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RAV3V3RSE Midtown Manhattan Fri Jan 13, 2023

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Ever wondered why NYC has a very limited psytrance scene? Look no further because in 2023 NYPSY collective is happy to host RAV3V3RSE a monthly/bi-monthly event just for you! The goal is to add more music to your beautiful life and expand the scene. So please join us for our very first chapter of many more to come , where we reconnect and build new memories. Alone we can do so little , together we can do so much!
Much love, PSY you soon!
Vibe Conductors:
✨OMOLAK (Awake Prod / Fractaltribe)
Music: 11pm - 5am
Tickets available online. Grab yours now!
$20 Cover at the door
**No exchange or Refund** // Ticket sales are final!



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