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Gaia Love Psytrance Boston Sat April 22 2023

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Got permission for posting this - Please get in contact with one of the hosts if you would like to attend and have not been invited.

2023 4 22 Gaia 2

2023 4 22 Gaia

We Invite you to our Psychedelic Earth Day Celebration!
🍃 In honor of the day of Gaia- come celebrate her with friends, food, dancing and psychedelic music all through the night!
Get excited for another legend from Mexico to blast us with his tunes !
Please welcome our special guest and headliner. Yoshua Em (Blooming Mind Records) who will be representing his own label and will be bringing us a 2 hour set.
Tickets!! ⏬️
There is a limited amount of tickets, around 125 available. We'd like to keep this event for our community!
Reserve your ticket now so its not sold out before the date!
Doors at 9PM
Line up below in order of playing:
SHVA - (Robot Haus, Influx Audio)
DEX - (T.M.D.I. / FractalTribe / Spiral Ent.)
BRIAN SENTIENT - (Zero-1 records)
LUNECELL - (FractalTribe Occulta Records)
YOSHUA EM - (Blooming mind record)
TONY DEVA - (Spiral Ent.)
LAHKINA - (Syncronos recordings)
A few things to remember when planning to attend our events 🔥🌱
- It's a potluck! Please bring anything to share. (please no peanuts or hyper allegoric food items)
-Yes , we are checking IDs at the door (21+)
-There will not be alcohol for sale. BYOB! Be Smart. Be Safe.
- We will be serving cacao (hot chocolate) & other hot tea, and soda water beverages for sale at the bar with other goodies.
- Smoking Outside ! Owner of building prefers no chewing gum, or misplacing it in odd areas. ⏭️RESPECT THE SPACE! ⏮️
If you are interested in volunteering please get in touch with one of the hosts. we will need help in positions such as door shifts, tea bar, parking standby, & set up / breakdown.
Artist Bios:
The opening artist whom will be playing is SHVA. SHVA is New England’s scenes embodiment of the Techno Viking. With high energy DJ sets and his unstoppable music production blitzkrieg, this man is clearly on a mission to RAVE-and-pillage. This absolute monster of bass-forward craziness, channels North Uk wonky and energetic vibes in his music.
Signed to BlackFox Records, Checkout Records, 4x4 Syndicate, SubSound, IN:Flux Audio & Project AllOut Records in the UK, With forthcoming tings on Simply Deep & Fursty Records, and getting airplay in the UK, calling this production powerhouse “Up and coming” would be a massive understatement, SHVA has already made it.
But no one handed him a cookie-cutter or a clone stamp to craft his music, his tracks are pure original techno viking ; SHVA is on the warpath.
Keep up with him on his facebook and Soundcloud for all of his newest productions!
Dex - The Machine Dreaming Initiative / Spiral Ent. FractalTribe - Sol III
The mind-bending frequencies projected through this boy have been known to engulf spectators, hurtling them into the 12th dimension. Inverting the gravitational pull from coast to coast, this is a force to be reckoned with. Pulsating rhythms, oozing melodies and goa tantrums create twisting soundscapes warping dancefloors beyond this universe!!
Brian Sentiant:
Label administrator and resident DJ of Zero One Music, as well as one of the organizers of the PulseLA events, Brian Sentient hails from Los Angeles, California, where he has been one of the top psytrance DJs for many years. He started DJing in San Francisco in 2001, with the legendary (((Thump))) crew. Since then, he has been deeply involved in the psychedelic trance community of California, and has also brought his DJing to a global audience, and is always prepared for any timeslot, whether as a transition set between lower and higher BPMs, as a hypnotic progressive set, a deep techno or tech-house set, or a full-on psychedelic trance set that makes the dance floor shake.
He has had the pleasure of playing at some of the biggest psychedelic festivals in the world, such as the Origin Festival in South Africa, the Ozora Festival in Hungary, Boom Festival in Portugal, Brazil's Universo Paralello, Québec's Eclipse Festival, and the infamous Burning Man festival. Before Zero One, he joined with Spun Records in 2010, and released his first compilation, 'Be Spun', which had some of the biggest dance floor tracks of the year.
In 2011, he and the rest of the Zero One crew formed Zero One Music, and Brian Sentient has been rocking the world with the label's amazing music ever since.
Lunecell: Exploring the obscure sub genres of electronic psychedelia - "morning forest", "forest progressive", "psychedelic drum & bass" with a heavy emphasis on psychedelic. Fractaltribe (crew/organization) & Occulta records are my main points of contact in sharing these frequencies.
Visual Mysticism
Fractal Explorer
Special Guest & International Headliner __________________________________
Yoshuam Em
Yoshua E.m was born from one of the minds behind the project called Black Dreamz. The Mexican artist of Darkpsy, Experimental and some Drum and Bass began to produce music playing with different sounds and environments to find the psychedelic sound. His first release came out in 2008 with and from that moment he decided not to stop, he began producing under the name of Yoshua E.m.
His recent projects are 7 Lunas (Ambient, Downtempo), Mexican Armada (with kek heh), Underworld Architects (With CincerVomit) and Double wobble (with Xikwri Neyrra). His development has been constant without losing roots, he experimented with different things and interests over time, which has given him a very personal sound, the learning has marked his music a lot. He believes that his change has been very significant both in the musical and personal fields, different experiences and experiences were forging his way of seeing the world and expressing himself.
Tony Deva:
From the east coast(Boston) and middle east(Lebanon), having also lived on the west coast(Oregon), Tony Deva is a multi-cultured, well traveled Dj & Producer. Likes to draw inspiration from magical and beautiful places. Focused on psychedelic sounds, journeying to your inner spiral, Tony Deva will keep you grounded to the earth. Resident DJ at a legendary psytrance spot , "Ledge House" in New England.
As a visionary artist, Kalomo Sala Jordan..born in Middletown ct, the year.1973. reflects his visions”artwork” through his experiences with the psyche through out his personal
life, and his concepts on multi-dimensional reality, with science faction”futuristic yet ancient Egyptian, Azteck, and a list of other different cultures and other planetary star systems that a lot of his influences comes from.
His connections to other realms worlds”,shows through the
information and alien languages transmitted through his art.Focusing on the emotion of “LOVE”..hence clean and pure imaging.line work and blending of colors..which is one of the reasons why he loves and chooses uv brings the light out of the darkness in such realms. ”space”etc.
As well as bringing a calm and secure mind state to ones who experience his work.His intention/mission on this planet is to help expand human consciousness as a whole while connecting to like minded souls as well through his art in all ways and forms.
Self taught painter from an early age,.his works have been displayed throughout the Northeast,NYC,as well as far as Tokoyo Japan. In addition to his painting, Kalomo also designs
custom handmade jewelry, clothing, footwear.
Kalomo has plans for this next chapter in his life as in this time of change in so many ways..
Is to stay AWAKE AND AWARE of the times that be...mission, to paint with pure compassion and love for healing for all things that live with infinite and eternal light.
Lakhina Rose:
Lakhina is an aspiring DJane and producer dancing in the waves of sound...In the zero point of music, a scape is created to which we can move in and out ; creating and designing the journey.. Lakhina's wide range of psytrance DJ visions brings depth to the meaning and merging with this zone ; guiding and gliding through the trance. Resident DJ at a legendary psytrance spot , "Ledge House" in New England -
LakhinaRose is the global chill dub down temple experience with atmospheres for reviving the soul , with the spectrum and gifts from the world... Softening and soothing in the frequency wave terrain, this chill out project is combining sounds with a new collaboration from Synchronos Recordings, a California label amongst other favorites --