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Envision Brooklyn bk.electric.grp 8PM Fri Feb 10 2023

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(this is the 2nd event page, so that individual invites are not required. both event pages will be updated with location and entry details on the day of the event) (still a private event, only)
21 years old and over. This is private space. If you have any questions or want to attend please send me a DM. GOOD VIBE PEOPLE ARE WELCOME!
A private free party at (see below, East NY, by L train, Sutter Ave). This event is intended as a spiritual experience not a casual dance party,, expect lasers, smoke, strobes, projections, and of course, serious sound. This is a private event. Drinks are BYOB.
Doors open 9pm (for coffee and tea with binaural beats)
DJ schedule:
10pm Crunch Master Chris
11:30pm Jato
12:30am Piloni
2:00am Hypnotoad
3:30am Simbal Karma
5am Glitch Effect
Location: TBA day of.
pass code: #### to be provided day of (do not share the door code, and do not let anyone in without the code)
Do not come if you have any Covid symptoms. Please police each other, if you see someone with symptoms, please talk to the host so that person can be asked to leave. If you have allergies, take some benadryl, lol. Everyone has fragile family members, we need to take this seriously, we have lost too many already. We have hand sanitizer everywhere, please use it to stay safe. There are about 10 - H13 filter air purifiers spaced throughout the area, these should be left on and at full power.
Do not use the expresso machine unless you are a Starbuck level pro. In any case, don't change the settings.
Once you enter, please lock the door behind you do not exit again until you are leaving. We do not want to attract attention in this neighborhood. This is a tough neighborhood, please remain aware.
Smoking of cigarettes or pot, can be done in the main entrance hallway, the roof exit will be left open for ventilation, please do not climb onto the roof. Smoking of pot can also be done in the event area if it's within reason (no godfathers please 😉).
Heighten the vibe, bring ur glow toys, dance like it's 1999, there will be blacklight body paint left out, let's have fun, this is a judgment free zone.
This is a free event in a private space, please be gentle with bathrooms, help out to collect garage and recycle, at the end if anyone wants to help for a quick clean up that would be appreciated. (10 minutes should do it).
Entrance to this event is intended for those listed as going or interested on this event page. Anyone attending, please "sign up".
If you are sensitive to sound, bring earplugs it will be loud. If you are sensitive to strobes and lights, bring sunglasses. If you are afraid of smoke from a smoke machine , sorry can't help you at times the smoke will be dense.
WARNING: This event may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Attendee discretion is advised. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, illegal substances are not allowed.
I'm looking forward to a great time with everyone!
Learn and dance responsibly.  

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