March 19 Friday

John Phantasm Interview

John Phantasm Interview

meets John Phantasm by Machinelf with question help from Ari D John Phantasm has been running his trance label for ...

March 19 Friday
Phantasm Records Present: Psychedelic ‘Circadelica

Cosmosis – Live Space Cat – Live John Phantasm – DJ Set Avi Algranati – DJ Set
Roxy is located at 515 w 18th st. Doors:11:30PM-7:30am For you listening Pleasure you Don’t want to miss: COSMOSISLIVETransient Records (U.K.) A brand new stompin’ set from one of the prime movers in the psytrance scene. Showcasing traX from the New Album to be released in the spring..! SpacecatLIVEVision Quest Rec. (Japan, Israel) Israel’s finest is back in the city. With a dazzling new live set Bursting with Psychedelic gems.!! John Phantasm-DJ setA.K.A.Mindfield-Phantasm (U.K.) Phantasms main man comes back to slaughter NYC with his arsenal of new unreleased mindmelters..! Avi AlgranatiDJ setSpacecatVision QuestBNE (Israel, Japan) SpacecatAvi brings the full on Israel trance experience with his brand of expertly mixed mayhem..!! For your special Psychedelic eyes: Severn-(NYC)-One of the great Psychedelic painters of our time. A veteran of NYC Trance. The Devotee-(N.C.)-Mind bending paintings and great artistry are synonymous with this artist. Free breakfast, CD gifts and MORE SURPRIZEZ. THROUGH th night “don’t miss it” 18 to party -21 to Alcohol-PROPER I.D. A MUST..!!!!!! $30 Adcance-$35 at the door Global Trance Productions- 122 St. Marks Place NYC #-212-477-4440 web homeoftrance SATELITE NYC-259 Bowery- #-212-995-1744 SONIC GROOVE-206 Avenue B- #-212-675-5284 611-PHILIDELPHIA- #-215-413-9100 for more go to web phantasmrecords Infoline 917-721-3883 Phantasm Records Present: Psychedelic ‘Circadelica’ on Friday March 19th at club ROXY Roxy is located at 515 w 18th st. Doors: 11:30PM-7:30am For you listening Pleasure you Don’t want to miss: COSMOSISLIVETransient Records (U.K .) A brand new stompin’ set from one of the prime movers in the psytrance scene. Showcasing traX from the New Album to be released in the spring ..! SpacecatLIVEVision Quest Rec. (Japan, Israel) Israel’s finest is back in the city. With a dazzling new live set Bursting with Psychedelic gems.!! John Phantasm-DJ setA.K.A.Mindfield-Phantasm ( U.K.) Phantasms main man comes back to slaughter NYC with his arsenal of new unreleased mindmelters..! Avi AlgranatiDJ setSpacecat Vision QuestBNE (Israel, Japan) SpacecatAvi brings the full on Israe l trance experience with his brand of expertly mixed mayhem..!! For your special Psychedelic eyes: Severn-(NYC)-One of the great Psychedelic painters of our time. A veteran of NYC Trance. The Devotee-(N.C.)-Mind bending paintings and great artistry are synonymous with this artist. Free breakfast, CD gifts and MORE SURPRIZEZ. THROUGH th night “don’t miss it” 18 to party -21 to Alcohol-PROPER I.D. A MUST..!!!!!! $30 Adcance-$35 at the door
This party is definitely on my top list for the last 2 years in the Big Apple. Crazyyy !!!!!!! Killer !!! I felt like we were all connected in the same universe Was dancing hard (feet still hurt) … like everyone … all you smiling beautiful faces Cosmosis rocked and both John & Avi played a wild twisted psychedelic set …. Thank You So Much Phantasm, Severyn and all you guys
(especially my wonderful friends who made it to my house to celebrate before the party) who made this a crazy unforgettable night – Caroline

March 19 Friday
Vinyl/Club Arc is officially closing

Thought I’d pass the info on. Closing of 6 Hubert Street It is with great sadness that we announce that 6 Hubert Street, the address which houses Arc will cease to be a dance club on the last weekend in April, 2004. The building has been sold, and to our knowledge, will become luxury condominiums. As many of you know this building has housed some of the best and most innovative NYC clubs in the last 25 years. For the next two months we will continue to honor the space, and its history in clubbing and the dance music culture, by bringing back some of its legendary parties. Watch this space for updates to these special events, and for details on our closing weekend. We extend our thanks to all of our club-goers that have graced our Friday Be Yourself parties and our Made Saturdays. Arc has always been about two things equally; the music and the people. And our driving force has been to keep the integrity of underground clubbing alive in New York City. Rest assured that we will keep the parties coming. . . we, in fact, are very excited about the opportunity that this change has brought about, as we are currently working on the next incarnation of Arc that will take underground clubbing to the next level! Stay tuned for updates. Thought I’d pass the info on.

March 20 Saturday

Hey Everybody! After hours is back! Now you don’t have to just stand in the street, confused, after the Roxy spits you out, trying to see which homemade after-party you can sneak in, come to N’LIGHT’N After Hours and continue the transcendence in style with your friends at NOCTURNE with a Function 1 sound-system, juice bar (no alcohol), video installation, and other surprises throughout the day! This can be an ongoing phenomena if enough of us show up this time. Hope to see you there! Namaste! Saturday, Feb. 20th 5am-3pm at NOCTURNE 144 Bleecker Street & Laguardia $7 min. contribution Line up(not in this order): Kri(Touch Samadhi – NC) Luis(Dreamcatcher – Brasil) Da-vinci(Internal Astronauts – Transylvania, NY) Matyas(Reality Engine – NYC) Pedro(Reality Engine – Brasil) Visuals and video installation by Reality Engine. The mixes will be recorded for the Internal Astronauts Radio beta-launch. See flyer here: realityengine.org/nlightn
N’Light’N (Saturday morning afterparty) canceled
Dear friends, Our crew is sorry to have to inform you that our application for an after-hours permit has been denied by our not so fair city. Unfortunately without a permit, we are unable to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our journey. We are not willing to take the risk of the party being shut down during the event, as we have all seen many times before. We are in the process of negotiating with several places, where we can host these types of events. Thanks for your understanding. We will keep you updated about our next event. Love and light. Reality Engine Crew info at realityengine.org

March 20-21 Saturday-Sunday
55 Lex
After a 2 1/2 year hiatus the DMT kicked off its Revivals series two weeks ago; look for more on April 2nd (with FreeAtmaah from India) and each Saturday to every full moon (but not to conflict with Ale x Grey’s, which are always on the exact evening) Thanks to everyone who came out to see Jason & Vadim on Saturday, we had just bought a sound system for the DMT, so felt squeezed at tiny Boom so we moved it first to Wylie s then to the newly renovated communal S.E.T.T. Ing (FKA Studio 55) in Brooklyn. We hooked it all up and Jason and Vadim played a great set. People kept coming, we were there until late Sunday night. Although it was a bit of a rat race it was all worth it in the end. Mark Lorenz (Ogg Modd) and DMT I went to Sam Ash on Tuesday and brought two more towers to So after almost three long and painful years, the DMT Sound System is finally assembled Thanks to Dan De Maria, The Man. Thanks Dan for kicking in for the DM T Sound System and making our dreams come true once more!! And version 2.0 is sweet, three times bigger than our last system. We set up the S.E.T.T. ING space for this Friday’s Full Moon party and the clear and powerful sound is unprecedented for mobile sound systems. Going by the 5 watts per person rule, it’s large enough for 800 people. You can talk right in front of the speaker, yet you can hear doors on the other side of the building vibrating. For those of you at past bridge parties, we have 4 not 2 loudspeakers – and now have 2 big subs. As we did in 1999-2001, we’ll be doing monthly free outdoor events in and around NYC when it gets warmer. Here’s a video clip atomicjuice/shivadiva But we’d also like to rent the DMT Sound System out to pay our benefactor Dan De Maria (dandraver at aol) for them, and to get a van. We’ll also pair up with organizations like yoga /gong places, and coops to do monthly indoor fundraisers. So please rent the DMT Sound System and attend our monthly indoor events, you’ll be directly helping out the NYC psytrance family. So the new rhythm is, during the cold season, indoor Full Moon events for $20. During the warm season, outdoor Full Moon events for free plus indoor New Moon events t o pay for them. Here are the Two 18″ subs (Mackie 1801s) web mackie/products/swa1801/index and Four 500 watt self-amplified loudspeakers (Mackie 1530s), these stand around 4′ each web mackie/products/sr1530/index Total rental for all six units $400 Transportation is $100 These are all self-amplified speakers. If you don’t have a mixer with XLR outs we can rent that too. Email if interested

March 19 Friday
Psyforia – Boston

March 21 Sunday
Vernal Equinox Shamanistas’ Woodland Ceremony

Psychedelic News Mushroom Magazine’s Trancers Guide to the Galaxy is finally out, I’ll have copies for sale for $2 while supplies last. There’s a nice calendar suitable for printing at web trancersguide/index2 Kazan tip is a Russian holiday in the Crimea, their version of Goa. Come out to check out the DJs this Saturday the 27th. After a 2 1/2 year hiatus the DMT kicked off its Revivals series two weeks ago; look for more on April 2n DMT (with Free Atmaah from India) and each Saturday to every full moon (but not to conflict with Alex Grey’s, which are always on the exact evening) El Nadiv is doing a free party at The Frying Pan boat on April 3rd. One I’m really looking forward to is this one, the DMT Full Moon Revival with the Boston Brahmans on April 30th, and the Medical Marijuana Rally/High Times Trance Party the next day! Teaser flyer brainmachines.ciaobella. tv/Goabostonpartyflyer.gif Click for Psytrance Internet radio – try it if you have a fast connection! Free Weeklies Thursdays –

Full Moon Review – Thailand
hope this note finds you all healthy and happy! sally and I are getting ready to make the trip north tomorrow. we just finished getting our scuba open water licenses. it’s nothing like watching it on the discovery channel, I’ll tell you that! today we say a moray eel and a family of “nemos”. (clownfish) ko tao is a beautiful island. sounds of gecko calls throughout the night, awesome cheap seafood, bio-luminescence washing up on the shore, and people from all over the world. there is a more small-town feel to this island than ko samui and even kophangan. by the way, the famous full moon party was not all that it’s cracked up to be, in my opinion. I did have a lot of fun dancing throughout the night but as the sun rose over the sea, the beach was trashed. this was the most trash that I’ve ever seen at any party. the tide was coming in and carrying it all out to the reef. you would think that people would have more respecting such a beautiful place, but everyone gets so obliterated that they don’t care anymore. sally and I started to pick up the beach in the morning. collected five huge trash bags and hardly made a dent. at one point a girl tossed something at sally’s bag, missed and laughed. Sally suggested that she might want to help. she responded that this was an impossible job. sally said, who else is gonna do it? and she said, oh, the thai people. (!!!!!!!) also, someone’s throat was slit and he died and someone else got stabbed. so that was our taste of the full moon party. a far cry from burning man or any sf parties that I’ve been to. I’m looking forward to visiting some less touristed areas. tomorrow, we hope to catch the speed catamaran to the mainland and then take a train to bangkok. from bangkok we will head to kantchinaburi (where the bridge over the river kwai is) and then lopburi. then maybe into cambodia from there. I think about all of you often. more later… love, kat

March 25 Thursday

Thiasos (21st & 6th Avenue, northeast corner) thank you all the traceheads who came last week . it was one of the best nights in thiasos this week again we have DJ babla playing again along with leo, stephan and luis FREE ADMISSION 21w/ id full on blast lineup: from 10:30 till 12:00 stephan(special warm up set) from 12:00 till 01:00 leo from 01:00 till 03:00 babla from 03:00 till .. …. special pingpong with babla and luis I hope we could extend the part y until more than 4:00, so please come and show your support more info at location: THIA SOS 59 west, 21street (corner of 6th ave) NEW YORK, NY

March 26 Friday
Third Eye v4 Cleveland OH

Goahead Productions continues The Third Eye gatherings with a well-represented psytrance event, featuring some of the most experienced DJ talent in our region! Come dance and celebrate the trance dance experience. Bom Shankar!
Shamans: DJ Sh.I.K.I.D. (eleKtRoLust,Omnitribe NYC) is one of America’s most intriguing trance DJs who continually breaks new musical ground. Beginning as Israeli psytrance DJ in 1999 he went on to inspire the New York scene with the latest astonishing progressive vibes. – www.elektrolust Psyphon – (Sidetrakkt, Pittsburgh) – www.sidetrakkt Alberto – (Cosmictraveler, Columbus) – www.cosmictraveler SheheraZade – (Goahead, Cleveland) – www.GoaheadProductions Meghan – (Goahead, Cleveland) – www.GoaheadProductions The psytrance genre covers many styles from progressive vibes to tribal, to psytekk, to full-on. Expect to hear a proper blend of soundscapes! Free non-alcoholic beverages B.Y.O.B (21 and over) 10:00 P.M. until 5:30 A.M 18 and over please. $10 at the door Sound by www.DJmoose Infoline: 330-573-6969 Directions and updates at www.GoaheadProductions Limited capacity, reservations available if desired. Email luke at GoaheadProductions for a reservation that will be held until 11:30 p.m. E-Flyer links: (yeah..we know should say v.4 not 3. We are working on it) Pix from previous Third Eye events and other parties. /event_information/past_parties.html Be sure to catch our next gathering, The Butterfly Dance Ritual
Props to Dan and the Sidetrakkt family for hookin up a proper Psytrance gathering. The music was all fresh. I don’t know what they are doin in Philly, but that’s where all the fat shit is coming from right now with the whole Soular Record and Am-Psy steez via Onommon, Eg-bot, and American Psychedelic. That is truly cutting edge material. Thanks for bringing that whole culture to the pb-cle. I can’t wait for your boy Psyphon to come kill it for us At 3i 4. Peace, Luke
great review luke, and thanks for the compliments. anyone who can make it to luke’s 3rd eye party should. the DJ talent is stacked and luke throws a mean party. had a killer time at the 2 I’ve been to, and you can bet we’ll be at the reunion this month. can’t wait!! so here’s my take on psynergy, if ya care: dan fucking rocks. he’s why I know psytrance, and he’s why Pittsburgh knows psytrance. this music and culture has in no shy terms changed my life. he’s such an amazing energy!! so dan, thanks for absolutely everything and thanks for another amazing party!! the deco was tight. best we’ve ever made the shadow lounge look. the hand-painted banners were heavenly, and thanks so much for painting them and bringing them!! BOM! so I was lucky enough to start the show. I’ve been practicing diligently. dedicated. ready. and I dropped the ball. dern it. phucked it all up. had nick binary from Boston, Allen from Philly, am psy and egbot, luke, alberto, dan, brad, (i think pooja was spared(sp) from this set??) and each and every dancer brimmed with that readiness that gets us all right before these things start……….and I tripped up on unfamiliar gear (and with no monitor at the start). sorry guys. poor reason I know, but true. I’m not at all practiced with getting the music in the headphones like the DJm-600 sends it to you, as I get the channels/master split to the headphones by the 300. thought I could pull it off but maybe shoulda brung my own dex. who knows? maybe not. track selection was good…..mixing was horrid. a few tight mixes here and there, but horrid. luke was kind in his review….thanks bro. then meghan took the stage, kind enough to accept my request to start 15 mins early as I wanted to batter the dance floor no more. wow, is meghan good. I’ve never seen meghan play live before. all cd set at psynergy, every mix spot on. track selection was perfect. she had many people up dancing, and they were gettin’ down! super job meghan, very well done!! thanks!!! meghan played perfect a lead into allen. as well as meghan played and readied the dancers, can one really prep a floor for allen?? he’s amazing. you have no idea the madness allen’s to put you thru regardless how many times you’ve seen him before until he grabs the reigns of your unsanity and (un)kindly reorganizes your reality. each track just absolutely full of psychedelic chunkiness. you find yourself dancing frenzied scrambling the 2 or 3 functioning neurons ya got left. thanks for a fun dance Allen, and like luke I’m always anxious for the next. I had only heard about 4 songs on a promo of am-psy, and had never heard anything by egbot (unless he was on the promo with am-pys), so I wasn’t really quite sure what the 2 of ’em had in store for us. man, these boys came stompin’. straight ready to get down….and they did!! they fucking rocked the house. had even the people sitting down get up to the floor. Whatta fun live set, these 2 danced all over. the facial expressions were priceless. I was amazed at how am-psy knew where the buttons that were in the air, invisible to the dancers to make the fun sounds come out of the speakers. 😉 such fun. such love for the music. true musicians. true live psychedelic entertainment……thanks tons for that set fellas!!!!! then ed closed with an excellent DJ set. just like his live act, tracks that are perfect for the call. an awesome deck wizard, he had ’em dancing till the lights came on. a perfect close to a perfectly organized party. thanks again to dan for making this stuff happen flawlessly, brilliantly allowing the music to live in Pittsburgh. and thanks to you all for fitting so flawlessly and brilliantly into his dirty lil plan. Love & Life, .;.Sweet.;.
Psynergy – P2cIburgh – Sidetrakkt I had been looking forward to this one for a long time and as usual Dan, Terry, Brad, Pooja, Dustin and the Sidetrakkt crew always go out of their way to create a proper trance gathering. Werd. Arrived with Cleveland crew, Meghan, Sid, Marisa and Eric after a wonderful tRip into the burg. There is nothing quite so fairy tale looking as P2cIburg. Very Memorable and a good appetizer for the tasty beatz I was about to fill up on. More Ohio Goahead’s arrived throughout the evening for a very good representation. Also always good to see the Cosmic Traveler, Alberto, cuz the party really doesn’t start till he gets there and on the floor. Werd. Flouro deco on point. I’m not gonna try to put that into words tho, it wouldn’t do it justice, Plus I don’t think there are names for some of the images that came to mind that evening/morning. Music: Sweet Chaos – Terry got things started with the serious tribal vibe just the way I like it. The perfect setup. Sweet Chaos has become a wonderful Trance Shaman. We are lucky to have him in the Pittsburgh – Cleveland region. Terry, Brad and I toasted to Matthias at the beginning of your set. We kicked it for him that night. Werd. Dj Meghan – That’s mah girl.. she administered tough luv, gettin techy with it, hittin at about 143-144, ending up with some full-on sounds. She had everyone’s attention. At the risk of sounding to biased, I’ll stop there and let someone else hook that review. Werd. Allen – First off..dude thanx for the fruit. Good lookin out. If you have never had some of that tasty Gaian Mind fruit, you haven’t lived yet. Oversized banana’s and a frozen orange really puts things back into the proper perspective. It is always an honor to be up in the same haus as The Gaian Mind himself. Allen took the decks after Meghan, and it was time to take the mind for a walk through uncharted territory. Allen is the master at making the connection between DJ and dancer if you are looking to take that ride . His trax are the substance used to rid your brain of all the stupid shit you learned back in the day. Very cleansing indeed. FuKcwhatya heard! The main full-on course was being served and chased down with a natty lite. Yeah..that’s right a natty lite. I look fwd to the next Allen set! I am a more educated man. Werd. American Psychedelic v Egbot – Cool peeps. Good to meet you. Man..what’s up in Philly??? Forreal, all the fatty shit is commin out of that camp. First time I got dosed with that noise and keep that flowin for shure. I was feelin the whole Philly vibe. To break it down.. It was, 1. American – put that shit on American bandstand! 2. Psychedelic – Made Timothy Leary blush 3. Eg-bot – The new PSYOMLETTE…but u won’t find that at Denny’s kidz. Their music hit your body the way Allen’s hit your mind. Good serving of high hats, guitars, killa baselines and the undeniable sound of live live live music. The Goaheads will def be in touch with u cats. Werd. Dan and Sidetrakkt crew, thanks for another great gathering and setting the tone for the spring, summer vibe. This journey is just getting started. See u and crew at Third Eye v.4. Can’t wait to get down to some Psyphon! Thanks for all you do for this area! Werd. Bom, Luke/Dj Malachi www.GoaheadProductions Cleveland/Akron, Ohio

Kazantip is a Russian holiday in the Crimea, their version of Goa. Come out to check out the DJs this Saturday the 27th. After a 2 1/2 year hiatus the DMT kicked off its Revivals series two weeks ago; look for more on Apri l 2nd (with Free Atmaah from India) and each Saturday to every full moon ( but not to conflict with Alex Grey’s, which are always on the exact evening) El Nadiv is doing a free party at the Frying Pan boat on April 3rd. One I’m really looking forward to is this one, the DMT Full Moon Revival with the Boston Brahmans on April 30th, and the Medical Marijuana Rally/High Times Trance Party the next day!

