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Infographics Alt Right

Alt Rock – Nerdy, white, quirky, college radio
Beatniks – Unanimously show their nonconformity by going to coffee houses, reading and reciting poetry, show applause by snapping fingers
Bikers – Greasers, black leather jackets, Harleys, meth, right wing, racist

Bitcoiners – The Tulip Bulb Maniacs, reborn
Bōsōzoku – Japanese costumed bikers


Bronies – Perverted lovers of My Lil Pony. Female is Pegasister. One of the happiest subcultures out there, tied with Moonies.
Chavs is a UK derogatory slang word for a young hooligan who wears designer clothes and start fights, usually seen as lower class.

Cheerleader 1

Cheerleaders – Promiscuous
Classical Music Lovers– pretentious hoity-toity upper class stuffy nerdy snobs. Classical is meaningless because there aren’t any lyrics. Playlist

Conspiracists – are important enough to get their own page here
Country Music Fans – Conservative, white, low class, typical song includes drinking, trailers, wife leaving taking truck kids and dog. Playlist
Death Metal – edgelord Scandinavian church burning Satanists. Playlist
Dubstep – kids who incessantly talk about weed and dabs
EDM – vacuous, Adderall abusing fanboys and fangirls.
Emo – Wrist cutting, attention whores, whiner, bad poetry and music, gay, makeup

Facebook Addict

Facebook Addicts are either showoffs or people with no loves.
Faeids believe fairies used to coexist with humans but were exiled into an overlapping universe with the invention and weaponization of iron. The goal for Faeids is to find portals through which faeries can reenter our world and open them with ritual and magic. Faeids try to live their life according to a code that brings them ever closer to the faerie realm, no seriously.
Faeids don’t go around dressing like faeries, so they’re a bit harder to find. You know you’ve got one, however, if you spot someone wearing a seven-pointed star on their clothing. This is supposedly a symbol representing the gateway between the two realms.


Furries – an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online. Degenerate bestiality


Gamer – unwashed, fat, immature. See also World of Warcraft

Girl Gamer

Girl Gamers – Fanboy beta lemmings, hang out on Twitch all day giving donations to camgirls

Board Gamers

Board Gamers – A wealthy (or above-average income) male either married or engaged (i.e. lives with his other half), owns a house, enjoys drinking IPA beer, outdoor activities, and meeting up with friends to play board games. Usually has no problem shelling out $100 for a great board game but will scorn at the price tag of his wife’s shoes which were half the price.

Chavs – British hooligans

Girl Gamer – “Girls don’t play video games.”

Gopniks – Russian chavs

Goths – Black clothes, black makeup, clove smoking, pretentious fags, depressed. Gothic expresses the emotional, beautiful, supernatural, feminine, poetic, theatrical side.
Grunge – Early 90s punk, heroin, Seattle


Hacker – White hat (good guys, make money) Black hat (chaotic neutral) Main org is 2600. Hero is John Draper AKA Cap’n Crunch.
Hair Metal – Teenage girls
Hip Hop – Rappers, B-boys, beatboxing, gansta rap, black people, graffiti
Hippies – From the 60s, peace love LSD left wing. Most of their ideas such as environmentalism, marijuana, organic goods, and the Green Party are completely mainstream today

Hipsters – a subculture of men and women typically in their 20s and 30s who value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter. American Meccas are Williamsburg/Bushwick and San Francisco

Incels – “Involuntary Celibates”
The black pill is the idea that looks are by far the most important element in attracting a mate
Somewhat related to PUA’s. Basically: 20% of men sleep with 80% of girls.


Chad Thundercock – The muscular, popular alpha male who gets all the girls. Doesn’t cockblock other men. He doesn’t need to. Chad has women coming to him. He opens his tinder and finds dozens of matches and messages just in the last week. Chad can say nearly anything he wants to a woman on a dating app and within a few messages gets her number and a place/time to be intimate


Stacy Thundercunt – Chad’s high-powered’ girlfriend  has a “naturally curvy body” with “big tits and ass” that “give men instant erections.” She has “sexy, majestic long blonde hair,” her makeup is “on point” and she carries a “$2,000 Gucci bag” and “lives in luxury


Becky – the nerdy ugly girl wearing “loose baggy clothing to hide small tits/flat ass” and needing to wear “super tight yoga pants to get a few looks.” She allegedly carries a “$5 backpack” and has a “nerdy bun” because she “thinks guys like the ‘natural’ look.”

