1996 NYC Psytrance: A New Beginning

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1996 Playlist

Goa trance officially hits the NYC area, though it had been played at Connecticut and Massachusetts raves in ’95, and in Washington at a festival in ’94
First international goa act on the east coast: Slinky Wizard, April 20
First Tsunami party in September
First Acid Physicks parties in Fall-Winter
Launch of brainmachines.com and the first brainmachines at Northeast raves
Spiral Tribe makes its way through the U.S.
First DVD “Twister” film launched May 10

Music Is My Drug Psychedelic Trance documentary 1996
January 5, 1996 – 12 Monkeys Premiere

The Spirit of the 1990s in New York

The seminal CD

I worked at Adweek, an advertising trade magazine, and a comely young lass worked at a rival Advertising Age so we had the forbidden thing going on. In addition to next-level sex in the backs of taxis and semi-public places, she also fed me so much great Anglophilic music such as the CD above. Those late nights in 1996 at Twilo were magical. Twilo wasn’t yet the crowded hellhole it was to become years later. There was a whole posse of us advertising people – sales, media planners, and creatives – that loved all this music.
Although we hung out at Rockefeller Center for Advertising Week, sneaking into closets, getting busted by cleaning ladies, for our second date I took her to Tunnel. Classy! I was wearing a suit and Gaultier sunglasses, had a big blow torch for my cigarettes, she did E that she had brought with her. She offered me one.
No thanks, I’m covered, I said as I pulled out a baggy and snorted heroin off the top of my fist.
I didn’t even remember doing any of that. Even though my brain wasn’t really wired for it, I only did heroin a handful of times, and once for a tabloid TV show at Club USA, who the fuck does that PERIOD. …and what kind of degenerate does that on an early date? How disrespectful… AND I GENUINELY LIKED HER.
Talk about a prime candidate for an early death.
She was surprised I was still living. So am I. But she of all people understood why I had to take that decade sabbatical. It’s good to be 100% me with all the extraneous shit sandblasted away. When I was on drugs, especially the way I did them, everything I said and did come with a huge asterisk.
In addition to my lover, there were THREE Polish Kats, Sven & Jean (I visited their friends Axel and Mandy in London the next year in 1997), and Steve. The gang went out to clubs such as Carbon, Susanne Bartsch parties, industry events, and anything else that was cutting-edge and cool.
And the memories only get sweeter with time. The late 90s New York was a golden era.
Although my focus was definitely more psychedelic, and that became more pronounced with time, as I started to wear ever crazier and more elaborate LSD-inspired cyber Japanese outfits with all sorts of bizarre details, and they were more grounded in the MDMA-inspired house genre. I tried to get my friend to go to the Tsunami party in Liberty Science Center below, but the ground was shifting, and she wasn’t part of the new direction.

March 1996

March 8 Friday
Autechre + Spacetime Continuum

March 15 Friday
Home at Vinyl

Dutch was a pioneer in playing early Goa trance

March 16 Saturday
Luck-E Charms

March 17
Michael Alig murdered Angel Melendez

March 22 Friday
Instant Karma – Flux

Dutch, Lars, Mr. Kleen, Scott Richmond, Karl K w/MC Dubz, Cassien, Odi, Beau
Vinyl 157 Hudson $12 bfr midnight w/flyer $15 after midnight w/flyer speacial thanks to solar luv, basic, solution netowrek, lsd, rpg, temple, eponymous, konkrete jungle

March 22, 1996 – Resident Evil 1 Released

March 22
Resident Evil released

1996 3 22 Limelight

March 23 Saturday
Cosmic Trigger

April 1996

April 20
Slinky Wizard/Rabbit in the Moon in Fitchburg, MA
SLINKY WIZARD was the FIRST international goa act on east coast!
4/20 – haha
Five months before Tsunami. Credit to Blue Spectral Monkey for the flyer, who probably was attracted to the “BLUE” in the name.
I always felt superior to ravers. Little did i realize that a lot of these people, including Gary Walker and Dale Charles and also Chris at Columns of Knowledge, who I knew, actually led the way. Ironic that this diminishes somewhat Tsunami’s uniqueness.

Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary

Somehow, Midsommar-y "Arrival" by Abba is appropriate here October 22, 1920 – May 31, 1996 LSD Visionary. I met him ...

May 1996

DVD Logo

May 10
First DVD Released: “Twister”

June 1996

EBE Audio – Inner Energy
1996 6 22 Ultraworld Baltimore

June 22 Saturday
Ultraworld in Baltimore

1996 Fall & Winter1997

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