March 27 Saturday
Shai, Jason, Vadim, Surge, Machinelf PsyTekk Trance party for the Crimean beach holiday Kazantip

S.H.A.I.K.I.D. (Omnitribe, Russia/Israel/New York) Shai is generally acknowledged as New York’s #1 DJ, bridging the sweet spot between minimal, progressive, and psy. 3am on. at Jason & Vadim (Subtlechaos, London/Russia/New York) These masters of tech-trance are back for a one night only reunion! They most recently brought Fletcher Mundsome Syndrome 1am at Surge (Ukraine/New York) – Surge is back after a successful event for Elphatrance in 2003 he is a big fan of Danish groups like Disco Slickers 12am. While not DJing Surge will project video from Kazantip in the Crimea MWarmup by Machinelf (d, New York) Tonight Machinelf will open up the vibe with Russian tunes mixed with beach anthems from the 60s. Plus some trance. 10:30pm 11pm-4am $10, free before 11pm, free for those with drums or beach gear Boom! is at 152 Spring between West Broadway and Wooster, New York, NY Subways: Take 6 to Spring C/E to Spring F to Broadway/Lafayette 1/9 to Houston N/R to Prince Kazantip in the Crimea is the biggest summer trance festival in Russia and the Ukraine. We channel its spirit to bring the love of Mother Russian to the American shores.

April 2004

April 1 Thursday
(21st & 6th Avenue, northeast corner) FREE ADMISSION 21w/id hi tranceheads . thank you all for coming last week . DJ babla played an awesome set. this week is luis birt hday . please come and show your support lineup: 11:30 till 01:00 luis (Dreamcatcher NYC) 01:00 till 02:30 leo (Dreamcatcher, transmitmusic) 02:30 till 04:00 mike (berzerx, ecliptic trance) 59 west 21street (corn er of 6th ave)

paul at ciaobella.tv is back up and running Many thanks to my friend Paul Hrisko for the free server space… who also funded the DMT Ski house. Maybe now I can put up a few videos (heh) and maybe a weekly mpg TV show called TripOutTV

April 2 Friday
Kabbalat Shabbat Veggie feast at the Perlmutters

Before the DMT Full Moon event this Fri (4/2) at 7PMYes indeed. Its time for another potluck vegetarian spread at Adam + Barbara’s + Lorenzo’s digs at 108 Huron St in Gpoint.(Franklin +Manhattan Aves) As is our chevra’s tradition kindly tote either a main dish, a side, dessert or wine.RSVP Barbara : b_mcglamery Chazan (Levi Baby) Krantz + Mr. Turner Cody at Artland Carlebach Style Folk Nite every Sun Nite 8pm – ???Artland 609 Grand St, bet Lorimer + Leonard Sts (next to Key Food)

Getting the system…The next DMT event is April 2nd. In preparation for this Dan is looking at a lot of options to rebuild the DMT system. The DMT and other trance organizations will basically rent it from him at market rates, then when he gets it paid off we’ll get a huge discount. Bridge parties will be free but we need to line up transport – people with vans please come forward! Dan and I are already planning the first springtime bridge event. Dan is currently looking at different sound systems – Mackie, JBL, etc etc if you are a sound pro email him at dandraver

Videolicious Interview

Videolicious Interview

meets VJ Videolicious 2004 by Machinelf Boris (Harmonic Motion, Boulder, CO) is a Russian from Brooklyn who "escaped" to Colorado ...

April 2 Friday
Set and S.E.T.T.ING The Devotional Ministry of Trance presents a Full Moon Benefit for the S.E.T.T. Ing space in Brooklyn [55 lex]
The evenings music will range a lot of territory between full on/Goa, night, psytekk, and morning. I’m ecstatic that one of the Goa heavyweights FreeAtmah is here from Goa, India – on the same ticket as Shai; ending with a truly not-just-pc live morning progressive set with guitars, with artists from all over the country. So much work has been put into this production – the communal space is amazing. A lot of you have been there before the renovation as “Studio 55.” Come support this official rechristening, this new covenant, this new direction… your patronage will go towards further renovation and artistry and benefit all of the New York trance family. This special night is a moment for celebration as this is the long-awaited maiden voyage of the DMT Sound System, 4000 watts of self-amplified Mackie power (2 big subs and 4 loudspeaker towers) That’s three times as much sound as we had in 1999-2001 under the bridge. Suggested Donation: $20, $15 for DMT members (you can also join the DMT on the spot for $25), $10 for out of towners (3-hour drive) Half of all proceeds go towards S.E.T.T.ING, a center for cooperative living and art inspired by psychedelic trance music. It’s also upstairs from a Hasidic cookie factory, so the whole place smells like.. you guessed it… cookies! Guests are requested to remove their shoes. BYOB – but also bring respectfulness as it’s a DMT responsibility. We are providing our own security – and a strict door policy is in effect – no assholes allowed! FreeAtmaah, (Foot Stompin Records, Bombay, India) Back from India after his smash New York debut with DJ Karan at The Source last year, Assad is back to deliver us to sonic Nirvana DJ Freeaatmah set up, co-owned and managed Paradis o Records from 1991- 2003. He has now moved on to start his own new label. Has been on the scene since 1991 organizing, promoting and DJing. Here to promote his new compilation which will be ready for release in July . Assad spins a very dark, twisted psychedelic set … a journey from night into twilight… a set of mostly unreleased night tunez moving towards a twilight release. The night tunes make each one of us reach within and explore our deepest darkest side. 1am. DJ Droozi (Bombay/New York) E2 8093 Fresh off an amazing two-week engagement with his brother Zeebabla at Thiasos, Samsher Sachdeva spins a set of full-on psytrance – concentrating on journey through track selection. Tweakage factor is usually high and winding down sounds are commonplace in his set. Hailing from Bombay India – he got into the trance scene in 1995 and since then has not looked back. 11pm. Shaikid (Israel/Russia, Omnitribe) is generally acknowledged DMT as New York’s top DJ. Shai combines many flavors of trance into one po tent brew. Come hear him jam on a truly amazing sound system – the best o n the best! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this one, it’s a “don’t miss” 3 :30am Alpha Channel/M-field 100% LIVE (the whole thing!) (Soular Records, CT) Fresh from a widely lauded performance at the Heaven & Earth Center last month, J is teaming with Rob-ot from and will perform “Dream Chamber” consisting of up-tempo trance from “Alpha Channel” (J’s s olo project-2003) and the newly formed “M-field” project (J and Rob’s collaboration material-2004) followed by an hour of down-tempo chillout music accompanied by live acoustic and electronic instruments. So unhinge your mind and body to two hours of a trance journey that takes you from the metamagic of up-tempo night music which will meld semi-transparently into progressive-styled morning trance as the sun rises to finally leave you floating freely upon the waves of a premier chillout performance. 6am Rob- ot (Phoenix Family, San Francisco) Rob Watson aka Rob-ot is a native of th e Bay Area. He’s been Djing since early 2000 and has played at numerous underground psy-events in the Bay Area as part of the Phoenix Family crew. He has co-produced many full-on tracks with Dj Random under the name Random Robot, and a few tracks on his own in a more progressive and contemplative style. In 2002 Rob moved to Connecticut for grad school in music and concentrated on that aspect of his life until he met J at a party in Boston, and is now psyched to get back into spinning and producing. Rob is a classically trained guitarist and brings a very well developed ear and sense of balance and musicality to his trance explorations. 5am DJ set, 7am live guitar with Alpha Channel (see above) Machinelf (Brainmachines, Devotional Ministry of Trance, New York/Texas) Machinelf plays a wide range of styles, tonight he is interpreting eastern mysticism through a Western lens. Machinelf will be tag-teaming with Cata, Raffi, and Eva n of S.E.T.T.ING, New York). 9pm. VJ Videolicious (Boulder, Colorado) Boris is up in New York for his premiere New York appearance. Guillaume Clave called him one of the best he’s ever seen. Equus (Philadelphia) with sexual appeal, tapestries that ooze spirituality & dark stand-alone string art are all gateways into this artist’s soul. Joanne is a guiding light in the Philadelphia psychedelic art world. As Equus she has been involved in planning & decorating full-on parties in the Philadelphia area. New to the New York scene, but totally entranced, Equus will morph a lovely art loft into a fantasy world of psychedelic adornments. Yacadelic (New York) String A rt – Affectionately known as Yac, John has been visually stimulating everyone with his original artwork and design for several years. Getting his start with one of the masters, Jamin Murphy at the Synthetic Sadhus parties, Yac has continued to expand his creativity and is focused on bringing a new level of vision to NYC. Also see him May 15 at Infected Mushroom at Avalon. 55 Lex Studio 55 (i.e. home of Cata, Evan, Raffi, Zhenya and Kenya) has been renovated repainted and refurnished and may heretofore be referred to as “S.E.T.T.ING”. The gathering on Friday is intended to be a reaction to the full moon in Aries, a congregation of deemsters, a chance to hear psytrance on a top-notch sound system, and, very specifically, to cooperatively create a safe, clean and sacred environment, so that future Avenues for love and entheospace may present themselves to us. Please remember that the S.E.T.T.ING is a home for 5 people, so we implore you to help us keep it a clean home: please dispose butts in ashtrays, respect people’s personal belongings and artwork, respect women and children, respect and beware of the fact that drugs and alcohol have the power to severely fuck you up and turn you into a babbling moron with rude behavior. Extra ways to help create the S.E.T.T.ING include bringing art, deco, party supplies, fluoro-materials, food drink, plants or flowers. Soon our private backyard will be open as well, and discussions are open concerning activities like health-cooking classes, art shows, lectures on visionary and scholastic topics. Please contact Evan if interested in helping out with anything. Loving thanks. Evan and all of us at the S.E.T.T.ING
DMT reviews – great set by all. samsher’s grandmother passed away so he couldn’t make it. the building was vibrating nicely, someone came by at 6am from a block away, he was nice but said he couldn’t sleep! we raised ~$400 for S.E.T.T.ING and were able to pay Dan 10% as rent of his total investment for the speakers >Wow, awsome time, you were trippy man, what a good time, especially when daylight came. Nice one, thanx for everything

April 2 Friday Repop –
Organic Grooves
(DJ Riain) join us at the ‘M’ shanghai bistro for a night of downright dirty grooves brought to you by. DJ Raian – organic grooves (irl) Jason – subtlechaos/repop (u.k) Vadim – subtle production (russia) and other special guest s. 10pm till much later happy hour from 2am till 4am (no joke) enjoy wonderful food and vibe with the boyz & girlz of the burg!!!! location – ‘m’ s hanghai bistro 129 Havemeyer btwn grand st & sth 1st. Williamsburg broo klyn NYC call 1646 752 0346 for info! do bring ya granny! –

April 3 Saturday
Alladin Project & Sound Species present Open Air! ! Free Spirit!!

Dj set – VOID (Chemical crew-Israel) Oren and Tamir are one of the best and most wanted artists in the trance scene in the world. They have played in Japan, Mexico, South Africa and many more. They are coming to NYC to perform an exclusive four hour set from the most recent unreleased tracks of today. Don”t miss this opportunity. KNOB (Technological Arrow -Japan) He is a well-known DJ and one of the top performers in NYC and in Japan. Today he is considered one of the top in NYC trance scene. And as always he’ll keep surprising and amazing us. Alladin- Elandiv (Doof Rec.-Israel) As an organizer, promoter and DJ he will play psychedelic top quality tracks with his unique talent and amazing energy Decoration: Sound Species Sound: E.A.W. Location: THE FRYING PAN Pier 63 North River 23 west side highway Manhattan N.Y. web fryingpan Admission: ***FREE*** SMOKING ALLOWED!!! 21+ W/ ID Full Bar From 9PM till 4AM arrive early guest artist start s at 10pm also once the place reaches max. capacity door closes. For upcoming parties send you e-mail for mailing list at: alladinProductions at hotmail Ed note – don’t be left in the rain – be sure you RSVP!
Well Jehan it started when I sow the Old guy who stood in the entrance to the bout trying to stomp to the beat (I think he really got into it at some point). Then it was all the ppl that came to the bout for some event, they stood there trying to understand what is going on there, then all the “not connected” Russians that came out of nowhere (and don’t get me wrong nothing against Russians in my self one) . I don’t know it just cracks me up to C ppl when they find themself at a psy party with all us freaks jumping around at first they all in shock but then u C them dancing crazy in there are suites its just put a smile on my face then an “uptight “ person starts to relax a bit . So in the morning when I got to my friend they asked me “how was it ?” the only thing that came to my mind was ” it was a funny party “
Ps: Void played kind of strange they played excellent music but the mixing , some tracks they mixed perfect but sometimes ( in the middle of the set) they just play tracks with no connection and hardly even tried to mix the tunes what was that?

April 3 Saturday
Citizens of Utopia
writing you all from the party planning frenzy to let you know just how frenzied with great excited energy it is, and that you all should COME, TOMORROW, to what is looking to be a truly divine experience. If you have any doubt please check out the new animation that Darius made on our site www.citizensofutopia.org don’t you want your life to be like that? you know you do J. Oh, and there’s party information, time/DJ lineup/directions on there too. I’ve also just been informed that we can make a group wish during the party, at 04:04:04 on 04/04/04. that’s some serious wishing power. We have some super musical guests from Boston, a powerhouse team of decorators, ambrosial delights, and more. We are SO EXCITED about this, can’t wait to see you all tomorrow! Love, Kelly kelly at citizensofutopia.org and the many citizens of utopia who have been putting their beautiful energy into this event (thanks to all of you!)
Citizens of Utopia review – Came in after the Israeli party at Frying Pan at the crack of dawn to the Queens warehouse, the place was packed wall to wall with smartly dressed artsy types and an amazing collection of mannequins dressed as various deities.. Lauryn from Boston came on and did a very energetic set of stuff I haven’t heard before. As I was exhausted from 2 days of staying up I passed out next to a beautiful Russian doctor, woke up alone at 3pm with Ben still banging it out. I think I missed Icy’s set

Last weekend was the bes t weekend yet for fun gatherings, DMT on Friday, and Frying Pan & Citizens of Utopia on Saturday. So much fun, so tired still! Everyone come out Fr iday for Jirah. Costas, the owner of Thiasos is a great guy and has been veryyy patient in the first several weeks of Thiasos’ Thursday weekly. The Thursday weekly has grown – much like Paul Oakenfold’s first club nigh t bombed the first 3 weeks. Now for the first time the Brazillians are se tting it up for Friday. And Kamal is hosting the busload of French Canadian s for the Jersey City art loft party Saturday night. Don’t miss it.

April 5 Monday
Pesach (non trance crazy jews)

For those neshamas (souls) looking for the “perfect” sedur seems like the Chabad of N Williamsburg have it going on at 132 N. 5th St Corner Bedford Ave # 2 C. Suggested donation $ 20 US.Mon eve 4/5 at 6:30pm Seth Braunstein” a N Bklyn yid” for (sender ); Wed, 7 Apr 2004 16:46:58

April 8 Thursday

“Best psytrance weekly ever ” -Machinelf – Thiasos (21st & 6th Avenue, northeast corner) Free 21w/ id this week since we have the party on Friday with Jirah, psychegrounds t his week is gonna be only progressive with new york’s top progressive DJs l ineup: 11:30 till 01:00 Jason (subtlechaos) 01:00 till 02:30 vitalia (o mnitribe) 02:30 till 04:00 shaikid (Omnitibe) 59 west 21street (corner of 6th ave) NEW YORK, NY

April 9 Friday
Dreamcatcher at Thiasos

Jirah live! (dragonfly rec. UK), doors open at: 10pm-6am (maybe more!) jirah live! (dragonfly records. u.s.t.a – uk) – first time on the east coast, jirah is ready to trancend the crowd to the next level. influx live (transmit music – brazil) Gadi (ohmboy) (ecliptic-trance – NYC) Alladin project (doof records – Israel) special deco by: daya (Dreamcatcher – Indonesia) the finest exp ort from Dreamcatcher, just back from sf. with new backdrops for your visual pleasure. to hear Jirah’s cd samples: web psyshop/shop/cds/ ust/ust1cd271 more info coming soon!!! web Dreamcatcherstudi o.net/ at “thiasos” Manhattan, NYC. 59west, 21street (corner of 6th ave) new york ny $10 adv,$15 door.

