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The Formative Years of Goa, Raves, and the Reign of the New York Club Kids

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Goa Trance develops in Goa, India and Europe, peaking in 1995.
Ravers proliferate, and although they seem a sideshow at first, as the Internet kicks into high gear, many of them proceed to slowly disrupt all major industries, especially music advertising, and retail.
Early trance develops at the Dorian Gray in the Frankfurt airport in Germany, the Omen (Sven Väth‘s Living Room) and Aladdins (AB Goldbach) and across Europe.
1991 – Pro Tools developed; 1992 – MiniDisc developed


1990 2 Playlist


Timeline: 1991

June 5
Pro Tools developed.

I move to New York

1991 NYT 2

Article: New York in the Early 90s

Alternative Music Clubs and Parties: A Roadmap to NYC Nightlife in 1991 | New York Times

Alternative Music Clubs and Parties: A Roadmap to NYC Nightlife in 1991 | New York Times

Discover a New York Times survey from October 1991 on the "alternative" music scene. Explore the clubs, parties, and unique subgenres of that era. Found in Brooklyn storage: Oct '91 NYT survey of "alternative" (remember that word?) music clubs and parties.  See below. I had just moved here. This article was a road map for me... but even this just ...

Berlin Wall torn down


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MiniDisc developed

December 1
South Park Pilot Episode


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