Google Unveils Plan to Demolish the Journalism Industry Using AI | Futurism

Updated 1 year ago

Websites (such as this one) are a quaint endangered species.

First, Google ate the ad industry. Now, for dessert, it’s (gradually been) consuming the websites themselves. Now the process is really picking up. What’s changed? AI.

In a subtle UI change, mountains are being moved. When you google something, although you will have suggestions, in reality you will no longer go to various websites, but stay within the AI-assisted Google UI. This is already been happening with questions on the front end and schema on the back end. If you just want a quick answer, why click further?

This reminds me of the controversy of reaction videos prevalent on Youtube, which steal the ad revenue from the source video.

In a similar manner, website operators will be de facto working for Google, as artists are creating art to be consumed by AI algorithms.

It could be seen as an infection of virtual parasites.

This is only going to accelerate the bifurcation of content into quick answers vs long form analysis, which will always be a nice comfy cubby hole for websites. SEO is undergoing seismic existential changes right now.

I’m going to coin a new word to describe this – the Hyperclasm. Breaking what’s above. Because I see the web as above Google. Google is the circuits under the board.

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