April 9th Friday
Dragons Nest The Psychedelic Rebirth
Benefit for the last crunchy, authentic art loft complex in this very corporate area of Jersey
We are always awakening going forward in consciousness, every day is a journey into
happiness, I would like to invite you to come to spend the night and be a part of our family. A Psy-Tek k-Progressive-Full-On-Minimal Experience with the talents of Kinoxe (Freak Patrol/Quebec Canada) is proud to present to you, one of Canadas greatest promoters & dynamic Full-On DJs, after having play in Australia, Miami, and in several eastern Canadian cities, he is ready to set the Nest on Fire! He has robots and Opera singers at his trance parties, which make dreams, come true. Also in charge of Freak patrol who are coming in a busload full of people from Quebec Canada, not to be missed! Kamal AKA Dragonlotus (Dragontribe, NY-NJ/South Africa) The originator of will be coming in full force with an arsenal of the best psytrance around, always riding the new waves of trance, for the new generation of Goa Headz! He has also been a Psy promoter, from the beginning of the New York Goa scene, working with Tsunami, Synthetic Sadhus, Spectra Alphatrance, Omnitribe, Acid Phisix, d, and countless others. Mayura ( Spectra, NYC/India) Mayur is New York’s youngest, sickest progressive DJs, playing some of the best-unreleased cutting-edge Psy-Tekk, a local resident that you will ever hear, you’ll find him playing at the best Spectra parties! Working on his new studio and producing phat tracks is what to expect from this Trance Swami. Sonix Parx (Dragontribe/ Unknown Shrooms, NJ/NYC) Akin is the Manic Mekator of Psy-Trance with his raw style he will leave you cringing acid reflux for a year or two! He has been a strong influence in Dragontribe’s early days, proving that there is the Other side that we don’t know about. Amnesium (Dragontrib e/Unknown Shrooms, NYC) After a long absence, Amnesium is back with some thumping’ new & unreleased tracks covering a wide range of fresh, cutting edge trance. An Unknown Shroom that will leave in awe wondering what audio frequencies damaged your brain! Ben (Light-o-Matic) With killer lighting and an array of some of the Tri-States best Psy events Ben will leave you in amazement with his mind-bending grooves! He is a major part of web .citizensofutopia.org, be sure and come early and see him spin. Visuals/Art: from VJ Videolicious (Boulder, Colorado) Boris is up in New York for his premiere New York appearance. He’s good at freaking out his friends, lets see what he does to our stunted New York brains! Eq with sexual appeal, tapestries that ooze spirituality & dark stand-alone string art are all gateways into this artist’s soul. Joanne is a guiding light in the Philadelphia psychedelic art world. As Equus, she has been involved in planning & decorating full-on parties in the Philadelphia area. New to the New York scene, but totally entranced, Equus will morph a lovely art loft into a fantasy world of psychedelic adornments. Jamin Murphy at the Synthetic Sadhus parties, Also see him May 15 at Infected Mushroom at Avalon. Sound by Lighting by Light-o-Matic Line up: Lightomatic Sonix Parx Tony Kinoxe Kamal Mayura 9pm-7am? 10$ with flyer or printout from lists, 1 per person 15$ at the door Where: Corner of Bay & Jersey City, NJ For more info email contact me, Kamal at Krsnalotus at aol Check out our Sponsors site web geminiDJ
The party was a success; Kinoxe from Quebec, Canada rocked the deck s, we had great sets from all the DJs. Some of the best lighting I have seen recently from Ben, not to mention the best visuals from Videolicous (Boris) Eqqeus never made it, thank you all fo r coming and being a part of this. Look out for D- Nest part 2!

April 9 Friday

April 15 Thursday

“Best psytrance weekly ever” -Machinelf – Thiasos (21st & 6th Avenue, northeast corner) Free 21w/id 59 west 21street (corner of 6th ave) NEW YORK, NY 11pm-4am starts late thank you who came last Thursday and Friday. this week we have for the first time in Thiasos, DJ juggernaut lineup: 10:30 till 12:00 STEPHA N (special warm-up set) 12:00 till 01:00 KIFE (Omnitribe) 01:00 till 02:0 0 LUIS (Dreamcatcher) 02:00 till 03:00 JUGGERNAUT (Dreamcatcher) 03:00 ti ll 04:00 INACIO (Brasil) Sundays {XX Undercity Musical Residents: DJ Spinoza, Clark ov Saturn, Sheldon Drake, MercY-KillaH Visual Residents: Daniel Vatsky, Chris Jordan, Giles Hendrix, Phil Davidson Sundays at Halcyon 7p- 2am 227 Smith Street (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn) (718)260-9299 web halcyonline all ages, free Eclectic fukt up psychedelic ambient and DMT downtempo. Great sound system. Very cozy environment (chai, vegetarian food record store, comfy couches). Two big subs and 4 heads, all EAW.

April 16 Friday

Delta plays Madison Square Garden with Hallucinogen & Britney Spears (Much Stranger things have Happened, the Century is still young)
Sofi in Sweden at easter p arty

April 16 Friday
Body Temple presents Trancing into Spirit – Dancing with the Master. .
Featuring the one and only Enlightened Psy-Trance DJ TYOHAR Tyohar, the Spiritual Guide of the Pacha Mama village, is dedicated to inspiring fellow travelers and seekers through Psy-Trance music. He is a well-respected DJ from Israel and Goa who has been playing in front of thousands in search of divine ecstasy. Body Temple is proud to host Tyohar at the Mega Nightclub ‘Spirit New York’ I n Tyohar’s only USA appearance. Experience full-on enlightenment pouring through the speakers. Also appearing DJ Haj – Sonic Jihad with Global Trance Visual installations by Projectile Arts web projectilearts.org $15 with advance registration at web bodytemple. Info/event Or $20 at the door Special $15 rate if you print this email and bring it with you to the door. Doors for the party open at 10:45 PM. Spirit New York 530 West 27 Street Between 10th & 11th Avenues New York City Find out more details at web bodytemple. Info/event See the Body Temple video at web .bodytemple. Info
Body Temple at Spirit takes a step in the right direction with putting on a nominal psychedelic trance DJ (Tyohar from Israel/Costa Rico) he’s more of a “guru” than a DJ really (like m.e. ha ha) but he has connections throughout Goa so it should be interesting. Definitely more holistic vibe/more female energy than y our average garden variety psytrance event. google the Israeli/Costa Rican DJ “Tyohar” and you’ll find many Rajhneesh connections (he got his name from the guru, AKA Osho). remember Rajneesh? Americans older than 30 will. he and all those guys were crazy pill billies back int the day in the pacific northwest. They are credited with first dosing Europe with E: “E was first introduced to Europe via the sannyasins, disciples of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. “Sannyasa” is a Sanskrit word meaning complete or perfect renunciation. Cult members slipped E into the drinks of rich sympathizers to open up their hearts and their wallets.

Junya Interview

Junya Interview

meets Junya ~2005 by Machinelf JUNYA is a second generation trancer from the Phantasm dynasty. He has seen the world's ...

April 17 Saturday

Junya (DJ Eskimo) playing at the last trance party at Vinyl/Club Arc
Tsunami brings Junya, dede, yoni, mantis Junya Eskimo (phantasm records uk) Junya is the new, young international sensation, bringing crowds into ecstatic roars everywhere he plays. the second generation of the fantastic trance dynasty grew up in this music and was influenced first hand by all its greatest masters. every important trance DJ in the world plays at least some Junya’s music. dede spectrum (spectrum music, Israel) since years one of Israel’s top trance exports, as a DJ under his own name or as a live act under spectrum, confirmed by his consistent solid album sales. dede will also introduce the new atomic pulse album detoxicated, being released by spectrum in the second half of April. yoni (global trance/Tsunami) constantly the most reliable international top-level us-based trance DJ, just back from Goa, Ibiza and London, with new material. mantis (minds of demented / Tsunami) just back from a killer set at the Miami winter music conference, where he played along with some of the greatest. club arc 6 Hubert st. o ff Hudson st, 3 blocks below Canal (trains a,c,e to Canal, 1/9 to franklin) hours 11pm till late this is the time for renewal and change. Hubert Street 6 is being transformed into lofts, Arc is moving to a yet undisclosed new location. Hubert Street 6 and first with vinyl, then with arc, has changed the face of trance in America forever. Tsunami has held well over 70 events, including two huge new year’s eve events, in this historical venue. just about every big name in the international trance scene, well over 150 different ones have played here, most of them for their American debut. to celebrate the passed aid proudly look into the future we have assembled an appropriate line-up, just showing once again that trance, it’s artists, the venues supporting us and the entire movement, are not passing flukes, but here to stay. admission $25 in advance (plus store commission ) $30 at the door 18 to enter / 21 to drink valid picture id is required tickets also available thru ticketweb while visiting Tsunami-trance, sign up to our email list, so that you will be informed personally of our upcoming world-wide events and releases.
Club Arc I emailed Tsunami trance to see what they were doing for the end of club arc, here’s the response I got
Dear Dan, I am John-Emmanuel Gartmann of TSUNAMI in New York. We are doing Saturday, April 17th. Still working on details, but saving the big stuff for the new venue while making a great effort to have a very nice party at ARC, looking at the past and into the future. Will need all the help we can get to help get the word out, so we are counting on you! Respect, JEG let’s blow it up!
Hope all is well and fully recovered from last weekend’s antics in time for this one! Can’t say didn’t get much done at work this week so wasn’t too painful! What a great party! last weekend! Yoni and Junya playing some wicked tunes. That’ll probably be one of my last NY trance parties as I’m moving to Paris in September (via Maui for 2 months of windsurfing) – fingers crossed for just a few more. Sure there should be something going on there, if not London’s not too far away. You mentioned something about an outdoor NYC party next weekend. Let me know as I’d be probably up for that. Anyway, have a great weekend. Stu

April 17 Saturday

Aes Dana – Live (Ultimae Rcs, France) Christopher (Ambient Airlines, Dub Beautiful, SF) Stas (OmniTribe, NYC) v0lljude (Ambient Airlines, Dub Beautiful, SF) Zinnober (eLeKtRoLusT, Polarlight Rcs, NYC) @Siberia 356 W 40th St (9 Ave.), NYC www.elektrolust.com “Spacey ambient music”
The 3 hours long Aes Dana Live and DJ Sets awaits for its listeners. The party will take place at Siberia Lounge at 356 W40th St. – the home of Alpha Trance gatherings and will be $15 at the door or visit web elektrolust for the limited reduced admission.

April 19

April 22 Thursday
“Best psytrance weekly ever” -Machinelf – Thiasos (21st & 6th Avenue, northeast corner) thank you who came last Thursday. this week we’re gonna be blast by the following artists lineup: 10:30 till 12:00 Stephan & max(special warmup set) 12:00 till 01:00 luziunm (Dreamcatcher) 01:00 till 02:00 Vitalia (Omnitribe) 02:00 till 03 :00 Luis (Dreamcatcher) 03:00 till 04:00 Raffi (studio 55) free admission 21w/id location: Thiasos 59west,21 street (corner of 6th ave) new york, NY

April 23, 2004 – Man on Fire Premiere with GMS track playing at a Mexican trance party!
Magnetrixx Interview

Magnetrixx Interview

meets Magnetrixx 2004 by Ari Davidov MAGNETRIXX is made up of Stefan Lewin and Heike Fahrmeyer hailing from Cologne, Germany ...

April 23 Friday
Gaian Mind & Omnitribe – Magnetrixx

MAGNETRIXX (Tats u Records, Germany) HEIKE (Tatsu Records, Germany) VS. VITALIK (Omni Tribe, NYC) ALLEN (Gaian Mind/Metropolis Records), Philadelphia) KIFE (Omni Tribe NYC) JASON (Subtlechaos, NYC) Deco by M-Labs (Philadelphia) Sound by Sonic Beating (Boston) 10 pm – 7 am $25 at door ($20 w/flyer) 59 Canal Street, NYC, New York, USA web Gaian-mind web Omnitibe web gaian- mind/magnetrixx
It kills me. Magnetrixx got shut down before they even got to play. I followed the cops up, holding enough drugs to put me away for along enough time to be the official prison bitch. they arrested three people we all know. I do not gleefully say this… indoors is no guarantee of secure/safe. next time, thanks to dan DMT raver we will have a generator +system avail. for emergencies, but the point is moot due to Yak’s party where he blew them am still pissed at yak but I find myself, after trolling the aftermath of NYPD dosing everyone in sight with, of all things, entactogen, that I actually look forward to being outside today.
But one of these days, there will be an afterparty at Yak’s house and I will be the ringleader. But for the time being, get a ride and get out there.

April 24 Saturday
DMT – We Celebrate The Awakening and Return Of The Spirit

Come and enjoy the outdoors again after a long winters nap. Be part of the festivities immediately following the MAGNETRIXX party.
The DMT Sound System is being flown in for this special event…(thanx dan)
FREE OUTDOOR at The Pine Barrens
Sat. April 24th, noon. untill Sunday 25th Afternoon (isrealY
Open tables from noon-9. DJ’s at 10pm
DJ Line-up:
FreeAtmah-Asad (India) Dress Warm
Electrofunk-Uriel (NYC,Isreal.) Bring Water and Food
Lauren (Boston)
AlienStinger-Noam and Max (NYC, Isreal.)
Onnomon-Live-Dean (Philadelphia)
TecknologicalArrow-Nobi (NYC, Japan)
YONI (NYC Isreal.)
Icycoil-Merry (NYC)
Tonic-Stas (NYC, Ukraine)
Come out of hibernation and into the wilderness
RESET YOUR ODOMETER… Travel on this road for point 8 of a mile (.8) until the road comes to a T. Make a right on
the T… RESET YOUR ODOMETER. Travel almost a half
(1/2) mile watching for some indication (SMALL, SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED) drive over the dirt mound and down the road to the clearing and WAH-LA you have arrived.
for more info call John 718-871-5348
Bring your tent and sleeping bag. bring water and food. and most of all bring your good vibes …and…
Sorry for the cross-posting, but I just needed to set things straight. Only 1 speaker got popped. It’s in the “shop” now for repairs, the bad thing is that it will take roughly 2 weeks until we can get it back “home”.As for the generator, I personally can’t say for sure whether it was defective beforehand or a culmination of things that wound up seizing the engine. It it did look pretty though! And why someone would think that the users manual, with the customer support phone number on it would be better for kindling, kinda amazes me. Things could have been worse, but thankfully the weather held up, everyone got back safe, and for the most part, it was a happy gathering. Unfortunately that weekend I had to work on Saturday (it paid for the speakers to begin with). This has been a learning experience for me, and others involved in organizing future events. There’s some more on my mind but I just got in from work at 6:50AM and I have to be back to work at around 3:30PM. Let me just say that this is now behind us, the subs and 450’s will be available for the event on Friday night and Saturday, and if it’s possible to get a replacement for the 1530, anyone want to volunteer, don’t hesitate, please. We need to keep the music playing, keep the positive vibes flowing-at least TRY to keep them flowing and to keep looking out for one another. We shouldn’t be our own worst enemies. Keep looking for secure indoor/outdoor locations, if things go well, a reliable generator will be the next thing to have, so we won’t have messed up situations in “populated” areas like last Friday.Dan
A truly transcendent party – on Saturday we arrived at the secret clearing in the forest at about 11:00. . .ppl were setting up tents and making campfires all around, barbecuing, enjoying the fresh air that summer has to offer. enjoying the absolute surreality of actual reality after being stuck up in clubs all winter. finally, the air is good and ppl are real and the psytrance is BOOOOMINg.even though the generator was faulty the main sound system exploded in the forest with blistering psychedelia when it was working. even though many of the DJs on the lineup didn’t make it because they heard the news that there was trouble with the generator the ones who did arrive blasted. the dancefloor filled and filled with many beautiful dancing faces. a powerful meditation in the open air. when the sound failed ppl huddled around bonfires, played bongos, and enjoyed the many wonders of interesting conversation with unique ppl from all around the world. then ppl just blasted the systems in their cars and many little mini parties around each car/fire/tent. In the morning when the sun came up they downsized the system so it would stay on and full-on Israeli morning sounds permeated the clear blue sky. we left with tired feet at about 10am and made it safely back to Philly.

this is shaping up to be the most eventful full spectrum open air season in years, with DMT, Omnitribe, Goa Gil, Pine Barrens…

New! Machinelf’s One-Elf Jihad Against the Powers of Evil and Idiocy
www.brainmachines /shitlist.html this will save me time. rather than push anything negative via email into your in bins, I’m publishing it publicly on my site. Now rather than preaching to the converted, I am spreading the good word to everyone.

2004 4 24 Goahead
Magnetrixx Interview

Magnetrixx Interview

meets Magnetrixx 2004 by Ari Davidov MAGNETRIXX is made up of Stefan Lewin and Heike Fahrmeyer hailing from Cologne, Germany ...

April 24 Saturday
Goahead – Butterfly Dance Ritual (Rites of Spring)
in Cleveland, OH
A very special live performance Magnetrixx from Cologne, Germany.
for any New Yawkers that feel like makin the trek. We gotta tasty weekend samich. Friday downtempo..Sat main steez…Sun after-hours psy silliness. Downtempo and afterhours to be held at the Gallery, a nice lil hippie cafe on the east side of C-town details tba. Saturday mixed genre with breakbeats to start and glitchy tech to end, but the main dish is trance serving from midnight until4:45. Yac..get ya ass out here! Love Boms, Luke
Come celebrate The Rites of Spring with the Goahead family and experience art, music and dance. We love you and thank you for all of your past support! We are happy to have many of our friends as a part of this ritual, which will surely add to the vibe!
Magnetrixx – live – Cologne, Germany Tastsu,Medium,Leviathan – https://web.archive.org/web/20201125043247/http://magnetrixx.de/
MAGNETRIXX is mastermind Stefan Lewin with the assistance of Heike Fahrmeyer from Cologne, Germany. Their music is futuristic, tribal, and mysterious — but most of all, it is deeply hypnotic! With releases on Tatsu, Medium, LEviathan, and other labels, they have become one of the top German Psy-Trance producers. They took the tribes on a mind-warping journey through the forest at Four quarters in Artemis, P.A at last summer’s Gaian Mind festival. Now they return to Cleveland to jack you back in. Don’t miss their first ever pb-cle area performance!
/gmsf2k3reviews.htm Magnetrixx sound samples from thier last release http://www.psyshop.com /shop/CDs/tat/tat1cd025.html
KRI – Touchsamadi – Asheville, North Carolina We are happy to welcome back our friend and Trance Shaman from the mountains of Asheville. Come experience the full-on sounds of KRI. Bio and Mp3 at: http://www.touchsamadhi.com /kri.php
UZI – Goahead – Cleveland, Russia UZI presents a proper blend of the Israeli and Psytekk styles of Psychedelic trance. Pulsating, moving, deep, and dark!
The Break Beat Militia – Pittsburgh/Cleveland – Breakbeatz!! Moose, Clever, and Zone return to the Goahead scene to get the dancing started early! www.breakbeatmilitia
The Funk Detective – Goahead – Cleveland Jason has rocked the Goahead party many times. He will administer a proper closing techno set to cool things off in the morning.
Deco by the Devotee and Kri at Touchsamadhi The space will be transformed to provide you with a flouro psychedelic atmosphere for all of your trancing needs.
View recent deco art at: Visuals by The Future Consortium: Our old friend Geekboy returns to stimulate you with 3d rendered visual creations. www.GoaheadProductions for updates and directions.
Infoline: 330-573-6969 10 P.M. to 6 A.M. Sound by Cosmic Traveler/Columbus$17 at the door. Wake up to the trance dance experience! (www.touchsamadhi )
Ancient places of power where our ancestors gathered to conduct sacred ceremonies, celebrating their connection to the earth, sky, and to each other. These sites provided the focus for the community ritual where we danced all night around huge fires to celebrate the seasons and empower ourselves as one tribe united in spirit. As we danced on the earth the power of these sites was released into our bodies, giving us strength and connecting us to Gaia. Then the religions of fear took hold. They destroyed our sacred sites and our rituals, burning all who dared to question. But the power could not be suppressed forever and the great cycles of time have brought us full circle to this new moment and we gather once again. The ancient memory has been reawakened, the all-night dance ritual has returned. We are once again experiencing the mystical power of the Trance

April 29 Thursday
“Best psytrance weekly ever” -Machinelf (59 West 21st & 6th Avenue, northeast corner) hello tranceheads, thank you very much for coming last week . t his week we have for the first time in thiasos DJ IGGY lineup: from 10:30 til 12:00 – British max & Stefan from 12:00 til 01:00 – luziumn (dreamcatch er) from 01:00 til 02:00 – shaikid (Omnitibe) from 02:00 til 03:00 – iggy (unknownshrooms) from 03:00 til 04:00 – Luis & Leo (influx, transmitmusic) free entrance 21 w id -aJXX

Let the Ceremony Begin
In the interest of security the locations will NOT be announced here but on Safetydance and The DMT. Anakin Koenig writes about Inflatable Structures at the end of this email. His art will appear at a free open-air event Friday called Breathe with DJs (in order of appearance ) Machinelf, FX Mike, FreeAtmah, Dragontribe, and Vitalik, plus maybe a fa mous Swedish producer.
David is from Trancesylvania, he works for Mystic Fire video In a large beautiful house in Montauk that used to be inhabited by the cartoonist who created Mr. Magoo. His company distributes cool DVDs by the likes of Terence McKenna and Joseph Campbell.

