The DNA of New York Clublife

Updated 2 years ago

Every so often a brilliant artist produces a cutting-edge infographic that makes you wonder what wonders 3D hologram technology will bring us.

Thank you Graydon Carter/Vanity Fair for this glorious infographic from August 21, 2013, in case anyone missed it. Carter’s Spy DNA really showed through here. Best viewed on desktop, the text isn’t legible, on my phone at least.

One thing stands out – how amazing it must have been, that one night Pravda was open, that it garnered a page in history?

I’ll keep an eye out for a higher res (600 DPI) scan because it is that epic, up there with the old Tunnel blueprints. Maybe ebay the issue and scan away. An ideal wall poster for any aspiring NYC club historian.

NYC Nightlife History Map update: still chugging along, expanding daily. Gradually expanding “scene-y” restaurants. Nice companion to the graphic. People have been very helpful. I also added a link to “just the pictures.” Over the next few days I’ll be adding the 6 or so missing venues above.

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