Chad Tyrone Virgin Whitey


Industrial – Rivethead punks who like technology. black, gas masks, draws on military fashion and punk aesthetics with hints of fetish wear, mainly inspired by the scene’s musical protagonists. More violent and masculine than Goths – industrial embodies the angry, aggressive, noisy, scientific, technological, political side. Playlist
Jam Bands/Deadheads – drug-addicted LSD-dealing hipster White kids “I need a miracle”
Jocks – like sports, usually mesomorphs, bully, afraid of hugging other men, peak early in life. See also “Chads” under Incels

Juggalo – radically devoted to Insane Clown Posse, stupid, loud, white trash pothead, ignorant ill informed bigots
Jungle – Uneducated, rowdy
Metal – low-class white people. Playlist
Moonies – Followers of Sun Myung Moon. Shaved head, sells books and assorted crap at airports and crowded intersections.
Mod – that began in London in 1958 and spread throughout Great Britain and elsewhere. Wear suits, ride Vespas, like the Who. See Sting in Quadrophenia.
Music – See Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music


Neckbeard – Unwashed, unshaven young men on the Internet who generally hate women (See: Incel)


Nerd – Have taken over the world. 30 years ago, we would say glasses, likes books, wears a pen protector, likes COMPUTERS, unwashed. This description today could apply to anyone making a lot of money in IT.
New Age – Crystal obsessives Windham Hill herbal tea liberal spiritualists who read dogshit books like The Celestine Prophecy.


PUA (Pickup Artist) – A whole slew of books and thought, embodied in Tom Cruz’ character in Magnolia, see also Incels
Prepper – Survival nut, usually right-wing, collects canned food and water for the inevitable Apocalypse.


Preppy – Old Northeast prep school with its own slang, dress (wears Brooks Brothers), mannerisms, and etiquette reflective of an upper-class upbringing. See also Soc culture.

Progressive Trance – MDMA using rich white kids so serotoninned out they can never get it up. Playlist

Trancespottinglogo 1

Psytrancers – LSD using freaks. I made a whole section for them here. In fact, this whole web site was inspired by them Playlist
Punk – rebellious edgelords, mohawks, spikes, chains. Playlist
Riot grrrl is an underground feminist punk movement that began in the early 1990s in Washington state (particularly Olympia) 
Rappers – See Black People under Race. Playlist

Ravers – Glowsticks, Vicks, Candy jewelry, MDMA, PLUR. Playlist More on Ravers Raver movies

Scene Kids – are often very music-savvy and claim that “music is their life.” Typical genres are punk rock, dubstep, hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo, classic rock, emo, crunk, metalcore, deathcore, pop-punk, and even hip-hop or rap. Most listen to unknown and local bands. Became popular with adolescents from the late 2000s to the early 2010s. Go to local shows in extremely tight groups. May be there for the music but usually for the social time.

Ska – wiggers, SHARP skins

Skinheads – Shaved head, Doc Martens, suspenders, swastikas, loud, drunk punks. It’s an umbrella term for many sub-sub-genres. Can be Mark Dagger-like Nazi white power listening to bands like Skrewdriver, or SHARP (anti racist) or Suedeheads (reggae/ska, overly formally dressed) and/or Straightedge (sober)

Smart Girls

Smart Girls – intimidating. Watch out guys. These girls are the best fucks ever but you can’t get them your normal bulllshit.
Swingers – Spouse trading perverts. Politically conservative, which actually is part of a fractal truth that conservatives are privately degenerate.

Synth Music Fans
Teen Wolfs wear prosthetic fangs, tails and contact lenses in order to get the werewolf ‘look’.

Trepanists – drill a hole in their skull to achieve higher consciousness. See Amanda Feilding.

Valley Girl – North West Los Angeles girls who speak “Valleyspeak” and are materialistic.
Vaporwave – hipster nerds who wax poetically about the 80s, a decade in which they weren’t even born yet.


Vegans and Vegetarian – Undernourished, overemotional, unrealistic hippies. Males are betas
White Knights – Guys who act nice to get in good graces of women; A man who stands up for a woman’s right to be an absolute equal, but then steps up like a white knight to rescue her any time that equality becomes a burden.

Weiboos – Japanese and anime-loving desexualized youth. A sign of cultural decay. See Japan under Nations.

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