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Fort Dodge Ketamine


James Kent Serious

Wherein the famous psychedelic author James Kent and I discuss the “Third Wave” of psychedlic enthusiasts in the 1990s, Generation X, Ketamine, John Lilly, Marcia Moore, Austin, Slacker, clothing optional hippie commune, Burning Man, the Resonator, brain machines, trance, ayahuasca, nootropics, cocaine, sensory deprivation, LSD, DMT, New York, 1990’s, messiah complexes, Leary, alien ambassadors, and galactic intelligence. 


Ketamine Life Goals

Trancers Cure

For those of you who know me, James is the West Coast smart and famous version of me. He and I are kindred spirits in skepticism of all New Age bullshit in the psychedelics scene. James appeared recently on Netflix on the DMT: The Spirit Molecule documentary, being a huge curmudgeon.
I cover James Kent extensively on this website.
Link to DoseNation, James Kent’s website

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