2004 4 30 DMT

April 30 Friday
DMT – Breathe

First Deco Gig: Equus
Free 10pm-8am (Location/direx only on the Safetydance/TheDMT yahoogrou ps) presents Breathe! an Open Air DMT Full Moon Revival RAIN OR SHINE DJs Boris (Burning Elf), Freeatmah (Paradiso de Anjuna, India), Dragonlotus (Dragontribe), Machinelf (d), Vitalik (Omnitribe) Artists: The NYC debut of the incredible breathing inflatable bubble art installation from Anak in Koenig Airways web AKAirways (You may remember his installations a (Philadelphia)
The Devotional Ministry of Trance presents Breathe! On Friday Night April 30th 10pm-8amlaunching the 2004 Open Air Season in Manhattan with artists: Anakin Koenig Airways www.AKAirways The New York premiere of Discovolante a mechanical breathing inflatable installationEquus (Philadelphia)3D Alien Faeries Flyer image courtesy of Naotto Hattori www.wwwcomcom with DJ (in order of appearance)10pm Machinelf (Devotional Ministry of Trance, TX/NYC)Midnight FX Mike (Alphatrance/Omnitribe, Russia/NYC) 2am FreeAtmah (Foot Stompin’ Records, India) 4am Dragonlotus (Dragontribe, South Africa/NJ)6am Morning Set by Vitalik (Omnitribe, Russia/NYC)8am Liquid Todd (K Rock)181st & Amsterdam, northeast Manhattan, Under Washington Bridge (NOT the GW Bridge side towards NJ). 10pm-8am FREE. Bring art, water, flashlight, trash bags, loved ones, something to sit on. Do not leave this flyer laying around anywhere! Please be discreet when approaching the location, i.e. don’t ask locals for directions to the Rave, keep your portable strobes, lasers, and glowsticks hidden until you get there 🙂 This is a Rain or Shine event covered by a bridge. If it rains, we’ll turn up the sound. Sunset: 7:51pm Sunrise: 5:54amIt is on the northern tip of the East side of Manhattan, otherwise known as Washington Heights. theACCIDflyerswww.brainmachines /DMTApril30front.gif www.brainmachines /DMTApril30back.gif
Directionless. locationless flyer at web tranceam.org/dApril 30.gif May Saturday, May 1 noon – Medical Marijuana Rally in Battery Park w ith Cures Not Wars with the DMT Sound System web cures-not-wars.org /mapSunday
Help us do more bridge parties! I think everyone will agree that last Friday was the highest attended, highest production and best vibe 181 bridge event in memory, maybe ever.I forgot to go around with a hat and now I owe for generator rental, fruit, and taxi for the balloon guy. I need to raise around $300 to pay the artists and rental bills and to do this again if you came and enjoyed it please send money via PayPal to machinelf at brainmachines or bring to Thiasos this Thursday. If you are not a DMT member and donate at least $25 you will get free membership into the community and can vote on crucial issues and DJs.

May 2004

2004 5 1 Subtle Million Marijuana March

May 1 Saturday
SubtleChaos – Million Marijuana March


DMT’s Breathe last Friday was successful. Next engagement is Sea Breeze, an all-night ambient chillout this Friday on a deserted beach in south Brooklyn.
Saturday’s party with Etnica is important, if the huge space (Volume) fills up they’ll be able to use the space again. It’s used for a lot of Burning Man type events. Earlier that night… Water and Consciousness (see listings below) The OMNI DANCE Festival is on the first week of June. Same place on the lake in upstate NY. The lineup is amazing for everyone. International LIVE acts: Wizzy Noise, MOS, BLT, Phoney Orphants… We’ll be at all tr ance events here in NYC this weekend (and there are 3 of them). with open heart.

May 4 Tuesday
Neuromotor (Mechanik-Sound Records) Austin, TX web mistprodonline

May 6 Thursday

“Best psytrance weekly ever” -Machinelf (59 West 21st & 6th Avenue, northeast c orner) hello tranceheads. From this week until the end of summer we are opening at 8:30pm to 4:00am, it’s a special happy trance hour with chill-out /progressive DJ’s from 8:30 till 12:00 during the warm season. after midnight it will be the usual full on madnessthis week’s lineup: 08:30pm till 1 2:00am – MAX & STEPHAN 12:00 till 01:00 – JASON (subtlechaos) 01:00 till 0 4:00 – KNOB & ALLADIN PROJECT FREE ADMISSION 21 W ID LOCATION THIASOS – 59 W 21 ST (CORNER OF 6th AVE)

May 7 Tea Party Shamanistas Open Air Ceremony in Brookyln Remember that beautiful spot? There are no mosquitoes at this time of year so the next on May 7th ceremony will be there. Same everything, I need $50-$100 per person in advance, and we meet at my house and take cars over.There might be an event there also, though this time I’m not going to have to deal with stragglers towards the end of the session, i.e. there will be a designated party czar. Dan’s getting a generator by then so we’ll be in like Flynn.

2004 5 7 DMT Sea Breeze

May 7 Friday
DMT – Sea Breeze

Ambient All Night Beach Chillout, Brooklyn, Free, 12am – 10am Due to a sensitive location, details announced exclusively on DMT and Safetydance. web brain machines/May7.gif

Repop presents…. subtlechaos & Omnitibe! join us at ‘m’ shanghai bistro for a night of downright dirty grooves brought to you by……… vitalia-Omnitibe Jason – subtlechaos/repop vadim – subtle production shikid- Omnitibe 10pm till much later happy hour from 2a m till 4am (no joke) enjoy wonderful food and vibe with the boyz & girlz of the burg!!!! location:’ shanghai bistro 129 havemeyer btwn grand s t & sth 1st. williamsbhurger Brooklyn NYC call 1646 752 0346 for info! do bring ya granny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 8 Saturday
Alladin Project presents: Children of the Sounds

live set :black-buddha live (Japan) this will be his first live performance in NYC. surprise! DJ set: etnica (mauriccio) etnicane t rec. Ibiza, Spain etnica is back what to say more…he is one of the top producer and DJs of psychedelic trance in the world. he has an ability to take us in a state of mind that always keeps the dance floor jumping. he will be playing three hours set of unreleased and exclusive music.we are on-again proud to present a state-of-the-art, coherent, and sonically innovative artist. juvenile (Shanti) spun rec. Ibiza, Spain Shanti is probably the youngest veteran artist in trance history. he has developed a unique sound of his own that is tearing through the dancefloors worldwide. in recent years Shanti has been DJ’ing around the globe and is on the road with his show. he also produces music with his older brother riktam (gms) and releases music regularly on spun compilations.now at the juvenile age of 21, he releases his debut solo album ‘a machine’s dream’. his music is futuristic, rejuvenating and frankly new. in terms of electronic music, with 7 years of experience in the scene. collaborates on tracks with g.m.s., 1200 micrograms, bushman & earthling. solo project under the name juvenile, album to be released by vision quest in 2004. among his favorite places to party are Japan, Brazil, Israel & India. kno-b (technological arrow) Tokyo, japan one of the most promising talents DJ and producer in electronic psychedelic music.he will be delivering an exclusive unreleased set that will take you to a mind journey. space: dance floor 5500 square feet, exhibition 2 300 w/ 22 feet ceiling. to view: web volume.tv sound: 50.000 watts of clear frequency decoration: *main room-dance floor and visuals by: skyeye ( sound species) teddy has been doing decorations for japan trance parties. and will be using four projectors for whole space psychedelic visuals. *second room- an exhibition by Severyn barabakh Severyn has been doing psy art fo r trance parties for six years all over the world.he has worked for severa l companies such as: a.p.t.p, Synthetic Sadhus, spirit zone, earth dance, Dragonfly. web Severyn there will be a fruit bar+chai+cookies served in the morning!!! ps: first 100 people at door will get a promotion cd w/ unreleased tracks location: volume at 29 wythe ave Williamsburg Brooklyn, ny 112 11 by subway: take l train to Bedford ave. (3 stops from union sq) walk west on n. 7th street to berry take right; walk up to n. 13th street take left; volume is located one block down on the right by car: take Williamsburg bridge outer roadway take u-turn onto broadway westbound go three blocks to berry; take right go up to n. 13th street; take left volume is located one block down on right directions Admission: $20 advance 25 at the door -FROM 11PM TILL 8AM 18 to par ty / 21+ to drink picture ID required To sign up for our e-mailing list: alladinProductions at hotmail Website Coming Soon!!!

May 11 Tuesday
Luis gets equipment stolen
Also lost my leather attache and headphones) to all: we are all very sa DMT and disappointed at what happened last night at Thiasos just for all that were not there, Luis(influx) was left with nothing, at the end of the night, someone stole his bag, with a laptop, wireless card, cell, CDs and all his working tools!!! I please, please ask you if you seen anyone or if you have his bag(a gray backpack), would you please consider that he is a serious working person, trying to make a living in the US, treats everybody the same way, and most important without his tools he can’t work…..Please e be in mind that all his efforts here were not intended for $$$ but for creating and continuing with the psychedelic trance in NEW YORK. Let’s all think about the music and what it does for all hearts and souls. Without this now Luis can’t go any further. This not about one person, but a group of people that meets every week, searching for music and innovating their spirits in a psychedelic environment…. if you have any clue, you can call me at 718-930-7215 or kalfaya at yahoo we thank you and hope one day to continue……….. Luis and Karla
Thiasos line up & Rainbow Picnic Sunday & a link that may pass for art heh Tue, 11 May 1. thank you all for coming last Thursday. thank you Jason and knob for the wonderful sets this week’s lineup 09:00 pm till midnight – MAX, CARLOS and MACHINELF 11pm 12:00 till 01:00 – BEN (light-o-matic) 01:00 till 02:00 – ICYCOIL 02:00 till 03:00 – LU IS (Dreamcatcher, transmitmusic) 03:00 till 04:00 – JUGERNAUT (dreamcatc her) FREE ADMISSION 21 W ID LOCATION : THIASOS: 59 W 21 street (cor ner of 6th ave) NEW YORK, NY If the weather holds out it should be good!………

May 13 Thursday
Home of Trance closes

10-day closeout sale very sad news… special announcement from global trance 122 st marks place bet 1st ave & ave a subway n&r to 8th st, 6 to Astor place te: 21 2-477-4440 global trance store is closing on 05/24/only 10 days left !!!! we will be having a clearance sale of all merchandise example of prices as follows: pants one for $29.99 two for $49.99 t-shirts one for $14.99 two for $24.99 cds from $5.99 to $15.99 vinyls singles & lps from $3.99 to $15.99 everything else 50% to 70% off (candles, lamps, incense, leather bags, jewelry, etc) come take advantage of our great prices as we will not open a new trance store in NYC!!! selling a limited amount of tickets for infected mushroom party 05/15. (selling out fast!) for more info call 212-477-4440. hope to see you again one last time85 b om shankar, h.o.t

May 14 Friday
Benefit for Luis at 55 Lex
$20 reduced to Infected Mushroom – here’s how Please tell everyone you know about this, and email to everyone in your address book. Luis is devastated, he made a free weekly party and someone made off with his laptop last night with all of this work on it. If you are one of the many who go to Thiasos and would like to see it continue then it is in your best interest to come to show your support at tonight’s benefit. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do. 10pm-8am “Suggested” donation $15, give what you can… proceeds go to replace Luis’ laptop and equipment that was stolen at Thiasos last night, plus my headphones and bag I will also have directions for the open-air party on Saturday. I will also get you into Infected Mushroom on Saturday for $20 (reduced from $35!). With a $25 donation, you can also automatically become a DMT member with full voting privileges and access to certain members-only beach parties I am planning this summer. And I will give you a big kiss. Music by multifarious New York-based DJs. DJs please come show your support. please bring your music and art to help make a successful benefit so that Luis can continue making free parties. Please contribute what you can. This is a benefit, not your typical all night DMT and dance ritual… this is not a banging loud trance party. We are using Wylie’s two 1430s but we need to keep the sound down so leave your earplugs at home. Please bring food, beer, art, whatever you can. We really need you. Location: S.E.T.T.ING at 55 Lexington Ave (& Classon) Brooklyn

2004 Pines 2

May 15 Saturday May 15 mAY 22 jUNE 5 JUne 12
Incorporealized Incandescent Vibratory Harmono-splats at Pine Barrens

Yes! this Saturday’s party is happening with or without high-velocity particles of oxygen and hydrogen descending from the atmosphere. Bring your telepathic pollinators and lots of love. Keep this information away from police people. Be prepared to camp. Bring necessities

Infected Mushroom Interview

Infected Mushroom Interview

meets Infected Mushroom 2004 by Ari Davidov Infected Mushroom So several months after the release of Converting Vegetarians album, how ...

May 15 Saturday
Liran – Infected Mushroom
at Avalon
trancemotion2000 at hotmail Avalon, formerly know us Limelight, has been transformed into one the most cutting edge night club in the world. out of the ashes of the previous church, a modern club design combined with state of the art sound DMT and lighting systems has developed. there are four possible venues that allow for a variety of parties to occur simultaneously. spider club the news venue located in the east and of the club will be NYCs most exclusive vip club. these are lounge areas where one can get away and relax have a conversation and chill out energy these areas are the heart of the club and about dancing, light, and sound. Liran s. trancemotion Productions infected mushroomlive (b.n.e – yoyo records – Israel) duvdev & erez DJset (b.n.e – yoyo records – Israel) Avalon club n yc 662w 20th st 6th ave info: trancemotion2000 at hotmail – liran.s 91 7.553.4424
infected at Avalon review (sigh) well, may as well get it out of the way- this show was a BIG let-down for me. first off, i’d never been to Avalon before. the venue itself is pretty cool, what with the Tiers of Privilege and all. it has lots of passageways and spaces to chill in. I wandered into some jock frat party in the top VIP area, and was quickly made to feel like an unwashed loser. the main dancefloor was packed as packed can be, and during Infected’s live you could basically only jump up and down. the second floor was more sparsely populated, enough to get your own space near the railing that looked down at the dancefloor. crowd was pretty lame, with a heap of NYC club kiddz on display. while we were in line, it seemed like people had no idea what the event was, and whether they wanted to go. definitely a lot of wandering drinkers looking for nightlife. people were being very territorial and male, constantly shoving and pushing to guard their space on the dancefloor. I arrived right when Infected was starting the live set, and it quickly became clear that my expectations re: the sound was too high. the sound system at Avalon is…hmm…crappe. you can hear the kick drums and highs, but not much of the melodic elements. for that reason, many of the tracks sounded very similar. also not real keen on the house siren that blares during peak moments. I wonder if there’s a huge, shiny red button in the light booth maked “CANDY SIREN”? anyway, Spirit would have been a far better venue for this show. on to the music… I wish I could wax hyperbolic, but I cannot. Infected played a very clubby set, with several vocal numbers (like a full-on remix of “I Wish”). I was hoping to NOT hear “Symphonatic”, but they dropped it. I also made out some of the new tracks like “I’m The Supervisor”, but the detail on the sound system was muddy at best. now, I’m not an expert, but it looked to me like they may not have been doing much of anything live. I watched from above for a while, and I could see one Pioneer CD deck playing the whole time, and only a couple channels on the mixing board were lit up. on the aformentioned “I Wish” remix, Duvdev acted like he was singing into a mic, but the sound didn’t quite sync (to be fair, I WAS a little altered). my impression is that they were playing a CD-based set, with Erez adding some live synth now and then. speaking of Erez, he looked a little perturbed, which reinforces my feelings that something went wrong with the live gear. the DJ set was competent, but I bailed around 5a all the same. I wanted to go to the DC show, but I couldn’t justify all the effort involved for “just” a 90 min live act. I kinda wish I had gone, as the sound system must have been better. for me, this party was very anticlimactic, and just another “could have been” NYC party. this city has an OK underground trance scene, but I must say that I expected more when I moved here. I expected people to be booking cutting-edge music, but instead we get the usual suspects on subpar sound systems, over and over. I saw Son Kite twice here, and both times the set was interrupted by police or the sound system taking the piss. soon, both Throb AND Home of Trance will be gone, which doesn’t bode well for the scene. I’m moving to the west coast in October, and I’ll give the scene one last chance while I’m there. sorry to ramble- haven’t really slept yet.
i did not enjoy the NYC show at all….1st off I got there early and Avalon was having some kinda freaky sex show party, then after that ended they put there house DJ on….no decor no nothing, the place was filled up with a lot of the regular club-goers which most of them had no clue who infected mushroom even were, the place was jam-packed and there wasn’t even any room to dance, one thing I must say though, what I heard of Infected’s set, they tore it up… I just couldn’t stand to be in there that long and I left around 4am….when I go to a psy party I’m used to it being a full-on psy party, I don’t want to hear house, I don’t want to see strobe lights, I want to see awesome blacklight responsive decor, and hear a full long nite of nothing but psy… I had high hopes for this party and was let down…. It didn’t even feel like a psy party.. I was trying to talk all my friends who have never been to a psy party to come out for this, and I’m so glad they didnt.. It was my boyfriends 1st psy party and all I did was talk about how awesome and different it is from your average club nite…wow was I wrong for this one… I cannot believe they didn’t even have any decor..now when spacecat was at the Roxy..now that was a psyparty… last nite was a poor excuse for a psy party, I dont think I’ll ever go to Avalon again for a psy event….did anyone else feel this way too?
maddan.. . . Im truly sorry that your first NY trance experience was at this party. it was not a trance party. it was a club night with infected. I had a decent time just because infected blew some holes in my mind with their DJ set: cool remix of bust a move and skazi fire starter rmx. live was ok, yes there were wayyyyy too many hedz there.. . .like sardines. but I have to say that there was a ton of energy on the floor regardless. anyway. . . In by there are many commercial and underground parties that I think are some of the best manifestations of the trance vibe. check out ecliptic trance, Spectra and Omnitibe if you like prog/minimal stuff. . .and many others.

