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DIGITAL FORTRESS Brooklyn April 8, 2023

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Event by Goajira Collective

Hello people of the PSY, Goajira Collective is happy to announce ,the will be hosting a night of pure shenanigans , will be hosting 2 of the most outstanding labels in the moment and their ambassadors , support Dj sets from our best local acts , killer deco , visual arts & sound.. See you in the trance floor...
ORIGINZ - aka Raphaël Atlan is a 28 years old psytrance activist from Lyon, France. Founder and director of the organization Outrance and in the line-up team of the Hadra festival, he started djing alongside many international artists of the scene. Since 2015, he played on several stages in Europe and around the world (Thailand, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Israel, Italy, Croatia, Cambodia, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, Belgium…) and in renowned festivals (Modem, Hadra, Own Spirit, Wao, Son Libre…). His style blends energetic and pumping psytrance beats and groovy forest atmospheres, bringing both deep and lightness to the dancefloor. In 2019, he joined Sangoma Records as Label DJ to fulfill his dream around the world. He released his first VA Eagles Rising in 2020 on Sangoma Records.
REZA EDGE - is a psychedelic trance artist, , from USA ( New York)
Reza has been playing at parties and festivals worldwide since the year 90’s
discovering Goatrance on the beaches of India,his sound can be described as twilight music,forest.Reza is known for his powerful sets making the crowd dance until his last track,his love & passion for Psytrance has taken him to a lot of different countries,
During the years Reza has built a crowd within the scene; sharing his musical visions and vibes in over 25 countries.Reza has compiled 2 various artists album.
LEINAD LYDERS - AKA - Daniel Morales, Dj and producer from Tlaxcalteca México , began his musical career in 2016, his style is characterized by strong and solid bass lines, funky sounds and dynamism when playing, he has shared the stage with artists of national and international stature like Interactive Noise, Jano, Shove, Seggae, Barak, Pollyfonika, Critter, Oksha, Insignia, among others. He is currently working on his own music that will soon be out on the globe.
DJ NEWTON - Is a djset made by Isaac Araujo, born in Minas Gerais and a psytrance lover.
Due to the unique atmosphere he brings to the dancefloor, he has been achieving room in many lineups from several PVT's and festivals, alongside nacional and internacional names.
Influenced by all kinds of psytrance subgenres, he produces various sets considering the dancefloor's energy and atmosphere, which can go from a daytime to a speedy-nighttime psytrance, trying to keep the dancefloor in trance and ecstasy.
Nowadays he is part of the Anura Crew and Natural Evolution Records.
Label / Crew - Natural Evolution Records / Anura
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