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Fractalfest - Russel, MA - August 24-27, 2023

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2023 Fractal Fest

2023 9 24 Fractalfest 2




Moses Scout Reservation - Russell MA


_____10yr Anniversary_____

Fractalfest 2013 we embarked on a mission to host our first multi-day outdoor campout event for 250 faithful fractilians in the mountains of Vermont USA. One stage, a few workshops, some rain and great vibes, we all stomped as a tribe for 3 days.
This year, we return for a seminal moment, our 10-year anniversary! Yes we’ve grown to 1,500+, 2 main stages and a chillout, loaded workshop lineups, full fledged art gallery & installations, healing space, kids camp, a staff larger than that original 2013 event itself, and more! While we’ve grown, we have maintained constant diligence in retaining our tribal roots. Placing emphasis on those tiny details that make the difference, keeping that personal touch and human nature which separates us from larger/more corporate orgs.
We are humbled to share our evolution with you and look forward to growing with you for another 10 years!

_____Theme: FutureFi_____

Our future is divided into two societies, one Utopian & one Dystopian. The factions exist separately, but together, interconnected, like yin & yang. The lines between the two get blurred depending on who you ask.
At Fractalfest 2023, enter a world in the future where you get to explore the growing divide yet increasingly illusioned difference between the two.
Is the Utopia all it really seems to be? Is the Dystopia really as bad as they say? It could be all you thought or you may find one is really the other.
Bonus FutureCred to those who show up to the Utopian Stage in your freshest sci-fi metallic minimalist vibe attire on Saturday & in their earthiest creaturiest garb to the Dystopian Stage on Sunday


Our 3 musical spaces complete with custom stages & immersive dancefloor atmospheres

Dystopian Valley → Psytrance, Progressive, Goa, Full-on, Dark Psy, HiTek, Techno, etc...
Utopia Plaza → Glitch, IDM, Experimental, Breaks, Bass, DnB, Dubstep, Psydub, etc...
CHILLDOme sponsored by ChodePay™→ Downtempo, World Music, Acoustic, Healing Frequencies, etc...

Camping Area → Camping is under shaded tree canopy throughout the venue. No car camping!

Private Accommodations → Cabin rentals & private campsite rentals with raised platforms w. heavy duty canvas tents and cots available right in the middle of the festival. Rent these in the "Upgrades" category on our ticketing page.

Support Space → A safe space for attendees seeking tranquility, a friendly voice, or assistance in overcoming challenging experiences.

Healing Center → Space for attendees to explore grounding and spiritual activities/topics. Take a moment breathe & connect away from the turbulence of the party.

Workshop Cathedral → 30+ educational, fun, and inspiring workshops will be held covering holistic health, expressive arts, sustainable skills, community, and communication, dispersed throughout all 4 days of the festival.

Vendor Village → Take a stroll to see local artisans with handmade threads, crafts, trinkets and more. A dynamic area of its own with impromptu music sets, theatrical performances, Aerials, get togethers & more. This is also where you can find official Fractalfest merch and our Info Booth.

Tea House → Refresh your day with a cool or warm cup of tea! Sit, relax and meet somebody new. Be sure to bring your own cup!

Artifunktorium → Experience a melding of the mind and senses with an immersive, experimental art experience.

FractalFeast → For the first time we will be welcoming outside food vendors! Refill your tummy and energize yourself at any time of the day or night! Focused on healthy and rejuvenating, but not sacrificing the joy of your taste buds.

FractalQuest → Riddles, clues, clues, characters...The Quest Master will give you your first mission, along with a sprinkle of knowledge to help you succeed. As you plunge into your journey, what you experience depends on your determination and open heart. Can you complete the journey by the end?

Fractal Film Festival: 5th edition → Attendee submitted shorts/films to provoke conversations, explore new ideas, enjoy a chill night to start on Thursday.

Performances → Strange masked creatures, fierce fire storytellers, poetic persons punctuating perilously, and many other performing arts masters will be seen and heard throughout the event. You never know whom you might encounter as you wander through the forest.

Effigy Burn → Bring all that you wish to energetically release to our effigy and make peace with what is holding you back. The Effigy is lit on Saturday night

Hot Showers → Freshen up and wash that fest grime away with the magic of water pressure and heaters!

Medical Staff → on duty 24/7 to treat any cuts, bumps or sicknesses

Security Team → Focus on de-escalation and friendliness. Present for support and facilitating a safe environment with the right vibe.

Vibes Patrol → Preserves that special vibe of Fractal events. They keep the atmosphere safe through diligent observation while responding to over intoxication, aggressive behavior, and sexual misconduct. If any of these situations come up, find a Vibes Patrol member (wearing a neon yellow shirt with “vibes” on the front), or any staff member.

Hangout nooks, endless woodland terrain, art installations, and much more!

_____Code of Conduct_____

Be prepared to follow CDC recommendations at the time of the festival

→ Fractalfest is a LEAVE NO TRACE event ←
This means we leave the land as it was when we arrived

Pack in. Pack out. Collect all your trash and TAKE IT HOME with you when you leave. We will provide you with a trash bag upon arrival.

they go to your campsite trash or your butt will be toasted like the cigarette.

Only in approved & existing campsite locations. Follow Camp Ranger rules.

The lake is haunted by evil water nymphs for eternity. Touch it and ye shall perish a thousand years of purgatory.

Harassment of any kind, sexual or physical, is not tolerated. Respect each others’ space and boundaries. Consent is mandatory & communication is key. Harassment will lead to your removal from the premises.

Rules of society deem that illegalities are forbidden at the event or on site.

Pets are amazing, especially the furry kinds. This festival is not for them. Please find them a sitter for the weekend.

We all know it will end up broken...never yours, but bring what you need in re-usable containers.

If you are made to feel uncomfortable and need to tell someone, we are here to help. Please find a member of our Vibes Patrol team (marked with a neon yellow armband), or visit the PhreeTemple Harm Reduction zone which is marked on the map

Vibes patrol preserves that special vibe of Fractal events. It keeps the atmosphere safe through diligent observation while responding to over intoxication, aggressive behavior, and sexual misconduct. If any of these situations come up, find a Vibes patrol member (wearing a neon yellow tshirt with “vibes” on the front), or any staff member.

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