May 19 Wednesday
This week: Goa Kills Kenny A hex is hereby placed on thieves and those who would aid and abet thievery You’re Fucked!
From Wylie – Actually, Jeff, in Hobbesian ethics, humans will revert to the lowest common ethical denominator if not kept in check via fear of punishment. This he derived from basic physical principles like cause and effect eg. a pool cue ball hitting a strip ball and it going into a pocket. As purely biological agents, it just doesn’t make moral sense to behave if you can get away with it. Therefore humans need the threat of punishment to behave in Hobbes’ view.

May 21 Friday
Psyforia – Boston

May 22 June 5 12 & 19 Saturdays
Blended Sonic Branch Travelling Psychoactive Mind Hive – Four Very Free Parties

Good News.. When we planned Group Hex we overlooked the outdoor NJ festival… and Karma’s management double-booked downstairs with us and old skool Junglists. Rather than making a bar cut for Luis but forced to partying upstairs (no dance area or banging system) or moving it backward to Boom or Tagine or someplace indoors like that, Group Hex is becoming Group *ex and moving to Adam, Jowe, and Ian’s free open-air festival in south jersey, direx on Safetydance, rain or shine. Where we were going afterwards anyway. And we’ll send out love waves of forgiveness rather than hateful waves of evil. Which is a lot easier to do dodging the Jersey Devil in the woods as opposed to bouncing in Babylon.. Luis is still out of his life work tools. There will be a fundraiser at Thiasos next week, but the location lies fallow tonight. So don’t pine for the barrens, grab your family, dogs, drums, tents and torches, and West young men and women! And don’t forget tribal hook suspensions and Sidetrakkt from Pittsburgh

2004 5 22 Group

May 22 Saturday
Group Hex cancelled – Moved to Pine Barrens with Adam Ian Jowe

Don’t miss the free party this weekend with Sidetrakkt from Pittsburgh. Join the DMT to get direx by Paypalling ) $25 via PayPal. The Omnifestival is on! Everybody have fun and try to behave yourselves while the mad machine elf is away… After all the wait, Mushroom Magazine’s Trancers Guide to the Galaxy physically came in – in a big box from Germany labeled MUSHROOM magazine with a write up for each country, I wrote the US part here is the text web brainmachines/tranceam (web tranceam.org/tranceamerican a ) They are on sale for $2. I will have some on my person every time I go out now, I have a very limited quantity; will sell them to you but also ask for a small donation for Luis’ equipment.

001 pinebarrensmap

…and what does the “L” stand for? What the hell! I was curious what those little fields are, and now I see that they actually look like a collection of letters, T, H, L, V, playfully spread around by some magic hand. What are they? Anyone know?

May 27 Thursday

re-opening as a fundraiser. “Best psytrance weekly ever” -Machinelf – Thiasos (59 West 21st & 6th Avenue, northeast corner) Small adm ission will go to Luis’ Stolen Laptop Fund. ID21+ Thiasos – 59 W 21st (Northeast Corner of 6th Ave) -aJ

May 29 Saturday 10pm – Sunday noon Memorial Day Weekend
Suspend your Disbelief

For the first time in years, the DMT will finally have its entire sound system together, presenting “Suspend your Disbelief” featuring a live chest hook suspension at 4am a la the Native American rite of passage. The dread headed artist Jason Dorfman (DJ Primate) will also be featured in a summer issue of National Geographic. The film “Human Nature” will be shown before theritual commences.(Location/direx only on the Safetydance/TheDMT Yahoo Groups) Donations will be solicited go the Rite of Passage, a group dedicated to guiding modern man into the Archaic Revival and also to pay for generator rental and Sidetrakkt’s gas bill.Music: Electric Mayhem (Sidetrakkt – Pittsburgh, PA) The founder of Sidetrakkt Productions, Dan has been bringing psytrance to the Pittsburgh area for the past five years, both as a promoter and a DJ. From full-on nighttime stompers to spiritually cleansing morning trance, his wide range of styles have been heard on dancefloors across the east coast U.S. and Canada. www.sidetrakkt Sweet Chaos (Sidetrakkt – New Wilmington, PA)Plus NYC DJs in alpha order Machinelf, Primate, Sir Laurence,and Tinker (see flyer for schedule and direx)In Memoriam to Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Aldous HuxleDirex posted Thursday only privately via Safetydance andthe DMT list.We will go longer than noonif a critical mass suspends their disbeliefSunset 8:37 pm Sunrise 5:40 am181st & Amsterdam, northeast Manhattan, Under Washington Bridge (NOT the GW Bridge side towards NJ). 10pm-8am FREE. Bring art, water, flashlight, trash bags, loved ones, something to sit on. Do not leave this flyer laying around anywhere! Please be discreet when approaching the location, i.e. don’t ask locals for directions to “the Rave,” keep your portable strobes, personal teleporters, lasers, and glowsticks hidden until you get there :-)No one has ever been arrested and they made us shut it down only once, a week after 9/11. But be smart. This is a Rain or Shine event covered by a bridge. If it rains, we’ll turn up the sound.
direx-less flyer at web tranceam.org/May29.gif (web tranceam.org/May29 .gif) The last open air had around 200 people with zero bad incidents an DMT full knowledge of the police department.. it feels like 2000-2001 all over again, but this time faster harder and smarter. And now the sound system is almost twice as powerful. For the first time, the DMT will finally have its entire sound system together, 2 big subs not just one, 2 towers not just one, and the 2 monitors. This is the same system that will b e used at the Omnifestival’s outdoor area. Suspend your Disbelief at the live chest hook suspension at 4am a la the Native American Rite of Passage. The dread headed artist Jason Dorfman (DJ Primate) will also be featured in a summer issue of National Geographic. The film “Human Nature” will be shown before the ritual commences.(Location/direx only on the Safetydance/The DMT Yahoo Groups) Donations will be solicited go the Rite of Passage, a group dedicated to guiding modern man into the Archaic Revival Music: Electric Mayhem (Sidetrakkt – Pittsburgh, PA) The founder of Sidetrakkt Productions, Dan has been bringing psytrance to the Pittsburgh area for the past five years, both as a promoter and a DJ. From full-on night time stompers to spiritually cleansing morning trance, his wide range of styles have been heard on dancefloors across the east coast U.S. and Canad a. web sidetrakkt (web sidetrakkt/) Sweet Chaos (Sidetrakkt – New Wilmington, PA) Plus NYC DJs Machinelf, Primate, Sir Laurence, and Tinker. In Memoriam to Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxle y Direx posted Thursday only privately via Safetydance andthe DMT list. We will go longer if people stay. But don’t wait until daylight to show up, or you will miss THE ritual trance performance of all time, one that will make history look like prehistory. Sunset 8:37 pm Sunrise 5:40 a

May 29 Saturday
Cosmictraveler – ANIMA MUNDI Columbus, Ohio
S.O.T. ( / http://www.touchsamadhi.com – Chicago) midnight-2am Igor was transplanted from across the ocean (Ukraine) nine years ago. While studying, he uncovered the ancient magic of Goa/Psychedelic Trance. The music lured him in, rewired his brain and changed the nature of the learning experience. Based in Chicago, he began playing/producing with one Goal in mind “…to see more people go ape-
shit on a dance floor! …lose themselves and get reborn…” Igor is extending the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi healing energy to the Midwest; using soaring leads and swinging baselines that are sure to keep you “oscillating” well into the night…
Alberto Cosmictraveler The traveler Himself. An import from Italy, now resident of this fine city. A true devotee of this unique style, he’s been more and more prominent in the east coast scene. His flavor is a thick, driving, powerful mind-bending, psychedelic dance beat.
DJ DRIFT (special Psy-tech set) With 12 years of DJ experience under his belt, Drift is best known for his hard-ass, german style techno sets. He has always been drawn in by the driving force of electronic music, and this force has lead him to pursue the awakening known as Psy-Trance. Come witness this rare appearance!
10PM to 4 AM $10 cover at the door. Rights of admission reserved. Flyer & Up to date Info:

June 2004

If you were one of the 200+ who attended the DMT Suspension of Disbelief on Saturday and didn’t get to donate here’s your chance. l need to recover $150 before we can plan our next ritual. The next DMT open-air event on June 18th will be a similar big-budget big sound extravaganza three days before the Summer Solstice. If anyone would like to join the DMT the hard way you can be suspended by hooks, we’ll accommodate you for $150 made out to web RiteofPassage (web riteofpassage/)

I am worried about my roomate Mimi, she hasn’t left the apartment in weeks, it’s like she’s a DMT addict, the whole p lace is covered by art for the Omnifestival. It’s starting to look like Cata’s workspace at 55 Lex. I’m sure a lot of you have similar stories about this Invasion of the Artist Snatchers, people formerly relatively sane, and now have discernible spirals in their eyes…

June 2 Wednesday
NYC Aggression

a lot of the people at the DMT party this weekend go to things like this: Free industrial party tonight – ask for Anthony at the door and mention Jeff and you’ll get in free! Due to location, NYC Aggression will be going for a 21+ crowd. We apologize for anybody who misses out because of this. This week we shall be giving away comps to the Offical Skinny puppy after party (see end of this ad) Mythadrall Promotions Presents: NYC AGGRESSION An Aggressive blend of Hard Electronica brought to you care of DJ’s Adam X – Sonic Groove (web sonicgroove / (web sonicgroove/) ) DrC3A4cos – Subsurface (subsurfaceProductions/ (subsurfaceProductions/) ) Mythadrall – Mythadrall Promotions (groups.yahoo/group/DJmythadrall/ (groups.yahoo/group/DJmythadrall/) ) Maniak (M.A.S.S. Media Produktionz) Dyztort (Dyztorted Entertainment) Industrial, Hardcore Techno, Gabber, DnB, Power Noize and more…. 21 w/ valid ID to enter, no excuses or no entry! Drink Specials all night Ventilated Indoor Smoking Lounge $ 5 With a printout of this mailing, flyer, or reduced list $8 w/o Weekly Wednesday’s at Club Seho 113 Ludlow st, between Rivington and Delancey Lower East Side, NYC web lickwed (web lickwed) Just a few bloc ks away from the Williamsburg bridge 1 1/2 Blocks from the subway:

June 3 Thursday

re-opening as a fundraiser. “Best psytrance weekly ever” -Machinelf – Thiasos (59 West 21st & 6th Avenue, northeast corner) from 10:00 till 12:00 – MAX, STEPHAN & CARLOS from 12:00 till 01:00 – LUZIUMN (Dreamcatcher) from 01:00 till 02:00 – JASON ( subtlechaos) from 02:00 till 03:00 – LUIS (Dreamcatcher) from 03:00 till 0 4:00 – JUGGERNAUT (Dreamcatcher) 21/ ID 5 DOLLARS COVER CHARGE Benefit for Luis’ Stolen Laptop Fund. at


DMT unveil its new logo designed by Naotto Hattori.

The DMT Camp at Omnifestival will be held around the outdoor stage.. There will be a lot of weird surprises and no, I’m not going to wear a bathing suit all weekend with just elf ears and do K and scare people in the lake this time. Instead, we’ll do some standup/walkaround trance comedy.

