360° VR Mars

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Cockpit at Night

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MARS Virtual Tour – What’s Mars surface looks like to you?
NASA’s Perseverance Navcams 360° photo (edited by Hugh Hou )
From NASA – This panorama, taken on Feb. 20, 2021, by the Navigation Cameras, or Navcams, aboard NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover, was stitched together from six individual images after they were sent back to Earth.
Disclaimer: the original photo does not have the full sky, I edited the sky to have a full 360 experience inside a VR headset like Oculus Quest 2. The sky does not represent the real sky from Mars.
NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover

I hope you can enjoy this unique experience in immersive virtual reality!
Click here and follow instructions to experience this in your Oculus VR headset.

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