Recreating Old Clubs in VR

Updated 1 year ago

Some guy is building old Houston clubs in VR! Now I can finally walk around naked in a K hole… or meet an ex at that spot by the back bar all over again, Black-Mirror-San-Junipero style.

“As a tribute to 1988 Houston, I am building Xcess, Aftermath and Therapy for virtual reality. Already made Therapy, and now that I am making Xcess, I realize how blurry my memory of the club is. So I would like to ask the community, if there is something they remember about Xcess that I haven’t placed in the digital version. This is a sketch, final version will be much better, once textured and lighting is done. Also if anyone knows who did the lights in Xcess, it would be awesome to be able to recreate something that resembles those mesmerizing lights from Xcess… Once finished, we can reunite there, using cheap VR headsets such as the Meta Quest 2…” – Jake Upfront


While this is cool as fuck, I won’t pretend this won’t be anything but a novelty any time soon. Clubs are about danger – meeting people, hooking up and getting high, and after the initial interest wears off, this will only make you miss the real thing more.
Also, this reminds me of Strobophagia, a Rave Horror video game recently released.

Check out a map of Texas nightlife in the 80s.

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