June 4-6 Friday-Sunday
Omni Dance Festival at Echo Lake

First Deco Gigs: Cata and Mimi (Mizue)
Afton, NY Omni dance festival web omnidancefestival. Info (w ww.omnidancefestival. Info/) A weekend on the other side… a place to rest your mind, feast your senses and connect with the deepest reaches of yo ur consciousness. Experience pure transcendence, guided by waves of sound DMT and light echoing off the hills surrounding this secluded and haunted lake… out of town – out of control! Join the New York trance tribe as it returns to Echo Lake to celebrate the beginning of summer at the second Omni Dance. Camping, boating, swimming, chilling, dancing, laughing, breathing… all beatmatched to the pulsation of three sound stages, providing two days of non-stop aural stimulation. Expertly piloted by an international crew of techno trance masters: Journeys Stage (pavillion) WIZZY NOISE (live!) [Spun/Candyflip Records, Greece] MOS (live!) [ZMA Records, Germany] PHONY ORPHANTS (live!) [Iboga Records, Denmark] EMOK [Phony Orphants, Denmark] BORRRIS [Isratrance, Israel] SH.I.K.I.D [OmniTribe, NYC] VITLIA [OmniTribe, NYC] KIFE [OmniTribe, NYC] FX [OmniTribe/AlphaTrance, NYC] DINO [Changmian, Bo ston] BINARY [Sonic Beating, Boston] Discoveries Stage (outdoor) Saturday ALPHA CHANNEL feat. M-FIELD (live!) [Soular Records, New Haven RICKAM [Tech Safari, Montreal] ELECTRIC MAYHEM vs. SWEET CHAOS [Sidetrakkt, Pittsburgh] KRI [T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, As heville] OSCIMON [Mindflux, Colorado] BERZERX [Ecliptic Trance, NYC] BORIS [Burning Elf NYC] ANDREY [Elektrolust, NYC] MAYUR [Spectra Productions, NYC] JASON [Subtle Chaos, NYC] Sunday.. INFLUX [Dreamcatcher, NYC] TONIC [OmniTribe, NYC] INDRA [OmniTribe/AlphaTrance, NYC] MACHINELF vs. Trancellor Ogg Mod [D MT] BEN [LIGHT-O-MATIC] RAFFI [SETTING] Explorations Stage (chillout) BUFFER vs. DR. M (live!) [M-Labs, Philadelphia] RARE ZOO BABIES (live!) [Toronto] DAM [Deep Sea Fish, Toron to] FARMATAR [OmniTribe, NYC LESHIY [OmniTribe, NYC] U -CTAC [OmniTribe, NYC] ZINNOBER [Polarlight Recordings, NYC] STEFAN [Decompression, NYC] SERGE [Decompression, NYC] ARI.D [GoaheadProductions, Ohio/NYC] PEDRO [Reality Engine, NYC] BLUE SPECTRAL MONKEY [T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, Ashevil le] ICYCOIL [NYC] Exact timeslots for all stages will be p rinted in the festival program available at the gate. Sound generously provided by: Sonic Beating (Boston) DMT (NYC) Elektrolust (NYC) Deco & video : TBA inc. MIMI and CATA : : : : : : : : P L U S : : : : : : : : : : Andean healing circle by MYSTIC DETOURS Ceremonial performances by SHANTI GOSPEL PROJECT African drum circles and workshops by BABA AZIZI Massage and reiki by AVICH Food Court and Flea Market Fully licensed bar … and so much more! Interested in vending? Email: vending at omnidancefestival. Info (vending at omnidancefestival. Info) : : : : : : : : L O C A T I O N : : : : : : Echo Lake Campground 1885 Echo Lake Lane Afton, NY 13750 Phone (6 07) 639-2666 This is an incredible indoor/outdoor venue, which has hosted numerous musical festivals over the years. Situated around a secluded spring-fed lake in the midst of a pine forest, with all facilities including proper showers and hot running water. Wooden cabinettes are available – call Echo Lake to reserve. This is a RAIN OR SHINE event – we are fully protected from all-natural disasters save a direct meteorite hit. Swimming In the lake is allowed at your own risk!! NO WEAPONS, NO ILLEGAL DRUGS LEAVE NO TRACE – DRIVE SAFELY Directions: web omnidancefestival. Info/ (web omnidancefestival. Info/) All ages eve21+ to drink. : : : : : : : : T I C K E T S : : : : : : : available online now at ww w.omnidancefestival. Info/ $65 special online price until May 3rd $75 until May 17th $85 until June 3rd $100 at the festival gate Tickets are also available at these fine NYC record shops: SATELLITE 259 Bowery – (212 ) 995-1744 SONIC GROOVE 206 Ave. B – (646) 602-2943 SIFRUTEK 486 Ave. P – Brooklyn – (718) 382-9128 Additional ticket outlets will be posted on the festival website : : : : : : : : L I N K S : : : : : : : : : web omnidancefestival. Info/ web gocampingamerica/echolake/ / web elektrolust/ Presented by OmniTrib e with Sonic Beating, DMT & Elektrolust web omnidancefestival. Info (http ://web omnidancefestival. Info/) –
6:00 PM DRUMS & DOWNTEMPO 2:00 PAVILLION 8:00 PM MAYUR 1:30 9:30 PM OSCIMON 1:30 11:00 PM BINARY 1:30 Saturday June 5 12:30 AM FXMIKE 1:30 2:00 AM MOS live 2:00 4:00 AM BORIS isratrance 1:30 5:30 AM S-RANGE live 2:00 7:30 AM RICKAM 1:309:00 AM BERZERX 1:30 OPEN AIR 10:30 AM KRI 1:30 12:00 PM EL. MAYHEM & SW. CHAOS 1:30 1:30 PM BORIS Burning Elf 1:30 3:00 PM JASON 1:30 4:30 PM ANDREY 1:30 6:30 PM INDRA 9:00 PM DINO 1:30 PAVILLION 10:30 PM ALPHA CHANNEL & M-FIELD 1:30 Sunday June 6 12:00 AM VITALIK 1:30 1:30 AM KIFE 1:30 3:00 AM WIZZY live 2:00 5:00 AM SH.I.K.I.D. 1:30 6:30 AM PHONY ORPHANTS live+DJ 4:0010:30 AM INFLUX 1:30 OPEN AIR 12:00 PM TONIC 1:30 1:30 PM 1:30 3:00 PM FESTIVAL END
URGENT – we looking for a man with a Maryland license plate who was at Omnifestival, a white male 30-50 y.o. with short thinning hair, was wearing stonewashed narrow ankle blue-jeans, white t-shirt, sneakers, and was carrying a red sleep bag over his shoulder. He was in the 3rd or 4th cabin from the front. If anyone remembers/knows anything about him please contact Max at 347 512 9666. [ed. – he tried to run off with Mayur’s girlfriend, the pretty black girl), over his shoulder]
Brian: Procrastinating on writing this review; the thought had crossed my mind that the review would intensify like the aging of cheese, however, it is my feeling that I am trying to romanticize my lackadaisical writing habits. This is my third attempt at writing a semi-coherent review of the Omnidance festival. So it begins:
My arrival to the festival was much later than I had originally anticipated due to last-minute errands and glass pipe fidgeting. Wanting to arrive at Echo Lake in the early afternoon to set up and socialize, I didn’t actualize my dream until 8pm! While I thought I was late, it occurred to me that I was right on time as the first DJ was halfway through the opening set of the festival. Mayur opened the festival and at the time the system was still in need of minor tuning aDJustment s as it sounded muffled for an insignificant portion of the evening. “If you build it, they will come85” and slowly but surely more and more people began to arrive. (I remember looking at my watch at 11:30pm when the first school bus arrived from NYC.)
During Mayur’s set I was exploring the festival grounds hoping to find a friend I was supposed to meet, I thought it would be an easy tasking finding this person, but I didn’t end up find ing her until the next day. M.O.S. and S>Range were scheduled to play on Friday night, while Wizzy Noise and Phony Orphants were headlining Satur day night. I was really excited to hear M.O.S. set85 great bass lines gripped my dance in mid-stride and I couldn’t get enough, unfortunately, M.O. S. only played live for a little over one hour, which was the one hour of good international-esque quality music of the evening (for me at least). M.O.S.’s disappointingly short set made me wonder what was really going on here. I was surprised M.O.S. didn’t play longer. I could have sworn he has more than an hour’s worth of music ;).
An hour or so after M.O.S. played I ventured back into the woods to check out the other stages and perhaps find a bite to eat. Everyone I knew brought way too much food, cooler upon coolers of fruits, meats, soy-products you name it. So when the music wasn’t mentally fulfilling there was something else to nibble on. I didn’t exactly know the line up for the weekend, and taking from my experience with late start times or mismatched sets at Omnidance last year, I didn’t know if and when people would actually take the stage. It was best not to leave the main stage for too long, in an effort not to miss any of the music. Last year’s great live performances occurred in the wee morning hours like Silent Sphere’s 7am performance. I was informed by a friend that S>Range was scheduled to play his live set at 5:30am and I thought to myself ‘goodbye sober day’ as I wanted to trip and listen to’ S-rang es’ most recent release. Having fond memories of tripping and listening to space at the first Omnidance, I very much wanted to have a repeat of that great experience85 A four a.m. dosing and it was off to the races. As the confusion began to creep up my shoulders hovering over my spinal column S>range took the stage. Meanwhile, I was being overwhelmed by the fact of my tripping hiatus coming to a swift end85 For the man standing before me was not S>range at all, but an imposter playing dated pre-millennium euro festival hyper cheese! Someone must have forgotten to mention to S> range that he should play only his new material. His set was horrible not because the music he was playing was several years outdated but for a different reason. I could see the reflection of my own horror on many of the faces’ of the DJs… We were cringing because S>range’s live mixes were so god awfully dissonant, mixing tracks that should not be mixed together. Besides the fact that he wasn’t really playing live, playing wav files and calling it a live set. To my utmost disappointment, I didn’t hear one track off his most recent release. His set was so bad, it was painful to listen to! I had to flee the main stage because my mind was being tortured so. It was definitely one of the worst live sets I’ve ever heard in my li fe, there’s only been a couple of times when I’ve felt I had to leave to get away from the music (example: Junya / Eskimo). Venturing back into the woods seeking some kind of peace of ind as the night slipped into early morning. I told a few people bout my experience with s>range and I was astounded to find some people actually liked s>ranges set. (same with Junya flabbergasted I was), perhaps had I ingested xtc, it would be more to my liking. I was slightly jealous of those who choose to sleep Friday night instead of listening/dancing for they were oblivious to how weak the festival started.
Saturday morning was filled with pleasantries walks through the woods, fruits and juices, conversations, and an enchanted boat ride with my French Canadian friends from Montreal, Quebec. At first, I didn’t think going on the boat was such a hot idea, however, I have much confidence in the persuasion skills of my French Canadian friends. My ambivalence was not without warrant, for I was about to step on a boat with four other French Canadians that was taking on water. It was now or never and I knew if I didn’t step foot on that boat I would leave the festival with one regret. 5 people (no coincidences here) in a sinking boat, each with a little twinkle in their eye from the previous night85 I was quite nervous when Kahn asked me if I knew how to swim, as the water was about three inches from the rim of the boat! Our journey took us out into the middle of Echo Lake where there was a little island of sorts, with the express purpose of smoking hashish. Such a precarious situation, one little off-balance shift could send us all into the drink! We did make it back to shore without getting too wet (one of the paddlers seemed to like to make splashes). Can’t wait to see you guys at Eclipse!
I did try to get some sleep Satur day afternoon, however, because the weather was so chilly ~ 40 degrees, I was unable to obtain anything like sleep. Because it was so chilly at night the only way to stay warm without a snuggle buddy, was to keep moving dancing or walking what have you. I laid myself down to sleep sometime in the Saturday afternoon to try as I may obtain some kind of sleep, but what I got was something more like semi-delusional mumblings about my nonexistent snuggle bunny. Had the weather been 20 degrees warmer the party would DMT have been spectacular. There were some scattered rain showers on Saturd ay and Sunday, but no full downpour. At times the rain was so sparse, I felt like I could dodge the rain by running around the drops. Ha ha!
Whi le the music never stopped at the outdoor stages, there was some dead time for the main stage in the early Saturday morning hours. The main stage was revamped sometime in the afternoon (maybe evening?) with a refreshingly new & interesting DJ set from Dino (Boston). I couldn’t help but talk a little bit of shit [you know I’m good for it and knowing full well that musical comparisons are not valid comparisons85] about how much better Dino’s set sounded compared to S>range. Dino informed me later that S>Range played tracks from his “Space” album in Boston on Wednesday of the same week. Hmph, I guess we get the crispy leftovers from 1995! Hearing tracks from 2004 was refreshing and got me to flip on my negative inclinations (only 1-hour of good international music!). Dino’s set was another penny in the tea-cupping example of how local artists can play better sets than the international talent. Dino’s played his set as my diner was simmering, the sound of great tracks mixed well built a kind of dancing anxiety that made me want to drop everything and dance. Let it bee known a compromise was reached as I danced around a steamy pot of vegetables.
Cooking food s and cracking jokes with my friends by the chill-out area was how I spent the majority of my Saturday afternoon. Catching up on life stories, eagerly anticipating the coming of the nights-live music: Wizzy Noise and Phony Orphants.
I was just as excited for Kife’s DJ set, who came on just before Wizzy Noise. Having not heard a Kife spin in ~ a year or so I was really impressed with the quality of sound he was pushing. Kife really got the crowd vamped and ready for the full-on ish sound of Wizzy Noise.
Wizzy Noise85 I personally didn’t think that their set was all that great. It certainly had its moments, taking a full 30-45 minutes for them to get into it. At the beginning of their set many people were standing still b/c they weren’t playing a trance beat, it was a slower non- 4/4 downtempo beat, that I thought was misplaced for the opening headliner. I’ve seen Wizzy several times and they were definitely trying to take their music to a new direction. It seemed like they were trying for a more sophisticated sound as if there was a player for each instrument sounded (drums, bass guitar, synths etc.). However, most of their set did not work and here’s why: it sounded like they were trying to cram too much music into a weee little living space and still remain in the psychedelic / progressive
trance genre. There were definitely moments when they got me dancing really hard, and then other times when their break downs were too drawn out / fluffy. Wizzy Noise has this great album called `cyclotron’ that is hard and tech y85 this set was very far from that early release, needless to say I was a little disappointed with what Wizzy Noise brought to the table.
During the night that I felt an intense moment of clarity, where I felt connected to every human creature and to the cosmic grid. I’ve been out on the town quite a few times, but never before I had I felt so connected to everyone and everything. An interesting new experience, the result of conversing with ellis dee 8 times, and she was well worth the extra talking to. Wake fully dreaming lucid I could see everyone’s aura. Every action on my part was pre-calculated and refined. Then there were times when I felt like some kind of rock star, lol I recognized this stay puffed ego trip as it was happening ‘I wasn’t going to stand in the way of the snowball effect’ too much fun was had dancing like mad men that morning.
Sh. I.k. I.d. played a very minimalist set in-between Wizzy and Phony Orphants live set around 5am. Last night’s darkness was fleeting as the new day was beginning to arise. People were talking amongst themselves and trying to prepare for Phony in the short time allotted.
PHONY ORPHANTS (I wrote that in all caps b/c their live set was the best music all weekend) came on around 6:30am. All night I was making myself stay on the dance floor b/c my mind was conceiving nonsensical ideas about going to rouse my sleeping friends, change my clothes, or some other tripping whimsical delightful distraction. It wasn’t until half away through Phony orphants set did I leave to try rouse a friend who always sleeps through the best music, but in leaving the dance floor we both missed the music (silly me, trying to look out for my friends!). I caught the first half and it was so good that I kept looking for my friend’s faces for some kind of reassurance, to see if they were experiencing the same great-sounding ecstasy. By the time I returned to the main stage phony orphants was wrapping up their set and I wasn’t able to wake up the deadlocked sleeping giant. Mayur came up to me and said Dave where the heck were you!?!? You missed the best music of the weekend! I didn’t miss it b/c I could still hear it as I was walking through the woods but he was right I did miss something.
DJ Emok!!! somewhere in Emok’s 6 hour DJ set the magic of great progressive/psychedelic dance mu sic came to a peak. With everyone seeing eye to eye (except the shorter folk ;), smiles beaming and occasional cheers I felt the magic creep back onto the dance floor. This is what I was waiting for all weekend85 for people to be completely comfortable with themselves and their surroundings in such a way that we were all seen like children of god running around in his magnificent playground. Yes, I did take too much, some of my best experiences are overdoses 😉 I don’t think I can ever really overdose on train though possibly at a 7 day nonstop party in Greece85 any ways Emok played for 6 + hours and brought Omnidance to a heightened level of international music/quality. Everyone was so happy dancing together. That’s the other thing, no one was off doing heir own thing (like during the nighttime) we were all one. It was a very exhilarating feeling. I danced and danced and danced some more. A couple of people commented to me about how I dance and never stop/take a break. It’s because I get so into the live sound that other thoughts become secondary and then cease to exist85 another friend, Steve-o, came up to me during Emoks’ set and told me, “when Brian is smiling you know everything is good.” And it was all good Saturday and Sunday morning really turned this festival around for e.
I have to add this little antidote about Emok. After he was through playing his he was over in the concession area ordering food. A few jokes were made about American food, and jar of pickled pork sausages came into question. The label on the large jar showed a cartoonist pig doing what looked like a jig. Emok was very interested in the large sausage and asked to purchase it. Mind you this is a sausage that was about 1.5 inches in diameter and about 5 inches long, the only sausage in the jar. The man behind the counter fished out the large sausage out of the jar for him. Emok courtly asked for a knife and fork to attack large sausage but ended up sticking about a third of it in his mouth and sharing it with the other member of phony orphants (who’s name I know not). This reminded me of last year when J Bim of Midijum records ate several shish kabobs one after another after his DJ set. Something about meat and DJ sets85.
The festival was officially over on Sunday, however, I didn’t end up leaving until Monday afternoon. Several of my friends and fellow crewmembers stayed the extra day to assist in cleaning and breaking down the festival. I stayed on because I hadn’t really slept all weekend and was still very much a bumbling loon. In a conversation with the owners of echo lake who were very nice & hospitable, they said (and was repeated from last year) that of all the festivals held at Echo Lake we were the cleanest, most friendly people and would be welcomed back next year!
Dave Henshaw: Sometimes, the realization arrives and makes a positive impact on its receiver. Very often an individual will leave a party with a thousand new thoughts about the direction his or her life can take. New forms of artwork to pursue, new production techniques with new software, new ideas about the universe, new friendships to foster – the possibilities are infinite when one meets others on the infinite plane. Then again, sometimes, though some may not like to admit it, those realizations can be very negative. Some people come to realize the amount of pain and suffering they’ve caused others in the past. Some realize how they’ve wasted long periods of time chasing the wrong things. Some realize that people they thought were friends really are not. And still others realize that they’re artwork or music is not on par with where they would like it to be. Whichever direction these realizations take us, we only have the “event” to thank for catalyzing them. As Ernst Cassier tells us, “A piece of artwork or musical performance is an event. It is this music now – and now it is no longer this music. All thoughts, emotions, imports, and motion which unfold during the event are vital parts of it. Any and all descriptions, thoughts, or realizations which happen after are merely consequences from one’s interaction and participation in the event itself.” I can think of tons of parties I’ve been to where I learned something. And I can think of years upon years of my life where I thought I was learning something. But, as experience itself has shown me, it is the lessons and knowledge I gain from psytrance parties that have proven the most beneficial, most important, and most life-altering information I’ve ever been so blessed as to receive. This culture has provided me with everything from knowledge to best friends – from ecstatic joy to painful depression – from a nemesis to a soulmate. And it’s because of that fact that I recognize its importance and its need to stay strong into the future. Omnitribe Productions, in my eyes, believes the same thing. As if they didn’t; I doubt we’d have a festival as awe-inspiring as the one we were all just treated to. From the disaster at Club Mundo a few winters ago to the latest police-infested Magnetrixx party in New York City, Omnitribe has had its share of disappointments and “reasons” to pack their bags over the last couple of years. But something keeps them going. Like artists who spend years of their lives and salary on creating music – constantly seeking out perfection beyond the boundaries of fiscal and mental stability – the crew at Omnitribe goes above and beyond even their own means to make sure this side of the United States is treated to a party worth attending. My friend Anthony said it best, “Some crews would have an artist cancel on them and use it as an excuse to save money. They’d not book another and just fill the space with a local Dj or something. Not these guys. They lost BLT and made sure to get another artist. They promised four international live-acts and they did it.” That comment was even echoed around my campfire as I heard an entire conversation praising Omnitribe for making good – even at the last possible moment – on their promise to bring international talent. “Most people wouldn’t even tell you the artist canceled. They’d just let you figure it out when you got there. But these guys let everyone know BLT wasn’t coming and THEN went out, booked S-Range, and flew him all the way from Sweden in the blink of an eye!” As small as an example as that is; it shows the integrity and moral character that CAN exist in this culture. As horrid, back-stabbing, and disappointing as so much of it can seem, there will always be crews and individuals who lead through example and, despite the costs and effort associated with such a lifestyle, won’t fall to prey to the desire to get more from a party than they put into it. Some do things for the wrong reasons, but the folks at Omnitribe are certainly NOT in that category. Aside from the musical lineup itself – including a vast array of local and international DJ’s and artists – Omnitribe took the time to make the entire experience as enriching as possible. After the tragedy of the week before, they took the time to assure us all that it would not effect their event. They decorated the lake, paying both respect and tribute to those who had lost their lives to Echo Lake just a few days before. Candles were set up and anchored in the lake itself, providing both a feeling of safety and creating an aesthetically pleasing display across the water. The sound system was called in from Sonic Beating Productions in Boston and operated by Binary and Kife – the former being the mastermind behind most (if not all) of the sound gear used at every psytrance party in a 100 mile radius of Boston, and the latter being his Omnitribe contemporary and equivalent. The two share an exceptional knowledge of sound and the technology behind making it as loud, clean, and tight as possible. Almost 10,000 watts were hauled in from Boston, set up in the Pavillion, and tuned with the precision and artistry with some of the world’s greatest musicians in mind. As Anthony said, “Last year the sound system was really big and really strong, but the guys running it (weren’t qualified). This year, the system is smaller and less powerful, but the guys running it know what they’re doing. Psytrance needs a certain type of system and a certain type of tuning. This year they get it.” Nothing could be closer to the truth! In fact, as I sit here and attempt to be as philosophically critical as I can, I can’t even come close to thinking of anything that was “bad” about the party. The deco was amazing – from the projections, to the tapestries, to the 3-D hangings, to those cool spinning blacklight statues in the front. The campsites were great and even had door to door trash collections and firewood sales. If I had to think of anything to say, I’d say that it was a lesson in the old adage of “the grass is always greener.” There were times when it was hard to choose what to do – stay on the pavilion and hear the music, hang out in the campsites and sit by fires with cool people from all over the country, go down to the secondary stages and hear different kinds of music, do ONLY what all your friends want to do, or do ONLY what you personally want to do… (The permutations of the latter causing the most varying outcomes) Such choices often had chaotic consequences! I found myself often thinking about the “other” things I could be doing while I was in the middle of doing something else. A personal flaw of mine for years, it actually caused me to miss the second half of Alpha Channel/M-Field’s set (one of the primary reasons I was at the festival) and to never really find a way to reach that level of dancing and thoughtlessness that I yearn for (another one of the primary reasons I attended). But isn’t that like going to Heaven and complaining about the color of the door? Isn’t that like seeing a game at Fenway Park and complaining that the Red Sox didn’t win by enough runs? Is having “too much to do” a “bad” thing? I don’t know the answer to that question. I’m just trying to be as self-critical as possible…. And remember, whatever you read here has been written by someone who stupidly and arrogantly stayed awake starting Friday morning around 8:00. Thus ended up crashing and burning just as Emok was getting into his DJ set… 🙁 It was the ultimate act of self-defeat!! Months of anticipation wasted by the idea that I could stay awake for the whole party!!! So tiny details of “criticism” in this review should be taken with a MASSIVE grain of salt! 🙂 Anyway….however you want to slice it, the festival was amazing! Phony Orphants Live set was some of the deepest and most sophisticated music I’ve heard in a while. S-Range’s, some of the most three-dimensional and energetic. As was said last year around this time, we can only hope Omnitribe does it again next year! THANK YOU VITALIK! THANK YOU KIFE!! THANK YOU S.H.I.K.I.D! THANK YOU OMNI-TRIBE! and most importantly, THANK YOU to everyone who came out and made it what it was!

Omnifestival afterparty with Shai/Dan De Maria’s Birthday – In case you’ve been under a rock Dan is the guy who invested his money into buying a nice sound system for the d’s use. If you’ve bee n to any free open-air events lately, or the outdoor stage at Omnifestival please come thank Dan for making this the best year for free trance in years.

2004 6 2 Sue 1st Deco

June 2 Wednesday
First Deco Gig Ever: Nephilnine

June 5 Saturday
bLendED soNIc bRaNCH traVelliNG PsychoacTive mINd hIVE at Pine Barrens

very FREE outdoor party in the pines! Come to tune your bodies into the tangled bandwiths of collective perceptual mutation. Make sure that no cars are in the vicinity when you turn off of Route539. Keep this information away from police people. Be prepared to camp. Bring necessities (ie. food, water, etc.). Be kind to our universe- do not leave trash or cigarette butts at this sacred place.

