We are at the Dawn of Two Bold New Eras

Updated 2 years ago

Never before in human history have two major paradigm shifts – the type that happen once every 500 years – happen simultaneously. But here we are. Twin shifts in both the front-end (AI) and back-end (fusion power.)

“2030: Google releases the RCG – AI AR realtime glasses which can run any AI app from the ’20s in real time at 120FPS. As a toggleable filter activated by voice.”

RCG stands for rose colored glasses. And they aren’t actually glasses with frames. It’s a tiny adhesive chip that is attached on a side frame that automatically detects the 2 large planes of the lens and projects into them.

So, all the neat little MyHeritage enhancements, Lensa, all that… you no longer need. The power and agency move over to the user’s hands.

You will be able to look thru an old art book from the 20th century and it could all be moving pictures of incredible psychedelic complexity.

Like stable owners and horseshoe makers in the early 1900s, psychedelic drug dealers (and companies!) will complain that they are being made redundant.

The future is psychedelic.

But that is only the beginning of this paradigm shift we are embarking on. Add that to fusion, which will be unlimited free clean energy – water! (announcement Tuesday that the Department of Energy just got the fusion holy grail of less energy put in than comes out) and what we are seeing is no less than the dawn of multiple new inflection points, new eras of progress and disruption similar to the invention of the Gutenberg press and the Internet.

Thanks to Jamie Watts for pointing out that both nuclear fission and LSD were both discovered in 1938.

AI and Fusion Power change literally everything.
Buckle up!

Investors: consider right now what implications these will have for future investments. Who will be the stable owners?

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