June 9 Wednesday
Come by June 9th for Asad’s going away party, he’s off to India! Als o if you are an artist and want to try things out, Goa Trash is the place. But leave the hexes for my excess Tex-Mex exes in Texas.
The Grand Opening of Goa Trash 2.0
Photos (General)
FreeAtmah’s Going Away to India Party Old school Goa trance Every Wednesday in June, 10pm-4am free, ID21+ Downstairs at Karma 51 1st Ave b/w 3rd & 4th – benefit for luis influx / Goatrash2.gif (web tranceam.org/Goatrash2.gif) web brainmachines/Goatrash2back.gif (web tranceam.org/Goatrash2back .gif) FreeAtmahs Going Away Party 10pm-12am – Machinelf play s wild eclectic set Midnight – FreeAtmaah, (Foot Stompin Records, Bombay India) Back from India after his smash New York debut with DJ Karan at The Source last year, Assad is back to deliver us to sonic Nirvana DJ Freeaatmah set up, co-owned and managed Paradiso Records from 1991- 2003. He has now moved on to start his own new label. Has be en on the scene since 1991 organizing, promoting and DJing. Here to promote his new compilation which will be ready for release in July 2004. As sad spins a very dark, twisted psychedelic set … a journey from night into twilight… a set of mostly unreleased night tunez moving towards a twilight release. The night tunes make each one of us reach within and explore our deepest darkest side. Asad AKA Free Aatmah – dark night old school Goa freeaatmah at hotmail 689 3936. Free Aatmah has played in Bombay and is a partner at Paradiso de Anjuna in Goa: DISCOGRAPHY Dj Asad a.k.a. Asad Zaidi, ‘DJ freeaatm ah’ 7, Jo – Liza, 30 Sasmira Marg, PARADISO RECS. Worli, paradise at anjuna. 009122 2498 4128 Asad a.k.a Dj FREEAATMAH (33) was born and brought up in the city of Mum bai. Dj Asad began as early as 1986 (at a time when even the word Dee-ja y seemed to be alien in India), starting with commercial dance and then experimenting with rock, acid rock, retro and funk, progressing to acid house and garage by the late 80’s. He then discovered Techno, progressing to Psy, Acid and Goa Trance during the course of the 90’s. Asad along with two of his friends, Jeh and Whosane! have played an important role in setting up the Goa trance scene, right from its infancy. The success of ‘Paradiso de Anjuna’, a name known to all trance freaks and travelers in Goa and the world over, is proof of this. Together they have changed the way people party. Though being labeled as a purist, Asad appreciates and ret ains an extremely wide taste in music. He is open to spinning any kind of music so long as he likes it, regardless of how it is classified. Asad heads the Paradiso team, which is the only professional Tranceparty organizer and a record label in India. Asad has a great amount of experience on his side which to date consists of parties worldwide, in U.S.A, Mauritius, all over Asia and India, to name a few. He has been an active part of ‘The Audiophile’ and the ‘Paradiso’ team along with DJ Whosane and Jeh Wa dia. This group set up and managed more than ten hip nightclubs in Mumbai city, ever since their first in 1991. He has channeled all these energies towards the growth of Psy and Goa trance scene in India and has thus bee n instrumental in taking the vibe to all major cities in the country. He has succeeded in giving the trance scene a very acceptable face in this orthodox society. Ever since he visited Goa in 1991, he has been going back faithfully, every year to spin and collect new music because of Goa’s unique energy. For him, his set should tell a story, slowly building up into a full-fledged cosmic dance ritual ending with sounds that transcends one back to reality. Channeling the flow of cosmic energy, combining it with that of his and then sharing it with the crowd is what he looks to achieve through his music. It is most important for him to awaken the love of the universe in each individual. It is the whole spiritually enriching experience that he looks to share. It is about awakening the inner being in each individual thus creating a positive change. He believes that through this form of dynamic meditation he can create a change in the way people live their lives. It is in this form of music that thousands of people can come together to achieve that level of consciousness, where the individual dancer disappears and only the dance remains. People must step ou to their misery and celebrate the greatness of life. This concept is applied in organizing the trance Ganesh Visarjan Procession, the brainchild of DJ Asad. Thousands of people from all walks of life gather and dance through the streets, a distance of 2 km covered in 7 hours. This has become an out of the ordinary gathering since the past 4 years. Anything that he starts to do, is with the intention of making it happen as an ongoing process. The trance scene at the Razzberry Rhinoceros, a popular nightclub in Mumbai, is yet another example of his dedication. Here, his team and he started and groomed the trance scene from infancy, focusing on encouraging local and international talent. It is now globally known for the same. Now working on selective events and with select organizers so as to make time to work on his psychedelic trance tracks (some in collaboration with renowned psychedelic artists) in his personal home studio. Spinning regularly to crowds of 1000 and more, DJ Asad does not disappoint. He is a well-known name in the trance circuit in India and his name attracts partygoers. He is respected and loved by DJs and Artists from all over the world and he continues to grow and carry the positive vibe with him. Asad mix es CD’s and DAT, external FX and prefers to use Pioneer CDJ mixing consoles. Asad and his partners have been instrumental in designing and managing the following Nightclubs listed below: Sheetal Again, Hotel Royal Garden Juhu, Mumbai – 1992. Rasna Restaurant & Pub, Churchgate – 1992. Mumbai Wild Orchid, Hotel Royal, Chembur, Mumbai – 1993. Crazy Horse, Hotel Atlant ic, Juhu, Mumbai – 1993. Wig Wam, Hotel Atlantic, Juhu, Mumbai – 1993. Paradiso de anjuna, North Anjuna, Goa – 1994 – 2000. Avalon, Hotel Bawa International, Vile Parle, Mumbai – 1994. Go Bananas, Hotel Kamat Plaza, Vile P arle, Mumbai – 1994. Wet ‘n’ Wild, Hotel Kamat Plaza, Vile Parle, Mumbai – 1994. The Blue Camel, Hotel Royal Garden, Juhu, Mumbai – 1994 – 1996. The Resort, Aksa Beach, Mumbai – 1995. Black Out, Hotel Host Inn International, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 1996. Razzberry Rhinoceros, Juhu Hotel, Juhu, Mu mbai – 1995 -2000. Zaika (Restaurant / Discotheque), Ashoka Mall, Pune – 1 997. Club Abyss, Moti Mahal, Bandra, Mumbai -1998 – 2000. Papageno, Moti Mahal, Bandra, Mumbai -1998 – 2000. The Big One, the ports bar at Shatranj Napoli, Bandra, Mumbai – 1999 – 2001. Offbeat Cafe at Bowling Company Worli, Mumbai – 1999. Flavours at the Ambassador Hotel, Nariman Point, M umbai – 2000. Festa Delavita at Shatranj Napoli, Bandra, Mumbai – 1999. Ca price at Kings International, Juhu Beach, Mumbai – 1997 – 1999. Mikanos (L andmarc Citi), Worli, Mumbai – 2002.
This high res-erected-by-popular-demand party promises to make any memories of Ibiza, the Riviera, or even Thailand like so much flotsam and jetsam strung along the beaches of Goa India. Music from 10pm – 12am is generally mid- to late-90s Goa Trance which is really just modern progressive house beats mixed with Ravi Shankar sounds done up at 145 BPM. After midnight DJs may mix in modern psychedelic trance. A GOA TRASH just opened recently in Santiago, Chile by Angeles who did the long-running Wednesdays Opium Den A coalition of independent trance collectives are coming together to make Goa Trash version 2.0 – all old skool 90’s Goa – at Karma in the East Village. This party is for you Karma is a sensual, candlelit hookah lounge. The velvet decor, subtle fragrance of incense, and deep resonant music is a delight to the senses. The Ambient beats played early in the evening compliment our Happy Hour (everyday 3PM-8PM), and are sure to rejuvenate the soul. For the body, we offer a light array of Indian and Cafe food that is served all night every night! There are private booths and comfortable couches available for some R&R. Once you’ve relaxed your mind with one of our specialty cocktails, had a taste of India, and put your feet up, you mustn’t forget that Karma is currently the number one place for a puff of the stuff (Hookah stuff, that is.) And YES you can smoke here even after the city-wide smoking ban since we are exempt as a Tobacco Bar from the smoking law. We have a variety of flavored tobacco that is served in beautiful brass hookahs. If you wanna get down just follow the signs to our basement, where Goa Trance is played. Karma is a true mix of East Village diversity in a no attitude space where everyone is welcome.

Also NYC Aggres sion & NYC Trancegression debuts in the LES tonight with IcyCoil and Ben Light-o-matic (see listings below with the new symbol N Industrial, “Psy”DM ) Thiasos is back as a weekly fundraiser for Luis’ equipment. Everyone come show your support. See listings. If you’re only on TripOut and looking to jam in NYC this weekend you’re SOOL unless you count the White Party Burner benefit this Saturday with psytrance and dance tunes by Machinelf and Jason Subtlechaos (see listings). There are two open-air gatherings th is weekend, a d/Shamanista event Friday and a NJ event TBA on Safetydanc e. This is part of an ongoing effort to FAMILY-are-ize you into the deeper inner circles off the beaten path. As Terence McKenna said, the further in you go the deeper it gets.

If you were one of the 200+ who attended the DMT Suspension of Disbelief a week ago and didn’t get to donate here’s your chance. We still need to recover $150 before we can plan our next ritual. The next DMT open-air event on June 18 th will be a similar big-budget big sound extravaganza three days before t he Summer Solstice. If anyone would like to join the DMT the hard way you can be suspended by hooks, we’ll accommodate you for $150 made out to ww w.RiteofPassage

June 11 Friday
DMT – Zephyr

Sweete breathing Zephyrus did softlyplay A gentle spirit, that lightly did delay
This will be the first of several events this summer that are held exclusively for the 109 DMT members, commencing at 2pm with a day ceremony courtesy of the Shamanistas with the debut of a new ayahuasqero. Amplified music will start at sundown and slowly build from tonal ambient to tribal to full-on by morning.
Ambient beach party is on for tonight and tomorrow morning for DMT members
This is a great new virgin. spot reachable by public transportation. for nocturnal ambient through morning full-on psytrance This is the first of several free summertime gatherings exclusively for members, friends and family of the Devotional Ministry of Trance and the Shamanistas of New York. So direx are only released to DMT members, not even Safetydance is getting this one. (Yawn) To join the DMT donate $25 to me, machinelf at brain machines, via web Paypal or in person. Once we get 200 members I’ ll be hanging with hooks! If you have a van for our use this weekend the $25 fee will be waived. generator courtesy of Omnitibe

June 12 Saturday
White Party Burner benefit
DJs Jason & Machinelf for those of you not driving to the ‘Barrens.. We’re using part the monitors from the DMT system so it will sound like Boom. It’s gonna be a slamming party but if you’re a strictly trancehead then go to the ‘Barrens. The organizer is Alicia Quad pricess, who did door geisha for the Japanese party at Boom last year DJ lineup DJ 9-12 Machinelf trance Midnight – Quad’s Special – musicellaneous 12-2 Shane – musicellaneous 2-4 Ben – musicellaneous 4-7 Jason Subtlechaos – trance and the

WowI tripped my fucking eyelids off, what brew Randall. The crowd was smaller but immensely more do-able. A couple new recruits. What a brew man! We ended up excellent at the White Party. What a scene. If anyone missed us we were asleep in the corner by the same sex kissing booth.. Alicia’s a crowd is a great new opportunity for new recruits – but it may very well be vice

June 12 Saturday
glOBular inVeRTED fORests oF aDhesIve crystAl LeAF sTRucture ClusteRS at Pine Barrens
VERY free gathering in the pines this Saturday the 12th Replenish your mental digestive system with psychic A tranquility. Collective mind forests unfold with increasing chemical interactions and volitile chrystal networking, quenching the infinite crevises of cosmic pleasure. We are also gathering next Saturday the 19th- same sacred location! Make sure that no cars are in the vicinity when you turn off of Route539. Keep this information away from police people. Be prepared to camp. Bring necessities (ie. food, water, etc.).Be kind to our universe- do not leave trash or cigarette butts at this sacred place.

An agony of trance, An agony of flame that cannot singe a sleeve

June 15 Tuesday
Zen TUESDAYS at Karma

Enjoy tribal and progressive beats, delectable cocktails, and a smoking-friendly environment, plus lots more to come!
WHERE: Karma Underground, 51 1st Ave 212-677-3160
This welcome addition to the much-loved hood hookah hang-out boasts a separate entrance, plush couches, embroidered pillows, and a draped ceiling. The sensual vibe of Karma Underground is meant to transform your Tuesday night from drab to dreamy.
WHO: The music is essential to the mix, and this mix fits the atmosphere at Karma Underground very well. Performing the opening set is Eddy Kantor, of Static Groove Productions. Then hYper-nation’s own Z Lenin steps up with a killer progressive set, with the latest from Europe. Finally, bringing the late-night tribal vibe, is SHIK.I.D. of Omnitribe, the reigning king of the city’s underground trance scene, fresh off his stint at this year’s Omnitribe Dance Festival.
WHEN: The kick-off takes place starting at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, June 22nd, right on the first official day of SUMMER.

June 16th Wednesday
Goa Trash 2.0 at Karma

Photos (General)
Free, 1st ave between 3rd and 4th. This week, old school Goa 10-12 w ith Machinelf, modern trance 12-4 with Jason & Severin SubtleChaos. Half of bar proceeds go to replace Luis’s stolen laptop. Last week people started arriving by 10; by 10:30 the place was full. d’s Fire Festival t his weekend, free, open-air rain or shine with special guests the Goaheads from Ohio. Stas from Omni celebrates his birthday with a morning set. Al l info TBA on DMT & Safetydance. web tranceam.org/dfirefest ival.gif If you were one of the 200+ who attended the DMT Suspension of Disbelief three weeks ago and didn’t get to donate here’s your chance. If you donate $25 you get to nominate and vote for your favorite DJs. We nee DMT funds to continue. If you don’t have money, fine, help out in other way s, bring a trash bag, bring candles, bring beer for me (my name is Jeff and here’s my photo ends and new people, but please ask them to contribute in some way shape or form (AFTER they get there heh) NYC is huge, we keep finding new locations. As long as contributions (through time/money) continue to flow from within and without, there will always be a d. Ask anyone involved, the events are immensely more enjoyable if you are a part of making it…. thanks Joanne, Carene, Mark Ogg Modd, Daniel, Stan, everyone who helped set up and clean up, thanks for ensuring that this is a functional family. plus.. Better Living through Technology this Saturday!! Skinny Puppy at Irvin g Plaza on Sunday! Sasha and Ann Shulgin in town Monday!! At John Jay College of Criminal Justice no less!! what an extended weekend – and this is only the commercial events. see listings below for details Hallucinogen Sept 10 at Spirit! Looks like Spirit’s former no-drug reference policy has gone by the wayside just as I predicted. I knew it was only a matter of time before Jimmy the owner got chewed up and spit out by New York’s relentless nightlife grinder. Drunk cokehead guidos don’t give a shit about sp irit or enlightenment, they are locked in the same power trip ds/alcohol abuse that L.A. is. And we are not L.A. Hopefully Spirit will stay in business through the summer:: Tsunami presents hallucinogen (half of Shpongle, younger brother), on Friday, September 10th, at club spirit new york. this marks Simon Posford first appearance on the east coast since the Tsunami party at the world, in June 2001, together with infected mushroom. we will shortly announce more Tsunami dates, taking place prior and after hallucinogen at spirit.

ok.. OK… OK!! Here are the direx to the DMT Fire Festival this Friday! Well, come to Karma tonight and I’ll give the super-secret URL direx! (as opposed to the teaser flyer web tranceam.org/dfirefestival.gif) So come to 1st Ave between 3rd and 4th between 10pm-4am /Goatrash2.gif and as I see the whites of your eyes and the dilation of your pupils and the lack of thuggishness in your manner, you will be set for the craziest outlaw of this open-air season! and if your good looking I’ll take your email and add you to Safetydance (we can do more, as there are nice big bathrooms to play in, I’ve been known to cavort with lumberjacks and Malibu barbies alike) so there. now you have no excuse, either for being clueless party-wise or not getting laid, and then after you’re all partied in with Safetydance I will eventually lure you to the DMT I figure 1200 of you times $25 is $25K that’s a lot of party supplies for me and then I’ll knock you up and you’ll be added to my polysexual harem free sex for everybody (the mental kind) so come to Karma tonight, let’s get the fucking ball rolling

June 18 Friday
DMT Fire Festival

Friday DMT Full Moon Midwest Revival with the Ohio crew (Location/direx only on the Safetydance/TheDMT Yahoo Groups)
Meghan – Goa head – Cleveland, Ohio
Meghan is one of the original members of the Goahead family. She has a unique mixing style and her psytrance sets will take you on a complete journey from start to finish representing many of the styles within the psytrance genre.
Ari D – Goahead, New York/Russia Goahe ad’s New York connection. Ari has wide knowledge of the psytrance genre and that is evident in his DJ sets. Ari has been DJing since 1996, got hooked on psytrance in 2001. Over the years Ari’s sets have progressed to accent diversity of track selection and variety of mixing techniques. Expect to get a proper taste of psytekk, progressive and full-on, all in a building blend of positive dancefloor energy to get your smile & groove on .
Alberto – Cosmic Traveler – Columbus, Ohio/Italy Alberto is no stranger to the psy scene. He can be seen stompin at many a gathering. Full-on al l the way!!
UZI – Goahead – Cleveland, Ohio/Russia There is no mistaking the Russian influence in Ross’s set. Very dark and minimal yet extremely psychedelic. –
June 19th – El Nadiv (If this is cancelled, DMT the night before will be moved here) I Mad Scientist Burner Benefit
June 23rd – Wednesday – GoaTrash2.0 Downstairs at Karma, 51 1st Ave b/w 3rd & 4th 10pm-4am, free, ID 21+ Summer Solstice Week!! This week: Luis (Influx) & friends – web brainmachi nes/Goatrash2.gif (web tranceam.org/Goatrash2.gif) ww w.brainmachines/Goatrash2back.gif (web tranceam.org/Goatr ash2back.gif) -Q –

The connection between Pan’s Flute, Berserkers, and Red Bull!
Jason Subtlechaos’ mom died, he is flying back to London. His email is jsannac han at yahoo. We had a last-minute going away at Jen’s house last night. He will be missed. On a less somber note, I haven’t seen Exley, Caroline or Joe outdoors recently. They are conspicuous by their absence (I am conspicuous by my absinthe) It’s not the same without them. I want to see their asses out there so I can feel like it’s 2000 again..
The Shitlist is pass-fail, some make it… some… go to Rikers. YUCK – the unstable knife brandishing touchy-feely guy is now in Rikers for beating up his girlfriend – two black eyes – likely to stay there for a good while as his probation has already been violated a month ago for missing a rehab appointment. There are some gruesome photos if no one believes me that will be posted by me and others on Omnitribe and on Safetydance per the victim’s request. I think it’s time for me to come clean and to just tell everyone that this has been an ongoing problem with many complaints over the years, and that I am almost liable because I didn’t “out” him long ago. If a bad apple comes into your group of friends and abuses people, then new people coming in will assume that the bad apple is part of the family. And they will move on. This IS a family, but we are related not by DNA but by our spirit. And that spirit is not shared by everyone. To paraphrase Chauncy from Being There, our family is like a garden, but if you don’t have the courage and conviction to pull out the weeds soon there will be no more flowers. SO let’s hear it for Flower Power. The good news is that the speaker he fried a while back is now replaced, as Raffi learned last Saturday for the ultimate Birthday present. Now, notice I never ever said his name .. if you don’t know it by now, don’t worry, you hopefully won’t meet him. Lolla-gagging Lollapalooza tour canceled due to poor ticket sales. One of the biggest rock tours of the ’90s is finding this decade a lot less h hospitable.
I don’t remember who told me, and won’t even under torture – credible ru mors of Spirit being an I.R.A. front as a very organized BTS-style mafia setup designed to lure DMT dealers in then take their money… what are they gonna do, if there are not enough people dealing ds in the club, are they gonna turn on all the lights at 4am and make an announcement? Is the evil Leprechaun going to pop out and blow somebody’s head off. I couldn’t make this stuff up. More muckraking to come…
After the bridge party, I got mugged on my way to the store. The fire festival was amazing, btw, seethe DMT list for reviews etc. The party ended ~noon, there weren’t too many people there. me, charlie, some people were waiting down with equipment for Anthony to get back with the van. I walked up a long route looking for stuff, when I came through the bushes on the slope at the top some Dominican guy I had never seen before walked up to me wearing a jacket, pulled out a machete and mugged me for at least $350, then ran.. As this didn’t happen at the party location or ant time during the event, nothing very bad has STILL ever happened at a trance party under the bridge. But it’s still important to stress to not go off by yourself, ever, especially if you are not sober, and don’t think that the daytime is safer than night time. It’s not. Luckily I had paid almost everyone except for $ for the generator rental. Thus I owe Joann $60. Unf. I am out of this organizer role until I recover funds, that was my month late rent money; I think I’m going to just shift Goa Trash to a 100% fundraiser for me. Joann also got a $110 ticket when someone parked her jeep on the sidewalk (?) unf. this is getting too expensive to do. A generator would take a lot of headache and stress, but we really need more members, more manpower at the end of the party, support and a firmer drive in terms of funds in order to continue. What would help me is funds to get myself back to where I was right before the mugging. I had intended to get a money order for my rent made up, but the generator acquisition took up too much time – so I had $350 in my wallet. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated, I am in very dire straits now, and I don’t have the luxury of being too proud to ask. I will be at Karma Wednesday, also Paypal works with machinelf at brainmachines The fire festival was amazing, btw, seethe DMT list for reviews etc.
Psychedelic News Great writeup on the U.S. from Jessica at 0159011 and note the online mag incorporated Trancespotting!! The DMT Fire Festival went off without a hitch with a lot of Burning Man people, even though I got mugged later that day in the area. We’re going to sit on our laurels for a while and plan, until full moon in late July for a Philly 60 4 event and an indoor fundraiser in early August for the Goa Boston event and the Ecliptic Trance afterparty/Indian Independence Day. Now is a great time to join! The only psytrance events this week in NYC are Goa Trash 2 on Wednesday and Thiasos Thursday. I will be stuck in NYC this weekend. Look to NYC604 and Safetydance for OT (offtrance)events. If anyone has a particularly sweet spot for a fundraiser on Friday email me privately.

June 19 Saturday

June 19 Saturday
sPLinTering veLOcity eLATiOn woRmhoLe diLatiON at Pine Barrens

Keep this information away from police people. Be prepared to camp. Bring necessities (ie. food, water, etc.).Be kind to our universe- do not leave trash or cigarette butts at this sacred place.

Photos of Val, beaten up by Yac – do not open if squeamish. [I doubt if we’ll ever see Yac again. This guy has harassed women from the day I met him. I had seen a post of his online on Mark’s list asking if anyone wanted to buy drugss from him. I always thought that some people can be helped, saved, whatever, I gave him so many chances. I even made him a website when he was drunk at my house /yac In retrospect, I should have followed the three strikes you’re out rule. He had been weekly fucking me up somehow, I cut him off a month ago. He had been bragging about how he had invested a lot of time and energy into the trance market, and he threatened new people, new DJs because he said he had “seniority.” One weekend I got three! complaints from women that he was grabbing them, making them feel uncomfortable. He fried half the DMT SOund System when he did a Pine Barrens party. He lied to my roomate and others and held an afterparty with at least 20 people at my house – while I was gone. The last open air party he grabbed my underwear while I was DJing. We got in a scuffle, he tried to break my finger. So many bad things have happened with people when they drink, not that that is any excuse – hello MALCOLM – but Yacc was rarely drunk. Yac is incorrigible, incongruous with us. The laundry list of bad things he has done would take pages. Let’s move on… but never forget. Because one day he will be out again, trying to get back in. Don’t do it. Hi, everyone. This is Valerie, and until about 5 o’clock in the morning on Saturday the 20th of June I was Yac’s girlfriend. We lived together for 2 years. On Saturday, at the loft, he got trashed and accused me of embarrassing him in front of someone. He hustled me into the doorway, pushed me up against the wall, and started scratching, choking, and biting me. He bit me so hard that the place where he bit me is now swollen and black and blue. When people came down the stairs and tried to calm him down, he pulled a knife on someone. I slipped out and took the subway home. When I got home, he was already there. When I made it clear that I didn’t want him there anymore, he started beating me and punching me in the face. When I tried to call the police, he pulled out the phone wire. While he was in the other room I had to go over the fire escape to the street to call the police. When the police arrived, he first refused to open the door, then got out the same way I did (over the fire escape), and ran. I have two black eyes, a swollen jaw, scratches all over my face and chest, and fingerprint bruises on my upper arms and on my neck. Yac, although he has exhibited violent behavior before, miraculously has never been arrested for a violent crime. {ed. note – the first time the violence was against me. He’s been arrested, and since he is currently on probation, I don’t think they will let him out any time soon. I am writing this e-mail in case he does get out. First of all, I’m afraid of him and worried about what he might do to me, so I want everyone to know that if anything happens to me, he’s to blame. Second of all, I want everyone in the Trance community, especially the girls, to know this about him. I’m just sorry I can’t tell everyone in the world. Thank you, everyone, for your attention. Valerie visualfreak at hotmail

June 23 Wednesday
Goa Trash 2 at Karma

Photos (General)
Free, 1st ave between 3rd and 4th. This week, Gosha (Alphatrance) makes a rare appearance on the DMT decks, he was one of the first Russian psytrance DJs in NYC. Plus Luis ( Influx) and Ogg Modd (Trance Warriors/d) and Machinelf. Last week people got started around 11; by 12:30 the place had 50 people. The party goes until 4 every week, but around 3am they close the upstairs and use the separate floor gate entrance accessible from the front sidewalk. They don’t let anyone in after 3:30am so don’t get there late. This week is a 100% Jeff benefit until I raise $400, then back to 50% Luis benefit. Goa Trash is looking for 1-2 top name DJs to play in late June/early July. Must have some sort of following that will stay up late on a weeknight. Interested parties please email me, or bring a demo to Goa Trash.
This high res-erected-by-popular-demand party promises to make any memories of Ibiza, the Riviera, or even Thailand like so much flotsam and jetsam strung along the beaches of Goa India. Music from 10pm – 12am is generally mid- to late-90s Goa Trance which is really just modern progressive house beats mixed with Ravi Shankar sounds done up at 145 BPM. After midnight DJs may mix in modern psychedelic trance. A GOA TRASH just opened recently in Santiago, Chile by Angeles who did the long-running Wednesdays Opium Den A coalition of independent trance collectives are coming together to make Goa Trash version 2.0 – all old skool 90’s Goa – at Karma in the East Village. This party is for you Karma is a sensual, candlelit hookah lounge. The velvet decor, subtle fragrance of incense, and deep resonant music is a delight to the senses. The Ambient beats played early in the evening compliment our Happy Hour (everyday 3PM-8PM), and are sure to rejuvenate the soul. For the body, we offer a light array of Indian and Cafe food that is served all night every night! There are private booths and comfortable couches available for some R&R. Once you’ve relaxed your mind with one of our specialty cocktails, had a taste of India, and put your feet up, you mustn’t forget that Karma is currently the number one place for a puff of the stuff (Hookah stuff, that is.) And YES you can smoke here even after the city-wide smoking ban since we are exempt as a Tobacco Bar from the smoking law. We have a variety of flavored tobacco that is served in beautiful brass hookahs. If you wanna get down just follow the signs to our basement, where Goa Trance is played. Karma is a true mix of East Village diversity in a no attitude space where everyone is welcome.

June 24-26 Friday-Sunday
Gaian Mind

Summer Festival at Four Quarters w/shakta, beat bizarre, scorb, Stella Nutella, bluetech, and more! Register now!!!
The Gaian Mind Festival has a world-class list of talent flying in from Denmark, Sweden, London, Leicester (wherever the hell that is), Montreal, and Vienna. And it boasts it has showers and clean toilets, which is something not even Burning Man has. And sweat lodges. And nudie riverside swimming. FYIO, the information below is from the Gaian Mind Festival web site. If you want to go, I’ll pay gas and tolls from NYC. David 917-885-4552 info at Gaian-mind or megalith at 4qf.org. 24-Hour Hotline: (610) 771-0668 FOUR QUARTERS Registration and Rumor Control: (814) 784-3075 https://web.archive.org/web/20200707000519/https://www.4qf.org/ SHAKTA (Dragonfly Records – London, UK) SHAKTA’s 2001 album, “Out of Sight,” was described by Mixmag as, “…an awesome dark horse, Progressive Trance at it best! An unexpected underground smash…” and the now-defunct Muzik magazine as, “four-to-the-floor dancefloor magic.” That was three years ago, a long time by anyone’s standards, even longer in the fickle world of Trance culture, but SHAKTA looks like he’s done it again. On his new album, “Feed the Flame,” SHAKTA has harnessed all his creative and commercial instincts and hit the musical bullseye. “Feed the Flame” is a darker and more mature album echoing in parts the progressive sound of “Out of Sight,” but also embracing the current renaissance of harder psychedelia. The deep liquid grooves of “Underground” and “Fire” complement the harder sounds of “Akira” and “Paranoid Again” on this superbly produced album. Fluid, phat, and essential, this album embraces a new generation of clubbers, whilst deftly coaxing the thirty-something generation into discovering something new. SHAKTA – four albums in and a still a talent burning oh so brightly. Feed the flame indeed… BEAT BIZARRE (Iboga Records – Denmark) Finally the new BEAT BIZARRE album, “Pandora’s Groove Box,” has landed. After the huge success of their first album “Lewd,” the BB boys, Martin Zimmermann and Rene Nielsen, have done it again. Fulfilling all expectations, the seven tracks are of pure brilliance. So full of creativity and mind-bending sounds, its a joy for the ears and will please a wide range of electronic music listeners. Prepare yourself for a journey into seven completely new and well-produced tracks, all in their own unique style. Expect a killer release from BEAT BIZARRE, a bomb for the progressive Psy-Trance lover! SCORB (Ambivalent Records – Leicester, UK) SCORB (aka Ady Connor) is a UK based DJ and producer and has been immersed n the UK dance scene since 1994. SCORB has a number of releases on Ambivalent Records including the awesome debut album “Scorb” released late last year. With new releases coming soon on Ambivalent, Digital Psionics, Deja-Vu, Shiva Space Technology, and Fragile Planet, plus gigs across the globe, SCORB’s brand of twisted psychedelic mayhem is taking the world by storm! STELLA NUTELLA (Turbo Trance Records – Sweden) Swedish DJ Hanna Flemstrm goes by the artist name of STELLA NUTELLA and needs little introduction. It was in London 1998 when she started DJ-ing and she soon conquered the hearts of many trancers around the world with her firm but funky feminine touch. She eventually hooked up with Organic Records and released music with projects such as MINDSURFERS and SYSTEM BEAT. Flemstrm’s reputation proceeds her in many a country. She’s given some hot and steamy sets at the world’s most renowned parties and festivals. Her “Amazon” compilation released on Turbo Trance was well-received by critics worldwide. STELLA NUTELLA is living proof of female power in the predominantly male Psy-Trance music scene. ALLEN (Gaian Mind/Metropolis Records – Philadelphia, PA) ONNOMON (Soular Records – Philadelphia, PA) BLUE SPECTRAL MONKEY (T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi – Asheville, NC) VITALIA (Omni Tribe – NYC, NY) JASON (Subtlechaos – NYC, NY) DAVE HENSHAW (Changmian – Boston, MA) ELEKTRONKIND (Digital Yeti Studios – Baltimore, MD) NORTH CROOK STAGE- Downtempo: BLUETECH (Waveform Records – Portland, OR) BLUETECH presents a sci-fi matrix of elevated dreaming, neo-electro Dub and mesmerizing textures. His unique style of Ambient Dub with tinges of IDM and Electro is sending reverberations throughout the Downtempo and Ambient communities. Trebly rhythms ping and pong off one another as melodies form out of the ether. Classical melodies weave with digital rhythms and percussive glitches. These are spacey biorhythms for sunrise and dreaming. SOLAR FIELDS (Ultimae Records – Sweden) SOLAR FIELDS, aka Magnus Birgersson, is a very special person from Gteborg in Sweden. With a past experience enriched by electronic collaborations, Magnus has built a vivid sound universe, melting diverse Ambient styles into Psy-Trance or Industrial drones. He has a global vision of Ambient, at times atmospheric and ecstatic, at others rhythmic and groovy. Through his music SOLAR FIELDS cultivates paradox and amplifies contrasts between warmth and coldness, softness and tension, wide spaces and introspection. Still, with his unique mastery of sound climates, unity stands. KAYA PROJECT (Interchill Records – Montreal, Canada) GEL-SOL (em:t Records – Vienna, VA) NATASHA (Interchill Records – Montreal, Canada) CHARLES COHEN (Buchla Music Easel – Philadelphia, PA) CHARLES COHEN has been amazing and challenging audiences for over 20 years. His music is entirely improvisational and produced solely on a vintage Buchla Music Easle synthesizer. An avid collaborator, Cohen is most well known to most listeners from his work with Jeff Cain in their group, THE GHOSTWRITERS. With few recorded/commercially available works to his credit, Cohen prefers to concentrate on creating electronic music in the setting of the live performance space. SPINTRONIC (TBTMO Records – Philadelphia, PA) BUFFER VS. DR. M (M-Labs – Philadelphia, PA) MONO MONO (Soular Records – Philadelphia, PA) STEVE-O (GoaBabies/Spectra – NYC, NY) DEET (DSACP – Philadelphia, PA) REGGIE (Broken Beat Lounge – Philadelphia, PA) ROCKSTAR & HIJO (4QF – Baltimore, MA) EGBOT (Am-Psy – Philadelphia, PA) GAITTINS (Am-Psy – Philadelphia, PA) DR. JAMO (Raw Diner’s Club – Philadelphia, PA) EIM (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia, PA) LONESKOOBI (M-Labs – Philadelphia, PA) DANCOVAN & TBIRDLUV (Tribal Love – NYC, NY) Celebrating the Dance of Life! Featuring: UV Paintings by NEIL GIBSON (Toronto, Canada) Visual Projections by OPTICAL DELUSION (NYC) Additional Art Installations by BLACKHELICOPTERS (NYC), M-LABORATORIES, and GAIAN MINDSound Installation by SONIC BEATING (Boston) Plus: Blacklight Ritual Dance Theatre by ARCHEDREAM (Philadelphia) Performance Art by THE GREAT QUENTINI (Philadelphia) Drum Performance and Workshops by ALEX WEDMEDYK Mayan Calendar Workshops Psychedelia Film Cinema Opening and Closing Ceremonies by FOUR QUARTERS FOUR QUARTERS – An InterFaith Sanctuary of EarthReligion, Artemas, Pennsylvania, USA, Gaia http://www.4QF.org Pre-Registration – $100 (May 16th-June 19th) At the Gate* – $125 (June 24th-June 27th) Cash or Credit Card only. Admission Includes Optional Meal Plan provided by STARVIN’ ARTIST CAFE FREE All-You-Can-Eat “Fractal Feast” (carnivore/vegetarian) FREE 24-Hour Coffee/Tea Service by COFFEE DRAGONS Chai and Children’s Area by ISHTARBUCK’S CHAI Merchant Area – Clothing, Jewelry, Crafts, Tattooing, Piercing, Body Painting, etc… Healing and Massage Area Morning and Evening Yoga Sessions Daily Sweat Lodges Nightly Drum Circles Riverside Swimming Spacious Campgrounds Fire Rings with Unlimited Firewood* Hot Showers and Clean Toilets FREE Drinking Water FREE and Secure Main Parking *Additional charges apply. Dates: Thursday, June 24th to Sunday, June 27th, 2004 Gates open on Thursday at noon – Drum Circle at dusk. Amplified music starts on Friday at 10:00am.
All I know is scorb’s set made it worth the entire trip (not to mention most of the other acts were pretty solid) Saturday night was freeeezing, but the fire in the chill out was toasty.
All in all….an awesome time… and I can’t wait until next year.
Everyone was cool, except there were some rumors though of some shady character dosing people’s beverages.
>that’s reason enough for me to really regret not going
Gaian Mind review no doubt Allen knows his music…. and myself and everyone else I talked with thought the music was great there (Thanks Allen!) I enjoyed every act I saw and there was a nice variety as well. I went for some hard full on.. and got plenty of my share with Scorb.. not to mention Shakta and Stella’s set rocked.. as well as others (I heard onnomon had a great live set and did some great live tweaking with “Ableton live”.. much kudos to him for actually doing something like that..great change of pace for the “psytrance live set”. My only regret during the entire trip was I missed his set and I heard it rocked. ) There was a nice mix for other people who may not like 100% full on all the time like beat bizarre and loopus. It was good to get a little mix in there and from talking with different people… realized once again not everyone can take full-on for 15 hours straight : )

June 30th Wednesday
GoaTrash 2.0

Photos (General)
downstairs at Karma, 51 1st Ave b/w 3rd & 4th 10pm-4am, free, ID 21+ This week: DJs Mayur (Spec tra) and Kamal Dragonlotus Sunday July 4th – American Independence Day -aJXX
This high res-erected-by-popular-demand party promises to make any memories of Ibiza, the Riviera, or even Thailand like so much flotsam and jetsam strung along the beaches of Goa India. Music from 10pm – 12am is generally mid- to late-90s Goa Trance which is really just modern progressive house beats mixed with Ravi Shankar sounds done up at 145 BPM. After midnight DJs may mix in modern psychedelic trance. A GOA TRASH just opened recently in Santiago, Chile by Angeles who did the long-running Wednesdays Opium Den A coalition of independent trance collectives are coming together to make Goa Trash version 2.0 – all old skool 90’s Goa – at Karma in the East Village. This party is for you Karma is a sensual, candlelit hookah lounge. The velvet decor, subtle fragrance of incense, and deep resonant music is a delight to the senses. The Ambient beats played early in the evening compliment our Happy Hour (everyday 3PM-8PM), and are sure to rejuvenate the soul. For the body, we offer a light array of Indian and Cafe food that is served all night every night! There are private booths and comfortable couches available for some R&R. Once you’ve relaxed your mind with one of our specialty cocktails, had a taste of India, and put your feet up, you mustn’t forget that Karma is currently the number one place for a puff of the stuff (Hookah stuff, that is.) And YES you can smoke here even after the city-wide smoking ban since we are exempt as a Tobacco Bar from the smoking law. We have a variety of flavored tobacco that is served in beautiful brass hookahs. If you wanna get down just follow the signs to our basement, where Goa Trance is played. Karma is a true mix of East Village diversity in a no attitude space where everyone is welcome.

2004 Fall & Winter2005

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